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Full text of "Focloir Gaoidhlige-Sacs-Beurla, or, An Irish-English dictionary, intended for the use of students and teachers of Irish"

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rociOjTi 5^oit)3i5e.sucs-i:)e^Tii'^t. 




" Est quidem lingua Hibernica, et elegans cum primis, et opulenta; sed 
ad earn isto modo excolendam, (sicuti reliquas fere Europse linguas verna- 
culas intra hoc sseculum excultas videmus) nondum extitit hactenus qui 
animum adjiceret ; nullum adhuc habemus liujus linguee Lexicon, sive per 
se factum, sive cum alia lingua comparatum." — Einst. Usser. 









79, Marlborough'Sl. 

-30 ,VY 


The Maufc of a Dictionary as a Manual for Students of the 
Irish Bible has been long felt ; as those hitherto published not 
only omit many words which occur in the Irish Scriptures, but 
are deficient in some of the essentials of a good Dictionary, not 
giving the inilections and genders of nouns, the comparisons of 
adjectives, or the roots and infinitives of verbs. 

This want having become still more apparent to me, when I 
entered on the discharge of my duties as Professor of the Irish 
Language in the University of Dubhn, I suggested to the Com- 
mittee of the Irish Society tlie propriety of publishing a new- 
Dictionary .—My suggestion was at once attended to, but the 
execution of the design proceeded slowly, until tlie work was 
expedited by the liberal assistance and hearty co-operation of the 
University Auxiliary Association, whose peculiar province it 
seemed to be, to foster such an undertaking. 

The superintendence of this work having been intrusted to 
me, I undertook it Mdtli pleasure, hoping thereby to facilitate 

the study of a language which is still the vernacular tongue of 
between two aiid three millions of the Irish people. Anxious 
as I have been to make the work as complete as possible, it is 
not without considerable diffidence that I now bring it before the 
public, in as much as the labour and superintendence that I 
wished to have bestowed upon it, have been too often broken in 
upon and restricted by many pressing avocations of a Collegiate, 
Ministerial, and Missionary nature. It is hoped, however, that 
imperfect as it may be, as a Dictionary for general purposes, it 
will be found by those, at least, for whom it has been compiled, 
to be an improvement on the Dictionaries already published. 
In addition to the inflections, genders, &c. given in the present 
work, the student will find Scripture references attached to 
those words that occur in the Bible, which will enable him to 
compare them in their various relative connexions, and to observe 
their idiomatic use. 

For antiquarian and philological purposes a complete Thesaurus 
of the Language is still a desideratum : such a work, besides 
requiring too much time and involving too large an expenditure 
of money, was not comprehended in the simple but important 
object contemplated by the Irish Society, and the University 
Association, which was to promote the knowledge of the Irish 
Language amongst the Divinity Students, and also to furnish 
the Masters employed by the Irish Society with a cheap and 
useful Manual in teaching their countrymen to read " in their 
own tongue the wonderful works of God." 

I would here acknowledge, with pleasure, the efficient services 
rendered me in the details of this work, by the persons engaged 

for that purpose. Nor would I omit to notice the valuable 
assistance afíbrded me, throughout the progress of the work, by 
Mr. Eobert Maguire, Vice-Principal and Resident Master of the 
Connaught Irish Missionary School, Balllnasloe. 

With these few requisite explanations the present work is sub- 
mitted to the public, in the humble trust that it may prove in- 
strumental, under the Divine blessing, in spreading the know- 
ledge of God's word, among those of our countrymen, who speak 
the Irish Language. 


Trinity College, Dublin, 
December, 184fc'. 


a active. 

a'ccusat. } -accusative. 

adj adjective. 

adv adverb. 

Barb Barbarous. 

card cardinal. 

coll collective. 

comp comparative. 

com compare. 

Corm Cormac. 

conj conjunction. 

contr contracted . 

cpd compound 

C.P Common Prayer. 

dat dative. 

demonstr demonstrative. 

dim diminutive. 

D. Mac F D. Mac Firbis. 

Dunl Donleavy. 


emph emphatic. 

f. feminine. 

Er French. 

fr from. 

fut future. 

genit genitive. 

gen gender. 

Gr Greek. 

Heb Hebrew. 

Hind Hindoostanee. 

id. idem, the same. 

ind indeclinable. 

indef. indefinite. 

inf. infinitive. 

intens.'. intensitive. 

interj interjection. 

interr .interrogative. 

imp imperative. 

irr irregular. 


K Keating's History of 


Lat Latin. 

lit literally. 

m masculine. 

Mast Masters. 

Mul Molloy. 

n neuter. 

nom nominative case. 

num numeral, 

obj objective. 

obs obsolete. 

O'G O'Gallagher. 

ord ordinal. 

part participial. 

passim Every where. 

Pers Persian. 

Í person. 

X personal, 
perf perfect. 

?lur. } Pl--^- 

poss possessive- 
prep preposition. 

pres present. 

pron pronoun. 

p. p past participle. 

q. V quod vide, which see. 

rel relative. 

R. S Richardson's Sermons. 

sing singular. 

subs. } substantive. 






ver verse. 

vol volume. 

Wei Welch. 

The Reader will please to observe, that after nouns substantive the gen- 
itive case singular and nominative plural are given ; after nouns adjective 
the comparative degree, and after verbs the infinitive mood. It may be 
necessary likewise to apprise the Reader that the usual mode of giving the 
verb in the indicative mood present tense, is departed from in this Diction- 
ary, and that the imperative mood, (which is the root,) has been substituted 
for it. 

fOc\o)\i 5'ivo3Dr)n5e-s^cs.t>r)e^rviii. 


Ub ^ 

Ub S 

U, Uilrrj, /^//(e ;?a/w tree,) ihe 
first letter of the modern Irish 

U, poss. pron. his., her, its, their. 

^, rel. pron, u-ho, which, that. 

?V, a prefix of the inf. mood, to. 

?X^ a prefix of the present, per- 
fect and future tenses of the 
indicative mood. 

?^, a contr. form of Uo, an interr. 

^, used for the prep. Uo, in. 

?V, used for U5, the sign and pre- 
fix of pres. participle. 

^b, 3 sing. pres. subjunc. of the 
assertive verb )f, may he, 
Matt. V. 40. 

Ub, g. AbAt), pi. Ab<\óv\, s. m. a 
father, a master, an abbot ; 
^bb, id. 

?tbAC,-Aic, pi. id. s. m. a dwarf ; 
Lev. xxi. 20. a sprite. 

'^h{>.c'AX),-'<x-\r), pi. id. s. m. a dimi- 
nutive child ; dim. of UBac. 

?ibAió,adj. Is. xviii. 5.see^bvióe. 

UbAiji, inf. ]\ixb, V. a. sat/, speak, 
Matt. viii. 8.— Mark x. 47. 
Heb. Dabar, see Uivjo. 

^b^ll, see Ub.xll. 

'AbAlcA, ind. adj. able; C. P. 
?XbvlcA, id. 

^bAÍ), g. id. Ab^iJA, &, Aibt^e, pi. 
Aibne, & AiboecA, s. f. a river; 
Gen. ii. 10.— Ex. ii. 3. Dan. 
xii. 7. — Job xxviii. 10. ?Xrb- 
AX), id. Lat. Amn-is. com. 
the Avon in England, &c. 
?\.bAt)cvii,-Yi|i, pi. id. s.m. success, 
good luck on any undertaking. 

?!ibAit,-Ant, pi. id. s. m. a marshy 
piece of land ; " ^'^^^5 r^ 'r^ 
t)"Ab<\|t me, he left me in the 
hobble;'' M'N. 

^bA|iXAC,-Ai5e, adj. marshy. 

^Xbcóibe, g. id. pi. -»156, s. m. 
an advocate. 

?tbcóibeAC&,-&A, pi. id. s. f. ad- 
vocacy, a pleading. 

Ubcói&is, g. id. pi. -&i5e, s. m. 
an advocate, 1 John ii. 1. 

Ubefi5iop, g. id. s. m. an haber- 
geon or breastplate, — g. Ex. 
xxviii. 32. properly llic&é|&gc. 

^blAi3,-Air)e,-A^A, s. f. a wafer, 
Lev. viii. 26. — pi. Lev. vii. 12. 
Num. vi. 15. UbUt;, id. 

?\.blóni,-5|iA,-ói|tit3e, s. m. a scor- 
ncr, see Hos. vii. 5, ^Xrblóiji, id. 

?Xbló|rteACb,-&A, s. f. R. S. 20. 
see UrblóiiieAC&. 

?Xbó3,-ój5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a sudden 
jump or bounce ; ^Vóbój, id. 

?\bjtA, g. id. pi. -jiAoibe, s. m. an. 
eyelid; Vern. TAb]iA. 

UbttiM},-air), pi. id. s. m. a song. 
Job xxix. 13. Ps. Ixix. 12. cm 
ode, a sonnet. 

Ub[ií^i),-ív]r), s. m. see ?V]b|teat). 

?\bfiat) booo5, s. m. duckmeat ; 
Lens palustris. Vern. Hoi- 


^bfiAT,-Ai|-, pi. id. s. m. fiax or 
tcool spun by the hand ; Gr. 

E/'ao;, wool. 
?ibiiArói|t,-óiiA,-óifiióe, s. ra. a 

spin ner or carder of wool or fiax. 
~^h\'AX),-'A]X), pi. id. s, m. a trench 

or holloio ; Vern. C<s\>\'^\). 

U C D 


?XbffeAl,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. an apos- 
tle, 1 Cor. i. 1.— 2 Cor. xii. 12. 
— Luke xi. 49. Gr. 'atootoX-os. 

^b|-&AUc,-<M5e, adj. apostolical. 

^bf&AlcACt>,-óA, s. f. apostles/up, 
Rom. i. 5 — Acts i. 25. Ubr- 
bAl^cb, id. 

?Vbf&Al&A, ind. adj. apo^lolic. 

^bfolói}5,-&e,-&e*cA, s. f. ahsoln- 
tion^ forgiveness ; C. P. 

?Vbv, interj. the battle cry of the 
ancient Irish ; "L^rb ÍA]b]]i 

Ubvi&,-be, adj. ?•//;)(?, Num. xviii. 
13, Joel iii. 13. mat}tre. 

?Vbvi5,-v5A6, V. a. & n. ripen ^ he- 
come ripe ; see Is. xviii. 5. 

Ubvlc<sc&,-&A, s. f. ahility. 

?\.bvi*, adv. on this side, in this 
tvorlcl ; (Opposed to caU.) 

^bvf,-vif, pi. id. s. ra. a wild 
heast ; a fierce ungovernable 
rude person. 

^c, coiij. hut, save, except. 

?\.CA, cpd. pers. pron. with them, 
Matt. V, 5. 

?Xca6,-aió, pi. id. s. m. afield, a 
grassplot, a meadow ; MacF. 

?XcAii",-|-e, pi. -\\, &, -j-eACA, s. f. 
a slur, virulence, cursing ; 
especially applied to the pro- 
fanation of holy things, " Cv5 
yh AC Air í>ó, he cast a slur on 
him.'" Vern. 

^CAifeAc,-|i5e, adj. virulent, 

?\.CAii,-Aiii, pi. id. s. m. a dis- 
tance, space, time. 

?VcAiicA, -A0e, &, -a6a, 
s. m. loan, conveniency, use, 

^CAjaACj-Aije, adj. convenient, 

useful, obliging, profitable. 
?Vcb, conj. but, except. Matt. i. 

19. ^t, & ^cc, id. 
^VcbfiA, g. id. pi. -iiAióe, s. m. an 
adventure, an expedition by 
sea or land. \ 

?Vc&pai),-i\.in, pi. id. s.m. an ad- 
venturer, atraveller, a foreign- 

^ó&fxívfjAc, At;^,-<^13ej s. m. a 
foreigner, Deut. xv. 3. see 


?Vcpvii),-f)e,-i3eACA, s. f. ahility, 
— g. Matt. xxv. 15. 1 Pet. iv. 
11. ú?>o, sufficiency. 

^c]:vii3eAG,-i)i5e, adj. sufficient, 
2 Cor. ii. 16. able, well-fur- 
nished, potent. 

UclAi6e, ind. adj. soft, smooth, 

^cIa|5,-Ivja6, v.a. soften, smooth 
doicn, tame., civilize. 

?VclAi5eAC&,-bA, s. f. mildness, 
softness, civilization . 

'^cxx)x]x),-r)e, s. f. power, plenty, 

?^crT)vii)eAC,-i)i5e, adj. plentiful, 
copious, potcerful, puissant. 

?Vcn9V]|i,-fie, adj. ready, speedy, 
short; Dunl. 

^cn)vfiieAc&.-&A, s. f. readiness, 
speed, abridgment. 

■^ctr)vrivr),-<\ir), pi. id. s, m. re- 
proof, rebuke. Gen. xx. 16. 
Matt. xvi. 22. reproach, cen- 

tVcrbvfivnAC,-Ai5e, adj. censur- 
able, reproachfid. 

^VcrbvfívDAiÓe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 
a censor, a reprover. 

UciiA, g. id. pi. -Afóe, s. m. an 
acre, 1 Sam. xiv. 14. Lat. 
Ager, Gr. A/^-og. This word 
is still found in eighteen or 
twenty languages. 

UcjiAÍ),-Air), pi. id. s. m. a knot, 
a quarrel, entanglement. 

?Vc|iAÍ)AC,-Ai5e,adj. knotty, quar- 
relsome, entangled. 
^cc, g. AccA, pi. id. s. m. an 

act, deed, decree, condition. 
?Vccai5,-cv5a6, v. a. ordain, de- 
cree, pass an act or statute ; 

^CC,-CAt>, id. 

uó ^v 

uo b 

?^cvrD<vi|i,-|ie, adj. short, ready ; 

C. P. & Dunl. see ?CcrT}u]p. 
Ucvf, au old form of ^511^, q.v. 

Lat. Ac. 
Uó, an intens. prefix ; " ?\.órbolAjÓ 

n)\M}ArD Ai? Cí5eAn»)<^, iJ/?/ 

.90/// f/o//i magnify the Lord^^' 

Luke i. 46. 
?V6, g. id. s. ra. prosperity, good 

luck : U5, id. 
^ÓAjD, s. f. see '?Í5A]6. 
?V6A|n, inf. AÓr)<v6, v. a. kindle, 

Job xix. 11. — Prov. xxvi. 21. 
^ÓAif), g. Alone, s. f. the herb 

colt's-f'oot ; Tussilago vulgaris. 
^ÓAiii, inf. AÓftAÓ, V. a. worship, 

Ex. xxxiv. 8. — 1 Sam. i. 3. 

Is. Ixvi. 23. adore. 
?^6aipc;i:), g, id. pi. -ijíóe, s. m. a 

little horn ; dim. of "^ÓAitc ; 

also, the bird called, lapiving. 
?iÓAi|ic,-ce, s. f. service, Deut. 

X. 12. Large Edn. 1827. 
"AóAi|tc,-ce, pi. -cf, &, -ceACA, 

s. f. a bolster, 1 Sam. xxvi. 7. 

a pilloiv. 
?X6aI,-aiI, pi. id. &, -aIa, s. m, a 

jiesh-hook, 1 Sara. ii. 14 — pi. 

Ex. xxxviii. 3. Num. iv. 14. 
^VóaIcívi},-^!!), pi. id. s. m. a dull 

stupid fellow, a bothered person. 
^6aIc^aí)ac,-í)v]5, pi. id. s.m. an 

adulterer. Lev. xx. 10, — Job 

xxiv. 15. — Jer. ix. 2. 
U6Alc|iAf)AC,-Ai5e, adj. adulter- 
ous. Matt. xii. 39. 
UóaIciiaí)a|*,-ai|', pi. id. s. m. 

adultery, Ex. xx. 14.— Matt. 

V. 32. — Jer. xiii. 27. 
UóAtijj-Airi), s. ra. Adam, 1 Cor. 

XV. 45 — Gen. ii. 19. 
?^ÓArT)V|l,-rblA, adj. lucky^ fortu- 
nate, prosperous. 
'^bArnAji, conj. there/ore. Gen. 

xxix. 32. 
U&An7At)c,-A]i)c, s. m. adamant, 

Ezek. iii. 9. 
?K6a!7, see OijéAU. 

■^ÓADCA, ind. p. p. kindled, ex- 
asperated ; see ^ÓAiu. 

UOAftC, g. AOAlpCe, pi. AÓAjtCA, 

s. f. a horn, a cornet, 1 Sam. 
xvi. ]. — pi. Rev. xiii. 1. The 
genitive is spelled iv^ftce, in 1 
Chron. xxv. 5. 

"^OAjtCACj-Aige, adj. horned, 

?XDAitCArT)vil,-ri)lA, adj. horny, 
full of horns. 

^6AficÓ5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s. f. a cor- 
nicle, a little horn. 

?VÓA|ic, see ^ÓAtiic. 

UóAficA, ind. p. p. worshipped ; 
see ?(da||x. 

?\.6Ar,-Ai}-, s. m. good luck, pros- 

?\.DArcA[a, see ^5a]-coii. 

?V6bA, g. id. pi. id. &, aóBaóa, 
s. ra. Ps. xcii. 3. see '^óbAÓ. 

'AóuAÓ, g. id. pi. AtobA, &, AÓbcVÓA, 

s. m. an instrument (particu- 
larly, of music,) a viol, Ps. 
xxxiii. 2. — Am. vi. 5. — 1 Kings 
X. 12. Ara. vi. 5. also, a house, 
a fortress. 

?^6bACb,-í5A, pi. id. s. f. joking, 
hilarity, humorous irony, mer- 

'N^óbAcbAC,-Ai5e, adj. jesting, 

^ joyous, jocund, jolly. 

^óbAl,-Aile, adj. great, mighty, 
Ps. civ. 25. & evi. 8. vast, 
aivful, huge, terrible. 

?i6bAlrbófi, adj. no corap. very 
great, Gen. 1. 10. 

UóbAlc|tocA|ftfic\c, adj. no comp. 
most merciful ; C. P. 

?\.óbAn,-Aiii, pi. id. s. ra. a cause, 
John xiv. 22. Acts x. 21. 
reason, a material which may 
bechangedinto any other form, 
" lióbAti oUorb^r), an intended 
Ollamh ;" " ^óbAji pfj, an 
heir apparent.'''' 

%6bA|tAC,-Ai3ejadj. happy, lucky, 

uo w 


U6bocóibeAcb,-&<v, pi. id. s. f. see 

^6pvxNcri7<\]t,-Ai|ie, adj. ahomina- 

ble, Lev. xi. 10.— Job. xv. 16. 

odious, detestable ; fr. a6, in- 

tens. & ^'VAc. 
^6frvAcri)vi|ieAcb,-&A, pi. id. s. f. 

aho}HÍnatio)i, Lev. xi. 13. 
^DUcAÓ,-lvicce, &, -lv|ce, s. m. 

burial, Eccl. vi. 3. Is. xiv. 

20. — Gen. xxiii. 4. John xii. 

1 . interment ; TeA]t Aólvicce, 

a burier ; — pi. Lvcb AÓlvicce, 

btiriers, Ezek. xxxix. 15. 
?iólAC<vr)<xc,-nAi5,-t)Ai5e, s. m. a 

UólviCj-UcAÓ, V. a. bury, Gen. 

xxiii. 11. & 1. 6.— Gen. 1. 7. 

Matt, xxvii. 7. infer. 
?VólvTce, ■) ind. p. p. buried, 
^ólvicée, J Col.ii. 12. 
?lótr)A&,-m">^1b, pi. id. s. m. timber, 

1 Kings XV. 22 — Ex. vii. 19. 

Rev. xviii. 12. 
?Vbrbiv]l,-alA, pi. id. s. f. profes- 
sion, an acknowledginij, I Tim. 

vi. 12.— Tit. i. 1. 
U&rniilAC,-Ai5e, adj. professing, 

acknowledcfing, 2 Cor. ix. 13. 

Heb. X. 35. 
?XDri7Aft,-Ai]t<^) adj. prosperous, 

lucky ; ^óit7AiaAC,-Ai5e, id. 
^6rT)ol,-lA6, v.a. magnify, praise, 

— inf. Acts X. 46. h xvi. 25. 
flatter ; fr. A&, intens. & mol. 
?X6rboUó,-lcA, pi. id. s. m. gi-eat 

praise, e.vcessive flattery ; C.P. 
?Vbri)Y]5,-rb^ll, v.a. acknowledge, 

Prov. iii. 6 — Eph. i. 17. 
U&tjaiite, g. id. s. m. & f, shame, 

ecu fusion, 2 Thess. iii. 14. — 

I Cor. i. 27. great modesty ; 

fr. At>, intens. & y)<\}\\e. 
?V6oíviiteAÓ,-|ti5e, adj. bashful, 

confused, modest. 
Uóo<vhi|5,-iv5a6, v. a. make 

ashamed, shame, confuse ; see 

Rom. V. 5. 

U6)tA, g. id. s. m. worship, Heb. 
xi. 21. — John iv. 23. adora- 

^&lt<SÓ, g. AÓAItCA, & AÓJtAIÓ, S.m. 

trorship, service, adoration. 

Gen. xxii. 5. Dent. xii. 2. — 

2 Kings X. 19. & 21. C. P. 
?Vb|iAi5ceÓTit,-5pA,-ó]ii]&e, s.m. a 

worshipper, an adorer; sing. 

TeAft AÓAtvcA, a icorsJiipper, & 

pi. Lrcb a6<x]ica, 2 Kings x. 19. 
^bvirb, Large Edn. Jer. iii. 13. 

see ?Xbrbv]5. 
Ue5e, g. Ae, s. pi. tlie liver, Lam. 

ii. 11— Ex. xxix. 13. & 22. 

?4e5eA6A, id. 
?^é|i, g. Aéiii, s. m. — g. Gen. ii. 

19. see ^Ciévji. 
Uéip, s. m. see ^(ieY|i. 
U5, prep, at, with, by ; also, a 

sign of the pres. participle. 
^VjA, g. id. s. m. leisiire, time, 

opportunity, addition. 
^VjAb, cpd. pron. (fr. A5 cv,) 

tvith thee, Matt. ix. 2. 
?^5Aib, see ?C5V|b. 
U^Ap, g. Ajgce, &, A;^Ai6e, pi. 

Af5ce, s. f. « face. Rev. xxii, 

4 — Gen. iii. 19. Ex. xxxiv. 

29. & 30.— Matt. vi. 16. U 

i/AJAjb, against. Matt. x. 1. 
U5v\in,inf. A5!)Aó, v.a. — inf. Prov. 

xxvi. 21. see ^CbAio. 
^5A||t, inf. A511A6, &, A5Ai]tc, v.a. 

reprove, stain ; see Job. ii. 5. & 

John xvi. 8. plead, challenge, 

beseech, claim, revenge ; O'G. 
UjAlUtTjj-UrbA, s. m. discourse, 

dia logue, con versa t ion . 
?\.5An7, cpd. pron. (fr. A5 rné,) 

with me, in my possession, 

Acts iii. 6. 
U5AT),-Ain5 &, Aisne, pi. id. s. m. 

n pan, a pot ; see Oi5eAÍ). 
U5A11CA, ind. adj. deaf, bothered, 

?V:5<\|tCAC,-Ai5e, adj. inclined to 
])lead, quarrelsome, revengeful. 

^ 1 c 

^) r 

?íi5<\fco[i,-oin, pi. id. s. m. a 

21511)^11, see ^íórnAii. 

'V^-^\iA]-^teó]]\,-ó\\0i,-d]\i]6e, s.m. a 
claimant, a pefitio/ier, a re- 
prover, a pleader ; Mul. 

U5V]b, cpd. pron. (fr. aj ib,) 
wiih you^ in your possession, 
Is. XXX. 29. Luke xii. 33. 

U5VIU, cpd. pron. (fr. A5 li),) 
icilli 71 s, in our possession. 
Matt. iii. 9. 

^5'^irif'j g- id. pi. -i)i6e, s. m. a 
small addition, an appendix 
to a book ; dim. of '^5vp. 

U5V|-, conj. and ; as an obs. s. it 
signifies, an addition. 

U;beif,-]-e,-feACA, s. f. the deep 
deep sea, an abyss, great boast- 
i)i(j ; Gr. " a3-o(jG-o;. 

?^lb5icT|i5-|te, s. f. tlie Irish Al- 

?^^lbí&,-í?e,-&eACA, s. f- behaviour, 
a moral habit, a garment. 

^]ble, g. id. pi. -e<\c<N, s. f. ajly- 
ing spark of jire. 

Uibleó5,-ói5e,-ó5<\,s.f.<7. red coal, 
a spark ; also, a snowjlake. 

U]biieí^n,-íA]t)5 s, m. the month of 

?^lbiiior5,-lMr5e, adj. slippery ; 

Ujbf-e, see C^ibj-e. 

?Vlbfec,-fi5e, adj. boasting; C.P. 
deep, terrible, strange, vain, 
arrogant ; '^■\he'\\e^c,-\]X^e, id. 

^I^ri5?"l>'5<^&, V. a. envy, look on 
wit It an evil eye ; R. S. 

^|ce, adv. near, at hand ; " 'iirx) 
Alce, near w?e." 

^|Cib,-&e,-&eACA, s. f. a disease, 
sickness, epidemic ; O'G. Gr. 
"AyJ-o;, &\\%-o;. 

?V^ci&eAC,-b|5e, adj. sickly, un- 

^icroe, g. id. pi. -§c<x, s.f. a tribe, 
a sect, a family ; Mac.F. 

•^lóbéilj-le, adj. fierce, boasting, 
Ps. Ixxxviii. IG. 2 Tim. iii. 2. 

^l6bé]l,-le, s. f. boasting, brag- 

^ ging, Ps. xlix. 6. 

?V|6b&TleAC,-li5e, adj. exceeding 
great, Rom. vii. 13. tcondrous, 
bragging, boasting. 

^l6b&|leAc&,-&<\, pi. id. s. f. a 
boasting, wonder, huge?iess, 

?i]bbe|treótít,-ó|iA,-ói]ii6e, s. ra. 
a tempter, Satan, Matt. iv. 3. 
John xiii. 27. an adversary. 

'^\b'ec>\\, see ^tieYp, 

?t^óév^^l<^c, see ^iéjteAC. 

?\.1ó&<NixAc&, see ?\.ié|ie.Ac&. 

?i]crbéil,-le, adj. Ps. Ixxxviii. 16. 
see ^iéb&il. 

■ti|bii)!U,-UeA6, V. a. destroy, per- 
vert, — inf. Is. liv. 16. consume, 
confound; see Deut. xvi. 19. 
fr, A&, intens. & mill. 

^lótr)iUeA&,-llce, pi. id. s. ra. de- 
struction, consuming, ruin, 
Job xxviii. 22. — Gen. xix. 17. 
— Ez. xxi. 15. 

?X)6f)iof,-mr> pi- icl. s. m. reason- 
ing, 1 Sam. xii. 7. pleading, 
arguing; ^151)101*, id. 

?\.l6i)ir,-i?lor, V. a. debate, plead, 
reason, Prov. xxv. 9. & xxxi. 
9. — Job ix. 14. fr. obs. <\6í)a, 
an advocate. 

?llé|t, s.m. Rev. ix. 2. see'^^tiévp. 

?ViéíteAC,-pi5e, adj. aerial, joy- 
ful, merry; ^|é|ieAtT)vil,-n)U, 

■^léf^e<^c&,-b*, s. f. airing, airi- 

UtéY|t,-éi|i, no pi. s. m. the air, 
the sky, 1 Cor. ix. 26. & xiv. 

9 2 Sara. xxi. 10. Eph. ii. 

2. see Deut. xxxiii. 26. Lat. 
Aer, Gr. 'Ar,9; see Spéip. 

U|p]|t,-!ic, V. a. revenge, blame, 
reproach; O'G. see?(icb|op>í5. 

U j L 

U j 2t) 

Uip||tc,-ce, s.f. vengeance, Manic, 

%\^\\\or),-]r), pi. id. s.m. tlie Mass 

of ike Roman Clnirch. 
?V]5e, cpd. pron. (fr. A5 &,) ?t-/7/< 

/í^w^, ?■« his possession. Matt. 

xxvii. 18. 
?V|5e<\T)CAC,-c<\i5e, adj. spirited, 

magnanimous, cheerful. 
^]5e<\r)CAC&,-b<\, s. f. inagnani- 

■tnily, cheerfulness, jollity ; 

^15e<M)cvf,-vi]', s, m. id. 
?ii3e<M), Job xxviii. 14, see 
^ itl5evt). 
^]T^erx),-'e\x), pi. id. s. rn. lite 

depth, the deep, the sea, Ps. 

xviii. 15. — Gen. i. 2. Job 

xxxviii. 16. — Ex. XV. 5. the 

ocean ; Lat. Ocean-us ; Gr. 

'n?c=ai/-og; ?ti5éii),-r)e, f. is often 

used in the spoken language. 


?^15t}e<\6,-r))ó, s. ni. will, 1 Cor. 
xvi. 12. mind, inclination, in- 

?^l5Deai),-ain, s.m. irg ; U^^yjc'^^x) 
CAlnjvio, ground ivy. 

^ISDeAf óeiócftevn, obstinate 
arguing ; Dunl. see '^iióoiof. 

?ii50ió,-i}eA6, V. a. mean, Gen. 
1. 20. intend. 

?V|5Dir5-r)|ors V. a. — inf. Job ix. 
14. see '^looif. 

Ui^ce, g. sing. & nom. pi. of 
U5A16, q. V. 

^ijlicfte, rt pilgrim, Mac F. see 
Ojlicite ; com. the obs. s. a^U, 
a journey, the obs. v. <\]ll, 
come, & the Gaulish, AUer, 

^lll,-lle, s. f. loill, pleasure; 
Matt. i. 19. "atjiv ailleAc, // 
you please f' properly '^ijl. 

?i|ll,-lle, s.f. a steep place, a rock. 
Matt. vii. 32. Luke vii. 33.— 
Job xxxix. 28. a steep hank 
washed by water, a mck, a cliff. 

^Xjlle, g. id. s. f. beauty, come- 
liness, dignity; see Ulv|0; 
?iilleAc:&,-&A, s. f. id. 

'^lUeAsivOj-^ir), pi. id. s, m, a 
toy, gewgaiv, foolish frippery; 

°^]\\e'A.x),-!\]X), pi. id. s. m. a pet, a 
darling, a beau, a million. 

?^lUi5,-lv5<\b, V. a. beautify, 
adorn, set off. 

UiUifj-Ufej-UfeACvX, s. f. a can- 
cer, an abscess. 

^|U|'e, g. id. pi. -eAC<\, s. f. a 
fairy, any diminutive creature; 

"Ml IvJA OrttT) AlUj-eACA C^A- 

I1Ó5 'x)A cv;" M'N. 

°^]\xn,-n)e, s.f. tJie palm tree, (the 
Jig tree, O'H.y) the name of the 
first letter of t lie modern Irish 

Ujlpj-pe, pi. -peACA, &, AlpA, s. f. 
a protuberance, a huge lump, 
a higli mountain ; ^lp,-pA, 
pi. id, s. f. id. Com. the Alps 
in Italy. 

U|tb, a negative prefix, see ^li). 

"^irbÓeoiD, s, f. reluctance, un- 
willingness ; used adverbially, 
"V^ i)'Aiti)beoin, unwillingly, re- 
luctantly ; Dunl. 

^)ir>DeonAÓ,-r)Ai5e, adj. /e/ííc/a///, 

^lti)peoil,-ólA, s. f, raw meat, 
proud or inflamed flesh ; fr. 
Arh, raiv, & peo]!, q. v. 

^irb5lic,-ce, adj. iinioise, foolish. 

°^]\ri-^\\oc&x-^yXi s.m. foolishness, 
1 Cor. i, 10, unskilful ness. 

■^]rt)ib,-be, pi. -bj, or -&eACA,s. f. 
a foolish woman ; ^Vn^Ai», id. 

^|ri)leA|*,-t'A, s. m. harm, injury, 
hurt, misfortune,— g. 1 Cor. 
xi. 17. 

?i]rbleAfAc,-Ai5e, adj. unfortu- 
nate, imprudent- 

'l^|ri)leA|*5,-leir5e, adj. slothfulf 
indolent, Prov. xii. 27. 

^) n 

^ J M 

?^irTn)fiA|i-,-ueitic, s. m. violence, 
Acts xxvii. -11. great force. 

?^lri)|t&i6,-6e, adj. unready, con- 
fused, entangled. 

?^irT)fi&|óe, g. id. pi. id. s. f. strife, 
Judg. xii. 2. disturbance, con- 
fusion ; in the pi. it generally 
signifies, defiles, fastnesses or 
narroio passes. 

Uin)iaéiceAÓ,-ci5,-ci5e, s. m. di- 
vision, 1 Cor. iii. 3. disagree' 

?V]rbiiéiceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. divided, 
quarrelsome^ litigious. 

?^irniiéiceotc&,-&v\, pi. id. s. f. dis- 
agreemen t, disturhance- 

'^]n)]i\^-^<>.\zi^, ind. adj. unruly, 
irregular ; R. S. 

?^líT>iti&,-be,adj. barren. Gen. xi. 
30. Gal. iv. 27. 

^irT)^l&eAcb,-OA, s. f. barrenness. 

^irbitioct),-bA, pi. id. s. m. dis- 
guise, 1 Sara, xxviii. 8. con- 
cealment, ambush. 

?^]rbftioc&<vc,-Ai5e, adj. assuming 
a false figure. 

?^Itt)ii]Of,-|a]|*, s.m, error, mistake. 

?V]n7n5,-]V5A6, V. a. aim at, en- 

^["^rmrnn^j pi- -non^j-reAtiA, 

&, -fe<\it<\cA, s. f. time, icea- 

ther, season, Gen, xlvii. 29. 

Dan. ii. 8.— Matt. ii. 16- Eph. 

V, 10. — Dan. iv. 16. Luke 

xxi. 24. 2 Tim. iii. 1. ?V]ni|*ioit, 

U]rT7fio|i6<\, ind. adj. temporal, 

?iin)|-jY5A6,-ri5ce, pi. id. s. m. an 

aiming at, an encountering. 
^\r), used sometimes as a nega- 
tive, sometimes as an intensi- 

tive prefix ; see Uo, 
^lt)beY|*AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. illbred, 

?Xiobpior,-pir, & -lieAj-A, pi. id. 

s. m, ignorance, Acts iii. 17. 

—Eph. iv. 18. 

Uiob|iiorAc,-Ai5,-A|5e, s. m. a 
foolish man, — g. Prov. xv. 7. 
an ignorant person. 

?^|nbfiiorAC,-A|5e, adj. ignorant, 
Kom. X. 3. I John ii. 21. 
?XiobpeArAo,-Ai5e, id. 1 Cor, 
xiv. 38. foolish. 

?Vii;bf.-iofai),-i\in,pl,id.s.m.a« ig- 
norant or foolish person ; Dunl. 

U|ubftéA5, adj. no comp. very 
handsome, very fine. 

^inb|iev3,-é|5e,-er5A, s. f. a 
great lie, an hyperbole. 

^ir>bfiev5Ac, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly addicted to lying, 
very false. 

UinceAi)5Al,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. a 
strict tie,, bond or chain, a 
strict obligation, a tight knot 
or fastening. 

^ItjciocfiAc, adj. no comp. very 
greedy, too greedy ; Dunl. 

?^li)c|iiooA, ind. adj. very toise, 
very prudent, most sagacious. 

U|nctiioi)AC&,-&A, s. f. superior 
wisdom or prudence. 

'^IOCiteibeAn),-biri), s.m. unbelief, 
infidelity ; iv. aid, & c]ie|fegtT). 

U]Dctte|&rT)eAC,-ri)i5e, adj. unbe- 
lieving, infidel. 

'^]\}c]i'^ox'o^rt)r]\,-n-)\i., adj. un- 
ch ristia n, a n t ich ristia n . 

?\.It)Cftior&ArbUc&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. 
unch ristian feeling. 

Uit)citiorbYi5s, g. id. pi, -jce, 
s. m. an anlichristian, an in- 
fidel ; Mul. 

^V^nbeire, g. id. pi. -f], s.f. afflic- 
tion, adversity, calamity, 2 
Kings xiv. 26. — Job. xxxvi. 
8. — 1 Sam. X. 19. fr. aip, neg. 
& beife. 

?Xit)beire<xc,-|'i5e, adj. distressed, 
afflicted, 1 Sam. xiv, 24. cala- 

?V]r)&eicpift, g. id. s. i. great haste. 

^inbiADAc,-Ai5e, adj. ungodly, 
p rofa ne, imp io u s , 

%i ) N 


U) 11 

%ili)f3TAÓAc&,-&A, s.f. U7igodlin€ss, 
profaneness, impiety. 

?\.]t)bi05AlcAC, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly revengeful ; Dunl. 

?V|t)t)io5Alciif,-uii-, s.m. excessive 

UjobmibeAc, adj. no corap. ex- 
ceedingly passionate^ very ob- 
stinate-, tV. <vi 0, intens. & the obs. 
s. b|ui&, boldness. 

?V|i)&l)5eA6,-5e,-5ce, s. m. tres- 
pass^ iniquity^ Gen. xxxi. 30. 
. — *2 Kings xii. 16. — pi. Heb. 
viii. 12. illegality. 

Uii)blí5cec\ó,-éi5e, adj. lawless, 
1 Tim, i, 9. unlawful^ unjust. 

^Ii}eAii),-i)ri7e, pi. id. s. ra. a ble- 
mish, Lev. xxi. 17 & 18. — pi. 
Lev. xxii. 25. 

^li)e<MT7<Nc,-Ai5tí, adj. blemished, 
having a blemish, Lev. xxi. 21. 

Uii)5e^l,-3il, pl. id- & -o'^, «w 
anget, Luke i. 30 — Acts vi. 
15. — Gen. xxxii. I. Lat. Angel- 
us. Gr. AyyiX-oi, a messenger. 

?\.jn5eivU,-5iU, pl. id. s. m. a bond, 
a mortgage, a strong desire or 
affection. fr.A]n,intens.&5eAll. 

Uir)51óe, ind. adj. envious, Ps. 
xxxvii. 1 . malicious, perverse. 

Uin5ióeAC,-6|5e, adj. envious, 
Prov. xxiv. 1. see^ir)5i6e. 

Uir)5it>eAc&,-bv\, pl. id. s.f. wrath, 
evil affection, envy, malice, 
Acts xiv. 2. Eph.iv.31. — Prov. 
xxvii. 4. 1 Pet. ii. 1. 

^p)|C,-ceAb, v. a. save, see Ps. 
vii. 2. cleanse, purify, restore 
to health. 

^]\)\cecb,-cte, pl. id. s. m. puri- 
Jicatio7i,—g. Esth. ii. 9 & 12. 
a cleansing. 
'^\\)'W,-X&, s. f. anise, — g. Matt. 

xxxiii. 23. 
U]n^eAT),-r)rb<vii), v. a. persecute 
Lam. iii. ^Q. — Ps. cxliii. 3. 

?Vit)leAt)AG,-Ai5,-Ai?;e, s.m. a per- 

U]i)leAurbiMn,-ri7r)A, pl* id. s. f. 
persecution, Ps. xlix. 26.— Ps. 
xxxi. 15. 

^]nleAciiorn,-tiuitT7, pl. id. s. m. 
oppression, Ps. Iv. 3. 

?iinleó5,-Ó!5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a night- 
hawk, a swalloiv, Deut. xiv, 
15. Is. xxxviii. 14. 

?ViDlei5eAt),-5iij, pl. id. s. m.full 
scope, unrestrained license ; 
R.S. also, a good start, (as of 
a greyhound, SfC.J 

Uli)rt), g. ArjrnA, pl. Anrno-OA, S.m. 
a 7iame, Heb. i. 4. — Rev. xiii. 
6.— Gen. ii. 20. Matt. x. 2. 
Lat. Nomen. Gr. "Oi/o/^-a. 

a catalogue. 

Uit)n)neAtr)u]l,-ri)U, adj. famous, 
renowned; see Numb. xvi. 2. 
So \)-o.\\)xv)\)e6>vi)n]\, adv. by 
name ; Ex. xxxv, 30. 

?!^inrbeArApDA, ind. adj. intempe- 
rate, iiinnoderate, vast, huge. 

^|r)rT)eAf*.\|iDACb,-bA, s. f. intem- 
perance, excess, immoderate- 

^iniijeii-ijeACj-nise, s.f. high cou- 
rage, bold dari7ig. 

^|r}rneifneATT)it|l, adj. no comp. 
exceedingly courageous, very 

'^ir)rr)lAt},-t}A, pl. id. s. m. or f. 
lust, appetite, concupisce7ice. 
Numb. xi. 4. Eecl. vi. 7. 

Col. iii. 5 pl. 2 Tim, ii. 22. 

see 2í)íAr). The pl. Ait;tt)iAi)c<\ 
is also used. Dunl. 
?\.1i)rblAt)AC,-Ai5e, adj. lustful, 1 

Tliess. iv. 5. sensual. 
U)t)ri)|De, g. id. pl. id. -ir)\\)ze, & 
-\\'i\x)z\-^e , s. m. a beast. Rev. 
xiii. 11. & 12.— Rev. xiii. 3 & 
15.— Is. Ivi. 9. Gen. vii. 21. & 
xiv. 17. a b7'ute, an a7ii)7ial. 

?U n 

^ ] n 

■^li)rbi8eAC,-ó|5o, adj. beastly. 

'^}ivv\6eAc^,-b.\, s. f. beastliness, 

?V-nrTjm5,-iu7;AÓ, v.a. name, Gen. 

xxiii, 16, &XXX. 28. desiffiiate. 
^\\),-\)e, s. f. a great circle, the 

year; Lat. Ann-us, a year ; 

see l)li«.\5A|i). 
^|T;e, g. id. pi. -5|6e, s. f. a small 

circle, a ring ; dim. of ?\|o; 

see T-^int^- 

might;!, Acts ii. 2, very ungo- 
?Vjii, a def. V. pevf. tense, said, 

Gen. xli. 51. quoth ; see Up. 
t^in, prep, on, upon, among, at, 
for ; Passim. 

r-[ie<MT;, v.a. telLnumber, 
^I|i, ) reckon, Gen. xv. 5. 
UjfxirT), "^ Num. i. 19.— Gen. xv. 

(_5. 2 Sam. xxiv, 4. 
'Uinc,-ce,s. f. anark. Gen. vii. 17. 
— Gen. viii. 6. 

'<X|nT;eAticti)Art, adj. no comp. too "^iftcir, s. f. a meeting ; obs. ex- 
cept in such phrases as, U t/a | p- 
c||-, iy we^i, John xi. 20. 
?lj|i?),-&e, s. f. a point of the com- 
pass, Ps. Ixxv. 6. Matt. ii. 1 

Rev. xvi. 12. a coast, region, 
viitibbnejcoArbj-cim, & -ceAiijAi), 
pi. -c|rT}, or -ceArbAii), s. m. a 
chief justice, a chief judge. 

strong, Ps, xxxv. 10. exceed- 
ingly strong. 

^ITJif-e, g. id. pi. -y], s. f. decay ^ 
Lev. XXV. 35. see "^lo&eire. 

■Uit;n]AcbAr)Ar,-A|f, pi. id. s. ra. 
extreme danger; C.P. great 

^inpiAcbAtjAc, adj. no comp. ex- 

tremely poor, very miserable 
?X|i;ftioc&,-DA, pi. id. s. m. a very ^ni&ceAOAr,-Aif,s.m. supremacy 

pitiful state or condition. pre-eminence, 1 Pet. ii. 13 

Ult)fpio|tAib,-A]be,-Aibi6e, s. f . j 3 John ver. 9. supreme domi- 

an evil spirit. \ ^ nion. 

UinceAf,-rA, s. m. inflammation, ; ?ii|x&GéirD,-n)e,-rDeAOA, s. f. pre- 

wrath, Deut. xxviii. 22. Ps. 

xxxvii. 8. excessive heat. 
UjTjceAi'AC, adj. no comp. ex- 

tremely hot, very feverish. 
UlPceAfiii5eAcb,-&A, s. f. extreme 

heat,feverishness ; "UjijceAy- 

ui5eAÓ& r)A poIa." 
?^ir)ceic, adj. no comp. excessively 

hot, very flagrant. 
'^]X)z]c\i\ox'o, g. id. pi. -bAtJA, & 

-ouij, s. m. antichrist, 1 John 

ii. 18. — pi. 1 John ii. 18. see 

.Matt. xxiv. 24. 
?\.]r)ci5eAnr)A, g. id. pi. -nujoe, 

s. m. a tyrant, an oppressor. 
Uli}c|5eAiir)Ací5,-bA, pi. id. s. f. 

tyranny, oppression; ^]\)z\- 

5eA|it)A]-,-Aif, s. m. id. 
^inctieut), adj. no comp. exceed- 
ingly strong or powerful, 

eminence, superior dignity. 

'K\\v'o6e]xx)Q <kc ,-xx)]-^e,Q.á]. pre-emi- 
nent, stately, dignified. 

?i]ribcjor,-r<'^rT<'^ÓA, s. m. a tri- 
bute. Num. xxxi. 28 & .39.-1 
Kings iv. 6. a high rent. 

'^Iline, g. id. pi. <\fibA, s. f. a high 
tiling, exaltation, 2 Cor. x. 5. 
2 Cor. xii. 7. height, eminence. 

^iribeArbo5,-biii5, pi. id. s.m an 

?^l](tbpeórT7ADAC,-A)5, pl.-Aije, & 
ACA, s. ra. a chief butler, Gen. 
xl 9. Gen. xli. 9. a high ste- 
ward ; see 1 Chron. xxviii. 1 ; 
see also Gen. xl. 20. & TeAÓ- 

?iipb5eoin,-T)e, s. f. the full cry 
of the hounds, a loud noise, 
the howling of a tempest. 

'^) 11 


i\ j n 


^ thoiujJit, high-mindedness^pride. 

^ltibidciijeAc,-oi5e, adj. /«"í^/í- 
minded, Rom. xi. 20. haughty, 

?V]|lbli)eAf,-|•^A, pi. id. s. rsx.high 
repute, high esteem, high 

?\.|iibrni*r)5m*,-uir, s.m. ambition, 
high aspiring desire; Dunl, 

?inai)fte<\c&,-&ft, pi. id. s. m. su- 
preme law, a synod: U]itOfieAC- 
bu]',-un*, s. m. id. 

^Ip&liéitT),-rT)e, pl.-rDgiJA, 8c vern. 
-njeACA, s. f. a proud progress, 
high state, magnificence, su- 
preme sway ; fr. aiib, & péirT7, 

■tV]ft&|iéiii7e<Nc, -117156, adj. hearing 
proud sway, stately, sublime, 


^IIieAti),-|i|n),& -iti5ce, 

a reckoning, a number, 1 Cliron. 

V. I. Cant. vi. 8. a telling, a 

counting ; ^]\\]on), id. 
?il1\eAriiAc,-<\i5,-<Ni5e, s.m. an ac- 
countant, a numerator. 
?ll|ieAri)<\c&,-b<\, pi. id. s. f. a 

numbering, enumeration. 
?\||teAif}cói|i5-ó|t*,-óitti6e, s.m. a 

calculator, an accountaiit. 
?ilP5,-5e<xó, V. a. plunder, spoil ; 

see Gen. xxxiv. 29. 
^mSe, g- i<i. pl. -ni5^, &-|t5e*6A, 

s f. rt /ifrr/ fof cattle,) Deut. 

xvi. 2. — pl. Gen. xiii. 5. & xxiv. 

35. '^itiiSe, id. Gen. xviii. 7. 
?il]i5eA&, 1 Cor. iii. 12. see U^jt- 

Uiit5eA0*N, promptings, l\. S. see 
^ ^P5Ú1D- 
?\.Ifi51o&,-5i&, s. m. silver, mo7iey. 

Acts iv. 37.— Matt. xvii. 27 ; 

s.m. a supreme ruler, a chief \ 'V^-\\\-^\ot) rio|-, ready money 

^ governor. 

^inbni5> g- icl. pl. -5ée, s.m. r? 

^ Aead monarch, supreme king. 

^]\\h\K\o^'sn)\i..c.'r),-h6.,Q.i. supreme 

^Ilifc>(tl05AtT}iiil,-n}U, adj. sm- 

^ premely ruling, princely. 

^]]\byz]Y\\{^6,-\iS]-^te, pl. id. s. m. 
chief government ; C.P. 

s.m. a cAie/ governor^ a chief 
director, a head steersman. 

?ilp&ci5eA|anA, g. id. pl. -i)Aióe, 
s. m. a supreme Lord. 

?V||te, g. id. s. f. heed, watch, at- 
tention, Deut. iv. 15. — Luke 
XX. 20. Acts xvi. 14. care. 

^]\ieAC,-]i]-se, adj. sober, Tit. ii. 
2. careful, attentive, watchful ; 
TeAjt AifveAO, a. luatchman, a 

^1lieACAT,-cA|rj s. m. attention, 
care, watchfulness. 

U^lteACbail,-^U, pl. id. s, f. feel- 
ing, perception. 

^ll*5tob |iua6, copper moneij 

^n^Slob beó, quicksilver, |t. 

Gr. "Afy-ugog. Lat. Arg-entum. 
Uiii5iob luAcjtA,-3ibliiAciiA, s.m, 

meadow sweet ; Bpircea ulmaria. 
^lfi5ceófft,-óttA,-óifii6e, s. m. a 
I plunderer, a robber. 
^11115,-56, adj. 1 Chron. ix. 28. 

see ■^litise. 
^ini5,-5e, &,-tieAG&ail,v. a.^e/, 

Mark v. 29. perceive, mind, 

U|in5e, g. id. pl. id. s. f. Gen. 

xviii. 7. see ^11156. 
^Ijltlje, ind. part. adj. certain, 

particular, Luke xv. 11. ^\\i- 

]6e, id. 
?l||ti5ce, ind. part, adj. Matt. 

xxi. 33. see ^\]\}^e. 
^^|tl5ceói|t,-óiiA,-ói|tióe, s. m. an 

observer, a calculator. 
, ^1]tle, g. id. pl. -eACA, s.f. a loan, 

a borrowing. 
j ?\.i|aleAccAC,-Ai5e, adj. ivilling to 
1 lend, Ps. cxii. 5. 

U 3 S 


^ ) s 

?intleAccóiri,-ófi<\,-óni|6e, s. m. a , 

letider, a borrower. j 

^HtleA5AÓ,-li75ce, pi. id. s. m. a\ 

borrowing, Ex. iii. 22. & xi. 2. j 

a lending ,• '^]]i\]o^<\b, id. | 

?il[;llcceAC,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m. a len I 

i/er, Is. xxiv. 2. a borrower. \ 

^Iltli5,-105AÓ, v.a. /e/?i/, borrow ; ' 

/ see Lev. xxv. 37. i 

?i]fill5ce,ind.p.p. borrow ed^'i^eh. ! 

y V. 4. lent. j 

^lt^lioccuf,-ixirj pi- id. s. m. tt 6o/-- i 

rowing, a lending ; Te^p ii^p- 

l]OCcuif, a borroiuer, Prov. 

/ xxii. 7. 

?il |ill 05^0,-^11), pl' id. s.m. a loan, 

a borrowing ; ?\.i|tleo.5ivr), id. 
^lInr)citio)',-crieAi*A, pi. id. s. m. 

u soldier s belt. 
Ulpri)itleAc,-i))5e, adj. reverend; 
I C.P. see Oi|tti)ibi)eAC. 
Ú|pi)e, g. id. pl.-t)ióp, s. m. a sloe. 
|ll|tt)e, nom. pi. of ?Vha, q.v. 
lllfaT)eivt),-aiT), pi. id. s. m. a sit- 
ting up at night. 
?init)éir,-r^?-rN s.f. cattle, Gen. 
^ XXX. 39. & 43. live stock. 
IVlin-e, g. id. pi. -i-joOA, s. m. an 
arch, — pi. Ezek. xl. 22. an ar- 
cade, a vault. 
Uittr0i^<^c&,-&A, s. f. Luke xii. 

33. see ^pi-vijeAcb. 
^T|icio5aI,-aiÍ, pi. id. s. m. an 

article; C.P. 
^Vii', an obs. s. backwards ; used 
in adverbial phrases, Uip <\if, 
^Iji A i)-Air, &c. Matt. ii. 13. 
and passim, always governed 
by the prep. ^ip. 
Uji-ció, Gen. xxix. 15. see ^irs^. 
^f]-&e, cpd. pron. (fr. Af & i,) 
out of her, out of it, Luke vi. 
Ull-&eAC,-fc»i5e, adj. witty, divert- 
Í7ig, sportful, odd; "Oujue 
Ai]-&eAc, a wag." 
^ir&13eAcb,-bA, s. f. sport, diver- 
sion, pastime. 

Ui|-&i5ceóift,-óiiA,-óifti8e, s.m. a 
ivag, a jester, an oddity. 

^]rbioii,-bi|t, pi. id. &, -&ft]ocA, 
s. m. travail, a journey, Ex. 

xviii. 8 Ex. xl. 38. spelled 

also Ufi-beAfi, U]fcio|t, & 

^lfbpiii5A6,-]5re, pi. id. s.m. a 
journeying, removing, trans- 

UlfeA5.-5CA, pi. id. s. m. restitu- 
tion, Job XX. 18. — Acts iii. 21. 
see U||'ioc. 

^]feAlb,-bA6, v.a. regainposses- 
sion of. 

Uirse, g. id. s. f. a free gift; U 
D-Aifje, adv. freely, 2 Cor. 
xi. 7. 

■^irsi^j ^.'^^A.B.i.a free gift, Rom. 
iii. 24. 1 Cor. ix. 18. 2 Thess. 
iii. 8. U \T-is-\x7^\-b, freely, with- 
out charge, for nought. 

"^ v.a. restore, re- 


2 Kings 

"^irioc, inf. id. [ viii.6, — Markx. 

J 51. Acts i. 6. 

id. s. m. restitution, recovery, 

restoration, reparation, Ex. 

xxii. 5. lAike iv. 18. — Ruth 

iv. 15. Is. Iviii. 12. repayment ; 

also, a vomit ; fr. Aif, & }oc ; 

see ?\^]|'eA5. 
U||*iocóiíi,-óttA,-óntióe, s. m. a 

person liable to restitution ; 
j Dunl. 
^^irM"3r5^'-5^e» s. f. a dream. 

Gen. xxxvii. 5 Gen. xl. I6. 

I —Acts ii. 17. 

I 'i^]x\yx)x,te^c,-t]^,-t]%e, s. m. a 
i dreamer. Gen. xxxvii. 19. 
^Vii-ceAft,") Numb. x. 33. Gen. 
jU]fciofi; j XXX. 36. see^i]"Sio|t. 
I '?\|fceó|p,-ófiA,-ó|piDe, s. m. a 
j jester, a buffoon, a cheat; see 
I ^ir^isceóip. 

I U|rceói|ieAcb,-^<^j ^.{.buffoonery, 
comical tricks. 

U j c 


'A) C 

^I|-ciu5,-iu5a6, v. n. journeij, 

chajige reúlence^ Gen. xii. 9. 

— Gen. xi. 2. — v. a. remove^ 

?iir,-ce, pi. id. s. f. apluce^ Matt. 

xiv. 15. — Gen. xxxviii. 11. 

Matt. xiv. 35.-2 Kings xxiii 

13, & 14. 
?^ic,-ce, adj. joyful, cheerful, 

pleasant ; also, arch, cunning, 

Uic, a reiterative and sometimes 
/ a negative prefix ; see Uc. 
^ c,-rce, pi id. s.f. a kiln, Nah. 

iii. 14. — 2 Sam. xii. 31. com. 

Gr. "Aió-u. 
^jcbeAft, Gen. xliii. 9. see ^jc- 

^V|cbeo5AD,-:^ui6, s. m. a reviving, 

Ezra ix. 8 & 9. a restoration 

to life. 
?Kli:beoóui3,-ii3AÓ, v. a. revive, 

make alive, Hab. iii. 2. — Is. 

Ivii. 15. 1 Cor. XV. 22. restore 

to life. 
U|cbioti,-bift, pi. id. s. m. reproif 

blame. Job xxii, 4. 
?\lcbiofiAc,-Ai5e, adj. rebuking, 

Hos. V. 2. reproaching. 
2llcbioftAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a re- 
prover, Prov. XXV. 12. 
?i]cbiopui5,-ii5A6, V. a. reprove, 

Prov. ix. 8. reproach, blame. 
?i|cbi]t,-bioii, V. a. punish, visit 

ivith punishment, — inf. Numb. 

xiv. IS. reprove. 
'^\tb^Ar),-\)Ab, V. a. repair, — inf. 

2 Kings xxii. 6. make anew, 

^icóe|ri7t)i5, -1115^0, V. a. re-as- 
sure, re- assert. 
?^IceAd,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m. a giant, \ 
Job xvi. 14. — 2 Sam. xxi. 16. 
— Gen. vi. A. Deut. ii. 20. a 
soldier, a strong man. 
?V|ce<\i),-riOe, s. i. furze, whin or 
gorse ,- Ulex Europeeus. 

?X]t:e«M)cvf,-vi|-, s. ra. acquaint- 
ance, 2 Kings xii. 5 Ps. xxxi. 


'^lceAVIiAÓ,-A]5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
change. Gen. xiv. 22. 1 Cor. 
XV. 51. a different thing. 

c,. . f-trm, pi. id. s.m. Gen. 

^'^'-•^^n'kxxi.W Ps. cv. 14. 

^^]i-^eA\];i,--^]0]]\A^s.á\. short, brief 
Horn. ix. 28, & xiii. 9. instan- 
Uic5e<v||tcó||i,-óitA,-óiiii6e, s. m. 

an abbreviator, a curtailer. 
?Vic5e|t)eATOiMn,-ii)i)A, s. {.regene- 
ration, Matt. xix. 28.— Tit. 
iii. 5. 
'^|C5eTt)ce, ind. part. adj. regene- 
rate ; C.P. begotten again. 
^]C5it),-5eineAiÍ9iiin, v. a. beget., 

Jas. i. 18. 1 Pet. i. 3. 
?Vic5toniA,g. id. pi. -Ai8e,&-ACA, 
s. f. a short cut, an abridge- 
, ment. 

■^]rij,-]u5A6, V. n. diveU, — inf. 
Ezra vi. 12. — v.a. inhabit, set- 
tle, place ; also, prove ; 'A5 
/ <x]Z]\.i-^c<'6, proving. 
'^1ci5ceóiti,-ófiA,-ó||ii6(», s. m. a 

dweller, an inhabitant. 
^]cii),-cne, & -cn]u5A6, v.a. com- 
mand, know, bid. Lev. vi. 9. 
Matt. iv. 3. — Acts i. 7, & xúi. 
íiicióe, g. id. pi. -oeAÓA, & -i))3, 
s. f. a firebrand , Judg. xv. 4. 
— pi. Judg. XV. 5. Prov. xxvi. 
18. a live coal, a spark. 
°^]Z]o\',-]x, s.m. pleasantnj, drol- 
lery . 
^[ci]*,-rf a8, v. a. reproach, — inf. 
2 Kings xix. 4. rebuke, blame, 
abuse; ■^icifi5,-!U5AÓ, id. see 
Ruth ii. IG. 
?Vicir,-re5pl-rÍ5 &--reACA, s. f. ayi 
affront, a reproach, a rebuke, 
shame, confusim, blasphemy. 

?i) c 



?^|cireAÓ,-ri.^e, adj. abusive, 

shameful, blasphemous. 
^|ciu5AÓ,-ci5ce, pi. id. s. m. i/ 

dwelling, a habitation. 
?ilcle<N|'ii5A6,-ui5i:e, pi. id. s. m. 

amendment, amelioration, /e- 

?X|cleArui5,-u3A6, V. a. improve, 

correct, reform, amend. 
?Vjclion,-pAÓ, V. a. replenish, fill 

again, reinforce. 
^]clioi)AÓ,-t)CA, pi. id. s. rn. a 

filling again, a replenishing, 

?X|cri)eul,-&il, pi. id. s. m. sorrow, 

?V|cin(?ulAr,-.c\]5e, adj. sorrouful, 

'V^]t\)e, g. id. no pi. s. f. knoic- 

ledge, acquaintance. 
?^]Coe, g. id. pi. A|ceAr)CA, s. f. 

a commandment, Matt xxii. 

36. & 38.— Numb, xxvii. U. 
J — Lev. xxvii. .31. 
^)ciie<Nb,-éib, pi. id. s. m. Job v. 

3. 1 Coi-, iii. 9.— pi. Ps. xlix. 
^11. see ^iciteib. 
^icue^b, v.n. Gen. xiv. 12. see 

^Icri<?AbA, ind. p. p. inhabited, : 

Ex. xvi. 35. 
íilcjie^ACj-bAij, pl.-bM5,&-bACA, 

s. m. an inhabitant. Is. xxxiii. \ 

24 pi. Acts i. 19. 2 Chjon. 

XX. 15. & 20. a diveller ,- '^]c- 

ItCAbrAC, id. 
?i]cpe<\bAC,-Ai3e, adj. habitable, 

^]C]\e^ho.6,-ij\e]\)ce, pi. id. s. m. 

— pi. see Is. liv.2. see ?l)C|ieib. 
?\.icfiev\c,-jii5e, adj. repentant, 

?VjCiieACtir,-"ir? s.m.repenta?ice, 
, Acts xvii. 30. Rom. xi. 29. 
UjciaeAmuilj-mU, adj. fatherhj, 

?\.irpei5,-|ie]be,-peAbA, s. f. aha- 

litation, a building, a duell- 
ing-place, — g. Prov. xxiv. 15. 
— pi. see Gen. xxxvi. 43. 

'^lciieoiiACj-óipi^, pi. id. s.m. an 
inhabitant, — pi. Ex. xv. 15. 

^Xicftibj-pejkb, & -neoibAtJ, v. n. 
dwell. Gen. xiv. 13. — Ps. cxiii. 
9. Job XXX. 6. 

'^icmsí", g- id. s. f. repentance, 
Matt. iii. 2. — Matt. iii. 11. 
Mark i. 4. 

^ic|ii5ei\c, adj. C.P. see \\.|c- 

U]C|tif, inf. id. v. a. declare, tell, 
repeat, rehearse ; C P. 

^icpirj-r^j s. f. imitation. Gal 
ii. 14. a story, a relation. 

^lcfiireAc,-ri5,-ri5e> s. m. a tale- 
bearer, Prov. xi. 13. a story- 
teller, a narrator. 

^\t\-^e'SZ\\c^6,-]\\x\T^e,-\\^c&, s.f a 
vomit, — g. 2 Pet. ii. 22. 

?V[crcti=ob,-bAó, v. a. transcribe, 
write over again; see Sctiiob. 

a transcriber. 

Uiéf"joc<\io,-ívnc\, s. f. reconcilia- 
tion, — g. Lev. viii. 15. 

?\lci-jreAC,-ci3e, adj. reconciled; 
I C.P. reconciling. 

ÚI, g. ail, pi. id. s. m. a brood, 
the litter or young of any ani- 
mal ; ""^ b-^1 05" 

?VIa, g. id. pi. aIa^ób, s. f. a 

UlAÓi)AC,-AJ5e, 'aa'y crafty, tricky, 

'^\h^,-hcr), s. f. Scotland. 

Ulb^nACj-Aijejadj. Scotch, Scot- 
tish . 

?KlbAn<\c,-Ai5,-Ai5e5 s.m. a Scotch- 

?\.l5A, ind. adj. noble ; h')]y a15v\, 
the noble island, Ireland ; coin. 
Gv. AyKa-og. 

UIK\, g. id. pi. -Aibe, 8. f. a hall, 
Mark xv. 16.— Luke xxii. 55. 




^UAbAin,-bATtc<N, s. f. an echo; 
2Í5ac aIU, id. 

^IIa5A|i,-<niii, s. m, true and dis- 
tinct pro!iunciatio7i, jluency of 
speech andpropey accent ; M'K . 

^\\a\-) A, former times ; used only 
adverbially, as U rj-c^llAnA, in 
former times ; 1). Mac. F. 

'^\\h\\i.\'bo>c^-i\]T^e,a.á]. triumphant, 
victorious over all. 

^U5ló]]i,-ite, 6. f. gibberish, jar- 
gon, gasconade. 

?\.Uóo, an obs. s. used oxú^ ad- 
verbially ; ?\. i;.aUó&, of old, in 
times past, Rom. xi. 30. Gal. 
i. 13. ^llub, id. see 1 Chron. 
iv. 40. com. Lat. Allod-ium. 

UUc<N, ind. adj. wild, 2 Kings xiv. 
9. Job xxxix. \5.ferce, strange, 

UllcAC&,-bA, s. f. 7cildness, fierce- 
ness, savagery. 

^Uiif,-ui|*, pi. id. s. m. a sweat, 
Ezek. xliv. 18. Luke xxii, 44. 

?Cln)rAii),-Aii)e,-Ar)A, s. f. boimty, 
2 Cor. ix. 5. almsdeeds. 

^Ipojiie, g. id. pi. -ftióe, s. m. a 
glutton, a greedy or avaricious 

^Ic, g. A^lc, pi. id. s. m. a joint, 
— pi. Cant. vii. 1, a part, a 
chapter, an article, division. 

?VlcÓl[l,-6l1A, pi. id. & -ÓpACA, s. f. 

an altar^ Gen. viii.20. — Numb. 
vii. 84. — Ex. xxxiv. 13. Kom. 
xi. 3. 

?Vlc|iA5-Ai),-AnA, s. f. a nourisJicr, 
a nurse ; see Ruth iv. 15. & 16. 

?ilcpAc,-Ai5e, adj. nursing, fos- 

^lciiAÍ)uf,-uji-, pi. id. s. m. a 
nursing, see Numb. xi. 12. 

^IcftorHj-rnA, pi. id. s. m. a nurs- 
ing, fosterage. 

Ulciioii), inf. id. v. a. cherish, 
nurse, — inf. 1 Thess. ii. 7. 

2llcii7jAD,-u)5, &, -u|5cc, pi. id. 

s. m. a giving of thanhs, — g. 

Neh. xii. 8. 
^Icui5,-u5a6, v. a. gire thanks 
, and praise, salute. 
■^lum, comp. inline, or, ixillt», 

adj. handsome, fair, lovely. 

^rtj, g. id. &, AI17A, pi. AJDAÓA, 

s. m. time, Numb. ix. 7. Luke 
xxii. 14. — 1 Sam. iv. 20. 
?irn, a negative prefix. 
°^\\), comp. Airbe, adj. raw, Ex. 

xii. 9. 1 Sam. ii. 15. 
^ÍWA, g. -Aloe, s.f. thehames 
(fa horse collar ; scarcely used 
in the sing. Gr. "A/x//a, a band. 
^tDAÓ, adv. to without, out of ; 
always connected with a verb 
of motion, as is ^muic with a 
verb of rest ; "Cuaió fé ahjac," 
he went out. 
UmAc, interj. out, away, begone ! 

^Wmc l^b ! away with you. 

Utt7Ai)<vi),-^1i}, pi. id. s. m, a fool, 

a simpleton, 1 Cor. iii. 18. — 

Prov. xiv. 3. — 1 Cor. iv. 10. 

UrnA&^t)AC,-Ai5e, adj. foolish, 

simple, Eccl. iv. 13. 
^rDAbi\UAC&,-bA, s.f. foolis?iness, 
folly, simplicity, 1 Sam. xxvi. 
21. 1 Cor. i. 18.— Prov. xxvi. 
4. Eccl. vii. 25. 
^iDAbCxDCA, ind. a.di. foolish, ab- 
surd, Deut. xxxii. 21. Job v. 2. 
UriiAil, adv. like. Gen. xiii. 10. 
Matt. XXV. U. Gr. "O/jmX-cc. 
Lat. Simil-is. 
■^ibíiii), adv. save, only, alone, 

1 Cor. ii. 2, & Passim. 
■^ibA]]ic,-A|ic, V. a. see, behold, 
Job xxviii. 28, & XXXV. 5. — 
Hab. i. 13. 
'^ri)Alciif,-ui|*, pi. id. s.m. sorrow, 

grief, venation ; O'G. 
Uit)At), s.f. a river; Lat. Amn-is; 

see ?^bAO. 
UnjajiAC, adv. to-morrow, Ex. 
viii. 10. Matt. vi. 30. see 



'^ n u 

Utt)AitA5,-c\j5, s. m. miist((rd. 
\^mA\\o^]c,-ce, s. f. scurvy grass ; 
Cochlearia ; vern.bioUficpAige. 
?VrÍ7A|ic,-A]|ic, s. m. vision, sight. 
?Vii7A|iur,-iMr) s. m. Job xii. 2. 

see ?\.rbfiu|\ 
UrTiA|iurAc,-vAi5e, adj. see '^trj- 


^rr)Af ,-At]*, pl. id. s. m. a passion- 
ate ungovernable man, a mad- 
^rbA]-AC,-Ai5e, adj. witless, stu- 
pid, passionate. 
UtT)<\]-at),-i\iT), a fresh- 
man, a raw recruit. 
Urb<xT'ó5,-ó|3e,-ó5A,s.f. a foolish 

^iTjAí-ctauij, -115^8, V. n. harh (as 

a dog.) 
Urne*\|*5, prep, among, amidst. 
Passim. It governs the genit. 
and is compounded of the prep. 
A, & obs. s. n)eA|-5. 
^ri75Jiii,-Ai|t, pl. id. s. m. tribula- 
tion, distress. Matt. xxiv. 21. 
Rom. viii. 35. — Mark xiii. 24. 
affliction, trouble. 
?Vti7U, /adv. so, 1 Cor. XV. 11. 
?XiT)lu0, \in like manner, thus. 
'^w\ó]\\,-ó\\^.,-ó\\i]be, s. ra. a fool, 

an idiot, a boor ; see ^blóiji. 
'^m}>l'SC,-A\^e, ad], hungry, vora- 
cious; ^rT}pUn)u|l,-rt)U, id. 
Un)pl<v6, g. id. &.-A]6, s. m. hun- 
ger, voracity. 
^tv\iny,-u]]', pl. id. s. m. doubt, 
wavering, Rom. xiv. 23. Jas. 
i. 6. suspicion. 
?^rt) fiiifAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. rfo/<Z> (/"<//,?£:«- 
vering, Acts xxv.20. Jas. i. 6. 
^tt)Ú5<\, adv. astray, 1 Cor. xv. 

18. Rom. xiv. 15. 
^rT}u|c, adv. outside, without, 
Gen. vi. 14. 1 Cor. v. 12. 
UiDv;5, id. generally found with 
a verb of rest, as is UitjAC 
with a verb of motion. 

^rijiiiUiD, g. id. pl. -óe, s. f. a 

trifle, a trick, amusement. 
?Vrt^uf,-uir, pl- id. s. m. leisure, 
opportunity; R. S. also, an 
ambush, a sudden onset or 
?itT)u|-ciaAÓ,-<M6, pl. id. s. m. the 

harking of a dog. 
Ui), sometimes a negative prefix, 
corresponding to the Eng. in 
or nn ; Lat. In; Gr. A^, or Avsi>; 
as ^0]b]ij, ptleasaut ; '^ij^oib- 
It), unpleasant ; sometimes 
also used as an intensitive pre- 
fix ; as C]5eAfu)iif, lordship ; 
Uir)ci5eA|tt)u|', intense lord- 
ship, tyranny. When the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either e or 1, it is spelled 
?i in, as in the latter example. 
Ui}, s. m. time, used only in the 
adverbial form, ^t) c-^n, the 
time, i.e. ivhen ; see Ps. cvi. 44. 
Matt, V. 1, and passim, com. 
Lat. Ann-us, a year, 
^x), def. art. the, *Matt. xix. 5, 

& passim, 
^i), an interr. particle ; Passim, 
^r), v.n. see Gen. xix. 2. see Tah- 
?^T)Abui6,-6e, adj. untimely. Rev. 
vi. 13, unripe, immature ; fr. 
At), neg, & Abujó, q.v. 
?\.r)Abiii6eACb,-&A, s. f. immatu- 
rity, unripeness, youth. 
Ui)ACAii),-ne, s. f. mischief, dan- 
ger, misfortune. 
?KoACAi]i,-CftA, pl. id. s. f. afflic- 
tion, calamity, distress (of 
mind or body,) Ps. cvi. 44. — 
2 Sara. xxii. 19. 2 Chron. xviii. 
26 — Ps. XXV. 17. 
?ir)ACfiAc,-A)5e, adj. afflicting, 
calamitous, pitiful, distress- 
ing ; Dunl. 
^nívsAp, cpd. prep, against, 
Matt. X. 35, & passim, fr, ah, 
in, & A5A]ó. 

<X M b 


?V M O 

^i)Aic,-cec>6, v.a. ««t.'é', Ps. iii. 7. 

protect^ purify ; see Ps. vii. 2. 

^i)<^fce, cpd. adv. close to, near 

to ; fr. Ai), & the obs. A^ce. 
Ui)AiceA8,-cce, pi. id. s. m. a ^ni- 
rijication, — g. Lev. xii. 4. (i 
cleansing ; see '^iniceAÓ. 

perversion^ disorder ; Dunl. 

^i)ATiic,-ce,-ceACA, s. f. linen of 

narrow breadth, handle linen. 

?Vr)C\l,-lA, s. f. breath, Deut, xx. 

16.— Jos. xi. 14. Job xi. 20. 


^oall, adv. i>/'/^/' ÍO this side from 

beyond; always connected with 

a verb of motion. 

?^i;.\ll5b, cpd. adv. of yore, of 

the olden time; fr. o>i;, & aUoo, 

q. V. 

^Vt^aid, g. AijrpA, pi. AnttjAOA, s.ra. 

///"é', .?o/^/, person. Matt. vi. 25. 

—Matt. ii. 20. 2 Cor. i. 23.— 

Gen. xiv. 21. Rev. xx. 4. Lat. 

Anim a. 

?^iK\rn, cpd. adv. out of season ; 

fr. At), neg. & '^rx), time ; "?Xi) 

!xrx) -\ Aij Ai}íim, in season and 

out of season" 2 Tim. iv. 2. 

^DAit), adv. rarely, seldom ; Oo 

l;-Ar)A!Í7, adv. id. 
?XuAO|b]0, 1").% adj. iroful, un- 
pleasant, dis<tgreeuble ; "jf 
ADAOibii) tuic," /^;oe wwíí> thee. 
Matt. xi. 21. see Matt, xxiii. 
13. & 29. fr. At), neg. & Aoibiu. 
^^nAOinpeAcb, adv. together, Ps. 

lix. 3. fr. aT), Aon, & peAcb. 
?Vijb<vf-,-ivif, pi. id. s. m. sudden 

death ; O'G. 
?Xi;bArAÓ,-bAice, pi. id. s. m, a 

deluge, an inundation. 
?VnbpAii3e, g. id. s. f. faintness, 
infirmity, 2Cor.iv. 16. — Rom. 
vi. 19. tveakness. 
?^i)bpAr),-AiOe, adj. weak, 1 Cor. 
ix. Il.faint, infirm^ cast down. 

Uijbocb, adj. no com p. exceed- 
ingly jionr, very poor. 

^i)5onb, adj. no comp. extreme- 
ly Jierce, very furious. 

'^\)b\Hi]t, g. id. s. m. broth, Judg. 
vi. 19. & 20. see Is. Ixv. 4. 

?^ubuA]n,-oe, s.f. distress, agony. 
Gen. xxxii. 7. Luke xxii. 44. 
dismay, anxiety, anguish. 

UijbuAii)eAC,~ni5e, adj. dismayed, 
I Chron. xxviii. 20. anxious, 
agonised; fr. At), neg. & buAp. 

?Vnbuiiibe, g. id. s f. rage, Ps. vii. 
6. great fierceness or fury. 

i)ca|neAt),-ni5ce, s.m. blasphe- 

»iy, slander, reviling ; Dunl. 
?li)CAioc.-re,-ceACA, s.f. railing, 

a reviling, 1 Tim. vi. 4. — 1 Pet. 

ii. 23. fr. AH, intens. &, CAjrjc. 
?\.i}CA]iie, g. id. pi. -ftióe, s.m. an 

anchor, Heb. vi. 19. see Acts 

xxvii. 29 & 30. Lat. Anchora, 

Gr. Ay/.v^a, 
Ui;cA|c,-ceArt), v.a. devour tho- 
roughly. Gen. xxxi. 15. spend 
riotously, squander. 
UrKAiceAir),-ciT)e, & -cce, pi. id. 
s.m. riotous living, squander- 
ing, extravagance ; R.S. 
?Vi;cAicri7eAc, adj. no comp, ex- 
ceedingly extravagant, very 
prodigal, extremely voracious. 
^OcIaoi;, adj. no comp. most 
particularly addicted to; Dunl. 
'XK\)co\z\r), adj. no comp. most 

common, very usual ; Dunl. 
Ui)cniiAT-,-Aif*, s.m. illiberality, 

extreme hardness. 
?^i)ciiri)AccAc, adj. no comp. all 
powerful, very predominant ; 
UrjcvftAiTJAc, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly solicitous, over anx- 
ious ; Dunl. 
^nbCxDA, ind. adj. presumptuous, 
2 Pet. ii. 10. self-tvillcd, very 

till j 


■^ }] C 

Utjbi^OAC&,-bA, s, f. higfi pre- 
sumption, great boldness. 

'^-r)h]6.\i^, cpd. prep. (fr. au, &, 
^lAiS?) (iftcr, 1 Sam. xv. 31. 
Luke xxiii. 26. 

^r)&ói:cur,-u]r, s. ni. high pre- 
sumption^ high hope ; O'G. 

^ObóccufAc, adj. no comp. pre- 
sumptuous. Numb. XV. 30. 

?Vr)bpobl,,\|*,-A]f, pi. id. %.xa.. ex- 
cessive squandering. 

^i>&|ioblAi'AC,-Ai5e, adj. addicted 
to excessive squandering. 

sorrow, discontent, disagree- 

^r)&v)l,-le, s.f. inordinate desire, 
great covetousness. 

?Vt)&uiDe, g. id. pi. -DAOjoe, s.m. a 
wicked man, Ps. xxxvii. 12. 

?Xn&, adv. yesterday, Ex. v. 14. 
properly, Ui)&é. 

^OpA, g. id. s. m. a storm. Job 
xxi. 18. ^npAÓ, g. id. s. m. a 
tonpest. Job ix. 17. "^r)P»^í? 
cjncioe, « horrible tempest, 
Ps. xi. 6. literally, a tempest 
of lightning. 

^i)pA6<xc,-Ai5e, adj. stormy, Ps. 
cvii. 25. tempestuous. 

^^OpAififT'S? 'icij- 1^0 comp. i.r- 
ceedingly tvide, boundless. 

^^opUiceAfj-rif, s. m. overbear- 
ing tyranny, intense un mer- 
cifulness ; O'G. 

?^r)3<^tt> ii^^"* wi'«^"j 'í'í'^'íj Ps.xxxii. 
9. see 5Aft. 

?^t)5lAo6,-oi6, s.m. a piercing cry, 
a loud shout. 

?Vt)5PACAC,-Ai5e, adj. WOÍ custom- 
ary, unusual, irregular. 

2lr)5t^-^55^ g- id. & -óa, s.m. core- 
ío?í5 desire, ardent love, doat- 
ing fondness ; C. P. 

?^t)5jtíkó<\c, adj. no comp. most 
doatingly fond, very loving. 

^i;io|-, adv. from below, up. 


"^míi, adv. to-day, Luke xxiii. 43. 
(fr. Ai), the, & 1Ú, day,) U01Ú5, 
& better, ^o&iú, id. com. lu- 
piter, i/Zes-pater; the old Lat. 
ablative i/m, and the French ter- 
mination ui'iw "aujourdh»?"." 

Ui^UfAncA, ind. adj. very pas- 
sionate, immoderate, very vi- 
olent ; Dunl. 

?Vi;luAC5<vin§c, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly overjoyed, very immo- 
derate, excessively glad ; Dunl. 

^DtDvMj, g. pi. of '^rt), time, q.v. 

^ Dunl. 

<iortjAoin,-i}e, s.f. abundance of 
worldly goods, great riches. 

^r)tÍ9A]-lAÓ,-lA, &, -lui5ce, pi. id. 
s. m. excessive abuse. 

Uijrboc, adj. no comp. very early ; 
mostly used adverbially. 00 
b-Ar)rt70c, very early. 

■^Orbóji, adj. no comp. exceedingly 
great, very immense. In fact 
the adjectives compounded with 
the prefix at;, intensitive, are 
superlative absolute forms of 
their simples, ivhen the simple 
form has not lecome obsolete. 

°^\)rr)ó\i'^x),-'^]x), s. ra. a great deal, 
an immensity ; Dunl. 

^x), prep. in. Lat. In ; Or. "£•;. 

"^r), adv. there, therein. 

Ui), cpd. pron. in him, in it. 

■^i^Aicce, Lev. xii. 4. g. sing, see 


^r;órAC,-Ai5e, adj. unusual. 
Ui3]-A, John xii. 43. irr. comp. of 

joDiiniiu, q.v. 
Ut)fAC&,-&A, s. f. love, affection. 
^0 r 1 1), adv.(of time or place,)i/ie/e, 

Gen. ii. 8. then; (fr. au, &, r\x).) 
?kOro, adv. here. Gen. xix. 12. 
Uf;rv&, a.dr.7jonder, Gen. xxii. 5. 

Matt. xvii. 20. in that place, 

Ur^coilj-coLv, pi. id. s.f. Ex. XV. 

9. see ^i;co|l. 

U M C 


UO j 

?\.5coL\c,-Ai5e, adj. histful ; R.S. 
?Vi)oc&, adv. io-night, Luke xii, 
20. (i.e. a' Docb.) 

?iooi]i, adv. /ro/« tlie Easl ; ge- 
nerally connected with a verb 
of motion. 

?^noir, adv. note, Gen. ii. 23. 
Matt. xi. 12. 

^t)oó, adv. oirr, fo /7?e other side ; 
the opposite word to "^Cn^U- 

^OftAC, g. id. s. m. misfortune, 
den-ease, ill-luck. 

?tt)itó, g. id. s.m. persecuiiot7, mi- 
ser//, distress; ^i?ttó, id. see 
Mark X. 30. also, severe wea- 

'^x)\ió\hzei^c,-z\-^Q,2iá]. oppressed, 
Araos iii. 9. 

?Vi)fii]nc,-ce, s. f. excessive cove- 

'^x)-\'^\\)\6>6t),-'Gis, s. f. incompara- 
bility; fr. Ar)5 neg. &, fi^rbUcb. 

?Vo^iiT)CAc, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly covetous or greedy. 

^Ut*5<^ntc,-ce,-ceAC<\, s.f, a pier- 
cing shriek, a loud, outcry. 

?^r)fT;AO|lceAC&,-OA, s. i. freedom, 

^Dfó5,-ói5, pi. id. s. m. misery, 
travail, affliction, Rom. iii. 16. 
1 Thess. ii. 9.-1 Tim. v. 10. 
Jas. V. 10. fr. AT), neg. &, j-oj. 

^i)coiI,-oIa, s.f. great obstinacy, 
headstrong selfwill, inordinate 

Ut)coiIerbMl,adj.nocomp. exceed- 
ingly selfwilled, very obstinate. 

?Vt)cojli5, -11x5^6, V. a. dote ripon, 
Ezek. xxiii. 12. lust after. 

Uncftivc, g. id. &, -ÍV1C, s. m. an 
improper time, a wrong season. 

^UCfxivcAc,-<N|5e, adj. untimely, 

^i)r|ion7, adj. no comp. exceed- 
ingly heavy, very grievous, tnost 

UDCfton)u|5,-ii5A6, v. a. overload, 
oppress much. 

^i;cu}5|*e, g. id. s. f. indiscretion, 
ivant of understanding; fr. at), 
neg. & ciiij]-^ 5 Dunl. 

?^UuAbA|i,-bAip, s. m. excessive 

^r)UAibfieAC, adj. no comp, ex- 
ceedingly proud, very haughty. 

UT)UvAH*le, g. id. s. m. loio birth, 
baseness; fr. ad, neg. &, uA^fle. 

Ut)iiAUc,-Uii5,-liM5e, s.m. a great 
burden, — g. Zech. xii. 3. 

^niKXf, adv. dowmcards, from 
above ; joined always to a verb 
of motion, it's opposite is 
Su<\|-, q.v. 

Ut)ii<\|*Al,-uAirle, adj. base, loio 
born ; fr. ao, neg. &, iia|*aI. 

U06, g. id. s. m. Hugh, a maiis 

^06, g. id. s. i.Jlre, the Vesta of 
the pagan Irish; also, a sheep. 

Uo6a, pi. the liver I see ^te5e. 

^oÓAiite, g. id. pi. -iieA6A,-it]5e, 
& -jiióe, s. m. a shepherd, a 
pastor. Job XX vii. 18. — 1 Sam. 
xvii. 40. — Gen. xlvi. 32. Jer. 
X. 21. Luke ii. 8. ^o5Aiiie, id. 
fr. A 08, a sheep, & <\||te. 

?ioÓAnxeACb,-&A, s. f. a tending 
of sheep, herding. 

UoóBa, ind. adj. beautiful; R.S. 

^oopdoj-A^t), s.m. a satirising, a 

^0)bif;,-f)e, &, -bt^e, adj. plea- 
sant, Ps. cvi. 24. delightful, 
glad, joyful. 

'^o-\h\)ec.\,-\)\y, pi. id.s. m. delight, 
pleas are, Ps. cxix. 16. — Ps. 
xxxvi. 8. Joy, gladness. 

^oióe, g. id. pi, -cAÓA, s. m. a 
gaest, see Alatt. xxii. 10. a 
traveller, a stranger. 

?io0eACt),-&A,s. f. lodging, enter- 
tainmen t, hospitality, reception^ 
Acts X. 6, h, 23. Heb. xiii. 2. 
—Rom. xii. 13. Heb. xi. 31. 

■^oi6eAÓ,g. id. & -&f8,s,m. hospi- 
tality. Tit. i. 8. see tíoióeAcb' 

■^ 21) 


?i 11 

^Voilívr), see fAoiUn. 

?VoileAC,-li5, s.m. duug^ a dung- 
hill, Ps. Ixxxiii. 10.— Ez. vi. 
11. Luke xiv. 35. 

"^0ilfeó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a cater- 

Uoir)b|a]AC<vft,-bttéic|ie, s. f. one 
word; see Gal. v. 14. 

Uo|uci<\U,-céille, s.f. sameness oj 
judgment ; see 1 Cor. i. 10, 

?^0]ne, g. id. s.f. Friday ; "-Uoioe 
Atj céAf&A," Good Friday. 

^oio^-eAcs, see itoAOiopeAco. 

?loii)peoil,-olA, s.f. onejiesh, 1 
, Cor. vi. 16. 

'ÁoiT;5eir),-oe, s.f. the only begot- 
ten, John i. 18.— John iii. 18. 
éii)5e|r>,-De, id. John iii. 16. 
I — John i. 14. 

°^o\\)\x)z-\x),-X)Q, s. f. one~niinded- 

I ness, oiw mind, Rom. xv. 5. 

'^o]\)\f)z\\)e'^c ,-t)]-^e, adj. iinani- 

UoiT^eAC, ind. indef. pron. any 

J one. Job xxxvi. 29. 1 Cor. i. 14. 

?Voi5p5-5é|ce, s. m. any tiling, 
— g. 2 Cor. ii. 10. éi5l&, id. 
2 Cor. ii. 10. 

UoinrpiOfi<.N&,-Ai&e, si. one spirit, 
1 Cor. vi. 17. 

'^o]x)Z]x^eiA\,-T^]\, s. m. a living 
under one roof, a dwelling to- 

Uoi|*,-|-e, pi. id. s.f. age, Luke 
i. 7. — 1 Kings xiv. 4. Eph. 
iv. 13. 

?Voi]"-ciu]l, musicians, Neh. vii. 
73. see iio|-. 

^ol, g. Aoil, s. m. lime. Am. ii. 1. 
— Is. xxxiii. 12. 

?^oIa6,-ai6, s.m. a whitewashing, 
a plastering. 

UoU&ói|t,-ó[t<\,-óiri]6e, s. m. a 
whiteicasher, a plasterer. 

?\.olui5,-u5<\6, V. a. ichitewasJi, 

?VorT),-n}v\6, v.a. bend, incline, at- 

^^o\), g. 'Ao\x), num. adj^o/?e ; The 

nominative is also ^om, when 

the following word begins with 

^ a slender vowel, as ^o\\) \r)Z]\). 

"^01), g. ivoir), s. m. an only one, 

hence, a darling, the one, Ps. 

xxii. 20.— 2 Kings xix. 22. 

Uor)v\c,-i)<vi3,-r)CAT5e, s.m. a fair, 

I an assemblage. 

Úot)Ap, an obs. s. oneship, i.e. 
alone ; used only in the adver- 
bial form, 'qa iLOOAji, Gen. ii. 
^ 18. John vi. 15. 
^ou-AiiívD,-ív|n, s.m. one bread, 
J 1 Cor. X. 17. G<\r)-A|t^r), id. 
?Vor)Aítí^T),-ív]n, pi. id. s. m. a so- 
litary person, a recluse, a her- 
, mit; C.P. 

^oDAftóA, ind. adj. lonely, solitary. 
?Vot)b<\ll,-AiU, s.m. one member. 
Matt. v. 29 & 30. eAob^U, id. 
/ see Eph. iv. 16. 
^or)cC\CA||i,-rf\<.\c, & -cfte, s. f. 
o)ie city ; Lucb ivonc^icfte, 
, fellow citizens, Eph. ii. 19. 
?^ot)coip.,-|ie, s. f. one offence, 
, Rom. V. 16. — Rom. v. 17. 
tXoijcoppj-cuifip, s.m. one body, 

1 Cor. X. 17. éai)co|tp, id. 
Uoi)t)Act5,-t)A, s.f. unity, Eph. iv. 
, 3, &, 13. 

^oi)bACAC,-Ai3e, adj. of one co- 
, lour, of the same colour. 
Úoi)&uit;e, g. id. s. m. one man, 
any man, Rom. v. 16. — Rom. 
, V. 15. 6ut)b>7n)e,id. 2 Cor. v. 17 
?iot)po]tin7,-rt)e, s. f. uniformity. 
?\.on^-oi|injióce, ind.part. adj. uni- 
I form ; R.S. 

Úor)5pí^!5,-5ítívi6, &, -jt^^vbA, s.m. 
^ same love, Phil. ii. 2. one love. 
Úor)5iic,-5ocA, s.m. one voice, one 
, accord,—^, see Actsxxiv. 21. 
■^or)5iiCAC,-<\i5e, adj. consonous, 
I of one voice. 

?Vonn*cat),-ivit}, pi. id. s. m. a so- 
litary person, a ividower, an 

^o s 


Ul^ h 

?Voi)pí\r)Ac,-Ai5e, aai-^soliiary, de- 
solate, Job ÍÍÍ. 7. ?V01}1XACÍM3AC, 

. id. 

?iot7|iatMÓ,-Ai5,-A]5e, s. m. a de- 
solate jierson, — g. Is. liv, i. 

?ionpívn^ó<5,-^*'^5 ^' ^' desolation, 
Is. xvii. 9. solitariness. 

?lor)CA, g. id. s. ra. consent, 1 Cor. 
vii. 12. & 13. licence. 

?ioncA6Ac,-Ai5e, adj. u-ilHng, of 
one mind, Ex. xxxv. 21. Kom. 
XV. 6. 

?Voncoil,-olA, s.f. one mind, Kom. 
xii. 16. one consent. 

UotjroT 1-5,-56, s.f. o;?(?e^-í7//'&'?íot)- 
coii'j," tuilfidli/, Hcb. X. 26. 

?\.ot)cui5,-cu5<\6, V. a. qrant, con- 
sent, Mark x. 37. Ps. cxix. 29. 
& C. P. unite. 

?\.onciii5eAc',-5i6e, adj. toilling, 
Ezr. iii. 5. consenting. 

^or)cuj5ce, p.p. united. 

?\.oi)UAiit, adv. o>?ce, one-time. 

fairs,i.e./airs, Ezek. xxvii. 27. 

^oit, g. AO||i, pi. id. s. m. a sa- 
tire, a curse. 

Uo|-, g. AO]!', coll. s.ra. a commu- 
nity or order of people of the 
same profession ; '^of c\\xx)^]x), 
dear friends ; '^or h'<xv)o^, poets; 
■^of* eADUAipe, sojoiirners, Lev. 
XXV. 23; ^o|' sftívó, lovers, 
Hos. ii. 5. '?to]-3tt5k6<\, id, Lam. 
i. 2. %kox 5AUiit, #/ie sick; 
•^o]* 65, íAe young ; ^or u<\f aI, 
//ic nobility, &c. &c. In ^01 r 
civ;l, musicians, Neh. vii. 73. 
the 1, before the f, is inserted 
merely for sound, because the 
first vowel of the following s}^- 
lable is slender, namely, ]. 

^of&A, ind. adj. old, aged, Gen. 
xxiv. 3(3. Tit. ii. 2. ^lo^-cA, id. 

?Vo|-bAci),-&<X5 s. f. age, antiquity ; 

^ U.S. 

?lp<,\, g. id. pi. -pui6e, s, m. ^77? 

ape ; see 1 Kings x. 22. 2 
Chron. ix. 21. 

t'ipan-j-i'ej-rij s. f. a likeness, re- 
presentation, mimicry or mock- 
ery; O'H. 

^PJ'&aI,-a]1, m. see Rev. 
xviii. 20. see '^IbrftAl. 

^puib,-6e, adj. ripe. Rev. xiv. 
15. mature; see Ubujb. 

?^-pui5eAC&,-fc)A, s.f. ripeness^ma- 

^ijt, ind. poss. pron. ours, our, 

^ Matt. vi. 9, 11 & 12. 

?i|t, g 'A]\i, pi. id. s. m. a plague, 
overthrow, slauqhter, Numb, 
xvi. 46, &, 47.— Gen. xix. 29. 
Ps. xliv. 22. also, a ploughing, 
tillage ; com. Lat. Ar-o, 

?^[i, prep, on, upon, over, Matt, 
i. 20. see ti]\i. 

U]», def. V. perf. tense, said, 
1 Kings ii. 4. quoth. 

^|iA, an expletive particle (de- 
noting inference,) then, truly, 
surely, aye, indeed, noiv. It is 
also an interrogative particle ; 

^ Gr."Aca. 

?^ftA, g. a|tAu, pi. ivifiije, &, ajiAPA, 
s. f. the loin, see Ex. xxviii. 

■tifiCiC<\|*,-Air, s. m. might, power, 
insurance; O'G. 

•^ItAcbAc,-Ai5e,adj. miqhti/, Gen. 
vi. 4. 

?-V]ii\i),-c\|n, pi. id. s. m. bread. 
Matt. vi. 11. —Matt. xvi. 12. 
—pi. loaves. Matt. xiv. 17. 
sustenance ,- Gr. A^rov. com. 
Lat. Aran-s, &, Gr. 'A^ouv, 

'^[lAon, adv. both. Gen. ii. 25. 
Luke vii. 42. fr. Aft, prep. & 

^ AOIl. 

?iltAr, s.m. see ^|xii|'. 
?lfiACAC,-Ai5e, adj. see t\.]niy<sc. 
?llibAit,-bA, Si, -Oaiii, pi. -bAip, 
s. m. corn, Gen. xlii. 1. & 2. 

?xn o 



— Gen. xlii. 3. Deut. xii. 17. 

— pi. r)A <x|tbA]it, tJie crops oj 

?V|tbAftAc,-Ai5e, adj. ahounding 

in crops, fertile in corn. 
Upc, g. Ai|ic, pi. id. s. m. the last 

little pig of a litter, a dwarf 

a lizard, a diminutive creature 

of any kind. 
^l«cAir)5eAl,-5]l, s. m, an arch- 
angel, Jude ver. 9. — 1 Thess. 

iv. 16. The plur. is not either 

in the Old or New Testament. 

see '^\\)-^Q6\. 
^pchiACjiA^ g. id. pi. id. s.f. an eft, 

a newt, a lizard. ^lpluAC|iAj 

id. &, GAficluAcuA, q. V. 
?^]ic|aA, g, id, pi. -A]óe, s. f. an 

^r^cú,-coT),-cuii}, s. m. a c/iained 
I or fierce dog ; see Cú. 
^fi&, comp. ivTjt&e, adj. high, Job 

xxxviii. 15. — Numb. xxiv. 7. 

lofty, exalted, loud, noble ; 
I Lat. Ard-uus. 

?VfibAi5eoir)"AC,-Ai5e, adj. haugh- 
I ty, Ezek. xvi 50. high minded. 
?^ft&Ai5eAr)CAC&,-&A, s. f. iiigh- 
I mindedness, haughtiness. 
^\ibix\),-'A]^, pi. id. s.m. a hillock, 
, a knoll, a small eminence. 
/ a cliief justice, a high judge. 
Úji&burjAÓj-Aiójpl. id. s. m. «///^7/« 
I stock, a noble race ; M'N. 
^Ix5cA]pc;i;, g. id. pl.-t)i5e, s.m. 

a chief captain, — pi. Rev. 
, vi. 15. 
^JX&C^CAl|1,-CflAC, &, -cfte, pi. 

-cpACA, s. f. a chief city, a 
I metropolis. 


s.f. a high seat, a ilirone. Rev., 

ii. 13 Heb. viii. 1. & xii. 2.1 

see Col. i. 16. 
?i»tbcórt7Ai|ile, g. id. pi. -gcA, s.f. 
a supreme council or parlia- 

\ ÚjibconjArr^irj pi- icl- sra. high 
, or e.vj.led pouer. 
?Via&con.i.\|-Ac,-Ai5e, adj. highly 
I pouerfil. 

?\|t&cú]|tc,-ce, pi. id. &, -ceA^A, 
^ s.f. a high court ; C. P. 
^ft&ciiri)AC&,-&A, s, m. chief pow- 
er, high power or authority; 
I ^;i&curT)ikCt),-&A, S.f. id. 
UpbfrlA|C, g. id. pi. -Aice, & -aca, 
s.m. a supreme chief, a sove- 
, reign lord ; Dunl. 
?^Iibpuii)e<\&5iii, g. id. &, -óftA, 
pi. -óifiióe, s.m. a chief baker. 
Gen. xl. 22.— Gen. xl. 16. 
J fr. <\fi&, & pu|oeA&ónt, q.v. 
^|i&5;\llirn,-'^T*'^<^> & -Áiitme, s.f. 
, a high calling — g. Phil. iii. 14. 
Úpb5A0]|-,-|'e,-]-eAÓA, s. f. a libe- 
, ral art. 

Ú|i&5Aoi|-ifte, g. id pi. -|i]8e,s.m, 
a professor of the liberal arts, 
/ a master of arts. 
^^|ib5AOc,-oire,-ocA, s. f. a high 
I tcind ; see Oaoc. 
'?\.lib5Aocii)Afi,-A]rxe, adj. stormy, 
, blowing high. 

Únb5lórt,-óifi,-ópcA, s.m. a loud 
I speaking, a boasting. 
?X[ib3lóítAC,-Ai5e, adj. vaiti glori- 
j ous, boasting, loudly talking. 
iV|ib7;oc<NC,-A|5e, loud, Prov. vii. 
J 11. clamorous, high voiced. 
t^|x&5i;l,-5olA, pi. id. s. ra. a loud 
f crying or weeping. 
^iab5Úc,-50CA, pi. id. s. m. a high 
I or loud voice. 

t^pbrbAOjij-oin, pi. id. &, -0]\\]-^, 
J s.m. a high steivard. 
Úftbu5r,-óir, pi. id. s.m. a high 
J aristocratic Jmhion. 
"^ ft&r)ór AC, -Ai5e, adj. rtm/ocra/ic, 
, highly J ash ionable ; Dunl. 
?^fibollAii?,-Aiii7, pi. id. & -ArT7Att;, 
s.m. a chief professor, a doctor. 
li|iboUAtt7At)CAcb,-bA, pi. id. s.f, 
ilie office of chief professor or 

un 2t) 


t^ S 

?Vli&oitieAÓ6ttr,-ii|r, a 
chief convention or assembly; 

^ Dunl. 

^Vfibf <\5Atic,-Aipc, pi. id. s. m. a 
high priest, Lev. xxi, 10. — 
Numb. XXXV. 25. Mark xv. 1. 

^ — Heb. vii. 28. 

?ifibrcoil,-oile,-olcA, s. f. a high 

^ school, a college. 

^fi&fv;5e«.\&ó|fi,-ó|tA,-ó|iti6e, s.m. 
a president. 

lip&CAOireAÓ,-i-|5,-ri5e, s. m. a 
high cliieftain, a colonel. 

s. m. a chief governor, — g. Acts 
xxiii. 26. 

^pfc»ii5At),-"13éS) pi. id. s.m. /??-o- 
motion, elevation, Ps. Ixxv. 6. 
Prov. iii. 35, honour. 

?ifibú5bAitAr,-Air5 pl- id. s. m. 
chief or high authoritij ; C.P. 

^Ii&ui5,-u5a6, v. a. exalt, lift vp, 
Prov. iv. 8. John iii. 14.— John 
iii. 14. 2 Cor. xi. 7. promote, 

?ijiéi|t, adv. la^tnight. Gen. xx%i. 
42. properly ?t |t<xon%. 

.<; ^ inf. id. V. a. destroy, 

^•^5*1"' / _inf. Judg. vi. 5. 2 

|^1^5<^'"'rSam. xxiv. 16. ro^», 

^^'^''^''0 plunder. 

?Vli5có||i,-ónA,-ó||tióe, s. m. a de- 
stroyer, Judg. xvi. 24. a rob- 
ber, a plunderer. 

?!i|t5Úii),-r)e, pl. id. s. f. an argu- 
ment, a dispute. 

2l|tn), g. Aiiirt7, pl. id. &, A|tmA, 
s.m. an instrument, — pl. Gen. 
xlix. 5. arms, armour, a icea- 
pon ; see Numb. xxxi. 5. 

?VjtrnAC,-Ai'5e, adj. armed, ivar- 
, like ; C. P. 

^IinMC',-A)5, s. m. slaughter. Is. 
xxxiv. 2. 

?i|trT)íiil,-í)ilA, pl. id. s. f. armour, 
a host, Eph. vi. 1 1. — Numb. x. 
22. arms, an army. 

'^\\\\)\\\\,-\\{i, pl. id. s. f. check, re- 
proof, rebuke. Job xx. 3. 
^pmívjjie, g. id. s. f. reproof, re- 
buke. Job. xxvi. 11. Prov. xiii. 
1. & xv. 10. 
?i|im^lcA,p p.rtnwet/, Lukexi.2l. 
^^IirDCA, ind. p.p. armed. Josh. vi. 

7. 2 Chron. xxviii. 14-. 
i\.[tiini|5,-u5A6, V. a. arm. Gen. 

xiv. 14. 
Ui|tAC&A, ind. adj. of great sta- 
ture, tall, Numb. xiii. 32. 
Deut. ii. 10. mighty, powerful. 
?V|^;AC&Ac,-Ai5e,adj. tall,mig1ily; 

see Deut. i. 28. 
■^l|tAc&oi]",-Air, s. m. dignity, 
qreatness. Gen. xhx. 3. Ps. 
Ixxix. II. 
^Vfi<''6j-*1<55 pl- id. s. m. merchan- 
dize, Deut. xxi. 14. wares, 
'^ptAiT)5,-5e,-5eACA, s. f. a stitch, 

acute pain, convulsions. 
^Ixj-A, ind. adj. old, aged. 
^prAC,-A15e, t adj.o/í^, John iii. 
tliirAÓ,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s. m. an old 

man, — g. Deut xxviii. 50. 
?i[irA"CA, ind. adj. ancient, old ; 
used substantively, 1 Sam. xxiv. 
. 13. 
^lt|->?5eAC&,-&A, s.i.oldness, Kom. 

vii. 6. old age, antiquity. 
í\.\iy\^-^teó]\i,-ó\ií^,-ó]]\]6e,s.m. an 

antiquary, an antiquarian. 
^tiui*,-ui]-, pl. id. s.m. a home, 
John xx. 10. a dwelling, a ha- 
bitat ion, an apartment. 
?Vftu|*AC,-<\i5e, adj. habitable, 

belonging to a house. 
'^Y, prep./;ww. Matt. i. 24. out 

of, from out of 
Ur, cpd. pron. from him or it, 

out of him or it. 
'^f, another form of the assertive 
verb j|-, it is. 

^pr^^c5-*1o^! I adj.o/í^, 
^Ii|\\1D,-óe, > 4. aged, 
'ii\xYiw^,-'^e, } antique. 



'^ C^ 

U'r, conj. a/id ; a contraction of 

?V.fAC», opd. pron. o^í< o/ iliee. 
Matt. V. 29. fr. ^r, &,"cu. 

?\.f<\l,-Ail, pl. id. s. m. an ass, 
Gen. xxii. 3. — Gen. xxiii. 5. 
Matt. xxi. 5. — Gen. xliv. 3. 

?^f<Nrt7, cpd. pron. ottt of me; 
fr. A|*, &, n?é. Urun?, id. 

^r<^plf 15, g. id. pl. -5e, s. m. a 
conjurer, a magician ; Mul. 

^l'AfiUi5eAÓb,-&A, s. f. conjura- 
tion, magic. 

?^^|-c<\ll,-AiU, pl. id. s.m. i//e rtr?«- 

^ffcxv, cpd. pron. owi of iliem, 
Luke V. 2. fr. aj-? &> 1^^- 

Ur&Ap,-<\|tl, pl. id. &, A1I-&I110ÓA, 

s.m. a journey, Rom. i. 10. 

Jos. ix. 11. — Numb. x. 28. a 

UfOA, g. id. pl. id. & -<xi8e, s.m. 

a rib, Gen. ii. 22 — pl. Dan. 

vii. 5. 
?Vfp,-p<Xj pl. id. &, AfpAióe, s. f. 

an asp, — g. Is. xi. 8. 
^l*no^*13e<^c&, O'H. see Ujtixo- 

^Vi-fAin, s.m. pl. greaves, 1 Sam. 

xvii. 6. 
Uffui6,-6e, v.n. set fas thestm,) 

'ArcAít,-Ai|t, pl. id. s. m. — g. Is. 
Ivii. 10. see ?^|-bAp. 

?\|•ceAc,adv.^■/?ío, 272, Matt.ii. 11. 
always used with a verb of 
motion ; fr, aí? r* ceAc. 

^1^15, adv. iviiliin. Gen. xxxix. 
11. generally used with a verb 
substantive, or a verb which 
denotes rest; fr. a^ |-a cjj. 

U|*ciiaT)Ac,-i^15,-Ai5e, s.m. a tra- 
veller, a wayfarer. 

^|T]ioluT5eAC&,-bA,s.f. «.s/ro/o<7y, 
a divining by tJte stars. 

?\.ruib, cpd. pron. out of you ; 
fr. A]* &, lb. ^X.j'Aib, id. 

'UfuiO, cpd. pron. out of us ; fr, 

Af, &, ii), '?X^A]5, id. 
Uc, g. A|C, pl. id. s, m. a rising, 

a swelling, a pt'ffing vp, 

Lev. xiii. 2, 1 Cor. iv. 18. &, 

^Xc, inf. id, V. n. swell, rise, puff 

up ; see Numb. v. 27. 
Uc, sometimes a reiterative, and 

sometimes a privative prefix, 
^c, g, ^CA, pl. ixcA^A, s.m. a ford. 

Gen. xxxii. 22, — pl. Josh. ii. 7. 

Judg. iii. 28. 
^c, g. jNCA, pl. id. s. m. a kiln ; 

see ll]C. 
^CAc,-A]5, P^' id.s, m.rt space of 

time; "UcAC 5eA|]t." M'N. 

see ^X^fjeAiit. 
?KcAb,-A|6,s,m./t'?;?<?, — g.2Chron. 

xxi. 19. 
^^cAiije, g, id. s. f. a red coal, em- 
bers, a firebrand ; O'G. 

?\.CA1|1, g. ACAU, pl. A1CIte,& A1C- 

fieACA, s. m, a father. Matt, 
vi. 9.— Matt, vii." 21. —John iv. 
20. &vi. 49. 

■^CAiit Alcjtort)A, s.m. a foster fa- 

?XcAi|t bAi|-bi5e, s. m. a godfa- 

UcAijt cé] 
?\.cAi|i cle 

I í s. m. afather- 

.' < in-lau\ Gen. 
' (xxxvm. 13. 

^cAiiieAri7lACb,-bA, s. f. fatherli- 
71 ess. 

?VcAnteArt)u|l,-rblA, adj. fatherly. 

?VcAiTt IjAc, s.m. mountain sage; 
Salvia verbenaca. 

?^cA|ft lii|*, s.m. ground ivy ; Gle- 
choma hederacea, 

?\cAi|t r)]n)e, a serpent, — pl. Matt. 
X. 16, see Mívcai]i ijirne. 

?VcAiJt CAlrbu]r),s.m. common mil- 
foil or yarrow ; Achillsea mil- 

U^aoj-^ID, pl. id. s.m. a garland ; 
see Acts xiv. 13. 



^ Cíl 

?irAfióv\, ind. adj. Jat/terli/, pa- 

^ ienml ; C. P. 

^CA|t&Acb, g. id. s. ra.pairimony, 
— g. Deut. xviii. 8. 

UCA115AÓ, g. id. &, -5*16, s, m. 
adoption, Rom. ix. 4. — Rom. 
viii. ló. 

?icAí|tAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s, m. a 
change, fashion, Rom. xii. 2. 
Phil. iii. 21. transformation, 

?VcAt]iui5,-u5AÓ, V. a. translate, 
Col. i. 13. remove, change, al- 
i ier. 

^c<\f,-<\ir5 pi- id.s.m. arejoicing, 
joy, gladness. 

Ucbevn,-;\irt, pi. id. s. m. an after 
or second crop ; fr. ac, a rei- 
terative particle, & b^|i. 

?VcbUf,-Air, pl- icl-s- m. Í7/Í after 
taste ; fr. ac, & bUf. 

?\.cca5aji9,-51)a6, v. a. & n. chew 
again, ruminate. 

?Vcca.itt&eAT-,-b|]", s. m. reconcili- 
ation, — g. Ezek. xlv. 15. re- 
neival of friendsltip. 

?VcÓA]ftc,-ce,-ceACA, s, f. a re- 
iieical of a charter or lease. j 

?XccA|*,-]-AÓ, V. a. unfiaist. \ 

^cco5AD,-Ai6, pi. id. s. m. rebel- 
lion ; C.P. renewal of tear. 

^cóoirbr)iu5AÓ,-i)i5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
remembrance, Heb. x. 3. 

?Xcóóirii5ce, ind. p. p. mended. 
Josh. ix. 5. set to rights again. 

^VccórbATtiU, g. id. pi. -CACA, s. f. 
re-admonition, a secondadcice. 

?iccóir)A|fxli5,-iii5A6, V. a. re-ad- 
vise, admonish again. 

^tcoyt)\x\',-u]\', pi. id. s. m. after- 
cost, a second expense. 

^rcuitT)T)e, g. id. s.f. recollection , 

?!^ccuirni)i5,-lu5AÓ, V, a. recollect, 

Uccuir)5e, g. id. pi. -caóa, s. f. 
prayer, supplication, Acts viii. 

34. — Eph. vi. 18. entreaty, pe- 
tit ion. 

?^ccúicí5,-iu5a8, v.a. reward, re- 

?Vccúic|u5A6,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. re- 
quital, reward ; C.P. 

?VcóurDA, g. id. s. m. fashioning, 
1 Pet. i. 14. a remodelling. 

^ccumA]]t,-fie, adj. short, brief; 

?Vcpív|*,-íxif*, pi. id. s. m. an after 
or second growth. 

?Vc|iOTitm,-tDeA6, y.di.form again, 
renew ; R. 8. 

^rT*uAtT)A|i,-A]jxe, adj. abomina- 
ble, Deut. xii. 31. odious ; see 

^r5Abívil,-ívlA, f. a recon- 
ciling, Rom. xi. 15. a resump- 
tion, retaking, repossession. 

^XcjajtitT), inf. id. v.a. recal, re- 
peat ; Dunl. 

Uc5lAn,-t)AD, v.a. refine, reclcan, 

?ic5lAr)Afe,-i)CA5 s. m. a fining or 
refining, — g. Prov. xvii. 3. a 

Uc5oinifc>,-^ej adj. short, Rom. 
xvi. 20. brief. 

^cla,-lAe, & -Iaoi, s. m. another 
day, see Acts xxiv. 22. pro- 
crastination, respite. 

Ucii7Aol,-0]le, adj. indignant, 
shameful; O'G. 

Neh. iv. 1. shame. 

?Vcri)ii]i3coAii6A)*,-Aii*, s.m. recon- 
ciliatio)!, Rom. v. 10. & 11. 
ren ewa I of frien dsh ip . 

■^ci)uA8Ai5,-óit5A&, V. a. reneiv, 
repair, Heb. vi. 6. 

"^ci)uAi5,-tniA5AÓ, V. a. repair, 
— inf. 2 Chron. xxiv. 5. 

Uct)uA&<''^5-A1óce, s. m. Eph. iv. 
23. see ?^ct)UAÓu5A6. 

a renewer, a renovator. 

b U C 



?ici)u<\óu5<\6,-iii5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
renewing, renewal, Rom. xii. 
2. renovation. 

?^cftív6,-ívice, pi, id. s.m, a repeti- 
tion, a vehearsaL 

?Vcfií^ló,-Ab, v.a. say again, re- 

^ peat. 

?ic|tiii5,-u3A6, v,a. change, re- 
move. Gen. xxxi. 41. Ps. xxxix. 
10 — GaX.ix. 10. translate, alter. 

^crct;iob,-bA6, v.a. write over 
again, transcribe. 

?Ve|-ti7UAii7,-T;e<vó, v.ii. reflect, 
think again. 

Ucf ocriui5,-u5A6, v,a. setileagain^ 
re-estahlish . 

^ccuicirt),-crbe, pi. id. s.m. a re- 
lapse. Diinl. 

^cuArnA|i,-Aifte, adj. Ex. viii. 26. 
see Ac^uAtbAji. 

b, (beic, the lirch tree,) the se- 
cond letter of the modern Irish [ 
Alphabet. ■ 

\)'<s, 3 sing. perf. ind. of the asser- 
tive verb, ir, it lias. Matt. i. 19. ; 

bi\, cows, kine, 1 Sam. vi. 7. 
nom. pi. of, bo, qv, 

bívbjlóncA, ind. adj. Babglonish, 
Josh. vii. 21. 

bAblói|i,-óft<N,-ói|i]óe, s.m, a bah- ' 

bAb6úu,-ujn, pi. id. s.m. an en- 
closure, a bawn, a bulwark. 

bAC,-ÓA, s.m. drunkenness ; com. 

bAC,-Aic, pi, id. s.m. a stop. Is. 
XXXV. 5. an impediment, a prop 
or support, a pin in a boat's 
gunwale to keep the oar 
in its place, a crook or hol- 

bAC,-CA8, v.a. forbid, inf. Aets| 
xxiv. 23. hinder, stop, impede. 

bac<xc,-Ai5e, adj. Jialt, lame, 
Gen. xxxii. 31. Lev. xxi. 18. 

b*CAc,-Ai5, pi, id, s.m. a halt or, 
lame person, 2 Sam. v. 6 & 8. 

Prov. XX vi. 7. — 2 Sam. v, 8. 

and Matt. xi. 5 
b<\CAÓ,-<\i&, pi id. (Sij-uije, s.m. a 

halting, pi. Jer.xx. 10. the more 

modern form of, b^c, q.v. 
b<NCAi6eAc&,-&A, s.f. lameness, 

bACA]5,-cu5A6, v.a. cripple,make 

lame; see, bAc 
bACAl,-Ail, pi, id. s.m. a curl, a 

biiCAjl, inf. id, v,a. bake. Barb, 
bACívr>,-ívit), p. id. s.m. a handle, 

see Cant. v. 5. the hook on 

which the hinge of a door turns. 
bAcU, g, bAicle, pi, bA]cl|', s.f. 

an armful. 
bAclAc,-A]5e, adj. crisped, curled, 

full of sprouts or buds. 
bAclAin,-ne,-t}i, s.f. an armful. 
bAclamAc,-Ai5e. adj. disabled in 

the hands. 
bAcló5,-ó]5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a sprout, 

a bud, also a small curl. 
bAclubjiA, g, id. s,m. grog blos- 
soms on the face ; literally, 

drunken leprosy. 

b u ) 


b^ J 

bAcul, g, -uil,&,-cU, pi. id. s.m. 
a shepherd's crook, a crozier, a 
stajf for nvy use. Heb. makel, 
Lat. bacul-um. fr. b^, cows, &. 

cuAill, a staff. 
t)í^&,-ívib, pi. id. s.m. a boat, 2 

Sam. xix. 18.— Matt. iv. 22. 

Chald. baad, Arab. weda. 

Noah's ark. 
bívó, g. id. s.m. love, friendship, 

humanity, hospitality. 
t)A6, 3 sing. pert', ind. of the as 

sertive verb, ^x-, it was. 
b<v6b,-bAi&5,pl. id. s.m. a vtdtiire. 

Lev. xi. 14. any ravejious bird. 
bív&óiii,-óit<N,-óift|óe, s.m. a boat- 

bA3Aiii,-]ic, v.a. charge. Mar. iii. 

12. threaten, denoance. 
bAjAftj-oini» P^- iii- s.m. a threat- 
ening, a charge. Acts iv. 29. — 

Luke ix. 21. Eph. vi. 9. h&r^ix^, 

bA7íAliAC.,-Ai5e, adj. threatening. 

bA5A|tc5na,-óitA,-óirtiDe, S.m. a 

threatener, a blusterer. 
bA5Ún,-ÍMn, s.m. bacon. 
bAicbeuTtl-A, g. id. s.m. a solecism, 

crooked reasoning. 
b<vi6e, g. id. s.f. loce, benignity. 

see, b<\8. 
\)o.]bi}«c,-6]-^e,aái. friendly, kind, 

hospitable, hatnane. 
b^l6e<Mr)uil,-ri)lA, adj. friendly, 

bixjoce, ind. p.p. drowned. Ex 

XV. 4. Am. ix. 5. 
bAil,-le, s.f. success, prosperity, 

careful collection. 
bAilbe, g. id. s.f. dumbness, mute- 
b^ile, g. id. pi, -Ice, s.m. a totvn, 

a village, g. Josh. ii. 15. — pi. 

Josh. xvii. 11. Mar. vi. 6. a 

place, a home ; Lat. billa, i.e. 

villa ; Arab, baled, a city or 


bAileAC,-li5e, adj. careful, fru- 
gal, thrifty. 
bA]le pui|tc, g. id. pi, -Ice piiific, 

s.m. a seaport town. 
bAil)5,-iu5AÓ, v.a. collect, accu- 
mulate, amass. 
I bAiliu5A6,-l]5ce, a collect ion, 
I projit, accumulation. 
I b'^vjll, for, b<v ivjU, was willing, 
j Matt. i. 19. &, ii. 18. 
I bAillj, g. id. pi, -joe, s.m. a bailiff. 
b<xilceAC,-ci5e, adj. abounding in 
\ towns or villages. 
i bAilceACAT,-Air,^í?í/- 
! ing of towns, founding of co- 
' lonies. 
bAin, inf. id. v.a. touch. Job ii. 5. 

Ps. cxliv. 5 see, buAip. 
bAjDcéile, g. id. pi, -If, s.f. a 

spouse, Cant, iv. 12. « wife. 
bA]i)cliAiTiiiii),-leAtTit)A, pi. id. s.f. 
mother-in-law, daugh ter-in - 
law, Deut. xxvii. 23 Ruth i. 
22 — Lev, xviii. 15. see Ruth 
I i. 6 & 7. 

bívinóeAfix, -6^1156, adj. flesJt co- 
I loured. 

! bAir)t'lA,-C)ée, s.f. a goddess. Acts 
I xix 37.— Acts xix. 27. 
. \)A\\)e>.\y), fcn/inine, adj. Gen. xv. 

9. see, bojuioi). 
I bA]ii^'eAÓrr?AtiAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a 
! stewardess, a female house- 
\ keeper. 
bAii)pei]-,-}-e,-]*eACA, s.f. a feast, 
: Judges xiv. 10. — Judges xiv. 

12. a iredding feast. 
biviojoe, g. id. s.f. madness, rage, 
! fury. Hind. ban. 
I bA|i)jon,-n)e, adj. feminine ; fr. 
I bftAi), &, 5in. 
bii|i)lice, g. id. S.Í. paleness, Jer. 

XXX. 6. 
\)A}r)e, g. id. s m. milk. Judges v. 

25.- Ex. iii. 8. 
bA]i)e bo bleAcc, g. id. s.m. a 

primi'ose. a cowslip, primula. 
bAir)i|-,-t)f*e,-ú|-eAÓ<^, s.f. a wed- 

liU j 



ding feast i <i feasi, Matt. xxii. 
8.— Matt, xxii. 4, &, 11. Rev. | 
xix. 9. I 

bAiopiiionrA> g' id. pi, -A^^e, s.f. 

a princess. O'G. 
b<xn;iii05<\n,-5r)A, pi. id. s.f. « , 

queen^ Eslh. i. 9. — Rev. xviii. I 

7 — Cant. vi. 9. ! 

b^|t)reAC,-|-i5e,-]-e;xcA, s.f. a 

waste, pi. Ezek. xxxvi. 10. a 

sJteep icalk, a retired spot. 
bA|t)cí5e<\ni)A,g., -Ai5e, s.f. j 

a lady. Is. xlvii. 5 — 2 John j 

i. 1. Esth. i. 18. I 

b<^lncpe<^b<^ó,-A15e,-<^c<^, s f . a\ 

icidou; Mark xii. 43. — Prov. 

XV. 25.— Is. X. 2. 
bAiDcrieAbAcnr,-uir, s.m. n-idon- 

hood, Is. xlvii. 9 Is. liv. 4. 

bA]|ióeirDior)AC,-Ai5e, adj. orer- 

steppint/, si/pcrior, e.vceedino, 

b<vifte,g. id. pi, -itíóe,s.m. ahurl- \ 

in() match, a goal ; cul biii|ae, 

a reserve. 
bAifieuD,-éib, pi id. s.m. a hon- \ 

net, cap, helmet, head-dress. 
bAin5eAn,-5!n,-5gr)A, s.m. a cake, S 

Lev. viii. 26. — pi. Gen. xviii. 

6. Ex. xii. 39. 
t)<^lf^5ir>,-T)e,-t}eACA, s.f. a cake. 

Lev. ii. 4. 1 Kings xvii. 13. j 
bAipiAlj-U.-lACA, s.f. a latchet, a 

shoe string. I 

batfiille, g. id. pi, -Ij, s.f. a barrel, \ 

1 Kings xvii. 14. — pi. 1 Kings I 

xviii. 33. 
b^iiiip, g. id. pi. -r)ióe, s.m. a 

mitre, Zech. iii. 5. i 

bAifir)e<xc,-t;]5,-t)i5e, s.m. a lim- 
b<\iii6é|f,-|'e,-re<xcA, s.f. a point, 

Ezek. xxi. 15. 
biviiifeAC,-|'i5e,-reACA, s.f. a 

brawler, g. Prov \xi.9. a scold, 

a shreiv. 
b^ni|-eAc&,-&A, .s.f. a bratcling, 

a scolding. 

b^l|i|-eó|ii,-óftA,-ójpi6o, s.m. a 
scold ; also, a water bailiff. 

bAjftfijj-iii^^AO, v.a. scold, brawl. 

t>Air?-r^) s-f. water, a wash; 
Arab, bajus, running water. 

bAirb,-&eA6, v.a. baptize, John 
iii. 22. — Matt. iii. 7. 

bAi]-oe, g. id. s.m. tlte Baptist, 
Matt. iii. 1.— Matt. xi. 12. 

biv|rC)eAC,-&i5e, s.f. rain. 

bAir^eA6,-bi5, s.m. baptism, 
Matt. xxi. 25.— Acts xiii. 24. 

biviieuoAc,-&>;55-&>;o^5 s m. grave 
clothes, John xi. 44. 

^^iriH}, -0156, s.m. a char- 
ger, a bason, i*>Iumb. vii. 67. — 
pi. Ex. xxvii. 3. Numb. iv. 14. 
a bowl ; bivivfi} ]Oi)liv;r, a wash- 
ing bason. 

bAii*leAc,-l|5,-li5f , sm. a hand- 
ful of any thing; bAn*leAC 
ii|f5e, as much tcater as may 
be taken in the hand. 

h<\\t,-te(s6, v.a. see, b^r. 

ba^ce, ind. p p. drowned ; see, 

bAicfn, g. id, pi, -Pióe, s.m, a 
small stick ; dim. of bAOs. 

bAici^eAC&,-&A, s.f. the act of 
beating with a stick. 

bAici]*,-re,-|*eACA, s.f. a pate, Ps. 
vii. 16. the crown of the head. 

b<\l<xc,-Aí5,-A]5e, sm. a clotcn, a 

bAlACAri7U]l,-n)lA, adj. clownish, 

bAlAcívr),-ív]i), pi. id. s.m. a boy, 
a youth, a stripling. 

bAÍADj-AjÓ, pi. id. s.m. perfume, 
savour, odour, smell, Ex. xxx. 
37. 2 Cor. ii. 14. Phil. iv. 18. 
see, Rev. xviii. 13. 

bAlb,-Ailbe, adj. dumb, mute, 
Matt. ix. 32. Is. liii. 7- Lat. 

bAlb,-A|lb, pi. id. s.m. a dumb 
person, Ex. iv. 11. — Is. xxxv. 
6 — Mark vii. 37. 

b ?iíl 


b 21 M 

bAlbAijeAcbj-tjA, s.f. dumbness, 

stuttering, stammering. 
bAlbívt),-ívit), pi. id. s.m. a dumb 

person. Matt. xii. 22. a mute. 
bAll,-<viU, &, -oiU, pi. id. s.m. a 

place, a member, Acts viii. 32. 

pi. Job. xvii. 7. 1 Cor. vi. 15. 

a limb, a spot. 

b<M)b,-A]i)b, pi. id. s.m. a sucking 

b^nbA, g. id. s.f an ancient name 

of Ireland. 
bAnca]iA,-c;\|aA&,-c2iui&e, s.f- a 

female friend, pi. Luke xv. 9. 
bAT)coirb&e<xc,-bi5o,-&eACA5 s.f. a 

female attendant. 

b^lU, g., -Aloe, s.m. a 2£7aZ/, j b<MicoirT)beAC&,-b<\, pi. id. s.f. a 

Rev. xxi. 12. — Rev. xxi. 19. — I ladies'' association. 

Deut. xxviii. 52. a rawpari. > bAt)córbAftf a, -Ai>,-Ain, s.f. a fe- 

Lat. vall-ura. ; male neighbour, pi. Luke xv. 9. 

bAUAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. speckled. Gen. j bAtjconjADCA, g. id. s.f. a female 

XXX. 32. spotted, marked. assistant, a midwife. 

bAllAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a j^s/t | bAncftuicipe, g. id. pi, -jif, s.f. a 

called the ^'' bream."' female player on the harp. 

bAllivn,-^ir), pi. id. s.m. a iea/, , bAt)&A, g. id. s.m. a female. Lev. 

dug, or udder ; also, a snail's, xxvii. 4. Numb. v. 3. 

bADbA, ind. slOj. female. Gen. v. 

2. feminine, inodest as a wo- 


bAt)&oi|it'eó)ft,-óitA,-ó|fi|óe, s.f. a 

female doorkeeper. John xviii. 


Diarmuid irresistible among bivD&opcA, ind. adj. darkish ivhite, 

the ladies of Fionn's Mac Lev. xiii. 39. 

Cumhail's court. i bAnbftAO], g. id. pi, -ire, s.f. asor- 

bAU|-cóib,-6e,pl,-&í,&-t>eACA,s.f. ceress, g. Is. ivii. 3. 

a spot, Lev. xiii. 19. a blister. bAt)^ivi5,-5e, pi. id. s.f. a pro- 
b;A.t),-ivit)e, adj. white. Lev. xiii. phetess, Ex. xv. 20. bAijpíniÓ, 

4. Rev. vi. 2. pale, bright ; -6e, id. Neh. vi. 14. 

also, uncultivated, waste, de- bAofrUic, g. id. pi, -ce, s.f. the 

solate ; Heb. hahm, bright. \ wife of a chief, a lady. 
bívuAó,-AiÓ, &, -Ai5ce, pi. id. s-m. bAr)5Air51í3eAC,-ói5e,-6eACA, s.f. 

a whitening, bleaching; also,] a female champion, an Ama- 

a pillaging. \ zon. 

\)\x)6.\-^,-X)\xr^<yb,y.^.whiten,bleach^ bi^i)5lAf,-Ai]*e, adj. pale white. 

lay waste, pillage ; bar),-r)AÓ,id. b<xt)50ftrf),-oi|trt)e,, adj. azure. 
bADAir» sf. a wedding feast, bat)l&uf,-éir»-&ur^í s.m. a spot, 

shell, a husk 

bAlltr><v5o^l6, g. id. s.m. a laugh- 
ing stock, an object of derision. 

bAUoibjte, s.m. a tvorking tool. 

bcNÍlréitic, s.m. a beauty spot, 
particularly one on the brow of 

Matt. xxii. 2. see, bAiiJif. 

pi. Lev. xiii. 39. a white spot. 

bADAlcftA, g. id, pi, -<^13e, s.f. a b*^A, pi, -Ai6e, s.m. a bond 

nurse, 2 Sam. iv. 4. — Ex. ii. /. 

bAnAlc|iAtt)Acb,-bA, s.f. a nursing, 
a fosterage. 

b*.\t)Ari)lAcb,-bA, s.f female mo- 
desty, baslifulness. 

bAr)Ari)uil,-mlA, adj. womanish, 
modest, feminine. 

a diadem. Numb. xxx. 4. Job 
xxix. 14. 

bA^A, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.m. a com- 
pany, a band, Ps. Ixviii. 11. — 
Acts xxvii. 1. 

bAOAorbj-oiriie, pl. id. s.f. a female 
saint. O'G. 

I) ei n 


b ^ Pv 

bAÚbfiAi5]fee, g. id. s.m. a Neck- 

bApceAi)5<\]l, g. id. s.m. a« oZ»//- 
gatory bond. 

t)Aol<MT),-A]rbe,-ArbA3 s.f. « cubit. 
see, Matt. vi. 27 a bandle. 

b<\T)Ó5Uc,-<v]5e,-Ac<\, s.f. « maid- 
servant, a handmaid. Ex. xx, 
10. 1 Sam. XXV. 31. — Luke i. 
48. see, Jer. xxxiv. 11. 

bAr)ói5,-ói5e,-ó3<\, s.f. a virgin, 
a maiden. O'H. 

bAT)ft<XC, S.f. see, tlJAUflAC. 

b<xr)c5i, g. id. pi, -Ai&e, s.f. a niece. 

b<xo5Al,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. peril, 2 
Cor. xi. 26. danger, crisis. 

bA05l<\c,-Ai5e, adj. dreadful, 
fearful, Mai. i. 14. Heb. x. 27. 
dangerous, perilous. 

bAOir,-fe, s.f. ?'fl'Y/e, Ps. ii. 1. 
madness, folly. 

bAoi|-eAc,-|-i5e, adj. raging, mad, 

bAoiccit&i&rbeAC,-tbi5e, aá]. fool- 
ishly credulous, superstitious. 

bA0]cU]n)t)<\c,-<vi5e, adj. proudly 
prancing, wildly leaping. 

bAor,-oice, adj. foolish, Eph. v. 
4, iveak, soft ; Heb. baha, was 
vain and empty. 

bAOt c<xicpeAC,-pi5é, 
see Luke xv. 13. 

bA0C5lói|i,-ite, s.f. foolish talk, 
nonsensical prate. 

bA0C5lóii<xc,-A15e, adj. addicted 
to foolish talk. 

bAocfÚ5t^AC,-Ai5e, adj. inclined 
to foolish merriment. 

bAocf*Ú5ftAÓ,-5AiicA, pi. id. s.m. 
foolish merriment or joking. 

b<\ocuAbA]i,-A]]i, s.m. foolish ar- 

bAocuAibtte<\c,-fii5e, adj./oo/w/i- 
ly proud. 

\)is\\,-'^]\\, pi. id. s.m- sway, excel- 
lency, a higli point, a top, a 
crop, a son. Com. Heb. barb, | 
high ; Heb. Syr. Old Pers. & 

Chald. bar, high, above ; Heb. 
bar, a son, & Heb. bar, corn ; 
Arab, barr, wheat, & Pers. 
her, fruit ; and the Heb. verb 
baar, was famous. 

b^riA, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s.m. a har- 
roxo. bAftA lA|rÍ7e, a hand bar- 
row. bAjiA |tocA, a ivheel-barrow. 


bA|tAtT)iiil,-ri)lA, pi. id. s.f. opini- 
on, comparison, suppo.útion, 
Job xxxii. 6, Mark iv. 30.— 
1 Pet. V. 12. 

bAtiiVT)CA, pl,-Aibe, s.m. con- 
fidence, Prov. iii. 26. security, 
surety, safeguard. 

ho^\i''\x)Ci>.n)ui\,-v:)\o.,d.ál. warranta- 
ble, authentic, Mul. 

l)<xftivi)CAi*,-Ai|*,pl. id. s.m. a war- 
rant, reliance, security, 

b<v|ibA|tAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a fo- 
reigner, a barbarian. 

b^TibApcA, iud. adj. barbarous, 
1 Cor. xiv. 11, Col. iii. 11, fo- 

bA|ibA|tCAcb,-&A, s. f. barbarity, 
inhumanity, cruelty. 

bívpc,-ívi|tce,-íipcA ; s.f. a hark, a 
skiff, a boat. 

bAjiCj-CAÓ, v.n. embark. 

b<xttcAcb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. embarka- 

baítb,-ívi{to, pi. id. s.m. a bard, a 
poet, fr. biv]t. 

bivttbAij, s.m. pi. wardens, C. P. 
bAtibA]5 At) CeArDpuiU, church - 

bivfi&A]5eAcb,-bA, s.f. bardship, 
the profession of a bard. 

bivpbAl,-Ail, pi. id. s m. a drake. 

bivftbArbuil,-rt)lA, adj. bardic, 

bA|tlíT),-t)e,-neACA, s.f. see b|iAfc- 

b&t]i,-$vti|t, pi. id. s.m overplus, 
addition, superiority. Lev. xxv. 
27. Gal. ii. 6.— Horn. iii. 9. 
Sec, b<\M. 



bn C 

biv||tA, g. id. pi, -nuióe ; s.m. a I 
ivedge, a bar. Jos. vii. 21. Ex. I 
xxvi. 28.— pi. Ex. xxvi. 26 & 29. j 
a hindrance, a court of justice. 
t)AniAc,-<xi5, s.m. tow. Is. i. 31. ' 
— Judges xvi. 9. | 

bA^]t<NCAr,-Aif, s.m a surplus, an 
overplus. I 

binyjtAcb,-^*? s.f. masteri/, supe- 
X)'^W\6^ctii^nn\\\,-\\)\d., diái. surpafis- 

ing, bold, brave. , 

b^m^lSi») s.m. a milre, see, 

bAiiaio. I 

b<\t|i<xiri^e, g. id. sm. the pl,nit 

called borage ; borago. 
b<xntó<\i5e<sc&,-bA,s.f. supereroga- 
tion, (^.V. overplus, superiority. 
h'i^Wi beAbcA, g, bivjyii fte c^bcA, pi- , 
id. s.m. a rest, pi. 1 Kings vi. 6. 
bAntbÓ5,-ó]5e,-ó5<v, sf. a pan- 
nier, a hamper, a dung basket. { 
Vern. P*^^i&Ó5. i 

b2^ni5lón,-ó]|t, s.m. vociferation, 

vanity. \ 

bi^n^5i)lorT),-rbA, pi. id. & tt)ApCA, 
s.m. a work of supererogation. 
bA||ió5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. the top of 
a branch, a twig ; also, a grap- 
ple, a hold in wrestling. 
\)^\\ii\),-ii]\j. pi. id. s.m. a baron, 

fr. b<vii, q. V. 
bA]tiii)cAcb,-bA, s.f. a barony. 
h'sx,-e^\\e,-i).y(<, s.f. rt handbreadth 
g. Ex. XXV. 25, & xxxvii. 12. 
Also, the palm of the hand, 
1 Sam. V. 4. John xviii. 22, tlie 
broad part of anything. 
b^j-j-i^ir, pl- id. s.m. death. Rev. 
viii. 9.— Matt. iv. 16. Com. 
Heb. Baas, death. Arab., Fawz, 
death, & Baas, calamity. 
b^xfAj g- id. pi. id. -<\t)A, & -vi&e, 
s.m. a base, 1 Kings, vii. 29 — 

1 Kings, vii. 31, — 1 Kings, 
vii. 27. 2 Kings, xxv. 16.— 

2 Kings, XXV. 13, a basis. 

bi^]-Ai5,-]"u5A8, v. a. put to death, 

inf. John viii. 5. 
bivi-AtT)Ucb,-bA, s.f. mortality. 
b^r^i^i^l^j"''?!^*? S'C^j- deadly, mor- 
tal, fatal, destructive. 
h(s\h&\]\e, g. id. pi, -piDe, s.m. a 

fencer, a gladiator. 
bA|"CAiiT)AC,-<\i5,-Ai5e, s.m. la- 
mentation , crying with clapping 
of hands. 
bAvbAllAc,-Ai5e, adj. impudent, 

gay, sJiowy,Jlashy. 
bA|-bAUACb,-bA, s.f. itnpudence, 

gaiety, showiness, finery. 
bAf5,-5AÓ, v.a. oppress, destroy, 

check, stop. 
bAr5AÓ,-A|6, pi. s.m. opprtssion, 

destruction, a check. 
bA]"5AOb,-oib,pl. id. s m. aha.'iket, 

a hand-basket . 
bAflAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s m. « handful, 

an armful. 
b<vt*^ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a place of 
execution, fr. b^f, & obs. loc, 
a place. 
bArlii<^c,-Aice, adj. (juick-lianded, 

I b<vt*rt)Ari,-<>n^<^j ^^]' itwrtal, pe- 
j rishable, subject to death. 
bi^frbAtxAcb,-bA, s.f. mortality, 
\ perishableness. 
bAfpu|",-uir, pi- id. s.m. terror, 
i dread, affright, O'G. 
bAr'^<'^n'5,-Aiitb, pi. id. s.m. abas- 
tard, Deut. xxiii. 2. pi. Heb. 
xii. 8. 
bi\(*ii5A6,-|-ui5ce, pi- id. s.m. a 
! putting to death. Job vi. 9. 
bAC,-cAÓ, v.a. droxin, inf. Cant- 
I viii. 7. Matt, xviii. 6. Also, 
j quench, slake, blot out. Heb. 
' Bahah. 

bACA, g. id. pi. -A|5«^ s.m. astaff\ 

Lev. xxvi, 26. — Judges vi. 21. 

I — Lev. ix. 3. a baton, stick, 

cudgel, a pole ; lleb , Bad. Gr. 


b e ^ 


h e ^ 

hAZc^]\ie<\ct,-c>.\, sf. cudgelliny. 
bAr<Ni5e<NC&,-DA, id. M'N. 

b'e, (for bcx é), he was, it was. 

beAc,-eice, pi. id. & -eACA, s.f. a 
bee, pi. Deut. i. 44. See Ps. 
cxviii. 12. 

béACAC,-Ai5e, adj. full of, or 
abounding in bees. 

he&c'A\i,-''X}\-), pi. id. s.m. a wasp. 
be<xci\r)-CApu]I, a horsefly. 

be Ac:\i)CA, má.ó.á']. waspish, St ing- 
ing, fretful. 

he AC -,-c A, a.áj. perfect, exact, par- 
ticular, sure, certain, literal. 

beACCAi5eAc&,-&A, 3.0], accuracy, 
particularity, criticism. 

béAOA]ó,-ée, adj. sneetmouthed, 
luxurious, nice, fond of deli- 

béA!3ApeAC&,-bA, s i.sweetmouth- 
edness, luxurious7iess, epi- 

bé,^&'ív^, s.m. See,bio&;\n. 

be^j, comp.lú-A,adj./í7í/e,5/««Z/, 
Gen. XXX. 30.— Is. xl. 17.— 
Mark iv. 31. 

beA5;\nj-Air)» pi. id. s.m. a little, 
a small quantity, a few ; 2 
Cor. viii. 15. 1 Tim. v. 23. 
—Hag. i. 9. 

beic5lv<\i5,-3e, adj. vile, of little 
ralue. Job xxiv. 25. >«ah. 
iii. 6. 

beA5lvAcri)Ait,-Aine, adj. ralue- 
less, contemptible. 

beA5nAÓ, adv. almost, nearly. 

beA5n^t|ieAc,-Ai5e, adj. impu- 
dent, shameless. 

beA5cvi5re5 g. id. s.f. nonsense, 

béAÍ, s.m. 1 Sam. ii. 1. see bevl. 

beAlAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a ttay. 
Is. XXXV. 8. a pass, defile, 
road, passage. 

béAl cei^e, g, bell ze\\)e, the 
month of May, literally, Bel's 
or BaaCsflre. 




beAlv5A&,-úi5ce, pi. id. s. m. 

an anointing, a greasing. 
beAi), v.a. -cast out. Matt. vii. 5. 

see, buAjt). 
beAij, g. x\)\y<x, pi. id. s.f. a wife, 
a ivoman. Matt. v. 32. Rev. 
xii. 1. & xvii. 3.— Matt. X. 35. 
Rev. xii. 15 — Matt. xxii. 30. 
beAt) CAOjoce, g, xx)\)'\ cAO]0ce, 

pi. id. a female mourner. 


a branch. Judges ix. 48. — pi. 

Gen. xl. 10. a scion, a gruff, 

the blade of a furh. 

beAi),-^A, pi. id. s.f. regard^ 

esteem, a horn. Job xxx. 20, & 

XXX vi. 19.— pi. Ex. XXV. 31 & 

32, a degree, a step, top, gable. 

beA9Ac,-Ai5e,adj. horned, peaked, 

\ beAÍ3Ac&,-&A, pi. id. s.f. a bless- 
1 ing, 1 Pet. iii. 9.— Gen. xxvii. 
I 12 — Gen. xlix. 26. a far en: ell 
\ benediction. 

i beAi7Ai5,-^Y5A6, v.a. bless, Deut- 
\ xxvi. 15. — Mark xv. 18. 
beAi)Ai5ce, ind. p.p. blessed. Lev. 

i. 42. & 48. 
beA^Ai5ceóiti,-6|iA,-ói|i)6e, s.m. 

one who blesses. 
i beAÍ3ó5.-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a coif a 
j cap, a corner of a froman's 
i cloak. 

j beAD t7ÚA8pófí)A,g, rDDívoÚAÓpóf- 

j feA, pi. id. s.f. a bride, Rev. xxi. 

2. & 9 — Jer. vii. 34. & xvi. 9- 

beAT3V5A6,~vi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

blessing. Gen. xxxix. 5 Lev. 

i. 44, 
beAt) ciiirn7i3e,g, tvr)ix zii]]Tn]^e, 
pi. id. s.f. a midwife, g. Ex. i. 
16.— pi. Ex. i. 19. 
beA|abóifi,-ófiA,-ó|ftióe, s.m. a 
barber, g. Ezek. v. I. com. 
Pers. Berber. 

b e li 


h e ] 

l)eA|tbó|tteACt),-bA, s.f. the trade 

of a barber. 
béAtiU, g. id. s.m. see, beujiU. 
béATtr),-éirtne,-é<*|tnA, s. f. a 

breach, a gap, see Ps. cvi. 23. 

Ezek. xxii. 30. pi, Judges 

V. 17. 1 

be A|it)A,g. -AOAjS.f.tti&re'rtrc//, \ 

a gap, pi. Ps. Ix. 2. Am.ix. J 1. 
bé<\|ir)AC,-<vi5e, adj. gapped, full\ 

of gaps or breaches. 
béATir)Aft)<\ol,-oile s.f. a harelip, 

see, b^AHDA. 
béA||t-||tAÓ, v.a. poll, shear, 

share, Mic. i. 16 Acts xviii. 

18. clip, lop off, crop. 
béA^A6,-||ic<x, pi. id. s.m. a 

shearing, g. Gen. xxxviii. 12. 

1 Sam. XXV. 7. 
be^l|iin),-ikii),pl. id. s.m. inconve- 
nience, pain, grief, misery. 
beA|7tívnAÓ,-A)5e, inconvenient, 

painful, miserable. 
bi»Aitic<N, ind. p.p. shaved, I Cor. 

xi. 5. shorn, polled, clipped, 

lopped off. 

b&Aí]lCÓlft,-Ó|tA,pl. -ÓIII5, & -Óljt- 

T6e,s.m. a shearer, pi. 2 Sam. 
xiii. 23. 

beivjtc, -elite, pi. id. s.m. a load, 
bundle, action, trich, judg- 

be<\itcAc,-Ai5e, trichy, cunning. 

b&Ai*, s.m. 1 Cor. XV, 33. see 

beACA, g. id. pi. id. s.f. life, nour- 
ishment or support of life, 
living or mode of life, John 
i. 4.'Deut. XX. 19. — Matt. vii. 
14 — Gen. xlvii. 25. see, Lev. 
XV. 13. 

beACAC,-Ai5, pi. id. s.m. a beast, 
Kev. vi. 1. — Ex. xi. 7-— Acts 
X. 12. see Ps. Ixviii. 30. Where, 
the company of spearmen, is 
literally, the beast of the reeds. 
It is applied to persons as a 
term of great contempt. Also, 

any creature not human. Heb. 
liehemeh, cattle. 

beAcvi5,-v5A6, v.a. feed, Ps. 
xxviii. 9 — Rev. vii. 1 7. nourish, 
support, educate, maintain. 

beACYi5ceóiit,-5ftA,-óiiiióe, s.m. 
a nourisher, a feeder, a sup- 

beAcv^AÓ,-vi5c<>, pi. id. sm. a re- 
freshing, C. P. a living, sus- 
tenance, a maintaining. 

béic,-iu5A6, roar. Am. iii. 8. 

bé|c,-ce, pi, -cf, &, -cióe, s.í. up- 
roar, shout, outcry, pi. C. P. 

béicpeAc,-pi5e, adj. roaring, 1 
Pet. v. 8. noisy, clamorous. 
béiceAC,-ci5e, id. 

b&]ci|ie, g. id. pi, -it|6e, s.m. a 
roarer, a brawler, a prater. 

bf'ilbif),-!')?, adj. sweet mouthed, 

b&ilb|i)eAC,-t)i5e, adj. fluttering. 

belle, g. id. pi, -lije, s.m. a meaVs 

beilc,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a belt, a 
girt, a girdle. Barb. 

béitDj-rne, pi. id. &, -meA^A, s.f. 
a stroke, a blow, a cut. 

bemr^) g- ^^' pl> -feACA, s.f. a 
seat, a bench. 

bei|t, inf. biteic, \.a..offer, bear or 
carry, bring forth. Matt. viii. 
4. 2Tim.iv.Í9.— ITim. v. 14. 
beiji Aiit, catch, overtake, see 
Ps. xviii. 37. Com. Lat. fer, 
Or. ps^-w. & Pers. bar, preg- 

p>oint, border, beiiyiben* At) 
cloióiri). R.S. 

beitic,-ce, s.f. two persons, a 

beiitcfn, g., -t)ióe, s.m. a/iV/Ze 
bundle, a little burden. O'G. 

beic,-ce, s.f. a birch tree, the 
name of the second letter of 
the modern Irish Alphabet. 

I) eu 


b ) H 

beiceAC, s.ra. a beast. Gen. vi. 7. 

see, be<\c<xc. 
l)eicinrT^e,-ft]5e, si. a bear, Is. 

xi. 7. 
l)eó, g. masc, bf, g, fern, beóce, 

living, alive, Rom. xiv. 8. — 

g.m. Matt. xvi. 16. Gr. /3/o-w, 

/ live. 
l)ea, g, b),pl, beóÓA, s.m. ^/ livinf; 

person, the living, 1 Kings iii. 

22. see Numb. xvi. 48. 
l)éocloc,-oice,-ocA, s.f. a livehj 

stone, see, 1 Pet. ii. 5. 
beóGA, ind.adj. quickening, ron- 

rageovs, 1 Cor. xv. 45, Numb. 

xiii. 20. 
be56Acb,-&A, s.f. courage, vigour, 

beó6<\Tt)l<Nc&,-bA, s.f. liveliness, 

quickness, activity, rigour. 
be6ÓArT)uil,-n?l<\, adj. lively, brisk, 

zealous, vigorous. 
beóÓA|-,-AirjS.m. O'G. see, beó- 

beóDrT)ATt,-Aifio, adj. see, boofS- 

beóóu|5,-u5A6, v.a. quicken, Ps. 

cxix. 37. &, cxliii. 11. C.V. re- 
animate, enliven. 
beóío6bAi|ic,-Aiti:A, pi. id. s.f. a 

living sacrifice, Rom. xii. 1. 
beó|ft, g. id. & beójtAC, s.í. beer. 

beóifi Ui&iri, strong beer ; be- 

ó|]t ÓAol, small beer. 
beri!0cur,-"(r5 pi- id. s.m. birtk, 

childbirth. Dunl. 
betjieub, s.m. see bint&ub. 
beul, g. be^l, &, beóiÍ, pi. id. s.m. 

a mouth. Gen. xxiv. 57. — Ex. 

iv. 16. — Dan. vi. 22. Heb. xi. 

33. Com. Gr. /3-/;>.-o;, a thres- 
beulA^jieACbj-bA, pi. id. s.f. tra- 
dition. Mul. 
beulAicTiir,-re,-}-eACA, s.f. oral 



beulcttixbAc,-Ai5e, adj. hypocriti- 

beulcitAbA6,-Ai6, s.m. hypocrisy. 

beiil5ftA6,-Ai6, &, -ADA, s.m. dis- 
simulation, false love,Jlatlery. 

beulrbAc,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s.m. a bit (of 
a bridle,) Ps. xxxii. 9. 

beulo^beAi-j-bi J*, s.m. oral instruc- 
tion, tradition. 

beiiftU, g. id. s.m. language, 
speech, particularly English, 
a metathesis of beul \i'^x>. 

Ts.m. manner, be- 

beiif,-|*A, //flrr/o?ir, 1 Sam. 

&, -r^iS^. 

11 — pi. Acts 

beurA,, jxiii. 18. 1 Cor.xv. 
-ACA,&,-A]5e, 1 33. habit, custom. 
tPers. bez, 
beufACj-Aije, adj. tvcll behaved, 

moral, virluous. 
bj, inf. beic, v. s. aux. & n. be, 

Deut. xxi. 8. — Gen. xvii. 7. 

Com. |8/-ow, T live. 
bjAbjg, bió,s.m. meat,foodi Gen. 

xxvii. 31. Rom. xii. 20. — John 

vi. 27. 
biAÓCA, ind. pp./erf, stalled^ fat- 
ted. Is. i. 11. Prov. XV. 17. 

Luke XV. 23. 
b|óii-,-6j-e,-6feACA, s.f. a vice, a 

billeub,-éib, pi. id. a billet. 
bíné|5|ie, g. id. s.m. Matt, xxvii. 

48. Prov. X. 26. see, Tin^iBpe. 
b]t)ib,-be, s.f. rennet used in 

making cheese. 

s.f. a pinnacle. Matt. iv. 5. a 

hill, a high point, the gable of 

a Iiouse. 
bin,-i)e, adj. siceet, 2 Sam. xxiii. 
1 1. Cant. ii. 14. melodious. 
i btijbeulAc,-A|5e,adj.,s«.'eei-toeVef/, 
1 eloquent- 
b I f) b fi T A c |t A c ,- A 1 5 e , s^ré'e^ wwrfi-i/, 


I) ] 


b J 

b|f)bjiiAt:ttAc&,-&v\, s.f. siteetly 
Jlou'ing fipeech, eloquence. 

t)|5ceolri7An,-A]|ie, adj. harmoni- 
ous, melodious. 

bl5&6*U\r)}-<vin, afore- 
head cloth to bind the heads of 
children. b]0&eAlixT) A|tA, a 
hinder of the temples, particu- 
larly, the swathing cloth round 
the foreheads of the dead. 

biOeATrOir? s.m, melody, music, 

b|ópoCv\Uc,-Ai5e, adj. sweet- 
uorded, melodious. 


bl^5iiCAC ,-<.\i5e, adj . sweet-voiced, 
sweet-toned, having sweet notes. 

bi5nAiD,-|i<\ó, v.a. sing siceetly, 
Mac F. 

bfobU, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.m- the 
Bible, the Book. Gr. B/;3Xo;. 

biobiiiki),-Ait,ie, adj. Ex. xxx. 8. 
see, bjocbiKNti. 

bjocAipe, g. id. pi, -nioe, s.m, a 

bjoó, 3 sing, imperative of bf, 
let it be, suppose, Gen. i. 3. 
Rom. xiii. 4. 

bío&:\n,-ívin, pi. id. s.m. calumny, 
backbiting, tattling. 

bfo&ivtjACj-Aije, adj. tattling, 1 
Tim. V. 13. prating, addicted 
to backbiting and calumny. 

b ooaT)ACb5-bA, pi. id. s.f. see 

bío83,-5AÓ, V. n. & a. leap, stir 
2(p, inf. 2 Tim. i. 6. rouse, 
start, frighten, bounce. 

bióÓ5<N, g. id. s.m. a start, 
bounce, leap. 

b|oÓ5Art)lAC&,-bA, s.f. vivacity, 
activity, f riskiness. 

h]ob-r^Athii]\,-n)[<x, ad], active, live- 
ly^, frisky. 

b(03,-3A6, v.a. Luke i. 41, & 44. 
see, bioD5. 

biólj-U, pi. id. s.f. a viol, Is. V, 12' 

b]oUp,-<x||i, pi. id. s.m, water- 
cress; biolAjt 5ivti^^» garden 
cress : \i\o\o.\\. 51^1^5^10, cuckoo 
flower; bioUft mu^ie, brook- 
lime; b|oUfi c|iA5<v, scurvy 

bjoit, g, bift,or, béAftA, 
a spit, a pin, a bodkin, a sharp 
point, a goad. Heb. beriack. 

bjoftj-ytAO, v.a. spit, pierce. 

biofiAC,-<xi5e,-<\CA, s f. a two year 
old heifer ; also, a muzzle set 
with pointed iron pins to pre- 
vent calves, S^c. from sucking* 

bío|tAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s.m. a pier- 
cing, a stinging. 

^\o\i''\x),-'<x]X), pi. id. s.m. a pin, a 
small pointed stake, an intend- 
ed or pointed injury, vexation, 
a hobble. 

bjopivDACj-Ai^e, adj. thorny, 
prickly, ill intentioned, vexa- 

b^on5A,-Ai,-Aice, s.m. a piercing 
sting, remorse. R.S. see, "Sac. 

bíofi^ívncA, ind. part. adj. pe?- 
plexing, hobbling, see 2DeA|i- 


biOfftA, ind. adj. watery, marshy, 
abounding in springs andfoun- 
tains ; hence as a subst. it is 
the Irish name of Birr in the 
King^s County. 

bíoí|ifuileAC,-li5e, adj. sharp- 
sighted, quick-sighted. 

b|or, see, V]c. 

h]Oz'<s]\\e, g. id. pi, -l|óe, s.m. 
whisky, spirits, strong drink. 

biocAtf)T)<xc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. arob- 
ber, a thief, John x. i. Matt, 
xxvi. 55.— Matt. vi. 19. 

b]0CArbr)CACb,-!5A, pi. id. s.f. rob- 
bery, thievery. 
1 biocbuAt7,-Aine, adj. everlasting, 
Gen. xxi. 33. see Rom. xvi. 26. 

b]Occuiri7r)i5,-iu5A6, v.a. remem- 
ber continually. K. 

bL ^ 


t)L ^^ 

bloccújtArb,-<xirt), pi id. continual 
care^ over anxiety. 

bioccúp<xrt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. over 
anxious^ over careful. 

blóc5|tíit)<\, ind. adj. always ugly, 
very ugly. 

blitfr), g. id. pi, -oibe, s.m. asniall 
pin or point. 

bi|ttné|r),-i)e, s.f, inclination to 
moisture., ooziness. 

bitn^w^r^li'» pl- id. s.m. a hat, 
see Dan, iii. 21. « crt/?, a tur- 
ban^ a bonnet, a helmet. 

b|re<!^c,-fi5,-fi5e. s.m. increase, 
Lev. XXV. 36. Ps. Ixvii. 6. 
Deut. xiv. 28. gain, profit, 
prosperity, the crisis of a dis- 
ease a)id consequent recovery. 
bliAÓAiD bjnS, <f leap year. 
Heb. bizza. 

b|c, an intens. prefix signifying 
ever, spelled b|oc, when the 
first vowel of the following 
syllable is either a, o, or, u. 

b|c, s.f. being, existence, the 
uorld. Used only in the phrase, 
Aittbic, see Job xxxiv. 9. h 
Luke iv. 2. 

b|rbeó,-ó|ce, adj. eternal, ever- 

bicbfii<vc|i<Nc,-<v|5e, adj. ever talk- 
ing, garrulous. 

bicb|ii5, g. id. s.f. essence, lasting 
poicer or efficacy. 

bjcci^ce, ind. adj. ever exact, 
punctually precise, surely cer- 

h]tc]VteAc^,-bA, s.f. precise 
punctuality, sure and lasting 

bjceAm^<^ó, s.m, 1 Pet. iv. 15. 
see biocAn}i)<xc. 

bicfi&,g-id. sS.lifeiime/rom birth 
to death. 

b]cf íoi]tuióe,ind. adj. everlasting, 
eternal. b^cfMoii, id. 

blAbAiiivTi,-<\]i), pi. id. s.m. a stam- 

bUó, s m. a fiower. see, bUc. 

bUt)Ai|i,-e<xco, v.a. fialter, coa.v, 

wheedle, babble- Com. Lat. 


bUb<\i|te, g. id. pi, -pit)e, s.m. a 

fiatterer, asycophant, ababbler. 

bU&AHte<\c&,-bA, s.f. see, bU- 

blAbAfi-Aiit, pi. id. s m. flatter tj, 
Ps. V. 9. sycophancy, coaxing. 
blAi)A(iAC,-A|5e, adj. flattering, 

coaxing, wlieedling. 
blAn%-*r? &? -Ar^o, v.a. taste, 
i 1 Sam. xiv. 29. Col. ii. 21.— 
I 1 Sam. xiv. 43. 2 Sam, xix. 35. 
bUir^^J^i^rr^^j s.m. o. tasting. 
! bUifp&irne, g. id. pi, -119156, s.f. 
I blasphemy, Mark vii. 22. — 
Acts xxvi. 11. — Matt. XV. 19. 
I Gr. /SXatrf j;,'i,/a. 
I bUic,-ce, adj. smooth, comp. Ps. 
I Iv. 21. plain, polished, sleek. 
"Na D-eAÓ t^*n3 blA|c," of 
the slander sleek steeds- Mac. 

; F. 

I bl2iic,-cA6, v.n. bloom, flourish, 
Numb. xvii. 8.— Cant. vii. 12. 
I see, bUcAjj. 

j bl^viceAfACj-A^je, adj. smooth, 
\ poli-fhed. 

j bUicple3*.]-5,-éif5, pi. id. a gar- 
j la)id, a wreath of flowers. 
I bUicjn, g. id, pi, -oi&e, s m, a 
I small blossom, dim. of bUr. 
i blAObAfi,-Atft, pi, id. s,m, dissi- 
j mutation, Prov. xxvi. lA.flat- 
\ tery, sycophancy. 
i blAOó,-oi6,-o|6e, s,m. a shout, a 
I loud call. 

blAo6,-ÓAC, v,a. call aloud, shout. 
\ blA0ÓtT><\i)AC,-Ai5e, adj. shouting, 
' clam.orous, blustering, noisy. 

blAOÓÓ5AC,-AT5e, adj. noi.^y, cla- 

bU\Oí•c,-ce,-c.^, s f. a scale, pi. 
Deut. xiv. 9 & 10. a scull, a 

bUr,-<^ir' P^- i^^- =^"''- ^ savour. 




a taste, Matt. v. 13 .Heb. vi. 4. 
a Jlavour, a relish. 

bU]*DA, part. adj. savoury, Gen. 
xxvii. 31, delicious. 

blA]*&Ac&,-&A, s.f. savouriness, 
sweetness, deliciousiiess. 

bUc,-rA, pi. id. s.m. a flower 
a blossom. Is. xl. 7 & 8. Ezek. 
vii. 10. — Job. xiv. 2, Ex. xxv. 
31. praise, renown, adorn- 

blacAc,-<\i5e, adj. flowery, fa- 
mous, renowned. 

bl<\rAC,-Aice, s.f. huttermilk. 

bli\r<xi5,-cu5A6, v.n. & 2.. flourish, 
blossom, flatter ; inf. Cant. vi. 
11. Ezek. xvii. 24. see Prov. 
xxviii. 23. polish, smooth, de- 
corate, set off, adorn. 

bl^cíM),-íviT), pi. id. s.m. a small 
flower, a bud ; also, fry, par- 
ticularly, salmon fry. 

blarbuibe, ind. adj. swarthy, 

bUrcair)c,-ce, s.f. flowery lan- 
guage, humbug. 

blíicóív|t)ceAC,-ci5e, adj. sweet- 
spoken, ivheedling. 

blacrbA|t,-Ai|ie, adj. flowery, 
fruitful, smooth. 

blivc t)A n?-bobA]5, s.m. red pop- 
py, corn rose ; vernacularly, 
lo|it5i)eAc óeAftc, tlie red stalk, 
papaver rhoeas. 

bUco|bfii5,-]u5<NÓ, v.a.ewí6ro/í/er, 
toork iuflgures or floivers. 

bUcit5<\6,-ui5re, pi. id. s.m. a 
flowering, a blossoming, smooth- 
ing, polishing, decorating, or- 
namen ting, flattering. 

ble^c.t),-&<v, s.i.milk, the produce 
of a milch cow. 

bleAÓ&A|pe, g. id. pi, -]i]be, s.m. 
a person who milks cows, a 
wheedler, a. false flatterer. 
bleAc&ii)A|i,-A|(ie, adj. abound- 
ing in milk, fruitful. 

ble;\i)Ac,-Ai5, pi, -^1565 or, -aca, 
s.m. a milking. 

bleAc<\c,-A]5e,-ACA, s.f. a bag of 
corn for grinding. 

ble]&,-be, s.f. impertinence, ca- 
jolery, wheedling, flattery, re- 
quest, petition. 

blei&eAmuil,-ri)U, adj. imperti- 
nent, teazing, flattering. 

blei&eipe, g. id. pi, -|ti&e, s.m. 
an impertinent fellow, a syco- 
phant, a wheedler, apetitiofier. 

ble|oeineAC&,-i)A, s.f. flattery^ 
wheedling, impertinence. 

bléit),-r)e,-r)ci6e, s.f. the groin, 
also, a narrow low tongue of 
land, a harbour ; the vern. pi. 
is bleit)C|te<\CA. 

bliAÓAii?,-6i)A, pi. id. s.f. a year. 
Lev. XXV. 5. — Gen. xlvii. 17. 
— Gen. xli. 26. fr. bel a^, the 
great circle of Belus or the sun. 

bliA6t}-^mu|l,-rt)lA, adj. yearly. 
Lev. XXV. 53. see 1 Óam. i. 21. 

bli5,-iA5<xT), V. a. milk. 

bliocíxT),-íkit), pi. id. s.m. bastard 

bl|octipocAbívTí,-íkin, pi. id. s.m. 
common sow thistle, Sonchus 
oleraceus, vern. name, Toe atjívt) 

bliocc, s.f. milk, Bee, blcAcb. 

\)\-\oy''M),-is.Yh pl* id- s.m. an arti- 

blobA, g. id. pi, -ADA, s.m. a bub- 
ble, the rise of a blister. 

blob AC,- A 156, adj. thick-lipped. 

blobAi|te, g. id.^ a blubber-lipped 
pi, -|tl6e,s.m. (/?e/-50w, a stut- 

blobAjt2it),-A]t}, fie/'er, one who 
pi. id. sm. ) talks at random. 

bloc,-luic, pi. id. s.m. a block, 

bloc^i),-ivin, pi. id. s.m. a little 
block, dim. of bloc. 

bló8,-ó|6, &,-ó6a, pi. id. s.m. a 
piece, Judges, ix. 53, a frag- 
ment, a part, a splinter. 



b o 

b 1 0Ó Ok c,- s\ i3e , adj . broken in jneces, 

bló5, s.m. see 1 Kings, xix. 11. 

see, blóó. 
blo3oirr),-<\in), pi. id. sm. a mouth- 
ful, a sup, a small portion. 
blo^of 5eAn,-5ii), pi. id. s.m. any 

plant with curled leaves. 
bloit)e5e<M) 5<\|^<x|ó, s.m. garden | 

bloin3,-5e,pl, -5Í, or,-5eAÓA, s.f. j 

a bubble. \ 

blonjAiiie, g. id. pi, -jtioe, s.ra. a j 

boaster, a vain person. M'N. i 
blorDdf,-A]f, s.m. ostentation, \ 

showing off, vanity. 
blon}AfAC,-A]5e,adj. ostentatious, i 

vain. j 

blo]"c<\c,-Ai5e. adj. clear-voiced, j 

boasting., robust, strong. { 

blorcA||ie, g. id. pi, -niot"? s.m. a \ 

public crier, a colleclor, a \ 

blor5Aií5,-5A6, V. a, resound, re- 
port, sound, explode, blow a horn 

or trumpet. 
bluiDjCj-ce, s.f. lard. 
blúifie, g. id. pi, -pe<\cA, s.f. abit, 

a morsel, a crumb, a fragment. 
bo, g. id. pi. bAc, & b<x, s. f. a 

cow, pi. kine. Job. xxi. 10. — 

Kumb. xviii. 17. — Gen, xli. 2. 

& 3. 1 Sam. vi. 7. 
bo aUuid, s f . a wild ox, a buffalo. 
bo b<xioe, s.f. a rnilch cow. 
boc, g. bu)c,pl. id. s.m. ahe goat, 

pi. Numb. vii. 71. See, Poc. 
bocíM?,-ív|n, pi. id. s.m. a hook, a 

peg, a support, the side of a 

spade on which the foot is placed. 
bocar)Ar,-Ai5e, adj. crooked, 

hooked, bent. 
bocbj-oicbe, adj. poor, 2 Cor. 

viii. 9 — Lev. XX vii. 8. 
bocb, g. boicb, pi. id. s.m. a poor 

person. Job, xxiv. U.— Job, 

XXX. 25 Matt. v. 3. 

boc&Ac&,-&A. s.f. penury, Luke, 
xxi. 4. poverty. 

bocbu 15,-115 <x6, v. a. impoverish, 
render poor. 

boc&uit)e,g. id. s.t poverty, cala- 
mity, jmjiury, Prov. vi. 11. 

Gen. xlv. 11. Prov. xix. 13. 

bocrA, g. id. pi, -fAibe, s.m. a 
box. Matt. xxvi. 7. pronounced, 


bocc, see bocb. 
boccAtneACb,-bA, s.f. poverty, 

O'G., see, bocbuine. 
bobAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a rustic, a 

clown, a churl ; also, a kind of 

fish called a gurnet. Arab, Ba- 

daigh, a peasant. 
bobACAmUcbj-bA, s.f. churlish- 
ness, boorishness, clownishness. 
bobACArhu|l,-rT)lA, adj. cloivnish, 

churlish, surly, boorish. 
bo&AC|iUA6, g. bobAi5fmAió, pi. 

id. s.m. a sea fish, called, the 

rock cod. 
bo6Aifxceóift,-óftA,-ói|iibe, s.m. a 

deofener, a tormentor. 
boÓArtj-Aifte, adj.í/eq^ Ps xxviii. 

1. Mark, vii. 32. 
boÓATi,-AiTt, pi. id. s.m. a deaf 

person, Ex. iv. 11.— pi. Isaiah, 

xliii. 8. 
bo6AítAi5,-jiu5AÓ, V. a. deafen, 

torment, ^'■bother.'" 
bob55,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a heifer. 
bo5,bu|5e, adj. soft, Ps. Ixv. 10. 

— Ps. Iv. 21 . tender, penetrable. 
^oSrS^Oj ^.3i.soften, move, shake, 

stir, rock. 
bó5A, g. id. pi. id. & -ÍVÓA s.m. a 

bow. Rev. iv. 3. — Ps. Ixxvi. 

3. — 1 Sam. ii. 4. — 2 Chron. 

xxvi. 14. 
bo5AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a swamp, 

a quagmire, a bog. 
bo5A6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a tossing, 

Eph. iv. 14. a softening, a 

steeping, a shaking, a wetting. 

t> ) 


bO í. 

t)ó5<\bóip,-ófiA,-ói|i]6e, an 

t)65<xbói[ie<\r&,-b<\, s.f. archery. 
bó5<\tt)r)A, s.f, a stiij'per cow, 

see, bo. 
bo5ÍM?,-ívit), pi. id. sm. a soft egg, 

bo3Ó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. id. 
bo5i)iOAc,-<\i5,-Ai5e) s.m. a soft 

bo5A|i, silent, deaf, Ps. xxviii. 1. 

see, boó<\|i. 
bo55u|u,-óe,-i)!,s.f. abulruf!h,see, 

bo5cnoióceAC,-ci5e, adj. tender- 
hearted, 2 Chron. xiii. 7. 
bo5feiiuireAC,-ri5e, adj. efemi- 

boicbe, g. id. s.f. poverty, penury. 
bóibeACAT),-<\tn, pi. id. s.m. a 

ho\h^]X,-X^i s.f. drunkenness. 
boi5beuUc,-<\i5e. adj. sqfi- 

mouthed, witless. 
t)o]5pe, g. id. s.f. deafness, boi5- 

peACi),-&A, s.f. id. 
boi5|ie^T),-ait), s.m. flummery, 

provincial, " sowens." 
boi5fir), g. id. pi, -nfoe, s.m. « /?Y- 

tlebox, pronounced, boirsft). 
boi5ce, g. id. pi, -ci6e, a bait, al- 
boí3ceir,-ce, adj. lukewarm, Rev. 

iii. 16. 
bo]5ceóip,-ófiA,-óipi6e, s.m. an 

allurer, a coaxer, a wheedler. 
boilslioncA, ind. part. adj. full- 

bellied, satisfied with food. 
boill, nom. pi. of, b^ll, q.v. 1 Cor. 

vi. 15. 
boillr5e-<xr)Acb,-bA, s.f. a bulging 

out, a swelling out. 
boillr3eAr}Ai5,-r)u5Ab, v.a. bulge, 

swell out. 
bojneub,-é'ib, pi. id. s.m. a bminet, 

pi. Ex. xxviii. 40. & xxxix. 28. 
boit)e<M),-'Ait?, pi. id. sm. a stalk, 

a s^prout, a bud. 

boiDjoo, 110 comp. f mi HI /le, Gen. 
XV. 9. see Gen. xxi. 28. 

boiDiot)Ac,-Ai5e,-AC<x, s.f. a fe- 

boióreói|t,-ófi<\,-ó)fii6e, s.m. a 
thrower, a flinger. 

bo|fibbftiACfxAC,-Ai5e, adj. fierce 
spoken, vain spoken. 

boifibe,g. id. s.i.fierceiiess, rough- 
ness, barbarity, see bui^ibe. 

boifibe<.\cb,-bv\, s.i. fierceness. 
I bon^bce*ó,-C|i)e, adj. fiercely in- 
j dependent. 

bólltC|l]At), g. id. pi, -ÓADA, s f . 

j marl, a Jut kind of day. 

bó|fiófiiA6AC,-Ai5e, adj. o/ the 
nature of marl, bituminous. 

boireó5, -6156,-63 <x, s.f. a slight 
slap 'iicith the hand. 

bo]ceAll,-cill H.m. pride, haughti- 

boice<vU<xc,-Ai5e, adj. haughty, 
savage, arrogant. 

bolAcb,-bA, s.f. an abundance of 
cows and milk, a stock of kine 
and the profit and produce 

boU6,-Aió,pl. id. s.m. smell, scent, 
Cant. vii. 8. Jer. xlviii. 11. — 
Cant. ii. 13. Is. iii. 24. 

bol<\r),-ivTo, pi. id. s.m. a bullock. 

bol5, g. bu|l3, pi. id. s.m. a belly. 
Num. V. 21. — Prov. xviii. 8. 
— Tit. i. 12. a pouch, a bag, a 
pimple, the hold of a ship, in 
the plural it also signifies, a pair 
of bellows. 

bol3AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a boil, a 
blain, Ex. ix. 10. & 11. pi. see 
Ex. ix. 9. & Ex. ix. 11, also, 
the small pox ; in the latter 
sense it is vernacularly of the 
feminine gender. 

bol3AC twuice, s.m. swiue pock, 
bol5Ac i}A n-eun, chicken pock. 

\)o\^'^M),-'A\\), pi. id, s.m. a quiver. 
Gen. xxvii. 3. — Lam, iii. 13, 

bO M 


bO S 

a pod that contains seed, a 
bubble, boljivt) fOi^e^Nb, a qui- \ 
ver. Is. xxii. 6. Jer. v. l6, ! 
\)o\-^'i^x) MW'-^&^a water bubble. \ 

bol^ At) c'folAi|i, s.m. a volume of\ 
history, chronology, a common- 1 
place booh, a Magazine, pron. I 
bols At) c-rUiTt. ! 

boli^iMce, ind. p.p. puffed up, 

boUfiviiie, g. id. pi, -moe, s.m. a 
herald, Dan. iii. 4. a crier at 
court, a master of the ceremo- 
nies, a brawler, a boaster. \ 

boll|'5Ai|ie, g. id. pi, -tijee, s.m. a \ 

bollr5Ait<xó,-fiAi6, & -TicA, pi. id. I 
s m. boasting, brawling, impii- 

bollfjivticA, ind. part. adj. boast- I 
ful, impudent, bold. \ 

bolcA, g. id. pi, -Ajóe, s.m. a bolt, ! 
" buAil At) bolcA," put to the I 
bolt, M'N. I 

bolcAT)ut-,-u)r, s.m. a smelling, 1 i 
Cor. xii. 17. « scent, a perfume. | 

bolct)iii;^,-u5A6, V. a. smell. Gen. i 
viii. 21. — Ex. XXX. 38. scent,\ 
perfume. j 

bon)AnAÓ,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s.m. a boast- i 
ing or blustering fellow. j 

boft)At)AC&,-bA, s.f. a habit of 
boasting or blustering. 

boi)<\|ceAcb,-t)A, s.f. permanent 
residency, secure foundation . 

boo, g- buii), pi. id. s.m. the sole 
(if the foot,) Deut. xxviii. 65. 
— pi. Jos. iv. 18. a base, a bot- 
tom, afoundation. Heb. Banah, 
he built. 

boi), g. bo]0, pi- id. s.iTi. a piece 
of money, a groat, Luke, xv, 
8. & 9.— pi. Luke, xv. 8. 

boOAi&,-be, pi. id. s.f. an ankle 
bone, pi. Acts, iii. 7. See, 

bot)A]fte, g. id. pi, ']\'\6e, s m. a 

boi)ó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a cahe,^' a 
bannock," also, a leap, a jump. 

bot)rAc,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a dart, a 
javelin,! Sam.xix.9.& 10. also, 
vernacularly, a young strip of 
a girl. 

boi)CAifce, g., -ci,&,-ceACA, 
prrfit, advantage. 

bojtb, buittbe, adj. sharp, fierce, 
2 Cor. xiii. 10.— Hab. i. 8. 
haughty, severe. 

boiibACb,-bA, s. f. fierceness, 
haughtiness, severity. 

bottbAr,-Air, s.m. fierceness. 

bónbjg. biii|tb, pi. id. s.m. a table, 
Mark, ii. 14.— John, xiii. 28. 
— Mark, xi. 15. a deck of a 
ship, bófib beuÍA, starboard ; 
bópb cuil, larboard ; bópb bei- 
|il6, the stern or poop ,- bóftb 
luit)5e, the ship's deck, ship- 
board ; bóitb rof*Ai5, ^^^ stem 
or prow. 

bontAOj-Ajo, pi. id. s.m. bloom, 
swelling, " U tT)-bo|]tAÓ Ajuf a 
rr)-blAc t)A l)-ói5e," in the bloom 
and flower of youth. Dunl. 

bontAi5,-nau5<xb, V. n. bloom, 
swell, increase, grow big, grow 
proud, bopftj-itAO, id. 

bo||xAti)lAcb,-bA, s.f. haughtiness, 

boniAtt)uil,-Tt)U, adj. haughty, 

\:)ow\i^vi]\ei>.ó,-\]^('., ad], full-eyed. 

bóftcA, ind. p.p. parched. Lev. 

Xxiii. 14. *'5JtiXT) bópcA." 

boj*,-oife,-o|*A, s.f. see, b^f. 

bofbvAilj-AlAD, V, a, clap hands, 

boi*bvAlA6,-Ailce, pi. id. s.m. clap- 
ping of hands, applause. 

bofCA, see, boci-A. 

bo]'5ivinbeACAf,-Aii*, s. m. ap- 
plause or rejoicing by clapping 
of hands. 

borsMn&lSHvsAÓ, v.n. applaud 
by clapping of hands. 

b n ?v 


b Pv l^ 

bor5|teA&,-beAÓ, \.?l. strike hands j 
so as to cause pain, wail for I 
the dead with severe and pain- 
ful clapping of hands, M'N. 

boflvAc,-Aice, adj. dexterous, 
nimble-handed, lightjingered. 

borlvACACb,-b<\, s.f. sleight of 
hand, dexterity. i 

boc,-oice,-ocA, s.f. a tabernacle, \ 
Matt. xvii. 4.-2 Pet. i. 14.— [ 
Matt. xvii. 4. rt booth, a cot- , 
/^/í^fí', Job. xxvii. 18. & Zeph. I 
ii. 6. a tent, a hut, a bower, 
Heb. Buth, a tent, and Beth, 
a house. 

bócAiiieAcb,-b<\, s. f. plunder, 
hnoty^ prey. 

bocAlUG,-<x|5e, adj. impudent, 

bocAlUc&,-bA, s.f. impudence, 
outrageous conduct. 

hoi\t),-'^\y), pi. id. a cottage. Is» 
i. 8. a hut, Heb. Bithan, a 

bocA|t,-A.|p,pl. id. s.m. a highnay, 
Num. XX. I 7, a road, passage, 

bocó5,-ói5e, 050^, s.f. a cottage, 
a hut. 

b[tAC,-Aic, pi. id. s.m. an arm, 
Lat. Brach-ium, Gr. (3pay^-iuv. 
vern, pronounced, bpoic, " C<x 
]•& <N5 bftoic leir," ^e /s ffi 
grips with him, he is strug- 
gling with him. Com. cornttAC, 
a fight, i.e. c6rb-bit<\c, like Lat. 

bftivcA, g. id pi, -CA]óe, s.m. a 
rake, a harroiv. 

bri<\CAb,-Ai6, s.m. a breaking, a 

bftACAÓj-AibjS.m. a malting, fer- 

bftACAbóiii,-óitA,-óntióe, S.m. a 

bftAC<xi5,-cv5Ab, v.a. malt, fer- 

biiAcín),-ív|i), pi. id. sm. broth, 
pottage, anyth ing fermen ted. 

b|iAC'fn'iileAc,-li5e, adj. bleared- 

bfiAbAÓ,-Ai^e, adj. thievish, 
roguish, O'G. 

bp<vbAi),-Ain, pi. id. sm. a miz- 
zling rain. 

biaAbAr),-a]r), pi. id. s.m. a sal- 

bji<\bÓ5,-ó|5e,-ó,:^A, s.f. a sly 
roguish cheerful girl. 

b[tC\5<xb,-<Nib pi. id. s.m, a neck, 
Jer. xxviii. 12. see, bftivi5ib. 

bttA5Aiiie, g. id. pi. -jtioe, s.m. a 
braggadocio, a boaster, a 

bftA5ivirteAcb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. a 
vaunting, a gasconade. 

btto.5AficA, ind. adj. boastful, 

bitAic,-ACA, s.f. malt, Gr. /3faff<rw 
to effervesce, Lat. Brasium, & 
old Gaul. Brache. 

bftAiceA|-,-cif, s. va.pot ale. 

bftAi5beAi)CAcb,-bA, s.f. capti- 
vity, g. 2 Kings, XXV. 29. 

bttivi5CieAinir,-'^ir- s.m. captivity. 
2 Cor. X. 5. 

b|iAi5bioovf,-v|f, s.m. captivity, 
g. Deut. xxi. 13. 

biiivi5biooAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a 
prisoner, g. Ps. cii. 20. see, 

bftivi5e,-5be, pi. id. &, -5ibioÓA, 
s.m. & f. a captive, a prisoner, 
a hostage, 2 Kings, v. 2. — 
Eph. iii. 1. Ex. xii. 29.-2 
Kings, xiv. 14. Gen. xxxix. 

bpiii5ib,-5be, pi. id. s.f. a neck. 
Cant. vii. 4. pi. see Judges, 
viii. 26. 

bftAine, g- id. pi. -T)ibe, s.m, a 
captain, chieftain, leader. 

bfiívir5evl,-é|l,-evlcA, s.m. a fa- 
ble, a romance. 

b n i^ 


h n "ii 

l)]tívifléY&,-éih, pi. id. sm. a 
bracelet, 2 Sam. i. 10— pi. 
Gen. xxiv. 30. & xxxviii. 18. 

bji<\!c,-Ac, v.a. betray, spy, Mark 
iii. 19. John xviii. 2. — Num. 
xiii. 16. Josh. vi. 22. & 25. 
Matt, xxvi. 16, inspect, over- 
see, reconnoitre, criticise. 

bftAicbe<\ftcAc,-<\i5e, adj. treach- 

bit<\]ceóiii,-óit<\,~ói|i|6e, s.m. a be- 
trayer, a spjj, a critic, an over- 

l)flAlclíD,-t)e,pl,-t)í, k-^QACA, s f. 

aveil, a sheet, Ru. iii. 15. Acts, 
X. 11. 

b|tAicli|',-|'e, s.f. wort, pot ale. 

\)};i'A]t\iec\xx,-n\x,^.vci. brotherhood, 

bitaictteAiiiuilj-rblA, adj. bro- 
therly, Rom. xii. 10. 

b|iívicfieArbleAcb,-í)A, s.f- bro- 
therly affection or attachment. 

bfiAníAiite, pl,-]tióe, anoisy 
blustering fellow. Span. Bra- 
mador. Per. Bramahiden, to 
swell, to puff up. 

bftADj-AiD, pi- id. s.m. chaff] also, 
a raven, an overflowing moun- 
tain torrent, hence the names, 
Brian, Byrne, Bren-us, &c. 

bfiAPAiit, no. comp. adj. fallow, 
Jer. iv. 3. Hos. x. 12. See, 

b|tAT)5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. grinning, 
snarling, carping. 

bftAtjftA, g. id. pi, -a6a, s.m. a pot. 
Lev. vi. 28. — pi, 1 Kings, vii. 
45. a support, prop, stand, a 
frame against which a cake is 
placed before the fire to be 
baked. bjtAtjitA bftASAb, the 
collar bone. 

b|tAO0, -0]n|. pi. id. &, bftAOt)A, 

s.m. a drop. Is. xl. 15 — pi. 
Job. xxxvi. 27. & xxxviii. 28. 
bftAO0Ac,-A]5e, adj. dropping, 
rainy, tearful. 

bfiAfAiite, g. id. p], -jiioe, s.m. a 
sycophant, a flatterer. 

b|iAfAi|xe ba)|i&, s.m. a parasite, 
a toady. 


bjiAc, g. bjiAic, pi. id. b|tuic, &, 
bftArA, s.m.a garment, a cloak, 
a vail,a hanging, 2 Tim. iv. 13, 
Acts, xii. 8. Matt, xxvii. 51. 
—Mark, x. 50 — Ex. xxvii. 9. 
12. 14. 15. & 16. Mark, xi. 8. 
a covering of any kind, as a 
carpet, a bed-cover, &c. &c. 

b|tAc,-cA, s.m. spying, betraying, 
g. Gen. xlii. 9. Acts, vii. 52. 
treachery, design, depe?idance, 
information, judgment. 'bo 
h^ict, for ever, Gen. xliii. 9. to 
the (day of) judgment. 

b|tArAC, no. comp. adj. continual, 
lasting to the day of judgment, 
only found in the adv. form, 50 
b ft AC AC, ^r ever. Mul. 

bpArAc,-Ai3,-ACA, s.m. a stand- 
ard, an ensign. Num. ii. 10. & 
25. — Is. xxxi. 9. — Ps. Ixxiv. 4. 

trayer, a spy, an informer, O'G. 

bftACAi5,-cu5A6, V. a. cloak, 

|ieACA, s-m. a brother, pi, bre- 
thren, pi, Acts, XV. 1. 1 Cor. 
ix. 5. also, a friar, perhaps fr. 
bA|t & ACAi|t. Lat. Frater. Pers. 
Brader, see, DeA|ab|ti^cAiii. 

bftivcAiti SAOjl, s.m. a kinsman. 
Num. V. 8. 

bii^cAiTteAri)uil,-tT)U, adj. see, 

bfiACArbiql, adj. cloak-like, see, 

bjtívcAjiéA, ind. adj. brotherly. 

b[tAclAiri9,-rT)e, s.f. a pocket-hand- 
kerchiejf, a towel, a napkin. 

bitACÓ5,-ó|3e,-ó3A, s.f. a rag, the 




poor bedclothes carried about , 
by beggars. \ 

l)n<M; uhIaip, s.m. a carpet, see, 

bftejkc, bnice, adj speckled, spot- 
ted. Gen. XXX. 33. & 35. pge- 
bald, freckled, party-coloured, \ 
Chald. Brakka, Arab. Abrek. 

l)lteAC, g, b|tic, pi, id. s.m. a trout. 
a.Jish,h]\e4i^c r,ecX, a ivhite trout, 
a salmon trout. 

bfte<\cA&ó||t,-óitA,-óifti6e, s.m. an 
engraver, a carver, an embroid- 
erer, one who picks the stone of 
a mill. I 

b|ieACAifte, g id. pi, -pi6e,s.m. a 
graving tool 

bf\e<\c<\ineAC&,-b<N, pi. id ?,.{. en- 
graving, sculpture, embroidery, 
checqiiering, carving, the pick- 
ing of a millstone. 

b|teAcíM),-ain, pi- id. s.m. a plaid, 
checquered stuff. 

bfieAcfoilri5,-iu5<\6, v.n. glim- 
mer, shine 

bfieAcfoliir,-uir, s m. twilight. 

b|iPAcui5,-u5AÓ, v.a. carve, 1 
Kings, vi. 29. variegate, chec- 
quer, embroider, pick, as a mill 

biteACH5A6,-ui7;ce, pi. id. s m. 
carving, 1 Kings, vi, 32. va- 
riety, checquering, embroidery, 
the picking of a millstone. 

bfie<xcui5ce, ind. p.p. carved, 1 
Kings, vi. 29. engraved, chec- 

bfxeíxóAcí),-bA, s.f. Ex. xxxiii. 4. 
See, bfte<x5ACb. 

b|téA5, sm. ^*^^' bfteu3. 

^f^e^5,-5ÓA, or, -3*, adj. fair, 
beautiful, Ps. xlviii. 2 — Ps. 
xlv. 2. Chald. Briah. 

bft&A^ACj-ATje, adj. Rev. ii. 2. 
See bjteY5<\c. 

bf^eív5.^c&,-í5A, s.f. beauty, Rom. 
X. 15. b|teiv56AC&,-&A, s.f. id. 
Ezek. vii. 20. 

bni'A5o.t|ie, s.m. see, b|iev-A|nt'. 
bf\&A3nvT5,-v5AÓ,v.a. seeb|tev5- 

bitP<NUAc,-Ai5e, adj. knotty, blub- 

bfie<xUAuxe, g. id. pi, -ti'^e, s.m. 
a giddy ihonght less fellow. 

biteAlU\n,-<Mn, pi. id. s.m. a fool- 
ish fellow, also, darnell grass. 

brxéAD, see, b|ievn. 

bfteAncA]-, s.m. Is. iii. 24. see, 

bfieAroA, ind. adj.^we, handsome, 
lively, active. 

b|ieAC,-C(\, pi. id. s.f. judgment, 
accusation, determination. Matt, 
vii. 2. 2 Peter, ii. 11 — Acts, 
xxvii. 1. see, bjieic. 

bfteACi)AÓ,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 

bfteAcr)v5<\Ó,-vi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
judging, 1 Cor. xi. 31. an ar- 
bitration, decision, sentence. 

bfteAcnvi5,-v5AÓ, v.a. judge, 
think, ponder. Lev ii. 19. Ps. 

vii. 8 2 Sam. xiii. 33. Acts, 

xiv. 9. conceive, imagine, de- 

a coarse kind of woollen cloth. 

bfteioe, g. id. s.f. a stench. 

bfi&ineAct),-&A, s.f. filthiness, 
nasi in ess. 

bfteirrre, pi. id. loss, damage. 

b|ie]c,-ce, s.t". judgment, 1. Cor. 
iv. 5. — Matt. vii. 2. Rom. xiv. 
13. sentence, doom, test, com- 

b|teic,-ce, s.f. bearing, birth. 
Gen. xvi. 2. Job. iii. 16. — Is. 
Ixvi. 9. beA|iCA, &beifxce, are 
other forms of the genitive, see 
Gen. xl. 20. and Eccl. vii. 1. 
where it is masculine, and Is. 
xxxvii. 3. a carrying, bearing, 
bringing forth. 

bfieic b>-]6eACvi|*, g. be^tce bvi6 - 
CACV^I*, pi. bjie|r bv|6eAcv||-, 

b n e 


b n ) 

s.m, a thanksijiviny. Lev. vii. 
12.— Neh. xi. 17. C. P. 

bfieiceAib.-cin), & -ceAib<xn, pi, I 
-ceArhvin, a judge, Gen. 
xviii. 25.— Jiidg. ii. is. Matt. 
xii.27. — Ex.xxi. 22. bfteiceAti) 
h\\), s.m. (I master of a choir, j 
a leader of a band. 

b|ie|ceAtT)nvr,-v|f, pi. id. s.m. I 
judgment. Ex xii. 12. Matt. 
V. 40 — Deut. iv. 45. sentence, 

bneice<\nc<NC,-Ai5e, adj. judi- 
cious, judicial. 

brte|coiv5,-5AD, v.a. judge, inf. 
Ex. xviii. 13. apprehend, con- 
ceive, i 

bfieo, g. id. s.m. fire, flame. Its : 
primary signification is, the ! 
ligJit that proceeds from pu- \ 
trid matter, as old and de- ] 
cayed timber, putrid fish, Sfc. | 

bíteóice, ind. adj. sick, Luke vii, j 
2. tender, delicate. 

bjxeóireACC5,-6<x, s.f. injirmity, 
sickness, illness. 

btiev5,-éi5e,-ev5A, s.f. a lie, 
leasing, Col. iii. 9. Ps. v. 6. 
— Mark, xiv. 56. — Job. xi. 3. 
Prov. xiv. 5. 

b|tev5<\c,-Ai5e,adj./</í7/í7, 1 John, 
iv. 20. Rev. ii. 2. 

bfxev5c^ó,-Ai&,pl. id. s.m. allure- 
ment, decoying. 

b|tev5Ai5,-5A6, v.a. allure, decoy, 
solace, comfort. j 

b^ev5A|tte,,-|ti5,&,-Tilt)e, , 
s.m. a liar, Prov. xix. 22 — pi. ! 
Tit. i. 12. 

bfiev3AitieAco,-!DA, s. f. lying, 

bfiev5ívi),-í\]t), pi. id. s.m a play- 
thing of any kind, a toy. 

b|tev5C]a<\bAÓ,-Aió, s.m. hypo- 
crisy, a lying assumption of 

b|tev5nvi5,-Y^A6, v.a. convince,' 
inf. 'J'it. i. 9. belie. 

bjiev i),-é)r)e, adj. stinking, Gen. 
xxxiv. 30. putrid, loathsome, 

btievi),-nA8, v.n. stink, Ex. xvi. 
24. become putrid. 

bnevo<N6,-nc<N, s.m foetidness. 

bfievnrtA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s.m. 
stubble land dug up with the 
spade and left fallow. 

bjievncA, ind part. slu']. putrid, 
foetid, stinking. 

bpevnc<xi%-Ai|-, s.m. a stink, 
Is. iii. 24. Joel, ii. 20. 

bítevr)cÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a loath- 
some slut. 

bfiiACAti, g, biiéic|%e, pi, bfaiACftA, 
s.f. the word, preaching, Jolni 
i. 1. Kom. ix.9. — Luke, i. 2. — 
Luke, ii. 19. Rev. xix. 9- also, 
a verb, perhaps fr. biiij aca^,. 
the essence of the father, the 

b|ti<\cii<\c,-<xi5e, adj. talkative, 

bjtib,-be, s.f. a bribe. Barb. 

b|tice, g-id. pi, -cp, &, -ceAÓA, 
s.m. a brick. Gen. xi. 3. Ex. v. 
16. — Ex. v. vii. Is. Ixv. 3. — 
Gen. xi. 3. Is. ix. 10. 

bjX|cio, g. id. pi, -t)i6e, s.m. a 
small trout. 

bfi 15,-56, s.f. strength, tenor, 
Rev. iii. 8. — Gen. xliii, 7. Also, 
sap, juice, essence, vigour, sub- 
stance, capacity, power, effi- 
cacy, value, worth, interpreta- 
tion, &c , virtue, force, Gr. ,<%, 
a prefix signifying, very great. 
lleb. Bri. fruity produce. 

b|ti5i&,-&e, s.f. Biidjet. 

bfx)5rT)eifieAC&,-&A, s f . efficacy, 

b|t)^eAll,-f)ille, s.f. a matron, 
a young and beautiful woman. 

b}iíobAbói^,-ó|tA.-ó|fie, s.m. a 
briber. Barb. 

b|iio5AC,-<vi5(^, adj. energetic, 
powerful, efficacious, active. 

bn ) 


b n 

bit!05Airblxiv5A6,-Yj5ee, s. m.j 

transuhstantiatlon,C P. i 

bfiío7;rb<xiívecb,-bA, s.f. see, bp]5- ; 

TTjetfteivcb. | 

b|tio5tt)An,-^iriei ^^^j- ejfectual,\ 

powerful., Eph. iii. 7. Heb. j 

iv. 12. 

b]tiollicr), s.m. see, b|ieAllivt). 

bftiolló5,-ói5e,-65-ft, s f. an effemi- 1 

minate fellow, a fool, applied j 

to man or woman. i 

b|iiollr5Ai|te, g. id. pi, -Moe, s.m. | 

a bulli/. a busifbodi/ I 

bfiioOrli^? pl- id. s.m. a fiction, a ] 

/iV, ri dream, a reverie. \ 

bfiior;5l6i&,-be, or, -bf, s.f. 

« dream, a vision, Job, xx. 8. 

Matt.ii. 13,— pi. Jer, xxiii. 32. 

b]tioÚ5lói&eo>c,-&i5,-bi5e, s.m. a 

dreamer, Deut. xiii. 5. 
bfiio]-óíioi&eAC,-6i5e, adj. bro- 


quick, clever. 
b|tiof*5<xi6,-AÓ, V a. start, soften. 
bft|0f5an,-ivin, s.m. a succulent 
root eaten by the poor, yernsiC. 
pronounced, bliofcivi). 
briio|*5A]tt)Ac,-Ai5,-A|5e, s.m. a 
crackling, Eccl. vii. 6. Also, 
a stammerer. 
b|tioi-5A]iijAC,-xxi5e, adj- cracli- 

ling, stammering- 
bftioy5livn,-C\in, s.m. silver weed, 
goose grass, skirret, wild tan- 
self, Petentilla ansera. 
b|tiof5lópAc,-Ai5e, adj. babbling, 
Acts, xvii. 18. talkative. pra- 
ting, gabbling, garrulous. 
bftiocAC,-Ai5e, adj. stammering, 
see Is. xxviii. 11.& xxxiii. 19. 
b|i]oc<\c,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a stam- 
merer, see Is. xxxii. 4. fr. the 
obs. sub. b|tioc, chit chat. 
bftfOcAifie, g. id. pi, -fiióe, s.m. a 

bftif,-feAt>, v.a break, 1 Kings 

XV. ly. Ps- x. 15. — John, xlx. 
31. Acts, XX. 7. Heb. Peras, 
to break, also, a breach. 
b|iifc,-ce, adj. offhanded, open- 
hearted, generous, see, biiiof5. 
b|ii]-eAb,-rce, pi. id. &, -rce<\CA, 
s.m. a breach, breaking. Gen. 
xxxviii. 29. Job XXX. 14. — 
Lev. xxiv. 20. — 2 Kings, xii. 
5 & (). a fraction, defeat, rout, , 
change for larger money- 

bytirce, ind. p.p. broken, rent. 
Lev. xxi. 19. 1 Sam. iv. 12. 
routed, defeated, changed, as 
large money into smaller. 

bfif|-ce,,-ci5e,s.m breeches, 
Lev. vi. 10 — pi. Ex. xxviii. 42. 

b|iH'ceAC,-ci5e, adj. broken, in- 
terrupted, R. S. 

b|ii|-ceóift,-óriA,-ói]ti6e, s.m. a 
breaker, Micah, ii. 13. 

biiicit)e<\c,-m5e, s.f. the measles. 

btt6,-ói), & vern. -ó\x), pi, -ó|t)ce, 
s f . a quern a handmill. 

clubrush, Scirpus maritimus. 

bttoc,-]tvtc, pi. id. s.m. a badger, 
g. Ezek. xvi. 10. 

b|toc,-fiv|ce, adj grey, speckled. 

bftocAÓ,-Ai^e, adj. greyish, frec- 
kled in the face, mottled like a 

bfiocAipe, g. id. pi, -n^be, s.m. a 
badger hunter ; also, a terrier. 

b|toc<Nif,-fe,-i-i, s.f. a den, a 
haunt of bad persons, as rob- 
bers, Sfc. 

b|toc^i),-ait), s m. pottage. Gen. 
XXV. 29 & 30. bfiocM) bA^ije, 
milk porridge. 

briocfolufj-iiji-, s.m. twilight. 

b|tob,-jtu|b, pi. id. s.m. a goad, a 

b|tób,-óib, s.m. pride, arrogance. 

; b|ióbArT)lACb,-bA, S.f. pride, ar- 


») n 

cf/, arrogant. 


sf. a shoe, a 

sandal, Deut. xxv. 10 

Ex. iii. 5. Luke x. 4. 
bft05<Nc,-<Ni5e, adj. sJiod, hating 

shoes, like a shoe. 
bpó5íM)c<\, ind. adj. active, lively, 

brisk, sturdy. 
brió5at)CAC0,-&A, s. f. activity, 

liveliness, stiirdiness. 
b|xó5bnAiC)e, g. id, s.f. common 

rusJi, j uncus conglomeratus. 
b|ioib|5,-)u5A6, v.a. stir, excite, 

stimulate ; fr. bfiob. C P. 
brióiDir>éift, g. id, &, -^AftA, pi, 

-éitiióe, s.m. an embroiderer, 

Ex. xxxviii. 23. 
bpó|br)eile<xc&,-&A, pi. id. em- 
broidery, g. Ezek. xvi. 10 & 18. 
b)Aoileó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. wltorile 

berry, vaccinium. see f |iaocó5. 
bfioirnei]-,-]-e,s.f. anger, boldness. 
\)]iO]r),-o\r)e,-ox)6^, s.f. a woinb, 

Luke xi. 27. — Gen. xlix. 25 

Luke xxiii. 29. 
bfióinreofiAC&j-bA, s.f. grinding ; 

fr. bftói}, g. of bfto, q.v. 
b[iójf&e, g. id. pi, -eAOA, s.f. a 

bpol|-t)ii7, g. id. pi, -ni8e, s.m. a 

small bundle of sticks /or fuel, 

a faggot. 
^rioici;^, g. id. pi, -5ce, s.m. a 

slaughtering -house, shatnbles ; 

fr. the obs. bpoc, Jiesh. see 

bpolUc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a bosom, 

Ps. cxxix. 7. — Deut. xxviii. 54. 

a breast, a preface to a book, 

a prologue. 
bpotr)Ad,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a colt, 

Zech. ix. 9. — Matt. xxi. 5. 
bpornívr),-íkiT), pi. id. s.m. a booby, 

a boor, a rustic. 
bfiotD^xocA, ind. adj. rude, boor- 
ish, impertinent. 

briorT)iitituir,-uj]-, s.m. boldness, 
disobedience, iynpertinence. 

bftomuTiiiurAc,-Ai3e, adj. tmpo- 
lished, rustic, impertinent. 

biión.-óii), pi. id. s.m. sorroic, 
grief, mourniiig, wailing. 

bpónmuili^, s.f. a mill'Stone. 
properly bftórbailiij. see bpó. 

\)\iox),-x)6.b,s.a..give, bestow, grant. 
see 1 Chron. xxi, 23. 

bpoiJAÓ,-i)cA, pi. id s.m, a gift, 
pi. Prov. XV. 27. a bestowing. 

biiofjcA, ind. p p. given, bestowed, 

brtopcAt)AC.,-Ai5e, adj. free, ge- 

bftoócAT)ur,-uif, pi. id. s m. a pre- 
sent, a gift. Gen. xxxii. 13, & 

bpoOcóiiij-ófiAj-óitnóe, s.m. a 
giver, a bestotcer. C.P. 

bitor&u5AD,-ui5ce,pl. id. s.m. per- 
suasion, provocation, exhorta- 
tion, Gal, V. 8. — Deut. xxxii. 
19. see 2 Cor. viii. 17. excite- 
ment, incentive, hastening. 

bfiof&ui5,-u5A6, y a. provoke, ex- 
hort, Ex. xxiii. 21. Deut. ix, 
7.— Deut. iv. 25. 2 Cor, ix, 5. 
excite, hasten, rouse. 

bftor&ui5ceóift,-óttA,-óifti6e, s.m. 
a prompter, an instigator. 

bfiofDA, g. id. pi. -A^oe, s.m. a 
faggot, an armful of wood. 

brxoc,-cA, pi. id, s.m. a mote. 
Matt, vii, 3. Luke vi. 41. a 
straw, a stalk. 

bftoc,-CA, s.m, a cutaneous dis- 
ease, the itch, an eruption of 
the skin. 

bftorAirie, g, id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m, a 
butcher ; fr. the obs, bpoc, 
fiesh ; also, a cauldro?i. 

bfiocAifxeAcbj-bA, s.f. butchery, 
the trade of a butcher. 

bfiocuf,-uif, pi, id. s.m. a mix- 
ture, a medley, Scotch brose. 

h n u 


b n u 

bpi'i, g, bftoi), pi, bpof)A, s.f. the 

uornb, the m<itri:v. Gen. xxix. 

31. Ex xxxiv. 19. — Deut. vii. 

13. Luke i. 42. — Luke xxiii. 

29. see, bfto]5. 
bfiiiAC,-Aic,-ACA,s.m.6;7/?A:, 5rt«A, 

Gen. xli. 3. Ex. ii. 3. — pi. Jos. 

iii. 15. border y eclge^ boundary. 
bfiuACAiTteACO,-&<\, s.f. ahovering 

abouf, a lounging. 
l)|iu<vcAlivt),-2^]n, pi id.s.m. a bird 

called the wagtail. The vern. 

name is TU|-ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. 
bfiuACíiin,-ív|T), pi. id.s.m. a little 

bank., a sliort aacent. 

a reverie. O'G. 
bfiucb,-uicbe,-uc&<x, s.f. a belch, 

a sudden disruption, froth. 
bfitic&,-b<x6, v.n. belch, sally, 

rush out. 
briuc&AC,-t)Ai5e, adj.5e^c/u'/?^, §*(:. 
bpvc>5Ói|i,-ófxí^,-óip]óe, s.m. a 

b[turluf,-iil]-, s.m, the Jluttering 

of birds going to roost. 
bftus, g. id. &, bfiui5, Pl> bpusA, 

s.m. a large house, a f<nry 

hillock, a palace, a fortified 

bftú5<xcAr)-^ir5 s.m. the office or 

situation of a h\^ú.-^6^\be, q.v. 
bftú5<\ó,-úi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

bruise, pi, Is. i. 6. contrition, 

Q.V. a pounding, bruising. 
bftÚ5Abóiii,-6ft<\,-ó|p]6e, s.m. a 

b|iu5Ai6e, g. id. pi, -6156, s.m. a 

burger, a husbandman, a far- 
bftuTb8eó||t,-óixA,-ó]|tióe5 s.m. a 

bpui&j-be, s.f. captivity, Matt. i. 

11. — Judg. xviii. 30. bondage- 
briúib,-be,-beAÍ7A, s.f. a brute, a 

beast ^ a brutish or stupid per- 

b|tíiibeíaT)uil,-ti)lA, adj. foolish, 

\ brutish, Ps. ixxiii. 22 Prov. 

! XXX. 2. 

bpúibeArnlAÓ&,-bA,s.f. sensuality, 
\ brutality, folly. CP. 
. bfiuibi5,-iii5AD, v.a. enslave, tor- 
ture, stab, dig. 
bpuióir),-Dne, s.f. a castle, a for- 

tress, a royal residence, a fairy 

palace. Chald. burgan, a pa- 
I lace. 
bpiii5,-ú5A6, v.a. bruise, inf. Is. 

liii. 10. Mark v. 2i. pound. 
bpuí5itj,-5i)e,-5i)eACA,s.f. a strife, 

an assault. Is. xlv. 9. g. Acts 

xiv. 5. a skirmish, quarrel, a 

scolding speech. 
bpufjneACj-oi^e, brawling. Tit. 

iii. 2. quarrelsome, riotous 

striving in speech. 
bpúi5ce, ind. p.p. bruised, Ts. 

xlii. 3 Luke iv. 18. pounded. 
bpuirT}p&up,-&]|t, s.m. creep- 
ing wheat grass, couch grass, 

triticum repens. 
bpuioéubAc, -bAi5, pi, -bAi5e, &, 

-bACA, s.m. an apron. 
bpu^nbiSj-beAÓ, v.a. smelt, fine, 

refine ; At) c-óp Ai|t da bpujn- 

bcAO, smelted gold. Mac. F. 
bpu|i)it7,-t)e, s.f. the knap of cloth. 
bituiDce, ind. p.p. fine, Ís. xiii. 

12. refined, smelted. 
bpii|t)ceAÓ,-ci^e, adj. pregnant^ 

big with child. 
bpuinceACb,-bA, sf. pregnancy. 
bpii|r,-re, s.f. small splinters^ 

shivers, bross, underwood. 
bpmc, g. id. s.m. a boiling of any 

thing, particularly meat. vern. 
bpuic, inf. id. boil, seethe, bake, 

2 Sam. xiii. 8. 2 Kings iv, 

bpujce^ ind. p.p. roast, sodden. 

Ex, xii. 8 & 9. boiled, baked. 
bpuiceAbóip,-ópA,-ó]pi6e, s.m. a 


h U a 


b Li n 

b|iu)ci)eAÓ,-i)i5e, adj. /<o/, (/low- 
in ff from a furnace. 

bfi>7cneAc,-i)15e,-r)eAC<\,s.f. <7rerti 
heat ; also, a batch of roasted 
potatoes hot from the fire, called 
in Munster a bítocÓ5. 

bpuici)eóip,-ótiA,-óittióe, s.m. a 
refiner or smelter of wetah. 

bfiurT)<x(|ie, g. id, pi, -nic>e, s.m. a 

bfmyc<vi},-:\]t), pi. id. s.m. see, 


bpur3*r^,-'*lt^» pi- id. s.ra. broken 
ware, useless fragments, the 

buAbAllj-buill, pi. id. sm. a mu- 
sical instrument called a cor- 
net, Dan, iii. 5. — I Chron. xv. 

buAbAllóifi,-óitA,-óift]6e, s.m. a 
plaijer on the cornet, a trum- 
peter, a horn player. 

bv<\c,-Aice, s.f a bleaching liquor 
prepared by womoi in the 

bv<\c<\c,-Ai5e, adj. proud, buck- 
ish, beauish. 

bvACAÓíin,-^!^, pi. id. s.m. a 

bvACAiU, g. id. &, -caUa, pi, 
-cuilll5e, s.m. a lad, a keeper 
of a herd or flock, a boy, 1 
Sam. XX, 21 &37.— 1 Sam.xx. 
37. Mark ix. 24.— Gen. xxv. 
27. Matt. viii. 33. Arab, buk- 
awal, Gr. ^oukoX-o;. 

bYACcviU,-lt»ACO, v.a. feed cattle, 
inf. Luke XV. 15. herd cattle. 

bvACA|lleAC&,-bA, s.f. a herding 
or tending of cattle. 

bvACAi]-,-re,-|*i, s.f. the wick of 
a candle. 

\)YAc^\ixr),-'A]t), pi. id. s.m, a spe- 
cies of groundsel, common rag- 
wo7-t, senecio jacoboea. 

bvAC<\ri,-<Nip, pi. id. s,m. cow 

I bvAc<.\ftivu,-;\it), pi. id. s.m. dried 
I coiv dung used by the poor in 
! the country for fuel. 

bvA8AC,-Ai5e, adj. victorious, va- 
! luable, precious. 

bv<\ó<\i5,-bu5AÓ, v.a. overcome, 
jo/<?m<7, John xvi.33. Fs ix. 19- 

bvA8Ar,-A|f5 s.m. triumph, vic- 

br A8pocAl,-Ail, pi. id. s m. a 
qualifying word, an epithet. 

bvA65Aift,-|te, s.f. a shout q/ vic- 

bvAÓJAifieACj-iiiTje, adj. trium- 
phant, like a shout of victory. 

hYíi6niA\\,-A]\ie, adj. victorious, 

bvAp,-ATF, pi. id a toad, any ugly 
venomous creature. Lat. buf-o. 

bvAi:AT)íM7,-ívin, pi. id. s.m, 7?iug- 
wort, artemisia vulgaris. 

bvApAn^n bixii, &, buA]:Ar)C\r> ll'AC, 
s.m. mugivort. 

bvApAOi^i) bvioe, s.m. corn mari- 
gold, yelloiv oxeye, chrysan- 
themum segetum. 

bvApADiXt) t)A b-^<'^T5'*P^"' ^-^^ 
groundsel, ragweed, senecio 

bYA5,-Ai5e,-A5A, s.f. a spigot, a 
faucet, a plug. 

bvAió,-Ai6e,-AÓA, s.f, victory, \ 
Chron, xxix. 11, Rev. xii. 8, — 
Rev. vi. 2. Heb. buagh, to ex- 

bvAioeAjicA, ind, pp. troubled, 
Gen. xli. 8, ve.ved, annoyed, 

bvAiÓe Attcói|t,-ó|tA,-ói \\\6e, s.m. 
a disturber. 

bvAibifi,-ttc, v.a. vex. Numb. 
xxv. 17. see bvAiófii5. 

bvA]ón%c,-6eAjirA, pi, id, s,f. tri- 
bulation, confusion, trouble, 
commotion. Rev, vii, 14. — Job 
xxxviii, 23. 1 Cor. xiv. 33. 2 
Cor. i, 8 Luke xxi. 9- 

b U IV 


b u Ó 

bvAibfie«NÓ,-]ii6, a sfii\ a 
tnmiill, tribulation. Acts xvii. 
16. & xxiv. 18.— C. P. 44. & 
Dunl. 162. see bvAióijic. 

t)vAióni5,-rieAÓ, v.a. distress, 
trouble, vex, weary, Deut. ii. 
19. Prov. XV. 27.— Job xix. 2. 
Luke xviii. 5. 

t)v<\|l,-<\lA6, v.a. smite, strike, 
beat. Numb. xxv. 17. — Deut. 
XXV. 2. Matt. xxiv. 49. Acts 
xxiii. 3. Com. Lat. bell-um. 
Gr. /3aX-Xw, /3sX-oc, &, TÓX-£,aos. 

bvA^le, g. id. pi, -Ice, s.f. a re- 
served pasture for cows, a pad- 
dock for milking. 

bvAilce, ind. p.p. stricken, smit- 
ten. Is. liii. 4. 

t)vA]lceAc,-ci^e, adj. given to 
striking, 1 Tim. iii. 3. Titus, 
i. 7. 

bvAilceaijj-ivii), pi. id. s.m. a sup- 
ple, the stick of thejlail which 
strikes the corn in threshing. 

t)vAilceói|i,-óftA,-ó)|ti8e, s.m. a 
thresher, 1 Cor. ix. 10. a 

bvAin, inf. id v.a. reap. Rev. xiv. 
15. take. Matt. v. 40. Acts 
XV. 14. & xxii. 24. mow, pull, 
cut down, loose, untie. 

t)VAit),-Ai)A, s.f. part, alliance, 
Luke, iv. 34. Eph. ii. 12. 
reaping, Jas. v. 4. Rev. xiv. 
15. close intercourse, cutting 
down, mowing. 

buA|t)cit)ceACt),-&A, s.f. constant 
care or attendance. 

buAjDe, g. id. s.f. continuance, 
perpetuity, durability. 

buA^t)feAt*Art),-f&A, s.m. persever- 
ance, steadiness, stability. 

l)uAiDfeArtÍ7<\c,-Ai5e, adj. firm, 
steadfast, persevering. 

bvAioce, ind. p.p. hewn, cut, 
mown, reaped, dug. 

t)vAinceóifi,-óftA, pi, -óftvjD, and 

-óift|6e, a hewer, Jos. ix. 21. 
I a mower, a reaper, a cutter. 
j bvAUb, -Alice, s. m. threshing, 
' Lev. xxvi. 5. 1 Cor. ix. 10. — 

Rutb, iii. 2. Matt. iii. 12. a 

striking, a beating, a battle. 
bvAllACí5,-&A, pi. id. s.f. a drove 

of cows. 

bvAlc|1AC,-Al5e,-ACA, S.f. COW- 


bú.AT),-A|r)(», adj. durable, lasting, 

báAT)AbAi-,-Ai}*, s.m. continuance, 

búAOAi^i-nvJAÓ, v.a. continue, 
prolong, persevere, C. P. 

buAT^Ai-j-Aif, S.m. perseverance, 
perpetuity, Eph. vi. 18. con- 

bvAt)cv|iÍ7t)e, g. id. pi, -eACA, a 
lasting remembrance, a chro- 

bYAnpvf,-v|j-, s.m. continuance. 
Is. Ixiv. 5. see, bvAHAf. 

bYAt)ftAob,-bA6, v.a. year or tor- 
ture eternally. 

bvADYije, g. id, pi. id. s.m. a 
reaper. Am, ix. 13. — Jer. ix. 
22.— Matt. 13. 39. a mower, 
a hewer, a cutter down. 

bvA|iAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a spancel 
for a cow. 

bYACAi]-,-fe,-^i, s.f. a boot. 

bvbj-bA, pi. id. s.m. a roar, a 

bYbívil,-í^lA, pi, id. s.f. a roaring, 
yelling, or bellowing. 

hyh'<s.\},-i,]K), pi, id. s.m. a cox- 

bYbict)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. noisy, fop- 

bYbiiOACb,-&A, s.i. foolish prate j 

bYcU, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.m. a 

t)v3Ó5,-ói3e,-ó3A, s.f. an egg laid 
without a shell. 

I) U ) 


bU ) 

l)vib]ollivr),-<^in5 pi. id. sm. a talk- 
ative vain coxcomb. 

t)v|cevb,-éi&, pi. id. s.m. a bucket, 
g. Is. xl. 15. see Num. xxiv. 7. 

bvioe, ind. adj. yellow. Lev. xiii. 
32. see I Kings, vii. 46. 

bvjóe, g. id. s.f. the colour called 

bújóe, g. id. s.f. thanks, Rom. 
xiv. 6. 1 Cor. i. 4. piety, 

búi6eAC,-6ice, adj. thankful, ac- 
ceptable, Col. iii. 15. 1 Peter, 
ii. 20. 

bv|óeAcívT),-;\]T), pi. id. s.m. the 
yolk of an egg. 

búióeACAf,-Ai|*, s.m. thanks, 
Luke, vi. 32. 1 Thess. iii. 9. — 
Matt. XV. 36. 

bvibevl,-éil, pi. id. sm. a bottle, 
Gen. xxi. 14. — 1 Sam, x. 3. 
—Matt. ix. 17. 

bvi6en)óri,-ói|i, pi. id. s.m. dyer's 
rocket, yellow weed, or weld. 
Reseda luteola.. 

bvi&e i)A t)-it)5eAn, s.f. Irish 
spurge. Euphorbia ilibernica. 

bvi6eAt),-6ne, pi. id. s.f. a multi- 
tude, troop, band, Acts, xi. 24. 
1 Sara. X. 26.-2 Sara. iii. 22. 
Rev, xix, 1. a crowd, a com- 

bvi6eÓ5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s.f. a bird 
called a yellow-hammer. 

bv]5bii),-i3o, pi, id. s.f. a bulrush, 
see Ex. ii. 3. 

^^"*'156> g- id- s.f. softness, effemi- 

bvi5f ibi^,-boe, pi. id. a bulrush. 
Is, Iviii. 5. — See Is. xviii. 2. 

bvile, g. id. s.f. rage, madness. 2 
Kings, xix. 27. 1 Cor. xiv. 
23. a roaring, Zech, xi. 3. 

XX. 1. mad,fu/ious. 

bvil5, s.m. pi. a pair of bellows, 
plural of bol5, q. v. 

bvil5levr,-rA, pi. id. s.m. a bright 
spot, a blister. 

bv]l5leiirAc,-Ai5e, adj. bright- 
spotted, blistered, jJockmarke d 

bv|l5lev|-<\C5-Ai5,-Ai5e, s, m. a 
spot, Lev. xiii. 38. & 39. 

bvilio, g. id. pi, -oit)e,s.m. a loaf, 
Ex. xxix. 23. 1 Sam. x. 3. 

bviU, members, spots, Eph. iv. 
25. nom, pi. of, b^ll, q. v. 

bvjlle, g. id. pi, -lióe, s.m. a 
stroke, a stripe, Deut. xxi. 5. 

2 Cor. xi, 24.— Ex. xxi, 25 

Luke, xii, 48. a blow, " )f 
bv|lle Aiit A5A16 &," it is so 
much done. 

bviUeAC,-li5e, adj. that gives 
blows or stripes. 

bv]mbiol,-ble,-bleACA, s.f. a 

bvtnje, g. id. pi, -rx)] s.f. a nurse, 
Gen. xxiv. 59. 1 Thes. ii. 7. 

bviT)cio|-,-]*A,-fAÍ)<^) S.m. a pen- 

bv^nev&j-éit), pi. id. s.m. a bonnet, 
pi. Is. iii. 20. 

bviOe, g. id. pi. -r)\oe, s.m. a set 
off in basket-making , a thick 
border in beginning or finishing 
any wicker work, a branch, sap- 
pling, sprout or plant. 

b>7i3eAc,-i3i5e,s.f. laxity, looseness. 

hy]x)e'^D,-'^]X), pi. id. s.m. abranch, 
a gourd, Job. xiv. 7. — pi. 2 
Kings, iv. 39, a shoot, a young 

bvi|ibe, g. id. wrath, Rom. xi. 22. 
Col. iii, 8. anger, fierceness, 
harshness, barbarity. 

búf|xeAÓ,-i6, s.m. a roarz;?//. Judges 
xiv, 5, see, bútTtfreAÓ. 

búi]ipeAD,-pi6, pi. id, sm. a noise, 
roaring, Ps. xcvi 11, see, búi]i- 


búiftí:eAÓAc,-f:eAC)A, pi. id. s.f. a 
roaring, Prov. xix. 12. & sx. 2. 
— Ps. xxxii, 3. 

I) 11 n 


I) u n 

l)ú||iVI&,-be, v.n. roar (as an ani- 
mal,) inf. Ps. civ. 21. see Ps. 
xxii. 13. Luke, xxi. 25. 

V)vireul,-&il, pi. id. s m. a bushel, 
Luke, xi. 33.— Matt. v. 15. 

t)v(rce, g. id. pi, -cióe, s.m. oat- 
meal mixed np ivith butter and 
put into a scrip or pouch to be 
used in travelling ; also, the 
scrip or pouch itself. 

bY|fceó||i,-óit;\,-óiit]6e, s. m. a 

bvjcléiTt, g. id. pi. -pioe, s.m. a 
butler. Barb. 

bviclé'iiteAc&,-&A, s.f. the office 
of a butler. 

bvicreAcí\n,-í^itS pi- id. s.m. an 
assuming arrogant person. M'N. 

l)vicreACA|-,-A^f, s.m witchcraft, 

OvUa, g. id. pi. -<\i6e, s.m. a howl. 
Num. vii. 19. Ecc. xii. 6. also, 
an edict, a Popes bull. 

bvló5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a bullock, 
Ps. Ixix. 31.— pi. C. P. 

bvló5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s f . a loaf. 

bvn, g. bvin, &, bvT)A, pi. id. 
s.m. a foundation, 2 Tim. ii. 19. 
also, a bottom, base, root, stock, 
origin, charge, keeping. Pers 
Bun. " ^ m-bvn oil." tippling, 
"bun of c]o\)" np side down. Ps. 
cxlvi. 9. 

bYn<NÓ,.Ai5, s.m. toiv, coarse fax. 

bvnA8,-Ait>,pl. id. s.m. a family, 
stock, origin. 

bvDAÓAt'j-Air, pl- id. sm. founda- 
tion, origin, authority, sub- 

bvoAOAfACj-Aije, adj. authentic, 
original, radical, stout, strong, 
firm, well-founded. 

bYr)$\ir,-ce, pl,-ci5, &-ceACA, '^^^• 
foundation, confidence, Jos. vi. 
26. Proverbs, xxi. 22.— Deut. 
xxxii. 22. 

bvt)^|ceAc,-ci5e, adj. continuing. 

1 Sam. xii. 14. steady, strong, 
fixed, well-founded, authentic, 

bvo^ici5,-iv5A6, v.a.yownrf, esta- 
blish, fix, inherit. 
I bvr)Alc,-Ailc, pi. id. s.m. a prin- 
I cipal article of belief. 
I h\\)\\),-'A]X), pi. id. s.m. a stump, a 
I little root. 

bYnbeAn,-rr)r)Si, pi. id. s.f. a mid- 
dle-aged womaii. 

bvnciAll,-céiUe, s.f. a moral. 

bvDciAllAC,-A]5e, adj. containing 
a moral. 

bvi)C|o]",-rA,-]*AÍJA, s. m. chief 
rent, tribute, head rent. 

bvnclAOice, part. adj. nearly re- 
duced to the last extremity by 
sickness, hunger, fatigue, &c. 

bvncún-,-fe,-feAÓA, s.f. a first 

bvr)&ún,-íiin, pi. id. a silly person, 
a coxcomb, a blunderer. 

bvn&úr)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. silly, bung- 
ling, vain., blundering. 

bvOc\n,-Ait), pi. id. s.m. a beetle, a 
bittern. Lev. xi. 22. Is. xiv. 

bvn<vT) léAijAÓ, s.m. a bittern, Is. 
! xxxiv. 11. Zeph. ii. 14.leAr)A6, 
! of the sedgy shallows, g. pi. of, 
l&At)A. s.m. q v. 

bvóóf,-óif, pi. id. s.m. an old 

bvnfAc,-Ai5P,-ACA, s.f. a javelin, 
1 Sam. xviii. 10. also, a ;oi/, a 
twig, an osier, see, boi3|-Ac. 

bvpfttitCj-riK^cA, pi. id. s.m. a 
fountain head, a basin or reser- 
voir for water. 

bvt)|-coc,-Yic, pi. id. the oldstock, 
the Aborigines. 

bvr)CAi|-ce, g. id. pi, -cf, s.f. 
advantage, perquisites, profit. 
Hind. Bundege, corresponding 
to the Lat. Peculium. 

C U I) 


C U b 

bvi) Of C10Ó, adv. up side down, l)v||tAl,-A)l, pi. id. sm. a /ow(/ la- 
Ps. cxlvi. 9. j mentation, a inournjul cry or 

bvfi, ind. poss. adj. pron. your, \ howl. 

Matt. vi. 1. \\^r\\Ki^n)\]\,-\v\i^, -aa], surly, clown- 

bu|t5Anie, g. id. pi, -jijoe, s.m. a tsh, sulky, stupid. 

burgess, a citizen. j búcAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s.m. boot ob- 

búnt^Nit», g. id. pi, -A|8e, s.m. a tained in exchanging, profit, 
clown, a blockhead, Heb. Bur, I gain. 

a clown, Pers. Bourre, in a búcAifie, g. id. pi, -jiioe, s.m. a 
state of uncultivated nature. \ chapman, a dealer fin cattle.) 

G, (coll, tJie Jiazel tree,) the third 
letter of the niodeni Irish Al- \ 

Ca, an interrogative particle, 
how, what, where, when ? If '• 
the following word begin with 
a vowel, it requires that b 
should be interposed, as, civ 
b-v^iTt, C^ b'-ATJAlb. \ 

Ca, a neg. adv. not ; still in use : 
in some districts, exactly the 
same signification as t)], not. 

CAb,-Aib, pi. id. s.m a mouth, n 
head, a gap- 

CivbA, g. id. pi, -<V|6e, s.m. a cape, 
a cap or hood. Heb. kaba. 

CAbc\c,-Ai5e, adj. hahbling, talk-\ 
atiie, gapped, indented. 

C<\bA deAr^^lOj s.m.Jie/dknai(tia 
or scabious, knautia arvensis. 

CAbAil,-le, s.f. the body of a shirt 
without sleeves or collar, the 
walls of an unfnrnislied house. 

CAbAni,-b|iA,&, -bAjtc*,, 
Deut. xxxiii. 26. Acts xxvi. 
22. — Is. xxxi. 1. Acts xxvii. 
17. also, aid, assistance, favour. 

CAbAifi,-b|tu5AÓ, v.a. help, com- 
fort, 2 Kings vi. 26. Ps.lxxix 
9.- -Is. Ixi. 2, aid, assist. 

CAbAifie, g. id. pl, -\i\6e, s.rn. & 
f. a babbler, a prate}; a tat- 

CAh^]\xe6^ct>,-tiA, s.f. babbling, 
tattling, prating. 

CAb<xiiii5,-|tiv5*6, v.a. aid, help, 

CAb<xl,-Ail, pl. id. s.m. a large 
pan, (particularly of milk.) a 

CAbanr^iO, pl. id. s-m. a tent, pl. 
2 Kings vii. 10. rt cabin, booth. 

CAb^n,-iviT), pl. id. s.m. afield, a 
valley, a plain. " Wioft pA5 
fé cvAT) x)o. CAb&r) 5Ar) cvAfx- 
CV5AÓ." M'N. 

CabAD AbAin, s.m. connnon yellow 
water-lily, nymphaea lutea. 

CftbAfttA, of help, Rom. xvi. 9. 

1 Thess. iii. 2. Heb. xiii. 6. 
gen. of CaOaip, q.v. 

CAbATtrAC,-Ai5e.adj. comfortable, 

2 Sam. xiv. 17. helpful, aid- 
ing, assistiug. 



C ?i ] 

helper, aider, assistant. C.P. 
CívbÍA, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s,m. a 

cable, a chain. Ar. Heh\,arope; 

Heb. cabal, /<e bound. 
CivbUc, s.m. ti, ^ee/. C.P. see 

Ciiblvije, s.m. pi. the tacklings 

of a ship. Is. xxxiii. 23. see 

C<xbó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a jackdaw, 

CAbfióifj-fe, s.f. corn spurreijy 
spergula arvensis. 

C^bf A, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s.m. a 
pavement, a causeway. M'N. 

Cc.hx'^.\),-i),\\), pi. id. s.m. a hollow 
or trench, pronounced verna- 
cularly, coosan. M'N. 

C<xbfóiít,-ó|iA,-ói|ii6e, s.m. a pa- 
ver. M'N. 

C<!ibún,-uTt), pi. id. s.m. an igno- 
rant low despicable fellow ; 
also, a capon. 

C/^c,-c^,'Cd.x)i>., s.m. excrement, 
filth, ordure, evil. com. Gr, 
xaxx-aw, & Chald, cach. 

Civc, g, civfc, an indef. subs. 
pron. all in general, Luke vi. 

CivcA, pi, -A|óe, s.m. a cake. 

Caí5, an interrogative adv. ^vhat, 
how long since ? 

C^vOACArj-Aif, s.m. atonement, 
Lev. iv. 35. 

CAbArT)í^t),-ívii), pi. id. s.m. a low 
despicable fellow. M'N. 

CAOAt),-*]!), pi. id. s.m. a wild 
goose, a barnacle. 

CAOívf,-ívii*, s.m. cotton, bombast, 
scrapings of linen rags, pledget. 

CAÓAfj-Air, s.m. friendship, fond- 
ness, privilege, honour. 

CA6A|-Ac,-*i5e, adj. friendly, 
fond, honorable. 

CA6lii|b,-be, s.f. the herb cudweed, 

CA6rt)ArAC,-A|5e, 5.0]. praud, as- 
suming in the fashion and man- 
ner of an upstart. 

CAOrnufj-uTj-, s.m. pride, upstart 

CAi!)]iAr)CA, ind. adj. contentious, 
obstinate, stubborn. 

CAib]ftil,-le,-li, s.f. a chapter. 

CAibi&ileAC,-li5e, adj. capitular. 

Cí^ibío, g. id. pi, -n!C>e, s.m. a cap, 
a hat ; generally, a bad hat. 

C^tó,-6e, s.f. chaff, Matt. iii. 12. 

Cívióe, g. id. pi, -eACA, s.f. a ble- 
mish, defilement, spot, Eph. v. 
27. Heb. vii. 26. pi, 2 Pet. ii. 
13. Jude i. 12. also, an atom, 
a particle of dust or dirt. 

CA\b\\ec',h,-]\-\h, s.m. company, 
felloicship, 1 Cor. v. 9. 2 Cor. 
vi. 14. 'á\so, society, friendship, 
intercourse, union. familiarity; 
properly, c6,\ti\\eo>n),-\\]ú). 

CAi&iieAmAC,-Ai5e, B.á]. familiar, 
fond, kind, social, friendly. 

CA|i)fterb<Nf,-AH', s.m.. familiarity, 
fondness, intimacy. 

/v. a. associate, 

r- • cherish, live io- 

^ ' " '. ' .' \Tiether as man 
' ' '"^' ' U8f w/fe, caress» 

Ciiil,-le,-leACA, s.f. means, state, 
sort, 2 Cor. xi. 3, & xii. 13. 
Gal. iv. 15. see Rom. xv. 15. 
quality, disposition, appear- 
ance, strength, desire, vigour. 

CA|lc,-ce, s.f. chalk, Is. xxvii, 9. 
CAilc ituAÓ, red ochre. 

CAilceAC,-ci5e, adj. chalky. 

CAilci5,-ceAb, v.a. chalk. 

CAile, g. id. pi, -If, &, -leAOA, s.f. 
a bold, determined, inhospitable 
wotnan. Heb. calah, a nurse. 

CaiUauca, ind. adj. girlish, effe- 

C'A][^,-^e, s.f. a sting, 1 Cor, xv. 
55, & 56. malice, treachery. 

C ?V J 



CA]li6eAC&,-DA, s.f. rt quality, 

qualijication^ genius. 
CaiIíí), g. id. pi, -n,5, s.m. a ^/r/, 

a maidei), Ex. xxi. 20. — Luke 

viii. 51. — Ex. ii. 5. 
C'Ailif,-fe,-|*eACA, s f . a chalice, 

a cup. Gr. -/mV.u^. 
CaiU, inf. id. h -leAmuip, v. a. 

lose, 1 Kings xx. 2. — Jobxxxi. 

39. Is. xlix. 20. Heb. calah, 

CAilleAC,-li5e,-leACA, s.f. a ww/i ; 

fr. the obs. s. CaiUc, a veil, or 

CAiUeAc,-li5e,-leAC<v, a hag, an 
old tvotnan. Heb. ehelach, old 

CAilleAÓAii)uil,-rbU, haggish ; be- 
longing 1o an old woman, see 
1 Tim. iv. 7. 

CAiUeArT)u|i),-rbr)A, pi. id, s.f. loss, 
damage, R.S. CAjIleAOj-lce, 
pi. id. s.m. id. 

CAiUeArbDAc,-Ai5e, adj. losing, 
defective, apt to lose. 

C A] lice, ind. p.p. castrated, see 
Matt. xix. 12. ruined, destroy- 

CAillceAC,-ci5e, adj. ruinous, 
causing loss, apt to lose. 

CA]llceAr)Ac,-Ai5, pi. id. s.m. an 
eunuch. Acts viii, 27. — pi, 
Matt, xix, 12. 

CAillceó||i,-ófiA,-óf|t)óe, s.m. a 
loser, a spender, a spoiler. 

CAiTi7beul,-éil, pi. id, s.m. a wry 

CA]rt}beulAc,-Ai5e, adj. wry- 

CAirtjceACCA, g, id. s.m. tlte north, 
the constellation called the 
plough, or ' ursa major.' 

C<K]xr)e, g. id. s.f. crookedness. 
Arab, khemi, id. 

CAirt}eACivT),-^in, pi. id. s.m. a 
hump-backed person. 

Cajn,-l)e, &, CMJAC, pi, -UCACA, 

s.f. aioU, Ezravii.24. ajine, tri- 
bute, rent, any duty or '•^ canon" 
imposed on one. Heb. kana, 
he acquired. 

Cívin,-i;eAÓ, v.a. reproacli, sati- 
rize, backbite, slander, revile, 

C^IT)eA6,-ni6,or,-o]5ce, s.m. 



11. also. 

a reviling, scolding, traducing, 
a lampooning. Arab, khaini, 

Cs^lopiceAÓj-ció, s.m. confisca- 
tion, amercement, 

CAjúeAlj-éil, s.m. a chan- 
nel, a canal. 

Caii)reói|i,-ótiA,-ó|iii6e,s.m. or f. 
a scold, a shreiv, a scolding 
I CA|nfe5fiAc&,-bA, s.f. scolding, 

Cb.]X)c, inf, pres. 1o talk. Gen. 
xvii. 22. xxix. 9. see Gívt). 

Cívir)c,-ce,-ceAÍ)A, s.f. speech, say- 
ing, talking. Gen. iv. 23 — 
Mark vii. 29. Eph. v. 4. 

Cii]T)ce, p.p. railed at, dispraised, 

Ci^ir)reAc,-ci5e, adj. talkative, 
peevish, malicious in talk. 

Ci^]X)zeó]\i,-ó\i^,-ó]]x]'6e, s.m. a 
reproacher, g. Ps. xliv. 16. 
also, a babbler, an orator, a 

Cívit)ceó]|ieAc&,-&A, s.f. areviling, 
a reproach, see Is. li. 7. 

C'<x-\r)z]c,-ce,-c\, s.f. a song, 2 
Chron. xxix. 27. Rev. v. 9. & 
XV, 3, a canticle, a hymn. 

Civ^DC|5, inf, civ]t;c, v.a. talk, 
speak, see C'o^yoz. 

Caipji), g. id. pi, -oi^e, s.m. a 

Cc\^z\x), g. id. pi, -1)15«', s.m, a 
captain, John xviii. 12. — Luke 
vii. 2, — Acts xxi. 32. 

GAipciueAc&,-t)A, s.f. a captaincy. 



C 'A J 

C^jpbe, g. id. s.f. respUe, 1 Sam. 
xi. 3. iime for 'paymeut. 

Civifibe, n. pi. friends, Mark iii. ^ 
21. Rom. x'ii. 19. Heb. vi. 9. 
see CivjiA. 

Ciiiii&eAn)ii|l,-n)lAj adj. friendly. 
Acts xxviii. 7. i 

Cívni&eArbUó&,-bA, s.f. friend- \ 
ship, friendliness. 

CivipbeA]-, g. -bir, pi, -biofA, & 
-&eA|*A, s.m. friendship, favour, 
Jas. iv. 4. — pi. Gen. xxxix. 21. 
Ex. iii. 21. Gr. y.a^oia, the 

Csx]\\iieAy Citfofb, s.m. or f. a 
godfather or godmother, a spon- 

CAiitÓeAft^j-óifije, s.f. a blitsh ; 
also, the redness of face ivhich 
is caused by intemperance. 

Cíi]ttr)eAÓ,-i7i5,-i)i5e, s.m. a Dru- 
idical priest ; "iAr5<vifie c^tift-j 
T)eAC." Lev. xi. 13. an osprayA 
a kingsJisJier. \ 

C<xi|toeAc,-oi5e, adj. stony, a- 
hounding in cairns. 

CiVin^pjAh, g. id. & -A1Ó, pi, -AÓA, I 

s.m.aAi/y/, Deut.xii. 15.&xiv.' 
5 pi, Lam. i. 6. a wild deer. 

CA]|ir, g, CAfltA, &, CA|1CAC, pi, 

CAT1CACA, s.f. a cart, 1 Sam. vi, 
7 & 8. Am. ii. 13.— 1 Sam. vi. 
14. Is. V. 18. & xxviii. 28.; 
Chald. karun. ; 

CAjpc,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. the hark of 
a tree, paper, card, chart, i 
charter, bond. Com. Gr. /^«1'^. 
Lat. charta, & cortex. 

CAiftcceAp,-cip, pi. id. s.m. the 
nave or stock of a cartwheel. 

CAiiiceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. barky, be- 
longing to paper. 

CAi|aceó|p,-óftA,-óiji]8e, s.m. a 
carman, carter, waggoner. 

CAiric|ul,-iiil, pi. id. s.m. a ma- 
riner's compass, a chart of di- 
rection. Fr. CA||tc, & ]ii\. ! 

Cat^-c I Ab,-bA, pi. id. s.f. a ring- 
let, a curl. 

GAii-ciAbAC,-Ai5e, adj. having 
ringlets, or curled hair. 

CAjre, g. id. pi, -]-\, s.f. a stream, 
see Is. xxxiii. 21. see ^Aif. 

Cs\]xe, g. id. pi. id. s.f. cheese, 
2 Sam. xvii. 29.— Job x. 10.— 
pi. 1 Sam. xvii. 18. the vernac. 
nominative is civif. 

GAife^lj-^il, pi. id. s.m. a bul- 
wark, a wall ; also, the name 
ofCashel, which Cormac in his 
glossary derives from a]!, cj- 
orA, tlie stone or rock of tri- 
bute. Chald. chasul. 

CAireAiibívi),-íxiU, s.m. dandelion, 
leontodon taraxacum. 

Cí^lí*eói|t,-ófiA,-ó|iti6e, s.m. a 

Civirs» g» c^rs^j &; c^r5, s.f. the 
passover, Ex. xii. 11. — Num. 
ix, 12. Matt. xxvi. 17. John 
xiii. 1. Ex. xii. 27. Gr. rTaa'/j-a. 
Heb. pasakh, /;rts.s ore;-. 213)ou- 
c'A\yx^, Epiphany. 

CAirleíxt),-é]t), pi. id. s.m. a cas- 
tle, a stronghold, 1 Chron. xi. 
5, & 7._Prov. xviii. 19. Zech. 
ix. 12. — Num. xxxi. 10. 

CAiyrT)ipc,-ce,-c:|, s.f. alarm, Jer. 
xlix. 2. also, heat of battle ,- 
often spelled CA]]-n7eApc,-éipc, 
pi. id. s.m. 

Cai]-cíd, g. id. pi, -i)l6e, s.m. a 
crafty little fellow. 

C'ivic, adv. ichere, i.e. ca, what, 
ixjc, place. 

Civic, g, CÍVCA, s.f. chaff, Luke 
iii. 17. — Jer. xxiii. 28. 

C''\\t, c<^c»^6, v.a. tcinnow, fm, 
inf. Ruth iii. 2. Jer iv. 11. 

CA|c,-ceArt), v.a. cast, spend, eat, 
2 Kings xxiii. 6. Acts xxi. 24. 
—Matt. xxvi. 17. Mark iii. 20. 
Acts X. 10. 

CíviceAC,-ci5o,-í:eACA, s.f. a win- 

C ?i 1 



noiting sheet, the main sail of 
a ship. \ 

CAiceAC,-ci5e, adj. spending, 
prodigal, uasteful. 

C^iceATb, g, -cme, &, -cce, s.m. 
eating, g. 1 Tim. iv. 3. spend- 
ing, consuming, icearing, wast- 
ing, casting, shooting ; ci>^\t- 
e<\rt) AirT}riiie, sport, pastime; 
CAiceATT) hQistis, moral conduct, 
mode of living. 

CAiceói|t,-ó|t*,-ó|jiit5e, s.m. a 
spendthrift, a icaster. 

C^\iy.\Xi, impers. verb, it behoves, 
becomes, obliges. 

CAiCf'n, g. id. pi, -i)|6e, s.f. the 
knap of cloth, the blossom or 
catkin of the osier, a little cat. 

C<vicit)eAc,-T)]5e, adj. curled, 

Ciii!:||i,-fie,-|ieACA, s.f. a seat. 
Matt, xxiii. 2.— pi. Matt. xxi. 12. 
see CivcAo^i. 

C<vicleAÓ,-li5, s.m. husks, chaff, 
2 Kings iv. 42. Is. v. 24. Zeph. 
ii. 2. 

Cc\icle(xc 6e<\fi5,-li5 6eTTi3, s.m. 
common red poppy, pap aver 

C<xicrT)eAC,-TT)i5e, adj. spending, 
wasteful, prodigal. 

C<\icrnileAb,-lió, pi. id. s.m. a 
soldier, a warrior, a hero, fr. 
Cac, &, itjileAÓ. 

C<viCftéin},-rT7e, pi, -rT)ef)A,&,-tr)e<x- 
CA, s.f. triumph, triumphing, 
2 Sam. i. 20. Job. xx. 5. Ps. I'x. 
8. — Ps. xlvii. 1 . victory, a loud 
shout of triumph or jo a. fr. 
Cac, &, \i.e]xx), power or shout. 

C<\ic|iéirneAÓ,-rT7i5e, adj. trium- 
phant, see Col. ii. 15. victo- 
rious, shouting loudly. 

CAicf^&1TDi5,-iii5A6, v.a. & n. tri- 
umph, inf. Ps. cvi. 47. exult, 
shout aloud, 

C A]t]i]n-^o.6,-^-^i:e , s.m. a fou rish- 

ing, Ps. Ixxii. 16. particularly 
applied to several ears of corn 
that branch out from one stem. 
Civicce, p p. ninnowed. 
CA]cce, ind. ]).p. spent, Judges, 
j xix. 1 1. consumed, worn, eaten, 
I wasted, cast. 

\ C<xUó,-Aió,í/ creeh,a porch, 
\ Acts, xxvii. 39. — pi. John, v. 
i 2. a port, ferry, harbour .^ha- 
1 ven, C<\1a6 roAT^A, a bay, Gr. 
I y.s/Aoi, I arrive into harbour. 
1 Heb. Kahal, assembled, and 
I Cala, checked, rested. 
CaUi3,-a6, v.n. take harbour, 
I remain, reside, Arab. Kal, & 
I Heb. Chal, Jie staid. 
; C&\c'>n)u\',-\x\x, s. m. calamus (an 

herb), Cant. iv. 14. 
^s . ~i V a. harden, fas- 

^■^, ' . \-iíX>, ten, drive, caulk, 

'^'J beat, ram. 

CaIca6,-aió, s.m. the act of 
caulking or driving by percus- 
j CAlcA]5ce,p p. caulked , hardened 

by tramping, &c. 
CAlcAi|te, g. id. pi, -|ti8e, s.m. a 
caulker, a rammer, fr. caIc, & 
! peAft. 
j Ca15,-ai15, pi. id. sm. a sting, pi. 

Rev. ix. 10. see, CÍV1I5. 
I Ca15,-7;a6, v.a. sting, see Rev. 
I ix. 5. Pierce. 
\ CAÍlAitte, g., -|ti6e, s.m. a 
I crier. 
CAllAiTteAC&,-í5A, s. f. crying, 

CAllar),-^ir)j s.m. a noise, sound, 

shouting, babbling. 
CAllivr)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. clamorous, 

CaU6)0,-&p, s.f.a wrangling, pra- 
ting, Phil. ii. 14.— Is. i. 10, 
CAllóibeAc,-bi5e,adj. noisy, com- 
plaining, wrangling. 




C<xln7<N, ind. adj. valorous^ Judges, 
XX. 44. brave, heroic, daring, 
resolute, strong, Heb. Chalam, } 
he prevailed. 

C<xln7Act),-c>A, courage, see, CaI- 


,. , Is. m. strength, 

CAimAr,-Air, ),;^^^/ 1 

C^lpA, g. id. pi, -a6a, s.m. the \ 
calf of the leg, CaIp<\6a Ga|i- i 
cu|ll, í/í^ pillars of Bercules, 
Com. Calpe, & the Arab. Kelb. , 
hernel, middle. 

C<xrt7,-Ain7e, adj. croohed, ffo- 
nard, Prov. xxi. 8. Is. xxvii. i 
1. bent, distorted, deceitful. 
Pers. Kham, Chald. Kamar, 
Gr. xa,a-T-w, / bend, Lat. Cam- 

CAn?,-mA6, V. a. bend, make 
croohed, distort, curve. 

CArt)<\8,-<\]6, pi. id. sm. (7 bend, 
crooh, curvature, Arab. Khemi, 
a curvature. 

Civri)<\U,-Aill, pi, id. S.m. rt camel, 
Lev. xi. 4, Deut. xiv. 7. — 
Zech. xiv. 15. — Gen. xii. 16. 
Heb. Gamal, Gr. xa/i»)/.-og, per- 
haps fr. CArT7, croohed, &, aU, « 
horse, or cArb, an obs. s. 
power, &, aU, horse. 

CArT}i\r),-<vir), pi. id. s.m. a /i?/rZ, a 
bent stick for the game of 

CAtT)ivnAC&,-bA, s.f. the game of 
commons or hurling, vernacu- 
larly called, bivj fie. 

CAtDivr) fCAntAiJ, s.m. common 
fumitory. Fumaria officinalis. 

CAtbAol n^-^e, s.f. twilight, g. Job, 
iii. 9. c/«i^/'w or daybreak, Heb. 
Chamar, ei became red, rubes- 

CAit)Aiiívn,-í, pi. id. s.m. a 
crooked ill-shaped person, an 

CAiDcofACj-Aije, adj. bow-legged. 

CAiDlúb,-ú]be,-úbA, s.f. a ringlet 
of hair. 

CArDlúbAC,-Ai5e, adj. ringleted, 

CArnliiti5A,, -u|ji5i)e, s.f. a 
club-foot, a bandy leg. 

CArnluiti5i}eAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. bandy- 
legged, club-footed. 

Cc^xx)n)n-\x)Q\x\,-^\\, pi. id. s.m. a 
wry neck, also, a bird so called. 


CArt}63,-ó]5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a crook, 
curl., clasp, a comma, anything 
curved, an equivocation. 

CArnó5 Aft A, s.f. the temple of the 
head, see Judges, iv. 21. & v. 
26.— pi. Cant. iv. 3. & vi. 7. 

CArnó5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. crooked, 
bent, twisted, curled, quib- 
bling, meandering. 

I C&n)0\x,-xe,-x\, s.f. a chamois, 

I Deut. xiv. 15. 

i Ci^nipA, g. id. pi, -Ajóe, s.m. a 
camp. Rev. xx. 9. — Deut. 
xxiii. 14. 

CArDpAi5,-pu5A6, v.n. encamp. 

! CArT}pu5At),-A]6, pi. id. s.m. anen- 

\ campment. 

\ '\ s. m. draught, 

I CAtniiA, g. id. / Matt. xv. 17.— 2 

CArt7itAc,-Air, X Kings, x. 27. u 
J gutter, a sewer. 

CAn)ftoilic,-ce, s.f. a club foot, 
fr. CAm, &, Ttoil^c, or, itoili3, a 
church-yard, from a supersti- 
tion that if a pregnant woman 
pass over a grave, the child of 

j which she is pregnant will be 

I club-footed. 

CAtt)fftór)AC,-Ai5e, adj. crook- 
Ci^rx)x\x\\e:^c,-\]^e, squint-eyed, 

C^n,-i)A8,&, -i)AtT)Ain, v.SL. utter, 
sing. Judges, v. 12. Ps. ix. 11. 

C ?i H 



— 2 Chron. xxix. 30. also, sai/, 
Heb. Gana, a cane, Arab. Gani, 
■shiff. Hind. Gani. to chant. 

C<M)<\c,-Ai5, ^"^' ^'"^5 cotton, 

Ci\t)ACAf,-<\ir, pi- id- s.m. custom, 
tribute, Matt. xvii. 25. Rom. 
xiii. 6. 

CivnAi5ce, ind. p.p. íi/n^, chant- 

Civt)Arr)U|f},-tT)t)A, pi. id. &, vor^xjz], 
^.i. a dialect, Uviguage^ accent, 
pronttnciation, com. Canmen, 
old Lat. form of Carmen. 

C'^r)hA\',-4i]y, s.m. canvass, sail- 
cloth. Barb. 

CATjCAjtj-Atjt, pi. id. s.m. a cancer, 
2 Tim. ii. 17. 

CaÍ5<\, g. id. pi. id. & -A]6e, s.m. a 
can, a vessel. 

Cao<nc,-A!5, pi, id. s.m. sweet 
willow, wyrtle, Myrica myrtus 

Ca\)]í'^\^,-ís\x), s.m. aconten- 
tion, agrumbling, a muttering, 
a chattering, a murmuring, 
a wrangling. 

CAÓrtívt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. chattering, 
cross, peevish, fretful, grum- 

Csxi\y'^-\x),-i\x), V. a. & n. chatter, 
mutter. Is. xxxviii. 14. see Is. 
viii. 19. murmur, grumble. 

CAt)OT)i)Acb,-bA, s.f. canonization. 

Caoóoca, ind. adj. cano7iical, 

C^r)cA|5e5]}t,-óftA,-5iit]6e, s.m. a 
singer, fr. c^sx), &, y:e&\i. 

C^tjcAifie, g. id. pi, -peAOA, s.m. 

a singer, 1 Chron. vi. 33 pi. 

2 Chron. XXXV. 15. Ps. lxviii.25. 

CaDCAifteAc?),-&A, s.f. a song, 
singing. Gen. xxxi. 27. Ex. 
xxxii 18. g. see 2 Sam. xix.35. 
The genitive as in last reference 
is frequently found without any 
inflection or change — always so 
in the Scotch dialect. 

Cisit)!:A0iit,-|ie,-ft|5e, s.f. a press, 
2 Kings, vi. 27. pi. Proverbs, 
iii. 10. 

CAobivi),-^1i), pi. id. s.m. a place 
of shelter or concealment. 

CAOc,-oice, adj. blind, Deut. xv. 
j 21. empty, hollow, blasted. Lat. 


{ Caoc,-ca6, v.a. bli7id, blast. 

' CAOCA6,-ocbA, s.m. a blinding, 

winking, blasting. 
CAOice, g. id. s.f. blindness, 

Caoc'^x),-íx-\x), pi. id. s.m. the fun- 
dament, also, singlings or the 

first produce of distillation. 
Caoc&a, ind. p.p. blinded, blasted. 
CaocIh|5,-u5a6, v. a. change, 

Caoc tja 5-ceAftc, s.m, co^nmon 

henbane, hyoscyamus niger. 
CAOcÓ5,-ó]3e,-Ó5A, s.f. anutxiith- 

out a kernel, a fuzz hall, blind 

mail's buff. 
CA05Ab, ind. adj. fifty, Ex. xxvi. 

5. & xxxviii. 13. 
CA05AbrT)A6,ind. adyfiftieth, Lev. 

xxv. 10. & 11. 2 Kings, xv. 23. 
CAOi, orf. a way, means, 

Luke, V. 19. a method, matiner, 


"^ weeping, crying. 

CAOi,g. id. s.f. 

Matt. ii. 18. 

iv. 9. Ilev.xxi.4. 

Caoi, inf. id. v.a. weep, cry, inf. 
Acts, ix. 39. /«wíe?2í, Rom. xii. 
15. Rev. xviii. 9. 

CAO]C|ó|r,-ve>-r^<'^<^<'^j s-^' (i fort- 
night. Lev. xii. 5. 

CAOil,-le, s.f. loins, see 1 Kings, 
ii. 5 the waist. 

CAoile, g. id. s.f. leanness, small- 

CAOfrhe, g. id. s.f. gentleness, mild- 

C ?iO 



CAO]\heAc'tx\)y-\]\}, pi. id. s.m. an 

CAOirbeAC<\r,-Air, pi. id. s.m. en- 
tertainment, society. 

CAoiiT)eAn)leAc&,-&<\, s.f. discre- 
ttt>7/, kindness, mildness. 

CAoirbeAit)uil,-iT7l<\, adj. mild, dis- 
creet, kindly. 

C<\o]rx}]r), g. id. the herb eyehriyht, 

CAoirr)ceAC,-ci5,-cecA, s.m. or, 

a companion, a bed-fellow, fr. 
CAorb, &, ceAC. 

C<Non),-"s*6) "^n- ^'^c/?i lament, 
inf. John, xi. 31. Heb. Kun, 
to lament, and, Kinah, lamen- 

CAOin,-t)e, adj. gentle, wild, 1 
Thess ii. 7. 5?reei tempered, 
delightful, pleasing, soft, genial, 
polished, Heb. C\\ex\,Javuw. 

Cv\o|i)6e<\lb,-eilbe, s. f. a fair 

C<\oine, g. id. s.f. mildness^ gen- 
tleness, kindliness. 

CAOii)eAD,-nce, pi. id. a lamenta- 
tion, awaiting. Gen. 1. 10. Jer. 
ix. 10. 2 Cor. vii. 7. — Amos, 
V. 16. a dirge or lamentation 
for the dead, see, C<noii}. 

CAOineA]-,-!)!!*, s.m. mildness, geti- 

s.m. stubble. 

CAO|nce, ind. p.p. lamented, be- 

CAO]i)ceAc,-ci5e, adj. sad, sorrow- 
ful, plaintive. 

CAO^]á)e]\ite:CiC,-c\-^^, ad}. bearing 

CAOi)i8eAp5,-eifi7;e, adj. red hot. 

CAOnifn, g. id. pi, -t))&e, s.f. a 
Utile sheep, a small berry. 

Cao]]\\\o lévHA, g. id. s.f. great 
wild valerian, Valeriana offici- 

CaoIj-oiIg, adj. small, 1 Kings, 

xix. 12. thin, lean, slender, nar- 
row, shrill, Arab. Khell, lea?i, 
& Kabul, withered, dry. 

CaoI,-oiI, pi. id. s.m. the narrow 
part of anything, "CoadjaI da 
&-r|xi 5-CA0I, binding of the 
three smalls" namely, the an- 
kles, knees and wrists, an old 
mode of binding captives. 

CaoIac,-ai5, s m. the plant fairy 
flax, Linum sylvestre. 

CaoIai5,-Iii5a6, v. a. & n. mahe 
small or slender, grovo small 
or slender. 

CAolAr),-ii]n, pi. id. s.m. the small 
intestines, tripe, Gr. '/j>-a;. 

CAolpAilj-le, s.f. nettles, urtica, 
the herb heiriff. 

C'AolpAifi^e, g. id. s.m. a strait, 
a frith. 

CAol;^ló|t<\c,-Ai5e, adj. shrill- 
voiced, fr. CAol, and ^lóft. 

Ci.o\.-^ozc^c,-6.\T^^,-Siá]. shrill voiced 
fr. CAol, &, 5Úr. 

Cao1cihi,-cii|p, pi, id. s.m. a, py- 

CAorb,-oitbe,adj. kitid, meek, gen- 
tle, mild, friendly, noble. Arab. 
Kom, noble, Lat. Com-is. 

CAorh,-oirb, pi. id. s.m. a friend, a 

CAorT>Ai5,-ri7U5<xí5, V. a. cherish, 
protect, save, defend, keep, 

C'AorbAtKA, p.p. protected. 

CAOit)c|iucArT}v;l,-rblA, adj. slender, 
finely formed. 

a protector, C. P. 

CAomó5,-ó)5e,-Ó5A, s.f. an affec- 
tionate woman, 
, CAon}|*Ai8reó||i,-óftA,-ói|tióe, s. 
I m. « collector, a rehearser. 

CAort^uir), inf. id. v.a. save. Job. ii. 
6. see, Caowaij. 

Caooac,-ai3, pi, -Ai5e, or, -aca, 
s.m. moss, stubble. 

c ^v p 



CAoOó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a nest of C^fi*, g. id. s.m. a leg, a haunch. 

icild bees, also, tumult, strife, a 

Ci^orjó^Ac,-4^]^e,a.ái. quarrelsome, 

CAopAó, -A1Ó, s.m. contention, teas- 
ing, perplexity 

Civfi<\,-]tA&, pi, c;\||ti?e, s.m. & f. 

a friend, Prov. xvii. 17 — Prov. 

xvii, 18 Mark, iii. 21. 

CA)tAb<\c,-Aic, pi. id. s.m. a cravat. 
Civ|i<\&Ac,-Ai5e, adj. friendly or 

befriended, having many friends. 

AO]i,-|t<x, pi. id. s.f. G rapes, ^\- , C<xitA&<\]5,-&<\6, v. a. befriend. 

Luke, vi. 44. Rev. xiv. 18. a 
mountain berry, properly the 

CiiftAbAT,-<\|f, s.m. alliance, 

CAfi<X]&, g-, CAipbe, pi. id. s.m. 

C«,\0|i,-|ie, s.f.rt red blaze, a fire- & f. a friend, a relation, Chal. 
brand, a flash of light, a spark, \ Carab, a relative, 
aflame, Heb. Charah, it blazed CAftAjoe, g. id. s.m. a n res- 
Jot th, Chald. Charei, lighted up. I tier, a debater. 

CAOfiA,-pAc,-o)|t]5, s.f. a sheep,] C'A\xi,-\^e^c^,~b^, S.Í. n-restling^ a 
Matt. xii. 11.— Matt, xviii. 12. debate. 

— Matt, xviii. 12. Mark, xiv. i CA|tAi5ceói|i,-6pA,-5iivióe, s.m. a 
27, Arab. Kar, a sheep, Heb. ' debater, a disturber. 
Kar, a lamb. ! CAjiaifce, g. id. pi, -cj, s. m. a 

CAO]i^\]-^ei^cb,-t:)A, S.Í. a foray or . carriage, Judges, xviii. 21. — 
plundering of cattle. | 1 Sam. xvii. 22. also, baggage, 

Cao]iís,}j,-íx]í}, pi. id. s.m. a frag- \ abundle, stuff, see 1 Sam. x. 22. 
ment of dry peat used for fuel. jCA|tAOf,-o||*, s.m. Lent. 

C<\oiicAlrbuTi7,-T)e, s. f. common CApb<\&5-A|&, pi, id. s.m. a cha~ 
ea/í/íWMí,vern.Cou|icAUn5-^10, i riot, a waggon. Gen. xli. 43 — 
s.m. Bunium bulbocastanum. i Acts, viii. 29.- — Gen. xlv. 19. 

CaoiicaOj-ai^, pi. id. s. m. the \ Ex. xv. 4. 

quicken tree or mountain ash, CA|xbA&,-A]&, pi, id. s.m. taste, the 
the berry or wood of the moun- \ mouth, Prov. xxiv. 13. Job, 

tain ash 
CAopceit)ci5e, g. id. s.f. a flash of 

lightning, a thunderbolt, fr. 

CAOp, q.v. &, ce]i)e. 1 

CA0CAC,-A]5e, adj. showering, fr. ! 


XX. 13. the gum, the jaw. 
CApbAb<M),-ivin5 pi. id. s.m. a 

toothless person. 
CAítbAt)ói|i,-ófiA,-ó|fiióe, s. m. a 

charioteer, a waggoner, a 

carter, a driver, a carriage or 

CA0criuAÓ,-Ai6, s.m. mildew,\ cart maker, 

vulg. C1C meAlU, Ros melleus. Cai%ca|i,-ai|i, pi id. s.m. «pWafoy/, 
CApó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. the herb g. Gen. xxxix. 21, &22. Judges, 

dock, Rumex. | xvi. 21. 

CApós-fftívibe, s.f. sharp'poi/ited\Cc.\\co.]\i, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a jjri- 

dock, Rumex acutus. son. Gen. xxxix. 20. Gen. xl. 

CApuillit),g. id. pi, -Dibe, s.m. a 3. I Kings, xxii. 27. Is. xlii. 

small horse. 7. Chald. Kerach, to bind, Lat. 

CavmiU,-uiII, pi, id. s.m. a horse, \ Career, a prison. 

i.eahorseormare,GY.yM°u'/:/.-úí.\CAnt>A}-^,-'o'4^]l, v. a. card, comb 

Lat. Caball-us. ' wool, Arab. Kevd, small teeth. 

c uu 


c un 

CAttpocAl,-Ail, pi. id. s.ra. anti- 
phrasis, a quibble, a pun, fr. 
CA\\,aiurn or change, &,|:ocaI. 

C<\]iIa, g. id. pi, -A|óe, s.m. a 

C<\]i\A]]ie, g. id. pi, -]x]'oe, s.m. a 
carder, a wool-comber. 

CAiari705<\l,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a car- 
buncle, Heb. Carmil, scarlet. 

C{,\\r),-o^\]\^), pi. id. s.m. a heap, 
Gen. xxxi. 46. a pile of stones 
raised over the tomb of de- 
ceased heroes, a barrow. Arab. 
Kern, a little hill, and Kyrnas, 
a projecting part of a moun- 

C,\iu),-i)<NÓ, v.a. heap up,2Ji'<^ to- 
gether, CA|ipAi5,-r)ii5<\ó, v.a. id. 

C;\iii)Aó,-<Ni5Íe, s.m. a riddance. 
Lev. xxiii. 22. (where it is 
marked fem.) properly, a heap- 
i'lg^ a piling up. 

CA|inAi5ce, ind. p.p. heaped up, 
piled together. 

CAjinaDj-i^lt)} pi. id. s.m. aheap. 
Judges, XV, 16 — pi. 2 Chron. 
xxxi. 8. a pile of stones, a 
little heap. 

Cc^\\x)iK\^ CA]fllj s.m. navelwort. 
Umbilicus veneris. 

0^111)^1) CAOCAin, am. a molehill, 

t"r. CA|H), &, CAOÓ. 

Ci^\\\) ciijiT)T)e, s.m. a monument. 

CA|ir)cA, ind. p.p. piled up. 

CA||i,-Aini, pi. id. s.m. a car, a 
dray, a waggon. 

Ci\|]i,-A]]ii, pi. id. s.m. a rock, 
com. 1-car-ia, i.e. I-rock-land, 
i.e- island of rochs. 

C).\\\,-A}\]\, pi. id. s.m. a spear, a 
pikestaff, the haft of a jave- 
lin without the head. Pura 

Cai]!,-^!^, pi. id. s.f. scab, itch, 
mange, scurvy, crust, bran. 
Pers. Ker, scab, & Charish, 
mange, Gr. xa^-oc, Lat. Car-ies. 

CA||iAc,-Ai5e, a.á']. mangy, scabby, 

bald. Heb, karach. 
CATTi^c,-Ai5e, adj. rocky, having 

an tmei-en surj'ace. 
CAniAcC\T),-AiO, pi. id. s.m. the 

rock fish, called cobler, more 
I usually called, 5[téAj-Ai6e. also 

the herb icild liquorice root. 
j see, Ca||i<x rbilir- 
I CA|]tAi6i 0,-1)6, s.f. tlie thick part 

oj' buttermilk. 
! <^^m<^l5» g> CAini3e, pi. id. & 
' CAifi^e AC A, s.f. «rocA-, Ex. xvii. 
I 6.-2 Sam. xxii 3. Ps. ixi. 2.— 
i 1 Kings xix. 11. Ps, Ixxviii. 15. 
I & civ. 18. In 1 Sam. xiv. 4. it 
! is spelled c^w\\.i]c, f. g, CA||tvT5, 
' m. In 1 Cor. x. 4. spelled 
I CAiiuiic, fem. & in Matt, xxvii. 

51. the plur. is spelled ca]]i- 
\ 5eAC. All the latter may be 
I considered irregular. 
' CAntAi5eAC,-5i5e, adj. rocky, 
1 ^'f^í/í/cfh strong. 
' Cax^xa rbilif, g. id. s.f. taild It- 
I quorice root, ivildpeas, glycine. 
CA||t<\r),-^in, pi. id. s.m. common 
I scurvy grass, cochlearia offici- 
! nalis ; also, a shrimp, a prawn. 
Cai^ívi),-^^), pi. id. a sickle, Rev. 
' xiv. 17. a reaping hook. 
j Ca^caOj-ajo, s.ra. a pillar, mo- 
I n urn en t, pier. 
CAntuioe, g. id. s.f. a scalL Lev. 

xiii. 30, 32,&33.— Lev. xiii.3l. 

see, Caí|i. 
C<\|imi5ceó||i,-ófiA,-ói|ti6e, s.m. a 

mender, a mover. 
GAiafADj-ap}, s.m. hoarseness, a 

tcheezing or rattle in the throat. 

fr, c'<s\]\, &, of*r)A. 
CAit|-aiK\c,-Ai5e, adj. hoarse, hav- 
ing a tcheezing in the throat. 
C^]iz,-'A]\\t, pi. id. a quart, a 

Caiica6,-aió, pi. id. s.ra. a clean- 
sing, stripping off the bark' 




CA|tcAi5,-CA6, v.a. cleanse, tan, 
strip off the hark. 

C<Nyicai},-iKir), pi. id. sm. a small 
broicn insect that eats into the 

Cc.]\t<s\) cu]tv\i5, wild officinal 
valerian, Valeriana officinalis. 

CaticAi3AC,-Ai5e, adj. charitable, 
friendly, affectionate, fr. Cajia. 

C<xfic<vóAc&,-C)A, s.f. charity, li- 
berality, love, g, 1 Thess. i. 3, 
see 1 Cor. xvi. 3. 

ness, friendship. 

CA|-,-rAÓ, v.a. &' n. return, inf. 
Matt. ii. 12. turn, twist, bend, 

C'c.y,-'A]\', pi. id. s.m. means, 1 
Thess. iii. 5. case, canse, con- 
cern, difficulty, inisforlune. 

Ca|-ac&,-&a, s.f. a cough. 

CAfACDAC,-Ai5e, s.f. a cough, a 
con I iu ued cough . 

Ca|-<\6,-]-ca, &, -yc^]^, pi. id. s.m. 
a wrinkle, Eph. v. 27. also, a 
twisting, a curling. 

CA\'^ry,-iS]\), pi. id. s.m. a path. 
Job XXX. 13.- pi, Job viii. 13. 
Mark i. 3. 

CAr<^oii>j i"f' i<J' v.n. & a. cont- 
plain, accuse, inf. Judg. xxi. 22. 

C<xf<\oib,-&e,-be<vcA, s.f. accusa- 
tion, Prov XXX. 10. I Tim. v. 
19.— Luke xxiii. 10. Heb. cha- 
sed, he reviled. 

CAfA0ibeAC,-&i5e, adj. complain- 
ing, accusing, prone to com- 
plain or accuse. 

CAr<>0|t)|óe, g. id, pi. id. s.m. a 
plaintiff, a complainer, an 
accuser, an informer. 

CiXfbvA, ind. pp. bushy, Cant. v. 
1 1 . curled, twisted, wreathed, 
twined, bent, turned, 

Cjisx'^o>o\, g. id. pi, -ice, s.f, a 
ringlet, a curled lock of hair 
fr. cAj*, &, bUof. 

Cai* yA ó\iAV, s.m. common honey- 
suckle, taoodbine, linicera peri- 

Civrj, g. id. s.f. the Passover, 
Ex. xii. 21 Ex. xii. 27. see 


CAi3Aift,-pc, v.a. slity, slaughter, 
kill, mangle 

CAy^A]\\z,-ze, s.f. slaughter, mas- 
sacre, butchering. 

CA)--liibv\c,-Ai5e, adj. ringleted, 
thickly curled, fr. Ca^, &, lub. 

CA}*ó3,-5i5e,-ó5A, s.f. a cassock, a 
j long coat, a cloak. 
! Cai*c<n, ind. p.p. hroidered, plait- 
\ ed, 1 Tim. ii. 9. 1 Pet. iii. 3. 
j see, Ca]-&a. 
i CAfúft,-úin, pi. id. s.m. a hammer. 

Cac^-^Ic, pi. id. s.m. a cat. Arab, 

Cac,-ca, pi. id. abaltle,ivar, Judg. 
XX. 42. Rev. xii. 7. — Num. xxi. 
33. Job xxxviii, 23. 1 Cor. xiv. 
8. pi. 1 Sam. viii. 20. & xxv. 
28. a fight, an Irish battalion of 
3000 soldiers. Heb. chath, ter- 
ror ; Chald. cath, a battalion. 

Car,-cAÓ, v.a. wiunow,]Xuth iii. 2. 

Cacac,-ai5o, adj. tcarlike, be- 
longing to battle. 

C<\CAC,-Ai5e, adj. cJiaffy. 

Cí\ca6, g, ci\.icce, s.m. a winnow- 
ing; " lucb c'A\ite,'*' winnowers. 

CívrAÓ pA 11156, s.m. sea drift ex- 
cited by storm. 

CívcAÓ |*r)eACCA, s.m. snow-drift. 

CArAi5,-cu5A6, Y.&.a fight, battle, 
war, Ps. XXXV. 1 — Num. xxxii. 
27. Deut. xxi. 10. Rom. vii. 
23. contend, tempt, fr. Cac. 

C'AtA]\\, g, -ciiAc, &, c'A]i\ieAC, 

pi, -CflAOA, &, CiVJClteAGA, S.f. a 

city, Gen. xviii. 28. Rev. xi. 2. 
— Gen. xix. 4. Matt. xxi. 18. — 
Gen. xix. 29. Jude i. 7. Heb. 
chader, acity. Pers. car. Phoen. 
Chald. & Syr. kartha. Punic. 



ce u 

cavtha, properly, a nailed city. 
Com. Heb. kyr, a ivall, &kyria, 
a walled ciUj. Com. also, mel 
kartha, ( i.e. rnAol-CAiar*, Itero 
or king of the city J the title 
of the Phoenician Hercules, the 
reputed founder of Tyre, and 
the name StJ^c C£s\\ii^i whose 
ancestors were founders of the 
city of Cashel, formerly the 
royal seat of the kingdom of 
South Munster. 

Ci\cAi|t jtiojo^tbuil, s.f. a royal 
city, see C<vcAiit. 

Cac<.\1,-aiI, s.m, valoar ; also, t/ie 
pt'oper name of (i man. 

C{vcAoi|t, g, -pe, & -fieAC, pi, 
-IteACA, s.f. a seat, a t/trone, 
Rev. XX. 11.— Rev. viii. 3, &, 
xiv, 5. Rev. iv. 4. Acts xviii. 
17. — Rev. iv. 4, &, XX. 4. 

CACAit6AC,-Ai5ft, adj. of or be- 
longing to a city. 

CAcbAnt,-2^inj pi- ^d- ^'^' " ^'^'" 

rnet^ a head-piece. 
CAcbA|tur),-uit), pi- id. s.m. an 

officer, a coniinander. 
Ci^cbtiu)c,-ce, s. f. flummery, 

sowens. fr. Cac, &, b|tu|c. 
CAcbiiA6AC,-Ai5e, adj. victorious 

in battle. 
CAccfiA0ire<xc,-ri3e, adj. eager 

for battle. 
CAcUbAiitCj-AbiiA, s.f. the speech 

of a general before battle. 

of battle, fr. Cac, &, livftAC. 
CAcrbA|iCAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a 

cavalry soldier, a trooper. 
CACrt)ileA6,-liD, pi. id. s.m. a 

hero, a military commander, 

a colonel, fr. Cac, &, mileAO. 
CACoilice, ind. adj. nnirersal, ca- 
CACfiui5ceó]ti,-óttA,-óirii6e, s.m. 

a citizen, Luke xv. 15. 
Ci<i\.\r^ish,-t\\}T^te , pi. id. s. m. 

tonptalion, 1 Cor. vii. 5. & x. 
9, & 13. — Matt. xvi. 1. Luke 
viii. 13 — Deuc, vii. 19. 
CAciii5ceó|ii,-óttA,-ó|!tióe, s.m. a 

tempter. 1 Thess. iii. 5. 
CeAcc,-CA, pi. id. s.m. a lesson, 

science, eminence. 
CeACTA, g. id. pi, -A|6e, s.m. a 

CeAccAft, ind. pron. either, each. 
C^Ab, g, c^.\o, num. adj. flrst, 
I Luke xxiv. 1. John xx. 1. 
j Chald. chad. 

I CeAb,-&A, pi. id. s m. leave, John 
i xix. 38. — 2 Cor.ii. 13. permis- 
Í sio/i, licence, liberty. Com, Lat. 
I ced-o,Á. Arab, ked, it is enough. 
CeAbAobAitj-Aijtjpl. id.^/-5Ícrtíí5e, 
I element. 

j CeA&A]3,-&u5AÓ, v.a. permit, al- 
I low, grant leave, dismiss. 
CeAt)Ai5ce, ind. p.p. granted, per- 
\ mi t ted, all owed, lawful, 
CéA&AOit),-ne, s.f. Wednesday. 
C.P. fr. CéAb, &, AO^oe, a fast. 
C&AbcAicttt,-fie,-|ieACA, s.f. a 

chief seat, pi, Matt, xxiii. 6. 
: CéAbcl^ri,-íxni, pi. id. s.m. lite 
I flrst table, Ex. xxxiv. 4. pi. 

Ex. xxxiv. 1. 
CéAí3pAD,-6A, pi. id. s.m. sense, 
] pi, Heb. V. \ A. faculty, iinder- 
\ standing, fr. CéAb, &, f ac. 
CeA&pA6AC,-A|5e, discreet, sen- 
sible, belonging to the senses or 
CéA&lónA8,-Aió, s.m. breakfast. 

fr. CéAb, &, Iói)a6. 
C&AbtT)uii)cift,-fte, s.f. the elder 
branch of a family, primoge- 
CéAbOA. ind. adj. same, Gen. xxvi. 

24. Heb. xi. 9. 
CéAbcon}A]lc,-ce,-cí, sf. break- 
CéAbcuirn)eA8,-rt)i5ce, s.m. flrst- 
ling, Ex. xiii. 12. first born. 

c e i^ 


ce c 

CéA&co|ttAÓ,-opc*\, pi. id. s.m. 
Jirsf fn/ifs; Rom. viii. 23. 1 
Cor.'xv. 20. 

CéAbcoj-4NC,-<xi5, pi. id. s.m. (d/ 
element, see Gal. iv. 3, a he- 
gin 7i in g. 

CéA!3u<\]|i,-|te, pi. id. s.f. the first 

CeA&u5AÓ,->"5ce, pi. id. s.m per- 
misxion, consent, allowance. 

CeA&ut5ceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. laicful, 
Matt. xix. 3. allowable. 

CeAl5,-eil5e, s.f. guile, deceit, 
falseJiood, hypocrisy. Rev. xiv. 
5.— Ps. xxiv. 4, & cxx. 3. 
Mark xii. 15. ConftívÓ ceil5e, 
a conspiracy. Mul. 

CeAl5Av:,-Ai5e, adj. deceitful. 
Gen. xxxiv. 13. crafty, wily, 
subtle, see Gen. iii. 1. //y^?o- 
critical, malicious, false. 

CeAl5Ai3,-5AÓ, v.a. beguile, de- 
ceive, allure, tempt. 

CeAl5Aine, g. id. pi, -|x]6e, s.m. 
a crafty man, g. Job. xv. 5. « 
hypocrite, a traitor. 

CeAl5<\]fae<xc&,-fciA, s.i. deceit, hy- 
pocrisy, treachery. 

CeAljAice, ind. p.p. í/í'ceá-^rf, Z^e-- 

CcAl5|túnAc,-Ai5e, adj. evil mind- 
ed, malevolent, deceitful, fr. 
CeAl5, &, Ttún. 

CeAll5oií>,-&e,s.f.C/íiírc7i robbery, 
sacrilege. Fr. the old form, 
CeAll, rt Church, &, 301b. ( 

CeAllponc,-pui|ic, pi. id. s.m. a 
Cathedral church, fr. ccaU, & 

CeAllfUi),-Aib, s.m. Churchrob- 
hery, sacrilege. 

CeAUc|iAc,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a ' 
Church, a Church-yard. \ 

CeAt),-T)A, s.m. favour. Acts ii. i 
47. love, fondness, desire. 

CeAOAbivn beA3, g, -ix\x) 613, s.m 
self-heal, prunella vulgaris. 

CeADAbAi) rr)ót)A, g, -Aji) njóijA, 
s.m. broad leaved cotton grass, 
eriophorum polystacion. 

I kind, mild, 


Ce,)An,Ml,-ri,U,ad .If "^^^' -^T/^- 

' '2/? amiable, 


CeAt)AlcAi-,-Air, s.m. mildness, 
kindness, xirbanily. 

CeAOAOj-Aiúe, adj. bald. Lev. xi. 
22. CApulL ceAtiAU, « horse 
with a ichite star on the fore- 
head, see Locuii-ce. 

CeAi)3Ail,-3<\l, v.a. fasten, bind, 
Ex. xxviii. 14. Prov. vii. 3. 
Acts xii. 8.— Mark v. 3. Acts 
ix. 14, tie, restrain. 

CeAr)3Al,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a cove- 
nant, abinding. Gen. xxi. 27. — 
Luke ii. 7. also, a band, tie, 
bond, restraint, fetter, obliga- 
tion, knot, fast Citing, bandage, 

CeAT)3Ailce, ind. p.p. bound, join- 
ed, Gen. xxxix. 20. 1 Cor. i. 
10. & vii. 27. also, tied, fas- 
tened, restrained, confined, 

CeAn3A|lceAC,-Ai5e, adj. binding, 
Num. XXX. 13. connecting, ob- 

CeAn3AlciM),-^in, pi. id. s.m. a 
truss, a bundle, a packet. 

CeAn3AlcA|-,-Aif, pi. id. s m. a ty- 
ing, a binding, a connection. 

CeAn3Alcói]i,-5pA,-ó||ii6e, s.m. a 
binder, a tyer. 

CeAt)3lAc^\n,-ivin, pi- id. s.m. a 
bundle. Gen. xlii. 35. a bunch, 
Ex. xii. 22. 

GeA^, g, CIÓ, pi- id. s.ra. a head. 
Matt. xiv. 11. 1 Cor. xi. 3.— 
Gen. xlix. 26. 1 Sam. xxviii. 2, 
— Gen. xliii. 28. Luke xix. 47. 
a chief, a commander, a cape, 
a promontory, a top, an end. 

ce u 


ce u 

Chald. kiian. caji ceAt";, not- 
iciihsfa)idi)i(/. I 

CenAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. apurchase, 
price, wages, reward, covenant. 

CeAÍ5AC&,-bA, s.f. ff hiiying, pur- 
chasing, commerce, 

Cí^aO a céile, a epd. adv. ioge- 
ther, Ps. ii. 2. | 

CeAÍ)AÓA|nc,-ce,-ci s.f. a pillow, 
holster. Gen. xxviii. 11. I Sam. [ 
xxvi. 11,& 12. I 

CeApAi;5,-i)Ac, V a. huii, Jer. xxxii. 
8— Gen. xlii. 3, & 7. Matt. ; 
XXV. 10. Heb. kanah. í 

CeAÍJAirDril», g, ciOAimriixe, s.f. I 
i/« epoch, a date, an era, j 

CeAOAHtc,-ce, s.f. stride, uproar, j 
division, 2Tim. ii. 23. — Luke' 
xii. 51. see Acts xxi. 38, & 
xxiv. 5. Joel iii. 14. a meeting, 
contention, rebellion, insubor- 
dination, conspiracy. Fr. ceAil, 
& a6a]ic, ie, butting with the 

CeAf)AiitceAC,-ci5e, adj. rebel- 
lious, striving, Deut. ix. 24. 
2 Tim. ii. 24. mutinous, pcr- 
rerse, insubordinate. 

CeAÍ)Ai|ie, g. id. pi, "Tape, s.m. a 
driver, a leader. Job xxxix. 7. 
Fr. cecM~), & peA]i. 

CeAf)ATt^eAC&,-&A, s.f. a driving, 
a leading. 

adj. arrogant, 
I proud, ambi- 




manding, fr. 
'ceAf), &, Aftb. 
CeAÍjívftbAcbj-bA, s.f. arrogance, 

pride, ambition. 
CeAÍ)A|]tAC,-fiuic, pi. id. s.m. se- 
dition, tumult. "^Xnv. 2 Cor. xii. 
20. Gal, V, 20. see, CeAt)Ai|tc. 
CeAiJA|*,-Ai|-, s.m. authority, 1 

Tim. ii. 12. see, GeAtjui*. 
CeAf)A]-AC,-Ai5e, adj. poiverful, 
mighty, commanding. 

CeA0b]t<>.C5-Aic, pi. id. s.m. a tv/- 
iwpy, a covering fur the head. 

CeA^cAcAC,-A|5e, adj. foremost 
in fig Jit. 

CeAt) c\x)]^, g, c|i) ciúió, pi. id. 
s.m. a cliief, the head of a clan. 

CeAÍjcorÍ7|iA'b,-ív)6, pi. id. s.m. a 
cliief topic of conversation. 

CeAfjbanA, ind. adj. headstrong, 
stubborn , froward, bold. 

CgObCvDAcbj-AicbjS.m. obstinacy, 
C P. pertinacity, stubborn?iess. 

CeAÓpAc, g, c|5pAC, pi. id. S.m. 
chief cause, original reason. 

CeAtjpéAÓDA, c]\jy]xj]t>, &, -íí&At>- 
DA, pi. id. a captain, Ex. xiv. 
7. — plur. Ex. XV. 4. Deut.i. 15. 
a chief, a leader. 

CeAr;péAÓt}Acb,-bA, s.f. captain- 
cy, leadership. 

CeAT;lAibiii,-b|ie, adj. head- 
strong, stubborn. 

CeAomAjbe, g, c]\)rr)o.]be, s.m. 
a blockhead. 

CeAvpo]iz, g, cjupuitic, pi. id. 
s.m. chief man, author, found- 
er. Acts xxviii. 7. Heb. xii. 2. 
also, a head port, or city. 

CeAónAC,-A]5,-Ai5e, s.m. a f lief, 
head lace, a tether, head-stall, 
bridle, halter. 

CeAr?|t&ici5 g, ciun^icis, s.m. 

propitiation, mercy; also, a. 


.gentle, meek, 

r- - ' A A- \ patient, 'I'Yxxn. 
CeAT;rA,md.adj.ljj .^^ ^ p^^. 


1 Til 

Uii. 3. 

CeA^i'Acb,-bA, s.f. gentleness, 
meekness, 2 Cor. x. 1. Gal. v. 
22.— Ps. xlv. 4. 1 Cor. iv. 21. 

CeAÍ)|-Ai5,-j-u3A8, y-di.liave poíver 
over, tame, inf 1 Cor. vii. 37. 
Jas. iii. 8. quell, subdue, con- 
quer, train. 




CeAt)r<Ni5i:e, ind. p.p. subdued, 
conquered, tamed, trained, a 
subs, plur. /Ae wiee/l-, Ps. xxv. 
9. more properly, tjA ce<M?- 


CeA^]-5TtIobir),-t)e, s.f. a title, a 

CeA^rA|t,-AiTi, pi. id. s.m, a can- 

thred, i.e. a side of a coun- 
CeAÍ;-cííte, g. cii;-ci|te, pi. id, a 

headland, a promontory. 
Ce<\^-ttem),-é]ne, adj. obstinate, 

CeAijui5,-u5AD, V. a. purchase, 

buy, Ex. XV. 16. Ruth, iv. A.\ 

see, CeA^Ai5. 
CeA^iilSe, pi, -ui5ce, s.m. rt 

buyer, a merchant, Prov. xx. 

14. — Cant. iii. 6. Is. xxiii. 11. 

— Rev. xviii. 3. & 15. 
CeAT)ii|5eAc&,-í5<>, s.f. trajfic, pur- 
chase, merchandise. Gen. xlii. 

34. & xlix. 32.— Jer. xxxii. 

11. Matt. xxii. 5. 
CeAnui5ce, ind. p.p. purchased, 

Ce<\5u|5i:eóiít,-óftA,-ói|ti6e, s.m 

a tnerchant, a purchaser. 
CeA^u^itA, g. id. pl,-Aióe, s.m. a 

captain, Heb. ii. 10. — 1 Sam. 

xvii. 18. fr. Ce<\i), &, ujitxao. 
Cec-r)\xx,-\x]x, s.m. superiority, 

chieftaincy, arrogance. 
CeAp, g, cip, pi. id. s. m. a block, 

plur., Zeph. i. 3. a last, a piece 

of ground, the stock or nave 

of a wheel, the head of a tribe 

or family. 
CeAp<\6ft<\i3,-Aii3, s.m. scanyiing 

or capping verses. 
CeApAi5,-pu5AÓ, V. a. form, 
found, bind, train up, stop, in- 
tercept, Heb. Cabah. 
CeApAitte,g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. 

bread arid butter, pi. slices of 

bread and butter. 

Ce&y>'<s\),-\]\), pi. id. s.m. a stump 
or pin, a little stock or last. 

trace the branches of a fa- 

CeAp-cuTi-lp, g. id. pi, -6e, s.m. a 
stumbling block, Lev. xix. 14. 

CeAjabó]|t,-óitA,-ói|tióe, s. m. a 
carver, an engraver. 

CeA|tc, g, cnace,pl, ceA|tcA, s.f. 
a hen. Matt, xxiii. 37. Luke, 
xiii. 34. Arab. Kerk. CeAjtc 
■^]^0'0\c, a moor hen, a grouse, 
CeA|tc f*|tAt)CAC, a turkey hen, 
CeAfic coille,or,CeA]tc corrjAir) 
a partridge, CeAii c\X]X'^e, a 

CeAiiCAc,-Ai5e, adj. abounding 
in hens. 

CeA|tcAU,-AiU, pi. id. s.m. a pil- 
low, 1 Sam. xix. 13. & 16. also, 
a bed, a couch, a carpenter s 

CéA]t&, g, C&1|tÍ5, &, C&ApbA, 

pi. id, s.m. a worker, as CéA|t& 
Ai|t5i&, a silver-smith , Acts, 
xix. 24. CéA|ib c|ié, apotter, g. 
see, Jer. xviii. 2, 3, & 4. CéA|xb 
DAcpTAÓjaj'Joííer, Rom.ix. 21. 

—Jer. xix. 11 1 Chron.iv. 23. 

CéA|xb copAi|i, a copper-smith, 
2 Tim. iv. 14. CéA|i& cfiu, s.m. 
a butcher, CéA|tbóiit, agold- 
smith, g. Neh. iii. 31. Pers. 
Kherd, solder, Kird, employ- 

CéATtt)AC&,-bA, s.f. trade, me- 
chanism, Ex. iv. 22. 

CéA|ibÁi5e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 
mechanic, a tradesman. 

CéA|i&An)lAc&,-bA, s.f. ingenuity. 

CéAtibAii)uil,-rblA, curious, cun- 
ning, Ex. xxviii. 28, & xxxviii. 
23. rv ell-wrought, tradesman- 

CéA]tbcA, g. id. s.f. a forge, a 

ce ?i 



CeA|ti;,-eifii), pi. id. s.m. a cor- 
ner, an ancjle^ 

CeA|xt)A, g. id. pi, -AjOe, s.m. an 
angle, " Mf bpu]! cUi& t)A 
ceAfirjA" '' #/iere is neither 
cnrnernor angled M'N. Syr. 
Kama, angle. 

CeA|ir>AbC\r),-ivir), pi. id. s.m. a hor- 
net, Joshua, xxiv. 12. — pi. Ex. 
xxiii. 28, 

CeA|tt)AC,-Ai5e, adj. ^notorious, 
from the obs. ceAtin, victory. 

s. m. a square or pane of 

CeA|tT)t)UAir, s. m. a prize ob- 
tained in public games in run- 
ning, wrestling, 8fc., CeAfii)- 
luAc, id. 

CeA|ioó||t,-óttA,-óiíii6e,s.m. a vic- 
tor, a conqueror. See, CeAft- 


CeAtTiAC^t),-^lt),pl. id. s.m.a car- 
rot, Daucus, vern. 2t)eAcivT) 

CeA||ibAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e s.m. a game- 
ster, a dexterous gambler. 

CeAftjtbACAi's-Ai]', s.m. a gaming, 
a gambling. 

CeAitfiucAijj-iiTOjpl. id. s.m. skir- 

CeAjic, -elite, pi. id. s.m. right, 
righteousness, Ps. xvii. I — 
Gen.xviii. 19. Rev. xix. ll.^w.s- 
tice, equity. 

CeA|tc, ceijice, adj. righteous, 
just, I Pet. ii. 23. Job. iv. 17. 
just, honest, true, upright, 
proper., fair, certain, Lat. 

CeAficbetjice, g, ceiftcbeifice,&, 
-beA]tcA, s.m. birthright. Gen. 
xxvii. 36.— Gen. xliii. 33. 1 
Chron. v, 1. 

§rbt)\i|-, pi. id. s.m. righteous 
judgment, g. Rom. ii. 5. 

C'Q ^]\zc\\e\h-\o\\),-t>\xr}, s.m. sound 

CeA|icc|te|brbeAC,-rT)i5e, adj. of 
sound faith, orthodox. 

CeA|tclivtt,-^)Ii, pi. id. s.m. the 
exact centre, the middle point. 

CeATtc óijiieACbA, s.m. (right of 
birth,) birth-right, \{eh. xii. 16. 

CeA]icu5A6,-ii|5ce, pi. id. correc- 
tion, reformation, g. 2 Tim. 
iii. 16. Heb. ix. 10. adjust- 
ment, amendment, a setting in 
order, a dressing. 

CeA|tciii5,-u5A6, v.a. rebuke. Tit. 
ii. 15. adjust, rectify, amend, 
set right, dress. 

CeA|icui5ce, ind. p.p. corrected, 
reformed, adjusted, amended, 
set right. 

CeAftrui5ceói]t,-ó|tA,-óiitit5e, s.m. 
a reformer, a corrector, a re- 

C&Af,-j'A8, v.a. torment, crucify, 
inf. Matt. viii. 29. Heb. vi. 6. 

CéA]'AC&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. a com- 
plaint, grumbling, dissatis- 

CéA]*AccAc,-A|5e, adj. dissatis- 
fied, discontented. 

CéAfA6,-&A, s.m. affliction^ cru- 
cifixion. Matt. xxiv. 9. 1 Cor. 
ii. 2. Gal. iii. 1. torment, vex- 

CéAfA&óiit,-ó|tA,-ót|ti6e, s. a tor- 
mentor, see Matt, xviii. 34. 

CeA]-b,-bA, pi. -bA, &, -CAÍ)A, s. f. 
a question, g. Acts, iv. 9. & 
XV. 2. pi. 2 Tim. ii. 23. Tit. iii. 
9. 1 Kings, X. 3. 2 Chron. ix. 2. 

CéAfbA, ind. p.p. crucified. Gal. 
vi. 14. tormented. 

CeApiii5,-u5A6, V. a. & n. exa- 
mine, enquire, inf. Acts. xii. 
19. & xxiii. 20. 

CeAfí)u5AÓ,-u]5ce, s.m. examina- 
tion, question, catechising . 

CeAi-cf^uiSj-tiJAb, V. a. & n. en- 

ce ^ 


ce ) 

fjuire, Jer. xxi. 2. — Ex. xviii. 

15. 2 Kings, xvi, 15. catechise, 

question, ask, examine. 
CeA|-cr)ui5ce, iiid. p.p. examined, 

questioned, catechised. 

a catecltist, a querist. 
Ce<xcAC,-Ai5e, adj. shonery, fr. 

ccACA, g.of c-|oc. Chald. Cehth, 

^7 became darh. 
CeACAiia, ind. num. adj. four, 

never employed when the noun 

is expressed, it merely denotes 

the abstract number four. 
CeAC<\i|xbeAfJAc, no comp, adj. 

four square, Ex. xxvii. 1. 1 

Kings, vii. 5. four-cornered, 

quadrangular^ fr. ceACAijt, &, 

CeACAijioofAC, no comp. adj. 

four footed, Rom. i. 23. 
CeACAiitcui^AC, no. comp. adj. 

CeACAi^-beu5, ind. num. adj. 

CeokCAifijoblArxxc, no comp. adj. 

CeACATpjtocAc, no comp. adj. 

CeACAiitf-l]0|-t)Ac, no comp. adj. 

four sided, fr. fliof. 
CeACAiftuiUeA^Ac, no comp. adj. 

four-squared, Rev. xxi. l6. 
CeACAi3AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. showery, 

see, CeACAc. 
CeACAivÓA, ind. adj. belonging to 

Ce ^st■^^}V),-6.]\^.x), pi, id. s.m. a band 

of fighting men, yeomanry, a 

multitude, a troop. 
CeACA]tnAc, see CeiceAftDAC. 
CeACA|tT)Ac&,-&A, s. f. heroism, 

CeACftACAb, ind. num. slO]. forty, 

Ex. xvi. 35. & xxiv 18. 
CeAcitAÓAbTÍíAÓ, ind. ord. adj. 

fortieth, Deut. i. 3. 
Cgc|tArf)A,-rbAt),-tt)nA, s.f. a thigh, 

see Num. v. 22. the fourth 
part of any thing, a quarter, 
a quadrant, 

CeACjtArbAÓ, ind. ord. adj fourth, 
Ex. XX. 5. & xxix. 40. 

CeAcpAtT)-uAir), s.f. lamb's let- 
tuce, common corn, salad, Fe- 
dia olitoria. 

CeActiA|i,-Ai|i, s.m. four jjer- 

CeibíD, g. id. pi, -1)^5^, s.f. afillet, 
a lock of hair. 

Cé]t)-^e]\),-t)e,s.í. firstborn, first- 
begotten, Rom. viii. 29. Col. i. 
15. Rev. i. 5. — Num. viii. 16. 
Deut. xxi. 17. Heb. xii. 2.3. 

C&i&5iiiF;eACb,-bA, s.f. the know- 
ledge of ripened age. 

CéibmeAr,-r^*S pl- icl:. s. m. a 
first taxing, Luke, ii. 2. 

C&ibtieACi;i5e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 
forerunner, Heb. vi. 20. 

Ceil,-lc, v.a. hide, conceal, 2 Sam. 
xiv. 18. — Gen. xxxvii. 26. Job. 
xxxi. 33. Heb. Chele, a pri- 

C&ile, g. id. pi, -li8e, s. m. or f. 
a husband, a wife, a spouse, 
see Cant. iv. 11. Pers. Chalil, 
a husband or wife. Heb. Cala, 
a spouse. 

C&|le, a rec. pron. each other, 
see Matt. i. 18. & passim. 

CéileAbA|i,-Ai|i, pi. id. sm. a 
warbling of birds, melody. 

CeileAb|iAc,-Ai5e, adj. musical, 
marbling, melodious. 

CéileAbiaAÓ,-Ai6, s.m. a farewell, 
festivity, celebration, conver- 

CéileAb|tAi5,-A6, v.a. celebrate, 
solemnize, bid farewell, con- 

Cejle Dé, g. id. s.m. a servant 
of God, a Culdee. 

Céili5eACb,-bA, s.f. the marriage 
state, the duties of marriage. 

Cé-\\\]^e, ind. adj. wise, 2 Cor. xi. 

ce ) 



19. sober, sedate, discreet, pru- 
dent, sensible. 

Ce]lc,-ce, s.f. concealment, seA 

Cejlce, p.p. concealed, hidden, j 

Cejlc-iúciOj-ue, s.f. mental reser- : 
vation, equivocation. j 

Cé\xr),'vne, pi, id. &, -xx)eó.\)o., s.f. i 
a degree, 1 Tim. iii. 13. — 1 
Chron. xvii. 16. — Is. xxxviii. 
8, Also, a step, elevation, dig- j 
nity. Heb. Kam, a step, Pers. j 
Gam, pass. I 

Céiii7eArT7u]l,-n)l<v, adj. stately, 

Ch\vox)\%,-\\xr^ox>, v.n. step, mea- 
sure by steps, advance for- 

CéirT)r)iu3A&,-i5ce, pi. id. a path, 
Heb. xii. 13. a stepping, a 

C'e}n)\xc'o<s.\io.c,'-^^]-^e , adj. siq^e- 
rior, uppermost. R.S- 

Cei5be]itc,-ce, s.f. a helmet, 1 
Sam. xvii. 5, any cover for the 

C^^f)Z]^eM),-e}\)e, adj. obstinate, 
stubborn. C. P. 

CéT|t,-jte, &, -ftexNc, s.f. wax, Ps. 
Ixviii. 2. Ce|]t bcAc, bees^-rvax. 

Céi|t&,-&e, pi. -&i, -bCACA, and, 
-t>\ox)o., s.f. a trade. Gen. xhi. 
32.— Rev. xviii. 22. 

Cy^y^yyo c|tu, s.i.abutcher^s trade. 

C^]\Ke:i^c,-]\.]-^e,aii\']. waxen, 7vaxy, 
of IV ax. 

Cé]Txíi), g. id. pi, -n|6e, s. m. « 
a plaster, a poultice, Ce'\\i\\) 
co5bAlA, a blistering plaster. 

Ce\}\\oc'.\\),-\]\), pi. id. s.m. nater 
elder, Sambucus aquatica. 

Cei|ir)ii), g. id. pi, -t)ióe, s.m. a 
small dish, a plate, a platter. 

fr. ciA^t, dark-coloured. 

Ceift]*le, g. id. pi, -I foe, s.m. a clew 
of yarn. 

Ce\\\z,-ze,-zeAc^, s.f. a rag, pi. 
Is. ixiv. 6. 

CeipceAC,-ci5e, adj. ragged. 

CeiiiceÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5í*, s.f. a little 

Ce\]\zV]X),-x)e,-r)], s.f. a hallofyarn 
or thread. 

Ce\\,-xe, s.f. a way made through 
a bog with hurdles, sods, §-c., 
see, C|]*. 

C&ir,-^e,-]*ioi)A, s.f. a young sow. 

Cei|-&,-&e,-&ion<N, s.f. a question, 
Ezek. xvii. 2. John, iii, 25. a 
puzzle, a problem, a contro- 
versy, see, CeAfC», 

CeifbeAcívt),-íviT), pi. id. s.m. « ca- 
techis7n . 

Ceirí5e<^TT)"|l5"")lA, adj. inquisi- 
tive, suspicious, questionable. 

Ce]T-&eAt)AC,-At5e, adj. catecheti- 
cal, questioning. 

Ceir&i5>-iu5A&, v.a. question, exa- 
mine, interrogate. 

Ce||*&iu5Aé,-ui5ce, pi. id. s. ra. 
an examination., a questioning. 

CeireÓ5,-ói5e, '\ 

-Ó5A, s.f. ' a slip, a young 

Ceirin, g. id. pi, f pig. 
-v)\be, s f. J 

CeifCDlujAO, s.m. a questioning, 
see, Cei|-&Tii5AÓ. 

CeiceAfai)AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
soldier, a hero, a yeoman, a 
stout-hearted strong man, Arab. 

Ceicjie, ind. num. adj. four, em- 
ployed when the noun is ex- 
pressed, Gen. ii. 10. and pas- 

Ceo, g. id. s.m. vapour. Gen. ii. 
6. — Job. xxxvi. 27. mist, fog. 
Chal, Ceha, it became dark. 

Ceób|tíin,-íKiT), pi. id. s.m. a heavy 
dew, a drizzling rain, fr. Ceó^&, 


Ceób|iívnAc,-Ai5e, adj. mizzling, 
misty, foggy. 

ce n 


c J u 

CeóÓAC,-Ai5e, adj. í/í?/í, Gen. 
xxvii. 1. Job. xvii. 7. cloudy, 
misty, dark. 

Ceol, g. ceóil, or cuil, pi, ceólc<\, 
&, ceólcAjóe, s. m. singing, 
song, minstrelsy, Rom. xv. 9. 
Jiev. xiv. 3.— Matt. ix. 23. 
Col. iii. 16. 1 Chron. xv. 16. 
music, melody, Heb. Kol, har- 
mony, Chald. Cholia, sweet- 

CeóUit*e> g- id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. a 
musician, a singer, fr. ceol, &, 

CeóUiíteAcb,-&A, s.f. music, sing- 
ing, warbling, melodiousness. 

Ceó['c^x),''A\x), pi. id. sm. a little 
bell, a worthless talker, Chald. 
Chali. sweet. 

CeólbTÍj,-i)e, adj. harmonious, 
sweetly musical. 

Ceólcviurr>,-rT)e, s.f. a concert, fr. 
ceol, &, cviprn, a feast. 

Ceólrt)AiiteAC&,-&<\, s.f. melodious- 
ness, tunefulness. 

Ceólrn<\it,-<Niixe, adj. musical, me- 
lodious, tuneful. 

Ceólrbolj-Uó, v.a. chaunt, sing 
praises. R. S. 

CeólitA6,-Aió, pi. id. s.m. a musi- 
cian, a chaunter, in the pi. it 
often signifies the Muses. 

Ceó\\ie-\xt)]-^,--\rT,A'b,N.aL. modulate, 
play music, fr. ceol, &, jaein?. 

CeórbAt|te<NC&,-bo>, s.f. mistiness, 

Ceórt)A]i,-Aipe, adj. misty, dark, 


Ceó-tT)ilce<\ó,-ci5, s.m. mildew. 

Ceocfiivn^-iviT), pi. id, s.m. a miz- 
zling rain, a small shower. 

Ceóc|t^DAc,-A]5e, adj. drizzling, 
showery^ dewy. 

Ce|tbfeó|]i,-óftA,-óiiti6e, s. m. a 
brewer^ fr. the old word, Cejib, 
fermentation, malting, &, ^eAp. 

C&jiub, g. id. s.f. a cherub, Ezek. 

ix. 3. X. 7. & xxviii. 14. — 
Ezek. x. 14. 
lCépnbír), g. id. pi, -ijij, s.m. « 
cherub, 1 Kings, vi. 23. 24. 
25. & 26.— 1 Kings, vi. 27— 
Plur. 1 Kings, vi. 27. & 28. 
1 Kings, viii. 7. Ezek. x. 16. 

Cece^lj-ceil, pi. id. s.m. a kettle, 
I Sam. ii. 14. 

Cevc&,-bA,-Aióe, s.m. a plough, 
Luke, ix. 62. 

Certi, g. ch\G, pi. cev&A, num. 
adj. an hundred, Gen. xi. 10. 
& xvii. 17. 

CeY&AC,-Ai5e, adj. an hundred- 
fold — "?Xr) conrtAÓ cev&AC," 

Cevb-OYiUeAC, no comp. adj. hun- 
dred-leaved , as a substantive, 
the herb centaury, Erythroea 

Cevbri^ACjg. cejbtbic, s.m. a first- 
born son. Matt. i. 25. see Céib- 

CeY&t)<^5 ind. adj. same. Matt. v. 

Cevbco||tA6,-niCA,-ntAi6, &, -ntv- 
5ce, pi. id, s.m. first fruits, 
Kom. xvi. 5. 1 Cor. xvi. 20. 
— pi. Ex. xxiii, IG. 

Cevbcof*AC,-<\i5,-Ai5e, s.m. a be- 
ginning, an element, Heb, iii. 
14. see Gal. iv. 3. 

Cevfj-j-At), v.a. torment. See, 


CevfAój-fbA, pi. id. s.m. a tor- 
ment, torture, Heb. xii. 2. 

^, ' f interr. pron. who ? which ? 
^'' i what ? 

CiAb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. a lock of hair. 
—pi. Cant. v. 2. & 11. 

G|AbAc,-Ai5e, adj. hairy, bushy, 
having long hair. 

C]AbA5iVT),-Air), pi, id. s.m- a ring- 
let, a curled lock of hair. 

C|Abívp,-ív|n, id, pi. s.m. agizzard. 

C ) u 


C J 

^ having 

C|Ab bAclAC,-Ai5e, ' _j.- curled 

C\iJb cAfb^^j ind. 


iocAs o;- 

J tresses. 

CjAb ceA^ bvb, g. C]Ab ció &v?b, 
s.m. 5ca/y stalked spikerush^ 
deer's hair, Eleocharis coespi- 
tosa, or Scirpus ccBspitosus. 

CiAbó5,-ói5e,-65A, s.f. a small 
lock of hair, a forelock, a side- 

C^aU, g. ceyWe yS.i. sense, remem- 
brance. Judges, xiv. 12. Neh. 
viii. 8. — Luke, xxiv. 11. see, 

1 Tim. iv. 6. meaning, discre- 
tion, reason, prudence, opinion. 
Hind. Kheal, as Kheal-kham, 

CiAllco5A|t,-AT|t, pi. id. s. m. a 

C]Alln)Att,-Aitie, adj. prudent, ju- 
dicious, sensible, cautious, dis- 

C]AUv5AD,-vi5ce, pi. id. interpre- 
tation, meaning, sense. 

C]aIIyi3,-v5a6, v.a. interpret, inf. 
Prov. i. 6. mean, signify, de- 

C}AllYi5e, ind. adj. sensible, sig- 

C)ai), c^]X)e,a.ái.far, see Acts, ii. 
39. lotig, distant, tedious, raos,i\y 
used adverbially, a 5-ciAt). 

CiAt)-fT)AOir),-ne, s f . a legacy. 

C)Ar)ri)A|acAÓAC,-Ai5e, adj long- 
lived, durable, perennial. 

C|At)Ó5,-5i5e,-ó5A, s.f. a mite, a 
kernel, a smcUl coin, " x)\ ciob- 
A]tpv|i) ciAT)ó5 Aifi." '^ I would 
not give half a farthing for it." 

CiAp<\i5,-pv5A6, v.a. vex, torture, 
torment, strive. 

C]Apivil, inf. id. v.n. strive, inf. 

2 Tim. ii. \A.contead, quarrel. 
CiApívil,-í\lA, pi. id. s.f. strife, 

debate, contention, ^Qfi 1 Tim. 

vi. 20. 2 Tim. ii. 16. from the 
obs. verb, CjAp, torment, vex. 

CiApalAC,-Ai5e, 3iáj. perverse, 1 
Tim. vi. 5. contentious, vexa- 

CíA|a, g. cfAifte, pi. cjAitA, s.f. a 

CjATt, cfAifte, adj. dark grey, 
dusky, gloomy, dark brown. 

CjA|iail,-alA,pl. id. s.f. a quarrel, 
contention, brawl, fray. 

C'jA\i'^\^c,-Oi]-^e,a,ái. quarrelsome, 
contentious, perverse. 

CíA|t65,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a chafer, 
a kind of beetle or hug. 

C]ATt|*úii,-iii|i, pi. id. s.m. a ker- 
chief, pi. Ezek. xiii. 18. 

CjAfiCA, ind. p.p. ivaxed. 

Cibín,-ije,-r)í, s.f. the rump. 

Ci6 b'é, cpd. indef. pron. who- 
soever, whatsoever. 

C\6-\xt), an irreg. defect, verb, ind. 
pres. I see, I behold, ind. pres. 
neg. of ^e]c-\n}, I do not see, 
ind. perf. affirmative, co5A||t- 
ceA]-, I saw. ind. perf. neg. nj 
pACAf, / saw not. ind. fut. 
affirmative, ci&peAb, I shall see. 
ind. fut. neg. r)] frejcpeAb, / 
shall not see. imperat. pejc, 
see thou. 

Ci5]l,-lc, v.a. tickle. 

C|5|lce, ind. p.p. tickled. 

C|5|lceAC,-ci5e, adj. ticklish. 

Cill,-le, s.f. a Church, a Church- 
yard; ceAllcftAc A, the plural of 
ceAllcftAc, (q.v.) is the plural 
always used. 

C]ll-bpeic,-te, s.f. a decision of 
the Church, excommunication. 

CiUíT), g. id. pi, -i3i6e, s.f. a little 
cell,a.\so,unconsecrated ground 
in which unbaptised infants 
and poor strangers are buried. 

Cin)bAlj-Ail, pi- id. s.m. a cymbal, 
1 Cor. xiii. 1. see 1 Chron. 
XV. 16. 

C ) M 


C jO 

C|t)An)oi;,-ojt), s. m. cinnamon, 
Cant. iv. 14. 

CineA6,-T)i6,-r)ióe<\cA, s.m. a na- 
tion, kind, Gen. xii. 2- & xxi. 
18. 1 Pet. ii. 9.— Job, xii. 10. 
Matt. xxiv. 7.— Matt. xxv. 32. 
Rev.xi. 18. often spelled, C^rje, 
g. id. Gr. ysvoc, Lat. Genus, 
race^ tribe, family, clan, kin- 
dred, offspring. 

CioeA6<vc,-AT5, pi. id. &, -aoa, 
s m. a. Gentile, pi. Acts, xiii. 42. 
Rom. XV. 9. 

C]^)Q\\\,-^■\\,^^\.\á.Q.X{^. generation, 
kind, 1 Pet. ii. 9 —Gen. i. 12. : 
Deut, xiv. 15. see, CiDe^o. 

C]t)eul,-éil, s.m. kindness, sin-\ 
ceriii/, Ruth ii. 20.— 2 Cor. \ 
viii. 8. I 

C^neulc<N, ind. adj. clannish, gen- | 
tie, kind, sincere. 

C]t}eulciir,-u||*, pi. id. s.m. kind- 
ness, favour. Gen. xxiv. 14. 
Ruth li. 13. Prov. xiv. 9.— Prov. 
xxxi. 26. fondness, affection. 

Cit)5Cir,-r<^? s.f. Pentecost, 1 Cor. 
xvi. 8. — Acts ii. 1. 

C]\),-r)eii.xx)n\x), v.a. appoint. Gen. 
xxiv. 44. resolve, allot, destine, 
assign, establish, surpass. 

C]X), nom. pi. heads, Deut. i. 15. 
see Ce<\^. 

C|i3be]ttr,-ce, pi. id. s.f. a Jiead- 
band,\A\xv. Is. iii. 20. a helmet, 
a head dress. 

Ci^eAri)r)AC,-Ai je, adj. fatal, ac- 
cidental. O'H. 

Ci^eArbvit5,-rr)t)<v,pl. id. &,-rbt)AC<x, 
si. chance, Eccles. ix. II. fate, 
destiny, accident, fortune. 

C]^-pe<\6T)A,-piOit>, pi. id. s.m. a 
ringleader, captain. Acts xxiv. 
5. — pi. Ex. XV. 4. 

C-\x)\\r), g. id. pi, -r)i6e, s.f. a little 
candle, an icicle, see Co]\)\\x). 

Ciijlici|i,-cpe,-c|teACA, s.f. a ca- 
pital letter. 

Cii7rt7ipe, g. id. s.m. pJirenzy. 

G\x)-^eoX,-x'e\\, pi. i d. aspersion, 
want, necessity. 

C]^j*eAl<Nc,-Ai5e, adj. aspersed 
with shedding blood wrong- 

Ciijce,ind. p.p. of C]^, appoint- 
ed, assigned. Num. ix. 7. Job 
vii. 1. certain, fated, devoted, 
allotted, destined, resolved, es- 

Ci^ceAc&,-bA, s.f. certainty, po- 
sitiveness,confidence, assurance . 

Cii)ci5,-c]u5<\&, v.a. constitute, 
decree, make certain, C.P. 

C]f)z^(^e\l\),-\i'e■\\)e, adj. obstinate, 

Cjob, g, c^be, s.f. coarse mountain 

C\oc, g, c joe, pi, cfocA, s.f. breast, 
suck, pap. Gen. xxi. 7. — Num. 
xi. 12. Matt. xxi. 16.— Mar. 
xiii. 17- Luke xi. 27. see Cant, 
vii. 8. 

C]ocb.\),-''X-\x), pi. id. s.m. a tit- 

Cíoc5vfi,-aíii, s.m. aravenous 
dog, sharp hunger, ardent de- 
sire, see C]oc|iAc. 

{ravenous. Is. xlvi. 11. 
see Is. Ivi. 11. &, 
Ezek. xxxix. 4. also, 
hungry, greedy, ava- 
ricious, having a ca- 
nine appetite, fr. 
Cu, & OCltAC. 

CiocitAi-j-Aif, s.m. ravenousness, 
hunger, greediness, a false ap- 

Cioc|tA|*^t),-^1t)} pi- id- s.m. a/íMW- 
gry or greedy fellow. 

C)oló5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a hedge 
sparrow, *'ao CÍ0IÓ5 ]iiAbAc," 
the bird that follows the cuckoo. 

C]ox), g, c-\x), s.m. love, reputation, 
Luke vii. 2. Phil. ii. 29. desire, 
want, fondness. 



C ) 


'C ] S 

Ciot)pAC,-CA, pi. id. occasion, 

camp, g. Rom. vii. 8. see 2 Cor. 

xi. 12. 
Cioi), g, C1Ó, pi- id. s-m. a head, 

a cause, accoiifit ; bo c^oij, 6e- 

cause ; 6'a c|oi3, o;i //er ac- 

connt, see Gen xxvi. 9. see 

C]oijcA,-cA) pi. id. s,m. guiltiness, 

trespass, see Gen. 1. Í7. &xxvi. 

10. crimen guilt, sin. 
C\or)'c\c,,-zyy-^, a wicked 

person, g. Ps. x. 15. & cxlvi. 9. 

Prov. XV. 28. pi. Prov. xxiv. 

l6. a criminal- 
Ctoi^cACj-Aije, adj. guilty^ Gen, 

xlii. 21. Rom. xvi. 17. 1 Cor. 

xi. 27. 
Cio^ciii5,-cii5AÓ, V. n. & a- sin, 

be guilty, condemn, see Gen. 

xxiv. 16. & C.P. 336. 
C\ov)\xx, adv. how ? Gen. xxvi. 9. 

John, iii. 4. i.e. c|<\ At) \)ó\? 
Cfojt, g, ci|te, s f. a cud. Lev. xi. 

3. Deut. xiv. 6. 
Cfoit,-riA<5, v.a. conih. see G']^\i. 
CíoftA&ó)it,-óp<\,-óift|6e, s.m. « 

CioftrbAUte, g. id. pi, -it)óe, s.m. a 

fuller, a person who knaps 

cloth ; also, a comb-maker, a 

Cfofi meAlA, g, ci|te tijeAlA, pi, 

ciojiA rbeAlA, s.f. a honeycomb, 

Prov. xvi. 24. see the dat. case 

in Luke xxiv. 42. 
CíO|^bAÓ,-Ai8, s.m. amaim- 

ing, Lev.xxii. 22.2\so,awound- 

ing, cutting, mangling, Heb. 

cheburah, a wound. 
CionibAi5,-A6, v.a. maim, wound, 

cut, mangle. 
Ciontbui5ce, ind. p.p. maimed, 

Cío^cu]rneAÓ,-rm3e, adj. maim- 
ed, see Luke xiv. 21. spelled 
also Cio|ttturt)Ac. 
CjotTiui-JAOj-suisce, s.m. a squab- 

bling, ajighting. fr. the obsol, 
cio|i, (%«») a hand, & |tii|*5A6, 

Cfoc-i-Aj-rA^A, s.m. custom, tri- 
bute, revenue. Matt. xvii. 25. — 
Matt. xxii. 19 — Prov. xvi. 8. 
rent. Heb. cis, a purse. 

CiofC^li^j-ATiAj-iM^ACAjS.f. tribute 
money. Matt. vii. 24. revenue, 
tax, assessment. 

Cíoi'tt)AOít,-AOiTi, pi. id. s.m. a 
rent or tax collector. 

C]0t, g, CeACA, pi. id.& CCACA^A, 

s.m. a shower, Ezek. xxxiv. 26. 
Lukexii. 54. — Ezek.xiii. 11. — 
Jer. iii. 3. Heb. ki, a vomit. 
Gr. yji-iMcc. 

C^ocACj-Aije, adj. left-handed^ 

C(ociÍ7Afi,-Ai|ie, adj. showery. 

Ciocó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. the left 

Cpcjtiirt)Ac,-iDui5, pi. id. s.m. an 
abject person, plur. Ps. xxxv. 
15. see C|Oftcuirt)eAC. 

Cipit), g. id. pi, -t>ióe, s.m. a little 

' stick, a dibble, a pin for tying 
and fastening a tether. Chald. 
cibben, he bound. 

Cjii,-|te, s.m. & f. the cud, Deut. 
xiv. 6. see Cjoft. 

Cift&]b,-be,-beACA, s.f. an insur- 
rection, tumult, quarrel. 

Cifift), g. id. pi, -i)i6e, a cock's 
comb or crest. 

C(tvíoeAÓ,-m5e, adj. crested. 

C\x,-X^i pi, ceAfceA^A, s.f. a 
piece of basket work made of 
osiers, also, a slough filled up 
and covered with hurdles to 
enable cattle to pass with safe- 
ty. M'N. 

C]i*&e, g. id. pi, -&|, s.m. treasure, 
store, treasury, 1 Tim. vi. 19. 

Jas. V. 3 Mark, xii. 41. a 

chest, a box, a trunk, a coffer. 
Gr. x/cr»!. Lat. cista. Chald. 
Arab. & Heb. cis, a purse ; 
Pers. kiste, a vessel. 



Cífbe, g. id. pi, -t>eACA, s.m. a ! 
cake. Pers. akishte, a paíiíri/. i 

C]feíwT),-ívin, pi. id. s.ra. a basket, ., 
a box, a j^annier. \ 

C]fceAnAC,-i}A]5e,-i)ACA, s.f. a \ 

Cic, a shotcer. see Cjoc. 

CTÚ|r),-t)e, adj. quiets 1 Thess. iv. 
11. I Pet. iii. 4. calm, still, 
meek, gentle, placid, smooth, 

Cíú.it)eAf,-T)ir, s.m. a cnhn, a si- 
lence. Matt. viii. 26. — Acts 
xxi. 40. 

C^utt)Aip,-|*e,-feACA, s.f. a sel- 
vage, Ex. xxvi. 4. & xxxvi. 
11. also, a strip or border oj 
land, the part of a piece of\ 
broad cloth opened to show a 
customer, and particularly, the 
fold of a blanket. 

C]út)<xij,-r)u5A6, V. n. & a. cease, 
rest, Mark iv. 39. & vi. 51.— 
Ezek, xvi. 42. calm, pacify, 
appease, assuage. 

C]úi)At5reó]|i,-óttA,-5iftióe, s.m. 
a pacifier, a peacemaker. 

Ciuiiiijjjj-jujAÓ, v.a. cover over, 
gather about ; generally said 
of a great coat or bedclothes. 

CUb,-Aib, pL id. s.m. a gaping 
open mouth, a thick lip. 

CUbACj-Aije, adj. thick-lipped, 
wide-mouthed, garrulous. 

CUbAnte, g. id. pi, -itjóe, s.m. a 
babbler, also, the clapper of a 

CUb<\i|ieAco,-bA, s.f. talk, babble. 

ClixbA|t,-A||i, s.m. filth, dirt, mire, 

ClivbA|tAC,-Ai5e, adj. miry, dirty, 
JiUhy, nasty. 

CUb55,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a blubber- 
lipped open-mouthed woman. 

ClAbituj-j-uii*, pi. id. s.m. purple 
mountain saxifrage^ saxifraga 

ClAci\t),-^1t), pi. id. s.m. a village 
or townland in which the parish 
Church is built, a burying 
ground, originally, a Druidical 
circle of stones for pagan wor- 

ClAbAc,-Ai5,-A]5e, s.m. the sea 
shore, the beach. 

CU6AC,-Ai5e, adj. dirty, filthy, 

CUí3Ai|t,-pc, V.a. toss about, roll 
in the dirt. 

CUÓAiite, g. id. pi, -tt|6e, a slug- 
gard, g. Prov. xiii, 4. a coivard, 
a thief, a rogue. 

CUóAnieAcbj-bA, s.f. cowardice, 
lazinesss, robbery. 

ClAí5ívo,-íctr))pl. id. a burr, a flake, 
cUba^O j-ijeAC&A. 

CUi)A]t6A, ind. adj. cowardly, 
lazy, idle, villainous. 

CU5uD,-úin, pi. id. s.m. a flagon, 
a lid. 

CUibéif,-fe, s.f. prate, talk. 

ClA.|béA|*AÓ,-A]5e, adj. talkative, 

CUibft), g. id. pi, -r)i6e, s.m. a 
spigot, the latch of a door. 

C\^y^),-n)e:, s.f. mange, itch, scur- 

ClAitiieAc,-rT)i5e, adj. mangy, 

ClAirbfeAc,-f 15,-f 15c, s.m. a scor- 
butic person. 

C\'A]\i, nom. pi. see Cliv]t. 

Cli^Hibejl, g. id. s.m. a lid, a 

CU]|téAbAn,-;\]r), pi. id. s.m. the 

ClaipéÁbcvt^AÓ,-A|5e, adj. broad 

Cliiip^|ACAl,-cle,-clA, s.f. a fore- 

Clixijiir), g. id. pi, -r)|be, s.m. a 
little board. 

ClAinineAC,-m5,-m5e, s.m. a 
cripple, a dwarf. 

C f^ 


Clí\infe<M:,-f]^e,-reACA, s f . a 
harp, Gen. iv. 21. Job xxi. 12. 
— Dan. iii. 7 — 1 Kings x. 12. 
Rev. XV. 2. fr. CUji t'I^,, ilie 
board of peace — ihe instrument 
of the banquet' 

Clí\i|i|-eó)ii,-ónA,ói|tióe, s.m. a 
harper, see Rev. xiv. 2. &xviu 

Clíij]i|'eó|iieAC&,-bA, s-f. liarpinf). 

ClAif,-|*e,-i'eACA, s.f. a pit, Ps. 
vii. 15. a furrow, trench, ditch, 
a ho/low, gutter, groove, dyke, 

CUi|-cc*&aI,-aiI, s.m. a singing 
of hymns, united Itarinony. 

ClArb,-<Nirbe, s.f. scurry, Lev. xxi. 
20. & xxii. 22. 

ling, dispute, evil talk, slander. 

ClAn)pA|iAC,-Ai5e, adj. litigious, 

C\o.\\)\\.^h,-is\b, s.m, a scratching, 
a shrug. 


Cl<xrnr<Xj g. id. pi, -<\CA, s.m. ((j/ 
alley, a narrow lane, a close. 

ClAT)AC,-<vi5e, adj. virtuous. 

CIaO, g, cloiOe, pi, cIaiIa, s.f. 
children. Gen xi. 5. Eph. vi, 1. 
—Matt. XV. 26. 1 Tim. v. 4.— 
Judg. vi. 3. a clan, descendants. 

Cl<vi)ibAici)e, g. id. s.f. descend- 
ants, relatives. 

ClAilrbApj-Aifie, diá]. fruitful, pro- 
lific, having issue. 

CUoclo6,-oi6, pi. id. s.m. iufr- 
niify,afwiuing,Fs. Ixxvii. 10 — 
Jas. i. 17. also, a change, alte- 

V. n. & a. repent, 
destroy, turn, Ex. 
xxxii. 12. — 1 Cor. V. 
5. see Ex. xiv. 5. 
j change, alter, va.rg^ 
weaken the poiver 
of, oppress, cancel, 




ClAOió,inf, cIaoi, wa,. destroy, dis- 
comfit, subdue, overthroir,3 i\dg. 
iv. 15. Ps. cxliv. 6 — Is. xiv. I. 
see Job xii. 19. annoy, vex, 
affli(t,tro\ú)le, torment, icound, 
defeat, weary, oppress, mortify, 
Arab, khlei, aching of the bones 
from toil and labour. 

CUoi6,-ice, pi. id. s.m. a defeat, g. 
Ex. xxxii. 18. desolation, de- 
struction, sorrow, affliction, an- 

GUoi&ce, ind. p.p. defeated, over- 
cotne, ajffiicted, wearied out, 

CUo|6ceóiít,-5iiA,-óni|6e, s.m. an 
oppressor, a destroyer. 

CUor),-i)o>ó, v.a.&n. botv, incline, 
decline, fail, turn aside. Gen. 
xlix. 15. Ps. xvii. 6. — Ex. xxiii. 
2. Heb. xii. 15. Gr. ^-/.«-w. 

CUoi),-o]r)e, adj. perrerse, Luke 
ix. 41. partial, prejudiced. 

CUoriAÓj-ucA, pi. id. s.m. inclina- 
tion, partiality, bending. 

ClAon-bnoArAC,-Ai50, adj. pre- 
judiced, partial in judgment. 

ClAOobiie ic,-ce, s.f. a prejudiced 
or partial sentence. 

Cl<\ot)mAnb<\ó,-bc<\, s.m. mortifi- 
cation, Dunl. 

CUoi)fu|leAC,-li3e, adj. squint- 

CUotjcA, ind. p.p. bent, inclined. 

Cl<\oi)CAÓAc&,-í5A, s. f. aptness, 

ClApfoUf,-ATr, s.m. twiliglii. 

0\'A\\,-'^]]\, pi. id. &, cl^^|lA, s.m. 

a table, aboard, Ex. xxv. 23 

Ps. cxxviii. 3. — Ex. xxvi. 18. 
Heb.ix. 4. 

CU\iiA]t)n7niu5<\t5,-iq5ce, s.m. a 

CUjxcof*AC,-A|5e, adj. splayfoot- 

CUn-n)ir)i5ce, s.m. a glossary. 

CUrb*, g. id. pi, -AÓ.v, s.m. a 
clasp. Vulg. 

c le 


CU|-b<,\i5,-bA6, v.a. clasp, hiittoii, .wi all basket. Num. vi. 15. — pi. 

tye, lash to. Vulg. j Gen. xl. 16. dim of cljAb. q.v. 

CleAC&,-&<\6, v.a. exercise, prac-\C\e\yi^-]\e^ &, -[teAc, pi, -|ti, s.f. 

tise, accustom, 1 Tim. iv. 7. — Í the clcrgjj. 

Ps. Iviii. 5. see 1 Cor. ix. 25. j Clé|pce<^c,-^5e, adj. clerical. 
CleAcbA, ind. p.p. accustomed, C\é]\iet^c,-]i\T„-\\]T^e, a clerk, 

Jiabituated, practised. \ Acts xix. 35. a clergymau, a 

CleAc&AC, .<\i5e, adj. 

\usunl, /ta- 
•j bitual, cus- 
CleAco<\8,-Aió, k, -bA, pi. id. s-m. 
exercise, rising, 1 Tim. iv. 8. 
Col. ii. 22. practice, habit, 
usage, custom. 
CleAri)i)tir,-iiir5 pl- id- S-nrt- inar- 
riage, Jos. xxiii. 12. — pi. Gen. 
xxxiv. 9. offinity or relation- 
si lip by marriage. 
Clo<\f,-rA, pi. id. &, -]-eAr)«^, s.m. 

scliolar, a tcriter, 

CI&]|ieAc&,-t5A, s.f. tlie stale of a 
clergyman, clerkship, scholar- 

Cleic,-ce, pi, cleArAC<>, s.f. a. 
roof. Matt. viii. 8. a slake, a 
icattle, a fence, a goad. Heb. 
Chele. Chald. Clei, he shut 
in ; Gr. /c'^z-w, / hide, & yO-ti-g, 
a key. see CleAc. 

Cleice, g id. pi, -cj, s.m. a quill, 
a plume, a feather. 

a play, trick, craft, frolic, a feat Cle|ce<\c,-ci5e,adj plumy.,dotvny, 
of legerdemain, warlike exer- \ feathery, flaky. 

Heb. keles, //- Cle|ceAc,-ci5, s.m. uings. Job 
xxxix. 23., illusion, 

a pn- 

C\e<.\yAc,-i.]-^e, Siáj. playful, .spor- C\e]zeó^,'ó\^e,-ó^A, s.f. a little 

live, crafty, tricky, performing 

feats of jugglery or valour- 
CleAf-<v|ó,-t>e, pi. id. s.m. an art- 
ful man, an actor, a juggler, 

a quack, a mountebank. 
CleAr<xióeAcb,-&A, s.f. playing, 

pastime, illusion, sleight of Cleirp|tiocA,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m 

hand, frolick, subtilty, trick. | goad, Judg. iii. 31. 
Cle<xr|tA6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. sleight, \ Clé-l^rT)<vo,-<\i5e, adj. lefthanded, 

Eph. iv. 14. see Cle<\f. Judg. iii. 15. 

CleA|-ui5,-fu5AÓ, v.a. sport, play, \ Cleoó,-oi6e,-oó<\, s.f. a horsefly. 

gambol, performfeats. ! Clj, ind. adj. left. Rev. x. 2. 

Clear, -eice,-eACA, s.f. a goad, pi, Cl|c, id. 

quill or feather. 
Cle|c,r}, g. id. pi, -ni6e, s.m. a 

little feather , also, a feathered 


rate grudge. 


Ecc. xii. 11. a tcattle, a rib, a 
stake, see Cleic. 

CleAc*c,-Ai5e, adj. ribbed, com- 
posed of wattle work. 

CleAc<\i|ie, g. id. pi, -ii|6e, s.m. 
a rustic, a sturdy beggar. 

Cle<>cA]fte<\cb,-bA, s.f. rusticity, 
boldness, the JtardiJiood of a 
.sturdy beggar. 

Cleibji), g. id. pi, -r)i3, s.m. a 

Clfv\b, g, cl^jb, pi. id s.m. a bas- 
ket. Lev. viii. 2. Deut. xxvi. 
4. 2 Cor. xi. 33. the chest of a 
man. Heb. Clubh, a basket. 

CliAbi\r),-<vin, pi. id. s.m. a cage, 
a cradle, Jer. v. 27. 

Cl|Ab|tAc,-Ai5, pi, -A]5e, or, -at a, 
s.m. the breasl, the side or 
trunk of the body. 

CliAri;uji), g, cleOiiTjr)'^) plj cleAii)- 




n<\cA, or, cliAn)u|f)eACA, s.m. c/ 
son-in-lau; a father-in- law •> 
Gen. xix. 12. Ex. iii. 1.— Ex. 
xviii. 7. In the plural it often 
signifies any near relations by 

CljAC, g, clé^ce, pi, clj^xcA, s.f. a 
harrow, a hurdle, see 1 Chron. 
XX. 3. " Le cljACAib poiitrise," 
also, the darning of a stocking. 

Cl]Ací^n,-íxiO, pi. id. s.m. the side 
or breast. 

CliíkrÓ5,-ó|5e,-65A, s.f, the chine 
or hack, a hurdle. 

Cl]iiió]\\,-c>\\^,-ó]\i]Se, s.m. a Jtar- 

CliACfi<\c,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a soft 
swampy spot passable only by 
means of hurdles. M'N, 

Cl]b,-be,-beACA, s-f, an excres- 
cence, any thing that dangles 
or hangs loosely from another, 
a tag, a tatter. 

Clibjn, pi, -\j]Se , s.m. a dew- 
lap, any thing dependent from 
another, a piece, a segment. 

Cl]bir,-re,-r^^^*? ^- ^* ^' tumult, 


ClibíreAc,-|*^5e, adj. tumultuous, 

Cliobó5,-ói5e,-ó5A,, s.f. a colt, 
a filly, a coltish trick or gam- 
bol. " Ludit exultim." Hor. 

CliozAft, inf. id. v.a. croak. 

Cl]05A|i,-A]ii, pi. id. s.m. a croak- 
ing, a croak. 

Cl|05<x|tAC,-Ai5e, adj. croaking. 

Cl|Of5A6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a. boun- 
cing, a, starting, a sparring. 

Clior5AC,-Ai5e, adj. bouncing, 
rattling, skipping. 

C\-\x,-ye6^b, v.a. deceive, disap- 

Cl||Te, ind. adj. quick-witted, 
knowing, active, nimble. 

Cli]-ceAcb,-o<v, s.f. .shrewdness, 
dexterity, nimhleness, activity. 

Cló,-c<x, pi- id. s.m. a print. Job 
' xiii. 27. a printing press, an 
j impression. Spelled also, Clo6, 
I &, Clor. 

Clob,-bA, s.m. a pair of tongs. 
j vern. Clob. 

I Cloc,-o|ce,-oó<\,s.f. a. stone. Matt. 
; xxi. 42. Acts. iv. 1 1. — Ex. xxiv. 
' 12. Matt. xxiv. 2. — Gen. xxxi. 
46. Luke, xix. 40. see 1 Cor. 
I iii. 12. 

ClócAjg.,-Ai6e,&,-ACA,s.m. a 

cloak, iMatt. v. 40. Luke. vi. 29. 

: ClocAc,-Ai5e, adj. stony, Ezek. 

' xi. 19. Matt. xiii. 5, & 20. 

Cloc,-cAÓ, s. Si. stone, see 1 Kings 

xxi. 10. 
CloCA^l^e, g. id. pi, -jtióe, s.m. a 
mason, a quarryman. fr. Cloo, 
& peAfi. 
ClocA]iieACfe,-<3<v, s.f. masonry, 

ClocAtbuil,-iT)lA, adj. s/owy, Ezek. 

xxxvi. 26. 
C\oc'4^\i,-<\\x), pi. id. s.m. a pave- 
\ ment, a causeway, stepping- 
i stones across a river. 
ClocA]i,-Aift, pi. id. s.m. an as- 
I sembly, congregation, college. 
i ClooApA, ind. adj. set witli stones. 
j CloÓATin*c,-Ai5, s.m. a wheezing 

iti the throat. 
\C\oc-c]r), s.f. a head-sione, a 

tombstone, see Gloc. 
Cloó-fr<\obAi|i, s.f. a hone, a tchet- 

Cloó-l]obA|t<\in, s.f. a grinding 

Cloc-riiuili^, s.f. a mill-stone. 
Matt, xviii. 6. — Rev. xviii. 22. 
— Is. xlvii. 2. 
Cloc.-rt)ullAi5, s.f. a top or head- 
Cloc \)6. ci^eAttiOA, s.f. the stone 

of destiny, see L^a pAil. 
Cloc r)A yiil, s.f. the apple of the 


C I u 

C\oc\i'A\),-<\\rj, pi. id. a bird 
called l/ie stone- chat fere); also, 
.stepping-stones across a ford. 

Cloc-CvV||x<M)5CA, s.f. a loadstone. 

Cloc-uv\fAl, g, cloice-u<\ifle, pi, 
clocA-usNirle, a precious stone, 
Prov. xvii. 8. pi. 1 Cor. iii. 12. 

CloD, s.m. a print, see Cló. 

Clo(3Ac,-Ai5, s.m. dirt,nuid, slime; 
Clo&Ar)AC,-Ai5, id. 

Clo&Ac,-Ai5e, adj. dirty, muddy, 

Cloó<N&óitt,-&óftA,-&ó||i|8e, s.m. « 
printer., Mill. 

CIo6,-6aó, ^ v.a. print, 

CIo6ui5,-6ii5a6, J stamp- 

CloóbuAil,-Al<\6, V, a. print, 

CloobuA^lce, ind. p.p. printed, 

Clo6bu<NU6,-Ailce, s.m. a print- 
ing, a stamping. 

Cloó5Al<\.ft,-<N)fi, s.m. a vertigo, a 
disease more than usually com- 
mon among printers. 

CI03, g, cliii5, pi. id. s.m a hell, 
a clock, a clapper of a mill. 

Clo5Ab,-<\i&, pi. id. &, -AbA, s.m. 
a helmet, a headpiece, Eph. vi, 
17. — pi. 2 Chron. xxvi. 14. a 
cone, a pyramid, also, a mea- 

Clo7;Ai&,-be,-bi, s.f. a helmet, 1 
Thess. V. 8. 

Clo-^oi|tOAc,-<xi5, s.m. a noise, a 
ringing of bells, a tinkling. 

Clo5CAr,-A|]-, pi. id. s.m. a belfry. 

ClojfnACAbj-Ai&ej-bi, s.f. M gno- 
mon, the hand of a dial or clock. 

Cloicbéirr)t)eAc,-t)i5, pi. id. s.m. 
a stamping., prancing, g. Jer. 
xlvii. 3. 

Clóicedbj-bA, pi. id. s.m. a print- 
ed permission, a passport. 

Cloic|ieAc,-|t]5e,-neACA, s.f. a 
stony place. 

Cloicf-oeAcbA, g. id. pi. id. &, 

c!ocAf-i;eAcbA, s.m. or f. hail- 
stone, Hev. xvi. 21. — Job, 
xxxviii. 22. Rev. xvi. 21.— 
pi. Fs. xviii. 12. Ezek. xxxviii. 

Cloicceine, g. id. pi. id. &, cIoca- 
cejoe, s.f. a flint, Ps. cxiv. 8. 

Cloibe, g. id. pi, -CACA, s.f. a 
ditch, a rampart, a mound. 

Rom, xiii. 4. Rev, i. 16 — Gen, 
xxxiv 26. Matt. x. 34.— Ps. 
Iv. 21. see Ps. cxlix, 5. fr. 
Glaive, a sword. 

^^0]-^]ox),-T,]r), &,-5De, pi. id. s.m. 
01-, f. a skull, a scalp, Judg, ix. 
53. Ps. Ixviii. 21.— Matt, xxvii. 

Clo]3ceAc,-c|5,-ci5ce, &, -ceACA, 
s.m. a steeple, a belfry. 

CloirbeAi),-bin, s.m. hearing, the 
sense of hearing. 

Cloic:eÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a shrimp, 
a prawn. 

ClotT), g. id. s.m. a pair of tongs, 
an instrument to fax, 

Clor, was heard, perf. pass, of 
CluiD, Matt. ii. 18. 

Cloreub,-éib, pi. id. s.m. a closet, 
a study. 

C\n, g. id. s.m. fame, Jos. vi. 27. 
1 Kings, X. 1. praise, renown, 
report. Com. Gr. yj-o-z, hear, & 
■/Xii-i, celebrate. Heb. Kilil, to 
make bright. 

CluA]t),-oe, s f. flattoy, dissimu- 
lation, Rom. xvi, 18. Gal. ii. 
13, deceit, treachery. 

CluA)i),-oeArteAcb, v.n. dissemble, 
inf. Gal. ii. 13. 

CliiAir),-r)e,-oeACA, s.f. a lawn, 
pasture, a green field, a bower, 
a retired situation. Com. Gr. 
%>■«--'), &, 7f^'-'''. 

CluAit)erieACb,-bA, s.f, hypocrisy, 
1 Tim. iv. 2. dissimulation, de- 
ception , flattery, t reach ery. 

C LLl 


C I 11 

CluAii)-lin,-lii)e, s.f. corn spurry, 

spergula arvensis. 
CuiAioceóitAcfc),-i5v\, s.f. deceit, 

crookedness, flattery, II. S 
CluAiri'^ g- itl- pl, 'Ulííí^, s.f. a 

60a: on the ear, a little ear. 
C\\xc^^\\\ <\t , s.m. coltsfoot, tussi- 

lago farfara. 
GluA|j--fe5!5,-óib, pi. id. s m. an 

ear-ring, pi, Num. xxxi. 50. 
CliKxnAiTte, g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. 

a deceitful man, Prov. xxix. 13. 

a flatterer, a hypocrite, fr. 

Clu<\OAir^-'*>'^5-'ri5^5 ^^U- retired, 

Clu<Nr)65,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a retired 

place, a boicer, a little meadoiv. 
CluAitívUj-íxin, pi. id, a thislle, 

also, a sponge. 
ClvAfianAC,-Ai5e, adj. abounding 

in thistles. 
Clu<vr,-Aife,-<vrA, s.f. aw car, Ex. 

xxi. 6. 1 Cor. xii, 16. — Gen. 

xxiv. 47. Job xlii. 5.— Matt, j 

xi. 15. 1 Pet. iii. 12. a handle] 

of any thing. \ 

CliiArAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. having ears\ 

or handles, unsated. 
Clu<xfAr),-Ain, pi. id. s.m. a pit \ 

low, pi. Ezek. xiii. 18. j 

CliiAr"Ai)-f í^jój s f . melancholy | 

thistle, carduus heterophyllus. , 
Clu<\]--cAicin, s f . tvake robin, 

arum maculatum. j 

CluAi-bAille, g. id. s.f. deafness. 
Clii<xf^A|Oe, g. id. pi, -i^ióe, s m. ' 

an ear-ring. Gen. xxiv. 22. ' 

Prov. XXV. 12.— pi. Ex. xxxii. 

2, & 3. Judg. viii. 24. 
CluAfluc,-vTce, s.f. creeping mouse 

ear, hierasium pilosella. 
CluArrt)Aoci\.r),-Ait;, pi. id. s.m. the 

tip of the ear. 
Cliio, g, cluib, pi. id. s.m. a cor- 
ner, g. 2 Chron. xxv. 23. — pi. 

Lev. xix. 9. also, a patch, a rag. 

Clúb,-«:><\ó, v.a. cove), thatch, 

clothe, cherish. GlvbA 15,-61154x6, 

v,a. id. 
ClúnAb,biii5,-bin5e, s.m. a cha- 
piter, a cherisliing, 2 Kings 

XXV. 17. Kph. V. 29.-2 Kings 

XXV. 17. a covering. 
Clu&Ai5ce, ind. pp. covered, 

thatched, cherished. 
CliibAine, g. id. pi, -fx|óe, s.m. a 

thatcher, also, a botcher, a cob- 
Clii6<MÍ)uil,-rT)U\, adj. renoumed, 

Clu5i\n,-<xiT), pi. id. s.m. a cluster, 

a bunch. 
Clii5;M)Ac,-<Ni5e, adj. clustering. 
Clujce, g. id. pi, cluicce, s.m. 

a sport, a game, play, p.istime, 

also, a shoal of flsh. 
Clúib,-be,-beAnA, s.f. a corner, 

a nook, an angle. 
^^^\'SVh g. id. pi, -T)e, &, -ni6e, 

s.m. a bell, Ex. xxviii. 34. pi. 

Ex. xxviii. 33. & xxxix 25. a 

little bell. 
CUii5in,-neAcb, v.a. ring, make 

a tinkling noise, as icith a bell, 

inf. 1 Cor. xiii. 1. 
Clu)rbe-c<xoii)ce, g. id. pi, -njce- 

Cikoioce, s.m. a funeral game, 

a tragedy. 
C\\x\x),-x)yY), &, cloirbi!),v.a. har, 

2 Kings, xix. 16. — Luke, x. 24. 

Deut. iv. 10. hark, listen. Gr. 

xXuco, 1 hear. 
Cliiir)ce, ind. p.p. heard. 
Cluioce<NC,-ci5e, adj. hearing, 

Prov. XX. 12. listening. 
Cluii)ce6|fi,-ó|i<\,-ói|t^bo, s.m. a 

hearer, an auditor. 
Clmnceó|tACD,-DA, s.f. a hearing, 

a listening. 
Clu;ce<MT)iiil,-ibU, adj. sportive, 

playful, ludicrous. 
Clán),-u)ii), 1)1. id s.m. phimage, 

doicn, feathers. 

C 11 l^ 


c n e 

CliitbAC,-Ai5, s. m. down, piu- , 

mage. \ 

ClúrncAÓ,-AT5e, adj. feathered, 

downy, hairy. Gen. xxv. 25. 
Clu!:tr)<\fi,-<\i|te, adj. comfortable, 

warm, sheltered, close. 
C\)'<\hs\]\\e, g. id. pi, -fijoe, s.m. a 

hearty, stout fellow, also, a 

scoffer, a satirist. 
Cr)abi\i),-4\it}, pi. id. s.m. a frog. 
Ct?A5,-5AD, y. a,, push, see I Kings 

xxii. 1 1. knock down, rap, strike. 
CiM5,-<\i5, pi. id. &, -0.5A, s.m. a 

wrinkle, see Job, xvi. 8. knob, ! 

rt /><?/;, a knock. \ 

Ci)<\5Ac,-A!3c', adj. /I'/// rf knobs, 

rough, wrinkled. 
Ci)A5<\6,-Ai6, or, -Ai5ce, pi. id. 

s.m. rt knock dozen, a rap, a 

Ci)A5Ai5, v.a. see, Cijaj. 
Cu<x5Ai]ie, g. id. pi, -|t|6e, s.m. a 

naggin, a knocker, fr. Cr)^^. 
Cuivib,-be, s.f. hemp. Lat. Can- 

nab-is. Gr. jiai^raS/i. 
Cr)i\ibeAC,-bi5e, adj. hempen. j 
Ci)iv]!D, inf. id. \. A. jest, jeer, de-\ 

ride, scoff'. j 

Coii]t),-&e, s.f. a jest, Eph. v. 4. 1 

a -vco^", a jeer, re.vation, de- j 

Ct)Ai&eAc,-&i5e, adj. vexed, fret- 
ted, scoffed, jeered. 
Ci)A.ióce<xc,-ri5e, adj. fret, Lev. 

xiii. 55. fixed, corroded. 
C\y<x\xx), g, cxi'^^vi), pi, cnixrb<N, s.m. 

a bone. Gen. ii, 23. & xxix. 14. 

Prov. XXV. 15.— Ezek. xxxvii. 

7. — Ezek. xxxvii. 7. Luke, xxiv. 


bone breaking- 
Ci)<\irb]-e<\ó,-]-|5e,-|'eAC<\, s.f. a 

Cr)Aipe, g. id. pi, -pj, s m. a hut- 
CtjAipii}, g. id. pi, -T)i6e, s.m. a 

little knot or lump, a small 

Ci)Aifce, g. id. pi, -z], or, -ceAOA, 

s.m. a bed post. 
Cní\rT),-íx|rn,-<xrT>A, s.m. a bone. 

For cases, see Ezek. xxxvii. 7. 

Large Ed. 1827. 
Ci)ivrbAc,-A]5e, adj. bony, large 

Ci)ArT)U)i),-t}e, s.f. a gangrene. 
CoAOt, g. id. s.m. consumption. 

Lev. xxvi. 16. Deut. xxviii. 22. 
Cr)Aoi, inf. id. v.a. consume, eat, 

swalloiv, Ex. XV. 7 2 Tim. ii. 

17. see Ps. xxi. 9. waste, pine, 

languish, gnata. 
CuAOjceACOj-bA, s.f. a consuming, 

a wasting, a gnawing. 
Cr)Aoi5re, ind. p.p. consumed, 

wasted, eaten, g}iawed, spent. 
Co*p,-Aip,pl. id. s.m. a knob, Ex. 

xxxvii. 1 9, & 2 1 — pi. Ex. xxxvii. 

17. a bunch, knot, lump, boss, 

stud, a little blow, a hillock. 

C'hald. Cnap. 
CnApAc,-A|5e, adj. knotty, knob- 
by, bossy. 
Cr)ApA&óni,-óftA,-ói|ii6e, s.m. a 

button maker. 
Ci)Ap,-pA6, ^v.a. collect into 
Cn Apivn,-^!')? pi- id. s.m. a knob, 

pi. Ex. xxv. 31. see Ct)ap. 
Ct}Ap fCA|]tA, g. id. pi, -A|óe, s.m. 

a stumbling block. 
Ci)eA&,-ei&e,-eA&A, s.f. a sigh, a 

CneAti, inf. id. v.a. sigh, groan. 
Cne A6,-&|be,-eA6A, s.f. a wound. 

Rev. xiii. 3. — Ex. xxi. 25. 

Prov. XX. 30 — Luke x. 34. 
CneA6AC,-Ai5e, adj. wounded, 

Prov. xviii. 14. see Ezek. xxx. 

Ci)eA&AC,-ui5,' agroan- 

ing, g. Ps. cii. 5. see Ps. vi. 6. 
Cr)eArT),-tt)A, s.m.. garlic, wild gar- 

C M U 



lie, gentian^ Allium, allium syl- 

vestre, gentiana. 
CoeArbAijte, g. id. pi, "itpe, s.m. 

a mean fellow, a knave. 
CtjeArbATfteAC&j-bA, s. f. mean- 
ness, low knaverij. 
CneA|-,-eTT,-eAr*5 s.m. the icaist, 

breast, neck, skin. 
CijeAfiDA, iud. adj. assiduous, 1 

Cor. vii. 35. honest, temperate, 

modest, mild. 
Ct)e<vfOAC&,-&<\, s.f. honesty, 1 

Tim. ii. 2 humanity, modera- 
tion, meekness, assiduity 
Ct)eA]'u5<\ó,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

healing, a cure. 
Cne A vui5,-ru5AÓ, v. a. Jieal, cure. 
Cr)eA]-'v;5ce, ind. p.p. healed, 

CtJiopAijie, g. id. pi, -[ijoe, s.m, 

a poor mean-spirited rogue. 
Cr)iopA][ieAC&,-b<v, s.f. meanness, 

mean roguery. 
Ct)|f,-fe, s.f. /Ae opening in the 

warp made by the geers of the 

loom in xcearing. 
Cnic,-cei\l, v.a. knit. 
Cr)iceíxl,-í\lA, s.f. knitting. 
C\)o, g, c\)o, or, ci)u|, pi, CDOA, 

CHA, or, cDA], s.m, « ;??//. 
Ct)ol3|:ivAnCv\c,adj. chesnut. Gen. 

XXX. 37. 
Cooc, g, cnuic, pi. id. &, cnocA, 

s.m. a hill. Jos. xvii. 16. — Ex. 

xvii. 9. — Ps. cxiv. 6. & Rev, 

xvii. 9. 
Cooc*c,-Ai5e, adj. hilly. 
Ci)ocAitteACb,-bA, s.f. sauntering 

about the hills. 
C>x)oc\\) ,-'^\\) , pi. id. s.m. a heap, 

a little hill, g. Job viii. 17. — 

pi. Ps. ixv. 12. 
CooOA^lip, g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. a 

CtjocA, g. id. pi, -Ajbe, s.m. a 

knot, a how of ribbands. 
CouAi-.-Ai]-, pi. id. s.m. a collec- 
tion, a scraping together. 

CnuAf Ac,-]*iii5, pi. id. s.m. a ga- 
thering, a gleaning, g. Obad. 
5. Mic. vii. 1 . a collection, an 
earning, the sweet juice of a 
soft bone. 
CoiiAfAc&.-bA, s.f. a collection or 
store of any tiling, a scraping 
together, reflect ion. 
Cijiiai*a6,-|-ca, pi. id. s.m. a glean- 
ing, g. Jer. xlix. 9. a collection. 
Cr)u<\i|'ce6i|i,-ónA,-óirii6e, s.m, a 
gatherer, Jer. vi. 9. a collector, 
a gleaner. 
CT)uArui5,-i-o*c, v.a. gather. Rev. 
xiv. 19. —2 Kings, iv. 39. glean, 
collect, hoard, scrape together. 
Ct)ii|fÍ7eÓ5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A,s.f.cí worm, 
\ a maggot, a mite. 
\ r ■ ■ ■ )«idi. abound- 

, r- ■ ' ■ ■ Vintj luu-ornis 
1 o •> \o ■> -^f^y maggots. 
\ Cnurb,-\irbe,-uri)A, a icorm, s f . pi. 
I Ex. xvi. 20. a maggot, a mite. 
j Ci)ucAjtlAij,-<x|n, pi. id. s.m, apig- 
I nut. 

! Cobívil,-ívU, pi. id. &,-leACA, s.f. 

I an enclosure, a woman s slay, 

the body of a chiUVs frock. 


fort, help. Job, vi. 10 Acts, 
xxvi. 22. — Acts xxvii. 17. 1 Cor. 
xii. 28. aid, relief. 
Cob A ftc A, ind. )adj. aiding, a«- 
Có5AjxcAG,-Aj5e,) sisting, li elpful. 
Có5A]acAc,-cui5, pi. id. &, -caca, 
s.m. a Comforter, a Saviour, 
Ecc. iv. 1. Ezek. xvi. 54. — pi. 
Obad. 21. Job, xvi. 2. 
} CóbAitcóiri,-ópA,-óifiióe, s.m. a 
person that relieves, a patron. 
[ CoblAC,-Ai5, pi. id. &, -ACA, s.m. 
I a /lee/, a navi/, 1 Kings, ix. 26, 
i &x. li, &22. 
I Cóbpu5A6,-ii'5ce, pi. id. s.m. com- 
' fort, help, Is. li. 19. 
I Cób|iui3,-u5A6, v.a. comj'orl, help. 
I CócAiite, g. id. pi, -tM^^? s.m. a 
cook, 1 Sam. ix. 23, & 24. 

CO 5 



CócAi|teAct),-&A, s. f. a cooking^ 

CocaI,-<viI, pi. id. s.m. a bag net, 
a cowl, hood, pod, husk. 

Coc<vUAc,-Ai5e, adj. husky, cap- 

CocIac,-a]3, pi. id. s.m. a fillet, 
a hair lace. 

CoclAc,-<\|5e, adj. braided, fillet- 

Cocoil,-le, s.f. a burr, common 
burdock, Arctium lappa. 

Coc|tor,-c<x, pi. id. s.m. a'jarget, 
a shield. 

Co&AlcAc,-Aige,adj.s/ee/?y, drow- 

CobAlcAc,-A|5,-Ai5e, s.m. a sleep- 
er, voc, s. Jon, i. 6. 

CoC)AlcAc&,-bA, s.f. sleepiness, 

Co&A|trT7ivt),-air), pi. id. s.m. a 
boor, an ignorant rustic. 

CobAfin)At}CA, ind. adj. boorish, 
low, vulgar. M'N. 

Co&cA, nom. -pi. parts, Lev. i. 8. 
see, Cujb. 

Co&lAt),-&AlcA, s.m. sleep. Gen. 
ii. 21. Matt. i. 24.— Judg. iv. 
^ 21. Heb. Cholom, a dream. 

Co&lAi&itj,-t)e,-t)|5e, s.f. white 
poppy, opium, Papaver somni- 

CoblArAc,-Ai5e, adj. slumbering, 
sleepy, Rom. xi. 8. 

Cobó5,-ói5e,-ó5A,s.m. a haddock. 

CobfiomcA, ind. adj. uncivilized, 
foreign, strange. 

CobuiVbUo, v.n. sleep. Gen. ii. 
21. — Gen. xxviii. U. Heb. 
Chodel, stopping, ceasing. 

CoppA, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.m. a cof- 
fier, a chest, I Sam. vi. 11.2 
Chron. xxiv. 8. 

Co5Ac,-A^5e, adj. warlike, apper- 
taining to war. Heb. Cuch, he 
conquered infighting. 

Co3Ab,-3\í6, pi. id. -5é\?óe,&-5CA, 

s.m. w;(7/-, Rev. xix. 11 — Ex. 

XV. 3. Rev. xii. 17.— Mark, xiii. 

7. Matt. xxiv. 6. Luke, xxi. 

9. Jas. iv. 1. 

Ca-T - s ^v.a. war, inf. 2 Ki. 

r^^lC ' si r^i-^- 8- Is. xxxvii. 

Co3a1,-ai1, pi, id. s.m. tares. Matt, 
xiii. 26.— Matt. xiii. 29. the 
herb cockle, agrostemma githa- 
go, also, a bearded ear of bar- 

Co3ArT)uil,-rblA, adj. warlike. 

^'^T)'^\V-\-V'^^yt-> V- "• whisper, 

Co3Aft, J — inf. 2 Sam. xii. 19. 

Co3A|i,-Ai|t, pi. id. s.m. a whisper, 
Ps. xii. 7. a secret. 

Co3A|inAc,-Ai3,-Ai5e,s.ra. ae^7<2V 
perer, Prov. xvi. 28. — Prov. 
xviii. 8. 

Co3Apcóiii,-ópA,-óipi6e, s.m. a 

Co3t)A6,-Ai5ce, s.m, chewing, ru- 
minating, gnashing of the teeth. 

Co5CAc,-Ai5e, adj. rebellious, 
Deut. ix. 7. & xxxi. 27.— 1 
Sam. XX. 30. quarrelsome. 

Co3uit),-3T)Arb, v.a. gnash the 
teeth, bite, chew, inf. Acts, vii, 
54. see Num. xxi. 6. & Deut. 
xiv. 6. 

^05uf,-ui f , s.m. conscience, Rom. 
ix. 1 1 Tim. i. 19. 

Co3ufAc,-A|3e,adj. conscientious, 

Có)b,-be,-beACA, s f . « company, 
a troop. 

Có]b,-be,-beACA,s.f. acopy,T)e\it. 
xvii. 18. Jos. viii. 32. Ezraiv. 

Co|be]j-,-fe, s.f. equity, justice, 

Coibei]-eAC,-|*i5e, adj./i/,s/, equi- 
table, impartial. 

Co|bli5e, g. id. pi, -5ce, s-m. the 
laio of correlatives. 

Coib|ti3,-iu3A6, v.a. comfort, see 
Job, ix. 27. help. 

CO ) 



Coibreoi,c,-]-i5e, adj. becoming^ Cojli 


Co|bf'eAco,-&A, ii. propriety^ de- 
cot cy, 

Coibce, g. id. pi, -eACA, s.f. hire^ 
Ezek. xvi. 41. 

Coicci6i|*,-]-e,-feACA, s.f. a fort- 

Cotóce, adv. ^re/-, ahvays, Deut. 
XV. 11. 

Co]heAC&iM5, inf, coi&eAC&, v. a. 
accompany^ inf. C.P. 

Co|6eAf,-Dif, pi. id. s.m. anti- 

Coi5C(iioc,-ice, adj. strange^ fo- 
reign^ see Ex. ii. 22. 

|-ní5, &-|tjoó<\, 

^, . . s.m. ff 5í/vy»oíer, Ex. 

Coi.^cnioc, j.. 2-2. Luke, xvii. 

VEph ii. 19. 
Coi5C|x;ocAr,-CAi|-, pi. id. s.m. 

distance or remoteness of 

Coi5eal da m-bAn j-i^e, g, coij^- 

e]le, &c. s.f. great cat's tail. 

or, reedmace.^ typha latifolia. 
Coi^eAlcA. ind. p.p. spared, co- 
vered, fiid. 

s.f. a distaff, Prov. xxxi. 19. 
Coi5il,-lc, v. spare, Joel ii. 17. 

see Acts xx. 29. & 2 Cor.xiii. 

2. preserve, cover. 
Coi5ilc,-ce, s.f. a sparing, a 

Coilbfi), g. id. pi, -t)t&e, s.m. a 

stem, a stalk. 
Co|leAC,-l]5,-l|5e, s.m. a cock. 

Matt. xxvi. 34.— Mark, xiii. 35. 
CoileAC jAOfce, s.m. a weather 

cock, see CoileAc. 
Coileívi),-léir), s.m. a whelp, 

pi, Job, xxviii. 8. see Cu]lei^t). 
Coil&A|t, see CmleA.fl. 
Coileu|i,-é]it, pi. id. s.m. a collar, 

a hame, Job xxx. 18. 

:e, "Í s.f. 

the cholic, 
s.f. cabbage. 




Lat. Caulis. 
Co|ll, g, -le, &:, -leAÓ, pi, -Ice, 

s.f. a wood, a grove. Num. xiii. 

20. Jos. xvii. 18. Judg. vi. 28. 

— Deut. xix. 5. see Ezek. xxxiv. 

25. Gr. y.a/ov, wood, timber. 
CoiU,-leA6, V. a. geld, violate, 

CoilleAb,-llce, s.m. gelding, vi- 
olating, blindfolding. 
CoflleA|tr)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a 

woody place. 
CiollrT7iAf-rT)eirer"'l<'^r<^> S.f. a 

wooden dish or bowl. 


adj. woody. 

r^ 11^^*^' V^^\ ^^'ild, Jos. xvu. 
Co,llcen,>il,-n,lA,^j5jj^^j^. g 

CoiUceóni,-ó|tA,-óini6e, s.m. a 
woodman, a woodcutter. 

Có(rbbeo6uTí;,-u7:AÓ, v. a 

• 7' 


Eph. ii. 5. 

Cóiii)ceAC)uí5,-u3A6, v.n. consent. 

Có]iT7ceA{5u5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a consenting. 

CóirbceAl5,-éil5e, s.f. a conspi- 
racy, C.P. 

CóirT)ceAi;3Ail,-Al, v.a. unite, cou- 
ple, compare, Ps. Ixxxvi. 11, — 
Ex. xxvi. 5. 1 Cor. ii. 13. tie 

Cóirt7ceAr)5Ailce, ind. p.p. bound, 
Heb. xiii. 3. conjoined, confe- 

CójrbceAnjAÍj-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a 
bond, Eph. iv, 3. a conspiracy, 
Acts xxiii. 13. union, cove- 
nant, league. 

CóirÍ7ceAÍJAC,-A]5e, adj. commer- 

Có]riícéAOACD,-&A, s.f. commerce. 

Có|rbcéitt}r)eAÓ,-r)i5e, adj. accom- 
panying, concurrent. 

CóirÍ7céftT)neAc&,-t»A, s.f. conco- 
mitancy, concurrence. 

CO ) 


C ) 

Có\wcé]tr)r)}-^,-n\ii-j^i^b, v.a. ac- 
company, keep tUe same step. 

Có|ri7ceól,-óil,-ólc<\, s.ra, a con- 

CóirT)ceólAc,-A|5e, adj. choral, 

s f. a sister-in-law, Ruth, i. 15. 
s.m. d. father-in-law, a son-in- 
lan;, a brother-in-law, or, any 
close relative by marriage. 

Co]rbctté<\rú|t,-uiít, pi. id. s. m. a 
fellow creature. 

CofrbcfiiCj-iteACA, pi. id.sX trem- 
bling, 1 Sam. xiii. 7. 

Có|rb6e, g. id. s.m. God, 1 Tim. 
vi. 15. the Trinity, the Triune 

Cóirb&e, g. id. pi, -e<\cA, s.m. a 

Cóirb&eACb,-bA, s.f. protection, 

CóirT)ónieAC,-ii)5e, adj. straight, 

CóirT)D|teAcc<x, ind. adj. conform- 
ed, proportioned. 

Có]m&A&, inf. id. v.a. heep, pre- 
serve, observe, Deut. iv. 9. 
Matt. xix. 17. 2 Tim. i. 14.— 
Gen. xlv. 7. Matt, xxiii. 3. 
Acts xii. 6. 

CóitT)éAí>,-í)A, s.m. a keeping, tu- 
telage, g. 2 Kings xxii. 4, & 
14. Matt, xxviii. 4. Gal. iv. 2 

Có|ri)éAb<\c,-Ai5e, adj. keeping, 
vigilant, 1 John, v. 18. 

Có|ri)éAb<NCb,-b<\, s.f. a watching, 
vigilance, anescorting, attend- 

CóitT)éA&ó]fi,-ófiA,-ónii6e, s.m. a 
keeper, guardian, an inspector, 

Cóin)&<\bui5, g. id. pi, -1115^, &, 
-ví5ce, s.m. a keeper, Gen. iv. 9. 
1 Sam. xvii. 20. — pi. Eccl.xii.3. 

Có]nieo.Y,-yt>A, s.m. eqmility, com- 
parison. R.S. 

CoirijeAfj-fAb, V. a. compare, 
liken, equal. 

CójrbeAfbA, ind. adj. of equal 
value, equivalent. 

Có]roeAf5,-5<>6, v.a. mix, com- 
mingle, compound, amalga- 

Có|nieAT-5Ab,-5iiibce, pi. id. s.m. 
a confounding, a mixture, a 
compound. C.P. 

CóirbélfeAcb,-bA, s.f. co-efficien- 
cy, co-efficacy. 

Có]rnéipeAcbAC,-A]5e, adj. co- 
efficient, co-efficacious. 
j Cóirt)éi5eAr),-5ir), s.m force, con- 
j Có]iÍ7éi5t}eAC,-t)i5e, adj. con- 
straining, oppressive, compul- 

Cóiri)éi5i}eAÓ, s.m. a wresting, 
Deut. xvi. 19. see, Có|rijéi5. 
1)1 115 AÓ. 

Cóirbél3ni5»-t)Iu5A6, V. a. con- 
strain, force, compel. 1 Sam. 
xiii. 12. Job xxxii. 18. Luke 
xiv. 23. Rom. xv. 20. 

Có|tT)&i3t)iu3A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a wresting, exaction, Deut. 
xvi. 19. ISeh. X. 31. compul- 
sion, constraint. 

CóitT)é|li5ceót|t,-óiiA,-ó| n^be, s.m. 
a competitor. 

Cóimeitt5e, i^.i. insurrection. 

Cóiri}fe<\6Ain,-6i)A, s.f. a troop, 
a company. 

CóimpiAÓDuire, g. id. pi, -pbe, 
s.f. a witness, Heb. ii. 4. 

Có|ri)pjll,-léA6, \'. 'A,, fold together. 

CóirbpiU&Ab,-lce, s.m a folding 

Cóimfrillce, ind. p.p. folded to- 
\Có\\r)^]0]\ C0T,u]6,-i:\\\ C.05U16, pi. 
i id. s.m. a fellow soldier. Phil. 
I ii. 25. 

j Có\rn^\ieí^-^<^]]\r,-ÍA, s.f. an an- 
I swer, a correspondence. 

CO ) 


CO ) 

Có]ú)\:]\e o,-^A]]\,-]ic, v.a. suit, cor- 
respond, agree. 

Có|tÍ7^tteA5<NitcAC,-AJ5e, a-a]. suit- 
able, corresponding, jit, pro- 

Có|ri)pfieA5Aficó||t, -ófiA, -óiftjóe, 
s.m. a correspondent. 

Có]ri)5eAf|iA6,-|trA, pi. id. s.m. 
concision, Phil. iii. 2. curtail- 

Cóirr)5|teAn7<xi5,-rt}ii5<v6, v.n. ad- 
here, cling to. 

CóirbiÁ6,-6A6, v.n. conspire, see 
Neh. iv. 8. hind together. 

CóirbfAÓAÓj-ócA, s,m. a coupling, 
a conspiracy^ a binding toge- 

Có]rt}i&eAÓ&,-bA, s.f. attendance, 
g. Gen. xxiv. 61. see, Cofrh- 

Có|rT)i5ceAC,-c|5,-ceACA, s.m. a 
stranger, Ex. xxiii. 9. — Ex. 
xxiii. 9. Lev. xxiv. 22. — Eph. 
ii. 19. 

Co\rx)\\,-\z, v.a. rub, rub down, 

Co]xr}]\ze, ind. p.p. rubbed. 

Co]n)-\xr)-\\yc,-ce, s.f. corn-migra- 

CoirDft), g. id. s.m. cummin, g. 
Matt, xxiii. 23. Cuminum. 

Co\xx)-\x), g. id. pi, -t;]6e, s.m. sub- 
urbs, Num. XXXV. 2, & 4. see 
Josh. xxi. 39, & 42. vernacu- 
larly, C\vc)\x), the pasture land 
of a village, pasture land. 

Co|rbior)AÍ),-Aii)e, adj. ez/i/ai, Phil, 
ii. 6. co-equal, equivalent. 

Coirt7]|tc,-ce, s.i. protection, mer- 
cy, quarter. 

Coirr)iTtcceó|tt,-ó{tA,-ó(ttit)e, s.m. 
a Saviour, a Protector. 

Có]\r)]x\oW,-\y\e,aiá]. flat through- 
out, level. 

Có|rbleA5,-5A8, v.a. amalgamate. 

CóirbleA5AÓ,-Aió, or, -A5CA, s.m. 
liquefaction, amalgamation. 

Có|rbleAr)5,-5íi,-5AÓA, s.f. a race, 
a course^ g. 2 Tim iv. 7. Heb. 
xii. 1. see Cóirt)liT)5. 

CóIlbleAr)rT)ulr),-rbl^^)<^J pL id. s.f. 
a consequence. 

Coirbli5,-5e, v.n. lie with. 

Co]n)\]-^e, g. id. s m. a lying to- 

C6irblii)5,-|or)5A,-lor)5AÓA, s.f, a 
race, a course, Ecc. ix. 11. — 
g. Ps. xix. 5. see CóirbleAt75. 

Cóirbliot),-r)A6, \ .a., fulfil, finish, 
C.P.-inf. Acts XX. 24. 

Có|tt)líor),-l(t), s.m. a multitude, 
g. 2 Sam, vi. 19, an assembly. 

Có|ri}ljot7A6,-i)CA, s.m. a fulfilling^ 
Acts xiii. 25. Rom. xiii, 10. — 
Rom. ii. 13. 

Có|ri)rDéA&,-éibe, adj. of equal 

Có|rnmeAf,-r&A, pi. id. s.m. com- 
parison., Judg, viii, 2. 

Coitrjne, g. id. s.f a memorial, a 
remembrance, Acts x. 4. 1 Cor, 
xi. 2. 

CóirbT)eAticui5,-u5A6, v.a, con- 
firm, inf. Acts XV, 4 1 . strength- 

Cóirr)tjeAitcui5ce, ind, p.p. con- 
firmed, strengthened. 

Coirbt}eA]-,-nif, s.m. neighbour- 

C5irf7r)i5,-|U5A6, v.a. remember, 
inf. Lam. iii. 19. 2 Cor. vii. 15. 
Eph, i. 16. see C\i\rr)x)\-^. 

Cóirbt)Tii5AD,-\í5co, pi. id, s.m. re- 
membrance, I Cor. xi. 24, & 
25. 1 Thess. i. 2. see Cu^rbtji- 

CoirDpleAf5,-é|r5, s.m. a consti- 
tution, also, a loud noise. 

Cóin)p|tjofúr)AÓ,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m, a 
fellow prisoner. Col. iv. 10. 
see Philem, i. 23. 
Cóiri)ftéAlc,-éilce, pi, -&]lci6e,& 

-éAlcA, s.f. a constellation. 
Có|rt7jtéió,-óe, adj. plain, even. 

C J 



Cófrbttéiti,-ne,s.f. coiujruity^ C-P. 

Có]^-\i\^c'Q<sr)u.x-u-\Xi s. m. see 
Lev. XV. 16, 17, 18. Eng. Ver- 

Có|rbítiAcí)U]t), inf. id. see Gen. 
xxxviii. 2. — Gen. xxxviii. 9. 1 
Chrou. ii. 21. Eng. Version. 

Cóirbriiori7,-irn, s.m. computation. 

CóiTOfiic, inf. id. v.n. run a race, 
inf. 1 Cor. ix. 24. 

Cóiri7|^e<\]tbpó5At)cu] je, g. id. pi. 
id. a fellow servant^ Matt, xviii. 
29.— pi. Matt, xviii. 31. 8i xxiv. 

CóirbfeAf Ari),-Airi7, s.m. competi- 
tion, equality. 

Có|ri9feA|*TT)Ac,-<\i5e, adj. con- 
stant, consistent. 


Có]n)fe]Tx^]XeU,-Y}^,-r]^e, s.m. 
a felloic-servan t. 

s.m. a chum. M'N. 

CoirDl"l3,-iu5<xD, v.a. comprehend., 
inf. Eph. iii. 18. 'perceive. 

Cofrrjf i5ce, part. ind. adj compre- 
hensible, provident. 

Cóimno||i\?óe, ind. adj. co-eternal. 

Co]tDfiu5A6,-]'i5ce, s.m. compre- 
hension, perception. 

CoirrjceAc, \K^y strange., 1 Pet. 
-éi5e, fiv. 12. see 1 Cor. 

CóirbciseAc, i^xiv. 2. 2 Cor. v. 
-cije, ) 6, & Heb. xiii. 9. 

Cóirbcioool,-oil, pi- id. s.m. an as- 
sembly, multitude., congrega- 
tion, Num. X. 3. Matt xiv. 14. 
— Ps. xxii. 22. Heb. xii. 23. 

CoiT)be<\Ttr<\ib,-t'e, s f. conversa- 
tion, 2 Cor. i. 12. Gal. i. 13 

Eph. iv. 22. 

CoiT)bile, g. id. s.f. the dogherry 
tree. fr. Cu, &, b|le, a tree- 

CotT)bít|í-,-re, s.f. a dog brier, Ru- 
bus caninus. fr. Cu, &, ti\i\\. 

CoiT;p|ACAil,-CAile,-cU\,s.f. a dog 

Coir)5ioU,-5ill, pi. id. s.m. Jide- 
lity. Tit ii. 10. condition, ob- 
Coii}5iolUc,-Ai5e, adj. sure, Ps. 

cxi. 7. obligatory. 

Coir)5in,-|ie, s.f. a couple, a pair. 

Co]x)]x), g. id. pi, -t)ióe, s.m. a 

coney, a rabbit, Lev. xi. 5. 

Deut. xiv. 7. 

Coif)leó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s f . a stalk, a 

bud, a stem. 
Co]X)V\x), g. id. pi, -oi6e, s.m. a 
stalk, a bud, Gen. xli. 5. Hos. 
I viii. 7- 

I Co^ile, g. id. s.f. meeting; used 
i only adverbially, ?Vnj' co\r)e, 

to meet me, 1 Sam. xxv. 32. 
i Co\\)q^,-\)\q^,-\)\\, s.f. a candle^ 
I Matt. V. 15.— Rev. xviii. 23. — 

see Zeph. i. 12. 
Coii)eAlbAic,-ACA6, v.a. excom- 
I inunicate. 

\ CoioeAlbACADj-Ajce, s.m. excom- 
\ munication. 
CoiP]c&A|i,-céni, pi. id. s.m. a 

warren, a rabbit burrow. 
dlestick. Matt. v. 15. Rev. ii. 
5. Num. viii. 2, 3, & 4._Rev. 
i. 12. 
Co]^lfi), g. id. pl,-T)|t'e, s.f. a little 

candle, an icicle. 
Coii?ltoc,-i5,-iocA. s.m. stubble. 
Coi^cji^eACj-Dlse, adj. contenti- 
ous, 1 Cor. xi. 16. 
Coit)ri<!^r5-1*ir> s.m. conscience, 
Acts, xxiii. 1. 1 Cor. viii. 7. — 
Rom. xiii. 5. Heb. ix. 9. 
Co]r)|*iAf Ac,-Ai5e, adj. conscien- 
tious. R.S. 
Cóip,-pe, s.f. a copy, see Có]b, 

also, froth. 
Cóip|u5A6,-ui5ce, s.m. fermenta- 
tion, the head or froth on malty 
as porter, i^'c. the lather on suds. 

CO j 


CO ] 

Coiii,-|te,-|ice, s.f, sin, accusa- 
tion., offence, trespass. Gen. 
xxxi. 36. Rom. v. 20. — Lev. v. 
G. Mark, xv. 26. — see Ezek. 
vii. 23. crime. 

C6|ft, g, cópA, s.L justice, right- 
eousness. Col. iv. 1. — Matt. V. 
6. Heb. Chor, noble. 

Cóift, có\\c^,diú.]. right, Gen.xxiv. 
48. — Acts, iv. 19. honest, Just, 

Co|fice, g. id. s.m. oafs. 

CoiriceAc,-ci3e, adj. abounding 
in oats, made of oats. 

Coi|tceÓ5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a bee- 

CóTitbfr), g. id. pi, -t)7óe, s.m. a 
little cord. 

Coipe, g. id pi, -pe<x8A, s.m. a 
pot, a cauldron, 1 Sam. ii. 14. 
Ezek. xxiv. 3. — pi. 2 Kings, 
XXV. 14. a kettle, a cavity, a 

CóitteAC,-fii5e, adj. right, just, 
virtuous, see, Cói^. 

ConieAc,-pi5e, adj. criminal, 
faulty, guilty, sinful, see, 

Co|fieA6,-|ii5re, pi. id. s.m. an in- 
vitation, g. Num. ix. 7. a feast. 

Coiiie<xrbUco,-&<v, s.f. guiltiness, 

Coi|teArT)iMl,-ri7lA, 2iá]. guilty, cri- 

Coifteixr) co]lle<xc,-li5, s.m- wild 
campion. Lychnis dioica. 

CoiíieA|tívt)-ii7v;ce,-^in.mvce, s.m. 
pignut, Bunium buibocasta- 

Cói]ti5,-tu5A6, v.a. deck, avenge, 
Job, xl. 10. Luke, xviii. 3. ar- 
range, correct, set in order. 

Cóitii5ce, s.m. pi. quaternions, 
see Acts, xii. 4. ranks, ranges. 

Cóitt15ce, p.p. delicate, well set, 
1 Sam. XV. 32. Is. iii. 24. also, 
avenged, decked, arranged^ 

Có|ji]5ceój|t,-ótiA,-óitiióo, s.m. an 

arranger, one who ornaments, 

j also, an avenger. 

Conti5ceó|tt,-óriA,-ó||tióe, s.m. a 

blamer,an accuser, acor rector. 

\n • J 1- i.ivicked,1^dMCi. 

|Co,p,pe,md.adj.V.j 3^ 'p^^^j^ 

,Co,p,pce,ind.adj.^g^ cor/v/y^i. 
' Co||iipce<xc&,-bA, s.f. corruption, 

] Cój|a^ii5A6,-fii5ce, pi. id. s.m. an 
I ornament, g. Ezek. vii. 20. an 
' arrangement, amendment. 
Coijilimin, g. id. pi, -o|6e, s.m. a 
mean, or insignijicant person, 
i M'N. 
Co|jar)eul,-éil, pi. id. s-m. a cor. 

ner. Lev. xix. 2/. 
Coi|toeuUAC,-Ai5e, adj. cornered, 
i having corners. 
Co]\[.x)\x), g. id. pi, -t)i6e, s.m. a 
collection, heap, round ball, 
a curl. 
CoirininAC,-Ai5e, adj. frizzled, 

curled, collected. 
Co(npbei|ic,-ce, s. f. raiment, 

Coi|itceAf),-c|0, pi. id. s.m. a top, 
a whirlgig. 
I Conif*CfxeAí)ó3,-ói5e,-65A, s.f. a 

screech-onl. Is. xxxiv. 14. 
Co||aci5eói|t,-ó)iA,-ó]Tiioe,s.m. an 

accuser, an informer. 
Coffici5,-iu5AÓ, v.a. blame, im- 
I peach. 

CoirbeAfir,-&nic, s.m. ornaments 
j for the legs. Is. iii. 20. literal- 
ly, foot-furniture, shoes and 
stockings, Sfc, greaves. 
; Cojr^^eiP^^j'ce, s.f. covering for 
j the feet, Is xx. 3. see, Coi]-- 
j beAfic. 

j Co]]'C^]m,-n)e, pi id. &, -rDeArjA, 
s.f. a step, 1 Sam. xx. 3 — pi. 
' Job, xxxi. 4. 

: Coi]-c&irr)ni55-li'5A'^5 ^'-ii- & a» 
'■ step along, tralk, tueasure by 

CO j 



Cóir&e, g. id. pi, -&i5e, s.m. a 

Coif&e, g. id. pi, -&i3i^, s.m. a jury. 
fr. Coirb, &, eirfc>- 

Coir&eóin,-ópA,-óipice, s.m. a 

Cói|-&eói|i,-óít<\,-ó||tióe, s.m. a 

Co)ré<\cb,-bvA, s.f. a walking ^foot- 
ing it. 

Coirs, inf- cof5, v.a. spare, cease, 
be still, Ps. xxxix. 13. Mark, 
iv. 39. — Ps. xlvi. 9. Prov. xviii. 
18. stop, quiet, restrain. 

Coifije, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a man 
on foot, a foot soldier. Num. 
xi. 21. 

Co\x\x}, g. id. pi, -ijióe, s.f. a little 
foot, a stem, a stalk. 

Coifift,-pe, pi, -jteACA, &, -Pi, s f . 
a feast, pi. Deut. xvi. 15. a 
festive party. Heb. Chosher, 
congregating . 

Con'liAr|iói!5,-be,pl,-&j, &,-bgcA, 
s f . « yooi 6a//. 

Col f n^^s^c^i^e, -pi cce, -precise, ^•'^* 
consecration, g. Ex. xxix. 22. 
for pi. see Lev. viii. 28. 

Có(rpeAct),-&A, s.f. a feast, g. 
Zech. xiv. 19. 

CoifpeAccA, ind. p.p. consecra- 
ted, dedicated, blessed. 

CoirpeA5AÓ,-peACCA, pi. id. s.m. 
dedication, consecration, feast, 
2 Chron. vii. 9. — Ex. xxix. 31. 
Zech. xiv. 19. — see 2 Chron. ii.4. 

Co| f PI 5,-56 <\ó, v.a. sanctify, con- 
secrate, dedicate, Ex. xiii. 2. 
Num. iii. 3. Judg. xvii. 5. — 
Ex. xxviii. 3. 2 Chron. ii, 4. 

Cóinii5e, s.m. pi. guests at a 

^ . - /adi. common. Acts, 

'. - ' X. 14. 1 Cor. V. 1. 
-ciT?e,_ J g^^j^_ ^^... ^2 Matt. 

.'i.T''' Ixxvii. 27.pz.Wic, ^e- 

■cpe, \ 

CoiccioO<.\G&,-bA, s.f. community, 

Co\zc\o\)zeK, ind. adj. customary, 
habitual, ordinary, universal. 

Coiccior)CAC&,-bA, s.f. the com- 
monalty, also, universality. 

CoTceóiii,-óp<\,-óiiti6e, s.m. a cot- 
tager, a boatwright. 

Co1,4a, pi. id. s.m. impediment, 
prohibition, sin. C.P. Gr. /cwX- 
\JM, I hinder, 

Co\^c,-o^\%e , did]. prohibited, hoick- 
ed, sinful. 

Colii|p,-pe,-peACA, s.f. a collar ; 

Co\i),-\Xt)C, g. id. pi, -bi &, -bCACA, 
s.m. a college, 2 Kings, xxii. 14. 
2 Chron. xxxiv. 22. 

ColArnóip,-ópA,-ó||ii6e, s.m, the 
fsh called a hake. 

CoIa^,-IIa, or, -It) A, s.f. the body, 
the flesh, 1 Cor. ix. 27. — Johni. 
13. Rom. viii. 3. Eph. ii. 3. 

ColbA, g. id. pi, -AÓA, s.m. a scep- 
tre, Ps. xiv. 6. a post, the stalk 
of a plant. Com. CoU, a hazle 

C0I5, g, CU1I5, pi. id. s.m. a sword, 
a beard of barley, a prickle, a 
spear, rage, the point of a 

Col5AC,-Ai5e, adj. bearded, point- 
ed, prickly, fierce, wrathful. 

Col5AT)CA, ind. adj. bearded, ^c. 

Col5|tor5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. fierce- 
eyed, fierce looking, fr. C0I5, 

&, Tiors- 

Col5cpoio,-obA, s.f. sword fight- 

Colscpoib, inf. id. fight with the 

Coll, g. id, s.m. the hazle tree. 
Gen. XXX. 37. the name of the 
Irish letter C. 

CollAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a boar. 
see CuUac. 

ColUcAri)uil,-rbl<v, adj. boorish. 



CO n) 

CoUAi5e, ind. adj. ca/ttal, líom. 
vii. 14. see CoUuioe. i 

CoUói&,-be,-&e<xc<x, s.f. clamour^ 
noise, a brawl. 

Coll6ibeAc,-&i5e, adj. brawling/, 
clamorous, noisy. 

CoUuióe, ind.adj. fleshy, carnal. 
Job, X.4. 1 Cor. iii. 1. Col. iii. 

ColiDAr) collie, -<x|t) cojlle, pi. id. 
sin. a wood-quest, a ring-dove. 

Colrnl<NT),-AiTJ, pi. id. s.m. a dove 
cot, a pigeon house. 

Coló5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s f . a collop, 
pi. Job, XV. 27. a steak. 

ColpAc,-iiióe, pi. id. &, -ACA, s.f. 
a heifer. Gen. xv. 9. Num. xix. 
2 — Num. xix. 6. 

ColcAtt,-Ai|t, pi. id. s.m. the coul- 
ter of a plough, g. 1 Sam. xiii. 

Colun7,-luin7,pl,id. &, -Un)A, s.m. 
a dove. Gen. viii. 8, & 9-— Ps. 
iv. 6. Matt. iii. 16.— Ezek. vii. 
16. Matt. X. 16. a pigeon, 

Coliirr)At),-<\]t), pi. id. s.m. a pil- 
lar, a prop, a pedestal. 

Corn, g, civim, pi. id. s.m. the ca- 
vity of the chest, the xvaist, 
body, bowels. 

Cow, an Irish prefix, it signifies, 
equal, as much, so, as, tvith, 
together, it is written Co]rn, 
whenever the first following 
vowel is, e, or, ]. 

Com A, ind. adj. indifferent, care- 

CorbA^ ^\,cón)t6., a reward, 
Deut. X. 17. literally, a share 
of one' s food. fr. Coiii), &, ]i. 

Córr)AiU,-An, v.a.jurr/onw, 1 Sam. 
XV. IS.Kah. i. 15.— Ex. xix. 5. 
Dan. ix. 4. discharge an office 
or duty. 

CorbAitDfeAiieAC,-|t]5e, adj. co- 

CótT7A1t)tD, -At)rt}A, -Al)ri7ÚA, S. m. 

a surname. Matt. x. 3. an ad- 
ditional name, the peculiar 

name by which one is known. 

Pers. Humam, a namesake. 
Córbív]|i,-íagri7, v.a. number, Num. 

iii. 15. 2 Sam. xxiv. 1 — Deut. 

xvi. 9. 
CóriíAiii,-|ie, s.f. presence. 
CórT7Aific,-ce, s.f. a voice, a cry, 

a great cry. Gen. xxxix. 14. Ex, 

iii. 9. &XÍ.6. 1 Sam. v. 12. 
CórbAitic, ind. id. v.n. cry. Gen. 

xxxix. 15. — Is. xxii. 5. 
C6n7Ai]ice, g., -caca, s.f. a 

recommendation, an appeal, 

protection. Acts, xv. 40. & xxv. 

12. mercy, quarter. 
Cón7Aiticceói|i,-ótiA,-ói|ti6e, s.m. 

a protector, a patron. 
CótT)<vi|t&e, g. id. s.f. equality, 

equal height, C.P. 
CórbA]|teAii),-^iirn, s.m. a num- 
bering, a counting, enumeration. 
CórnAi|ile, g. id. pi, -leACA, s.f. 

counsel, council, advice, Ex. 

xviii. 19. Heb. vi. 17 — Matt. v. 

22. fr. Con?, & the obs. subs. 

Aittle, counsel or loati. 
CórbAi|ileAc,-li5, pi. id. s.m. a 

counsellor, counsel, adviser, 2 

Sam. XV. 12. 2 Chron. xxv. l6. 

Rom. xi. 34. — pi. Ezr. vii. 15. 
C6mAitili5,-liu5AÓ, v.a. consult, 

admonish, Ezek. xxi. 21 — Acts 

xxvii. 9. 

a counsellor, an adviser. 
CórbAji'&toi^r^inj-^MOCA, s.m. a 

travelling in company, g. 2 Cor. 

viii. 19. 
CórbAn*í'IieAÓ,-iti5,-iii5e, s.m. a 

companion, fellow traveller^ pi. 

Acts, xix. 29. 
Córi)All,-AiU, s.m. a performing, 

a fulfilling of a tiling. 
CórbAlcA]-,-Aif, s.m. relationship 

of fostering, fosterage- 

C 2D 



Conji^n rt)iot)U,-Alt) n))oijU, s.m. 
co7'n chaniomile, Anthemis ar- 

CorbA^cónt,-óft<\5-5||iiÓe, s.m. a 

Cott)AOit},-T)e,-t)eACA, s.i, a recom- 
pense, benejit, communion^ C.P. 
Luke xiv. 12. 

Cort)AoioeAc,-t)|3,-T)|5e, s. ra. a 

Córi)Aon*,-fe, s.f. equal age. 

Cóti)<xoncA, g. id. pi, -a6a, s.m, 
tnutual consent, agreement. 

Córt)A0t)CAC,-A]5e, adj. concord- 
ant, concurring. 

Cón)Aov^c^c^,-t:>A,s-í.ttnifg, agree- 
ment, co7icordance. 

CórT)AO|*&<x, ind. adj. of equal age. 

Cott7A]t,-Ai|t, pi. id. s.m. a valley, 
a way, a meeting. 

CorijAjibAj g. id. s.m. a successor 
to an ecclesiastical office, a 

CórT)Áfi5Aitj,-')e, s.f. a syllogism, 
a dispute. 

CórbAjlfAj-At), pi, -Alt), -A^A, &, 

-AUAi&e,s.f. aneighhour, Mark 

xii. 33. Rom.xiii. 8 Ex. xx. 

17. Rom. XV. 2.— Luke i. 58. 
Luke xiv. 12. fr. Cótb, &, uftfA, 
the side post, or threshold of a 

CorbAiti-AijAcbj-bA, s.f. neighbour- 

Córi)A|i|*Ai)CA, ind, adj. neighbour- 

CóibAjicA, g. id, pi, -cujóe, &, 

-ca6a, s.m. a sign, a wonder, 

Rom. iv. 11. Phil. i. 28.— Ex. 

iv. 8. Mark viii. 11,— Ex. vii. 

3. Mark xiii. 22, Acts vi. 8. a 

mark, a token. 
Cóir)A]tciq5,-cii5A8, V. a. mark, 

Ps. xxxvii. 37. — Job xxxix. 1. 

observe, note. 
CórbATicui5ce, ind. p.p. marked, 

observed, noted, distinguished. 

CotT)b<\|ó,-6e, s.f. fellow-feeling, 
friendship, assistance. 

CórbbA5A]|t,-tir, v.a. threaten. 

Córbb|iíiiCA|t<\cb,-t)A, s.f. brother- 

Córi9bftí\iciteAÓAf,-Aif, s.m. bro- 

CombfiuJAOj-u] jce, s.m. oppres- 
SÍ071, crushing, contrition. 

Córi)bfiui5,-u5AÓ, v.a. crush, op. 
press, bruise. 

Córi7b|iut5ce, ind. p.p. crushed, 
Lev. xxii. 24. also, contrite. 

CórbbuA]6|teAt),-&eA]icA, s.m. a 
tumtdt, uproar^ sedition, com- 

Cóii)cAibi|t, ~{ v.a. unite affection- 


ately, live together. 

Cóti)CAib|t)5, 1 associate tvith, cor- 
-bfteAÓ, J respond with. 

Córi)CAi&tteA8,-fii6, s. m. close 
friendship, intimacy, corres- 

CórÍ7cívii)c,-ce,-ceA5A, s.f. a con- 
ference, also, a saucy answer, 
word for ivord. 

Córbcív|pbeACAr,-An*, s.m. mutual 
friendship. M'N. 

CórT)CAT)CA|iAc&,-bA, S.f. choral 


CórbcíntA,-cív|i<\b,-cí^]|tbe, s.m, or 
f. a mutual friend. 

^, . . ^ ( v.a. heap to- 

Cort,CAia.),-UAb, ) t^ i,,,,, 

CórbcA|it)CA, ind. p.p. heaped to- 
gether, accumulated. 

Córi7cr)AOi6, inf. id. consume. 

Córt)óouA|*Acb,-bA, S.f. a collec- 

Córbci)uAfA]5,-]*u5<\6, v.a. collect 
together, accumulate. 

Có\vco]tc]oT),-]^)e, adj. common, 

Corticon)iu),-iin), s.m. communion, 
fcllotcsh ip , pa rtnersh ip . 

CO 00 



Córi)corT)*X]file, g. id. pi, -Icaca, 
s.f. combination, confederacy, 

a companion. Rev. i. 9. 

CótbóofjcttívnéA, ind. adj. gain- 
saying, Judei. 11. contrary. 

CórbcotTiu5AD,-uJ5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
commotion, Jer. x. 22. 

CótnCíO|'rT)'vTl,-urblA, adj. like, Rom. 
viii. 29. Phil. iii. 21. 

Córt)cot*rbu|leACb,-bA, s.f. con-si- 
militude, similarity. 

Córnc|tA]c,-ArAÓ, v. a. sprinkle, 
shake together. 

Cón)c\ni]V]ni^^^,-'\-^ie, pi. id. s.m. 
aji assembly, a congregation, 
Ex. xii. 6. & xvi. 1. — Lev. iv. 
14, 15, & 16. for other forms 
of the genitive, see Ex. xxix. 
10, & 11. 

Córnc|tiiii)t5ce, ind. p.p. assem- 
bled, congregated. 

Có\r}c\in]r)]-^teó]]\,-ó\xí^,-ó)\i]^e, s. 
m. a collector, a compiler. 

a coadjutor. 

Córt)cuí 05,-56, s.f. a joint yoke. 

C6tÍ7Cii|tAióeAC&,-bA, s.f. mutual 
struggling, a tcrestling. 

Córn6ívil,-ívlA, s f. meeting, C.P. 
fr. Cóú), &, h'^]\, a meeting. 

Córb6<Nirbreóiit,-óii<\,-6iít|t)e, s.m. 
or f. a partner in dancing. 

Corb8Air)5ni5,-iu5AÓ,v.a, confirm. 

Coti)ÓA-n)5i5lii5<^85-15ce, pi. id. s.m. 
confirmation, C.P. 

Córb6<\lcA, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s.m. 
n foster-brother or foster-sister. 
fr. Corb, &, &aIca. Lat. Co- 

Córbt>eA]',-6eif*e, adj. ambide.vter. 

Córbóoil5io|-,-5ir, &5 -5Ior^> s.m. 

CórbfrlAiceAÓb,-bA, s.f. a joint so- 
vereignty, a commonwealth, a 
republic or aristocracy. 

CóibpUiceAfj-cif, s.m. a joint 
sovereignty, a commonwealth. 

Córn^ocAl,-A]l, pi. id. s.m. a sy- 

Cortif'ocUoj-Aise, adj. synony- 

Córnpiiíti5,-fteAc, v.n. icait, 1 
Kings XX. 38. 

CórijpulAr)5, inf. id. v.n. Iiave com- 
passion, 1 Pet. iii. 8. bear with) 
feel u-ith, sytnpathise- 

C6rb^uiicAc,-A^5e, adj. comfort- 
able, consolatory. 

CótÍ7piiftrAÓ&,-bA, s.f. consolatioti, 
refreshment, Phil. ii. 1. — Acts 
iv. 36. & xxvii. 3. Rom. xv. 5. 

Córbpu|tcA|5,-Ac&, v.a. comfort. 

strengthen., Cant. ii. 5 — 1 

Chron. xix. 2. Luke xxii. 43. 

console, help. 


I m. a comforter, John xiv. 16. 

I & XV. 26.^ 

j Córi)5ícip,-]trT), v.a. convoke, shout 

1 Córi75ívi|t,-|ie, s.f. a simultaneous 

j shout, congratulation- 

j Córn5ívi|t&eACA|-,-Aif> s.m. con- 

j gratulation, mutual joy, mu- 

I tual solace. 

i Cótt)5aipbi5,-|ii5A&, v.a. congra- 
tulate, n-ishjoy. 
Córb5ív]|trr),-í^ftn7A, s.f. a convoca- 
tion, Ex. xii. 16. Lev. xxiii. 3. 

I Córb5Aol,-oil, pi. id. s.m. kindred, 

\ Rom. xi. 14. consanguinity. 

j Cóit)5Aft,-A]ii, s.m. neai'ness, Eph. 

ii. 17. juxta-position. 
Córb5A]tAC,-A]5e, adj. ni(jh,near, 

Eph. ii. 13. 
CórbslAi), no comp. adj. as clear. 

Rev. xxi, 11. 
Córb5lói|i,-iie, s.f. joint or equal 

glory, Rom. viii. 17. 
Cóii)5ló|iri)Aii, nocomp. adj. equal 
in glory. 



c at) 

Cóti)5luAr<xcb,-&A, s.f. a simulla- 
neous movement. 

a rival. 

Córb5uil,-ul, v.n. condole, ueep 

CótT)5U|t5,-t)e, s.f. compunction, 
remorse. K. 

Cóit)5uI,-5oIa, s.m. condolence. 

CórrjU, g. id. pi, -lui5, ^5 -Ia6a, 
s.f, a door, pi. 1 Kings vi. 31. 
Neh. iii. 1. a gale or door with 
two leaves, a sluice. Heb. Ko- 
la, to confine, & Cola, a fold. 

CórÍ7lAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a com- 
rade, a felloic- soldier, fr. Córi?, 
&, Uoc. 

Córblívri), adv. hand to hand, to- 

CórblAÍ),-Air), pi. id. s.m. a com- 
bat, complejnent, also, a hero, 
a colleague. 

CórúUOACj-AiJe, adj. quarrel- 
some, combative- 

Cóii)lor5A6,-o]|*5ce, pi. id. s.m. 

C6mluAbAT»,-^ir*j pl- ^^- s.m. a 
multitude, company. Acts vi. 5. 
2 Thess. iii. 14. fr. Cóti), & the 
obs. InAió, speak of, talk loud- 
ly of, praise ; Lat. Laus, &, 

CórbluAbttAc,-Ai5e, adj. compa- 
nionable, conversable. 

Córblucb, g. id. & -bA, s.m, fellotc- 
labourers, CórbUiób oibjxe, 1 
Cor. iii. 9. labourers together, 
partners, associates, allies. 

Córijri)Aitt),-n)e, s.f. a wife; this 
word is not yet obs. with pure 
speakers of the language, it is 
pronounced Coo-eem. 

Con)xr)'^\x),-x)e, s.f. obligation, gra- 

Cort)n)2cin,-r)c, v.a. drive forward, 
push on. 

CórbrÍ7A|tCAT}Ac, no comp. adj. cc- 

j Górr}rt)bo5AÓ,-Aió, s. m. motion^ 

commotion. Matt. xxi. 10. 
j Córbrt)bftui5,-u5A6, v. a. bruise, inf. 
I Luke ix. 39. properly, Cotti- 
I ^ bjtuis, q.v. 

! CórT)n7ÓfiAi^,-|iA6, v. a. equals inf. 
j Job xxviii. 17. 

Cómnu]óe, used in forming the 
j adv. A 5'córbtiu]fee, Deut. v. 29. 
. Córbnuióe, g. id. s.f. a tarrying, 
dwelling, rest, 1 Cor. xvi. 8. 
j Rev. xxi. 3. see Gen. xviii. 4. 
1 Pet. iii. 7.-2 Sam. vii. 5. 
I Mark v. 3. Acts i. 20. 

Córi7r)ui5,-5e, v.a. dwell, continue, 
I remain, sojourn, be present, 
I Gen. XX. 15. 2 Sam. xiii. 20. 

1 Tim. iv. 15. — Gen. xii. 10. 
1 Num. XXXV. 32. 2 Cor. v. 8. 

Heb. Choneh, stopping, en- 
Í camping. 

CórT)0ui5ceAC,-ci5e, adj. continu- 
ing, remaining, Rom. xii. 12. 
j Heb. xii. 27. steadfast, staunch, 

abiding, permanent. 
j C6ri?t)ui5ceAC,-ci5, pi, -£156, &, 
1 -re AC A, s.m. a dweller, an in- 
' habitant, pi. Is. xviii. 3. 
I CótT)t)ui5ceói|t,-ó|iA,-ó||ii8e, s.m. 

a diceller, an inhabitant. 
' Córt)Oib|ii5,~iu5A6, v.n ivorkivilli, 
I Mark xvi. 20. co-operate, assist. 
C6moib|ti5e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 

fellow -helper, 2 Cor. viii. 23. 
Córboíbtie, g. id. pi, -ttise, s.m. a 

joint-heir, pi. Rom. viii. 17. 
C6rt)ó|icH|-,->7rj s.m. a comparison, 

2 Cor. X. 12. Gal. v. 20. 
CórbpAiíiceAC -Ai5e, adj. par- 
taking, imparting. 

CórbpAiftceACb,-bA, sf. parlici- 
i pation. 

i Córi)pAitici6e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 
\ copartner, a colleague. 

CórT7pM)AÓ, -1113,-11156, s.m. a fel- 
low, a companion, Ex. ii. 13. — 
! 1 Sam. xiv. 20. — Job xii. 6. 
' Rom. xvi. 7. see Phil. iv. 3. 

C 20 


C 2D 

Córi)píit)CA|*,-Aii*, ^.va.. fellowship^ 

Cort)pík.r,-ív|f, pi. id. s.m. a com- 
pass, a circle. Barb. 

CotDplucb, g. id. &, -&A, s.m, a 
5ei, a gang. 

Cort?pó|ic,-óiítc, pi. id. s.m. com- 
fort, pleasure. O'G. 

Córi)pfiío|*út)AÓ,-Ai5,-<\i5e, s. m. 
a felloic-prisoner. Philemon i. 

CorijitA, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.f. « co/^ 
fin, an arc. Gen. 1. 26. Ex. ii. 
3. rt bier, see Luke vii. 14. 

CóíT)pAC,-Aic, pi. id. s.m. a con- 
flict, fighting, Phil. i. 30. 1 

Tim. vi. 12.— Col. ii. 1 2 

Cor. vii. 5. Jas. iv. 1. properly 
CórT)b|iAC, from Con), &, bfiAC, 
or, bftoic, the arm ; Lat. 
Brach-ium ; " 'Css-\rx) A5 bitoic 
leff," / ain at handy grips 
(struggling J icith him. see 

Córb|i<vcóiit,-ófiA,-óifiiDe, s.m. a 
fighter, a combatant. 

Cóti)|t^6,-ívi6,-|taice, s.m. com- 
munication, talking, saying, 
discourse. Matt. v. 37- Acts xx. 
1 1. — Mark x. 22.— Luke xxiv. 

Córi?|tAb5i]i,-óit<x,-ói|i|Óe, s.m. a 
coffin-malcer. M'N. 

Córt)ii^l6,-ív6, v.n. talk, commu- 
nicate, commune, Gen. iv. 8. — 
Gen.xviii. 33.&xxxiv. 6. Mark 
ix. 4. fr. Con), &, ^y'(^\6, dis- 
course, q V. 

CótT)|tívi6ceAÓ,-q5e, adj. talka- 
tive, conversable. 

Cótt) fi<N^ Abo] |t,-óiiA,-óiíii6e, ff/^ar- 
taker, a distributor. 

Cótb|ioii),-oi)A, pi. id. s.f. a por- 
tion, contribution, participa- 
tion, distribution. Lev. vii. 35. 
see Rom. xv. 26. & 1 Cor. x. 

Corbtiojo, inf. id, v. a. distribute, 
Rora.xii. \^. share, divide, par- 
ticipate. — see 2Chron.xxxi. 14. 

Córt)ftufc,-jtAc, v.di. fight, 1 Cor. 
XV. 32. see Cón)\\^c. 

Córt7fe]i)ii7,-ti)e, s. f. harmony, 
symphony, concert. 

Cóii)|-DAori7CA, ind. part. adj. in- 
corporate. C.P. 

CorbfoiUre, g. id. pi, -x\, s.m. a 
constellation, pi. Is. xiii. 10. 

Có\\)x6\.'^\,-\]Y, s.m. consolation, 
g. Jer. xvi. 7. 

C6ri7fui5]8,-3iu5A6, v.a. make sit 
together, Eph. ii. 6 — see Ex. 
xxxix. 37. 

Córi)CA5Aft,-Ant, pi. id. s.m. a 

CórbcACA]3,-cu5AÓ, v.a. cement, 
join together, solder ; fr. Con), 
& obs. cAc, cement. 

Cón)ió-^,-T^h'<s\\, v.a. rflt/^ei/jOjEph. 
ii. 6. construct^ 

Córt)có5bívil,-ívlA, s.f. rt building, 
Eph. ii. 22. « constructing. 

Cón)to]\ceo.r)í>.c,-\]-^e, adj. eí;í7/- 
?;?^, see 1 Chron. xxix. 14. 

CórbcoitTj|-eAc,-f)5e, adj. com- 

Cón)t\ion),-]ui]]r)e, a.áj.plaiti,just, 
equal, Ps. xxvii. 11. Matt.i. 19. 
2 Cor. viii. 14. Rev. xv. 3. fr. 
Can), &, cfiort), heavy. 

CórbcjtotT),-fiu|tT>, & -|xurf7A, pi. id. 
weight, balance, Deut. xxv. 13. 
Prov. xi. 1. — 2 Sam. xiv. 26. 
— Lev. xix. 36. Deut. xxv. 13. 
justice, right. 

C5rijc[ion)tt5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
tceight, 1 Chron. xxii. 3. ba- 

Cóti)rtton)ui5,-tt)A&, v.a. weigh, 1 
Sam. xvii. 5, & 7. Job xxviii. 
25.— Num. vii. 85, & 86. see 
2 Sam. xiv. 26. where the 3 
sing. perf. ind. is spelled, Có\r)- 





CórbuA]*<\l, no comp. adj. equally 

CórbuilleArxNC, no comp. adj. equi- 

Cot)Abl<NC,-Aic,-ACA, s.m. a car- 
cass, Lev. V. 2. & xi. 26. Matt, 
xxiv. 28. — Júdg. xiv. 8. — Num. 
xiv. 29, & 32. 

Coi7<\c,-<\i3, s.m. a mvrrain, Ex. 
ix. 3. 

CoDivc,-Ai5, s.m. prosperity, Deut. 
xxiii. 6. ajjiuence. 

Con<xccAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. an in- 
habitant of Con naught. 

ConA6,-A]6, s.m. a canine appe- 

Cot)Ai|i,-|te,-]if, s.f. a way, Jer. 
XXV. 35. 

Coi;A|fic,-ce,-ceAÓA5 s.f. a pack of 
hounds, hunting, a rout of 
wolves, pronounced, Co))|i)c. 

Cor)bAC,-A]5, s.m. hydrophobia. 

CoijbAifcoe, g. id. s.f. tJie dog- 
berry tree, Cornus. 

Coi)cobA|t,-AHt, pi. id. s.m. help, 
also, Connor, a proper name. 
fr. Cu, a valiant warrior, &, 
CobA|t, help. 

Cot)&iV]5if,-]'e,-|*gcA, s.f. a Coun- 
tess. Barb. 

Coij|:aó,-ai6, s.m. a roaring, mad- 
tiess, a howling. 

Cot)pAÓAC,-Ai5e, adj. roaring, fu- 
rious, boisterous. 

Cor)5A]tb,-5tÍ7Ail, v.a. pluck, Ps. 
Ixxiv. 11. see Cot)5bAi5. 

Cor)5AT]i,-A|icA, pi. id. s.f. uproar. 
Acts xxiv. 18. clamour, con- 

Coi)5bAi5,-b<\il, &, -rb^il, v.a. & 
n. keep, stay, stand. C.P. 160. 
— Ps. xxxiii. 19. Luke iv. 42. 
Acts viii. 38. hold, see Rom. 
xvi. 25. for other forms of im- 
perat. see Ex. xxiii. 7. 1 Sam. 
xiv, 19. 1 Chron. xxi. 15, Ps, 
xxxvii. 34. 1 Tim. v. 22. 

Cou5ii)í\]l,-tt)ívlA, s.f. reservation) 
g. 2 Pet. ii. 4. keeping, holding, 
habitation. Co\)^h'i^\\, id. 

Cot)50AiÓ,-T)Arb, v.a. help, inf. Jos. 
X. 33. Ezr. V. 2. Ezek. xii. 14. 
see Ciii)5t)Ai5, 

Coi5r)A6,-r)Vi3, &, -t)Ai6, s.m. wood. 
Gen. xxii. 3, & 9. — Gen. xxii. 
9. Deut. xxix. 11.2 Sam. xxiv. 
22. fuel, firewood, see Cuí)a6. 

Cor)Ai6r)eA|*,-t)]f, s.m. po^cer of 
reasoning , rat iocin a t ion . 

Coi)Iac,-Iiii5, pi. id. s.m. a stalk, 
stubble, Hos. viii. 7. 1 Cor. iii. 
12.— Ex. V. 12. 

Coi)poi6,-A|tcA, pi. id. s.m. a cove- 
nant, Testament, 2 Cor. viii. 
14. Gal. iii. 15, & 17.— Heb. 
vii. 22.& ix. 4.— seeEph. ii. 12. 

CoocAt)5r,-óif, s.m. countenance, 
favour. Barb. 

Co^cuf,-u|i*, s-m. imputation, ac- 
count, 2 Cor. V. 19. 1 Pet. iv. 5. 
see Ciir)zc<x- 

Coi;fpó|&,-he,-oí, s.f. urging, dis- 
sension, Luke xi. 53. Acts xv. 
2. dispute, argument, quarrel. 

Coofpóib, inf. id. v.n. contend, 
inf. Acts xi. 2, dispute, strive. 

Cor)fpópeAc,-bi5e, adj. conten- 
tious, quarrelsome, litigious. 

Cot)|-pó]beAc&,-bA, s.f. a disputa- 

Cot)CAbAntc,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. ^^e;*- 
plexity, 2 Cor. iv. 8. peril, dan- 
ger, doubt ; see Cu^cAbAntc. 

Cor)CAbAi|iceAc,-ci5e, adj. dan- 
gerous, hazardous, venturous. 

Coi)c|iat|i&A, ind. adj. contrary, 
2 Cor. ii. 7. Gal. ii. 7. 

Coi)c|ta|]i&Ac&,-bA,s.f. opposition, 
1 Tim. vi. 20. contrariety. 

Copó5,-ói5e,-65A, s.f. the iveed 
called dock, Lapatlium, the 
large leaf of a plant. 

CopójACj-Ai^c, s.f. ahounding in 



CO n 

Copoj ciiAiC|l, s.f. common bur- 
dock^ Arctium lappa. 

Co|i, g, ciinij pi. id. s.m. means, 
manner, a turn, a twist, see 
1 Cor. ix. 22. 

Cort,-jtA, adj. odd , " Cori ^ocaI," 
an odd word. O'G. 

CofiA, g. id. pi, -a8<v, s.f. a weir, 
a dam, 

Co|t<\i6e, g. id. s.m. « /iero, a 
champion; see Cii|iaó. 

Coíiívr;AC,-A|5,-<xi5e, s m, a fu- 
neral cry, a dirge ,- fr, Co, &, 

Co}tb,-ui|tb, pi. id. s.m. a coach, 
a waggon. 

Coftb<\c,-Ai5e, adj. wicked, lewd. 

CofibA6,-<%]b, s.m. wickedness, 
iniquity, g. Pg. Ixxxix. 22. & 
cxxv. 3. lewdness, a cast, a 

CoftbAirie, g. id. pi, "iijoe, s.m a 
charioteer, also, a coach maker, 
a cartwright. 

Co[icivtj,-^ft), pi. id. s.m. a pot., 
dim. of the obs. Co(ic, a brew- 
ing pan. 

Coitci^n-coiUe, s.m. a small red 
woodland fiowcr, Loxia pyrr- 
hula, also, a bull-finch. 

Co|ic65,-ói5e,-65<\, s.f. a beehive. 

CoitcopÓ5,-5i5e,-55A, _ s.f. great 
water plantain, Alisma plan- 

Copcufi,-co|t<x, &, -CftA, s.m. scar- 
let, Ex. XXV. 4. — Num. iv. 8. 
Is. i. 18. Matt, xxvii. 28. 

CottcutiAc,-A.i5e, adj. scarlrt co- 
loured. CopctxAC, id. 

CoftbA, g. id. pi, -A^6e, s.m. a 
cord, a rope, Gr. p/ofó/;. 

Co|t5A|',-Aif, s.m. Lent. 

Cofin),-uiiin},s.m.a kind of strong 
Irish beer or ale, Co|trt)A, id. 

Co\x\),-u]\\\), pi. id. s.m. a horn, a 
drinking cup made thereof, a 
fiagon, a sounding horn; Arab 
Kuril, a horn. Lat. Corn u. 

Cotii),-t)Ab, \. a., plait, fold, curl. 
Coiii)Abc\ij,-;\|r), pi. id. s. m. a 

ConnA6,-Ai5ce, s.m. a folding or 

rolling together^ a plaiting. 
CofioivTj-CAivil.-^lD-CAirilj pi. id. 

s.m. wall pennyworth, penny- 
leaf. Cotyledon umbilicus. 
CoitoC\t)-|:;\ll, s.m. hemlock, Co- 

nium maculatum. see SCvrorhgii. 
Cofit)-cla|i,-i^1tt, pi. id. s.m. a cup- 
board, a sideboard. 
CoiincA, ind. ^.^^. folded, platted., 

twisted, curled. 
CopÓ5,-ói5e,-55A, s.f- a small 

piece of butter given from the 

churn, in some districts it also 

signifies a faggot. 
Copóir),-ói!)ej &, -ót)A, pi, -ÓOACA, 

s.f. a crown, Matt, xxvii. 29. 

2 Tim. ii. 5. — Mark xv. 17. 

John xix. 2. — Rev. xiii. 1. a 

chaplet, aXso, five shillings. 
Copó|T)i^,-niu5AÓ, v.a. crown, see 

Ps. viii. 5. 
Copót)u5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

coronation, a crowning. 
Copp, g, cujpp, pi, id. s.m. a 

body, a corpse, Mark vi. 29. 

Rom. viii. 10.— Matt. vi. 22. 

Acts ix. 40.— Is. xix. 31. 

Chald. Gorp. Lat. Corp-us. 
Coppivtvivio, pi. id. s. m. a little 

or miserable body. 
CoppivncA, ind. adj. corporeal, 

solid, bulky. 
CoppApiÓA, ind. adj. bodily, Col. 

ii. 9. 1 Tim. iv. 8. better, Cop- 

j pOpDA. 

CoppopAc&,-&A, S.f. materiality. 

CoppfoA]"At),-Aió, s.m. anatomy. 

Coppfr)A|"Ai3,-f a6, ^'•'''- <innto- 
mize. fr. Copp, &, ytjAp, ana- 

CoppfijAr^Ipe, g. id. pi, 'Pi6e, 
sm. an anatomist. 

Copp)-OAf A|peAC,-pi5e, adj. ana- 

CO u 



CoitpfiM]-<\|ftev\cb,-&<?., S.Í". Uiui- 

Cowii-\\]\\\, pi. id. &, co^^tA, s.m. a 
corner^ end, Zech. x. 4.— plur. 
Is. xli. 5. a turn., a twist, excess. 

Cowi, g, civinic, pi, contA, s.f. a 
general name for any bird of 
the crane kind, or for any bird 
living principally on fish. 

Co||tAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a small 
boat, also, a marsh, a bog, a 
level plain. 

CotitAC,-Ai5e, adj. restless, tin- 
steady, wavering. 

CowiAC'<\r),-i,]t), pi. id. s.m. a skiff. 

Co\yi'<x\),-''X]i), pi. id. s.m. a sickle, 
Deut. xvi. 9. Rev. xiv. 14. a 
reaping hook. 

Coniivt)AC,-A|5e, adj. crooked like 
a sickle, barbed, notched, hooked. 

Coi|icA5Ailc,-A)lce, pi. id. s. f. 
green and blue figures resem- 
bling glow worms observed on 
the hearth when raking the fire 
at night, said to forebode frost 
or rain. 

Coni-5^<>>r, g, cuittie-sUire, pi, 
coi|iA-5Uf A, s.f. a stork. Lev. 
xi. 19. Deut. xiv. 18.— Zech. 
V. 9. 

Cottt-SitlAi), g, c\x]\v.Q-i^\i'e]X)e, pi, 
C0T|tA-5né1t)e, s.f. a heron. Lev. 
xi. 19. Deut. xiv. 18. 

Co||iluAC5-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. over- 
plus, addition, remainder ; fr. 
Cowi, over and above, &, Iuac. 

Co|it-rbor)A6, g, cun]ie-tr)oi)A8, pi, 
co||iA-tÍ7or)A6, s.f. a crane, Jer. 
viii. 7. 

Contri)eufi,-rbéiTte,-rbeupA,s.f. the 
odd or ring finger. 

Co||tii3A6,-ii]5ce, pi. id. s.m. mo- 
tion, stirring. 

Co||iui5,-u5a6, v. a. stir, shake, 
remove, move, 1 Sam. xxvi. 19. 
Ps. XXXV. 23.-2 Sam. vi. 10. 
Luke vi. 48. Acts xxvii. 41. 

Coijiuise, g. id. s.f. anger, fury, 
Prov. xxvii. 4. — Ezek. xxv. 14. 
wrath, motion, offence. 

Coi|uii5eAC,-5i5e, adj. moving. 
Gen. i. 20. stirring, active. 

Co|tcuA]ciúl, s.m. a turn contrary 
to the suns motion, a turn to 
the left, an nnprosperous or 
fatal course, a ivhirlpool ; fr. 
Co|i, turn, cuAC, north, &, ^ul, 

Cófiu5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. an 
ornament, 2 Sam. i. 24. ar- 
rangement, mending, armour, 
a battalion of troops draivn out 
in order of battle. 

CóiuM5,-u5At), v.a. mend. Matt, 
iv. 21. ornament, arrange. 

Coy, g, coij-ejpl, co\ 6^, ^.i. a foot, 
1 Cor.xii. 15. — Lev. viii. 23. — 
Luke xxiv. 40. 

CofAC,-Ai5e, adj footed, belong- 
ing to the feet. 

Cox^\r),-X\)^xx), &, -|*AH)c, v.a. de- 
fend, protect, cost. 

CorA-iT)c,-Ar)CA, pi. id. s.f. defence, 
keeping, g. Ps. cxxi. 5. Phil, 
i. 7. reply, averment, protec- 
tion . 

CófAi|i,-|te,-]teACA, s.f. a feast. 

Cof;\rblAcb,-i>A, pi. id., s.f. a pa- 
rable, similitude, Matt. xv. 15. 
Mark iv. 13. Rom. v. 14 — Hos. 
xii. 10. fr. Co, &, y^stvldcb. 

CoYixx),-'A]V, pi. id. s.m. a foot- 
path ; see Ca|*ívi). 

Coj'AncA, ind. p.p. defended, pro- 
tected, kept off. 

Coi-At)CAC,-A^5e, adj. keeping, de- 
fending, protecting. 

Co]*At)cói|i,-5|tA5-6||i]6e, s.m. a 
defender, a defendant. C.P. 

Corbuj*,-u|]*, pi. id. s.m. a charge, 
cost, expense, 1 Cor. ix. 7. — 
Luke xiv. 28. 

CoftjufACj-Ajse, adj. costly, ex- 



C PvU 

Ooj'5Ait,-Aiit, pi. id. victory, 
triumph, slaugliter ; see C/sy- 

Cox\on),-\vi\xt)e, adj. barefooted. 

Co\xx}[x}\,'jíSÚ)\^, adj. iike, Ex. 
XV. 11. Rom. xvi. 18, & passim. 

CofT)ArÍ7,-|-At)cÁ, s.m defence, Ps. 
vii. 10. see Cot*Aii;c, 

Cort5ATbAc,-Ai5e, adj. defending, 
assisting, protecting. 

Cort)ocí5,-&uióe, adj. barefoot, 2 
Sam XV. 30. 

Cof fcolj-ojl, pi. id. s.m. a foot- 
stool, 1 Chron. xxxviii. 2. — 
Ps. cxxxii. 7. 

Co^|*un)<\it,-<xip, pi. id. s.m. offal, 
remainder, rubbish, M'N. 

Co^curAC,-Ai5e, adj. nVA, Ezek. 
xxvii. 24. see CofbiifAc. 

Cofuffje, s.f. ivild chervil, cow- 
parsley, Choerophyllum sylves- 

Coca, g. id. pi, -cui6e, s.m. a 
coat, Ex. xxviii. 4. John xix. 2.3. 
— Job xxx. 18.— Ex. xxviii. 

Cóz'<s.x),-is,\\), pi. id. s.m, a little 
coat ; Heb. Cotan, Gr. ;^itcov. 

CócA-pt^eA|*Ac,-AT5e, s.f. lady\s 
mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris. 

Cocu]5,-ii5a6, v. a. maintain, nou- 
rish, feed, 2 Chron. vi. 39.— 
Acts xii. 20. 1 Cor. xiii. 3. .9?^^- 

Cocu5AÓ,-v5ce, pi. id. s.m. a stay, 
2 Sam. xxii. 19. Is. iii. 1. main- 
ienance, food, sustenance, sup- 
port, protection. 

Cocui5ceónt,-óftA,-óiiii6e, s.m. a\ 
supporter, a maintainer. I 

Ctt^bAC,-Ai5e, adj. devout, reli- 

C|tívbA6,-Aió, s.m. devotion, piety. 

C|tiv8, g. id. &,-^]6, pi, -i\&A, s.m. i 
pestilence, plague. Lev. xxvi. ' 
25. pi. Ex. ix. 14. also, pain, 
anguish, torment, pang, vexa- 

tion ; Chald. Crah, he grieved. 

In the Small Ed. 1830, this 

noun is made fem. & the genit. 

is cit^oA, in Jerxxxii. 24. Com. 

Large Ed. of 1827. the verna- 
cular use is masc. 
C|iív5,-5AÓ, v.a. handle, paw, 

Cíiív5,-ív|5e,-í\5A, s.f. a paw, a 

broad palm of the hand. 
Cíi^5ívó,-Ai5e, adj. having large 

C]\'<x-^\}\\Q, g. id. pi, -pioe, s.m. a 

paiver, a mauler. 
C|tiv5AnieAcc»,-&A, s.f. a pawing, 

a handling. 
C)tAibceAc,-ci5e, adj. religious, 

pious, devout. 
CfxAibceACbj-bA, s.f. godliness, 

1 Tim. ii 2. piety, devotion. 
CftíviÓce, ind. p.p. tormented, 

pained, vexed, miserable, shrunk. 
C|iívi6ceAÓ&,-&A, s.f. vexation, 

torment, misery, pain. 
CitAin7piAr5,-péir5j Pl- id. s.m. 

a torpedo. 
Cftívii),-ívt)AC,-í\t)ACA, S.f. a sow, 

the female of any animal, as, 

Cjtait) 5&, cfiiv|T) beAC, &c. 

CfiA]i)b], ind. adj. 

CfiAinci5,-iu5A6, v.a. parch, shri- 
vel up, sear. 

Cft<\ii)c|OfCA, ind. p.p. seared, 
shrivelled up, hardened. 

CfiAitjcfe^le, g. id. s.m. tough 

CftAipl|5,-iu5A6, v.a. entangle, 
see 2 Pet. ii. 20. 

CfiAic,-ACAÓ, V.a, weave, shake, 
inf. Lev. X. 15. 

CjiAicre, ind. p.p. shaken, Luke 
vi. 38. 

C|tArbó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a rem- 
nant, refuse, residuum, as C|tA- 
TÍ7Ó5 5UA^l, cinders. 

en -^ 



CiivXtDpA, g. id. pi, -A^Óe, or, -v\6a, 
s.m. a knot, a clasp, a cramp. 

C]\AV, g, C]XA]V, pi, id. &, CttAÚA, 

s.m. a lot, Lev. xvi. 8. — pi, 
Jos. xviii. 6. 


s.m. a free, Matt. iii. 10. — Gen. 
viii. 11, Rom. xi. 17- — Mark 
viii. 24. Jude, ver. 12. Chald. 
Chran, a mast. 

CpA^AolAc,-Aí5,-Ai§e, s.m. woven 
basket work at the top of coun- 
try chimnies plastered over and 
whitewashed, fr. C|tAi3, &, aoI, 

CftA^-bat;, g, c]\o\x)-hss]x), pi, 
cy\c-\\), or, cjiA^A-biMjA, s.m. a 
sycamore tree. 

*C|iAt)-beice, s.m. the birch tree. 
This and the following com- 
pound words, which begin with 
C|iAi), marked thus *, have the 
word CfiAi), (q-v.) regularly de- 
clined, while the latterpartof the 
compound remains unchanged ; 
see CitAT)-pí5e, &, CjtA^-olA. 

*CpAÚ-b|tACAi5, s.m. a flag staff. 

*CftA^-b|iéic, s.m. the tree of 

*CfXAÍ)-biicfA, s.m. a box tree ; 
see Is. xli. 19. 

*C|tAt3-CAi5Aí3, s.m. a cotton tree. 

*CitAf)-CAO|tcAir), s.m. the moun- 
tain ash, the service tree, the 
quicken tree, the quick beam. 

CjiAOcAfij-Aiji, pi. id. s.m. a lot, 
Jos. xix. 1, & 10. — Judg. i. 3. 
— Lev. xvi. 8, a casting of lots, 
a portion. 

CfiA0cA|t-pi]-eo5Ac, -AiTi-pireÓ5- 
Ai5,-Ai]i-pTfeó5ACA, s.m. ma- 
gical divination. 

*Ciu\0-cét)Ai|i, s.m. a cedar tree, 
Ps. xcii. 12 pi. 2 Sam. v. 1 1 . 

C[tAÓ-C|tlC, g, cpAiij-c|tecA, pi- id. 
s.m. an aspen tree, the tremb- 
ling poplar. 

*CiiAU-ciiil]o, s.m. a holly tree. 

*CítAÚ-cu|T)]"e, s.m, a quince tree. 

*CftAÍ)-cupAi|i, s.m. a cyjjress 

CfiA^&A, ind. adj. decrepit, frail. 

*CpAn-bA|iAi5, s.m, an oak tree. 

*CpAf)-&e|fti6, s.m. a mizen mast. 

*C]tAÍ)-eboi^, s.m, an ebony tree. 

*C-\^A\)-y:'ii,]Xzix)e, s,m. sorcery by 
casting of lots. 

*C|tA^-|:eAitt)A,s,m. ati elder tree. 

*CftAi)-pí5e, s,m, aflg tree,J\idg. 
ix. IL Matt. xxi. 19. pi. Jer. 
V. 17. Hos. ii. 12. Am. iv, 9, 
Nah. iii, 12. 

*C|iA^-^|xAocivii), s.m.blackwhor- 
tle berry, bilberry, bleaberry, 
vaccinium myrtillus. 

*C|tAT>|iU]T)e, s.m. a bakefs roll- 
ing pin. 

*C]iAi)-puir)|-eót5e, s.m. common 
ash tree, fraxinus excelsior. 

*C|iAÍ)-5Af Ajr), s.m. henbane, hy- 

C]iA^5Ail,-le,-li, s,f. lattices be- 
fore the communion table, the 
cradle and rigging on the main- 
mast of a ship, a pulpit. 

*C]tAÍ)-5All-ci)o, s. m. a wallnut 

*C|ia5-5aca, s.m, a pike staff. 

*CftA5-5eAnn)cr)0, s.m. a ches- 
nut tree, vernacularly, CpAt) 

*C|tAi)-5]urbui]-, s,ra. a fir tree, a 
pine tree. Is. Ix, 13, — pi. Ezek. 
xxxi. 8. 

*CitA^-10rt7cii-|ii, s.m. an axletree. 

*CjiAU-l"cAip, s.m. ayew tree. 

Cy\.M)\o.c ,-is\T^,'&.v(\.boughsof trees, 
brushicood, stalks of plants. 

C|iAi3lACA,-Ai),-Air), s f . a teal, 
Anas crecca, 

*CfiAi)-lAbitAi]*, s.m. a laurel, or 
bay tree. 

*CiiAi)-l]ott}0|n5 s- ra, a lemon 

c n ^ 



Cii.\r)-it)Aol-6§ti5, g, c|t<sir)-mAoil- 

óéips, P^- ^^' ^•™- ^ mulbemj 

*C|iAÚ-tT)eAt)Air), i^e mam 

Cit<\óó5,-ó)5e,-ó5A, s.f. a pulpit, 

the hopper of a mill. 
*C|a<\f;-ol<x, g, 

an olive tree, Deut. xxiv. 20. — 

Is. xvii. 6. Sc xxiv. 13,— Deut. 

vi. 11. 
'*CiiAÍ)-i>Ailii)e, s.m. a palm tree, 

Ps. xcii. 12. — pi. Numbers 

xxxiii. 9. 
*C|iA^-p(ce, s.m. a pike handle. 
*C\\6.r)-\'A}\]-^, s.m. a sallow or 

willow tree. 
C]iAf)-yeo]\,-^]i)-yeo]\, pi. id. & 

AiO-reolcA, s.m. a mast. Is. 

xxxiii. 23. — Prov. xxiii. 34 — 

a boom. 
*CfiA0-]'5ói&e, s.m. a boom. 
*C\i<sv x]\i]X, s.m. a cherry tree. 
*CiaAi)-|-leArbA|i), s.m. horti beam, 

horse beech tree, carpinus be- 

*C]t<\r)-i'pfieoi&e, s.m. a bolt-sprit 

or bow-sprit, \>\. c\iii]r).xy>]\oh&. 
*C]iAÍ)-cabuill,s.m. a sling, Judg. 

XX. 16. 1 Sam. xvii. 40. & 49. 

— pi. citAÚA-cabuiU, 2 Chron. 

xxvi. 14. see Job. xli. 28. 
*C|tAf)-cA|t|*uit)5, s.m.ct crossbeam, 

a diameter, a crossbar. 
*C|iAi)-reAr)c<\, s. m. a priniing 

press, a bookbinder's press, a 

*C|i<vi)-céile, s.m. a lime tree, a 

teil tree, Is. vi. 13. 
C}tA^-co5b<^Uc, g. cpAii)-c05bA- 

1^15, pi, cfiAÍJA-co5bAl<\CA, s.m. 

a crane, ivindlass, lever or crow. 
*CpAi)-corA|5, s.m. a foremast. 
*CfiAÍ)-cúii*e, s.m, a frankincense 

tree, see Cant. iv. 14. 
CftAob,-oibe,-obA, s.f. a bough, a 

bush, Gen. xlix. 22. Ex. iii. 

2. & 3.— Ex. iii. 2. & 4.— Le¥. 
xxiii. 40. 

C|iAobAc,-Ai5e, adj. branching, 
bushy, woody. 

Cp.Aobco]'5AT|t, s f . CÍ laurel, a tro- 
phy, ir. CorsAii, q.v. 

^^ , 5'" J 5 ' ) a small tree, a 
-05A, s.^ yí?^5/í, a bunch, 

1 - '^' e \ a S7nall branch. 
pi. -i)it5e,s.t.J 

C|iAO|b 5ineAlAi5e, s.f. a genea- 
logical tree. See, CfiAob, 

C|iA0|b-n)u]ce-piA6, s. f. hart^s- 
toiigue, Adianthum nigrum. 

C|i^ob|*5Aoil,-leA&, v.a. scatter, 
tell, Ezek. x. 2. Heb. xi. 32. 
propagate, spread, publish, di- 

CiiAobr5AoileA6,-lce, pi. id. s.m. 
propagation, a spreading, a 
spreading abroad, dissemina- 

C[tAOf,-o|]-, s.m. gluttony, a re- 
velling, Rom. xiii. 13. Gal. v. 
21. a u'ide mouth. Heb. Cresh, 
the belly. 

CfiA0|*Ac,-Ai5e, adj. gluttonous, 
Deut. xxi. 20. Prov. xxiii. 21. 
voracious, wide-mouthed, riot- 

CiiAO|'AUAÓ,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
glutton, a riotous person, a de- 

C|!Aoj*5lAt),-uAÓ, y.di. gargle. 

CiiAOf-flui5,-u5AÓ, v.a. gorman- 
■ dize, devour greedily. 

CiiAp,-pA6, v.a. shrink, icrap. 
Gen. xxxii. 32. — Jonah, ii. 5. 
— Is. xxviii. 20. crush, con- 
tract, bend, crook. 

C|tApA6,-pAib, &,-pcA, s.m. a con- 
traction, a shrinking, a icrap- 

CfiApAi|ie, g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. 
one that wraps or crushes. 

CjtApfolur,-uir5 s.m. twilight,'L&t. 

en e 



C\x.\}>i<\, ind. pp. wrapped, Job. 
viii. 17. contracted, shrunk. 

C|t<xc<vó,-Aicce, pi. id. s.m. a sha- 
king, a brandishing, a sprink- 
ling, a leaving of trees, a churn- 
i^9i (I jolt, a concussion, Gr. 
■/.oab-ao), I shake- 

C\i^, g, cfiiAÓ, pi, Cfteoeo^ijA, si. 
clag, earth, Is. xlv. 9. & Ixiv. 
8 — Lev. vi. 28. Rom. ix. 21. ' 
2 Tim. ii. 20. 

C|ieAbA|t,-Ai|t, pi. id. s.m. a wood- ^ 
cock. I 

Cpe<\c,-étce,-eAcA, s.f. a spoil, a 

prei/, goods. Gen. xlix. 27 

Num. xxxi. 22. — Gen. xiv. 16. 
Num. xxxi. 11. & 12. Also, 
plunder, booty, pillage, ruin. 

CfieAC, inf. id. &, -c<v6, v.a. spoiU 
Judges, ii. 14. Prov. xxiv. 15. 
plunder, pillage^ lay icaste, 

Cfie<\cAÓ,-ccA, pi. id s.m. a spoil- \ 
ing, Jer. xlviii. 3. 

CtteAÓA&ói|t,-ó|tA,-6|fxióe, s.m. a 
spoiler. Is. xxi. 2. pi, 1 Sam. ; 
xiii. 17. a plunderer, robber, 
freebooter, destroyer. 

CfteACA&ói|teAC&,-!DA, s. f. the 
practice of plunder or robbery. . 

CpeACAifie, g. id. pi, -Ttiée, s.m. a 
destroyer, Jer. xlviii. 18. 

C|léACÍ>, g. id. &, -t)A, pi, -&A, 

s.m. or f. an issue, a sore, a > 

stripe. Lev. xv. 2. & 6. — Lev. ! 

xiii. 43. — Luke, xvi. 21. Acts,; 

xvi. 33. a wound, a scar. 
Cit&Ac&,-í5AÓ, v.a. wound. 
Cft&AC&AC,-Ai5e, adj. full of 

wounds or sores, destructive, 

bloody, causing wounds. 
C|iéAc&Ai5ce, ind. p.p. wounded. 
C|xeAclo|-5A6,-oifcce, pi. id. s m. 

destruction by fire. 
CjteACCA, ind. p.p. plundered, 

spoiled, ruined, robbed. 
C|i&AccAc,-Ai5e, adj. xioundcd, 

Jev. Ii. .52. See CitóAcCAc. 

CtiéAccAc-t)eA]i5, -Ai5e-t)&ip5e, 
s.f. bloody crane's bill. Gera- 
nium saiiiiuineum. 

fiéAvó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. earth, 
dust, clay, Deut. xxviii. 24. 

CtieA3,-&i5e,-eA5A, s.f. a rock, a 

C]iec^-^AC,-i^]-^e,Rdi. rocky, abound- 
ing in cliffs. 

C^eA5ixt),-Aio, pi. id. s.m. a little 
rock, a rocky or slony place. 

C|ieArT7, garlic, see, CpeAib. 

CpeAri7-5A|tAi6, s.m. a leek. 

C|teAn)-rr)iiice-fTAÓ, s.m. hart's- 
tongue, Scolopendrium. 

CfteApAll,-Aill, s.m. entanglement, 
Gal. V. 1. 

C|ieAplAi5,-lu5AÓ, v.a. entangle, 
see 2 Peter, ii. 20. stop., stay, 

CfteArlu5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a girding, Eph. vi. 14. 

CfteA|'ui5,-u5A6, v.a. gird, inf. 
Acts, xxvii. 17. 

C|teAr,-CA, pi. id. s.m. tlie texture 
or shape of anything, the ap- 
pearance of the couiplexi^n, the 
state of the body. 

C|ieACAcAn,-iiir), pi. id. s,m. a 
churn- dash. 

C|iéAcú.ft,-úifi, pi. id. s.m. a crea- 
ture, -2 Cor. V. 17. Col. i. 23. 
fr. cf%&, earth, &, cuft. or, cuaji, 
house, toiver, or fr. cfté, earth, 
&, ciiA|t, hue, complexion. — 
Com. Adam, earthy, taken out 
of red earth. 

Crteio,-&e<\rb, &, -seArbuin, v.a. 
believe. Acts, xvi. 31. — Mark, 
ix, 23. Acts, xvi. 34. confide, 
trust, Lat. Cred-o. 

Cpéió,-6e,-óeAr)A, s.f. the Creed, 

C|ieibeAn),-fc)iri),ya?7/i, belief Act^ 
iii. 16. Rom. xiv. 22. -Matt, 
viii 26. Rom. i. 5. for citeiftme. 
as a form of the gen. see 

en ) 


en J 

Luke, xxiv. 25. & Acts, xiii. 

Ciie|brbe<\c,-]5e, Sidy Jaiiliful, be- 
lieving, John, XX. 27. C.P. 
Cpeibtt5eAC,-tÍ7i5,-rbi5e, s.m. a 

believer — pi. Acts, x. 45. 
CfteibrÍ7eAf,-rí)A, s. m. credit, 

trust, conjidencc. 
CpeibtbeAT-Ac,-<\i5e, adj. credit- 
able, reputable, credible. 
C\ie-\hx]Vi-r)^ ,^-^'the circumstance 

of believing, belief. 
C|tei&ce, p.p. believed, 
Citei&ceóiit,-6|tA,-ó|fxi6c, s.m. a 

believer, also, a creditor. 
Cfteir), inf. id.&, -tjcAt), v.SL.gncav, 

chew, nibble, v.n. suffer for. 
Cjieub, interr. pron. ivhat ? Matt. 

xvi. 13. and passim, fr. c-\a <m) 

|iub. Cpeub fix, adv. wherefore, 

why P 
CpiAÓ,-í^lb, s.f. clay, earth, Is. 

xli. 25.— Ps. xii. 6. Is. xli. 25. 

see, Cfi&, 
Cfi^AbA, ind. adj. clayey, earthen, 

2 Chron. iv. 17. 
C}i]A6<\bó||i,-5|tA,-óiíti&e, s.m. a 

Cfi]A6ui|te, g., -liibe, s.m. a 

husbandman, John, xv. 1. 
CftíACAH,-<x)|i, pi. id. s.m. a sieve. 

Is. XXX. 28, Amos, ix. 9. Heb. 

Cebarah, a sieve. 
C|tíACA|\-ri)glA, s.f, rt honeycomb, 

Prov. xxiv. 13. & xxvii. 7. 
CfiiAC|iAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a »^;//- 

derness, marshy ground, a 

C(ti<\c(i^6,-Ai5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

sifting, a Jilt e ring, a minute 

CitfACftAi5,-|tAÓ, v.a. sift. Is. XXX. 

28. filter, examine minutely. 
CiiitT}reA|tc,-ce||ire, s.f. a second 

C|iit)eACb,-bA, s.f. a ivilherlng, 


Cpn'), inf- id. v.a. bite, Gal. v. 15. 
see, Cftep;. 

Cíiíi)ceAC,-ci5e, adj. fretting, 
Lev. xiii. 51. 

Cfifoc,-íóe,-íocA, s.f. end, state, 
country, perfection. Gen. vi. 
13. Matt. xii. 45 — Gen. xxxiv. 
2. Matt. ix. 10 — Numbers, 
xlv. 15. 

C]t(Oct}Ai5,-nii5<\8, \.Si. finish, ac- 
complish, perform, Matt. xiii. 
53 — Acts, xxi. 5. Rom. vii. 
18. complete. 

C|iiocou5A6,-ui;5ce, pi. id, s. m, 
perfection, finishing, Gal. iii. 

3 Heb. xii. 2. an ending, a 

performance, accomplishment, 

Cfiiocnuisce, ind. p.p. finished, 
2 Chron. viii. 16. completed. 

a finisher. 

Cftíoi),-íne, adj. withered, Ps, cii. 
4'. — shrunk, decayed, dry, 

Cfiioi),-i)A6, v.a & n. wither. Is. 
XV. 6. Am. iv. 7. — Jer. xii. 4. 
decay, blast, fade, 

Cftioi)A, ind. adj. old, sage, pru- 

C|iior)AC,-Ai5, s.m. dry or decay- 
ed wood, withered leaves or 

C|iíoi)AÓ,-A]b, &, -Aijce, s.m. a 
tvithering, Ps, cii, 11. a de- 
caying, a blasting. 

CftfoDcivi),-^]!), pi, id, s.m. strife, 
g. Ps, cvi. 32. a tumult, mur- 

C|iíot)cí^|r),-cíit), &, -cADAÓ, v.n. 
strive. Num. xxvi. 9. — Prov. 
XXV. 8. 

C|iiot)lAC,-Ai3, s.m. touchwood, 
dry brushwood. 

C\\\o\)o,, ind. adj. wise, Gen. xli. 
33. Prov. xiv. 16.— Gen. xli. 
39. Job. XXXV. 11. shrewd, 
cauiious. Gr. Xf/Vw, f judge. 

en J 



Cfiiof)AC&,-bA, s.f. wisdom, Ex. 
xxxvi. 1. Deut. iv, 6. discre- 
tion, wit. 

Cii]opÓ5,-ó)5e,-55A, s.f. a winkle. 

C|tior, g. citeA]-A, pi, cjteAi-AilA, 
8.m. a girdle, Jer. xiii. 1 . & 2. 
Acts, xxi. 11. — Ex. xxviii. 27. 
Is. iii. 24. — Ex. xxviii. 40. 
Prov. xxxi. 24. The above 
genitive, sing. & nom. pi. really 
come from CfxeAp, an older 
form of C|t]oc, ^' strap, a zone. 

Citiorbjg- id. s.m. Christ, Matt, 
i. 16.— Matt. i. 1. & passim. 

. Gr, Xg/(rr-os, The Anointed. 

C|iiofb<\i)oi, (p^vIj-a), s. pi. m. 
ffalse)Chriiits,Msitt. xxiv. 24. 

C(iior&Af;^eAC&,-&A, s.f. Christia- 
nity, Christendom. 

Cnioffc)Ari)lACt>,-fciA, s.f. Christia- 
niti/, R.S. 

CiiíOT&Arb>íl,-tT)l<\, adj. Christian, 

Cfiforbuise, g., -5ce, s.m. or 
f. a Christian, Acts, xxvi. 28. 
1 Pet. iv. 16.— pi. Acts, xi. 26. 

Cfiiofltti5,-u5<\6, v.a. gird, Ex. 
xxix. 5. Job. xl. 7. border. 

C|i]orlii]5ce, ind. ^.^. girded, Ex. 
xii. 11. 1 Sam. ii. 4. bordered. 

CfiiojTAl,-A|l, pi. id. s.m. crystal, 
Job. xxviii. 17. Rev. xxii. 1. 
— Ezek. i. 22. 

Cft^oc, sm. a tf^emblitig, see, 

Cfiiocivt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. trembling, 

Deut. xxviii. 05. 
Cftiocr)u5<\6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

trembling. 1 Cor. ii. 3. Eph. 

vi. 5. — Jer. XXX. 5. 
Cit]ocoui5,-«5A6, v.a. &n. shake, 

tremble, quake. Matt, xxvii. 

51. Ps. Ixviii. 8. & cxiv. 7. 
Cfiior-cAÍriíAn, g. cfieACA-CAlrbAtj, 

pi. id. s.m. an earthquake, Rev. 

viii.5.— l Kings xix. 12. — I,vike 

xxi. 11. see Matt. xxiv. 7. 

C|i]|*-cev\i)5Al,-A|l, pi id s.m. a 
swathing band. 

C\i\c,-zei\]\, v.a. ^'/?í7, vernac. for 
Ct)|c, q.v. 

Cp|c, g. cfteArA, pi. id. s.m. a 
quaking, a trembling, Matt, 
xxviii. 2. Acts. vii. 32. Acts, 
xvi. 26.— Is. ]i. 22. see Luke, 
xxi. 11. the gen. sing. & nom. 
pi. come from the older form, 

C|iiceAc,-ri5e, adj. shaking, trem- 
bling, " CfiAÍ) cfijceAC," a 
poplar. Gen. xxx. 37. 

C|iiceA5lA, g. id. s.m. terror, 
trembling. Lev. xxvi. 16. 1 
Sam. xiv. 15. 

Cfi|ceA5lAC,-Ai5e, adj. terrijied, 
fearful, horrible. 

Cfiiceívil,-íxlA, s.f. knitting. 

Cftic5AlAii,-Ai[i, s.m. the ague. 

C]ió, g. id. pi, cftÓAÍ)A, s.m. an 
iron bar, an eye (of a needle) , 
Matt. xix. 24. Mark, x. 25. 

Cfió, g. id. &, c|tAO], pi. CfiAOce, 
s.m. a fold, John, x. 16. a hut. 

Cfiob, g. cfto]b, &, citHjb, pi. id. 
cjtobA, &, cjiobAn, s.m. a paw, 
a hoof, the hand from the 
wrist to the fingers, a claw. 

C\ioh''SX),-'A.\x), pi. id. s.m. a wrist, 
also, a little jjaw or hoof. 

C|iob-p|ti<xc^in, g. cftuib-piiiA- 
ci^jo, the herb crane^s bill, Ge- 

C]\óc,-ó]c, s. m. saffron, Cant, 
iv. 14. Com. Lat. Croc-us. 

Cpoc,-0|ce,~ocAÍJA, s.f. a cross, a 
gallows, Esther, v. 14.— Matt. 
xxvii. 32. John, xix. 19. 

Cjtoc,-CA6, v.a. hatig, crucify. 
Num. XXV. 4. Luke, xxiii. 21. 
— Esther, vi. 4. Matt, xviii. 6. 
Chald. Crach, he bound. 

CpocA6,-cui6, &, -cb^, pl,-ctiióo, 
&, -cb<\, s.m. a hanging, a cru- 
cifying, Ex. xxvi. 36, &xxxviii. 




18.— Matt, xxvii. 26. — Ex. 
xxxvi. 36. 

CpocAbívi),-ívin, pi. id. s.rn. a pen- 
dulum^ a pendant^ a tassel. 

CiiocA<DÓ]|i,-óftA,-ó|ftióe, s.m. a 

CfioÓAí)5ineAC&,-bA, s.f. the office 
of a hangman. 

C|ioÓAifte, g. id. pi, -pióe, s.m. an 
idler, a hangman. 

CttóÓA|t,-Air», pi. id. s.m. a bier, 
2 Sam. iii. 31. 

CftóÓAfibA&,-Ai&, pi. id. s.m. a 

Cjioc&A, ind. p.p. hanged, cru- 

Ciióó, g. id. s.m. a donrii, Ex. 
xxii. 16. — Ex. xxii. 17. 1 Sam. 
xviii. 25. compensation. This 
word like ^Pt^éió, signified ori- 
ginally, cattle, cows, stock. 

CjtóÓA, ind. adj. valiant. Num. 
xxiv. 18. Is. X. 13. brave, 

C]t6ÓAC&, g. id, s.m. valour, Ps. 
cxviii. 16. 

Cfto5AÓ,-Aió,-Ai6e,s m. the towell 
pin of a boat. M'N. 

C]i05ívt),-ívii)5 pi. id. s. m. a 

C|t5ibeAl,-éil, pi. id. s.m. coral, 
Ezek. xxvii. 16. 

C|iO]ceA0,-cii),-ct)e, s.m. a shin, 
Ex. xxxiv. 29. & 35.— Job. ii. 

4 Gen. xxvii. 16. Ex. xxv. 5. 

the nom. would be better cfioi- 
cioij, see Job. ii. 4. 

Cfioicce, g. id. s.f. a cross, 1 Cor. 
i. 17 — 1 Cor. i. 18. more pro- 
perly C\iO]c, g. c|to|ce, Lat. 
Crux, French, Croix. 

C|io0e, g. id. pi, -óce, s. m. a 
heart, Gen. xlv. 26. — Matt. 
xii, 35. Acts, xiii. 22. — Luke, 
iv. 18. 2 Pet. ii. 14. Or. x«eé/«. 

C|io]DeAti)U|l,-ri)lA, adj. heartg, 
gallant, generous. 

Cpó|li5,-5e, pi. id. s.f. iveahness, 
pain, infirmity, bloodletting. 

Cnó|li3ceAc,-ci5e, adj. weak, 
sicklt/, infirm. 

C police, g. id. s.f. swarthiness. 

CjiO]i)ic,-ce,-ci, s.f. a chronicle, 
see 1 Kings, xiv. 19. & xv. 7. 

Crioif,-fe,-reAr}A, s.f. a cross, a 
reel, a yarn windlass, a place 
where cross-roads meet, a mar- 
ket cross, a misfortune. 

C^ófc,-orAt), v. a. sprinkle, shake, 
Num. viii. 7. — Is. ii. 19. Acts, 
xviii, 6. 

Cfto|c,-ce,-ceAi)A, s.f. a hump on 
the back, a little eminence. 

C}toiceAC,-ri5e, adj. hump-back- 
ed, gibbons. 

Cftóicce, ind. p.p. waved, Ex. 
xxix. 24. Lev. x. 15. sjirinJded, 

C|tolo|c,-oc, v.a. wound danger- 
ously so as to draw blood, fr. c|xú, 
or, cpó, blood, death, &, loic, 

CftoloTci5ce, ind. p.p. mortally 

C]tort7,-|tu|n)e, adj. crooked, 
curved, bent. 

C|ion?,-roAÓ, v.a. bow, stoop, 2 
Kings, xix. 16. — Lev. xxvi. 1, 
Mark, i. 7. bend, incline. 

Cnoti7A6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a bend- 
ing, stooping, bowing, a curve. 

C|xomívn,-ívin, pi. id. s.m. the hip, 
the hip bone. 

C|tonK\i7-luACA, s.m. a fire shovel. 

C)ion7!5ubar),-AiT), pi. id. s.m. a 
fisherman's gaff, M'N. 

CpotT)loAC,-l]ce,, s. f. a 
Druidical altar, or Chapel, fr. 
I Cftorrj, &, leAC. 

CfiotDlur,-ui]-, pi. id. s.m. a poppy, 
! Papaver. 

C|iorr)ó5,-ó]5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a hook, 
i a crook, a clasp, a gallons. 

Cftort)fuileAC,-l)5e, adj. bent- 
eyed, downcast. 

c n LI 


c n u 

Ciiói),-ó|t), s.m. copper. 

Cft6t},-ó|r)ej adj- hrown^ dun-co- 
loured., swarthy. 

Cpoi;iVT;,-^in, pi. id. s.m. any lotv 
murmuring sound, a lulling 
voice, the buzzing of ajly, the 
humming of a bee, the purring 
of a cat., the bass in music, 
the sound of the bagpipe 
drone, the purling of a brook, 
a pathetic dirge, a mournful 

Cfiói)bui6e, ind. adj. copper-co- 
loured, M'N. 

Cfionui5,-u5<\6, v.a. rebuhe. re- 
gard, Prov. ix. 8. — Job, iv. 20. 
blame, find, fault. 

Cpof,-0|fe, s.f. a cross, a reel, 
Sfc, see, Cfxoif. 

Cjtof ,-|*AÓ, v.a. cross, stop, hin- 

CftofACj-Aige, a.á^. streaked,Gen. 
XXX. 35. striped, crossed. 

CpofAUCd, ind. adj. perverse. 
Num. xxii. 32. Prov. iv. 24. 

C|iofAt)CAcb,-bA, s.f. perverse- 
ness, obstinacy. 

CpofbA, ind. adj. crooked, per- 
verse, Phil. ii. 15. 1 Sam. xx. 
30. prohibited. 

C|io]'&Ac&,-t)A, s.f. perverseness, 

C[toj-Ó5,-6|5e,-ó5A, s.f. a little 

Cpoc<\c,-Ai5e, adj. bowed, Ps. 
xxxviii. 6. Luke, xiii. 1 1 . hump- 
bucked, gibbous. 

C[ioc<\c,-x\|5,-Ai5e, s.vci.a curlew. 

CfiocAÓ,-A|6, &, -0]ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a shaking. Job. xli. 29. Ps. 
xliv. 14. — Is. xvii. 6. & xxiv. 13. 

C|iuAc,-A]ce,-ACA, s.f. a stack, 
pi. Ex. xxii. 6. a heap, a hill. 

C|iuAc,-c<\6, v.a. heap, pile vp, 
stack as hay or corn, see Job. 
xxxvi. 13. 

I C]tiiAcAi),-<xii), pi. id. s ni. a little 
stack, a cock, a clamp, a. 
mound, a little hill. 

j C|tUAC-luACA|1, g,C]tllA|Ce-luAC)tA, 

s.f. dwarf clubrush} Scirpus 

C)tiiAC-PA&ttu]5, -<\ice -pAbfxui5, 
s.f, the herb plantain, Plan- 
tago, also, a celebrated moun- 
tain of Connaught. 

CpuA6AC,-Ai5e,adj. of or belong- 
ing to steel, 2 Sara. xxii. 35. 

CfmA6At5,-Dii5A6, v.a. harden, 
dry as grain in a kiln. 

C|tuA6íiil,-ívU, s.f. covetousness, 
stinginess, 2 Cor. ix. 5. also, 
courage, danger, inhumanity, 
a dversi ty, hardsh ip. 

C|tuA6alAÓ,-Ai5e,adj. sore, cruel, 
I Sam. xxxi. 3. Prov. xii. 10. 
stingy, desperate, ruthless^ 
hardy, hardhearted. 

C|tuAÓÓAf,-Aif, pi- id. s.m. diffi- 
culty, distress, hardship, dan- 

CftuAÓcftoicr)eACj-t)|5e, adj. hide- 

C|tuAbc|to]óeAc,-6i5e, adj. stiff- 
hearted, Ezek. ii. 4. hard- 
hearted, niggardly, stingy. 

CftuA6cii|feAC,-fi5e, adj. diffi- 
cult, calamitous. 

C|tuA6rr)u]r)eul,-&il, pi, id. s.m. a 
stiff neck., — g. Deut. ix. 6. 
& 13. 

CpuAótt)u|r)eiilAc,-Ai5e, adj. stiff- 
necked, Deut. x. 16. 

CftuA6ir>uii)eiilAc&,-&A, s.f. stiff- 
neckedness, obstinacy. 

C|tuA6ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. distress, 
necessity— g. Gen, xxxv. 3, 

C|iuAóÓ5Ac,-Ai3e, adj, strict, 
Gen. xliii, 7. necessitous, dis- 

C[tuA6u5A6,-ui^ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
hardening, Jos, xi. 20. a dry- 
ing as grain in a kiln. 

en u 


en u 

Cftui^^cce, ind. p. p. heaped, 
stacked, jnled up. 

C|iuAi&,-óe,adj. hard, Deut.xxvi, 

6. Jer, V. 3. hardhearted, 

niggardly, severe, difficult, 
firm, Gr. ^mg, Lat. Crud-us. 

CituAi&r^^e, s.f. steel, Jer. xv, 12. 
—Job. XX. 24. 

1 v.a. harden, 

C|tuAi6,-At)<\ó, I, Ex.vii. 13.& 

Cpu<ni6|5,-a6u5a6, i viii. 15.— see 
J Jos. xi. 20. 

Cftii<>ic>beuUc,-Ai5e, adj. hard- 

C|iiiAiDlvf,-lo^.\5 pi. id. s. m. 
sneezewort, white hellebore, 
Veratrum album, 

Cfiv<\i&ce, ind. p.p. hardened, 
dried, as corn in a kiln. 

CitvAr,-Airj s.m. hardness, g. 
Matt. xix. 8. stinginess, hard- 
ship, distress. 

difficulty, hardship. 

Cfiúb,-úibe,-ú.bA, s.f. the nave of 
a ivheel, pi. 1 Kings, vii. 33. 
also, a claw, a hoof or paw. 

C|tHbAC,-<N|5e, adj. lame, club- 
foot ed. 

CftúbA-éAin, s.f. bird's foot, Or- 

CpiibA-leiriO, s. f. columbine, 
Aquilegia vulgaris. 

CjtúbA-leoii^Ain, s.f. common la- 
dy's mantle, Alchemilla vul- 

C|tvb55,-ói5e,-Ó50i, s.f. a knot in 
weaving, thrums at the end of 
a piece in weaving, also, a 
species of crabfish. 

C^iúc^, g- id. pi, -cvióe, &, -ca8<,\, 
s.m. a hook, a hinge, pi. Ex. 
xxvi. 32. 1 Kings, vii. 50. a 

C|túD,-v|ó,-vi6ce, s.m. a horse 

Cfiúó,-6A&, v.a. 7nilk. 

C|iv6A6,-vi6ce, s.m. a milking. 

C]iv]6ce, ind. p.p. shod as a 

C]^y\n)x\\x)e'A\),-e'A\\), pi. id. or, 
-eivDA, s.m. a stooped shoulder. 

C|iviftiflj^eivt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. hav- 
ing stooped shouhiers. 

Cpv|i),-pe, adj. round, gathered, 
Ex. xvi. 14, Acts, xii. \'2. suc- 
cinct, sound. 

Cy.Y]x)e, g, id. s,f. roundness, the 
globe <f the earth, the ivorld. 

C\\Y]\)Qi,c'A^^,-<\]y|, pi. id. s.m. a 
mass, a heap, also, a coronet. 

a gatherer, Am. vii. 14. more 
properly spelled, C\\y^r)]p:eó\\^. 

CnYi^!5,-|V5AÓ, v.a. gather, as- 
semble, Ex. iii. 16. Kum, XX. 
8, — Num. XV. 33. 1 Kings, 
xvii, 10. Matt. ii. 4. accumu- 

CfiY|i)| jce, ind. p.p. gathered, as- 
sembled, accumulated. 

Crivir;)Y5A6,-vi5ce, &, -vjse, pi. 
id, s,m. an assembly, a collec- 
tion, Gen, xlix. 10 — Acts, xix. 
31, 1, Cor, xvi. 1. a gather- 

C|tv]y5fo, g. id, pi, -Tjpe, s.m. a 
pot, a cruse, Ex. xvi. 33. 
1 Sam. xxvi. 11. & 12. a jug, 
a j)itcher. 


;, s.m. common 

reed grass, Arundo phragmites. 

C\Kr\T[z\x), g. id, pi, -i)i6e, s.f. a 

C|tv^c,-ce,-ceAt)<v, s. f. a lyre, 
harp, violin — " Ex sex chordis 
felinis constat, neceodem modo 
quo violinum modulatur, quam- 
vis a figura baud multum ablu- 
dat." — Evans. Lat. Cythara. 

C|tvic,-ce,-ceACA. s.f. a hump on 
the back. 

C|iYiceAcíM),-íiTt), pi. id, s,m, a 
dnarf, a hvwphach. 




Cfiu|cio, g. id. pi, -i)iÓe, a crook- 
backed person. Lev. xxi. 20. 
also, the bird called king^s- 

Cpuicíi)eAÓ,-T)i5,-oi5e, s.m. a 
hump-backed person. 

Cftiqci^te, g. id. pi, -ttióe, s.m, a 
harper, a musician. 

C]mict)eAC&,-&A, s.f. wheat, Luke 
iii. 17 — Gen. xxx. 14. Luke 
xvi. 7. 

Cftum,-ti7AÓ, v.a. 6om;, inf. Gen. 
xlix. 14. see, Cftort). 

CftutTjA, g. id. pi, -Aibe, s.m. a 
measure equal to the length of 
the middle finger, 

Cfiun)ivT)j-3tio, s.m. a crooked 
surgical instrument. 

Cpup,-p<\8, V. a. shrink. Gen. 
xxxii. 32. contract, shrivel, see, 

Ciiu|>AC,-A]5e, adj. contracted, 

Cftup<\ó,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m, a con- 
traction, a shrinking. 

Citupó5,-6i5e,-55A, s.f. a wrinkle. 

Cfmf5AO|leAÓ,-]lce5 s.m. a bloody 

C|tiic,-ocA, pi. id. s.m. a figure, a 
shape, a form. Matt. xvii. 2, 
1 Cor. ix. 22.— Rom. xii. 2. 
1 Cor. XV. 51. Gr. ;)/swc. 

CpucAi5,-cu5AD, v.a. create, per- 
suade, prove, Ps. li. 10. Acts 
xix. 8. & xxiv. 13. 

Cfiuc<xi5ce, ind. p. p. created, 

CftucAt5ceóift,-óftA, s.m. the Crea- 
tor, the Maker, Eccl. xii. 1. 

1 Peter iv. 19. — Job xxxvi. 3. 
Rom. i. 25. 

Cpucu5AÓ,-u]5ce, pi. id. s.m. crea- 
tion, Rom. i. 20.— Mark x. 6. 

2 Peter iii. 4. 
Cimcui5eAcb,-bA, s.f. creation, 

Rev. iii, 14. 
Cu, g, cut), coit), or, cult), pi, 

cu]!), CO]!), or, cot)A, s.m. & f. 
a greyhound, Prov. xxx. 31. 
also, a champion, Gr. xj-wv, 

CuAc,-A]cej-ACA, s.f. a cuckoo, 
Deut, xiv. 15. also, a curl, a 

Cuaó,-ca6, v.a. fuld, plait, crisp. 

CuACAt)AC,-Ai5e, adj. folded, 

CuAcó5,-óf5e,-ó5A, s.f. a bowl, a 
cup, a fold, a ringlet, a young 

CuAiljt), g. id. pi, -r)i6e, s.m. a 
bundle, a small faggot 

CuAiUe, g. id. pi, -IcACA, s.f. a 
stake, a pole, a club, a baton, 
see Is. liv. 2. Gr. xáXov, wood. 

CuAiije, <^', -eACAjS.m. 
& f . £t corner, Jer. xlviii. 45. — 
2 Kings, xiv. 13. Acts iv. 11. 
1 Peter ii. 6. 

CuAi^eAc,-Í5i5e, adj. angular, cor- 

CuAi|tr5,-3eA6, v.a. roll, wreath, 
txscist, lurap. 

CuAfprSce, ind. p. p. rolled, 
wreathed, wrapped up. 

CuA]pc,-ApCA,-CAt)A, s.f. a so- 
journing, a visitation, Ex. xii\ 
40. — Is. X. 3. a visit, a circle, 
a circuit, a circumference, a 
tour, piv ccuAipc, round about, 
Job xxxvii. 12. 

CuAipceó]p,-ópA,-óip]t>e, s.m. a 
visitor, a courtier. 

CuaI,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. a burthen, a 

Cú-aUca, s.m. or f. a wolf, pi. 
Hab. i. 8. declined as, Cu, q.v. 

CuAn,-A(n,-AocA, s.m. a coast, a 
haven, Jos. xvii. 7. & 9. — Ezek. 
XXV. 16 — Zeph. ii. 6. Acts 
xxvii. 8. a harbour, a bay. 

CuAttcii5A6,-ui5!:e, pi. id. s.m. an 
inquisition, a search, Ps. ix. 12. 
1 Peter i. \0. a visiting, a sur- 

C U 1 


C U ) 

CuAttcui5,-u5A6, V. a. search, 

Ps. cxxxix. 23. — Acts xvii. 11. 

Rom. xi 33. surround, visit. 
Cii<xiicui5e<\co,-'5<v, si. a visiting. 
C\i<!^\\z\.x\T^te,má.^.^. investigated, 

visited, surrounded. 
Cv<\]-,-ATri pl- id. & -^X^-í s.m. « 

care, pi. Judges, vi. 2. awy 

CvAf<\i),-ivir), pi. id. s.m. a sjnall 

hole, a cavity. 
CvAfÓ5,-ói5e,-65A, s.f. a /?'íí/e 

holíoit\ a honeycomb found 

Cúb,-b<Nb, v.a. & n. stoop. Lend, 

crouch, lie down., Lat. Cub-o. 
CúbAb,-Ai&, pi. id. s. m. a cubit, 

Ex. xxvi. 13. — pi. 1 Sam. xvii. 4. 

CvbA|6,-8e, adj. honest, becoming. 

Jit, comely, Rom. xiii. 13. & xvi. 

2. 1 Cor. xi. 13. 
CvbAit)eAc&,-&A, s.f. fitness, be- 

comingness, decency. 
CvbAi|-,-i-e, s- f. an oath, con- 
CvbAfi,-A]n, pi. id. s.m. foam, 

Hos. X. 7. Jude, ver. 13— Mark 

Lx. 1Q. froth. 
CvbAtii^c,-Ai5e, adj. foamy, 

Cv]be, ind. adj. becoming, decent, 

proper, see, CubAib. 
CvibeArT)vil,-iT)lA, adj. discreet, 

decent, modest. 
Cv|be<N|*,-bii-, s.m. decency, dis 

crction, moderation, fr. Cv|be, 

&, bevp. 
CYibeAfAc,-A|3e, adj. decent 

mannerly, proper, discreet. 
Cv|bliD,-úe,-OeACA, s.f. a striving, 

a contending. 
Cviblif), inf. id. v.n. strive, vie. 
C>;b|iec,-iii5, pi, -fti5e, k,-^^^cA, 

s.m. a bond, a string, a yoke 

Job xii. 18. Mark vii. 35— pi! 

Ps. ii. 3. Jer. xxviii. 13. a 

chain, a trammel, a fetter, en' 

Cy]h\i]^,-\y^i^i>, v.a. bind with 
chains, fetter, cover. 

Cv]b|i|5ce, ind. p.p. bound, Acts 
xxxi, 13. enchained, concealed. 

Cvibjtioij,-!!"), pi. id. a couch, a 
room, pi. Luke XX. 46. literally, 
a due share, portion or allow- 
ance, C.P. (r. Cvibe, &, ftoiij. 

Cvib|tiY5At),-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
band, a bond, pi. Lev. xxvi. 13. 
Ps. cxvi. 16. slavery, a cover- 
ing, chains. 

Cy|&, g. cobA, pi, CObCA, &, 
cobAt^A, °a remnant, some, a 
part, Matt. xxii. 6. John xix. 
23.— Mark xii. 5.— Lev. i. 8. 
John xix. 23. a portion, stib- 
stance, a meal. 

Cvi&e<\c&A, g. id. pi. id. s.f. a 
company, n multitude. Matt, 
viii. 1. Acts xxi. 8. — Luke v. 
xix. Heb. xii. 22. — Judges 
vii. 20. 

Cv]&eAc&Y^5,-V5<\bj v.a. accom- 

CY]&eAcbY]5ce,ind. p.p. accom- 

CYj&eAbj-bij, s.m. a help, — g. 
1 Chron. xii. 18. Is. xx. 6. 
Dan. xi. 34. 

CY]beAbAc,-.Ai5e, adj. auxiliary, 

CYbi3,-iY5<\b v.a. help, succour, 
Ps. XXX. 10. — 2 Sam. viii. 5. 
1 Chron. xxii. 17. 

CYi&ijce, ind. p.p. helped, suc- 

Cvibi5eeAc,-c|5,-ci5e, s. m. a 
helper, Job xxx. 13. 

CY|í)]5ceó|fi,-óftA,-ó]|iibe, s.m. a 
helper, an abettor. 

CY,b|Y5Ab,-f5ce, &, -i5e, pi. id. 
s.m. help, g. Is. xxxi. 2. " be^o 
CYibjse," a midicife, Genesis 
xxxviii. 28. 

CU ) 


CU ] 

Cúi5, "^^- í^'^i™- atlj- ^"f'é', Gen. 

xiv. 9. & passim. 
Cúi5-&eY5, ind. num. adj. Jtf teen, 

Gen. vii. 20. 
Cri5e, g. id. pl, -5Í, s.ra. a jifth 
part, a province. 

Cúi5eA6,ind. ord. aáj.Jift/i, Gen. 
XXX. 17. 

Cúi5e<s6-beY5, ind. ord. adj Jif- 
teenth, 2 Kings xiv. 23. 

Cúi5eA]i,-5i]i, s.m. Jive per.^ons, 
Gen. xviii. 28. — Gen.xviii. 28. 
never applied except to per- 
sons or personified objects. 

^ii|5-ri7ev|i-tt)vi|ie, s. f. common 
creeping cinque foil, Potentilla 

Cúi5|H]|*i5eAC, no comp. adj. pen- 
tagonal. M'N. 

Cv]l,-le,-leAÍ)A, s.f. rt couch,ioh. 
vii. 13. a corner, a closet, a 
nook, or any private place, 

C\7il,-le,-let3A, s.f. a liorse-jiy, a 

CiiilceA^j-ciiispl- id. s.m. the poll 
(of the head). 

Cy]\eisx),-'e\r), pl. id. s.m. a whelp, 
a dog. Gen. xlix, 9. — pl. Mark 
vii. 28, see, Coileafj. 

1CY|léA|t,-éna, pl. id. s. m. a 
quarry, see Judg. iii. 19. & 26. 

an eavesdropper. 

Cr]leó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. ajly, see 
Ps. Ixxviii. 45. a gnat, dim. of 
Cvil, id. 

Cv|l-^]ACA]l,-Aicle,-AcU, s.f. a 
back tooth. 

Cr|l|:ior),-in, pl. id. s.m. a fair- 
haired or handsome person. 

Cv|l5eA||t,-||t{v6, v.a. backbite. 

Cvjl^eAi^iAOj-ftcA, s.m. a back- 

Cvil|on)poó,-o]5ce, pl. id. s.ra. a 
retreat, a turning the back. 

Cy]\]or),.]X), pl. id. s.m. holly. 

Cv|lii)ioilv5At),-v|5ce. pl. id. s.m. 

Cfilti)|ouv|3,-v5A6, v.a. abjure. 
Crjlrt)io^v|5ce, ind. p. p. ab- 
CvilfleArbov5A6,-vi5ce, pl. id. 

s.m. a bacLsliding. 
Cv|lc,-ce,-ceAr)A, s.f. a coverlet, 

a quilt. 
Cvirnilcj-meAlcA, pl. id. s.f. a 
touching, g. Luke vi. 19. a 
Cv|rt7in, g. id s.m. cummin. Is. 
xxviii. 25. & 27.— Matt, xxiii. 
23. see, Go]rr)]X). 
Cy^n)-\K), a suburb, see, Co]xx)]\-). 
Cvin7i|i,-|te, adj. short, brief, 
concise, handsome. Chald. Ge- 
mir, perfect. 
CvinjjfteAcbj-OA, s.f. a shorten- 
ing, abatement, stop, stay, R.S. 
also, symmetry, beauty. 
CY|ri}ue, g. id. s.f. a memorial, 
memory, record, remembrance, 
Ex. iii. 15. Lev. ii. 2. Ps. 
cix. 15.— 1 Kings xvii. 18. 
Ezra iv. 15. see, Coiri^ije. 
CY|n)oeAC,-r)t5e, adj. mindful, 

Neh. ix. 17. Ps, viii. 4 
CYirt)i)eAcat),-A]T), pl. id. s.m. a 
memorial, a keepsake, a memo- 
Cy] itiT)]5,-]Y5AÓ, v.a. remember, 
record, Deut. xxxii. 7. Luke 
xvi. 25. — Ex, XX. 24. Luke 
i. 54. recollect. 
CYiri)ni5reAC,-ci5e, adj. record- 
ing, Ezra, iv. 15. mindful. 
Cx\\x)X)\±^teó\\\,óyi\,-ów\\'6e, s. m. 
a recorder, 2 Kings xviii. 37. 
^ Is. xxxvi. 3. a chronicler. 
CY]tt)fe, g. id. s f. aim, exactness 
of aim, a mark, a hit, modera- 
tion, a measure, finess. 
CY\n)xe.Ac,~y]-^e, adj. aiming uell, 

unerring, moderate, suitable. 
Gv]rnri5,-p'5A&, v.a. hit, (as a 

mark,) aim, take aim, fit. 
CY|it)|*i5ce, ind. p.p. well aimed, 
hit, adapted, adjusted. 




CvitD|'i5ceói|t,-ó|tí ,-5ntiÓe,s.m. a j 
person of unerring aim, a good 
shot, ail adapter, a measurer. \ 

Cvin7]-iv5A6,-i5ce,pl.icl.s.m. am, I 
see, Cv]rt7re. | 

CvioeAl-mvifie, s.f. liag^s taper, 
lady s foxglove, also, a red cloth 
tied to a cow's tail after 

Cvii)5,-5e, pi, cvT)5A, s.f. a yoke, 

2 Cor. vi. 14 Lev. xxvi. 13. 

Acts XV. 10.— 2 Sam. xxiv. 22. 
a bond, slavery, obligation, re- 
straint, difficidty. 

Cvit)5ceAr)5Al,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a 
band for fastening a yoke to 
the neck of an animal, bondage, 

Cv|D5eAUc,-lvi5,-lvi5e, s.m. a 
yoke, 1 Sam. xiv. 14. — pi. Luke 
xiv. 19. spelled, Cvjn5le<\c, 
Jer. xxvii. 2. 

Cvit)5i|t,-tte,-tieACA, s.f. a couple, 
two, Judges xix. 10. « pair, a 
team, a yoke. 

Cvir)icéA|i,-élíi5 pl« id. s.m. a rab- 
bit burrow. 

Cy]\)\\), g. id. pi, -T)i6e, s.m. a 
rabbit, see, Co\\)'\\^. 

C\x]x)e, g. id. pl,-f;i6e, s.f. a gal- 
lery, pi. Ezek. xli. 15. a cor- 
ner, an angle. 

Cvii3e55,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a churn, 
a bucket. 

Cvii)eÓT;-tT)]5e, s.f. rvild angelica, 
Angelica sylvestris. 

Cvjft, inf. cv|i, v.a. send, plant, 
put, Matt. vi. 2. Acts x. 5. — 
Jer. i. 10. Matt. i. 19. place, 
lay, sow. 

CvnteAD,-tiió,-iti6e, s.m. an invi- 
tation, a bidding. Matt. xxii. 
8.— 1 Sam. ix. 22. Matt. xxii. 
1 1. Chald. Curua. 

Cvi|iCAr,-éice,-&|ceACA, s.f. the 
knave at cards. 

CvtitiAlcA, ind. adj. curious, 
C.P. Barb. 

Cr||tibit), g. id. pi, -i)|6é, s.m. 
common wild parsnip, Pasti- 
naca sativa. CY]]i]b^i) h'<x\i, id. 

Cy]^]\^, g. id. pi, -v\Se, s.m. a 
can, a small pot. 

Cv]|tn),-n)e,-rr)eACA, s.f. a kind of 
ale formerly used by the Irish^ 
a feast or banquet. 

Cv|iirT7)5,-iv5A6, v.a. feast, en- 

Cs-\\\x)e'4^x),-'e\\), pi. id, s.m. the 
head of a pin, a brooch, a 
ringlet, a small heap. 

Cv]fn)eixi}AC,-Ai5e, adj. full of 
ringlets, abounding in small 

Cv||it)it), g. id. pi, -J)l6e, s.f. a 
small vessel. 

Cvt|xpj6,-6e, aá]. corrupt,iviched, 
impious, Cviftpe, id. 

Cúnic,-ce,-ceAf)A, s.f. a court. 
Acts xix. 38. Rev. xi. 2.— 
Ex. XXXV. 17. Acts XXV. 23. 
a palace, a yard- Gr. 'j(p^r~oc, 
old Irish, Cope. 

CúijiceArblAct),-t)A, s.f. courtli- 
ness, courtesy, gallantry. 

CiiiftceATT)v)l,-mlA, adj. courtly, 
courteous, gallant. 

CuittceAf Ac,-Ai5e, adj. courteous, 

Cú]|iceA]-Acb,-OA, s.f. courtesy, 

Ciiipceifj-i-e, s.f. courtesy, cere- 

Cú|jice6í|i,-ó|tA,-óip]6e, s. m a 

Cvi|tceóift,-óftA,-óinibe, s.m. an 

Cvijtcít), g. id. pi, -T)e, or, -mj, 
s.m. a curtain, Ex. xxvi. 12. — 
Ex. xxxvi. 12 — Ex. xxxvi. 14. 
Num. iv. 25. The correct 
spelling of the nom. pi. is, 

Cíi-\x,-x^,-\o<y\)^, s.f. a matter, a 
cause^ accusation, a crime. Gen. 
XXX. 15. Job xxix. 16. John 



cu at) 

xviii. 29 — 1 Sam. xx, 39. — 
Acts XXV. 27. a reason, a law- 
suit. Lat. Caus-a. 

Cvij-le,-le<vr),-leck^A, s.f. a vein, a 
pulse, an artery, a pipe. 

Cvifle t)A beACA,í/í<? great artery, 
the Aorta, Cvn-le n)o\x, id. 

CvifleAc,-l|5e, adj. reined, like a 
vein or artery. 

Cuffrje, g. id. s.m, ice, Job xxxviii. 
29. frost. 

Cuirr)eAc,-t)i5e, adj. freezing, 

Cui^0i5ce, ind. p.p. frozen, Job 
xxxviii. 30. 

Cf)ceAC,-ci5,-c]3e, s.m. a re- 

Cv|ceAc,-ci5e, adj. retributive, 
even with. 

Cú.ic]3,-iu5a6, v.a. requite, ren- 
der, deal bountifully, Judg. ix. 

56. Ps. cxix. 17 Is. Ixvi. 15. 

recompense, rewar d ; Heb. Kut. 

Cv]ci5ce, ind. p.p. requited, re- 
compensed, rewarded. 

CY]C'(ori),-i5,-i5e, s.m. a recom- 
pense, g. 2 Cor. vi. 13. Cú]c- 
eArb, id. 

Cr|ciu5A6,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. a re- 
quital, Rom. xi. 35. & xii. 19. 

Cúl, g, ciiil, pi. id. s.m. the back 
part of any thing, 1 Sam. x. 
9. — Gen. ix. 23. a guard, a 
defence. " TeA|i cv]l." 

CuIa^O, g. id. &, cuIaÓ, pl,-6eACA, 
s.m. or f. raiment, a robe, a 
garment, apparel, Ex. xxii. 27. 
Luke XV. 22. — Ex. xxviii. 34. 
— Gen.xlix. 1 l.asuit of clothes, 
C\x\d.yb fiujl, the shrouds of a 

Cúlívi),-ívir), pi. id. s.m. a lane, 
see Luke xiv. 21. (where the 
spelUng should be culi^-OAjb,) 
a back corner or angle, fr. Cúl. 

CvX^\\'o.\),-'^}^x), pi. id. s.m. a cu- 
cumber, pi. Numb. xi. 5. cu- 

Cúlb<vi|ie, g. id. s.m. a reserve, a 
chief man to be depended on ; 
see biv^fte. 

Cúlboc,-bu]C, pi. id. s.m. a buck, 
a he-goat. 

Cá[cii]x),-t)QAS,\ .a. backbite, slan- 
der ; fr. Cid, &, civin, slander. 

CCdc^]\)z,-ze,-ze^r)A, s.f. a back- 
biting, detraction, aslandering. 

Cúlóívir)ceAC,-ci5e, adj. calum- 
nious, traducing, slanderous. 

CúlcíviT)ceói]i,-ó|tA,-ói|t]óe, s.m. a 
backbiter, a slanderer. 

CYlcoiri9éAí),-éi&,&,-éAbA, pi. id. 
s.m. a rearguard , retrospection . 

Cúl5Ab,-bAil, v.a. adopt. 

CullAC-,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s.m. a boar, 
Ps. Ixxx. 13. 

Cull5ib,-be,-oeACA, s.f. a noise, 
tumult, uproar. 

Cvllói&eÁÓ,-b]5e, adj. noisy, tu- 
multuous, quarrelsome. 

Cvlri7ucA]fte, g. id. pi, -)ti6e, s.m. 
a mutineer. 

CYlri7ucAifieAcí3,-í)A, s.f. rt muti- 
ny ; Arab. Kulvvut-k, to con- 
fer in private. 

Cvló3,-5f5e,-ó5A, s.f. one that 
rides behind another. 

Cril|tAÓA|tCAC,-Ai5e, adj. circum- 
spect, covetous- 

CyIcaca6,-ai&, pi. id. s. m. a 
backing, a support, a redoubt, 
a defence. M*N. 

Cului6,-6e, I s.f. raiment, apparel, 
-oeACA, J Gen. xli. 14. Matt. 

Cului5,-5e, I iii. 4 — pi. Jas. v. 2. 
-5eACA, Lsee CuIaid. 

C\xn), prep. (gov. the genitive 
case,) to, Matt. iii. 11. properly 
a suIjs. signifying, " order,''' as, 
bo cult), in order. Matt. i. 22. 

Curn,-Tt7A8, wa.. form, devise, Deut. 
xxxii, 18 — Ex, XXXV. 32. shape, 
fashion, compose. 

Cun7A, g. id s.m. a form, Gen. i. 
2. a shape, figure, v\odel ; Heb. 
Kumab, xtalure. 



cu 2t) 

pi. id. s.m. 

S. id. s.m. 

CvitjA, g. id. pi, -Ai6e, s.m. a gift., 
Deut. xvi. 19. a rezaard, n 
Cvth'S, g- id. pi, -A^ée, s.f. a la- 
vientation, a mourning., Gen. 
1. 10.— 2 Sam. xi. 27. 

'^poícer. Matt. vi. 

13. Rom. xiii. 1. 

Rev. vii. 12.— 

Rom. xiii. 2. — 

Luke iv. 6. Rom. 

xiii. 1. viight, au- 

tliority, strength, 

ability, see Rom. 

p. 20. 

Cútt)AC&AC,-ui3e, adj. mighty, 

poiverful., 2 Cor. xiii. 3.— Gen. 

xxvi. 16. 

CYrbAcbAC,-ui5, s.m. a mighty 

person. Job. xii. 19. — 2 Sam. i. 


CYrbAC&Ari)uil,-n}U, adj. mighty, 

CriijAc&óittj-ófiAj-óiriióe, s.m. a 
commissioner, a person entrust- 
ed with credentials and autho- 
Cttn)AÓ,-mr<\, pi. id. s.m. fashion, 

g. Ex. xxvi. 30. 
CuníAbóift,-óp<v,-5|piÓe, s.m. a 
former, aframer, Jer. x. 16. & 
li. 19. a fashioner, a romancer. 
Cvn7Abó||teAcb,-bA, s.f. an in- 
vention, 1 Tim. i. 4. a device, 
a framing, a shaping. 
Cvrr)Ail,-lc, v.a. touch, Mark v. 
27. — Mark vi. 56. toipe, rub- 
Cvrr)Ajlc,-ce, s-f. a wiping off, 

a touch. 
CvrDAifCce, ind. p.p. compound, 

compounded, Ex. xxx- 25. 
CYrr7Al,-A]l, pi. id. s.m. three cows, 

the value of three cows. 
CvroAl, g. id. &, cvti)Aile, pi, CY- 
ri)A|l, s.m. & f . a mnid-servaut. 
Gen. XXX. 7. — Ex. xi. 5. & xxiii. 
12. — Gen. xxxiii. 2. Like Cai- 

Ijt), this noun takes ad before 
the genitive in Ex. xi. 5. 

Gun)Ari7Ail,-n)lA, adj. comely, 

Crnxsx)-^, comp. cYt)3A, adj nar- 
row, straitened, Jos. xvii, 15. 
2 Cor. vi. 12.— Is. xxviii. 20. 

CYrÍ7AT)5Ai5,-AD, V. a. narrow, 
straiten, see Job xii. 23. 

CYrDAOj-YjO, pi. id. s.m. a lot, ac- 
quaintance, fellowship. Acts 
viii. 21. — Ps. Ixxxviii. 8. I Cor. 
i. 9. communion, mutualfriend- 
ship, union, a confederacy, see 
Chad. ver. 7. 

CYrDA^Ac,-Ai5e, dia]. friendly, af- 

Cvn)Aoin,-ne,-oeACA, s.f. fellow- 
ship, 1 Cor. X. l6. also, com- 
munion, obligation. 

Cvrt)Aii,-A|ii, pi. id. s.m. a conflu- 
ence, a place where two or more 
streams meet, the bed of a river, 
a valley. 

CYri7A]tAÓ,-<\i3e, adj, abounding 
in hills and valleys- 

CYtT}Ar,-Air, s.m. might, poiver, 
ability. Gen. xlix. 3. Rev. xxii. 
14. see Curt)u]". 

CuTi)A]*AC,-Ai5e, adj. active, able. 
Gen. xlvii. 6. Deut. i. 9. 

CYii7A]*c,-Airc, pi. id. s.m. a com- 
pound, a confection, Ex. xxx. 
33, & 35. « mixture, a conten- 
tion. CYmYfc,-Yifc, id. 

Cun7Arc,-CA8, v.a. mix, mingle, 
compound, contend. 

CYrb&Ac,-v3,-Ai5e, s.m. a defence. 
Num. xiv. 9. — Ps. xxxi. 2. Is. 
xxxiii. 16. also, a veil, a cover- 

CYrr)bui5,-bAc, v.a. defend, pre- 
serve, save, keep, Ps. V. 11. & 
xvi. 1. — Ps. ixxvi. 9. Matt. xvi. 
25. Acts xxiv. 23. cover, ronf 



cu n 


ix. 1. defeiided, saved) covered. 
Crri)í)\?5reói|t,-óia<x,-ói|t]óe,s.m. a 

preserver, a protector. C.P. 
CútT)5Ac,-A!3,-AT5e, s.m. a strait, 

perplexity, trouble, Job xxxvi. 

16. 2 Cor. iv. 8. — Ps. cxxxviii. 

Cvrtjóftcu]*, a comparison, Hag. 

ii. 3. see Corrjóftcuf. 
Cvn)p^t)<\c, a fellow, a compa- 
nion, g. Judg. vii. 22. see Corx)- 


Cvn)pY]ijj-i3e,-i)í, s.f. a sec^ a so- 
Cvrbn<^j ind. adj. perfumed, sweet, 

Ex. XXX. 35, & 37. 
CvrbfiAcb,-&<\, &.{. ■perfume, sweet- 
ness, fragrance. 
CvtDfCvi5,-v5A6, V. n. ring, 1 

Sam. iv. 5. 
CurtjcA, ind. p.p. shaped, formed. 
Cvn7vi5,-v5Ab, \.di.Jrame, Ps. 1. 

19. see Cuxx). 
Cyvr)\i-\xcie, ind. p.p. tempered, 

Ex. xxs. 35. mixed together. 
CutDuf,-u||*, s.m. poicer, ability. 

Acts xxviii. 31. 
Cui)5AlAC,-iii5,~Ai5e5 s.m. yokes, 

bonds, Ezek. xxx. 18. 
Cvr)5At)CAÓ,-<vi5,-Ai5e, s.m.a liel- 

per, Ex. xviii. 4. 2 Kings xiv. 

Cvr)5ADrAc,-Ai5e, adj. helpful, 

ready to help. 
Cvr)3At)có]]i,-5|aA,-óni]6e, s.m. an 

Ciii)5bAi3,-AiI, — inf. Acts ii. 24, 

& V. 3. see Cor)5bAi5. 
CuD5bAilceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. miserly, 

penurious, grasping, sturdy, 
CiJi55biiilceAc!3,-bA, si. firmness, 

constancy, pen uriousncss. 
CYr)5nAi5,-Arb, \, inf. Acts 

XX. 35. see Cor)^\)&]S. 
CY05nAtÍ7,-5Ar)CA, pi. id. s.m. a 

help. Job xxxi. 21. Ps. xlvi. 1. 

— 2 Chron. xx. 4. Rom. xvi. 3. 

an assistance. 
Cv^AÓ, s.m. wood; see Co^a6. 
Cvij|iAÓ,-i)AiiCA, pi. id. s.m. a co- 
venant, Rom. xi. 27. — Gen. ix. 

12. Ex. xxiv. 7. see CooitAÓ. 
Cv^CAbAi|tc,-ce,-reACA, s.f. fail, 

a doubt, 1 Sam. xxx. 8. Matt. 

xiv. 31. see Co\)ZAhA]\iz. 
Cyocaj'-A]]-, pi. id. s.m. a work, 

an account, Rom. ix. 28. & 

xiv. 12. — Luke xiv. 28. see 

Cvpívp,-ívit), pi. id. s.m. a cup, 1 

Cor. xi. 25, & 26 —Mark xiv. 

23. Pers. Cub, & Cobba. Gr. 

■/.vrrri. Lat. Cuppa. 
CvplA, g. id. s.m. a couple, a pair, 

a rafter, CupAll,-Aill, s.m. id. 
CvpU^3,-lu5A6, v.a. couple, pair. 
Cii|t, g, cvj]!, & cofxA, pi. id. s.m. 

a sowing, a setting, g. Lev. xi. 

37. 1 Chron. xxix. 2. aplacing, 

a sending, a planting ; Heb. 

Cur, to dig. 
Cv|iAc tjA cvAice, s.f. the flower 

blue bottle, small leafed bell 

flower. Campanula. 
Cv|tA6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a hero, a 

valiant champion ; fr. the obs. 

subs. Cvji, poicer, manliness. 
CvitA]6eAC,-ói5e, adj. chivalrous, 

brave, manly. 
Cvfi<\]beAC,-&]5, P^- i^' ^•'^- ^ ^^'~ 

rate, C.P. 
Cvft<xit>eAC&,-bA, s f. chivalry, 

heroism, manliness. 
CvftA|beAcb,-bA, s.f. a sowing, a 

planting, a setting; ^^irnj-ift 

t)A cu|tAi6eAÓbA, sowing-time. 

Cy-\[.o.xY) ,-\\xx),^\.\á. s.m. provision , 

care, charge, thought, Rom. xii. 

17. 1 Cor. vii. 32.— Num. iv. 

32. Luke xii. 25. ofice, em- 

p loym en f, fa m ily- 

D Z>i 


o ?vo 

CrjtATt)0kC,-Ai5e, adj. care/til, 
Luke X. 41. 1 Pet. v. 7. solici- 
tous, busy. 

CmtACA, ind. adj. courageous^ va- 
liant, Jos. xxiii. 6. 1 Sam. xiv. 

Cv^tj-ntA, pi. id. s.f. a pit, Lev. 
xi. 36. a corner, end^ situation ^ 
fountain, site. 

CvntcA, ind. p.p. weary, Judg. iv. 
21. fatigued. 

CvftfA, pi. id. &, -<Ni6e, s.m. 
a setting, a course, pi. Ex. 
xxviii. 17. order, rank, a row, 
a race ; Lat. Cursus. 

^"^nr*!3i-r'*"3<'^^) ^-^- course, tra- 
verse, put in ranks or rows. 

Cúfi|*óf|i, -ó|iA, -ó]tti6e, s. m, a 

courser, a cruiser, a messenger. 
Cvft|-óiíieAcb,-&A, s.f. a coursing, 

a cruising, a traversing. 
Cryhr XX), -y}rr), pi. id. s.m. a cus- 
tom, Rom. xiii. 7. — Matt. ix. 

9. Barb. 
Cúc<NC,-v]5, s.m. folly, fierceness, 

2 Tim. iii. 9. — Rev. xvi. 19. 

madness, rage. Cvca, id. 
Cúc<\ileACb,-&A, s.f. hashfulness, 

modesty, timidity. 
CúcAl,-Aile, adj. hasJiful, modest, 

Cyt^\\.\'Ax)^-'A]\), pi. id. s.m. aiiy 

bulbous-rooted plant, an onion, 

an earth nut, b^c. S^c. 

O, (bA^jt, the oak tree,) the fourth 

letter of the modern Irish Al- 
D', (contr. for &o,) a poss. pron. 

D', (contr. for bo,) a sign of the 

pres. inf. 4" P^^'f ind' of verbs. 

C, (contr. for be, or, bo,) a prep. 

D'a, (contr. for be, or, bo, a 

prep. & A, poss. pron.) of 

his, to his; of her, to her ; 

of its, to its ; of their, to 

Ca, (contr. for be, or bo, a prep. 

& A, rel. pron ) of him, to him; 

of her, to her; of its, to its; 

of their, to their. 

O'a, (contr. for be, or, bo, a prep. 

& A, for AO, the def. art.) of 

the, to the. 
O^, num. adj. two, Matt, ii. 16. 

Gr. h-M. 
Oa, conj. if. 
OAbAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a press, a 

vat, Hos. ix. 2. — pi. Joel ii. 24. 
DABeACAc,-Ai5e, adj. amphibious. 
OAceAt^Ac, no comp. adj. two- 
D4vceA|tt)AC, no comp. adj. bian- 

DAcofAO, no comp. adj. having 

two legs. 
OAbAÓ,'js. m. a tittle, ought, 

-A] 6, \any thing, a xvhit, a 
X^i,,\ trifle, a jot; Welch^ 

-A]rt7, J Diddwyn. 

D -^ J 


D 'U j 

0;\-pAobA|i, (pAobAji, abl. sing, 
after biv,) fuo et/ges, i e. two- 1 
pí/í/eíí, Ps. cxlix. 6. I 

Dix-^Aob|tAc, adj. no comp. two- j 
edged. i 

Da-piacIac, adj. no comp. having j 
íít'o prominent teeth, as a sheep 
two years old, bidental. 

Dív-píró]oí), num. adj. tico twen- 
ties, i.e. fort I/, Ps. xcv. 10. 

DA-frilce, ind. adj. no comp. two- 
fold, double. 

DAib[teAC,-|i|5e, adj. poo;-, 7ieedy, 

r)i^lb|ieA|*,-itif, s.m. want, Mark 
xii. 44. poverty ; fr. bo, a neg. 
particle, &, fA|bfteAf. 

Oa]&, g. id. s.m. a father ; Oa]- 
bjT), g. id. pi, -Dióe, dim. of 
bAlb. the Cladach fishermen of 
Galway are, in their own lo- 
cality., called Ma bAibfojoe. 

OA]6biji,-bfte,&,-btti be, adj. poor, 
Z»ai/, Rev. xiii. 16. — 1 Cor. viii. 
8. fr. ho, a neg. particle, & 

Oiv]l,-le, s.f. a meeting, delay, 
hostile opposition, a desire, a 
portion, an account, an enclosed { 
space or field, the space between i 
two rafters or couples in a cot- \ 
tage ; fr. the obs. DaI, id. 

Oa|1-caca, s.f. with the accent on 
bA]!, a pitched battle; with the 
accent on caca, afield of bat- 
tle, a battle field ; this remark, 
(mutatis mutandis,) is applica- 
ble to all such compound words. 

DajI) j,-leAb, v.a. dedicate, dis- 
tribute, set apart, give, deliver, 
fr. DaiI, id. C.P. 

OAil|ori)Ai),-ivitj, pi. id. s.m. a but- 
ler, a distributor. 

OAiU-beA|icAc,-cAi5e, adj. blind. 

DA]Ue, g. id. s.f. blindness, Rom. 

xi. 25. see Oo|Ue ; fr. DaU, 

DAilli^cleAcb,-bA, s.f. blindness 
of intellect, dulness of wit. 

DAiUplcleACCAc-j-Aije, adj. stu- 
pid, duU-icitted. 

OAilceAr)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. like a 
coxcomb, foppish. 

OíiilceAt)ACb,-bA, s.f. puppyism, 
impertinence, scurrility. 

Oivilcjt), g. id. pi, -i^ióe, s.m. a 
coxcomb, (I fop. 

0'Aiit)6eoit), adv. against, Ex. 
xii. 12. in spite of, (fr. the prep, 
be, or, bo, ad, a neg. particle, 
&, beoit), will,^ more properly, 

OA|ri)eAC,-tT)i5e, adj. friendly, 
having many friends and re- 
lations ; fr. D^ii), q.v. 

Oív}rbeAn)UTl,-ri)lA,. adj. friendly, 
related, kind, benevolent. 

OAirt7yeóift,-ó|tA,-óntióe, s.m. a 

DAirDfin, g. id. pi, -T)i6e, s.f. a 
damson plum. 

DAit)5eAU,-5i)e, adj. steadfast, 
fast, 2 Cor. i. 7. Heb. vi. 19. 
strong, firm, fortified, tightly 

DAit)5eAt),-5iD, pi. id. &, -5^6, s. 
m.a garrison, a fortress, ground, 
a hold, a defence, an espousal 
or contract of marriage, a 
stronghold, 1 Sam. xiii. 3 & 4. 
Ps. Ixxi. 3. 1 Tim. iii. 15.— 
Judg. ix. 49- Matt. i. 18.— 
Ps. Ixxxix. 40. Jer. xlviii. 41. 
for other meanings, see OAirj- 

OAin3lor>,-3tt), pi. id. &, -5T)e, s.m. 
see DAii;5eAU. 

DAir)5UeAC,-t;i5,-r)eAÓA, s.m. a 
stronghold, a. garrison, — pi. 
Judg. vi. 2. 2 Sam. viii, 6. a 
compact, a contract, an assu- 
rance, a ratification ; for its 



D -^ 2C 

other meanings, see 0^1056*1), 
the genitive sing, of which, 
D<\ir)5iT), (& not 0^11)5015, the 
genitive of this noun,) ought 
always to be used. 

OAit)5neAC&,-t)A, s. f. a strong 
holding, firmness, strength. 

Da]t)5015,-1u5<nó, v.a. establish, 
confirm, Ps. vii. 9. & cxix. 38. 
— Acts xvi. 5. Rom. xv. '^.for- 
tify, bind, fasten, ratify. 

OA]P5r)i5ce, ind. p.p. established, 
confirmed, S^c. see 0*103015. 

DAir)5niu5Aó,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. an 
establisiiing, 8fc. Col. ii. 7.— 
see 2 Cor. i. 22. & v. 5. for 
other meanings, see DAjoseAOj 
& DA^njneAc. 

OAin,g, -Airte,-A|tAc,&,-A|t>T5,pl, 
-A|t'v73,-Aift5e,&, -A|iACA, s.f. an 

oak. Is. xliv. 14 2 Sam. xviii. 

9,& 14.— Am. ii. 9. Chald.Dir. 

Di\i|i, inf. bívfiAÓ, v.a. to copulate 
as cattle. 

Dc\ift,-ivrtcA, s.f. a desire of copu- 
lation among cattle. 

OA]|tb,-be,-beACA, s.f. a species of 
tvormfound in marshy ground, 
sometimes swallotved by cattle, 
and in some cases is fatal, as it 
causes them to stvelland burst. 

OAi|tc,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a clod. 

OAi|xceAC,-ci5e, ad^. full of clods. 

OA^ce, lind. p.p. dyed, colour- 

OA]Ci5ce, >ed, stained, Is. Ixiii. 

OAicce, 31. 

OalA|5,-lu5AÓ, v.a. deal out, as- 
sign, appoint. 

OAlbA, ind. adj. bold, impudent, 

OAll,-oille, adj. blind. Lev, xxi. 
18. Rev. iii. 17. ignorant, puz- 
zled, misled. 

DaII,-oiII, pi. id. s.m. a blindper- 
son, Ex. iv. 11. Mark viii. 22. 
— John ix. 6. — Matt, xi. .5. 

OaII,-IaÓ, v.a. blind; see D<\IU 

OaIIa6,-ai6, s.m. darkness, blind- 
ness, Eph. iv. 18. 
"O cA\'4^x)-'n''X-\z,-'^\x)-'Gii.\z ^s.m.blind- 

man's buff. 
DAllA|iivo,-ain, pi. id. s.m. a pur- 
blind person- 
OAlló5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a mole, a 

leech, a dormouse, a shrew. 
OaUuiJj-ujaÓ, v.a. blind, Deut. 

xvi. 19. 
DaIca, g. id. pi, -A]6e, s.m. a 

foster-child, a pet, a darling. 
DAlcAC,-Ai5e, adj betrothed, Ex. 

xxii. 16. 
DAlcACAr,-Ai|-, &.m. fosterage. 
D^rbj-ixitT), pi. id. s.m. a poet, a 

learned man. 
DArb,-ATtb, pi. id. s.m. a bullock, 

an ox. Lev. xvi. 11. Lukexiv. 

5. — Lev, xvi. 18. 1 Cor. ix. 9. 

— Num. vii. 6. Matt. xxii. 4. 

This noun is sometimes found in 

the feminine gen. see large Ed. 

of the Bible, Dublin, 1827. Lev. 

iv. 4, & 5. ix. 19. & xvi. 18. 
Dívrr),-ívim, pi. id. s.m. a tribe, a 

family, scarcely used except 

in the plural. 
D'Anj, (contr. of prep, feo, & pers. 

pron. me,) to vie ; passim, 

D'orT), id. 
OArt)Ait),-t)r,v.a. co??i/ew;?,Jobx.2. 
DATT^AUte, g. id. s.f, passion, rage, 

fury, excitement- R.S. 
OAn);\n'ce, g. id. pi, -c), s.f. da- 
mage, harm. 
DArr)-Allui5, g, bAirb-Allui5, pi. id. 

s.m. a Wild ox, Deut. xiv. 5. 

see DAti). 

DArT)<XO-AllA,-iVlO-AUA, pi, id. s-m. 

a spider. Pro v. xxx. 28. for 
other forms of gen. sing, see 
Job xviii. 14. & Is. hx. 5. 
DAtoADCA, ind. adj. damned, con- 
demned, see John v. 29. 

D ^ 


D ^O 

OArt)t)AÓ,-n)<M)CA, s.m. condemna- 
tion, g. Rom. V. 16, & 18. 

0<Nrr)nii5A&,-u]5ce, pi. id, s.m. 
damnation, a condemnation, 
Rom. xiii. 2. 1 Cor. xi. 29.— 
John V. 24. 2 Cor. iii. 9. 

DArnoui5,-u5A6, v, a. condemn, 
damn, John viii, 10.— 1 Kings 
viii. 32. 

DAn7nui5ce, ind. p.p. condemned, 
damnable, damned, Tit. iii. 11. 
2 Pet. ii. 1. 

0'Atr)f A, (contr. of bo, prep. n)e, 
pers. pron, & the emphatic af- 
fix xo-i) to myself, to me in par- 

Oi^iT)|-A, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s.m. a 
dance, a dancing. Matt, xi. 17. 
& xiv. 6, — pi. Luke xv. 25. 

DivrT)f<\i3,-|-u5<\6, v.n. dance. 

DArT)uinc,-ce,-ci, s.f. damnation, 
condemnation, Mul. 

Dm),-.^)!), &, -ivHA, pi, -ivncA, s.m. 
a song, Ex. xv. 2. Deut. xxxi. 
19.— 2 Sam. xxii. I.— 1 Kings 
iv. 32. Job XXXV. 10. a poem, 
averse, destiny; Pers. & Arab. 
Dana, a poet. 

DarjA, ind. adj. bold, confident, 
Rom. X. 20. 2 Cor. vii. 16. im- 

Oívt)AÓí>,-&<x, s.f. confidence, bold- 
ness, plainness of speech, Ezek. 
xxviii. 26. Acts iv. 13. 2 Cor. 
iii, 12. — Acts xiii. 46. 

0^10^15, -i)u5<x6, ^•^' dare, adven- 

DAn^e<\it,->*ifi, pi. id. s.m. a Dane, 
a foreigner, a tyrant. 

OAÍJAitcA, ind. adj. stubborn, self 
willed, tyrannical, foreign. 

OAnA|trAc&,-t)<x, s.m. self-will, ty- 

OADc-wseAcbj-boi, s.i. poetry, also, 

r>Aoi, g. id. pi, -ire, s.m. a wicked 
person, a clown, a churl, a fool- 
ish ignorant man. 

DAO|r)eAc,-ni5e, adj. populous, 
Nahum iii. 8. numerous. 

OA0]fabiieic,-ce, s.f. a severe sen- 

OAoifióíor,-fA,-rAilA, s.m. a tax- 
ing, g. Acts V. 37. 

DAOifi^TollA, g. id. pi, -Ajoe, s.m. 
a slave, a bondman 

DAOift-rT)eAf,-fbA, s.m. a task, 
g. Ex. i. 11. 

OAOtti-rbeAfA&óin, -opA, -ói|ii5e, 
s.m. a taskmaster. — pi, Ex. v. 
10, & 13, see Ex. iii. 7. 

DAOjin-e, g. id. pi, -fi s.f. boti- 
dage, a task, Deut. xxvi. 6, 
1 Cor. vii. 15.— Ex. xiii. 3. Gal. 
iv. 24.— Ex. V. 13 & 14. dearth. 

DAoi|tf i5,-iu5Ab,v.a. enliance, in- 
crease the price. 

OA0i|i|-i5re, ind. p.p. enhanced, 
increased in price. 

DAOififi56eóifi,-5ftA,-5|it|óe, s.m. 
one that enhances or increases 
a price. 

DAOififiue, g. id. s.f. captivity, 
Ps. xiv. 7.— 1 Chron. v, 22. 

DAOfri|'ioeAc,-ní3, pi, -nige, &, 
-oeACA, s.m. a botid man, a 
captive, Deut, xxiv. 22, see 
Lev. xxvi. 13. & Is. xx. 4. 

OaoI,-0]1, pi. id. s.m. a bvg, a 
beetle, a caterpillar, a chafer. 
/ind. adj. Iniman, of or 

r> - belonqinq to man. Job 

^^^•'^' J vii 10- ■■ 


xii. 10, Acts xvii. 29. 

also, liberal, civil, hos- 
0<\o5ACi),-bA, s. f, liberality, 

bountifidness, g. 2 Cor. ix. 11. 

OAoijAcbAc,-A]5e, adj, liberal, 

given to hospitality. Is. xxxii. 

5, 1 Tim, iii. 2. humane, civil. 
OAOfij-otjie, adj. bond, enslaved. 

Gen. xxi. 10. — Gen. xxi. 10. 

dear in price, precious, guilty, 


D U C 



Oaoii,-ohi, a huiuhnan, 

Gal, iii. 28. a guiUy or con- 
demned person. 
DA0|i,-|t<\b,v.a.ce>?5?/re, condemn, 

doom, make dear. 
DAO|iA0<\ó,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 

slave, a bond man. 
0<\oitbocb,-OTCbe, adj. doomed to 

misery. U.S. 
DAOitcUt),-lo]i)e,-lAÍ)<v, s.f. slaves, 

OA0|tfti7AC&, g. id.&.,-&A,s.m.orf. 

bondage, slavery. 
DAor5Aitflu*3,-Ai3,-Ai5ce, s.m. 

lite rabble, the plebeians. 
DAoc<NtT)u|l,-mlA, adj. churlish, 

boorish, vain, ignorant. 
D'ivjt, (contr. of be, or, bo, & iv|t,) 

of our, to our. 
Dati, prep, by, through ,- Lat. 

Ca^i, a def. v. thinks or think, as, 

bAft \\or\), metliinks ; t>6^\i. \e]x 

|:éii), lie himself thinks ; t>o.\\ 

leó, they think. 
Daiia, ind. ord. adj. second, Luke 

vi. 1. John iv. 54. 
DATiAc,-]tui5, pi. id. s.m. an oak, 

pi. Am. ii. 9. see Oa^p. 
DAfiAise, ind. adj. oaken. 
X^i.\i'\]i\h,a,áv. indeed, Ex. xix.5. 
Oajx Ijon), (contr. oíti6.\\,itseeni- 

eí/í, &, le nje,) melhinks ; see 

OAf Acb,-bA, s.f. fierceness, Deut. 

xiii. 17. frenzy, impertinence. 
OAj'ACbAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. presump- 
tuous, furious, Ex. xxi. 14. 

2 Kings ix. 20. 
OAC,-cA,-CAÍ)A,s.m a colour. Lev. 

xiii. 55. Num. xi. 7. Prov. xxiii. 

31. dye. 
DACAc,-Ai5e, adj. colouring, oj 

many colours. 
nACAb,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a colour- 
ing, a dyeing, a staining, a 


' DACAbó|ii,-ó[tA,-ó|fiióe, s.m, a 

dyer, one who colours. 
DACAbói|teAcb,-bA, s.f. tlie trade 

or employment of dyeing. 
OArAi5,-cu5A6, v.a. colour, dye, 

tincture, stain, inf. Ex. xxv. 5. 

DAr,-rAÓ, id. 
OACAijce, ind. p.p. coloured, 

dyed, stained. 
OACArblAcb,-bA, s.f. majesty, ho- 
nour, Ps. xcvi. 6. & cxi. 3. 

DACAri)ii]l,-rt>lA, adj. pleasant, 

Cornell/, Ps. cxlvii. 1. 1 Cor. 

vii. 35. 
De, prep. of. 
O'é, (contr. of be, or, bo, & pers. 

pron. é,) of or to him, of or to it. 
De, gen. sing of 0]a, q.v. 
DeACAi|t,-CfiA, adj. scarce, hard, 

dijficult, llom. V. 7. 
DeAcbut5,-bu5AÓ, v. a. indite, 

dictate, teach ; DeAcb,-bA6, id. 

a dictator, a teacher, an ac- 
OeAcrtiAÓ, ord. adj. tenth. Rev. 

xi. 13. 
DeAcit)uió, g. id. pi, -rbAÓA, s.f. a 

tithe, Heb. vii. 9. — Deut. xxvi. 

12._Deut. xii. 11. DeAcrt?A&, 

g. id. pi, -rbAÓA, s.f. id. Lev. 

xxvii. 32. Neh. x. 38. 
OeAótr)ui5,-u5A6, v.a. pay tithes, 

Heb. vii. 9. decimate. 
OeAcriAC,-A]5e, Sia]. severe, hard, 

DeACjiAcb, g. id. &, -AcbA, s.m. 

or f. nnsearchableness, Rom. 

xi. 33. difficulty, hardship. 
OeA5, ind. adj. good, e.vcellent, 

tcor thy, fair ; it is always put 

before the word it qualifies, and 

consequently is not declined ; 

the old form is be ac, which still 

is used in the comparative and 

superlative degrees. 



oe -^ 

DeA5Ai5eAi)CAc,-cAi5e, adj. 2^70/- 
Ihy minded, noble minded- 

OeA5<xi5t)e, g. id. s.m. benevo- 
lence, a pious affection. 

Oe<V5Ailc,-re, s.f. a discharge, 
Ecc. viii. 8. a divorce. 

OeA5AfT)rt),-Anti)A,-<\urn<NÍ)A, s.m. 
a good or glorious name. 

De<x5AiceAJ)c<\, ind. p.p. ivell 
known, 2 Cor. vi. 9. 

OeA5bAU6,-luió, pi. id. s.m. a 
siceet savour, sweet scent, sweet 
smell, 2 Cor. ii. 15. — Markxvi. 
1. Eph. V. 2. Phil. iv. 18. 

OeAsbeufj-rA, pi, id. s.m. good 
conduct, virtuous habits, mo- 

OeA5beufAc,-]-Ai5e, adj. moral, 
virtuous, icell-hred. 

OeA5bU\f,-Air, pi. id, s.m. asueet 
or pleasant taste, a relish. 

DeA5bUr&A, adj. dainty, well- 
relished. Job. xxxiii. 20. 

OeA5boibe<NC,-b|5e, adj. devout, 
pious. O'G. 

OeA5bolui6eAC,-&i5e, adj. sweet 
savoured, Ezra vi. 10. siceet 

OeA5CA|rjc,-ce,-ceAÍ)A, s.f. elo- 
quent speech, shrewd talk, 

OeA5CAit)cgc,-ci5e, adj. eloquent^ 
shrewd iu speech. 

OeA5coiii)ne, g. id. s.f. good re- 
membrance, 1 Thess. iii. 6. 

DeA3co|i)beA]ifi^l!5,-&e, s.f. good 
conversation i 1 Pet. iii. 16. 

OeA5co|r)|*iAf,-iAi]*, s.m. a good 
conscience, g. 1 Pet. iii. 21. 

OeA5corT}At},-Ait), pi. id. s.m. sin- 
cere friendship, ingenuousness. 

OeA5Cítoí&e, g. id. pi, -óce, s.m. 
a'Jiind heart. 

OeA5C|toí6eAC,-ój5e, adj. kind, 
gentle, kind-hearted, 1 Cor. 
xiii. 4. see 1 Pet. ii. 18. 

DeA5cuAUAi5eAco,-í3A, s.f. fel- 
lowship^ C.P, 

OeA5pAicceAr,-cirj s.m. fear^ 
holy fear, Heb. v. 7. 

OeA5pocAl,-CAil, pi. id. s m. a 
kind or well spoken word. 

OeA5f'oclAC,-Ai7;e, adj. fair spo- 
ken, well spoken. 

OeA-^fox),-y\i\r), pi. id. s.m. good 
pleasure, g. liph. i. 5. 

DeA5-5núir,-re, pl, -rí, & -re^cA, 
s.f. a good or fair countenance. 

De<N5-5ijiii|*eAc,-r]5e, adj. well 
favoured. Gen. xxix. M.fair 

'OeA-^''xh/s]]\z,-i^\\ti^,?i.i. eloquence, 

OeAslAbAiicA, ind. part. adj. elo- 
quent, Ex. iv. 10. Acts xviii. 

OeA5tT7AiroAc,-ft5e, adj. beauti- 
ful, delicate ,garnished, decent. 
Deut. xxviii, .^4. Matt. xii. 44. 

1 Cor. xiv. 40. handsome, 

OeA5ri7Airi3,-rii'3<''^> ■^'•3- adorn, 

inf. 1 Pet. iii. 5. decorate, beau- 
OeA5rÍ7A||-tu5Ab,-n5ce, s,m. 

an ornamoit, Prov. iv. 9. a 

DeA5rt7A|tArbiiil,-n)lA,-rblACA, s.f. 

a good opinion; DeA5bA|tA- 

ú){\]\, id. 
DeA5rbolAÓ,-lcA5 pi. id. s.m. a 

good recommendation, high 

DeA5n)uiT)ce, ind. p.p. tvell bred, 

icell educated. 
DeA5nó|-,-ó|]'. pi. id. s,m. a good 

custom, a sacred rite. 
OeA5nófAc,-Ai5e, adj. decent, 

having good manners 
OeA5obAifi,-oibfte, pi, -o]h\i]'^ie, 

&, -oibjieACA, s.f. a good work. 

Col. i. 10. 2 Thess. ii. 17.— 

2 Cor. ix. 8.— Matt. v. 16. 
DeASOj&e, g. id. pi, -&.150, sm- 

a good teacher. 

o e ?v 


oe li 

DeASOi&eAfr^irjS m. ai/ooi/ei/M- i mould, contrive^ devise, invent, 

cation, good teaching. \ delineate, frame. 

DeA50ibeA|-AC,-Ai5e, adj. ^^.'e/Z ' DeAlbAC,-Ai5e, adj. handsome, 

educated, well taught. 
X^eA-^o\\hu\%,-\x-i^A^,y.^. methodise, 

arrange, set in good order. 

DeA5|tút),-ttuit), s.ra. a good 

or pious resolution. 
DeA5|-fT>uir)e<\6,-r)i&, &, -nci^ce, 

pi. id. a good or proper 

OeA5fort}pU, g. id. pi, -Aloe, s.m. 

a good example. 
OeA5f-ornpUc,-Ai5e, adj. cxem- 

plarg, setting a good example 

shapely, resembling, inventive. 
r)e4\lbAbóin,-ó|aA, -óifijóe, s.m. a 

j)ainter, a statuary, a framer, a 

contriver, one who shapes. 
DeAlbcoifteAC&,-&<\, s.f. painting, 

statuary, framework, the art of 
forming or inventi/ig. 
OeAl3,-eil5, pi. id. be\\.-^x)^, &» 

beAl5A, s.m. a thor?i, pi. Ps. 

Iviii. 9. see Jos. xxiii. 13. a 

skewer, a pin, a bodkin, a 

brooch, a picker. 
DeAl5AC,-Ai3e, adj. prickly, 

thorny, stinging, sharp-pointed. 

DeASCAObui-j-uif, s.m. good or \OeA\x,c^n)\.\T\,-xvi\í).,B.á].ar7n€dwith 
assiduous care, good manage- \ points, pointed with thorns, see 
me7it. j 2 Chron. x. 14. 

OeASceA^-bA, ind. adj. of honest \ DeAl|iAC,-Ai5e, adj. bright, beam- 

report. Acts vi.3. & X. 22. 
DeA5ceirb,-eu-&e, s.f. good re- 
port, 3 John ver.l2. — I Thess. 

iii. 6. 
DeA5coil,-0]le, &, -oIa, pi, -o]- 

leA^A,&, -oIa, s. f. benevolence, 

will, good pleasure, Rom. x. 1. 

— Gal. i. 4. Phil. ii. 13. 
OcAjcoileACj-lise, adj. willing, 

voluntary, benevolent. 
DeA3cui5riot)AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. of 

good understanding, 1 Sam, 

XXV. 3. 
OeA5UAni,-Tte, pi. id. s. f. a good 

season, a favorable opportunity. 
DeA5u|*A]b,-be,-35eACA, s.f. a good 

or proper use. 
DeAlítr),-ívin, pi. id. s. m. a spark, 

a flaming coal of fire. 
CeAUr)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. sparkling, 

flashing, flaming as a coal of 

OeAÍbj-bA, pi. id. s.m. an image. 

ing, shinijig, radiant, refulgent. 
OeAlttA6,-|iAi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

shining, a brightness, J oe\ ii. 10. 

see 2 Thess. ii. 8. radiance, 

refulgence, light, splendor. 
DeAljtui5,-ii5A&, v.n. & a. shine. 

Is. ix. 1. see Job xxix. 3. — 

Job xxxvi. 32. 2 Cor. iv, 4. 

brighten, radiate, glitter, dawn, 

OeAl|^iu5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 

brightness, a glittering. Is. Ixii. 

1. — Ezek. xxi. 28 see, DcaI- 


OeAllpu]5ceAC,-ri5e, adj. bright, 
white, Acts X. 30. 2 Tim. i. 
10. Rev. XV. 6. & xxii. 16. 
DeAlfiii|5eAc, id. see, OeAÍ- 


OeAlii5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 

separation, a divorcement, g. 

Lev. xii. 2. Num. xxxi. 23. 

Deut. xxiv. 1. 

Heb. X. 1. — Gen. v. 3. a pic- OeAlui5,-lu3At), v.a. separate, de- 

ture, a statue, a form, a shape, \ part, tvithdraiv, Dcut. x. 8. 

a face, a frame, a signal. \ I Tim. vi.5 — Act xiii 13. Rom. 

DcAlbj-bAO, v. a. form, shape, viii. 39. divorce, part. 

o e u 


oe u 

DeAluijce, ind. p.p. separated, 
taken /rom^ destitute, Kom. ix. i 
3. 1 Thess. ii. 17. I Tim. vi. i 
5. divorced, jmr ted. \ 

CeAtT)At),-Ain,, adcemon, 
a devil, Mark vii. 29. — Luke I 
xi. 14. — Matt. iv. 24. 

DeArbt)óip^,-ó|tA,-óifii6e, s.m. a \ 

OeAri)nói|teAc&,-&<N, s-f. conjura- 

DeAo,-T)Att7, or, -T)Ab, v.a. do, 
make, 1 Tim. vi. 12. 2 Tim. 
iv. 9. — Ex. X. 26. act, per- 
form, see, Deun, 

OeAOAj-PAO, v.a. do, make, John 
xiii. 27. 2 Tim. iv. 2. Oé<\r)A, 
appears to be an emphatic form 
of T^'oisx), as if a contraction of 


D&Ar)AÓ,-t)c<v,s.m. « doing, g.GdX. 
ii. 10. a« acting or performing. 

OeApAtxNfj-Ai]-, s.m. an act, deed, 
action, exertion, industry. 

OéAtr<v|*<NC,-Ai5e, adj. efficient, 
laborious, industrious, active. 

OeAnsriiAlcA, ind. adj. perfect. 
Matt. V. 48. see, Dfot)5ri)<xlcA. 

OéAt)rT)<xifeAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. spruce, 
prim, coy. 

DeAt)ó5,-6i5e,-55A, s.f. a pinch of 
snuff, a small quantity of any 
comminuted matter, a grain, a 

DéAt)CA, ind. p.p. done, made, 
performed. Rev. xvi. 17. 

D&At)CAf ,-<sir, s.m. activity, work, 
conduct, doings. 

D&Anc<\rAc,-<\i5e, adj. active, in- 
dustrious, busy. 

DéAf)cóift,-óttA,-óiítióe, s.m. aii 
actor, a maker. 

DeArib,-bA, adj. persuaded, Rom. 
xiv. H. sure, certain, true, ge- 
nuine, particular. 

DeA|ab,-bA8, v.a. prove, Dan. i. 
12. — 2 Chron. ix. 1. Lev. xiv. 

19. 1 Tim. iii. 10. certify, de- 
monstrate, affirm, put to the test. 

OeA|tbAC,-Ai5t-, adj. sure, capable 
of proof. 

OeAftbA6,-Aió,&-bcA, s.m. assu- 
rance, experience, Acts xvii. 31, 
Rom. v. 4. proof, demonstra- 
tion, trial, certainty. 

affirmer, a prover. 

OeAtib-óoi5,-5e, s.f. sure confi- 
dence, C.P. 

DeArtbÓ5,-ó]5e,-Ó5A, s.í.atouch- 

DeA|tbft^cAi]a,-í\cAp, pi, -ívicjte, 
&, -AittCACA, s.m. a brother. 

Gen. iv. 8. 9. & 10 Lev. xxi. 

2.— Matt. i. 2. Luke viii. 21. 
fr. OeAjib, &, bfiACA]]!. 

brotherhood, Zecb. xi. 14. 

therly, Amos i. 9. 

OeAjtbcA, ind. p.p. adj. confirmed, 
proved, 1 Cor. xi. 19. 

DeA]xbcAch,-bA, s.f. demonstra- 
tion, certainty, 1 Cor. ii. 4 

Prov. xxii. 21. 

De Anbui3,-u5AÓ, v. 2i. affirm, Luke 
xxii. 59. — Acts xii. 15. see, 

DeAtic,-CAÓ, v.a. behold, Ps. lix. 
4. & Ixxxiv. 9. observe, watch, 
think, examine, inspect, Gr. 

OeAi%5,-ei|i5e, adj. red, ruddy. 
Gen. XXV. 25. — Lam. iv. 7. 
red hot, 

DeA|t5,-eiti5, s.m. the colour red. 

^eA|i3,-5A6, V. a. & n. become 
red, — inf. Matt, xvi, 3. make 
red, blush, kindle. 

DeA|i5at),-ivin, s.m. a fish 
called a bream, also, a little in- 
sect found under the itones along 
the sea shore, Pulex maritimus, 
also, a red stain, rouge. 

oe ^v 


D e '^ 

OeAíi5Ui-.\ó,-fcoi, pi. id. s.m. a 
red burning^ Matt. xiii. 42. 

OeAfi.^Ui-CAjind.p.p. red flaming^ 
redhot^ fr. De<\ti5Uf,-]-AÓ, v.n. 
burn into flames. 

Ogrt75r)aTT)ui&,-ív.rt7<N&,-ívitboe, s.m. 
or f. a fierce foe. see, ílí\rbAi&. 

De<\|i5itiiAC<>íi,-<N]|i, pi. id. s.m. a 
bloody fight. 

Dt^<x|irT)<x&,-A|&, a.vci.fijrgetfulness, 
Ps. xxxi. 12. — Ps. ixxxviii. 
12. negligence. 

OeAntT)AbJ>c,-<\i5e, a.áyfi)rget/iíl, 
Jas. i. 25. inattentive. 

DeA|in7Aí5c;\, ind. p.p. forgotten^ 

DeAfirT)Aio,-A&, v.a.^r^ei, Deut. 
ix. 7. Ps. xlv. 10. Phil. iii. 13. 

Dé<x|ii)A,-Ai)5 &, -Aifje, pi, -Aiue, 
&,-AÚ<N, s.f. ahand^ g. Is. xl. 
12. see Is. xlix. 16. a handful. 

Oeíifio,-')Aó, v.a. íí/Ae in hands, 
handle, act, do, accomplish, 
com.Mf &eaitr)Ar? &,m) rj-be^ft- 
OAf, the neg. & interr. forms 
found in the ind. perf. of De^r). 

OeA|ti)óib,-&e, s.f. a hand, — g. 
Lev. xiv. 15. 

DeA|tr)A&,-Aibe,-Ai&;, s.f. a fiea, 
g. 1 Sam. xxvi. 20. 

De<xiin<Nbóiít,-ó|iA,-ój]i|Óe, s.m. a 
palmist, a chiromancer. 

DeA|tu<\&ó||ieAC&,-bA, s.í. palmis- 
try, chiromancy. 

DeAfioA iT7uiiie,g. id. s.f. common 
lady's mantle, Alchemilla vul- 

DeAftó|l,-le, adj. wretched, Rev. 
iii. \1. poor, beggarly. 

De<v|ió)leAcb,-bA, s.f. povertg, 
want, wretchedness. 

DeAtircr)u5Ab,-ui5ce, pi. id. s m. 
excellency, Ecc. vii. 12. a po- 
lishing, ^c. 

DeAitr5i)A|5eAC,-5i5e, adj. O'H. 
see, OeAfi|-5inii5. 

, OeAttr7;r)u|^,-5e, adj. excellent^ 
! goodly, Prov. xvii. 7* see 1 
! Sam. ix. 2. wise, prudent, bur- 
nished, polished ; from the old 
I root, OeiViitj-, or, beA||i|-5, v.a. 
I or n. polish, shine. 

OeAr,-éire, adj. south, rights 
Matt. xii. 42. Rev. x. 2 — 
Ex. xxix. 20. Lev. viii. 23. 
dexterous, trim, pretty, ready, 

OeAfArT)uil,-iblA, adj. southward^ 
expert, ready, dexterous, DeA- 
fACj-Aj^e, id, 

DeA]-5At),-Aió, pi. id. s.m. an off- 
scouring, lees, dregs, I Cor, 
iv. 13. — pi, Ps. Ixxv. 8. Is, 
li. 17. 

De<x|-3Abi^)l,-alA, s.f. Ascension. 

DeAf5A0iD,-óe, s.f. lees, dregs, 
rennet, barm, R. S. 

OeA|-5T)AC,-c<\, pi. id. s.m, cere- 
mony, usage, custom, C.P. 

Oev\|*5i)ACAc,-Ai5e, adj. ceremo- 
nious, customary. 

DeAf5H]0,-i3e,-pí, s.f. lees, dregs, 
rennet, see, De<^r5<^o1ó. 

DeA)-UiT7,-ATrbc,-ArbA, s. f. the 

right hand. 
j OeAfUii)AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. right' 
handed, dexterous, handy. 

DeA|-lArbv\cb,-bA, s.f. dexterity. 

DeAfii5A6,-iii5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
dressing., Lev. xxv. 11.« mend- 
ing, a preparing, adorning, a 

OeArui5,-u5A6, v.a. dress, pre- 
jyare, gird, 2 Sam, xiii. 7. Ps. 
xlv, 3. — Gen. ii. 15. 2 Sam. 
xii. 4. mahe ready, adjust^ 
correct, mend, adorn. 

DeAru]5ce, ind. p.p. prepared, 
dressed, adjusted, corrected, 

DeAnii5ceófii,-ó|tA,-ó|fiit)e, s.m. 

a composer, a mender, ^c. 
DeACAC,-ui5, &, -Ai5e, pi, -aca, 

oe ) 


o e ) 

s.m. or f. smoke, Ex. xix. 18. 

Ps. cxliv. 5. Rev. viii. 4. — 

Judges XX. 40. Acts ii. 19. a 

vapour, a mist, fume^ steam. 
OeAcAc-c<Nlrbu]r), s. f. the herb 

fumitory.) Fumaria. 
DeAC<Mt)u]l,-rblA, adj. smoky, 

OeAccA, ind, adj. smoking^ Gen. 

XV. 17. 
DeActii5,-u5<\6, v.a. smoke, — inf. 

Ex. XX. 18. fume, steam. 
DeACuijce, ind. p. p. smoked, 

Oe^c, num. ind. adj. ten, passim, 

Gr. AsJi-cc, Lat. Dec-em. 
Oeicrbir, g. id. &, -ioj-A, pi. -ioj-A, 

s.f. December. 
Deic-n^fle, ind. num. adj. ten 

thousand, Ps. xci. 7. 
r\^- ■ ^ -Ain, ten persons, 

' ^ ' ' J also,&eici)gii)4,qv. 
Deicflio|-t)Ac,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s.m. a 

decagon, as an adj. it signifies 

having ten sides. 
Oé]peAl,-pil, s.m. churlishness, a 

grudging, M'N. 

ish, stingy, forbidding, M'N. 
Deipiitj-^rpe, s.f. haste, .speed, 

see, Oft^cpijt. 
OeipiieAC,-Ai5e,adj. hasty, Tiewi. 

xvi. 3. speedy, expeditious. 
Deip|t]5,-iu5A6, V. a. hasten, 

make speed, Jer. xvii. 16. — Is. 

viii. 1. hurry. 
Cei^|t15ceói|t,-óiiA,-ó||i]6e, s.m. 

a hastener. 
Oeij, used for, OeA^, when the 

first vowel of the following syl- 
lable is either e, or, ], see, DeA5. 
Oei3beACA, g. id. s.f. a good life. 
Dei5beu|'Ac,-Ai3e5 adj. virtuous, 


ful, Gal. iii. 9. 1 Tim.' vi. 2. 

Oe)5C|iíoó,-(ce,-íoÓA, s.f. a happy 

Oéi5eAt)Ac,-Ai3e,adj.Z«sf, 1 Cor 
XV. 26. 2 Cor. xi. 15. Oéi5- 
loijAc, id. Deut. XXV. 18. 

^^l55i'lori)j-"5<^5 pl- id. &, -mAjtcA, 
s.m. a good work, — pi, John v. 
29. see Rom. xiii. 3. 

^ei550lorbAc,-Ai5e, adj. bene- 
volent, beneficent. 

Dei5|on7CA|t,-A]it,pl. id. s.m. good 

De]5rr)éto,-r)e, s. f. sincerity, 

Oei5tÍ9e]|*r)eAC, -1)156, adj. confi- 
dent, of good comfort, 2 Cor. 
V. 8. & xiii. 11. 

Oe]-^n)]^n,-t)c<, pi. id. s.m. good 
intent, benevolence. 

Dei5rT>i<\t)AC,-Ai5e, adj. well- 
meaning, benevolent. 

Oei5|-cíu|iA6,-|íui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
discipline. C.P. 

Deil,-le,-leAp<\, s.f. a lathe, an 

Oeil,-leA6, V.a. turn with a lathe, 

Oe|lb,-be,-beACA, s.f. a counte- 
nance, 1 Sam. xvi. 12. for 
other meanings see OeAÍb, 
also, a warping. 

Oeilb, inf. id. v.a. warp, form, 
build, construct. 

De]lbeÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a mini- 
ature, a picture, a little image 
or statue, a seal, De]lbii), id. 

DeileA&óip,-ófiA,-ó]it]6e, s.m. a 
turner, a miniature j)ainter. 

Oe|leA&ói|teAC&,-fc)<x,s.f. í7<teírrtí?e 
of a turner, or engraver. 

Deil5t)eAC,-t)i3, s. m. thorns, 
g. Luke viii. 7. a spear this- 
tle, also, an eruptive dis- 
ease among children. 

'Oe]\-^]ie]ne, g. id. s.f. t//e name 
of Fionn MacCumhaiV s stan- 

o e J 


oe J 

Dei rner,-ii)i t% s.m apairofkhcars, 
a scissors, 'Oe]we]y,-ye, s.f. id. 

TDe\\V]r),-n)\)e, adj. certain, sure, 
true, Num. x. 32. & passim. 

Dejitjoe, g. id- s.f. certainty, as- 

Deiib]i),-tr)t)e, s. f. certainty, 
Lukei. 4. properly, Oeiri)r)e,qv. 

OeirnneAC,-T)i5e, adj. certain, 
2 Cor. i. 13. see, De]mii). 

Deimni5,-iu;^A6, v. a. jtrove, inf. 
Acts ix. 22. affirm, certify. 

Deiri7m5ce, ind. p.p. affirmed, 
proved, ratified. 

Deirt)t)i5reóip,-ófaA,-ó||ii6e, s.m. 
a prorer, a certifier. 

Deirbi)iu3<\6,-T)i5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
an affirmation, a proof, a de- 

Depje, comp. of O|<\o, q.v. 

Oéine<xcD,-&A, s.f. keenness, vio- 
lence, vehemence, Deine, id. 

Déii)e<vc&<\c,-Ai5e, adj. rude, ur- 
gent, vehement. 

Oé|i)eA|-,-i)ei|% s. m, rudeness, 
vio/ence, fanaticism. 

Déioe<x]-Ac,-Ai5e, ad'], fierce, im- 
petuous, keen, ardent, quick, 

Deifi, see, ^b<\|ii. 

Dei^b^*10|%-^eArA, s. m. certain 
knowledye, persuasion. Gen. 
xliii, 7. Romans viii. 38. fr. 
De<\|ib, &, flop. 

Dei|ib5t)iotb,-rbA, pi. id. &-tT)A]i- 
CA, s.m. an axiom, a maxim , 
fr. beAftb, &, ^ojorb. 

Oeiiibfiuii, g, -f)uii<\, -feActi<\c, 
&, -f-e^CA]!, pi, -fiiiijae<xcA, &, 
-f-eAC|tACA, s.f. a sister. Gen, 
xii. 13. Rom. xvi. 1.— Gen. 
xxix. 13. Lev. xviii. 9. Ezek. 
xxiii. 31. Acts xxiii. 16. — Mark 
vi. 3. Luke xiv. 26. fr. oeAjib, 

Déipc,-ce, s.f. alms. Matt. vi. 2, 
3, & 4.— Mark x. 46. John ix. 8. 

Déijicceói|i,-ó|iA,-óiti|óe, s.m, a 
' giver of alms, also, a beggar. 
Dei|teAÓ,-fafD, pi. id. s.m. an end, 
I Rev. xxi. 6. — Dan.xii. 4. Matt. 
I xxiv. 3. the rear, the stern ,- 
I Pers. Deree. De]fie, id. 
! DeiTteoil,-le, adj. affiicted. Is. 
I Iviii. 10. see DeApóil. 
Deifteoil, g. id, pi, -le, s.m. a 

needy person, see Ps. Ixxii. 13. 
I Oeifije, g. id. s.f. redness, rud- 
\ diness, Prov, xxiii. 29. 
, Deijiioo<vó,-Ai5e, adj. latter, last, 
j /i/^e-jDeut. xxiv. 3. DeifteATjAC, 

-A] 56, id. see 1 Cor. iv. 9. hin- 
\ dermost, dilatory. 
I Den-ceAttc,-eirtc, s.m. the south, 

Ezek. XX. 46. — Jer, xiii. 19. 

Zech. ix. 14. lit. the south point 

or quarter. 
OeirceA|tcAC,-A]3e, adj. south- 
I em. 

• Dei]*ciobAl,-buil, pi. id. s.m. a 
I disciple, John xxi. 20, 23, & 

24 Matt. x. 42.— Mark vi. 

, 35. John ii. 11. Deir?iiobul, 

-u^l, id.— g. Matt. X. 42. 
' Oeipcfté|b,-be, s.f. discretion. 
I C.P. Barb. 

; 'Oe]xc\xé]ríeAc,-ti]-^e,a.ái.discreet. 
; Dei|-eACí>,-bA, s.f. an ornament, 
j Ex. xxxiii. 5. elegance, neat- 
ness, convenience. 
Deirij g- id. s.f. comeliness, 1 

Cor. xii. 23. beauty, dexterity,- 

Deire, id. 
Oein5,-iii3<\b, v.a. dress, adorn, 

mend, improve. 
^e]]'{r)]\ieACii, -bis., s.i. adroitness, 

a quotation, a quibble. 
D&ircioo,-iT), pi. id. s.m. an edge, 

(set on the teeth,) Ezek. xviii. 

2. disgust, abomination,f right, 

a qualm, a nausea. 
OéircioT)eAc,-Ai5e, adj. disgust- 
ful, abominable, terrible, 




D ) tV 

Oeiépiit,-prte, S.Í. haste, Acts xx. 

16. hurry, speed. 
OefcprteAc,-|ii5e, adj. hasti/,Gen. 

xli. 14. Ex. X. 16. quick; see 

Oeicpiii5,-i"5AÓ,v.a. 7WffZ'^ haste, 

Ps. Ixxi. 12. hasten. 
OeicneArbA]i,-Aiji, s.m. /i^// jlíít- 
.sow,?, Jos. xxii. 14. a decade, 
never applied except to persons, 
more properly, Deict)eAb<\Tt, 
q. V. I 

DeicoeArj-íJir^ s.m. diligence, a 
hasting, 2 Tim. iv. 9.-2 Pet. | 
iii. 12. I 

Oetcu^ArA^,-<\i5*i, adj. hasty, \ 
ready, Ex.xii. 1 1. DeicniofAC, j 
id. Ecc, vii. y. see Ps. xlv. 1. j 
see DeineAfAc. j 

Ceicne<\]"ACj-Ai5,-A)5e, s.m. a^ 
Jronard or hasty person, g. 
Job V. 13. j 

Oeo, g. id. s.f. hreatli, air, life, 
obs. except in the adverbial | 
form, 50 beo, for ever. I 

Oeoc, g, bije, pi, bcocA, s.f. a 
drink. Gen. xxi. 19- Rom. xii. 
20. — Gen. XXXV. 14. Lev. xxiii. 
13. Deoc An bo|tu7|*, a part- 
ing or stirrup cup. 

Deóc^n,-^105 pl' ifi- ^-wi* ^' deacon, 
pi. 1 Tim. iii. 12. 

DeoDA, g. id. s.m. common hen- 
bane, Hyoscyamus niger. 

Oeoij, s.f. an end, a conclusion, 
obs. except in its adverbial j 
form, yi'X 6eoi5, in conclusion, 
in fine, Eph. vi. 10. 

DeóiDrí'®» s.f. accord, assent, 
will, purpose, Mark iv. 28. 

Oeót)CAÓ,-Ai5e, adj, content, Jos. 
vii. 7. willing, voluntary. 

Deór)CA'p,-A]f*, s.m. tvillingness, 

Deóoui3,-3eA6, grant, C. P. — 
inf. Esth. V. 8. allow, vouch- 
safe, approve, consent. 

Deóft,-ói(i,-ó|iA, s.m. a tear, — 
pi. 2 Kings XX. 5. a drop. 

OeóriAC,-A75e, adj. tearful, drop- 

Deó|tAiÓ, g. id. pi, -be, s.m. a 
stranger, Deut. xiv. 21. Matt. 
XXV. 44. a fugitive, an exile, 
an ovtlaw. 

OeófiAió,-6eAcb, v. a. banish, 
drive into exile. 

Oeóft<\i6eACb,-t)A, s. f. banish- 
ment, exile. 

DeófaAncA,ind. part. adj. strange, 
strayed, e.rpelled, cashiered. 

Deiin,-nArb, v.a. make, do, Pev. 
xxii. 9. — Gen. iii. G. see, 

Oeur,-éire,-ou|-A, s.f. an ear of 
corn, Mark iv. 28. — pi. Is. 
xvii. 5. Mark ii. 23. Heb. 
Desha, a blade of grass. 

Df, a negative prefix ; when the 
first vowel of the following syl- 
lable is broad, i.e. a, o, or u, it 
becomes D^o, a contracted 
form of the subs. '0\t, failure, 
want, 8cc. 

0'( (contr. of be f, or bo f,) of her, 
to her; 1 Kings x. 3. Matt, 
i. 19. 
Did, g, 0&, pi. Oi'e. Oece. & 
De^ce, s.m. God, Gen. i. 1. — 
Matt. iv. 3. 4. & 6.— pi. Acts 
vii. 40. 1 Cor. viii. .5. Heb. 
Yah, Lat. Deus, Gr. Qiog, and 
the accusat. A/a. 
D]A, ind. s. a day, only nsed with 
days of the week as, DiA-borrj- 
1M15, Sunday, in the Pagan 
times called in Irish D|<x-rvl ; 
OjA-liiAin, Monday ; Dj<x- 
rDAiJic, Tuesday ; DiA-cin\b- 
AOiue, Wednesday; D^A-ÓAfi- 
bAoin, Thursday I D|A-AO)ne, 
Friday; C^A-rAcu]|tr), Satur- 
day ; Pers. Di, Hind. Diu, 
Lat, Diuj l/y day. 

O ) ^^ 


O ) b 

D|A-A]c|or,-]|-, s.m. blasphemy, 

DiA-AiC]0|*Ac,-Ai5e, adj. blas- 

yheynous. C.P. 

D)A-ACA1)t, -CA|1, pi, -cfte, &, 
-c|ieACA, s.m. a godfather. C.P, 

0]AbAl,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. í/íe í/ei'zV, 
Matt. iv. 5. & 8.— Acts x. 38. 
Jas. iv. 7. perhaps fr. D]*, & 
the obs. word, Abeil, the air, 
connected with AobAl, great, 
awful, Gr. A/aCoX-oc. 

DiAbUióe, ind. adj. devilish, Jas. 
iii. 15. 

0]AblA]óeAcb,-bA, s. f. devilish- 

0]<x>Sa, ind. adj. godly, pious, 
divifie, OiA6<\TÍ)uil,-rbU\, id. 

OiAÓAC&,-&A, s.f. Godhead, godli- 
ness. Acts xvii. 29. Rom. i, 
20. — 1 Tim. iii. 16. divirdty. 

OjAOA^fte, g. id. pi, -|t]6e, s.m. a 
divine, a theologian. 

DiA5<\c&,-bA, s. f. Acts xvii. 29. 
— I Tim. iii. 16. see, DjAOACi). 

DjAjj, an obs. s.f. only used in 
the cpd. prep. U q-b|Ai5, 'da 
^I^lo» ^ft^r. Gen. X. 32. & 
xxxviii. 24. 1 Sam. xv. 31. 

DiAll,-Aille, s. f. the hreech, a 
seat, submission, also, a knap- 

OiAllAit»,-be,-&eACA, s.f. a saddle, 
1 Kings xiii. 13. fr. &f aU, & a^c. 

Of AUAT&eóiii,-óiiA,-ó||ti6e, s.m. a 

D|Ati>A^|t,-Airi)ne, adj. hidden, 
dark, lurking, 1 Kings x. 3. 
secret, mysterious, lonely, vast. 

0)ArbAHieAcb,-&A, s.f. a secret, a 
mystery, loneliness. 

D|ArbAfU\G,-Ai5e, adj. blasphe- 
mous, impious. 

0(A-it?A|-lii5A6,-ui5ce, s.m. blas- 
phemy, impiety. 

0[A-rt)Aflu]3,-u5A6, v. a. blas- 

OjA-rt;Arlu|5ceói|i, -ófiA, -ói|i|6e, 
s.m. a blasphemer. 

D]A-li)ACAl|l,-CA|t, pi. -cfte, &, 
-cfieACA, s. f. a godmother. 
C. P. 

0|Amor)b, g. id. s.m. a diamond, 
Ezek. xxviii. 18. — Jer. xvii. 1. 

DjAT), comp. bé|r)e, adj. hasty, ve- 
hement, eager, aciive, strong, 
headlong. Gr. Suv-oi. 

0|Ai)-Ai|iit), g. id. s.m. a place of 
refuge, a magazine. 

OiAi)A]*,-Aif5 s.m. vehemence, vio- 

0|Ai)Af*AÓ,-A|5e, adj. direful, 

OfAr)-Accuir)5e, g. id. pi, -jcaOa, 
s.f. an importunate request, a 
fervent prayer. 

D|Ar)-ÓAbAitcAC,-Ai;^e, adj. ac- 
tively or effectively assisting. 

DiATj-corblA, g. id. pi, -Ajee s.m. 
an Aid-de-camp, an officer of 
the Life Guards. 

D|At)-loi|-5,-of5A6, v. a burn vio- 
lently, OiAi), may be placed 
before substantives, adjectives, 
& verbs, to increase the mean- 
ing to a great or intense degree, 
as OiAii)-^eA|i5, great indig- 
nation ; D]AT)-f-|tuc, a rapid 
stream ; it is needless therefore 

I to insert words so compounded. 

Oi Ar)-loir5eAC,-5i5e, adj. cow5M?n- 
ing, Heb. xii. 29. dreadfully 
consuming by fire. 

DfAf, g, í)éi]-i, a num. s.f, two 
persons. Gen. iv. 19. — John 
viii. 17. applied only to per- 
sons or personified objects. 

OiAf, g, í5éi|-e, pi, í3iA]-A, s.f. an 
ear of corn, pi. Gen. xli. 5. 
Lev. xxiii. 14. see, Deup. 

D|AcriAiri7,-me, aiá]. desert, Deut. 

j xxxii. 10. desolate. 

'D'jb, (contr. of be ]h, or bo jb,) 

O j c 



of you or to you, often spelled, 
Oib, & OAoib, see Matt.ii. 8. 

OjbeAjicA, ind- p.p. banished, 

DjbeAftcAÓ,-Ai5,-A|5e5 s. in. a ba- 
nished person, an outcast, 2 

Sam. xiv. 13. & 14 see Ps. 

exlvii. 2. where the pi. is 
spelled, DjbeA|acoi3. an exile, 

Dibe]|ac,-ce, &, -ca, ^.L persecu- 
tion, banishment, Ivom. viii. 
35. — Lam. ii. 14. 

Díbí*ev\|i5,-éi|t5e, s.f. tvrath, pro- 
vocation, Ex. xxxii. 10. — Heb. 
iii. 8. & 15. rage, vengeance. 

D|b]:e]p5eAc,-5i5e, adj. rigorous, 
Lev. XXV. 46. & 53. wrathful, 

Dib^iij-ftc, v.a. banish, remove, 
Deut. xviii. 12. Ecel. xi. 10. 

Ojbiitc, s. f. 2 Cor. vi. 5. see, 

Dibli5,-5e, adj. vile, worthless, 
mean, abject, destitute, poor, 
vulgar. C.P. 

Oibli5,-lu5<^6, v.a. make vile or 
wretched, demean. 

Dibli5eAct),-i)A, s. f. vileness, 
meanness, wretchedness, desti- 
tution, poverty. C.P. 

Dice<\^,-^u5AÓ,v.a.6eAeaf/, Mark 
vi. 27. fr. b|, &, ceAÚ. 

OjceA^CA, ind. p.p. beheaded. 

D|ce<\i)u5<\6,-i3cA, s.m. a behead- 
ing, — g. Mark vi. 27. 

Ofceil,-lc, v.a. disguise, 2 Chron. 
xviii. 29. 

Ofcéil]6,-6e, adj. foolish, sense- 

Ofc]iei&eAn),-&iri), s.m. unbelief, 
scepticism, infidelity. 

Dicjtei&ri}eAc,-rbi5e, adj. incredi- 
ble, unbelieving, Acts xxvi, 8. 
See, Acts xiv. 2. & Rev. xxi. 
8. sceptical. 

Djcjteibce, ind. p.p. unbcUered, 

Di&,.be,-beAÍ)<\, s.f. a teal, a pap, 
Heb. Dad. 

Oí&eAr),-&ip, pi. id. s.m. safety, a 
refuge, 1 Sam. xiv. 6. — Num. 
XXXV. 6. Jos. XX. 2. a protec- 
tion, a fort, a sanctuary ; Oj- 
&lon, id. 

Oí&eA^ó]|t,-5fx<x,-óiftióe, s.m. a 
protector, a guardian. 

Dí5DeAi)r<x, ind. p.p. protected, de- 

Oy&|T),-b]or), v.a. preserve, Ps. 
cxl. 4. protect, shelter, fortify. 

OípéAf05<\c,-Ai3e, adj. beard- 

D]p]tt,-pfie,-|:tte<\cA, s.f. a differ- 
ence ; see Djc^iit. 

Oi5,-3e, s.f. apit,adyke,a trench, 
a ditch. Matt. xv. 14. 

Oí5e, g. sing, of, Deoc, drinh, 
q.v. Col. ii, 16. 

Oí5e<\c,-5i5e, adj. ftU of pits or 

D)5eolnj-, Lev. xxvi. 25. the fut. 
relative of DjoJAil, q.v, 

Ofle,-eAi)A, &, -eísX), pi, -ca^a, 
s.f. a flood, Gen. vii. 6. Matt. 

xxiv. 39 Gen. ix. 11. 2 Pet. 

ii. 5. 


OjleACbj-bA, pi. id. &,'^ 
I -bA^óe f see D]!- 

OjleAÓbA, g. id. pi. id. CleAcbA. 
&, -bAióe, J 

DileA5,-5A6, v.a. digest food, de- 

OíleA5A6,-Ai8, pi. id. s.m. diges- 
tion, destruction. 

DileA3CA, ind. pp. digested, de- 

DileAf,-lfe, &, bi|-le, adj. faith- 
ful, Prov. xiii. 17. 1 Cor. i. 9. 
oicn, proper, Rom. viii. 32. 
friendly, dear, beloved ; fr. the 
obs. s. bjl, love,8c,re]',icarmth. 
Ojlioi-, id. see Dfi-le. 

0)l3iiC\ÓAC,-Ai3e, adj. dearly be- 
loved ; see Phil. iv. 1. from the 

D ) 


D Í 

obs. s. bjl, affeclion^ &, 5ttA6, 

DílíAi5,-<\3AD, v.a. digest food, 

boil, concoct, destroy. 
X^]\]o\),-\ox)e., pi. id, s.f. a flood, a 

deluge, g. Gen. vii. 7, & 10. 

see Ojle. 
OflleAC&A, g. id. pi. id. &, -Aloe, 

s.m. or f. an orphan, Deut. xiv. 

29, & xvi. U.— Deut. xxiv, 17. 

pi. see Lam. v. 3. fr. &f, neg. 

particle, &, Ucb, suck. 
Oíl]-eAcb,-bA, '&.i. friendship, re- 
lationship, love, faithfulness ; 

OfrbeAT, inf. id. v.a. undervalue, 

DirT)eAr,-r&A, s.m. contempt, dis- 
OírbeA]-cA, ind. p.p. base, Mai. 

ii. 9. despised, slighted, tinder- 
valued- O'G. 
OírT)ei]-t)i5,-iu5A6, v.a. discou- 
O/oe, g. id. pi, -ijeACA, s.f. a 

generation, Ex. i. 6. an age, a 

OíoeA|ic,-éiftc, s.m. imbecility., 

DineAiicu|3,-u5A8, v.a. enfeeble, 

weaken . 
^It?5r5^r3e^^^5 s.f. a ?£.ri/^e. 
D 103,-56 At), v.a. thrust i push, 

urge, wedge ; see Ex. xi. 1 . 
Din5tic,-ce, adj. wise, Ps. Iviii. 

5. fr. bfAt), &, 3I1C, 
'0\r)-r^]X,-Xe, s.f. a tickling, a ti- 

Oin3ce, ind. p.p. pressed, Luke 

vi. 38. icedged in. 
O'j'n, (contr. fr. be \\), or, &o 10,) 

o/' 7^6- or to us, Luke x. 11. 

spelled also, Ovii). 
Oí^é||t,-|ie,-|teACA, s.f. a dinner, 

Matt. xxii. 4. more properly. 

DítjéA]t,-^&llt,pl. id. s.m. Hind. 

Yeonar, viands. 
Djo, a negative prefix; see Of. 

O'fob, (contr. fr. be, &, ]Ab,) (^/ 
or from them, Matt. v. 9. writ- 
ten also Djob. 

DíobA3AÓ,-Ai3re, s.m. cessation, 
Jer xxxvi.29. destruction, ruin, 
the refuse of any thing. 

Díobí\.]6,-bA6, v.a. consume, de- 
stroy. Lev. ix. "24. Lam. iii. 66. 
— Esth. viii. 11. v.n. dieicith- 
out issue, Ijecome extinct ; Ofob, 
-bA8, &. biobAi3, -bu3A6, id. 

Díobínil, see Dfo3bivil. 

D)obivUc,-Ai3e, adj. chargeable, 
2 Sam. xiii. 25. injurious ; see 

DiobftAjce, ind. adj. belonging to 
tear or destruction, 1 Sam. xx. 

0)obu]6eAÓ,-6i3e, adj. ungrate- 
ful, unthankful. 

Ojoc<x]ytt)eAC,-&i5e, adj. friend- 

Oi'ocA]]ibeA^,-blT*, s.m. enmity. 

OjoclAon,-T)A6, v.a. decline. 

OíoclAonAÓ,-Ai5ce, pi. id. s.m. de- 

Oíocoir3i6eAc,-6i3e, adj. im- 

Oíocoií*3ice, ind. p. p. unap- 
peased, unchecked. 

Ofociiiri^ne, g. id. s.f. forgetful- 
ness, neglect. 

Díoóuirbr)eAC,-r)i3e, adj. forget- 
ful, neglectful. 

Ojocuimnisre, ind. ^."^. forgotten^ 
tip gleet ed. 

Dío6Aoít)i3,-t)eA6, v.a. depopu- 

DÍ03, g. id. &, .t3e, pi. -to3A, &, 
-I05ACA, s. f. a bank, a ditch, 
a trench, 2 Kings xix. 32. Prov. 
xxiii. 27. — see 1 Sam. xvii. 20. 
— pi. see 2 Kings iii. 16. 

DfO^A, g. id. pi. -ACA, s.f. id. 

T. O'F. see, D13. 
Ofo5Ail,-lc, v.a. revenge, Num. 
xxxi. 2. — 1 Sam. xxv. 33. re- 
quiet, punish, Dunl. 304. 

O J 


O 1 

0105*^*, ind. p.p. revenijed, re- 
quiletly punished. 

Ojo5<\lcAC,-Ai5e, adj. revengeful., j 
vindictive, severe, see Matt. 1 
xxi. 41. 

Djo5<>lc<xc,-cui5,-cui5e, s.m. an 
avenger, a revenger, ISumb. ! 
XXXV. 24.— Deut. xix. 12. Fs. j 
xliv. 16. 1 

Ofo5<vlc6|ii,-óit<\,-óittióe, s.m. a 
revenger. Num. xxxv. 1 9 . Rom. 
xiii. 4. — Num. XXXV. 25. 

Oio5Alcuf,-uii*, s.m. vengeance, 
revenge. Acts xxviii. 4. Rev. 
xviii.20 — Luke xxi. 22. 2 Cor. 
vii. 11. 

Oio5<vT),-Ain, pi. id. s.m. severity, 
C.P. spite, revenge. 

Oj05Anc<\, ind. adj. severe., re- 
vengeful, fierce. 

D(05Anc<\c&,-?5A, s.f. see Oio5At). 

Dfo^b^xb, g. id. &, -A|ó, s.m. de- 
struction, Deut. vii. 23. see 

Djo^bívijj-bAÓ, v.a. consume ; see 

Ex. xxxiii. 5. & Deut. ii, 16. 

see Ojobívió. 
Djo5bícil,-ívU,, -ívIaca, s.f. 

loss, damage, destruction. 

Acts xxvii. 21,2 Cor. vii. 9. — 

Is. XV. 5. 
Dío5bívU\c,-Ai5e, adj. consuming, 

Deut. iv. 24. hurtful. 
Oio5l<x, g. id. s.m. indignation, 

g. Zeph. iii. 8. a repaying, a 


see Num.xxxii. 13. destroy ; see 

X^\o-^ry-^Q:{>.c'C),-t)«^,s.i. satisfaction, 

a reward, pay men t , ^Jura. xxxv. 

32. Ps. xviii. 20. Pliil. i. 1. 
O|o5luim,-lorn<\, pi. id. s.m. a 

gleaning. Lev. xix. 9. — Jer. 

xlix. 9. leasing. 
Dio5luim,inf id. ^.^.glean, Deut. 

xxiv. 21.— Ruth ii. 2 & 3. lease, 


Dío5lu^tDceó]n,-ó|t<N,-ói|tióe, s.m. 
a gleaner, a weeder. 

DiojlumcA, ind. p. p. gleaned, 

Dio5it<Kir,-re, s.f. see Ojosrtiiir. 

Dio5|tAifeAc,-]-i5e, adj. esteemed, 
charitable, see 1 Thess. v. 13. 
1 Pet. iv. 8. affectionate, be- 

^íoSn^ireACj-nárnS^' s.m. a 
beloved person, Rom. xvi. 8, 
an esteemed, affectionate, or 
charitable person. 

Dío5ítiiir,-]-e, s.f. uprightness, 
Ps. cxix. 7. diligence, love, cha- 

DjoIj-Ia, s.m. a sufficiency, an 
object, Gen. xxiv. 19. Í Cor. 
XV. 19. Djol c|tii<\i5e, satis- 
faction, payment, destiny, 

Dfol, inf. id. v.a. pi///, Ps. 1. 14. 
Matt, xviii. 28.— Matt, xviii. 25. 
In common use this verb means 
" sell:' 
Diol<N|ci|t,-cfie, s.f. absence. 

DioUictxi3,-iu5AD, v.a. utterly 
destroy, e.vpel, depopulate, con- 

I fiscate ; see 'O\ot\''\\t\\\^. 

1 an e.vpeller, a confiscator. 

' DíoUrbr)Ac,-<xi5,-Ai5e,s.m.a/í//'ec? 

I soldier, a brave man, ahireling, 

j a bachelor ; perhaps from Ojol, 

! &, mAi)Ac, an old word which 

I originally signified a man, in 
latter use a monk, or devotee, 

I more properly, OiolrbAUAC. 

j Djolboc,-rA, pi. id. s.m. a shop. 
DfolcotÍ7ívr),-ívip, pi. id. s.m. a con- 

I federacy. 

j DiolcutT)OAc,-Ai5,-AT5e, s.m. re- 
Oíolcv(tAn7,-Airr), pi. id. s.m. ane~ 

D}olbé]|tce, g. id. s.m. a beggar. 
Oioloc&AC,-A]5e, faultless,- fr. 
Of, &.loc,&. 



O ) 

DíolcA, ind. p.p. paid, requited, 
sold, ai'enged. \ 

Dfolcói^j-óftAj-óiiiióe, s.m. apay- 
er, a seller. j 

Dfolui&eAc&j-bA, s.f. a recom- 
pense, payment, Ps. xviii. 20. I 
Philem. i. 19. see Dio5lY?5gc&. j 

Ofolvnrcv, ind. adj. hrave, stout, \ 
generous. i 

Díolút)cii]-,-uir, s.m. bravery, va- 
lour, generosity ; OjoluucAcb, ! 
-&A, s.f, id. 

D'jom, (contr. fr. foe nje,) of or 
from vie, Luke i. 25. generally 
written Diort?. 

Djoi )Alcóin,-óftA,-ónt^óe, s.m. a 
spendthrift, a squanderer, a 
glutton ; O]ott)v\lcó|fx, id. 

0|orbAoin,-T)e, adj. idle, vain, Ex. 
V. 8. 1 Cor. XV. 2, k, 58. 1 
Tim. V. 13. fr. fof, a neg. par- 
ticle, &, rtxxoTD, 

0|oibAOit)e<\c,-t)i5e, adj. vain.> 
Rom. xiii. 4, see DfotijAOtt}. 

0(orT)AOineAr,-t)fr5 s.m. vanity, 
Eph. iv. 17 Rom. viii. 20. 

1 Tim. i. 6. idleness. 
Dioit}bc\jl,-lc, v.a. icastc, squan- 
der, Luke XV. 13. 

Ofornbailj-ivlA, pi. id. s.f, iraste, 
Matt, xxvi. 8. a squandering. 

DiorT)b;v]leAc,-li5e, adj. icasting, 
extravagant, prodigal. 

O|0mbiiA6,-Aíó, s.m. indignation, 

2 Kings iii. 27. grief, displea- 

OíorT7buAi6,-óe,s.f. misfortune, a 
defeat ,- fr. fof, &, buA^o. 

Díotr)bíÍAí),-Ait)e, adj. fading. Is. 
xxviii. 1. fleeting, transitory ; 
fr. fof, neg. particle, &, bii<M). 

C)íon?bHióeAC,-6i5e, unthankful, 
dissatisfied, see Luke vi. 35. 

Oíon7bupeAciir,-u]f, s.m. discon- 
tent, ingratitude. 

Djott)ó<\, g, id. s.m, indignation, 
Rom. ii. 8. see Ojon7buA6. 

Díon)ÓAc,-Ai5e, adj. displeased, 

Mark xiv. 5. Acts xii. 20. 
Oiort)ol,-U6, v.a. dispraise, fr. fof, 

&, TDol. 
DiotT)oUD,-lcA, s. m, dispraise, 
2 Cor. vi, 3.-2 Cor. viii. 20, 
OjoriiolcA, ind. p.p. reproved, re- 
jected, Ephes. v. 13. Heb. vi. 
8, dispraised. 
Oforiiolcó]|i,-ótiA,-óifiióe, s.m. a 

dispraiser, a slanderer. 
O(ornr<^c,-Ai5e,adj. proud, 2Tim. 
iii. 2. haughty, arrogant, Dj- 
On7A|*AÓ, id. 
OíorT7ii|*,-ui|*, s.m. arrogancy, 1 
Sam. ii. 3. pride, haughtiness. 
^\o\), g, fofi), &, &iot)A, pi. id. s.m. 
a shelter, a defence, a protec- 
tion, a fence, a cover. 
Oíor)Afoóift,-ófiA,-6iitióp, s.m. a 
shelterer, a protector, a thatcher. 
staunch, protect; Djot),-i)AÓ,id, 
OíonA]fieAC,-ii]5e, adj. shame- 
less ; fr. fof, &, n^ltteAC. 
Djon5tt)AlcA, ind, adj. perfect. 
Gen. xvii, 1. 2 Cor. xiii. 9. 
Phil. iii. 15. firm, sure, strong, 
effectual; fr. the obs- D)0i)5, 
"5 A, icorthy. 
— g. Col. iii, 14, Dioi35tt)<xlcuf, 
-uif, s.m, id. 
O(or)lo])5poitc,-punic, pi. id. s.m. 
a garrison, 1 Chron. xi. 16. fr. 
fojon, loi)5, &, poitr, 
O']oijfui5e, cpd. adv. (contr. fr, 
foo, &, ioóf-iii5e,) to, towards, 
unto, Luke xv. 18. 
Dior)CA, ind. p.p. covered, shelter- 
ed, protected, staunched, fenced. 
Dfoiib, comp. bfiibe, adj. severe. 
OíonSAÓ, s.m, direction, Jer. x. 

23. see DfiiTujAfo. 
Oiojt^AÓ, v.a. inf. pres, to direct ; 
Luke i, 79. see Offt^j. 

O ) 


O ] S 

Dioit5Ar,-iMr> s.m. rig 

uprightness, Prov. xxi. 21. — 

Ps. cxliii. 10. 
OjojttTjA, g. id. pi, -ACA, S.m. or f. 

a troop, a company, a crowd ; 

Lat. Turma. 
'O']0\\i\x]\-^,--^e, s.f. hastiness of 

temper, rashness, fierceness. 
*^íomiiir5í^<^c,-5i5ft, adj. rash, 

froivard, hasty, fierce. 
DíOfbói|i,-|teACb, \.di.reason, dis- 
pute, — inf. Mark viii. 17. Acts 

ix. 29. 
Oíorbó||teACt),-bA, s.f. dispuia- 

iion, a reasoning. Acts xv. 2. — 

Acts xxviii. 29. 
O;ofc,-íí*ce, pi. id. s.f. a harren 

person, Job xxiv. 21. also lees. 
X^]o^c''\x),-x]\), s.m. a gnashing of 

the teeth, Ps, xxxvii. 12. & 

cxii. 10. a chewing of the cud. 
Oíof5,-íf5e, adj. barren. Job 

xxxix. 6. dry. DfofCj-ii-ce, id. 
X^\oX-T^''\x),-'/s.\\-), s.m. Ps. cxii. 10. 

see DiofcAT), &, Sjofcixi;. 
0(or5Aoil,-leA6, \. a. scatter, 

Deut. XXX. 3. dissipate, untie. 
O(0f5Ait,-Aiiij s.m. the rabble, 

the mob. Dfof5AitT)AC,-A]5, s.m. 

Dfofl^ince, g. id. s.f. ill-health. 
D(0|*U\ioceAc,-c]5e, adj. sickly, 

Oíoflí^i),-íV|0, pi. id. s.m. a dice 

Díoftr)u5,-u5Áó, V. a. smiff a 

O'foc, (contr. fr. be, of, off, from, 

&, CÚ,) of thee, or from thee, 

written also, Dioc, Matt. v. 30. 
DiocAc,-Ai5e, adj. condemnatory. 
OjocíviIj-caIa, pi. id. s.f. an in- 
dictment, an accusation. O'G. 
Dioclaicrii5,-|tiii5A6, v.a. utterly 

destroy, consume, perish^ Josh. 

viii. 26. Ps. lix. 13.— Esther 

iii. 13. see, 'C>\o\'^t\i\^. 

Dioclaic|tj5ce, ind. p.p. destroy- 
ed. Is. ix. 16. 

Oíoclíiicitiu5AÓ,-iii5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
destruction, 1 Sam. v. ix. & 
1 1 . consumption, an overthrow. 

0|ocpArb,-Airi7, pi. id. s.m. a wil- 
derness, a desert, Ps. xxix. 8. 
— Ex. iii. 1. Is. xxié 1. fr. Df, 
neg. &, cpeAb. 

Ofocui5,-u5A6, v.a. consume, inf. 
Ezek. xxi. 28. destroy, fr. 

DiociirbAl,-rblA, adj. proud^ arro- 
gant. O'G. 

OífieAc,-|ii5e, adj. right, straight, 
Deut. vi. 18. Heb. xii. 13. 
certain, upright, just, direct, 
perpendicular, fr. the obs. Of^i, 
go up. Heb. Perech, a way. 

Di|teACAbA|*,-Ai|*, s. m. upright- 
ness, Deut. ix. 5. straightness. 

<^ím3riu5^^» v.a. guide, lift up, 
direct, Ps. xxxi. 3. — Luke 
xiii. 11. & C. P. 7nake straight, 
Heb. Darag, he ascended, and 
Derech, a way. Lat. Dirig-o. 

Oíít]U5A6,-|5ce, pi. id. s.m. a di- 
recting, a making straight. 

Dj]-,-j-e, a num. s.f. two persons, 
Mark vi. 7. see, Diaj-. 

OífbeA5,-5At), v.a. profane, scorny 
reject, see Lev. xviii. 21. Job 
xxxix. 18. 

0)|*beA5A8,-3U|6, s.m. contempt, 
g. Esther i. 18. scorn, profane- 
ness, rejection. 

Off beA5ui6,-u6A6, v.a. scorn, re- 
ject, Job xxxix. 18. Jer. ii. 
37. see, 0(|-beA5. 

0]]-cift,-cfte, adj._/íe'rcí',Job iv. 10. 
active, sudden, Oíf5]]i, id. Job 
x. 16. 

0]fc|i&ib,-be, s.f. discretion. 

Oii'c|tépeAÓ,-&|5e, adj. discreet, 
Gen. xH. 33.— Gen. xli. 39. 

Djrle, g. id, pi, -l]5e, s.f. a die, 

D j n 


Di J 

Dfrle, g. sing. fern. & the plur. ' 
form of 0]lc<\ri faithful^ q.v. 
see 2 Tim. ii. 2. & Tit. i. 9. 

OírleAcb,-&<N, s.f. Jhithfulness, 
Ps. V. 9. love, friendship, loy- 
alty, Difle, id. 

Oírll5,-lu5<\ó, V. a. hide, — inf. 

1 Sam. xxvi. 1. put out of the 

Dii-lf5eAC5-5l6e, adj. deviating, 

Ojr,-ce, s.f. need, want, deficiency, 

2 Cor. iv. 4. &C.P. As a prefix 
this is written in compound 
words, Di, DjO, Ojoc, &, Ojc. 

OírbeAtic<\c,-ui5, pi. id. &, -1115^, 
s.m. an outcast, pi. Is. Ivi. 8. 
see, OíbeA]tCAc. 

Dicc&lUe, g. id. sS. folly, xmnt of 
sense, Mul. 

0]ccéilleAÓ,-lT5e, adj. foolish, 

OfccioU,-cill,s.m. diligence, care, 
attention, application, earnest 
endeavour, 1 Thess. iv. 11. — 
Rom. xiii. 6. Col. i. 29. 

-ciollui5e, 2iá]. ear- 
nest, Rom. viii. 19. 



( I Cor. xvi. 12.— 
1' Luke, xxii. 44. di- 
ligent, persevering. 

J assiduous. 

Dfcriiei&iih, ind. s.m. unbelief, 
see, 1 Tim. i. 13. citei&jtb, in 
this compound is in the geni- 
tive, under the government of 
the subs. Ojc, whatever be the 
case, of the whole word. 

Oícp|]i,-iie,-]ieACA, s f . a differ- 
ence. Lev. X. 10. Rom. x. 12. 

Ofc]ié<\bAc,-Ai5,-A^3e, s.m. a her- 
mit, an anchoret, a person hav- 
ing no common habitation or 
society ivith others, an oictcast, 
fr. bfc, &, cpéAb. a tribe. 

^li^S>"5^^> v.a. dri7ih off at a 

Oiújív'il,-^!, v.a. suck, Luke xi. 

27. see, D1U1I. 
Oiu^l, inf. &]ul, v.a. such. Cant. 

viii. 1. 
0]ul, g, biujl, s. m. a sucking — 

g. 1 Sam. vii. 9. 
Ofulc,-c<\6, V. a. refuse, reject, 

2 Sam. xiii. 9 Mark vi. 26. 

Acts XXV. 11. 
0|ulcAt),-Ai6, s.m. a gainsaying, 

a rejection, a refusal, Acts x. 

29. Rom. xi. 15. Heb. xii. 25. 
DiuIcui5,-i!5a6, v.a. refuse, reject, 

1 Tim. V. 11. 
DTulciii5ceóiii,-óftA,-ói|ii6e, s.m. 

a refuser, a rejector. 
D]u|i,-u)|te, adj. hard. Gr. Ao^-u, 

hard timber. Lat. Dur-us. 
OfiipT)Ai5,-t)<\m, v.a. gulp down, 

swallow, drink off. 
DlAOi5,-5e5-jce, s. f. a lock of 

anything, Ezek. viii. 3. 
OleACOj-bAÓ, v.a. adjudge, enact, 

DleAC&,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a laic, 

statute, ordinance, tall, due. 
DIeACfoói|t,-óitA,-óntióo, s, m. a 

Dlí5,-5eA8, v.a. owe-, Matt, xviii. 

24. & 28. 
^M5e^ó,-5ió, &, -56, pi. -5ce, 

s.m, law, judgment, Ex. xiii. 

9. Ezek. xxii. 26. — Deut. xvii. 

11. Matt. V. 17. Luke v. 17. 

—Heb. viii. 10. 
Dlí5ceAc,-c]5e, adj. lawful. 

Gen. xxxiv. 7. Matt. xiv. 4. 

rightful, legal. 
Olí5ceAri7lAC&,-&A, s.f. legality, 

Olí5ceArbt)Ac,-A]5, pi. -A^^f», &, 

-ACA, s. m. a lawgiver, Ps. ix. 

7. — Deut. xxxiii. 21. 
Olí5ceAriitt|l,-ri)lA, adj. lawful^ 

rightful, also, litigious. 
Dlí5ceóiti,-6iiA,-ói]ii6e, s. m. a 

lawyer. The four preceding 




words are also found spelled 
without c, after 5. 

Ol]f*&eAi)AC,-Ai5e, adj. lawful, 
1 Cor, vi. 12. Dl||-0|or)AC,-A^5e, 
id. 2 Tim. ii. 5. | 

Ol|rbeAt)ur,-"in s. m. legality, \ 
legitimacy, Ol|f-&)or)ii]*,-uiy, id. 1 

Oloc&íxrjj-íviu, pi. id a strainer, \ 
a colander. \ 

Olúire<\c,-ci5e, adj. close, com- 

Clúc,-uire,adj.</«"c^, close, tight. 

Dlúc, &, -i\\z, pi. id. s.m.the 
warp of a iceb, Lev. xiii. 52. a 

OlíicAbóip,-órtA,-ó|ftióe, s.m. a 
warper, a joiner, a closer. 

OlúcAi5,-ctt5<\ó, v.a. warp, join, 
press together, pack together. \ 
Olúc,-cAt>, id. 

OliicAi5ce, ind. p.p. compacted, 
Eph. iv. 16. see, OIÚCA15. 

DlucAi5ceóifi,-ó|tA,-ó]]t]6e, s.m. 
a warper, a joiner. 

Olúcii5Ab,-Aió, &, -A|5ce, pi. id. 
s.m. a ivarpi?ig, a joining, a 
packing close, a contracting, a 

Do, a verbal particle prefixed to 
the infinitive present, to, Matt. 
i. 20. 

Do, a verbal particle prefixed to 
the pret. ind. aff. Matt. i. 22. 

Do, prep, to, of. Gen. vii. 7.&8. 

Do, ind. poss. adj. pron. thy, 
thine, Luke i. 13. 

Do. ind. pers. pron. to him. Matt. 
i. 20. to it, the dat. case of |-é, 
he, it. 

Do, ind. card. num. adj. two, Gen. 
vi. 19. & vii. 9. 

Do, a negative prefix answering 
to the Eng. particles in, or un, 
at the beginning of compound 
words, spelled, bo], when the 
first following vowel is either, 
e, or \, as, X^ói^i^\cy\o\)i>6, invi- 
sible, Dó]beu|-Ac, tcnmannerly. 

Do, is sometimes even an inten- 
sitive particle, as bpoij, grief, 
bóbpói), great grief. 

Dó-A|bfeAc, - A]5e, adj. sad, 

Dó-Ai5t)eA]'Ac,-Ai5e, adj ifidis- 

Dó-Aifin)eAc,-rÍ9i5e, adj. innume- 
rable, not easily counted. 

Dó-Air&|il5ce, ind. pp. immove- 

Dó-ACA|]tuit),-óe, adj. ijnmutable, 
Heb. vi. 18. 

Dó-ACAí|tiq5ce, ind. p.p. immu- 

Dob, (contr. fr. bo bA, or, bo biib.) 
it was. 

Dób,-bAÓ, &, -bívjl, v. a. daub, 
plaster, inf. Deut. xxvii. 2. 
Heb. Dob, dung. 

DóbAb6iii,-óftA,-óiitióe, s. m. a 
j)lasterer, a dauber. 

D5bívil,-íilA, pi. id. &, -í^Iaca, 
s. f. a daubing, a plastering, 
Ex. ii. 3. 

DóbívireAc,-n5e, adj. undying, 

DóbX\iriii5ce, ind. p.p. immortal. 

DobA|i,-Aiti, pi. id. s.m. ivater, 
DobApcú, a water dog. i.e. an 
otter, see, Cii. 

Dóbtt5i},-óir), pi. id. s.m. sorroic, 
mourning, Ex. xv. 14. 1 Cor. 
V. 2. — Job iii. 8. fr. bo, intens. 
particle, &, bitot). 

Dób|iói),inf. id, v. a. mourn, — inf. 
1 Sam. xvi. 1, 

DóbiióoAc,-A-i5e, adj. sorrowful^ 
mourfifil, melancholy. 

DóbuióeACui-j-un*, s.m. ingrati- 

DócAÓ,-Aibe, adj. liJcely, proba- 
ble. Doc A, ind. adj, id. 

DocAiTi,-cnA, pi. id. s.f, trouble, 
affliction, hardship, harm, hurt, 
fr. ho, priv. &, cuyt. 

DócAn)Al,-AiI, pi, id. s.m. a diffi- 
culty, Judg. XX. 43. a hardship. 




06cAtt}Uc,-lui5e, adj. hard^griev- 
ous. Gen. xxxv. 16. 1 Kings 
xii, 4._Mark x. 23. difficult. 

DócArT)Uc&,-&A, hards/up, diffi- 

DocAii,-Aiti, pi. id. s.m. a hurt, 
Gen. xxxi. 7. Acts xxvii. 10. 
—Gen. iv. 23. Eccl. viii. 9. 
harm., damage^ disadvantage, 
see, DocA]|i. 

Ooc<\itAc,-Ai5e, adj. grievous, 

DóceT)rAc,-<\i5e, adj. headstrong, 

DóceA^t'^^&,-&A, s.f. unmanagc- 
ahleness, inflexibility. 

OóclAOióce, ind. p.p. indefatiga- 
ble, invincible, unconquered. 

Oocotmr^sre, ind. p.p. incompre- 

Oóco|iiui5ce, ind. p.p. immove- 

Ooc|tAc,-<\i5e, adj. grievous, 
1 Kings xii. 4. hurffid, inju- 

CocTtAcb,-&A, s.f. hardship, diffi- 
culty, Mark x. 24. 

Oocc,-cA, adj. close, fast, tight, 
"Speim t>occ, a fast grip. 

1-úl|t5&,-úti<\, pl.-úfti6e, 
&, -úní, s.m. a doctor. 
Acts V. 34.— pi. 
Matt, xxiii. 10. Luke 
V. 17. 
DócuAitcuijce, ind. p.p. unsearch- 
able, see Eph. iii. 8. fr. tjó, &, 


Do cum, a cpd. prep. gov. a geni- 
tive case, to, towards, to the 
end that, Matt.ii. 13. & passim, 
fr. bo, &, obs. s. curt), a purpose 
or cause. 

(36cutt)CA, ind. p.p. ill-shapen. 

OócuficA, ind. p.p. hard to be 
uttered, see Heb. v. II. fr. bo, 

&, C\\}\\. 

D6f'iv3<.\U, ind. adj. hard to 

be found, rare, fr. bo, & 

DópAic?*CAc,-n5e, \ adj. invi- 
Dó^A]Cfioi)Ac,-A|5e, j sible. 
Oó^*AiCfi5,-5e, adj. invisible, Col. 
i. 15. 1 Tim. i. 17. fr. bo, &, 

DópAifr)én*,-|*e, adj. unspeakable^ 
1 Pet. i. 8. fr. bo, &, ]:Ai|*oé|5, 
tell, prove. 

OófritUi^jcA, ind. p.p. intolerable, 
grievous, fr. bo, &, phIaii)5, 
DópilAt)5<\c,-Ai5e, adj. id. 

Do5,-5a6, v. a. burn. 

DoJAb, g. id. &, bo]5ce, pi. bojicA, 
s.m. a burning. 

Dó5luA]]-be, ind. p.p. impossible 
to be shaken, Heb. xii. 27. 

Oo3iiAii3,-i)e,-i)eACA,, s. f. per- 
plexity, g. Is. xxii. 5. pain, 
torment, tribulation, more pro- 
perly, Oo5|tuiij. 

^Ó5Ttuit;5,-5e,-3eACA, s.f. an- 
guish, Rom. ii. 9. a torment, 
pain, vexation, calamity. 

Oó5|tui 056^0,-5156, adj. pained, 
tormented, perplexing, vexa- 
tious, wretched. 

Do5ftu|i)eAC,-pi5e, adj. perplex- 
ing, grieved, troubled, vexa- 

D5ib,-be, s.f. a plaster, a daub, 
Deut. xxvii. 2. Ezek. xiii. 12. 

Do^b, (fr. bo, ib,) to them, Matt, 
ii. 9. 

Dó|beiif,-]"A, pi. id. s.m. bad 
manners, vice. 

Oóibeui*Ac,-fAi5e, adj. ill-bred, 

Dóic,-ce, adj. soon, quick, swift, 
comp. Ps. Iviii. 9. & cxxix. 6. 

OóiceA^fA, ind. adj. headstrong, 

Oóic|tetbfir),-T)e, s.f. unbeliefin- 

Dóiciieibce, ind. \).]).Í7nprobable, 

O ] 


O ) 

OóicitíocnYi5ce, ind. p.p. ifiicr- 
minable, not io be ended. 

Oó|b,-&e, s.f. a hand., a fist, a 
grasp of the hand,iv. Doight, a 


Oó|6evt)cA, ind. p.p. impossible, 
Luke i. 37. difficult to be done. 

Oóff*|teA5<N|tCA, ind. p. p, nnan- 
swerahle, difficult to be answered. 

Dói5,-5e, s.f. trust, hope, Ps. iv. 
5. Rom. viii. 24. opinion, con- 

Dói5eArblAcb,-bA, s. f. respecta- 
bility, decency. 

Odt5eArbvil,-ri7lA, adj. decent, re- 
spectable, trim, in good condi- 
tion, thriving, hopeful. 

Dói5t)ÍOfT),-ri7A, pi. id. &, -rbAjirA, 
s.m. an ill turn, an evil action. 

Doilb,-be, adj. dark, gloomy, sor- 

Doilb|it,-|te, adj. sad, Neh. ii. 2. 
dim, obscure. 

Dó]leAi"V]5ce, p.p. difficult to be 
manured or tilled. 

Oóiléi5i|*,-]'e,adj. incurable, Job. 
xxxiv. 6. 

Doileicj-jevlcA, ind. adj. inexcu- 
sable, fr. Do, leAc, &, rss'^^? 

Ooil5e, ind. adj. grievous, sore, 
Ex. viii. 24. Judg. XX. 34. see 

Doil5eAr,-5ir, &j -Se^r^j pl. id. 
s.m. sorrow, grief, 2 Cor. 
ii. 3.-2 Cor. ii. 3 & 4, see, 

^oii5ior>-5!r,-5ior^j pi- ^d. s.m. 

sorrow, grief, mourning, afflic- 
tion, Gen.iii. 16. — Gen. xxxvii. 
35. Mark iii 5.— Is. liii. 4. 

Ooil5ioi*AC,-Ai5e, adj. grievous, 
afflicted, sorrowful. Gen. 1. 11. 
1 Sam. i. 15. Is. liii. 3. 

^oi^l5>"5<^) ^dj. grievotts, see 

Gen. xxi. 11, doleful, difficult, 
sorrowful, see, Oo^lje. 

OoiUe, g. id. s.f. blindness, Gen. 
xix. 11. 

Dói'i)e<x]'bA, adj. inestimable, un- 
speakable, Mul. 

Doitijoe, g. id. pi. id. &, -eACA, 
s.f. depth, Rom. xi. 33. Eph. 
iii. 18.— pi. Rev. ii. 24. the 
deep, the sea. 

Ts . ^ s.m. depth, 

Oo,mi;eAr,-nir, L/,, ,/,,^ j,,,.' 


Oo|n)t)i5,-]V5AÓ, v.a. deepen, hol- 

Ooii)-beA|t3,-é|Tt5e, adj. a red- 
dish dun, auburn. 

Dop)eAT),-r)ii)o, s.f. a tempest,cold 
weather, C.P. — Prov. xxv. 20. 
Doioioi), id. fr. Do, neg. &, 
X]ox), weather. 

DoioeAtjcA, adj. rainy, tempest- 
uous, cold, stormy, Ezra, x. 13. 

Dó-j^fe, adj. unutterable, Rom. 
viii. 26. fr. Do, &, \x)\)\\. 

Dó-iotr)poi5ce, ind. p.p. incon- 

Doi|ib,-be, adj. grievous, Prov. 
XV. 10. peevish, illnatured,sour, 
hard, quarrelsome, Lat.Dur-us. 

Deut. XV. 10. 2 Sam. i. 9. 
adversity, mischief 

Dó]]t&]5ce, ind. irreconcileable. 

DóiitiA5lvi5re, ind. p.p. hard to 
be governed. 

DojiifAitcA, ind. p.p. implacable, 
unruly, Rom. i. 31. Jas. iii. 8. 

Dói|ti<v|tcAcb,-bA, s. f. implaca- 
bility, insatiableness. 

Doiftiot)CA, ind. adj. sullen, 
DoifteAOCA, id. 

Do]idit}5,-5e, s.f. a beach, a pro- 

Do]iioeó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A.s.f. ahandle, 
also, a handstone. 



D n 

Ooi|ireó|fi,-ó[tA, pi, -ó|tt)5, &, 

-ój|ii6e, s.m. rt porter, 2 Sam. 

xviii. 26. John x. 3.— pi. IS! eh. 

vii. 73. 
Doni]-e6ifieAC&,-bA, s.f. tlic office 

of a door porter. 
Doi|tr,-o|icA6,v.a.po?ir out, sited, 

2 Kings iv. 41. Ps.lxix. 24.— 

1 Sam.xxv.26.Zeph. ui.S. spill. 
Dotfice, ind. p.p. poured out, 

Cant. i. 3. shed, spilled. 
DoiitceAc,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m. a shed- 

der, one tvko sheds, Ezek. xviii. 

Ooi|tceAC,-Ai5e, adj. spilliyig, 

shedding, pouring out. 
Ooi|tceóitt,-ófiA,-5i[vibe, s.m. a 

spiller, a shedder. 

2 Cor. ix. 7. churlisfmess. 

Oó|ce, ind. p.p. parched, Ruth 

ii. 14. burned, singed. 
05iteA5ArSr5^irS»„ s-m. jierver- 

sity, — g. Matt. xvii. 17. incapa- 
bility of being taught. 
Dol,-vil, pi. id. s.m. ajishing net, 

a snare, a knot. Lat. Dol-us. 
DólabA|tcA, ind. p.p. unspeakable, 

OoU^Dj-Oe, s.f. loss, damage, de- 
Dólíif,-ívif, pi. id. B.m. sorrow, 

mourning. Job. xxi. 17 — Ecc. 

iii. 4, desolation. 
Dólívf AC,-Ai5e, adj. (/nevoMs, Heb. 

xii. 11. sad, melancholy. 
DóUfbA, ind. p. p. not easily 

lighted, not inflammable. 

OolcitviDAc,-A15<5) grievous, 

OólvbAcbj-bA, s.f. injlexibility, 

DólvbcA, ind, p.p. inflexible, UU' 

ben din ff. 

DoiijAÓ, ind. ord. adj. second, as, 
At) borijAO cvjb her-^,the ticelfth 

DoriiAin, comp. ftoimrje, adj. deep, 
Ps. ixiv. G. — Lev. xiii. 3 & 4. 
John iv. 11. 

Oori)Ai),-A]t), pi. id. s m. the world. 
Acts xix. 27— Matt. iv. 8. 

Dón)v\iibcA„ ind. p.p. immortal. 

DonjblAT-,-Ai]-, s.m. gall. Matt, 
xxvii. 34. — Deut. xxxii. 32. fr. 
the obs. Doit), gall, &, bUr- 
spelled also, Dottjblvi', &, 

05it)blAf&A, id, p. a. abhorred, 
unsavoury, Ex. v. 21. 2 Sam. 
xxii. 27. 

D6ít)b|vóeAG,-ói5e, adj. unthank- 
ful, 2 Tim. iii. 2. 

Dori)nAc,-Ai5,-v\i5e, s.m. Sunday, 
C. P. properly, U\ ija i-Abói&e.. 

Dóft}V]i)ce, ind. p. p. untaught, 

Do'i), (contr. fr. bo, orbe,&, ai?,) 
to the, of the, Luke i. 17. 

DooA, ind. adj. froicard, poor, 
wretched, Is. Ivii. 17. Pers, 
Doon, vile. 

DooAf,-<\ir, s.m. calamity, trouble, 
see, Doijvf. 

Oojjt), comp.t)vi5e,adj.ííww,6roeí;//, 
dusky, broicnhaired. 

Doi)r)55,-ói5e,-55A, s f . a kind of 

Oor)Y\-,-Y]x,s.m.calamity, trouble, 
Prov. xxiv, 22. — Jer. xi. 12. 
mischief, ill-luck. 

OóiiAf)fvi5ce, ind. p.p. inscruta- 
ble, unsearchable. 

DopcA, ind. adj. dark, 1 Cor. 
xiii. 12. Rev. ix. 2. dusky, 
p)-oud, gloomy, stern, myste- 
rious, obscure, blind. 

DoftcACb,-bA, 6. f. darkness. Is. 
Iviii. 10 — Joel ii. 2. 

DoitCdOA|*,-Ai|-, s.m. darkness, Ex. 
X. 21. Job xxviii. .3. — Job 
xxviii. 3. Matt. vi. 23. obscu- 



O ó C 

rity^ (jloominess, spelled also, 


Dofictti5,-v5<\6, v.a. darken^ inf. 

Matt. xvi. 3. 
Oopn, g. fev(fin, pi. id. &, boiiDA, 

s.m. a hand, a fist ^ a hloicwith 

Ihejisf, Ex. xxi. 18. — Lev. ii. 2. 

2 Chron. iv. 5.— Mark xiv. 65. 
Oo|ir)Abói|i,-óii<x,-ói(tit)e, s.m. a 

Dofti)Abónie<\c&,-bA, s.f.a boxing, 

Oo|tt)í^t),-ív|o, pi. id. s.m. a hand- 
ful, Ps. Ixxii. 16. a small 

Oorit)cvft,-vi|t, pi. id. s. m. a haft. 

Judges iii. 22. 
DoftDpAj-Cj-Aifc, pi, id. s.m. a 

DóftO]i)ce, ind. p. p. not easily 

Dojti)ó5,-ói5e,-55c^, s. f. a round 

stone, a handstone. 
Oo||i<\c,-Ai5e, adj. harsh, rough, 

uncivil, fierce, fr. the obs. 

boffi, anger. 
Contívr),-ív]T}, pi. id. s.m. anger, 

vexation, vern. h\o\K\\''\\),-''\]\). 
Oontai)AC,-Ai5e, adj. angry, 

vexatious, disobliging, vern. 


DójicAÓ, g. bó||tce, s m. an issue, 
a shedding, Mark v. 25. Heb. 
ix. 22. a spilling, a pouring 

Oó|ivbA, g. id. pi. -AÓA, s.m. a 
line, 2 Chron. iv. 2. Ps. xix. 
4. vern. DpvbA, & pi. bjivb^xtjA, 
&, bfivisce. 

Oopv]-,-vif, pi. boi|ife, s. m. a 
door, 1 Cor. xvi. 9.— Matt, vi. 
6. Mark ii. 2.— Judges iii. 25. 
Acts V. 19. This subs, is 
found in twenty of the Indo- 
European Languages, Hind. 
Durr.& Doras, Gr. ^i>fa,&c. &c. 

Oop, g. hr\x, pi. id. s.m. a bush, 

a cojisc, a tuft, a plume, a 
tassel, a cluster, a bunch of 

OorAc,-Ai5e, adj. bushy, tufted, 
plumy, full of thickets, S^c. 

Oorivn,-^in, pi. id. s.m. a thorn, 
pi. Is. V. 6. & X. 17. Also a 
dim. of Oof, q.v. 

OórAi), (contr. of bo, to him, 
and the emphatic suffix, r<^'),) 
to himself Matt, ii, 14. 

Oof Aiiv|5ce, ind. p.p. iiot easily 
overcome, indefatigable. 

Dóf AfbA, ind. p. p. not easily 

DófSAOilce, ind. ^.^.indissoluble, 
indispensable, inevitable- 

DófSAiicA, ind. p, p, not easily 

05f5[iYbAC,-Ai5e, adj, unsearch- 
able, see Prov. xxv. 3. 

Dó|-5r |óceAc,-ci5e, adj. foolishly 

Dór5vióceAcb,-bA, s.f. extrava- 
gance, folly. 

OóriUAccvi5ce, ind. p.p. stub- 
born, obstinate, not easily tamed. 

Oófrt)VAii)ci5ce, ind. p.p. incom- 
prehensible, not easily con- 

Dorp fotjcA, ind. p.p. í/wsmrc/íai/í?. 
Job. V. 9. 

DocAif), g. id. s.f. a sufficiency. 

DóccAfj-Aii*, s.m. comfort, confi- 
dence, hope, Mark x. 49. 1 John 
y. 14.— Rom. XV. 13. 1 Cor. 

ix. 10, DÓCA|*,-A]r, &5 Dóccvf, 

-v|f, id. Rom. V. 5. 

Doccftoióe, g. id, s.m. a heart- 
burn, vern. 

Dóccv|-Ac,-Ai5e, adj, hopeful, 
Job. vi. 20. confident. 

Oóccv|-vi5,-v5a6, v.n. trust in, 
Jer. xlix. 4. — Jer. xxviii. 15. 
confide in. 

Dócv]5ri5^6> ^"d. p.p. hard to be 
understood, 2 Peter iii. 16. 

on '^ 



D5cvi3^|t),-t}e, adj. 9iot easily 

Oócvi5|-ii)eAC,-AiJe, adj. wanting 

Oft<xbAifie, g. id. pi. -ítióe, s.m. 
a huge able-bodied lazy fellow, 
a sloven i in Limerick and in 
Connaught he is known as a 

OftAbAfj-Aif, S.m. a wry mouth 
with prominent teeth. 

0(tAb<v|*Ac,-Ai5e, adj. having a 
mouth so shaped. 

Dfi<xbó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a slattern, 
a slnty fr. obs. Op^b, a spot, 
a stain. 

OftA5a|l, inf. id. v.a. ptill, haul, 
O'G. Barb. 

D|tA5Yi),-Yfn, pi. id. s.m. a dra- 
gon. Rev xii. 3. — Neh, ii. 13, 
liev. xvi. 13.— Is. xliii. 20. 

0(iAi5ioi),-ir;, pi. id, s. m. see, 

OltAiDceADCA, ind. adj, snarling, 
cross, peevish. 

OpA|Dc,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a grin, 
a snarl, D|xATt)c, id. 

0|tAri)AlcAC,-Ai5e, adj. trampling, 

D[iAit)lAi5,-rbA|lc, v.a. kick, spurn, 

0|tAr},-'M6, v.a. snarl, grin. 

D|tAi3cívt),-ívit), pi. id. s.m. a hum- 
ming, a buzzing, a growl, a 
snarl, a gurgling noise- 

OiiA^c^r)<\ó,-At5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
snarling or envious person. 

OfiAoi, g. id. pi. -ice, s.m. a sor- 
cerer, a wizard, a wise man, a 
charmer. Acts xiii. 6. — pi. 1 
Sam.xxviii. 9. Matt. ii. 1. g. pi. 

T)A D-bpVAÓ, or, &]tVA5. — Ps. 

iviii. 5. Arab. Dara. Pers. 
Dari or Daru. 
OftA0|óeAc&,-bA, s.f. sorcery, di- 
vination, enchantment. Acts 
viii. 11. — Numb, xxii. 7. Is 
xlvii. 9. 

t)jiAO|-&AGt),-bA, S.f. obscenity. 

OiiAOf-bArbvilj-rbU, adj. obscene, 
smutty, 'O\i^oy^^, ma. adj. id. 

OjteAÓ,-cA, pi. id. s. m. form, 
figure, fashion, aspect. 

0|teAC,-CA6, v.a. delineate, pour- 
tray, dress, adorn. 

OpeACAC,-Ai5e, adj. comely, hand- 

OfieACA&óiii,-ópA,-ói|t]6e, s.m. a 
painter, a statuary, a dresser, 
a polisher. 

0|ieACArt)vil,-ri)lA, adj. comely, 
handsome, showy. 

OjieArT),-n)A, s.m. a people, a tribe, 
a family, Prov. xxx. 25. Heb. 
iii. 17. 

0]ieAr)cv]b,-be,-bi, s.f, a flea. 

0|teAt3ó|ii,-ófiA,-óiixi6e, s.m. an 
augur, a diviner by birds. 

OiieApAi5,-v5A6, v.a. climb,clam- 
. ber ; DfteAp,-p<\6, id. 

D|ieApAi|tCACb,-bA, s. f. a climb- 
ing, a scaling, 1 Sam. xiv. 13. 
Prov. xxi. 22. 

OfieA]*,-éire,-eAfA, s.f. a brier, 
a bramble, Ezek. xxviii. 24. 
—Is. iv. 13 Is. x. 17. 

DpeA|*Ac,-A]5e, adj. thorny, full 
of briers. 

DfieATAfit)AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
place where brambles grow. 

0]teA|*ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a bram- 
ble, pi. Isaiah xxxiv. 13. a 

Ofté|rDi|te, g. id. pi. -fif, s.m. a 
ladder. Gen, xxviii. 12. a stair, 
fr, obs. v. D|xé]rT7, climb. 

D|t&irTj||te-bui6e, s.m. yellow cen- 
taury, Chlora perfoliata. 

'O\ié]\x)]\^e-T^o]xxr), s.xn. woody night- 
shade, Solanum dulcamara. 

D|t&iiDiiie-iTjYi]ie, s.m the lesser 
centaury, Gentiana centau- 

Otteoi5,-05AÓ, v.n. ivax old, rot, 
Deut. xxix. 5. 

Dfieo|5ce,iud. p.p. rotten, musty. 

on ) 


D T^v 

Opeo]5ceAC<35-i>A, s.f. roltennesSi 

Dfteólívt),-Siir), pi. id* s.m. a tcre?i, 
also, a .silly person ; DfiSo^lii^, 
D|teólí\nAc&,-bA, s.f. silliness. 
])1. id. s.m. aijrasshoppe)-. Lev. 
xi. 22. — pi. Amos vii. 1. 
Opi ACAifte, -fti6e, s.m. an 
obstinate person, a plodding in- 
Jiexihle person. 
Ofi|<\CAHteAC&,-&A, s. f. infiexihi- 

lity, obstinacy. 
Ofi|l,.le,-leAÚA, s.f. a drop glan- 
cing in the Sim, a sparkle, a 
twinkle, a glimpse. 
OiiilfeAc,-n5e, ^éj^.radiant, daz- 
zling, glittering. 
O fijoo A|i,-AHi,s.m. lees,dregs, gore. 
OytiobAitcA, ind. adj. mixed with 

Otií05,-í3e,-í5eACA, s.f. a drop. 
O|ai05Aitie, g. id. pi. -|ii6e, s.m. 

a distiller. 
D|iioT)5ív.t),-ív|t}, pi. id. s, m. a 
play tiling, a worthless pas- 
0]ii|>,-pe, s.f. a snare, confusion, 

bustle, hurry. 
^IMIVre, pi. id. -ri, &, -reACA, 

s.f. a brier, ^\. Is. v. 6. 
0|ti]-eAC,-|-i5e, 2iá].full of bram- 
bles or briers. 
D ft) re AC,-]- 15, a coll. s.m. bram- 
bles, Luke vi. 44. Heb. vi. 8. 
lit. a thicket of thorns, a place 
where brambles or briers grow. 
'^nireÓ5,-ói3e,-ó5A, s.f. a brier, 

pi. Judg. viii. 16. 
Ofiicle, g. id. pi. -eAÓA, s.f. a 
spark. Job. xviii. 5. — pi. Job. 
V. 7. & xli. 19. 
DiticleÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a spark. 
'0\í\t\]-^,-\eí,)o, v.n. sparkle. 
Dp]cli^, g. id. pi. -i)i6e, s.m. a 
spark, a sparkle, Is. 1. 31. 

OfiiclióeAc,-^15e, adj glittering, 
glisiening, sparkling^ flashing, 
Oftivc,-CA, pi. id. s.m. fretf Illness, 
peevishness, a beak, a snout, an 
angry look. 
DiaivcArnvil,-ri)lA, adj. angry, 

fretful, sour-looking. 
D|tobUi*,-^irj &-ni. profiisenessj 

DttobUrAÓ,-Ai5e, profuse, lavish. 
Oftoc, comp. rneAfA, adj. bad, 
wicked, mischievous. Oftoó is 
also used as a neg, prefix ans- 
wering to tbe Eng. in, un, mis, 
and is spelled, Djtoic, when 
the first vowel of the following 
syllable is either of the slender 
vowels, e, or, ]. 
"0|toc-A5rbATtAC,-Ai5e, adj. un- 
lucky, illfated. 
gerous or cojitagious disease, 
D]ioc-Ai3eAr)CAc,-Ai5e, adj. ill. 

minded, violent minded. 
Dfioc-ATbAr)CA]t,-A;|t, s. m. ill- 
Opoc-bA|tArbvil,-TÍ}lA, pi. id. s.f. 
an evil surmise, — pi- 1 Tim, 
vi. 4. 
0|tocblAf,-AH', s.m. a bad taste. 
DftocblAfbA, ind. p.p. ill-fla- 
voured, vapid. 
D|tocbolAt),-Ai8, pi. id. s.m. an 
ill-savour, a bad smell, Joel 
ii. 20. 
D|ioc-CAib|teA6,-]t]6, pi. id. s.m. 
bad company, evil communica- 
D|toc-ólAor)A8,-T)CA, pi. id. s.m. 

an evil inclination. 
Ottoc-coi5|-]A|-,-iAH-, s.m. an evil 

conscience, Heb. x, 22. 
D|ioc-corT)Aittle, g. id. pi. -gaca, 
s. f. evil counsel, bad advice. 
Is. vii. 5. 



n Tí 

Opoc-cunjcA, ind. p.p. ill-shaped. 
Djtocóvftje, g. id. pi. -6A0it)e, a tvicked person.^ Ex. xxiii. 

7.— Prov.x. 7. — Jer. xiii. 10. 
OfiocpocAl,-o>.il, pi. id. &, -frocU, 

s.m. a hard speech^ Jude, ver. 

15. a had word, a malediction. 

Matt. V. 11. 
Ditoc5V]óe, g. id. pi. id. s.f. an 

evil wish, an imprecation. 
Ojtoc-lvób-oibfie, s.m. pi. evil 

workers, Phil, iii. 2. 
Ofiocri7v(t)ce, ind. ^.^. ill-taught, 

Otiodii)vr)AÓ,-r|r)ce, s. m. bad 

breeding, insolence. 
Dpoct)A&Y)ii,-Yft<\, s.f. ill-nature. 
D|toct)óf,-óif, pi. id. s.m. a bad 

Oiiocob<\i|i,-oib}te, pi. -o]biie<vcA, 

s.f. a bad work, an evil doing, 

2 Tim. iv. 18. 
'O\ioc\^rx),~y\r), pi. id. s.m. malice^ 

evil intent. 
C|toc]-n)v<\iueAÓ,-i)ci5ce, pi. id. 

s.m. an evil thought, Ezek. 

xxxviii. 10.— pi. Matt. XV. 19. 
D[iocfvil,-le,-f'vU, s.f. an evil 

eye, Mark vii. 22. 
DftocceAn5CA, ind. part. adj. 

evil tongued, evil spoken, Ps. 

cxl. 11. 
O|toccei|'í3,->5e, s.f. evil report, 

2 Cor. vi. 8. properly, O|ioic- 

Diioccv<\i|ii|-5,-5e, s.f. an evil 

report, misinformation. 
0|ioccvAp,-<\tlt, pi. id. s.m. an 

evil omen, a bad sign. 
DftoccrA|tv|*5bívil,-íxlA, pi. id. s.f. 

an evil report, Gen. xxxvii. 2. 
DfiojCj-ce, s.f. a dwarf. 
DpoicbeA|tc,-é]ftc, pi. id. s.m. a 

rvicked act, mischief. 

O]i0]cbeACA, g. id. pi. id. s.f. an 

evil life. 

Dftoicbeur,-]"A, pi. id. s. m. an 
evil habit, bad behaviour. 

Dfioicbeu]-Ac,-Ai5e, adj. ill-be- 
haved, immoral. 

D[toic-cleACCA6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. 
an evil habit, an ill-practice. 

0|xoic-óineAb,-t)ió, s.m. a per- 
verse nation, a perverse race, 
— g. Phil. ii. 15. 

0|toiceAlA6ivT),-6DA, pi. id. s.f. 
a curious art, pi. Acts xix. 
19. lit. evil learning. 

0|ioic5niotT),-n)A,, -rbAttcA, 
s. m. a wicked act, an evil 
work, Eccl. iv. 3. — 2 Tim. 
ii. 9. — 1 Sam. xii. 25. John 
V. 29. 

Opo[C5r)tf>ri7Ac,-Ai5e, adj. evil do- 
ing, wicked, Is. ix. 17. 

DjioioipriusACj-^lJe, adj. evil- 

Djto|C|Ob,-t&, pl» itl. s.m. a bridge. 

0|ioic-iomcA|t,-Ai|t, 8. m. ill-be- 

DixoicrbeAj*, &,-fCA, s.m. ?7i 
repute, evil estimation, see 
Lev. xxvii. 27. 

O|io|cri7é]r),-^^j s.f. malice, Col, 
iii, 8 — 1 Cor, V. 8. ill will, 
tDép), is the same as the Latin 

D|ioicrbe|fi7eAc,-T)i5e, s.i. pusil- 

Dtioicri)eift)i5,-iu5A&, v.a. dis- 
courage, see Deut, i. 28. 

OftO]CiÍ7eift)|U5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id, 
s.m. discouragement, Numb, 
xxi, 4, 

D|ioicui6, g. id, &, -Détce, pi, 
-x)é\te, s.m. an evil thing, 

Neh. xiii. 17 Ps. cxli. 4. — 

Jer. iii. 5. 

Diioicft|A5A)l,-5lA6, v.a. misgo- 
vern, misrule. 

O\xo]cxh]o\iu.]b,-he, s.f. a wicked 
spirit, — g. Eph. vi. 16, 

Ofioic]*céAl,-6il, pi, -eaIa, &, 
-&aIca, s.m. an evil tiding, pi. 



D Pv U 

Ex. xxxiii. 4. a better spelling 
is, Dpoic-f5eul,-éil, pi, -eul*, 
&, -eulc<N. 

Diio|G,-&e,-&eA^A, s.f. a starling. 

DpoijeACbj-b^, enchant- 
ment, Ecc. X. 11. see, DfKxoj- 

D[ioí5ion,-5in,-5r)e, s.m. a tfiorn, 
Judges viii. 16.— Is. Iv. 13. — 
Prov. xxii. 5. t?ie black thorn 
or sloe tree. 

Díaoí5neAC,-i)i5, s.m. ihorns,Gen. 
iii. 18. literally, a thicket of 
thorns, a place where thorns 

Dtiof5t)eAc,-t)i5e, adj. thorny, 
abounding in thorns, 

Dpoí5t)eíiO,-ívii), s.m. the black- 

DfiolUijie, g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m. an 
idler, a sluggard, a pair of pot-hooks, j 
D|tol, id. 

Dpori?*, g. id. pi, -Ajbe, s. m. a 

Ofion7A&ó]|i,-ófi<>,-ó||ii6e, s.m. a 
drummer. \ 

Dfioii7CoUcoille, ^^ the back of \ 
the hazel wood.^' an ancient i 
name of the city of Dublin. j 

OfioiDebvNiii, g. id. pi, -jtiSe, s.m. 
a dromedary, Jer. ii. 23. ( 

Djaot)3, -011)56, s.f. persons, peo- \ 
pie, Mark ii. 6. a tribe, a race. \ 

DpoóÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a hump, ^ 
the highest part of the back j 
of an animal or of a ridge, j 
a summit, a small burden. \ 

Dpoúuille, g. id. pi, -eAÍ)A, s. f. rt 
right angle, fr. the obs. adj. ■ 
t)]KOX), right, straight, 8c, ujlle, 
an elbow or angle. 

D|to^uille<\T)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. rect- ' 

DituA5,-Ai5, s.m. a charmer, see 
Ps. Iviii. 5. Oi\uAÓ,-,\|6, id. I 
see, D|i<xoi. 

Ofuicb,-&A, pi. id. s.f. dew, Ex. 
j xvi. 13. & 14.— Job. xxxviii. 
j 28. this noun is also masc, see 
j 2 Sam. xvii. 12. 
Opfcb-miUceACj-cij, s.m. mil- 
dew, 2 Chron. vi. 28. 
Dftu&,-iii&ce, s.m. a shutting, — g. 

Joshua ii. 5. see large Edn, 

Drm5<Nipe, g, id. pi, -itjoe, s.m. a 

drudge or slave. 
D|tu5AifieACi),-bA, s.f. drudgery, 

D|xúic&íT), g. id. s.m. a light dew, 

also, a species of small nhitish 

D|tuTCbío-rb6i)Á, g. id. s. m. 

an herb used for dying the 


s.i a star- 

ling, seCy 

0|tui&,-í5e,-beAt)A, &, 
DtuiibeÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, j q^^^^^^ 

Oftu|b, inf. bpub, b|xui&|rTj, &, 
&|tuioiot), v.a. bolt, join, draw, 
approach, 2 Sam. xiii. 17. Acts 
viii. 29. — Deut. XV. 9. Acts x. 
9. Heb. X. 25. shut, close. 

OftiMbce, ind. p.p. shut, closed^ 
joined, approached, bolted. 

DftuiTt), g. bfiortjA, pi. bport^AOA, 
s.m. a back, Is. 1. 6. — Lev. iii. 

9. 2 Sam. xviii. 8. — Rom. xi. 

10. the top of a hill or house, 
a roof, a ridge. Chald. Drum, 

Ojirifj-re, s.f. adultery, liev. ii. 
22. — Heb. xiii. 4. lechery, lust. 

0|iú]reAri)Ucb,-bA, s. f. lustful- 
ness, lecherousness. 

XD\\(i^ye<An)n]\,-n}\{^, adj. adulter- 
ous, lecherous, unchaste. 

0\\iirv!xr),-!x]\), pi. id. s.m. a ridge, 
a back, a summit, the back- 
band of a cart horse. 

r)]mr)-^,-ii]n'^e, S-Í. people. Is. ix. 

16 Mark vi. 26. Rom. xv. 3. 

a troop, a croicd, see, Dpcrjj;. 

DU í) 



DuAib|-iu5<\t),-|']5ce, s.m. gloomi- 
ness^ — g. Zeph. i. 15. 
DuAi5, v.a. eat, 1 Sam. xxx. 12. 

1 Kings xiii. 22. Dan. iv. 33. 
this appears to be a compound 
of bo, &, ]c, see UA13. 

DuAi^c,-ce, adj. surly, stern, 
morose, unatniahle, the oppo- 
site to this is, j-UAIIlC. 

Ott<x]f,-fe,-|*eApA, s.f. a reivard, 
wages, gain, a prize. 

Dua1,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. a service, 
Ex. xiii. 5. a duty, law, due, 
an hereditary right. 

DuaI,-aIa, adj. due, ^om. xiii. 7. 
hereditary, usual, natural. 

DuaI,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. a lock of 
hair, — pi. Judges xvi. 13, a 
plait, a fold, a braid. 

DuaI,-Iaó, v.a. plait, fold, weave, 
carve, braid. 

DvAlACj-Aije, 3i(\']. braided, plait- 
ed, folded, curled, bushy, ring- 

DvAlAbói]i,-ó|tA,-5i]t]6e, s. m. a 
plaiter, a carver, an embroi- 

DvAl3A]'Ac,-Ai5e, adj. dutiful, 
natural, acquired by birth or 

DvAl5Vf,-vn', s.m. duty, Rom. 
xiii. 7. 1 Cor. vii. 3. nature, 
temper, hereditary disposition, 

Dvbj-Yibe, adj. black. Rev. vi. 5, 
— Lam, iv, 8, dark, gloomy, 
sad, Heb. Dobhi. 

Dub,-uib, s.m. ink, 2 Cor. iii. 3. 

2 John ver. 12. a black dye, 
darkness, blackness. 

DYbAc,-Ai5e, adj. grieved, sor- 

ronful, 1 Sam. i, 8. Prov. 

xiv. 13. gloomy, sad. 
DrbAcuf,-ui|*, s. m. heaviness, 

Prov. x. 1. sorrow, mourning, 

DvbA&ívn,-í\it), pi. id. s.m. anin/i- 


DrbAi3eAn,-5|t}, s.m. the deep, a 
bottomless pit, Rom. x. 7. 

2 Cor. xi. 25 Ps. xiii. 7. 

Hev. ix. 11, fr. oub, &, AiseAt). 

DrbAjlce, g. id. pi. -ci6e, s.f. 
vice, wickedness. 

DrbAilceAc,-ci5e, adj. vicious, 

DvbAilce, ind. p. p. doubled, 

DvbAlcA, ind. adj. double, Rev. 
xviii. 6. 

0{xhixt),-\]\), pi. id. s.m. the kid- 
ney. Lev. iii. 10. & 15. — pi. 
Lev. ix. 10. 

Dubívn,-í\it), pi. id. s.m. a hook, 
pi. 2 Kings xix. 28. a snare. 

Dubiit)-Allu]6, a spider. Job. viii. 
14. see, DAmixtj-AlU, 

Dubao-ceA^corAÓ,- íxiD - ceAoco- 
r*13? pl- id, s.m. common self- 
heal. Prunella vulgaris, 

as a subs, the herb blade 
maiden hair. 

DiibcfioióeAc,-t)i5e, adj. black- 
hearted, joyless. 

DubjAllj-Aill, pi. id. s.m. a Dane. 

DvbU, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
sheath, 1 Sam. xvii. 51. a lin- 
ing, a covering. 

DHbUi5,-lu5AÓ, v.a. double, fold, 

Dubi)A|tin*,-un', s.m. impudence, 
assumption, arrogance, M'N. 

DubDA|tufAC,-Ai5e, adj. impu- 
dent, assuming, arrogant, 

DubjtAÓb, diligence, see, Duc- 


Dub|xór),-ó]0> s.m. sorrow, see, 

DubfUi),-ívin, pi. id. s.m. a de- 
fiance, 1 Sam, xvii. 36, spelled 
also, Dublin. 

Dv&,-uit>, pi, id. s.m. the ear, a 
tingling of the ear, a horn. 

DvbAijiCj g. id. pi. -jiibe, s.m. one 

DU ) 


D U ) 

who blows a sounding horn, a 
irumpefer, also, an incessant \ 

DY&Aijie<kc&,-»A, s.f. the noise of 
a horn, a trumpeting, also, con- 
tinual s7noking. 

DY&ó5,-5i5e,-ó5<v, s.f. a box on 
the ear, a small horn or iruynpct. 

Dvibce, g. id. pi. -ci8e, s.m. a 
Duke, a governor. Gen. xxxvi. 
41. 42. & 43. Matt. ii. 6.— 
pi. Ex. XV. 15. 

Oribciof,-TA,-]'A^A, s.m. a tri- 
bute, Ezra vii. 24. literally, 
black rent. 

Dvibe, g. id. s.f. blackness, ink. 

Dvibé<x5<\n<xc,-Ai5e, adj. deep, 
profound, bottomless. 

Dv|beAlr)AC,-Ai^,-A]5e, s. m. a 
necromancer, Deut. xviii. 11. 

DvibliAC,-cA, s.f. the spleen, fr, 
bvb, &, It<\c. 

Ovil,-le, s.f. greediness, affection, 
delight, longing, 1 Chron. xxix. 
3. 1 Tim. iii. 3 —Phil. i. 8. 

Dvil,-le, pi. id. s.f. aw element, pi. 
2 Peter iii. 10. a creature. 

Ovilbiftj-bpe, adj. sad, 1 Sam. i. 
18. melancholy, gloomy. 

DY]lb1neAc!5,-&.^, s. f. gloom, sad- 
ness, melancholy, anxiety. 

Dvile, g. id. s.f. a substance, a 
creature, Genesis vii. 4. Lev. 
xi. 46. 

Dv^leAfSj-li^-j, s.m. akind of sea 
plant, OvileAfs ^^ })-^^o^Vi 
broad-leaved pond weed, Pota- 
mogaton natans. 

Dville, &, -caOa, a leaf, 
Ps. i. 3.— pi. Gen. iii. 7. Dan. 
iv. 12. 

DvilleAbA|t,-Aiti, pi. id. s.m. fo- 
liage, — g. Lev. xxvi. 36 — 
Matt. xxiv. 32. 

DY|lleÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a leaf. 
Job. xiii. 25, —pi. Mark xi. 
1-3. a page or leaf of a hook. 

D>-]lleó5Ac,-*i5e, adj. full of 

DY|lle55-bAtce,-ói3e-bAi-e, pi. 
-ó5<x-bA]ce, s. f. water lily, 
Nyraphoea major aquatica. 

'Oy\\\eó-^-\)\K]T^\ne: ,s.i. dock cresses, 
nipple wort, Lapsana commu- 
nis, called also, OY]Ue65 v()cs\t, 
&, OvilleÓ5 mf»). 

OviUiA^-j r)A rT)-bAt), s.m. moun- 
tain laver, see, DYileArs- 

Dy]IIi5,-iy5a6, v. a. bring forth 

DYiUiY|t-péideAn, honey-suckle, 
Lonicera periclymenum. 

DYilliYft-]-pY|t)c,-ce, coltsfoot. 

Tussilago farfara. 
; CYjllrbioll,-rbill, pi. id. &,-n)iollA, 
s.m. a caterpillar. 

DY]T)e, g. id. pi, bAOit)e, s.m. a 
man, John xix. 5. — John iii. 
14.— Matt. V. 7. Heb. Chald. 
& old Pers. Dan, a chief ma- 
gistrate, &. Adon, a lord. Arab. 
Span. & Irish, Don, liigh, noble, 
Hind. Dhunee, a proprietor, 
— p]. people, Ps. Ixxiv. 18. 

DYii)eArt)lAÓb,-bA, s.f. manliness, 

OYit)eArT}Y|l,-n)lA, adj. manly, 
like a man. 

Dy^^, (contr. fr. tio ii),) to us, 
emphatic form, Ovii^e. 

DYjoce, ind. p.p. shut, closed. 

DYilic,-ce,-ci,s.f. a dagger, a dirk. 

Dyi]*, see, DyaiT' 

DYir5, i^if- i^YrjAft, v.a. awake, 
inf. Cant. viii. 4. see, Dyi|'i5. 

Dv-irij, inf. bYTACi), V. a. raise, 
stir lip. Is. xii. 1. — Luke iii. 
8. 2 Peter i. 13. waken, rouse. 

Ouirf3re,ind.p.p.a«-a/-erf, roM^ei/, 
stirred up, OYirsce, id. 

X2>y\X\\), g. id. pi. -x)\^o, s.m. a do- 
zen, a hank (f yarn of twelve 
I cuts, each cut containing 120 
! threads. O'G. 




Dv|f|oll,-ill, pi. id. s.m. a sprout^ 
see Ps. xlii. 7. a cloud, a gloom, 
also, afiute, a pipe. 

Dvic, (contr. fr. bo, &, cv,) to 
thee, Mark ii. 9. emphatic form, 

Oricce, g. id. pi. -ci6e, s.f. comw- 
try, estate, land, Luke xv. 15. 
Heb. xi. 15. — Heb. xi. 14. see, 

Dvl,-vil, pi. id. s.m. any thing 
created hij God, an element, 
the terraqueous globe, Dja r)<\ 

OyI,-y]1, pi. id. s.ra. a snare, a 
trap, Rom. xi. 9. I Cor. vii. 
35. — pi. C. P. a loop, a net, 
a gin, a springe. 

Dvl,inf. bvili5eAcc, v. a. ensnare, 
entrap, surround with a net, 
catch with a loop. 

Dvl, a defective verb, to go, to 
depart, Gen. xii. 5. Acts i. 4. 
1 Tim. V. 24-. there is no part 
of this verb in use except the 
inf. pres, bvl, to go, & pres. 
part. A5 bvl, going. 

OvUc,-Ai5e, adj. full of snares, 
loops or traps. 

Dvnji-ACj-Aije, adj. dark, dismal, 
gloomy, O'G. 

Ovt), g. tiY]X), pi. id. s.m. a hill, a 
mount, a fortified house, a for- 
tress, a castle, a fortified hill, a 
mound, old Pers. Doen, a hill, 
Copt. Ton, a mountain, Turg. 
Dun. high. Germ. Dun, a city, 
Eng. Town, & the Lat. ter- 
mination Dunum or Dinum. 

Drt),-t)A6, V. a. shut, close, Rev. 
XX. 3 Gal. iii. 23. Rev. xi. 6. 

Ovolv]-,-v^|', 8. m. knotted fig- 
worth, Scrophularea nodosa. 

Dvntt)oi|tb,-boi6, v.a. commit homi- 
cide, murder. 

Dvt)ri)<xitbAÓ,-bcA, pi. id. s.m. a j 
murder, Ex. xx. 13. Rom. xiii. I 

9. — John viii. 44. Acts xxviii. J. 
Mark vii. 21. 

Diiort)AitbcAC,-Ai5. pi. -cvij, &, 
-At5e, s. m. rt murderer, Num. 
XXXV. 18.— pi. Is. i. 21. 

Dvrjri)A|tbcóni,-óiiA,-ói|iióe, s.m. 
a murderer, Num. xxxv. 16. & 
18. — Num. XXXV. 31. Deut. 
xix. 4. 

Dvr)poiic,-vi|tc, pi, id. s.m. a for- 
tified castle. 

DvocA, ind. p.p. of Oru, shut up, 

Orp,-v|fte, adj. stupid, dull, hard, 
Lat. Dur-us. 

OvftAcbít)-rnór)A, round- 
leafed sundew, moor grass, 
Drossera rotundifolia. 

Ov(iAncA, ind. a.di.?-igid, morose. 

DvfiAt)CACb,-bA, s.f. rigidity, ri- 
gor, fr. the obs. adj. brji, hard, 
vernacularly pronounced, Da- 


Ovfic|toí6eAÓ,-6i5e, adj. hard- 
hearted, vern. DAficjioioeAc. 

Ovftb<sl,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a cooing. 

r)r]ib'Ar),-^]X), pi. id. s.m. a mote, 
a particle of dust, also, a 
murmur, a purring, a hum- 

Dv-it5AncA, ind. adj. surly, sour, 
repulsive, see, OY|tAT)CA. 

Dúf ACD,-bA, s. f. watchfulness, 

DvrAi5ce, ind. p.p. awaked, stir- 
red up, roused. 

^>TS^13^eóiii,-óttA,-óifti6e, s.m. 
a monitor, one who awakens. 

OvcA|5, g. id. &, bvcAi5e, pi, id, 
s.m. or f. land. Gen, xlix. 15. 
— Gen, xxviii. 4. Num. xiii. 
16.— pi. see Matt. xix. 29. 
Mark x. 30. a native land, a 
district, or territory, an he- 
reditary estate, fr. the obs. adj. 
Ovc,-CA, natural, hereditary, 

e ^ b 



Dvccvf j-vii", s.ra. nativity, Ezek. 
xvi. 3 — Jer. xlvi. 16. native, 
hereditary right, hereditary 
temper, a hirth-place, a patri- 
monial inheritance. 

DvccY|*<xc,-Ai5e, adj. hereditary, 
native, natural to one's family, 

OúccY|*Ac,-<\i3, pi. id. &, -Ai3e, 
s. m. an inhabitant, a native, 
pi. Lev. xviii. 25. Jos. ii. 9. 
Is. xxiv. 6. 

Oiicft<xc,-Ai.-^,-Ai5e, s.m, a foun- 
dation, Micah i. 6. 

OúcftAC&,-í5A, s. f. diligence, 
carefulness, Rom. xii. 8. 2 Pet. 
i. 10.— 2 Cor.vii. 11. 

Dúc|iÁc&Ac,-A]5e, adj. unceasing, 
forward, Acts xii. 5. — 2 Cor. 
viii. 17. sincere, diligent, ear- 

Oucji<\ci)AC,-Ai3,-A|5e, s.m. a di- 
ligent person, — g. Prov. x. 4. 
& xii, 24. 

G, /^6a6a, the aspen tree,) the 
fifth letter of the modern Irish 

^ Alphabet. 

é, pars. pron. he, it, used as a 
nom. case after the assertive 
verb, i|*j after all the pass, 
verbs, &c., as, ]y ^, it is he, 
bvAilceAji Í», he is struck, see 

^ Matt. i. 20. 

é, pers. pron. ace. case, him, it, 
Matt. i. 20. 

G, a negative prefix, written, eA, 
or, ev, when the first vowel of 
the following syllable is either 
of the broad vowels, a, o, or, v. 

6 ! an interjection of surprise. 

Ga, a neg. prefix, it becomes ei, 
when the first vowel of the fol- 
lowing syllable is either of the 

^ slender vowels, e, or, ]. 

GAb<N, see, GvbA. 

GAbfiA, ind. adj. Hebreio, Acts 
xxii. 2. as an ind. subs, the He- 
brew language. 

©AbjiACj-Aije, adj. Hebrew, 

GAb|iAc,-Ai5,-At3e, s. m. a He- 
brew, a Jew, Jer. xxxiv. 9. 

eAbiXAi|-,-re, s.f. the Hebrew lan- 
guage. John xix. 20. 

GAbtiY|6e,ind. a-a]. Hebrew, Deut. 
XV. 12. Jer. xxxiv. 14. 

GAb|avj5eAÓ,-5i5e, adj. Hebrew, 
Gen. xxxix. 17. Ex. xxi. 2. 

Gao, g. eic, pi. id. &, eAC|tv|6, 
s.m. a horse, Ex. xv. 21. Rev. 

vi. 2.— Rev. xix. 19 1 Kings 

X. 25. Acts xxiii. 24. Gr. 
ix-xos, Lat. Eq-uus, 

GACceA]ic, g. éACce]|tc, s, m. 
unrighteousness. Lev. xix. 15. 
Large Edn. 1827, see, é\c- 

GAc&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. a covenant, 

a thing. Job xxxi. 1 Ps. 

cxxvi. 2. a state, a condition, a 
deed, an act. 

GAcb,-&<vc>, v.a. do, act. 

e -^ o 



e AcbAiiié, g. id. pi, -|ti6e, s.m, a 
historian, a chroniclei\ 

GAc&<N]|ieAcb,-b<\, s. f. ]iislory, 

©AcbTxívijj-íV]^, pi. id. s. m. an 
alien, a foreigner, see Matt. 
xxvii. 7. 

6'<vclAir5,-Af5<N6, v.a. Jiorse-ivhip. 

G AC la n,-ivtn, s.m. a stable. 

CacpaÓj-aió, pi. id. s.m. horses, a 
stud or troop of horses, cavalry. 
Acts xxiii. 34. see, Gac. 

G<\c|tAr),-Aiú, s. m. an im- 
pediment, a quarrel. 

GacciiaOaCj-aij, pi. -Ai5e, &, 

Y15, s.m. an alien, a foreigner, 

Ps. Ixix. 8. Acts X. 28— pi. 

^ Obad. ver. 11. Gac&íiaOaó, id, 

éA&,-bA, Q.i. jealousy, — g. Num. 
V. 14. Deut. xxxii. 16. see, 


G-Ai), one of the negatives of the 

Irish in compound words ; the 

ten negatives are found in the 

following verse : 
MeArn A5vr ad, attj, eAj, eAf, 
G, eAb bo, bf, ni,b-or*'5 b|rbeA]*. 
)t)5, nf] i)i wob cejlse, 
Oe^c r)b]vlcA6 t)a '5AOíóil5e. 
G<xbA, g. id. s.f. the aspen tree, 

the name of the fifth letter of 
^ the modern Irish Alphahet. 
GAbAc,-vi5,-vi5e, s.m. a garment. 

Gen. xxxix. 13. — Ex. xxii 9. 

Matt. xiv. 36 — Ex. xxviii. 4. 

Rev. iv. 4. see, GvbAc. 
évbíiil,-ívlA, pi. id. s.f. a spoil, a 

prey, 2 Chron. xxiv. 23. 1 Tim. 

vi. 6. — Judges V. 30. — Num. 

xxxi. 11. see, Gvbivil. 
GAbAii)5ion,-5t)e, adj. weak, de- 
GAbAiosneACb, g. id. &, -bA, s.m. 

or f. nakedness, a defenceless 
^ state, — g. Gen. xlii. 9. 
OAbAifie, g. id. pi. -itl^e, s.m. a 

jealous person, see, GvbAiite. 

éAbAi),-A)r), pi. id. s.m. a face, a 

forehead, Jer. iii.3 Gal. ii. 

II. Kev. xiv. 9. more properly. 
GvbAt;, Gr. E/5wi/, an image. 
GAbAníit),-íiii), pi. id. &, ivrjA, 
s.m. a frontlet, Ex. xiii. 16. 
Deut xi. 18. — pi. see Deut. 
vi. 8. 
GAbAft5ví6e, g. id. s.f. worship, 
intercession, g. Acts xxiv. 11. 
Heb. vii. 25. mediation, fr. 
eibiii, &, ^vióe. 
GAbAii5vi6ceóip,-óttA, s. m. an 

intercessor, a mediator. 
GAbAiir5iii),-aii)> pi- id. s.m. a 
parting, a separation, 2 Samuel 
xiv. 6. 
GAbAjic|iA, g. id. s.ra.nooii or din- 
ner time, the time when the 
sun is exactly between east and 

impatien t. 
GAbrbAji,-Ai|xe, adj. jealous, Ex. 
XX. 5. 2 Cor. xi. 2. see, Gv^- 
^ rbAjt. 

GAboirt)ir),-rbr)e, adj. shalloiv. 
Ga^oi), adv. that is, Mark vii. 34. 
^ namely, to wit. 
GAbóccAf,-Air, s. m. despair^ 
2 Cor. iv. 8. more properly, 
^ GvbóccY|',-v|f. 
GAbóccAí*AC,-Ai5e, adj. despon- 
dent, hopeless. 
GAbftAb, (contr. fr. eib||i, &, cv,) 

betiveen thee. Matt, xviii. 15. 
GAbfiA^b, (contr, fr. e^bip, &, ib,) 

between you, Matt. xvi. 8. 
GAbciteói|t,-ó(tA, s.f. imbecility, 

GAbc|ieó]iAC,-Ai5e, adj. weak, 
irresolute, ignorant of the 
^ way. 

GA&citorr},-itYime, adj. light, nim- 
ble, brisk. Matt. xi. 30.— Ps. 
Ixii. 9. fr. eAb, a neg. prefix, &, 

e '^ o 


e UL 

GAbcitotDí^í),-ívir), pi. id. s.m. a 

G<\&c|ton)U5A6,-Yi5ce, pi. id. s.m. 

a lightening, an alleviation^ 

v.a. alleviate, lighten, inf. Is. 
Iviii. 6. ©A&cjionjj-ii^AO, id. 

B^t3z\yr]xr)e, g. id. s.f. lightness^ 
Luke xxiv. 11. 2 Cor. i. 17. 

6-^5, a negative prefix answering 
to the Engl, prefix, in, or, ^ln. 

€■^3, inf. id. v.a. die, see, 6'v5. 

G'a5>tI,-5U, pi. id. s.m. see 2 Cor. 
^ xii, 20. see, 6A5U. 

GA5CA0] 0,-06^6, y.a..7noan, com- 

^ plain i see, Caoji). 

GA5CAO]t7,-t)e, s.f. a moan, a la- 
^ mentation, a sob, a groan- 

GA3coirt}]*vi6,-óe, adj. inestima- 

^ ble. C. P. 

6A5cóifi,-óftA, s. f. unrighteous- 
ness, iniquity, Rev. xxii. U. — 
Luke xiii. 27. Acts i. 18. see, 

. Bv5cóiít. 

G'S-^coxx)t\[ovn,-]Kx\xr), s.m. oppres- 
sion, injustice, injury. 

6'<\5cóftAc,-<xi5e, adj. unjust, op- 

^ pressive, see, Gv5cóft<\c. 

B^-^coYfr)Y]l,-n}\A, adj. unlike, 

^ various, different. 

6<\5ci\vAi6,-6e, adj. weak, Rom. 
xiv. 1. 2 Cor, xiii. 9. sick, im- 

^ potent. 

6A3CftuAr,-<\Tf, pi. id. s.m. sick- 
ness, John xi. 4. — Matt. iv. 

^ 23.— Matt. viii. 17. infirmity. 

Ga3C|iuc,-oca, pi. id. s.m. dismay, 
terror, ] Sam. xvii. 11, 

GA5IA, g. id. s.i.Jear, Job xxviii. | 
28. — Acts X. 4. terror, timidity, j 

GA5lAc,-At5e, adj. fearful. Job 
ix. 28. Matt. viii. 26. timid. 

^^^jI'^'ISj-vsao, v. a. fear, — inf. 
Ps. Ixxxvi. 11. I 

-nt>e, s.f. a church. Acts v. 11. 
—Acts viii. 1. 1 Cor. xi. 22. 


— Rom. xvi. 4. 1 Cor. xvi. 19. 
Rev. ii. 23. Pers. Kelees-a, 
Gr. Ex-xXrio-./a. Fr. Eglise. 

GA3luife<\c,-n5e, adj. of or be- 
longing to the Church. 

eA5luireAc,-Ti5,-n3e, s. m. a 

^ churchman, an ecclesiastic. 

éA3rbAir, 1 Cor. xi. 11. see, 


GA3n)Ai|'eAd,-fi5e, adj. enormous, 
vast, very great, famous. 

éA3rbuif,-fe, s.f. want, dispensa- 
tion, see the compound pre- 
position, <x x)-'e6-x;á)i\-\x, without, 
Rom. iii. 21. & 1 Cor.xi. 11. 

G<\3T)A, g. id. s.f. wisdom, Mark 

vi. 2. Rev. V. 12 Acts vi. 

10. Jas. i. 5. 

GA3t)Ac,-A|3e, adj. icise, prudent. 

GA3tMi6e, ind. adj. ivise, Rom. 
xvi. 27. see, G<\3T)U|Óe. 

G<\3niiióe, ind. adj. wise, see 
Prov. xviii. 15. 

6^3011^06, g. id. pi. id. s.m. aicwe 
man, a prudent man, Ex. xxiii. 
8. 1 Cor, i. 20,— Prov, xiv. 8. 

^ a philosopher. 

GA3t*ArblAco,-&A, pi. id. s.f. a dif- 
ference, Ezek. xliv. 23. variety, 

^ strangeness. 

G*3]-<\tt)ii|l,-rt)lA, adj. manifold, 
diverse, different, divers, Eph. 
iii. 10. see 1 Cor. xii. 4. & 5. 
Heb. ix. 10. & xiii. 9. see, 

GAicct}eAf&A, ind. adj. perverse^ 
Job. ix. 20. properly, G)c- 


GaIa, g. id, pi. -Aloe, s.f, a swan, 
Lev, xi. 18. 

GaIaóAj-ívi), s. f. learning, art, 
science, Prov. xvi. 21. — Ex. 
xxx. 25. 

GaIaóíiOj-Soa, pi. id. &, -ó()ACA, 
s. f. art, science, learning, 
— g. 1 Tim. vi. 20. where 
GaUóí^i;, & GaIv\6i)a, occur. 

e ^v M 


e ^^ s 

Gv\U\8ai3ca, ind. adj. curious, 
2 Peter i. 16. artificial, inge- 
nious^ learned. 

Gv\Ia6<m)có||i,-ó|ia, -ói|ti6e,s.m.a 
learned or ijigenious person. 

GaIBa, g. id. pi. -AÓA, &, -A^oe, 
s.m. a imdtitude, a herd, Ps. 
Ixviii. 30. — pi. Gen. xlvii. 1. 
Ex. xii. 32. a drove. 

GAUAC,-Ai5,-Ai3e, s.m. cattle of 
any kind, Ps. 1. 10. 

OaIca, g, id. pl.-Ai6e, s.m. a covey, 
a drove, a trip (of goats), a 
rout (of wolves), a pace (of 
asses), a sounder (of wild 
hoars), a troop (of horse). 

GaIuio^i), s.f. Acts xvii. 29. see, 

e-Alu]6t;eAc,-]5e, adj. curious, in- 
genious, learned, expert. 

GaIui5,-u5a6, v.n. steal away, 
^ skulk off, elope. 

Gai), g. h-\x), pi, id. &) éAi;lA]c, 
s.m. a bird. Rev. xviii. 2. — 
Eccl. xii. 4. — Matt. xiii. 4. see, 
^ eui). 

GAT)-AblAÍ),-Ain, s.m. one wafer. 
Ex xxix. 23. properly, ?Xot)- 

^ AblAÓ. 

GAt)<xic,-ce, s.f. one place, 1 Cor. 
i. 2. 

GAí)AÓ-5AttiAi6, g. x^.'&.vci. endive, 
Cichorium endivia. 

GAi)bAirbeAÓ,-&|5, s.m. one bap- 
tism, Eph. iv, 5. properly, \Von- 

GAi)bAll,-bAill, or, -buill, s.m. — 

^ g. Eph. iv. 16. see, ^or)bAll. 

GiXTjcoiol'iJ), g. id. s.m. one stalk, 
Gen. xii, 5. properly, ^oi?- 


GAtj-coppj-cump, s.m. one body, 
I Cor. vi. 16.— 1 Cor. xii. 12. 
see, ?Voocofip. 

GAt)5Ac,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a fishing 
net, a chain of nets for herring 
or salmon fishing, a drag net. 

GAt)5lAirj"r^i s.f. gruel, milk and 
^ water, any weak dri?ik. 
GAr)5Úc,-5ocA, s. m. one voice, 

1 Cor. xiv. 10.— Acts xxiv. 21. 

see, ^oojúc. 
GAr)lai5ceóifi,-ófiA,-ói|ii6e, s.m. a 
^ poulterer, a fowler. 
GAt)-rbuit)i5|t),-5r)e, s.f. one hope, 

Eph, iv. 4. properly, Uou- 

GAnuAip,-ite, s.f. one time, — g. 
Lev. xix. 33. TeAjt eArivAjite, 
a stranger. 

GAfibAllj-biiiU, pi. id. s.m. a tail, 
Rev. xii. 4. — Ex. xxix. 22. — 
Rev. ix. 10. fr. e^wi, etid, 
&, bAll, member, or, ^Afi, 

&, bAll. 

GAjtcluActtA, g. id. pi. id. s. f. a 
lizard. Lev. xi. 30. 

GAfiplAireAyj-cii-, pi. id. an aris- 
tocracy, fr. the obs. Ga[i, head. 
Si, plAiceAf. 

GAt|iAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. the 
spring season, Gr. Ea^, — Eng. 

Ga^jiaOj-aio, &, -u]6, pi. -AjOe, 
-ujoe, &, -AÓA, s.m. wares, mer- 
chandize, Jonah i. 5 pi. Acts 

xxvii. 18. Rev, xviii. 12. 
clothing, dress, commodities, ac- 

GA||tívi&,-&e,-í3eACA, s.i. an error, 
— g. 2 Sam. vi. 7. a fault, a 

G A|Tt;\ií)eAc,-í)f5e, adj. erroneous, 

Gat, a neg. prefix answering to 
the English in or un. 

GAf ,-f A, pi. id. s.m. a waterfall, 
a cascade. 

GAfAot)CA, rebellion, Ps. 
v. 10. schism, disobedience, fr. 
GAf , neg. &, Aot)c, or, aoi?ca15, 

GArAoncAc,-Af5e, adj. disobedient, 
factious, rehellioits. 

e ?v s 


e us 

eArAti5Ainj-i)e, s. f. a tumult, 

Amos ii. 2. 
É>ArATilui5,-5e<\ct>, v.a, charm, he- 
0<\rA|tlui5eAC&,-bA, pi. id. s. f. 

witchcraft, incantation. 
G<\I*bA6Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a needy 

person, Ps. ix. 18. 
0<vrbAió, s.f. want, penury., Deut. 

ii. 7. see, ©Afbuib. 
OArbAÍ,-!!]!, pi. id. s.m. an apostle, 

Rom. xi. 13. 1 Cor. ix. 1.— 

pi. Mark vi. 30. 
GArbo55-bin5, pi. id. s.m. a Bi- 
shop, 1 Tim. iii.2.— 1 Tim. iii. 1. 
GA]-bo5ui6e<\ób,-&A5 pi. id. s.f. a 

bishoprick, Acts i. 20. 
e-Afbujo, g. id. &, -6e,pl. -t)e, s.f. 

lack, penury, want, Deut. ii. 7. 

2 Cor. xi. 9.— Gen. xviii. 28. 

Prov. xiv. 23. & xxi. 5. fr. the 

obs. adj. GAfbA, vain, idle, 

needy, or fr. eAf, neg. prefix, &, 

bi<N6, food. 
G<xfbuit)eAc,-8i5e, adj. deficient, 

wanting, poor, 1 Cor. xiii. 1 0. 
GAfbuióeACj-ÓiSj-Óije, s. m. a 

needy person, Ps. xxxv. 10. 

& Ixxxii. 3. 
6Arc<vi|t,-Ait, \.Q,.flowish,mi. Is. 

xvii. 11. shoot into ear (as 

G'ArcAi|toeAc,-&]5e, adj. hostile, 

GA|-CAi|ibeAf,-b]}*, s, m. enmity, 

OAfCAitAj-CAitAbj-CAtfibe, s.m. an 

adversary, an enemy., Am. iii. 

11.— pi. Ps. xxvii. 2. the dat. 

sing, is 6AfCA|tAi&, Matthew 

V. 25. 
OAf*CAitAib,-CA|tAb,-CA]]ibe, s.m. 

an adversary. 
G-Arcu,-cuii)e,pl. eAfcoOApejS.f. 

an eel, Qo.yco\),-c\\]\)Q, id. fr. 

eAi*, &, cu. 
^^rSrSA, pi. id. s.m. n cow's. 

tying in the stall. M'N. I 

eArsAiDe, g. id. pi. -x)\, s.f. a 
^ cursing, Ps. cix. 17. a curse. 
GAf5uib,-be, adj. ready, 1 Tim. 
vi. 18. active, officious. 

GAfsuióeAC&j-bA, s.f. readiness, 
activity, officiousness. 

GAfliviijce, g. id. pi. -ccAbA, s.f. 
sickness, an evil disease, a dis- 
ease, a plague, Ex. xxiii. 25. 
Eccl. vi. 2 — Job XXX. 18. — 
Mark iii. 10. 

&A]'livir)ceAC,-C]5e, adj. sickly, in- 
firm, unwholesome. 

G i^X^'<x[),-i^\x)e., Siá]. sick, Mai. i. 8. 

GAfrDAilcj-cej-ceACA, s.f. a re- 
proach, a reproof, fr. e Afj &, rt^ol. 

GAftDAilceACj-cise, adj. reproach- 

GApA, g. id. s.m. a rib, 2 Sam. 
ii. 23. see UpjA. 

GArr)A6,-A]b, s.m. a want of web 
for the loom. 

GA]-Ó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a iveasel, 
Lev. xi. 29. 

G'Ai'ori^óibj-be, s.f. disrespect, dis- 

GA|-ornóibeAc,-bi5ej adj. disre- 
spectful, disobedient. 

GAfOT)ó)|i,-ó|tA, s.f. dishonour, dis- 
respect, Rom. ii. 23. Jas. ii. 6. 
— 1 Cor. iv. 10. 

GArooonij-oytAb, v. a. dishonour, 
abuse, GAi-onófiAigj-ftusAb, id. 
Micah vii. 6. 

©AfODoftACj-Aise, adj. dishonour- 
able, disgraceful, abusive. 

GArun)Al,-rblA, adj. disobedient^ 
Rom. XV. 31. 2 Tim. iii. 2. 
irreverent, rebellious. 

GArurT)lACb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. trans- 
gression, disobedience, Heb. ii. 
2.— Rom. v. 14. Eph. v. 6. 
irreverence, insubordination, 

GA|-uit7pUvin,-ívpA,-:\itte, s.f. an 
ensample, n pattern, — g. Phil, 
iii. 17, see, 6|i-ion7pU\|ii. 

e 1 D 


e 1 Ó 

eAf*"n^<'^^'^^J-<^1r? s.m. presump- 
tion, Deut. xvii. 13. rebellion. 

OAru|tiAitD,-rt)e, s.f. disrespect, 
disgrace, reproach. 

GA|-uiíiArt)AÓ,-A15e, adj. pre- 
siimptuons, rebellious, Deut. 
xvii. 12. & xxi. 20. 

G-Aru||t<Mt)Acb,-bA, s. f. sttibhorn- 
ness,'De\xi. ix. 27. contumacy. 

Oaco^ikv, (contr. fr. e-\h-\yi ]<xb,) 
between them. Matt. xvi. 7. 

GACC|iócAi|ie, g. id. s.f. cruelty, 


eDeA]tb,-bA, adj.y<7/s<?, uncertain, 
fr. CA, neg. &, &eA|tb. 

6&i|tt)eAlu5A6,-ui5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
separation, — g. Num. vi. 13. 
see, e-jbi]t6eAlu5AÓ. 

Gt)l]tÓeAlui5,-lu5A6, v.a. sepa- 
rate. Num. vi. 5. — Num. vi. 
2. see, Gibi|t6eAlui5. 

e5ipceAC,-C]3, pi. id. &, -cise, 
s m. or f. an Egyptian, Gen. 
xxxix. 1. — Gen. xxxix. 5. — 
Gen. 1. 3. 

G], a neg. prefix, same as, eA, q.v. 

6']b]jtc,-ce, s.f. a report, a saying^ 
a calumny, G-\h-\\\., id. 

&]bleó5,-ó)5e,-65A, s.f. aburning 
or live coal. 

G']bleÓ5AC,-A]5e, adj.yi/Z/ of burn- 
ing coals, like burning coals. 

6'iblj5,-iu5A6, v.n. sparkle, glitter. 

G(CceA|tc,-ei|tc, pi. id. s.m. ini- 
guity, a trespass. Num. v. 31. 
Job. V. 16. — Num. vi. 12. Jer. 
xxxvi. 31. — Num. v. 31. G15- 
ceA]tc, id. 

GlbeAc,-bi5,pl-id. s.m. — g. Eph. 
vi. 14. G" J be AC ucbA, a breast- 
plate, see, BubAc. 

G]beA&,-bi6, &,-bi5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
armour, Rom. xiii. 12. fr. the 
obs. eib, cloth. 

OibeAt),-6it), &, ei6t)e, s.m. ivy, 
used also as a fem. noun. 

G(beA]ibcA, ind. adj. reprobate, 
2 Cor. xiii. 5. & 6, loose, un- 

G]beirbiT),-n;r)e, adj. uncertain, 
doubtful, fluctuating. 

GibeiiT)i)]Ocb,-bA, pi. id. s. f. un- 
certainty, doubtj Gibe]rij- 
ijCACb, id. 

Gibio|i]*5A]t,-|tÁ6, V. a. separate, 
disperse, scatter. 

Gibiopfoluf,-ii|]-, s. m.. twilight, 

^ Prov. vii, 9. 

G|bi]t, Job. xxxvi. 26. see, yé]h]\i. 

G]h]\i, prep, among, between, 
Matt. ii. 6. Mark vi. 4. 

Gibiitt)eAlu5AD,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a difference, discernment, sepa- 
ration. Acts XV. 9. Rom. iii. 

22. 1 Cor. xi. 29 Numbers 

vi. 13. 

GibiitóeAlui5,-lu5A6, v.a. sepa- 
rate, Num. vi. 5. — Num. vi. 2. 
divide, discern. 

GibifijuioCjg. id. s.f. intercession. 

Gibi|t5ui6ceó)|i,-óitA,-5nii6e, s.m. 
an intercessor. 

Gib]|irbeA6An,-Ap), pi. id. s.m. 
mediation, intervention. 

G|bi|itT)eA6At)Ac,-A]5e, adj. me- 
diate, indirect, mediatorial. 

Gibi|irbeAÓAr)có]|v, - ójtA, - óijtióe, 
s.m. a mediator. Gal. iii. 20. 
1 Tim. ii. 5. — Gal. iii. 19. an 

Gibf|in)it)]5,-iu5A6, v.a. interpret, 

Gibinrr)it)|u5A6,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
an interpretation, 1 Cor. xii. 
30.— 1 Cor. xiv. 28. see Gen. 
xli. 11. 

s.m. a translator, an inter- 

&]i>r)eixr),-ii-\r), a branch, 
or shoot of ivy. 

G \i)\)eis[)~zc^in)u\v, s.m. ground ivy, 
Glechoma hederacea- 

e ) 5 


e ) N 

6|peAC&,-bA, s.f. ejfectt avails 
consequence^ 1 Cor. vii. 19. 

^ & viii. 4. 

G|i:eAcbAc,-Ai5e, adj. effectual^ 
efficient, 1 Cor. xvi. 9. Gal. 

^ i'i. 8. 

6ipeAc&Att)u]l,-rÍ7lA,adj. effectual, 

^ efficient. 

6|5,-5rbe, v.n. cry, Gal. iv. 27. 
— Mark x. 47. Acts viii. 7. 

^ Jas. V. 4. 

G|5ceA]tc,-ce]ric, s.m. tres- 

^ pass, injustice, g. Num. vi. 12. 

G|5CéiUi&e, ind. adj. without un- 
derstanding, foolish, Rom. i. 
31. 2 Tim. ii. 23. 

Gl3ci^ce, ind. adj. uncertain, 

G'(5ci^ceAc&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. doubt, 

G']5cr)eA|'t><\, ind. adj. dishonest, 

G)^cr)eAXh^cb,-t>«^,s.i. dishonest I/, 

^ rudeness. 

G]5C|tioi)A, ind. ad'], foolish, 1 Cor. 

^ i. 27. unwise. 

éi5C|tíoi)Ac,.Ai3,-A]5e, s. m. a 

^foolish man. Job. v. 3. 

6|5C|iíoi3ACb, g. id. &, -b<x, s-m. 
or f. foolishness, folly, 1 Cor. 
/\. 21. &23.— Ps. Ixxxv. 8. 

Gl5eArt),-5TÍ7e, « try, Job 
xxxiv. 28. — Ps. V. 2. — Jas. v. 
A. a sliout, a shriek. 

ei5eAn)c6)ii,-óft<x,-5i|iit)e, s.m. a 

^ shouter, a crier- 

é]-^^ AT), -"SVJ, s.m. necessity, 1 Cor. 

^ ix. 16. see, G151T). 

G|5eAt)CAC,-Ai5e, adj. hard. Gen. 
XXXV. 17. needful, necessary, 

©15eAr,-3ir> pl- eisre, s. m. a 
learned man, a man of science. 

6'I51«55-T)e, s.f. necessity, violence,\ 

Luke ix. 22 Hab. ii. 8, 

need, distress; force, oppres- 

eisiot), Jer. xxii. 3. see, Gi^eAt). 

6i7;ipc,-ce, s.f. Egypt, He'b. xi. 
27.— Ex. XX. 2. 

Gisljóe, ind. adj. mean, abject, 

G;]5llbe<\ch,-b<\, s.f. meanness, 

G|5t)i5,-] 115^6, v.a. force, ravish, 
2 Sam. xiii. 12. Cant. iv. 9. 
— Deut. xxii. 28. distress, op- 

^ press. 

éiSOíSce, ind. p.p. forced, ra- 
vished, distressed, oppressed. 

6)5re, pi. of et3eAr, q.v. 

G]-^X^^c,-X]T,e,aiá]. learned, scien- 

©isn, g. id. s.f. learning, science, 

Gile, ind. indef. adj. pron. other. 
Matt. ii. 12. Gr. "aa>.-oc, Lat. 

©ilibj-be, s.f. a hind. Gen. 

^ xlix. 21. Jer. xiv. 5. see, Gjlic 

éili5,-iu5<\6, v.a. call in question, 
accuse, — inf. Acts xxiii. 6. & 

^ xxiv. 13. 

G|l]5re, ind. p.p. called in ques- 
tion, accused. 

é|l|5ceóifi,-óitA,-óipi6e, s.m. an 
accuser, a creditor. 

©^l^Cj-ce, pi. id. s.f. a hind, Prov. 

V. ]9. — 2 Sam. xxii. 34 Job 

xxxix. 1. 

G;illceAC,-ci5e, adj. /wZ/ of hinds. 

G|liu5<\6,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. an ac- 
cusation, — g. Tit. ii. 3. Rev. 
xii. 10. 

6li)ceA^,-cii), s.m. a morsel, g. 
Heb. xii. 16. literally and pro- 
perly, one meal, "OocfioirS 
117& AT)iu5 Aiit e^nceAÍ)," I have 
lasted to-day on one meal. 

Eph. iv. 5. 

Gir)5e)n, only begotten, John iii. 
16. 1 John iv. 9. G^psit?, id, 
see, ^ojDSein, 

e ) n 


e ] c 

^ir)lócii),-Óe,s.f. one mind, 2 Cor. 

^ xiii. 11. 

é]i)]'6, g. id. any thing, Gen. 

xiv. 23. 
B-iij^eubj-ituib, or, -jto&A, s. m. 

any thing, Ex. xxxii. ^24. 

one thitig, more properly, e]X)- 

G|ijceAC,-ci3e, s. m. a household, 

^ g. Gal. vi. 10. 

é|i)ct5eAr,-5ir> s.m. « hahitaiioii 

^ in the same house. 

éir)cíft,-|te, s.f. the same country. 

^ g. 1 Thess. ii. 14. 

Gipirt'll,-t>le,-bli, s.f. an epistle, 
Col. iv. 16. 2 Pet. iii. 1.— pi. 

^ see 2 Pet. iii. 16. 

énaceAn)u|l,-n)U, adj. heretical. 

6jfie,-iteAf), &, -\i\or), s.f. Ireland, 
Dat. GipiO. 

e-iite, g. id. pi. -\i\te, s.m. a í>2í;-- 
ien, 2 Sam. xix. 35. 

e]peA6,-ttj5,-m5e, s.m. a bur- 
den, Is. xlvi. 2. &, Oiiiis, 
g. id. pi. -ge, Large Ed. 

G}fi5e, g. id. s. f. a rising, Gen. 
xxxii. 24. Ps. cxiii. 3. 

Gi|i5eACb,-&<\, pi. id. s.f. the ad 
of rising, an insurrection. 

Giliic,-ce, S.Í. a ransom. Matt. 
XX. 28. a fine, particularly for 
bloodshed, a retribution, a re- 

£;]i(i\cQ^c,-c\^,-c\^e, s. m. a here- 
tic. Tit. iii. 10. 

G;]^\c&ACt),-'oii.,s.i. a sect,a heresy, 
Acts XV. 5. & xxiv. 14. 

ei|t)5,-|T3e, v.n. rise. Num. x. 35. 
Acts iii. 6 Luke ix. 22. hap- 

^ pen, Lat. Erig-o. 

wertw, GitieAÍJAC, id. 

eipii-j-re, pi. -ri, or, -reACA, sf. 
an era, an account of time, 
chronological history. 

P]Ii|Ve<Ncr),-i)A. s.f. chronology. 

6|rc, g. sing, of Ja^c, q.v. Jonah 

i. 17. 
G]rceAc&,-bA, s.f. cm exception 

or exclusion. 
G||*cip,-c|te, g. id. s.f. a ridge of 
^ mounds, or mountains. 
G(fb,-beAcb, v. a. hear, hearken, 

Ps. iv. 1. Mark xii. 29 — Matt. 

xviii. 17. Acts iv. 19. hark, 
^ listen, be silent, attend. 
GifbeAcc>,-bA, hearing, Rom. 

X. 17.— Matt. xi. 15. Heb. 
^ V. II. 

éffbijce, ind. p.p. heard. 
G]fbi5ce5|jt,-ófiA,-6|íi)6e, s.m. an 

auditor, a listener. 
^irélí^S^j g- id. s.f. resurrection, 

1. Cor. XV. 12. & 13. — Acts 

ii. 31. &iv. 33. 

^ \X^]V-yirV-t>^ i '^•"- '■^■^^ again. 
GiriorDpUi|i,-^fiA, pi. -<\ilie, or, 

-ixift}, s.f. an ensa^nple, a pat- 
tern, a fashion, a parable, Job 

xxvii.l. 2 Thess. iii. 9. Tit. ii. 7. 

— Ex. XXV. 9. Acts vii. 44. — 
^ 1 Pet. V. 3. 
é|nor), pers. pron. emph. form, 

/<e, he himself, 1 John ii. 2. 

éifeAt), id. 
eir^ij-rftej-rni, s.f. an oyster. 
é\yc, Deut. V, l.see, e-|r&. 
GircCAcb, see, ei|*beAcb. 
eic,-ceAÓ, V.n. fiy, inf. Gen. i. 

20. Old Ed. 1681. 
G]ce, g. id. pi. -z], s.f. a feather, 

a wing, also, an addition to a 

worn ploughshare. 
eiceAC,-C|5e, s.i.fins. Lev. xi. 9. 

Deut. xiv. 9. & 10. also, wings, 

G'iceAÓ,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m. a refusal, 

a denial, abjuration. 
éiceAC,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m. a lie, Matt. 

V. 33.— 1 Tim. i. 10. a false- 
^ hood, perjury. 
6iceói[i,-óp<x,-óijx|ce. s. m. a 


e OL 


e u 3 

G|Ci3,-ceAG, V. a. refuse, — ini. 1 
Tim. iv. 4. deny, abjure. 

Gicil,-cle, pi. id. s.f. ajiight, Ps. 
Iv. 6. 

6|c|ll,-ciolU6, &, -ceAlliMÓ, v. n. 
Jly, Ps. xi. 1.— Gen. i. 20. Rev. 
iv. 7. & viii. 13. eicjoll, id. 

eic]olUc,-lui5e, aáj.Jhjinf/, Lev. 
xi. 21. 

6'icioU-ví5,-\;5e, pi. id. s.f. ajlight, 
see abl. case in Prov. xxvi. 2. 
6'iciolUó,-luió,-u]6e, s.m. id. 

G^cfte, -jteACA, or, -|ti, s.f. 
a furrow, a trench, a ditch. 

G|CfieAC,-|ti5e, pi. id. &, -|ieACA, 
•&.{. a furrow, — pi. Jobxxxi.38. 

G-iccfxeófiAÓj-Aise, adj. silly. Job. 
V. 2. weak, sickly^ delicate in 
health, feeble. 

e,citi5eAC,-5i5e,-5eACA, s.f. fur- 
rows, Ps. Ixv. 10. literally, a 
collection or place of furrows. 

6ocAijt,-cj;AÓ, pi. -cfi<NC<x, s.f. 
a key, Luke xi. 52. Rev. 
iii. 7 — pi. Matt. xvi. 19. Rev. 
i. 18. also the key stone of an 
arch. M'N. 

Goc]t<sc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. the pea 
of any fish. 

G'oc|t<\c,-A^5e, adj. having a pea, 
(said of fish) SjAbivt) cocfiAc, 
a pea herring- M'N. 

Gól, ind. s.m. knowledge, science, 
art, Dunl. 

OólAc,-ui5e, adj. cunning, see 
Ex. XXXV. 33. knowing, intel- 
ligent, expert^ skilful, see, 

GbXiyXj-^yXt^.xri. knowledge, 1 Cor. 
ii. 2. — Luke xi. 52. see, Góluf. 

CólcuiTte, g. id. s.f. a wailing, 
Esth. iv. 3. mourning, grief. 

Gól3AC,-Ai5e, adj. knowing, skil- 
ful, 1 Cor. viii. 3, see, GoIao. 

Góluise, g. id. pi. -5ce, s. m. a 
guide, a leader. Acts i. I6. — 
pi. Matt. XV. 14. Góluióe, id. 

eóluT-,-v,f, s.m. knowledge. Acts 

iv. 13. Rom. i. 19.— Rom. x. 

2. skill, art, science, discern- 
6-óttnA, g. id. s.f. barley, Ex. ix. 
^ 31.— Ruth i. 22. John vi. 13. 
6po&,-oit>, s. m. ail ephod, Ex. 

xxviii. 4. — Ex. xxviii. 28. 
6ubA, g. id. s.f. Eve, Gen. iv. 1. 
6'u&,-feA, pi. id. s. f. jealousy, 

zeal, Deut. xxxii. 21. Ps. ixix. 

9 — Deut. xxxii. 21. Zeph. i. 18. 
G'uC)Ac,-Ai5,-u75e, s. m. clothes, 

apparel, a garment, raiment. 

Gen. xlix. 1 1 . Acts xx. 33.--Matt. 

ix. 20.— Gen. xxxv. 2. Matt. 

xvii. 2. a robe, a dress, cloth. 
Gubail,-i)ilA, gain, profit, 

lucre, 2 Cor. xii. 17. & 18. — 

1 Cor. X. 33. Tit. i. 11. Jas. 

iv. 13. — Num. xxxi. 11. 
6ubAi|te, g. id. pi. -itjóe, s.m. a 

jealous person. 
Gubi^lACj-Aije, adj. gainful.^ pro- 
fitable, lucrative. 
Gu&rbA|t,-A]]te, aia]. jealous, Deut. 

V. 9. 
G'iic»tr»A|tAct),-bA, s. f. zeal, jea- 
Gubui5,-U5AÓ, v.a. clothe, array, 

Job. xxix. 14. & xl. 10. dress. 
G"3' g- éi3, &, eu5A, s. m. 

death. K. 
G'U3, inf. id.v.n. die, Gen.xxxviii- 

12. Job. ii. 9. — Num. xvii. 2. 
Gu3c5i|t,-ófiA,pl. id. s.f. a wrong, 

an injustice, iniquity, 1 Cor. 

vi. 7.— Matt. vii. 23. 
6u5cójiAC,-Ai5e, adj. injurious, 

1 Tim. i. 13. unjust. 
G'u3-lfor,-leA]'A, pi. id. s.m.. a 

Churchyard,a burying ground. 
G'u3r)AC,-Ai5e,-ACÁ, s.f. a wailing, 

a lajnentation. O'G. 
6u3TArbuil,-ri7lA, adj. differenU 

divers, Rom. xii. 6. 2 Tim. iii. 

6. see, eA3fAmuil. 



y?v o 

Gvló5<vó,-6i5i;e, pi. id. s.m. an 

escaping, a stealing awag. 
Gvló 15,-05 a6, v. n. steal aivay, 

elope^ Genesis xxxi. 20. see, 

©vlcÓ5, inf. id. V, n. iciihdraiv 

thyself , Gdi\. ii. 12. 
G'vlvi5ceóifi,-ófiA,-ó]|t]8e, s.m. a 

deserter, an eloper. 
Gvt), g. éit), &, éojr), pi. id. s.m. a 

birds Lev. xiv. 5. — Lev. xiv. 

0. & 52. a fowl. Gr. Oicju-hg, 

see, Gat). 
Gvi?AbM),-ivt!j, pi. id. s.m. an 

GYt)Ab6i]i,-ó|tA,-ói|t]6e, s. m. a 

bird fancier, a bird catcher. 
Gvr)loft3,-lvnt5, s.m. the same 

step, 2 Cor. xii. 18. properly, 

Gvr5vió,-6e, adj. ready, see, 


T, /'TeAtin, the aider tree,) the 
sixth letter of the modern Irish 

TTa, prep, against, under, to, 
unto, for, on account of, Matt, 
iv. 6. 

Ta, without the article ad, pre- 
fixed to a noun substantive gives 
it an adverbial meaning, as, p* 
cvl, backwards. 

1FAbAl,-<v]l, pi. id. s.m. a report, 
an account, a fable, also, a 

1FAbAlcvf,-v||*, pi. id. s.m again, 
Acts xvi. 16. & xix. 24. a pro- 
fit, a benefit, an income. 

TFAbAfi,-Ai|t, pi. id. s. m. a favour, 
an in terest, friendsh ip. 

TAbAft<xc,-Ai5e, adj. favorable, 

Ti^bftA, g. id. pi. id. &, -Ape, s.m, 
a fringe. Num. xv. 39. — pi. 
Num. XV. 38. & Deut. xxii, 12. 
an eyelid. 

TAb[tA, g. id, s m. February. 

Tac g. tAic, pi. id. s. m. the han- 
dle and foot timber of a spade, 
a spade. 

Tac,-ca, pi. id. s.f. a slit, a hole, 
a crevice. 

TA&,-iv|b, s.m. a length, Eph. iii. 
18. a distafice. 

TAbA, comp.|:A)&e, &, po]be, adj, 
long, Jos. vi. 5. — Luke xvi. 2. 
John xvi. 21. distant, Arab. 
Fid, extensive. 

TAbC\il,-iilA, pi. id. s.f. a delay, 
Gen. xliii. 10. tediousness. 

TAbivil, inf. id. v.n. delay, see Ex. 
xxxii. 1. tarry. 

TAbivlAC,-Ai5e, adj. of long conti- 
nuance, Deut. xxviii. 59. slow, 
tedious, lingering. 

T^Óbj-bAÓ, v.a. strip, spoil, inf. 
1 Chron. x. 8. Col. ii. 15. 

T<vbbAD,-Ai6, s.m. a spoiling, a 
spoil, Heb. X. 34. 

TAbólvA|*Ac,-Ai5e, adj. long- 

T'Ab-co|-Ac,-Ai5e,adj. long-legged. 

r á5 



TA-Óeojj, cpd. adv. Jinally, 
Eph. vi. 10. 1 Peter iii. 8. fr. 
K*, &, 06015. 

TAh-^óisTbeACj-btSe» adj. long- 
suffering, 1 Cor, xiii. 4. 

TAbpqli 05,-5®» s.f. long-suffer- 

TAOfU]lit)5ceAc,-ci5e, adj. /o??;/- 
suffering, Ex. xxxiv. 6. Num. 
xiv. 18. TA&^uiln)5e<\c,-5i5e, 
id. Ps. ciii. 8. 

Ta&0]5,-ó5, v.a. provoke, kindle, 
light, inf. Is. iii. 8. the modern 
form is, Ta&ai5. 

TAb-f'A05AUc,-<\i5e, adj. /0;?^- 

fAb-f A05uil, g. id. s.m. length of 
life, Eph. vi. 3. 

TAbit5A6,-ut5ce, pi. id. a length- 
ening, Deut. XXX. 20. a pro- 
longation, an extension. 

TAbui5,-u5Ab, v.a. continue, pro- 
long, Ps. xxxvi. 10 Deut. 

xi, 9. 

T^eib, v.a. yield up, breathe forth, 
Gen. xlix. 33. see, TaojO. 

TíveceAÓj-cbe, pi. id. s.m. an ap- 
pearance or disposition (to 
laughter, ) ^^ T'A&t^^ ad 5ivi|te," 
an appearance of laughter, 
TAece, id. 

Ti^3,-5bAil, V. a. depart from, 
leave, Luke xiii. 31. — Acts vi. 
2. 1 Cor. V. 10. quit, aban- 
don, forsake, Heb. Fug, Gr. 
^s-jy-u, Lat. Fug-io. 

Tiv3,-5Ail, v.a. take, get, receive, 
find. Gen. xxvii. 3. Prov. iv. 
5.— Matt. V. 42. 1 Cor. xiv. 
31. Rev. V. 12. 

Tí^3íviI,-ívIa, s.f. a getting, a find- 
ing, Prov. iv. 7. — Matt. ii. 8. 
2 Cor. xi. 12. 

Ti^^AlcAi-ACj-Ai^e, ad]. profitable, 

TivsAlcurj-uii*, s. m. profit, gain, 

TÍV3CA, ind. p.p. of y:'^-^, aban- 
doned, forsaken. 
T'atc,-cj-it), v.a. see, consider. Job 

XXXV. 5. Ps. xlv. 10. — Acts 

ii. 27. Rom. XV. 24. 
TAice, g. id. s.f. a stitch, a tatter. 
yA|criD,-iot)A, s.f. an appearance, 

a face, — g. John vii. 24. 2 Cor. 

X. 7. Gal. i. 22. sight, view, 

TAiC|-ior)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. seeing, 

Prov. XX. 12. visible, conspi- 
cuous, observant. 
TAicnot)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a seer, 

2 Chron. xxix. 30.. 
Tívió, g. id. &, -6e, pi. id. s.m. a 

prophet. Gen. xx. 7. Acts viii. 

34._Matt. X. 41. Rev. xvi. 

13 — Mark xiii. 22. Sansc. 

Vadi, Lat. Vates, a soothsayer. 
TíviÓj-ÓeAbóifigcb, y .a,, prophesy , 

inf. Num. xi. 27. Jer. xix 14. 

1 Cor. xi. 4. divine, instead 

of the root pivi6, beut) pívjÓeA- 

bóijteAcb, or, cAi||i5i|t, is used. 
TíxibeAbójiij-óitAj-óiitióe, s.m. a 

Tívi6eAbóitteAcb,-bA, s. f. pro- 
phecy. Acts xix. 6. & xxi. 9. 

—1 Cor. xiii. 9. 1 Tim. i. 18. 
Tivi6eAtbuil,-rblA, adj. prophetic. 
Tai6i|xít), g. id. pi. -n|6e, s. f. a 

fairing, a gift, fr. the obs. 

fAiÓirt, «/««>, preserved in the 

French, Foire. 
Tivi5,-5e, pi. id. s.m. a prophet. 

Matt. viii. 17.— pi. Matt. xi. 

13. com, Gr. <t>áoi. 
TAi^-le, s.f. a hiccough. 
T'Ail,-le,-leACA, s.f. a sty. 
T^ll, s.m. of destiny, only used 

in the g. as, lOir P^lU Ireland , 

Tilt i:ivil,LiA líívil. 
TAilbéitD,-rt7e, s.f. a blasting (as 

of corn, kc.J 
TAilcii-j-i-e, &, -cAj-A, pi. -reADA, 

s.f. apit, Jer. xviii. 22. see, C]y. 

T A ) 


r-^ ) 

TAilé<N&,-é)fc>, pi. id. s.m. a wimple, 
a hood. Is. iii. 22. more pro- 
perly, YileOkb, id. 

T^vilse, g. id. pi. id. &, -3Í, s.f. cm 
ouche, — pi. Ex. xxviii. 13. a 
ring, a jewel, a wreath. 

TAill,-le,-lf, s.f. an opportunity, 
Luke xxii. 6. advantage, leisure. 

TFaiIIi5,-]ii5aó, v.n. fail, neglect, 

T^iUise, g. id. pi. -CACA, s.f. a de- 
lay, a tarrying, neglect, Ex. 
xxii. 29. Ps. xl. 17. 1 Tim. iv. 
14. a failing, see Job xxxi. IG. 

1F<xilli5eAC,-5|óe, a^.^]. failing, neg- 
lectful, drowsy, O'G. 

T'AiUiu5AÓ,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
failing. Is. xxxii. 6. neglect, a 

Tic|lce, g. id. pi. -ci5e, &, -ccaoa, 
s.f. a salutation, a greeting, a 
welcome, Mark ix. 15. — Acts 
XXV. 13. — Matt, xxiii. 7- Luke 
xi. 43. 

T<xilceAC,-Ai5e, adj. ready to icel- 
come, hospitable, agreeable. 

Tí^iIci5,-iu5a6, v. a. greet, salute, 

T^irje, g. id. pi. -Of, s. m. a wart. 

T<xii)e, g. id. s.f. a weakening or 
lessening see, ^ob^Aiile. 

T^ine, g. id. pi. -i)i6e, s.m. a ring. 
Gen. xxiv. 30. & xli. 42.— 
pi. Ex. XXV. 27. & xxvi. 29. a 
circle, Ufpe, id. com. Lat. An- 
nus, & annu-lus. 

T<vift,-|te, v.a. watch, — inf. Eph. 
vi. 18. keep guard, keep atvake. 

ble, Judges ix. 15. 

TAiftc, g. id. s. f. a watching, a 

watch, Matt. xxvi. 38. & 40.— 

Judges vii. 19. 2 Kings xi. 5. 

Matt, xxviii. 11. also, an interj 

fie ! shame! 

'FAipe<xc,-|ti5e, adj. vigilant. 
1 Tim. iii. 2. watchful. 

T^-\\í-^x)e0>ú),-\)]n), &, -oice, pi. id. 
s.m. a building, — g. Mark xiii. 
1. see, Toiti5T)eAtT). 

TAi||i5e, g. id. pi. -eAÓA, s.f. the 
sea, Ex. xv. 10. — Gen. i. 26. 
— Ps. Ixix. 34. 

Tai]! 1*105,-56, adj. wide, abundant, 
Mark xiv. 15. — John x. 10. 

^^H^nnse, g. id. s.f. /?/t'niy, ex- 
tent, enlargement, Gen. xli. 
30. Gal. vi. 11.-2 Cor. X. 15. 

TAtftí'|n5eAcí),-&A, ?>.í. plenty, ex- 

'FA|ití*|r)5ió,-iii5A6, v.a. widen, 
extend, increase, properly, 

y '^'\yt)]X)e , g. id. pi. id. &, -x)], s.f. 
divination, Deut. xviii. 10. 
1 Sam. xxviii. 8. — Ezek. xxi. 
1. Acts xvi. 16. — Ezek. xiii. 
23. an omen, a prophesy. 

Tivir&ineAC,-Di5, pi- id. &, -t)|5e, 
s.m. a wizard, a soothsayer, a 
diviner. Lev. xx. 27. Deut. 
xviii. 11. — pi. Dan. iv. 7. 

'Fi^II*t)|r)eACD,-bA, s.f. augury, di- 

Tivi]'5, inf. par5<N6, V. a. embrace, 
ivring, Judg. vi. 38. — Acts xx. 
10. squeeze by twisting, press. 

1Fivif5eArT)ii]l,-iT7lA, adj. compres- 
sible, flat. 

T^irste, ind. ^.^.p>ressed, wrung^ 

Tí\|tM)é|f,-]"e,-i-eACA, s.f. a re- 
hearsal, intelligence, informa- 
tion, TeA|t pívift;é]fe, a/i /w/dr- 
Tiicr. Dunl. 

TívifTjéf]-, inf. id. V. a. prophesy, 
commemorate. K. 

T<vifi)j5,-iu5a6, v.a. publish, re- 
late, prophesy, inform. 

T'AirceA0óiit,-óftA,-óifti6e, s.m. an 
augur, a soothsayer, a prophet. 
T^lfCjije, see, T^ifbjije. 
T^1fT|t)eAC, see, TivifbjoeAC. 

r UL 



"FAiCj-ccej-cceACA, s.f. ajield^ g. 
Num. xxii. 4. Is. xxxvii. 27. 
a plain. 

pAirce, g. id. pi. -eAOA, s. f. a 

TAicceACA, s.f. pi. of TPaic, volun- 
tary contributions collected in 
the fields by such of the decent 
poor as are ashamed to beg 
from door to door., aj cjivp;- 
tvjAÓ ^AicceACA, collecting 
such contributions. M'N. 

TPAIcceAfj-ci]-, s.m. /ew/*, 2 Cor. 
vii. 15, Eph. vi. 5. apprehen- 
sion, y^]zc]ox, id. 

Tiv]ce<\c,-ci5e, adj. timid, fear- 
ful, shy, fr. the obs. Tii]ce, 

y'A]t-\\),-V^,-r)], s.f. a /icm of a 

yi>X,-'^]\, pi. id. &, jíívlcA, 8. m. a 

hedge, Job. i, lO pi. Ps. 

Ixxx. 12. & Ixxxix. 40. a fold, 
a circle, a wall, Lat. Val-lum. 

T<\Ia15,-a6, v. a. hedge, enclose, 
Ti^l,-U6, id. see Hos. ii. 6. 

TiiUisce, ind. p.p. hedged, en- 
closed, walled round. 

T^lAi5ceÓT|i,-óft<\,-ói}tióe, s. rn. 
a hedger, an encloser. 

TAUiite, g. id. pi. -móe, s.m. an 
ambler, a pacing horse. 

'FAlAiiieAc&,-&A, s.f. an ambling 
pace, TAlAjiAcb, id. 

f AlcATfie, g. id. pi. -pióe, s. m. a 
scoffer, a cheat. 

T<>lcAiiie<xct),-ftA, s.f. a scoffing, 
a cheating, ill conduct. 

y&\c^-\-\\.e ^rioOAin, s. ra. male 
pimpernel, Anagallis arvensis. 

TAl6oi*,-bvtr, pi. id. s.m. a thorn 
hedge, Micah vii. 4. 

TAllAittje, g, id. s.f. emptiness^ 

ToX\'^]x),-\)e, adj. sound, whole- 
some, Prov. xiv. 30, 1 Tim. 
i, 10. TaIUu, id. 

TAll^toe, g. id. s.f. soundness, 

health, Ps. xxx\iii. 7. 
'FAllixir)eAC&,-bA, s. f. health. 
TaUi-a, ind. adj./ff/.ve, slothful. 
Matt. XXV. 26. 2 Cor. xi.' 13. 
2 Peter ii. 1. 
TAllrACj-MSe, a,á]. false, see Rev. 

xvi. 13. 
T'AllrAC&,-bA, s. f. slothfulness, 

falsehood, Prov. xix. 15. 
y^\\x''\r),-''XT^x), pi. id. s.m. a sloth- 
ful man. Proverbs xxvi. 13. 
& 15. 
TAllrvi5,-v5A6, v. di. falsify, inf. 

Amos viii. 5. 
TAUv|n7;,-5e,-5eACA, s. f. a man- 
tle, Judges iv. 18. 1 Sam. 
xxviii. 14. — pi. Is. iii. 22. 
T'Al|-voAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a fal- 
sifier. O'G. 
TAlrvt)Acb,-bA, s. f. falsehood, 

TAlcAt)A|*,-A]rj pl. id. s. m. a 

grudge, enmity, spleen. 
y^x),-^^n)y]V), v. a. dwell, stand, 
abide, continue, tarry, Judg. 
xvii. 10. Job xxxvii. 14. Luke 
xxiv. 29.— Acts ii. 46, & x. 48. 
yi<\),-\]\), pl. id. s.m. a nander- 

ing, a straying, a descent. 
T<^^?-<^l5e, adj. weah, faint, lan- 
guid, infirm, see, /A^i^e. 
TA5lA5,-Ai5e, tiai.weak, languid, 

TAUYiDifteACj-bige, adj. negli- 
gent, careless. 
TAobAiitCj-rA, s.f, the temper of 
any sharp bladed instrument, 
the temper of steel or iron. 
TAobAft,-A]fi, pl. id. s.m. an edge, 
Eecl, X. 10. Rev, xix. 15. see 
Ps. vii. 12. 
TAo5|tAC,-Ai5e, diay sharp, edged. 
TAobftA]3,-[xv5AÓ, v.a. sharpen, 

whet, set (as a razor, Sfc.J 
TAobjivijce, ind, p.p. sharpened, 
whetted, set. 




TAOcó5,-6i5e,-ó5A, s. f. a peri- 
winkle^ or sea snail. 

Taoi, prep, under, beneath. 

TA0i6,-óeAÓ, v.a. give up (the 
ghost J Gen. xxv. 8. yield up, 
breathe forth, v.n. sleep, rest, 

TAoileí\o,-ívit), pi. id. s.m. a sea- 

TAOilleAc,-li5,-li5e, s. m. a rem- 
nant, Rom. xi. 5. 

TaoiUió, s.f. pi, 2Di t)A pAoilli&, 
the last half of January and 
first half of February, stormij 
month, perhaps from the obs. 
TaoiI, wolves, wolf month, the 
season of the wolf ravage. 

TAOifeA6,-i'i6, s.m. amendment, 
John iv. 52. recovery, help, 

T».0}X\0]X), g. id. s. f. confes- 
sion, Ezra X. 11. Daniel 
ix. 4. 

y^ox),-o-\r)e, adj. void, Gen. i. 2. 
Nah. ii. 10. empty, weak, 

1FAitAc-bvb,-bvib, s. m. great fig- 
wort, kernel wort, Scrophu- 
laria nodosa. 

yA|tA6,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a roost, a 
freight, a litter in a boat to re- 
ceive horses or cattle, Tajx- 
ca6, id. 
TAjiAiSj-tiAb, V. a. freight (a 

ship), TA|t,-|tAÓ, id. 

Tí^ltí^T),-^1'>5 s.m. wild garlick, 

mountain garlick. Allium ca- 

TA|tAO|t, interj. alas ! O'G. 
TpAfiAf ,-Aif , s.m. a reason, 2 Thess. 

iii. 2. an argument. 
TA|tA|-bA, ind. adj. solid, sober, 

TAficA, g. id. pi. -a6a, s.m. a maul, 

a beetle, a mallet. Pro v. xxv. 

18. T AjlCA, id. 

TAfiCA-cefijcibe, g. id. pi. -caóa- 

ceii)ci6e, s.f. a flaming thun- 

'y^\\c}^o]c\ox),-c-\x), pi. id. &, -coe, 
s.m. the Epidermis. 

Tivri!5otiv|-,-Yir, pi. id. s.m. a lintel 
of a door, Ex. xii. 22. 1 Kings 
vi. 31. 

yi^y\í6.c,-^]^,s.xn. pestilence, force, 
violence. C.P. 

T ATftA6,-Aió, s. m. a company, 
Deut. xxxii. 39. 

TTAniivilj-i^lA, pi. id. S.Í. 2^rese?ita- 
tion. C.P. 

fAtri^íJj-ívn), s.m. vexation, cha- 
grin, annoyance, anger. 

TFATtiAt)Ac,-Ai5é, adj. vexatious^ 

T A tn* A 1 1)5,-56, adj. wide, see, 


Tivf, inf. id. v.n. grow, enlarge, 
spring, 2 Kings iv. 34. — Gen. 
ii. 9. 2 Cor. X. 15. Hebrews 
xii. 15. 

y^sXi-'MXy pi- id. s.m. a growth, 
aji encrease. Am. vii. 1. 2 Cor. 
x. 15. — Am. vii. 1. 

Tí^r^í^r^'^láj-^IS^j s.m. a wilder- 
ness, a desert. Matt. iii. 1. & 
xxiv. 26. 1 Cor. x. 5. — Num. 
xxxiii. 6. Jer. ix. 10. fr. the 
obs. adj. T^f, empty, void. 

TAfAtr)Yil,-rblA, adj. ^ro2<;m<7, also, 
wild, desert. 

y'^xcc^^i), g. ^iv^fcce, pi, id. s. m. 
a squeezing, a wringing, a press- 
ing. Lev. XX vi. 5. Prov. xxx. 
33. more properly, Ti^rs^b. 

Ta]*ca6,-ai&, pi. id. s.m. a refuge, 
a shelter. Is. xxv. 4. — Job. 
xxiv. 8. spelled also, To^rs^Ó, 
" CAob At) ^Af5Ap," the lee 
side, a nautical term, 

TivrcoiU,-le,-lce, s. f. a grove. 
Judges vi. 25. a young 

')F'^fó]iAÍ),-|ivii), a plant, 
a grove, a vineyard, Gen. ii. 5. 

re 'ii 


ye u 

& xxi. 23. Ps. Ixxx. 15. Is. V. 
7 — pi. Is. xvii. 10. 
TFíi]-5<\ó, Prov. XXX. 33. see, 

TAr5A6,-Ai&, pi. id. s.ra. Is. xxv. 
4. see, TAfCAó. 

Tív]TbA]i,-Ai|te, adj. vegetative, 
growing, thriving. 

Tivf t)Á b-Aou ojóce, s.m. « mush- 

TAfcY5A6,-Y|5ce, pL id, s. m. a 
binding, a fastening, a securing, 
a bond, vern. Ta]-co5<\ó. 

TArcY(5,-v5AÓ, V. a. se?;re, grip, 
hold, bind, fasten, secure. 

TFi\]-v5A6,-Yi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
wasting. Is. lix. 7. fr. obs. adj. 
^iv]-, waste. 

ViifYtSj-vSAO, v.a. /aj/ waste, de- 
populate, destroy. 

T'iv|*Y|5ce, ind. p.p. /«ic? waste, de- 

Tac, g. fTACA, pi. id. a cause, 
2 Cor.v. 12. a reason, occasion, 

TACAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. causative, op- 
portune, see Ps. kxxi. 15. 

Tacac,-ai3, pi. id. s.m. a giant, 
see, ?V|ceAc. 

TACACArbYil,-ri)U, adj. gigantic, 

TFAC^YAitt),-TDe,-Tt)i, s.f. a hem (of 
a garment,) Ex. xxviii. 33. & 
34 Ex. xxviii. 33. 

TTe, g. id. s.f. a measuring rod. 

TeAbYf ,-Yif , s.m. excellency, good- 
tiess, Ps. xxxix. 5. Phil. ii. 20. 

TeAbYfAi3,-fY5<x6, v. a. correct, 
make better. 

TeAC, see, Tac. 

TéAC,-cAin, V. a. Judges xvi. 5 — 
Matt, xxviii. 1. Acts i, 9. see, 

TeAC,-CA6, v.a. bend, bow, TeAC 
bo slv-t), Ois. see, fcAcb 

feACAÓj-Aió, pi. id. s.m. a kneel- 
ing, a bending. 

TéACAfc»6|ft,-óttA,-ónti6e, s.m. a 
seer, 1 Sam. ix. 9. more pro- 
perly, TeYCAbói|i, q.v. 

TéACAiT}, g. id. s.f. see, Tcycaii). 

TeAc&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. n grave, a 
country, also, time, place. 

TeACb,-bA6, v.a. bend, bow, yield, 

TeAb,-&A, &, T^eibe, pi. -bA, s.m. 
& f . a whistle, a shrill noise, a 

Te^by-h-^'^yX, v.n. whistle. 

TeAb,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a fathom. 
Acts xxvii. 28. always TeAÓ, 
-6a, in the modern spoken 

TeA6,-ÓA, pi. id. s.f. a fathom, 
vernacularly ; also, extent, 
length, cotitinuance ; in the 
latter significations, it is used 
in the cpd. prep. Ui]i ^eAÓ, 
throughout, during, 2 Chron. 
xxxi. 20. 

TeAbivil,-le, s.f. a whistling, a 

TeAbA^^e, g. id. pi, -y.\6e, s.m. a 
whistler, a piper. 

TeA6AiO,-6r)A, pi. id. s. f. a com- 
pany, a tribe, a collection of 
people, — g. Gen. xxvi. 26. & 
xxxix. 1. 

TeAb^lAc,-AT5,-A]5e, s.m. a hiss- 
ing. Is. V. 26. 

TeAbAti), I can, I am able, a de- 
fective verb, it has neither im- 
perative nor inf. mood, see 
Deut. xii. 15. Job xxxvi. 23. 
& 26. see also O'Brien's Gram, 
from page 123 to 126. 

TeAbA^j-ivit), pl. id. s.m. a flute, 
Dan. iii. 5. — Dan. iii. 7. a 
flageolet, a pipe, a reed, also, 
a canal. 

T'eAbAr)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
flute-player, a piper. 

TeAbi\DACb,-bA, ^.{.playing on a 
fide or pipe. 



re u 

TeAbAfi, a defective v. / know, 
Now only used negatively, as, 
r)\ freAbAjt tr>&,-cu,-fé, pi. i^i 
freoibArrjAft, see the emphatic 
form, x)\ freAbAtDA] \\x)e, tee know 
not^ Job xxxvi. 26. see Tibin- 

TeAb50]le, g. id. s. f, a noise 
in the stomach of some horses 
when trotting. 

TéAÓttxx, g- of \ie\Sn), need, service, 
superintendence. C. P. 

TeAOn^Arbuilj-ii^lA, adj. service- 

'FéA&rt)At)AC,-At5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
steward, a bntler, a servant, 
Gen. XV. 2, & xl. 1, Luke 
xii. 42. an overseer. 

Té<\6tT><xt)ACD,-&A, s. f. a hutler- 
ship, g. Gen, xl. 21. a steward- 
ship, service. 

TéAÓrt^AOCA, ind. adj. belonging to 
the office of a butler, 8fc., official. 

TéAÓnjAncACj-Aij, a steward, 

Titus i. 7 pi. 1 Peter iv. 

10. see, TéAÓtDAtjAÓ. 

TéA6rt)Ar)cv]*,-vif, s.m. a dispen- 
sation, oversight, stewardship, 
2 Kings xii. 11. Eph. iii. 2. 
Col. i. 25. 

TéAÓDA, g. id. pi. -Ai^e, s.m. a 
company, a tribe, see peAÓAitj. 
This masc. form is more used in 
the modern spoken language. 

TeAb53,-ói5e,-ó3A, s. f. a grey 

TéAbvij, may or can, Deut. xii. 
15, see péAbAti), & pevovj. 

T&Abvi*, canj Job xxxvi. 23. see, 


TeA5,-5A, pi. id. s.m. a mill cog, 
a tooth, a notch. This is often 
used, TeA5, g. pe|5e, pi. 
|íeA5A, s. f. 

TeA3A, g. id. pi. id. s. f. a beech- 
tree, Gr. <t>riy-hi. Lat. Fag-us 

T^AtniJ^e, comp. of TtjAic, q. v 
Mar. V, 26. 

TeAU,-eille, s.m. a conspiracy, 
treason, treachery, 1 Sam. xxii. 
8. 2 Kings xi. 14. & xv. 15. 
Lam. i. 2. deceit, murder. 

TeAll|*A, g. id. s. f. philosophy, 
learning, literatnre. 

TeAll[-Ait),-rf)Atj,-rbAii), s. m. a 

1P'eAllfATbt)Ac,-u\i5,-T)\?3e, s. m. a 
philosopher, pi. Acts xvii. 18. 

TeAllj-ArbnAcbj-bA, s. f. philoso- 
"phy. Col. ii. 8. learning, also 

TeAllcAC,-Ai5e, adj. deceitful, 
treacherous, Jer. iii. 10. 

TFeAllcAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a mur- 
derer. Job xxiv. 14, a treacher" 
ous person. 

TeAllcóift,-óftA,-ó|fii6a, s. m. a 
traitor, C. P. a deceiver. 

TeAllcói|ieAc&,-bA, s.f. treachery, 
deceit, villainy. 

TeAii7t)Ac,-Ai3e, s.f. weeds, sea- 
weeds, Jonah ii. 5. literally, a 
collection of sea ^ceeds. Alga 

TeAtDuinj-iDHA, s.f. sea-weed. 

T'eAu,-i3A6, V. a. flay, skin, see 
Micah iii. 3. 

TeAQ<\ó,-^cA, pi. id. s m. a ftay- 
ing, a skinning. 

TeAijó5,-ó|5e,-65A, s.f. a royston 
or carrion crow, see, T10DÓ5. 

TeAÍ)cA,ind. ^.ip. flayed, skinned. 

T'eAucóip,-ó)iA,-ói|ii6e, s. m. a 
flayer, a skinner. 

T'eAH,-]icvin, &, -|tAD, v.n. rain. 
Gen. xix. 24. Ex. ix. 23 — 
Amos iv. 7. for ^cApAb, used 
impersonally in the perf. pass, 
see Amos iv. 7. The inf. act. 
peA]iA6, signifies vernacularly, 
to happen, to fall on, as, " Ca 
1*6 A5 peA|tAD o|trn Ar)oir," it 
is falling on me now, i. e. 
/ am now feeling the conse- 

re u 


re ^ 

TeAji, g. y]\i, pi. id. s.m. « mau, 

a husband. Gen. iii. 6. John 

iv. 17.— Matt. ix. 15- 1 Cor. 

V. 2 Matt. xxii. 30. Heb. 

Fear & Fir, Lat. Vir, Gr. 

'A^-r,;, The man, or God of war. 
TeA|tAÓ<x]--cí5e,-Air-cí5e, s. m. 

econoimj, T. O'F. 
TeAfiArnlAc&j-bA, s. f. manliness, 

power, heroism. 
TeAriArb>il,-fi)U, adj. manly, 

courageous, heroic. 
TeA|ii^r),-AiD, pi. id. s, m. wild 

garlicky cives, pi- heads of gar- 
TéA|i^r),-íiit), pi. id. s.m. a turtle 

dove. Gen. xv. 9. Lev. xii. 6. 

a ring dove, a quest, Té<^|tívt} 

b fie AC, a turtle. 
TeAitAÍ),-^!^, &, -y\\), pi. id. s. m. 

land, afield. Gen. xxviii. 13. 

Acts i. 19. — Matt. xiii. 36. 

Acts V. 3.— Neh. v. 11. a 

farm. Matt. xxii. 5. 
TeAftbívo,-í^lT), s. m. crowfoot, 

ranunculus repens. 
TeApbols, g. KijibvilTj, pi. id. &, 

-bol5A, s.m. one of the Belgce, 

also, a scabbard, a sheath. 
TeAjt b|iAcv?5e, g. vm t>p<\cv?5e, 

pi. id. s.m. a standard bearer, 

Isaiah x. 18. 
Teoi]i ceo]\, g. pi|t ceojl, pi. id. 

s.m. a musician. 
TeA|i coiméAb, g. ^iTi coin^evb, 

&, ^i|t coin)&A&A, pi. id. s. m. 

a keeper. Gen. xxxix. 22 & 23. 

— Gen. xxxix. 21. see 1 Chron. 

ix. 19. 
feA|iÓA, iud. adj. male, Joshua 

xvii. 2. manly, brave. 
TeAix&A, g. id. s.m. a male, Num. 

V. 3. 
Tgii-&eA5UbAiacA, s.m. an orator, 

an eloquent man. Acts xxiv. 1. 
TeAii-biceAt)CA, exe- 
t cutioner, — g. Mark vi. 27. 

TeAit-blise, g. -put-blise, pi. id. 
s. ra. a lawyer, Titus iii. 13. 
The pi. in use is, Ivcb bl^5e, 
lawyers, see Luke xi. 45. 
TeATt-éAr)vAi|te, s.m. a stranger, 
a sojourner. Exodus xii, 45. 
Lev. xxii. 10. The pi. used 
in Lev. XXV. 23. is, AOféAi;- 

TeAti-piAtiv;;^e, s. m. a hunter. 
Gen. X. 9. The pi. in com- 
mon use is, lucb ^iAÓ>75e. 

TcAjts, g. rems^i s- f- anger, 
wrath, Col. iii. 8. — Matt, xviii. 
34. Rom. xiii. 4. & 5. 

TeAit5AC,-Ai5e, adj. icroth,angry, 
Gen. xxxiv. 7. Titus i. 7. 

TeAji-SAoil, g. pin-5*°1^» s- ™- ^ 
relative, vern. pi. is, Ivcb 5A01I. 

TeAia-iAfAcb, g. piti-iAfACb, s. ra. 
a borrower, pi. Ivcb lAi-Acb, 

TeA|i-iooAib, g. piit-tODAib, pi. id. 
s.m. a representative, a lieu- 
tenant, a vicar. Dunl. 

TeAftrDAbj-Aib, s. m. envy, jea- 
lousy, bigotry. 

TeAftn7<\bAC,-Ai5e, adj. envious, 
jealous, bigoted. 

TeA|ttT)Abói|t,-óriA,-óiíti6e, s. m. 
an envious or jealous person. 

TeA|io,-t)A, s. m. an elder tree, 
elder wood. The sixth letter 
of the modern Irish alphabet. 

TeA]it3Ó5,-6|5e,-ó5A, s.f. an elder 

TeAfi-tjvAbpofCA, s. m. a bride- 
groom. Matt. ix. 15. John ii. 
9.— Jer. vii. 34. & xvi. 9. 
Matt. ix. 15. spelled also, 

TeAii-ojbfte, s. m. a workman, 
vernac. pi. Ivcb oibfie. 

TeJ^tjt, better. Matt. v. 29. com- 
parative of rtMlc, q.v. 

TeATiiArbAtiij-ATiit, s. m. an over- 
plus, C. P. 

ye ^ 



TeAiir^í'j g- reipr^e, pi. id. 
s. f. a pit or pool of water 
in the strand wlien the tide is 
at low ebb ; a passage across 
the strand at low ebb- 
TeAHtr^l^j-^e, pi. -t>i, &, -beACA, 
s.f. a verse, C. P., also, a spin- 
dle, one of the bones of the 
cubit (the Ulna). 
TeAT^OA, ind. adj. manly, 1 Cor. 

xvi. 13. 
TFcAitc, g, 1iei|tc, pi. id. &, 
f eA|tc<x, s. m. an act, a manly 
action, a virtue, a miracle. 
TeA^iCj-CA, pi. id. s.ra. a grave, a 

tomb, |:eA|tc l<xo|, aji epitaph. 
lFeA|i-CAbA]tcA, s. m. a dispenser, 
^eA]t-cAbA|icA At) bli5e, a law- 
giver, — g. see Num. xxi 18. 
where it should be spelled, 
]íHi-cAbA]tcA AO bli5e. 
TeA|xcAi5,-cv5A65 v.a. bury, inter. 
TeA|icAri)vil,-rblA, adj. reputable, 

miracidous, manly. 
TeAttcAf,-Ai|*, s. m. manly con- 
duct, Lat. Virtus. 
TeAnt-ci5e, g. fin-ci5^j P^* i^. 

s.m. a householder. 
TeA]ac\ii),-CAÍ3A, s. f. rain. Lev. 
xxvi. 4. Heb. vi. 7. — Job xxix. 
23. Acts xiv. 17. 
TeA|tcv?i)eAC,-^l5e, adj. raining, 

^eA]tcA^<NC,-i)Ai5e, id. 
TeAit-^ítDpióe, g. viit-vittjpióe, 

s. m. a mediator, C. P. 
TeA]-, see Tio]-. 

Te<Nf CAtt,-Aiii, p. id. s.m. evening, 
Lat. vesper, Gr. "EffTsg-os, vern. 
pA i*cv[i, time to quit. 
TeA^c<\^Ac,-|iAi5e, adj. late, be- 
longing to eventide. 
TeA|-&A, adv. henceforth. Matt. 

xxiii. 39. 1 Peter iv. 2. 
TéAT-Ó5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a beard, 
2 Sam. xix. 24. — Lev. xix. 27. 
Ezra ix. 3. — 2 Sam. x. 5. a 

TeAiTitACj-AiSi-Aise, s.m. a muz- 
zle, Deut. XXV. 4. a bridle. 
This noun is sometimes fem. 
TeAcló5,-ó)5e, s. f. peAclós pA 
c]}c^t), woodbine, common honey- 
suckle, lonicera periclymenum, 
spelled also, Te]cleó5, &, Te- 
Té|C,-é]ce, pi. -éiceAC,-é|cé, &, 
•élceACA, s. f. a sinew. Gen. 
xxxii. 32. Is. xlviii. 4. — pi. .lob 
XXX. 17. Ezek. xxxvii. 8. a 
Te|i)il]6e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a fol- 
lower, a servant. 
Tél&llt, ind. verbal s. a possibi- 
lity, a possible thing, Mark vi. 
5. power, ability, see ^éAbAro. 
Tei6rt},-tr)A, &,-n)e, pl.-rneAfjA, s.f. 
need, necessity. Matt. ix. 12. 
1 Cor. xii. 21. & 22. use, duty, 
occasion, see, Te^otDA. 
Tei6rt}e<MÍ9v;l,-rblA, adj. needful, 

necessary, useful. 
fejlj-le, &, ^éi5il, s.f. a holiday, 

— g. Ps. xlii. 4. a festival. 
Telle, g. id. s. f. a feasting, g. 
Jer. xvi. 8. hospitality, gene- 
feile, ind. adj. arrant, bad in 
the highest degree, pe^le b|c- 
eArt7T)<NC, an arrant thief 
TélllocAi),-^in, pi. id. s.m. a but- 
terfly, a May bug. 
T^llipe, g. id. s.m. an almanack, 

a calendar. 
Teilri7,-rt)e,-iDeAÓA, s.f. a farm. 
TeiltDeóiiij-óitAj-ófitiÓe, s. m. a 
farmer, vernacular, ^e^lti^e^ii, 
TéilceAcb,-bA, s. f. a feasting or 

keeping of holidays. 
Téit), emph. pron. suffix, own, 

self. Matt. i. 20. 
TeineACAfj-A^y, s.m. the code of 
Irish laws including judg- 
ments, history and genealogy. 



re u 

Te]r)e, s. f. pi. the celebrated 
troops of the ancient Militia 
of Ireland, Arab. Fenna, 
troops, see, Tiah. 

Teii^ioeAcb, g. id. &, -&a, s.f. the 
heroic achievements of the an- 
cient Irish Militia. 

fein^e, better, Johnxii. 19. com- 
parative of }VA)t, q.v. 

TeifiéACi,-é|0, pi. id. s.m. a ferret. 

Té]\',-xQ,-\'GACc<, s. f. a conven- 
tion, a synod, a convocation, 
also, a feast, an entertain- 

Téic, a sinew, Is. xlviii. 4. a vein, 
also, honeysuckle, see, Té\c. 

Te]c,-ceAm, v. n. wait on, gaze 
on, look for, Ps. xxvii. 14. & 
xxxvii. 34. — Ex. xix. 21. Acts 
xxiii. 21. 

Téicctavpíiój-pcA, pi. id. s.m. a 
spasm, a cramp, a convul- 

Téice<xc,-ci^e, adj. sine/vy, mus- 
cular, veinuus. 

Te]ceArh,-rtt)e, s.m. a waiting, 
an expectation, a looking for, 
Ps. xxvii. 14. & xxxvii. 7. 
Rom. viii. 19. Heb. x. 27. 
attendance, delay. 

Te]c.eArT9t)<\c,-<M3, pi. -Ai^e, &, 
-AÓA, s. m. a debtor, Rom. i. 
14. — pi. Rom. XV. 27. see, 
TiAÓ, debt. 

Teic^oe, g. id. pi. -&ióe, s. m. a 
beast, generally, a small beast. 

Te]cleÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s-f. the pod 
or husk of any leguminous ve- 

TeicrT)e5i|i,-óriA,-5||iióe, s. m. an 
overseer. Gen. xxxix. 5. a 
steward, an attendant, a fol- 
lower, fr. -peic, & mAOjt. 

Teoc,-cAD, v.a. & n. blast, droop, 
decay, wither. 

Teoc^ó,-oi5ce, &, -occA, s. m. «' 


blasting, Deut. xxviii. 22. a 
decay, a withering. 

TeoccA, ind.p.p. withered, dried ^ 
decayed, faded. 

Teoi5ce, ind. p, p. withered^ 

Teojlj-oUj-olcvA, s.f. flesh, John 
i. 14. 1 Peter i. 24,— John 
viii. 15. Acts ii. 30. the plur. 
is not used except to express a 
variety of meats. 

TeoileA&ó|ii,-óii*,-ó]|t0e, s.m. a 

Teo|Ttlin3,-5e,pl.-3f, &, -seACA, 
s. f. a farthing. Matt. v. 26, 
also, Teo||ilit), Luke xii. 59. 

f eoltriAc,-cA, s.f. beasts^ Prov. 
ix. 2. dXio, flesh meat. 

Teoln)A|i,-Ai|ie, adj. fleshly^ see 
2 Cor. iii. 3. fleshy. 

T'eofian,-ivii), pi. id. s.m. a green, 
a mountuin^valley, land near 
a stream or river. 

TeoiiC\T)cv||tA|5, s.m. water hore- 
hound, or common gipsywort^ 
Lycopus Europoeus, for de- 
clension see, TeoiiivT). 

Tevc.-CAir), v.a. see, behold. Matt, 
xxvii. 4. Rom, ix. 33. — Gen. 
xxxiv. 1. Luke viii. 35. 

TevcA&óiftj-óitA, pi. -ó][ti3, &, 
-óitii&e, s. m. a seer, — pi. Is. 
xxix. 10. « wizard. 

TevcAir),-AT)A, pi. id. s.f. a look, 
_ Prov. xxi. 4. see Ezek. iii. 9. 

Tev&Yij, 3 sing. pres. can. Job 
xxxvi. 25. this verb has neither 
imp. nor inf. in use, see 
Deut. xii. 15. Job. xxxvi. 23. 
& 26. see, TevbAm, & for con- 
jugation of the defective verb, 
TeubAm, see, O'Brien's Gram, 
p.p. 123-126. 

Tev5n)v||-,-|'e, s. f. abse?ice, Phil, 
ii. 12. want. 

Tevft,-éiTi, s.m. grass, hay, pas- 



rí u 

ture, Gen. i. 11. 1 Cor. iii. 12. 

— Ps. xxiii. 2. John vi. 10. 

herbage^ fodder. 
Tevfiloc;\t},-í^1i), pl. id. s. m. u 

grassy pool. 
Tev|ttí)A|t,-AHie, adj. grassy, ver- 

da/t t. 
')P'eY|'ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a beard, 

— g. Ezra ix. 3. see, Té^yó^. 
Tevpó5AC,-At5e, adj. bearded. 
Tevi-cA, g. id. pl. -cA]6e, s. m. « 

feast, Luke v. 29. — John 

xi. 56. 
TiAbtivfj-vii-, s.m. a fever, Matt. 

viii. 15. Acts xxviii. 8. Lat. 

Febris. French, Fievre. 
TiAhjivi-ACj-Aise, -ddyfererish. 

pl. id. s.m. an ague. 
Tl'-^c, g. ^1*10, a raven, 

Lev. xi. 15. — Job xxviii. 7. — 

1 Kings xvii. 6. 
T|AÓ, g. id, pl. -CA, s.m. í/fZ/í, see 

Neh. X. 31. — g. Rom. iv. 4. — 

Luke xi. 4. in the modern lan- 
guage the sing, is become obs. 

see Matt, xviii. 27. 30. & 32. 
TtACAilj-CAile, &,-cle, pl.-cU,s.f. 

a tooth, Lev. xxiv. 20. —Lev. 

xxiv. 20. Matt. V. 38.— Gen. 

xlLx. 12. Heb. Akal. he eat, 

TiacIa pofiAii*, late grown 

teeth, wisdom teeth. 
TiAC bvb, g. V1A1C brib, pl. plAic 

&vb<\,s.m. a raven, Is. xxxiv. 1 1. 
>Vc^Aini5e,g. viA]c í:A]nt3e,pl. 

id. s. m a cormorant, Deut. 

xiv. 17. Zeph. ii. 14. called also, 

T]AC rr^iviiAjid. see Is. xxxiv. 11. 
T|AcUc,-Aite, adj. toothed. 
TtAÓ, g. id. &., -Ajó, pl. -AbA, s.m. 

"FjAOA, see, IFÍA5A. 
TlAbACj-Svij, s. m. venison, a 

hunting, a prey, Gen. xxvii. 3. 

& xlix. 27. Prov. xii. 27.— Job 

I ix. 26. Lvcb PIADY15, hunters. 
! TiAÓAi5,-ÓAc, V. a. hunt, — inf. 

1 Sam. xxiv. 11. Ezek. xiii. 18. 

vern. bevi) ^jaoac. 
TlAóívit),-!)?, adj. wild, Deut. xiv. 
I 5. Uom. xi. 24. uncultivated, 
j untamed, savage. 
j TíAÓAn,-A)i), &,-Y)i?, pl. id. S.m. 
I a witness, Num. xxxv. 30. — 
I Num. XXXV. 30. see, Tiadyio. 
; TlAOADCYj-j-Yji*, S.m. fierceness, 
: nildness. 

i T|aócyUac, g. viai^cyUaij, 

I s. m. a wild boar, Ps. Ixxx. 13. 

TlAÓpiof), g. -piAioni), pl. id. s.m. 

a roebuck, a fallow deer, Deut. 

xii. 15. Deut. xiv. 5. 
T'iA6i)Y]5,-r)Y5AÓ, v. a. witness^ 
I bear testimony to. 
j 'FiA6i)Y|5ce, ind. p.p. witnessed. 

"^ g. id. pl. -n,-ri6e, 

&,--|-eAÓ<\,s.f. « wit- 
ness, Ger\. xxxi. 48. 


Hev. i. 5. — Ex. xvi. 

TiAbovi]-!, ^34. Mark xiv. 55. 

—Josh. xxiv. 22. 

Mark xiv. 65. Luke 

xxiv. 48. 

TiAÓcA, ind. adj. wild. Gen. xvi. 

12. see Job xxxix. 1. Ps. 

civ. n. 

TiA6Yir),-De,-nfj s. f. a witness. 

Num. V. 

13. Deut. xix. 16. 

& 18. see, Tl<^&An. 
TiApttYij, inf. id, ask, enquire, 

1 Sam. XXV. 8. 1 Kings xxii. 5. 

— Matt. xxii. 46. Luke xxii. 

23. question. 
TiAp|iYi5e, g. id. s.f, a question^ 

an enquiry. 
Ti^piiYijce, ind, p. p, asked, en- 
quired, questioned. 
Tp5,-S*» &j rí^lS^, p5- id. s.f. a 

rush,á[so, TíA5,-5A, &, -jA^Oe, 

pl. id. 
'^í^5Ar5*'?j-5<^1';e, s. f. a fvit- 

Tí -5 


T1 M 

9ies.s-, see dat. case, ^]A-^Y]t), y^-^e,g. id. s.f. a neavinff, a twist 

Gen. xxxi. 44. & 50. Ex. xxiii. ; ing^ a twining^ 

1. a testimony. JTíse, g. id- pi- -51Ó0, &, -56^6^, 

T']A3V|6e, g. id. pi. id. s.rn. « ' s.f. a jig^ is. xxxiv. 4. — Mark 

hunter, a huntsman, j xi. 14. Rev. vi. 13. — Cant. ii. 

Tf^l, comp. |.*é)le, adj. generons,\ 13. Luke vi. 44. C\x6^\) pjse, 

liberal, hospitable, good. j «,/fV ^^i^i"? see, CpAÍ^. 

TtAUc&,-&<\, s.f. /^o.<!•j»//a/^7í/, //Zie- i T|5eAcívn,-ívit), pi. id. s. m. a 

ralitij, hountif Illness. j wreath, — pi. 1 Kings vii. 17. 

Tl<\lUc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.ra. a knight- j a weaving, fr. T15, q.v. 

errant, a champion, the mo- , T|5eAbói]i,-óiiA,-óini6e, s. m. a 

dern meaning is rather, « /í7//(/ weaver, Is. xxxviii. 12. — Ex. 

or savage looking man, perhaps', xxxv. 35. 1 Sam. xvii. 7. 

fr. fjAt», wild, &, l<\oc. I Ti5eAC)ó]peAC&,-í5(,\, s.f. a weav- 

T]Alrt7Ai|teAC&,-&A, s. f. gene- ing. 


liberality, muniji- 

Tj5ce, iud. p.p. woven, Ex. xxviii. 
32. ticisted, twined, wreathed. 

y\o\ví)<s^^tQ^{>.X,-t\x,s.\í\. generosity, T|5ce^T),-ivin, pi. id, s.m. a quill. 

TlAlrt)Ait,-Aiiie, adj. bountiful, 

hospitable, liberal. 
Tl<xnUoó,-oic, pi. id. a hero of 

the ancient Irish militia. 
Ti<m"j, g. y:e\\)e., pi. id. p|At)Ai6e, 

&, piAÍJA, s. f, a soldier of the 

ancient Irish militia,\^6^ V1<^'^^ 

T|A|t,-ftA, adj. croohed, bent, in- 
clined, perverse 

a bobbin, Ti^ceAt) vi5eAí3Ó|iA, 
a wcaver\s quill. 

T]\h]\), g. id. pi, -ni6e, s.m. a lap- 
wing. Lev. xi. 19. Deut.xiv. 18. 

Tilej-lió, pi. id, &, -leAÓA, s.m. a 
poet, a bard, a minstrel, "Fllió, 
id. yet the very correct ver- 
nacular speakers always use 
l^lljó, when they mean a true 
bard; while pile may be a poet 
of a minor order, 

TiAppvihe, g. id. s.f, an an- j TileACb,-bA, s. f. poetry, min- 
swer, 1 Peter iii, 21, properly, strelsy, T]\]^e£<cb, id. 

a question, see, TiAptxvi5e, 
Tiac5aI,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. a fitch, 

or vetch. Is. xxviii. 25. 
Ti6eAc<M),-ixin, pi. id. s. m. a 

wreath, 2 Chron, iv. 12. & 13. 

a netivork, see. 'Fi5eAcik,tj. 

TileA&,-éib, pi, id. s. m. a fillet, 
pi, Ex. xxvii. 10. Ed. 1681. 

"Fill,-leA6, v.n,& a. return, turn. 
Gen. xxxi. .3. Matt v. 42. — 
Num. xxii, 23. Luke u 17. 
a\so, fold, plait, double. 

T!be65,-ói5e,-ó5A, s, f. a smalll TjlieAÓj-lce, pi- id. s.m, a twink 

pipe or reed. 

Tibileil^i-^^l'-^i'^^IPlee} s.m. a 

Jiddler, Barb. | 

TibiléiiieACD,-bA, s, f. a playing 

on the fiddle. Barb. ; 

T|bift, a defective v, he know 

ling, a conversion, 1 Cor, 
XV. 52. — Acts XV. 3. a return- 
ing, a folding, a plaiting^ a 
pl^it, a fold. 
Ylllce, ind. p.p. folded, plaited, 
doubled down. 

Xlo ii:]t>]\i,he knew, 4 Mast, the j Tine, -eAÓA,- &,-eADACA, 
^ old form of TeAbAji, q. v. | s.f. a stock, a nation, — g. Acts 

Tt5,-5eA6, v,a. weave, see Is. xix. i xiii. 26 pi. Deut. xi. 23, & 

9.& lix. 5. tivist, tnine. \ xxviii. 33. a tribe, a family. 




TineACAf,-<\if, s.m. kindred, con- 
sangnhiity, inheritance. Acts 
ii. 45. 

TínéA3]t<N, g. id. s.m, vinegar. 
Num. vi. 3. Ps. Ixix. 21. fr. 
PÍO0, &, sev|i._ 

TjneíilcÁjind. adj.^rte, Ex. xxviii. 
5. Chron. iv. 21. rvell dressed, 

Ti'nealcAC&j-bA, sS. finery, fond- 
ness for dress, elegance. 

Tir)e<xrl)r)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. abounding 
in vines. 

Tioe<\ri)Yin,-tT)t)A, a vine, 
a vineyard, Ex. xxii. 5. Ps. 
Ixxx. 8. 1 Cor. ix. 7.— Lev. 
XXV. 5. Matt. XX. 8. — Hos. ii. 
12. rt twig, an osier. 

TlDeÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a mite in 
cheese, H^c. 

Tii)eó5AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. mity, full 
of mites. 

Tineulj-ejl, s. m. Fennel, Fceni- 

Tf'inevl cvrt)ciiA,-é|l cvrbcjtA, s.m. 
common fennel, Anethum 

Tioevl rT)vnie,-&il xx)y]]ie, s. m. 
fne-leared hedge mustard, or 
flix-u-eed. Sisymbrium so- 

TjniAlrAVr^ir? s.m. delicateness, 
Deut. xxviii. 5G. 

Tit)p,ÓA, rt testimony, 
a witness. Acts xviii. 5. see 
2 Cor. xiii. 1. 

Tii)e, g- id. s.f. whiteness, fair- 
ness. Carol. 

TlOrsevlj-eil, pi- id. -evU, &, 
-evlcA, s. m. afahle, C.P. a ro- 
mance, a story of the Fenii. 

T']f)f5evlAc,-Ai5e, adj. romantic, 

Tli^rsevUi&e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. « 
narrator of romantic tales re- 
lating to the Fenii. 

ffocj-ic, s.m. wratli, Ps. Ixxviii. 
49. anger, choler. 

T foe ri) A |t,-Ai|te, adj. cruel, fierce, 
wrathful. Gen. xlix. 7. Job 
XXX. 21. — 2 Sam. xix. 43. 

TiocrbA]iAc&,-&A., s.f. fierceness, 
anger, cruelty, wrath. 

T|oó,-6a, pi. id. s. m. see, 


T'io6bA6,-Aióe, pi. id. s.f. a wood, 

2 Sam. vi. 5. — Eccl. ii. 6. also, 

a thicket, a wilderness of tvood. 
'FioÓ5roil,-Ail, &.m. charcoal. 
T(05<xiri,-3n^c,-5ttACA, s. Í. a 
figure, a fashion, 1 Cor. iv. 

6" — Is. xliv. 13 — Acts vii. 43. 
Tfo;^ATt6A, ind. adj. figurative, 

Tío5AiiYi3,-v5<xó, v.a. figure, fa- 

sJiion. Mul. Tio5Aiji,-ApAÓ, id. 
Tion,-nA,-r)CA, s.m. wine. Matt. 

ix. 17. — Ex. xxix. 40. Mntt. xi. 

19. Heb. Yain, Lat. Vin-um, 

Gr. ''Oiv-og, i.e. Voiv-og. 
TfooÓA, ind.adj. vinous, belonging 

to wine. 
T]ox)-^o][,-\9, s. f. murder, — g. 

Acts xxi. 38. 1 Tim. i. 9. 
Tiot)5opc,-5V||ic, pi. id. s. m. a 

vineyard, C.P. 
TjonrbAp, - A]fie, adj. vinous, 

ahounding in ivine. 
y\ox),-\\)e, adj. fair, fine, white, 

true, sincere. 
y\ox),-x)^'6, v. a. know, Gen. xix. 

8. try, examine, see, behold, see 

1 Kings xviii. 36. also, skin, 
flay, in this latter sense it is 

vernac. TiaiIj-oaó. 
Tlo^AÓj-Aiéj-ATÓe, s.m. hair, Ex. 
XXV. 4. Lev. xiii. 3. & 10. fur, 
also, a flaying or skinning, see, 

'FlonAt)it)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. hairy, 

2 Kings i. 8. rough. 
Tioi^AolcA, ind. p ^lahitewashed, 

trhitcd. Acts xxiii. 3. 
Ttonbfiv]ije, g. id. s.m. brass, Rev. 
ii. 18. literally, fine smelted 
i brass. 



T ) 

Tiofjbiiricoe, g. id. s.m. copper, 

Ezra viii. 27. 
Tlo^pvAC&j-i^Tco, &, -ACbA, s. m. 

coolness, a cool. 
Tioppv<Nji,-<Nipe, adj. cool, fresh, 

cold, refreshing. 
"FTcfj^vAftAÓj-Aió, &,-AítcA, s.m. a 

cooling, a refreshing, a cool 

T'^oúfrvA|i<M5,-|ti;5AD, V. a. & n. 

cool, refresh, refrigerate, grow 


1^^0505,-0156 ,-ó5<\, s. f. a royston 

croiv, see, y^isrio-^. 
T|Otlr5oc,-ocA, aflower. 


diá]. flowery. 

pi. id. s.m. a wine press, Zech. 
xiv. 10. fr. i^joD, &, urn<\]i, a 

Tfoii, comp. f-ifte, adj. /;7i<?, Ruth 
iii. 12 & passim. 

Tjort, an intensive prefix, spelled, 
T(|i, when the first vowel of the 
following syllable is either, e, 
^or, ]. 

TjofiAicfieACArj-Ai]-, s.m. true re- 
pentance. C.P. 

T|ofiCAftA,-CA|iA&,-c<\Tjt&e, s. m. 
or f. a true friend, a confidant. 

TioncorAit)U\c&,-bA, s. f. a pro- 

y io\\cox i.ú)y\\,-v!)\í). ,3iá]. probable. 

TíoficrtAibceAC,-ci5e, adj. truly 
devout, pious. R.S. 

TlOTt CVATtCA, g. ptlt CVAjtCA, pi. 

id. a sojourner. Gen. xxiii. 4. 
properly, TeA|icuA|tCA. 

TtO[i6or)i^,md.a.di. truly wretched, 

Tfo|t6o^ÓA, ind.adj. densely dark, 
2 Peter ii. 17 — Jude ver. 13. 

Tio|i5ATi,-5oitie, adj. very near, 
immediate, 3o ^]o^-^a\i, imme- 
diately, Dunl. 

'Ffo|t5lAn,-Ain(^,adj.77?/r<', sincere, 
I Ex. XXV. 29. ] Peter ii. 2.— 
Job. iv. 17. 

T'ioit5lAnA6,-t)cA, s. m. sincerity. 

Tit. ii. 7. purity. 
j Tiofa5lo]ne, g. id. s.f. sincerity, 
1 Cor. V. 8. 

'Fío|t5|aívin,-&.t)Ac, s. f. a thorough 
detestation. Dunl. 

Tíofi--|oc&Att,-Airií the lowest 
abyss or bottom. 

TioiirtjAirneiDCj-ce.-ci, s.f. the fir- 
mament, Luke iv. 25. 

Tío^t^t)Vlnc70^^&<^r5-<^^^5 S'™- ■^'"" 

cere friendship. 
'Fiojii:)AOtt)CAC&,-&A, s.f. triieJioli- 

jtess, Eph. iv. 24. 
fjonópóA, ind. adj. /r?//// noble, 

truly excellent, illustrious. 
T'ioft|iai6ceAC,-ci5e, adj. truth- 
I speaking, truthful. 
I TíottftíiibceACb,-&A, s. f. truth, 
I veracity, 
TiopoU, g. id. s.f. a good olive, — 

g. Rom. xi. 24. 
■ "FjojiftYnj-Yir), pi. id. s.m. a firm 
j resolve, Dunl. 
I Tío[irAcOA|i,-ATíi, s.m. tJie 
! iippermost top. 
"Fio|tYA|-Al, g. f. -AT|-le, adj. no 
comp. truly noble, most pre- 
cious. Dunl. 
Tioftv]]-5e, g. id. -PAÓA, ?,.m. fresh 
water, spring water, Jas. iii. 
12.— Gen. xxvi. 19. 
'FiofiYfic5i&,-be,-&eACA, s. f. very 

tvickedness, Ps. v, 9. 
y-\ox, g. ^eAfA, s.m. knowledge. 
Num. XV. 24. — Gen. ii. 9. 
Mark vi. 20 1 Thess. iii. 5. 
a notice, intelligence, a word, 
a message, com. Lat. Vis-us, 
TeAr,-TA, id. 
Tjofj-ii-e, s.f. a vision, Ezek. vii. 

26. see, T]X, Eat. Vis-us. 
irio|"Ac,-Ai5e, adj. knowing, ex- 
pert, intelligent, skilful. 

r jn 


TL u 

TiofiiACj-Aise, adj. inijtiisilive, 
prying., busy. 

Tloniv5A6,-vi5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
risitalion. Ex- iii. 16. — Luke 
xix. 44. pi. Diml a)i inquiry, 
a qiiesfioiiiny^ an ascertaininy. 

TtofjiYi5,-v5vA6, V. a. visit, Luke 
i. 68. inquire after, exami)ie, 
ask for, see Gen, xxiv. 57. 

'F!ornvi5e, g. id. pi. id. in- 
quiry, C. P. 

f jornYi5ce, ind. p. p. visited, 
questioned^ inquired after, ex- 

Tjocpan,-^in, s.m. common wheat 
grass, Triticum repens. 

TiftceAjic, -&111C, s. m. genuine 
pure justice, righteousness. 

T'lficeAttCjg.f. éince,adj.iio comp. 
truly just, or, righteous, most 
just. Dun). 

f iltbiAOAcs, g. id. s.f. Godliness. \ 
C. P. j 

T?f]\DlleAr,-lre, adj. true, sincere, j 

Tine, ind. adj. true, Jer. x. 10. 
1 John V. 20. T|fi,-|ic,id. 1 John 
V. 20. i 

Tiné<\.n, Gal. iii. II. Jas. v. 6. 
see, Titievr). 

'f í|ieYií,-&in, pi. id s.m. rt j"st 
vinn, iMatr. x. 41. — Matt. 
X. 41. I 

>-í|teYiMÓ,-Ai3, pi. id. &, -Aije, ; 
s.m. a righteous man, — g. Matt. | 
X. 41. — pi. Rom. V. 19. a true- 
hearted man. 

Tit^eviKA, ind. adj. righteous, 
C.P. true, just, loyal. 

T!|ieYr)ci^cc»,-&A, s.f. righteous- 
ness, Rom. xiv. 17. — Acts xiii. 
10. 2 Cor. iii. d. justice. 

Timi)e, g. id. s.f. truth, John xiv. 
6. 1 John i. G.— Mark xii. 14. 
Acts xxvi. 25. 

TiriliJ'^^c,-r;;5e, adj. true, 1 Tim. 
i. 15. &iv. Q. just, faithful. 

Tiftioó, adj. no comp. male. 

y\]\\o\),-]x), p]. id. s. m. a male^ 
Lev. iii. 1. 

TiMofMCj-^'IS' P^- id- &, ->"lSe, 
s.m. a male. Lev. vii. 6. — pi. 
Ex. xiii. 12. 

T ínniAC0AnAC,-<\i5e, adj. truly or 
absolutely necessary. 

Tlfj-fe, S.Í. a vision, Is. i. 1. — 
1 Chron. xvii. 15. Is. xxii. I. 
also, a dream. 

T|ri5eAcb,-b<v, s.f. a poetical in- 
spiration, D. MacF. 2^''^ctice 
of physic, 4. Mast. 

TlccioU,-cille,-ciollA, s.f. a chess 
board, chess, also, a complete 
set of armour, consisting of 
corslet, helmet, shield, buckler, 
and boots. 

Tiv, ind. adj. worthy, worthy 
Matt. iii. 11. John i. 27. 

TivbAj-j-A^r, s.m. north, dignity, 
see, TeAbvj-. 

T|vc,-cAÓ, v.a. boil, — inf. Job xli. 
31. simmer. 

Tivca6,-cc<v, pi. id. s.m. a boiling, 
a simmering. 

'F)V5<M)cAC,-<\)5e, adj. generous, 
benevolent, liberal. 

Tiv5<M)CAr,-<\if-, s.m. generosily, 
liberality, benevolence. 

yUisir), g. id. pi. -i)]6e, s.m. a 
flagon, 2 Sam. vi. 19. 

TUlc,-ivc<>, pi. id. &,-aice, s.m. a 
chief, a pi ince, a hero. 

TUvice<>.rbUc&,-t)A, s. f. show, 
pomp, princeliness, generosiUj. 

TlAiceArT)t;vf,-v|f, s. m. Heaven, 
Deut. X. 14. — Gen. xxviii. 17. 
see, TlAiceAf. 

TUv]ce<\rbuil,-mU, adj. princely, 
generous, noble, pompous, ce- 

TUicevVfj-cir, s.m. Heaven, 
J Kings viii. 27. — Job xxvi. 11. 
— I Chron. xvi. 26. Heb. vii. 
26. also, a kingdom, a domi- 
nion, sovereignty, reign. 



T 5 

VleAÓ,-éi6e,-eAÓ.v, s.f. a feas', a\ 
banquet. Gen. xix. 3. & xxi. 8. | 

— Esth. V. 5 Lev. xxiii. 2. 

Am. viii. 10. 

Tle<xó<xc,-<,\i5e, a.áy feasting, con- 

TleA^iqrse, g. id. s.f. ivater crow- 
foot, Ranunculus aquaticus. 

T'leAf5,-&ir3' P'- i^- &, -eAi-SA, 
s.m. a garland, a wreath, a fil- 
let, a chain, a ring, a circle, a 
wand, a sheaf 

TleA|-5AÓ,-A]5,-Ai5e, s.m, a youth, 
a bachelor. 

T'eA|-5<\civt),-a|T), pi. id. s. m. a 
rustic, a boor, a countryman, 
fr. the obs, s. ]:leA|-5, ^^"^• 

TltceAci),-&A, s.f. moisture, Vs. 
xxxii. 4. ooziness, phlegm. 

Tlicf-neAC&A, sleet. 

y\.]%,-'^e, s. f. common chickweed 
or stitch-wort, Stellaria media, 
Tllo6,-ÓA, s.m. id. 

y\]uc, comp. i:lice, adj. icct, ioh 
xxiv. 8. Dan. iv. 33. rainy, 
moist, damp. 

Tl|uó,-GAÓ, v.a. water, irrigate, 
—inf. Gen. ii. 10. Eccl. ii. 6. 

TIiuca6,-cca, a wetting, 
rain, moisture. 

TliucDArs-Air, s.m. moisture, wet- 
ness, ooziness. 

Tlliicfu|leAC,-li5e, adj. having 
running or watery eyes, tearful. 

TUicfA, g. id. s.m. a flux. Acts 
xxviii. 8. Barb. 

To, prep, under, towards, passim. 

TobAijtc,-ce,-ci, s.f. a salve, Rev, 
iii. 18. a bathing or moistening 
as with eyewater. 

T'ocAilfriteuri)AC&,-l?A, s. m. ety- 

TocAilfrfteurbAiÓe, g. id. pi. id. 
s.m. an etymologist. 

TocAiji, s.f. presence, company, 
used only in the compound pre- 

positions as, A b-pocAifj, toge- 
ther with, &c. Matt. ii. 11. 

TocaI,-aiI, pi. id. &, vocIa, s.m. 
a word. Matt. viii. 8 — Ex. 
viii. 31. Luke ii. 29.— 1 Cor. 
xiv. 19. a mandate, a promise, 
fr. the obs. subs, póc, a voice, 
Lat. Vocal-is. 

ToclAC,-A]5e, adj. vocal, verbose, 

Tocló]ii,-óiiA,-ónii6e,s.m. a voca- 
bulary, a dictionary. 

Tocirmib, inf. id. v.a. jntff at, 
m ck. deride, — inf. Ps. x. 5. 

1P'ocrbii|&,-&e, s.f. derision, Ps. ii. 
4. scorn, ridicule, followed by 
the prep. Aiit. 

ToórbuibeAc,-bi5e, adj. mocking, 
scoffing, jeering. 

Tó&,-ó|&, pi. id. &, pó&A, s-m. a 
turf, a sod, land, a clod, com. 
Lat. Fod-io. 

Tó&A(i,-Ai|i, s. m. fodder, hay, 
straw, provender. Barb. 

ToóIa, g. id. s. f. one of the an- 
cient names of Ireland. 

ToóIa, ind. adj. learned, explain- 
ing, OllAri? poóÍA, the learned 

ToóotT)Ait),-oiiT)r)e, pi. -oiti^ni) &, 
-oitrineACA, s.f. a gidph^ Luke 
xvi. 26. 

Tó7;Ain,-5i)AiT7,v.a. serve, minister, 
Deut. x. 6 — Gen. xxxi. 38. 
Ex. xxix. 1. v.n. suffice, be suffi- 
cient. Tó5u]U5-5UAó, id. 

Tó5Ap9c,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a service, 
— g. Ex. xxxi. 10. ability. 

Tó5A|t)ceAc,-ci5e, adj. suffici- 
ent, serviceable, fit, good, 

^Ó5At)CA, id. 

Tó5Aift,-5ftA, V. a. command, 
cJiarge, cry, 1 Tim. iv. 11. & 
vi. 17. — 2 Chron. xiii. 12, 
see, yxo^T^iswx, proclaim, shout. 

To5A^ r*r^1 r*^j ^•^* tingle, resound^ 
' — inf. see 1 Sara, iii, IL 




'iro5<\r)CAc,-cv)5,-cvi3e, s. m. a 
servanti an attendant — ,pl. 

^ goodness, 
Tó5At)CAC&,-bA, s.f. {prosperity, 
Tó5<vt;cAf*,-<\f|*5 s.m. C sufficiency, 

) service. 
TosAitj-Aift, pi. id. s.m. a voice, 
Deut. V. 28. a soiatd, a tone, 
a proclamation, a command. 
TósAfXACj-Aise, adj. sounding, 
vocal, noisy, clamorous , 'Fo5<\[i- 
CACj-Aije, adj. id. 
yox^h^\)'i^\),-'<s]\), pi. id. s. m. a 
thistle, 2 Kings xiv. 9. 2 
Chron. xxv. 18. — pi. Gen. iii. 
18. Job xxxi. 40. Carduus. 
Tó5lorr)CA, ind. p. p. Is. xxix. 

IJ. & 12. see, Tó5lvn7CA. 
Tó5lii5<\D,-ri5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
ransacking, a robbing, a pi- 
Tó51vi5,-v5a6, v.a. ransack, rob. 
1rÓ5lv re, g. id. pi. -5ce, s. m. a 
robber, ^051^56 \:is]\^-^e,a sea 
robber, a pirate. 
'Fó5lvi5e<\c&,-bA, s. f. rapacity, 

robbery, piracy, 
yo-^^yrr), inf. id. v. a. inquire, 
learn, Matt. ii. 16.— 2 Tim. 
iii. 7. Rev. xiv. 3. 
To5lvirt7,-lYn)CA, &, -Iaida, pi. 
-Ivinje, s.f. learning, discipline, 
Eph. iv. 20. — Job xxxvi. 10. 
1 Cor. xiv. 31. Acts xxvi. 
24. Edn. 1830. education. 
Tó5lv]nre, g. id. pi. -ci6e, s.m. 
a scholar, 1 Chron. xxv. 8. 
an apprentice, a novice. 
yó^Wnj,-y]n), s. m. learning, g. 
Acts xxvi. 24. large Edn. 1827. 
see, Tó5lvtn7. 
Tó5lvmcA, ind. p. p. learned, 

taught, Tojlvimce, id. 
Tó5lvt)cvió, g. id. pi. -t>e, s.m. a 
scholar, Mai. ii. 12. see, ^05- 

To5tT)A|t,-Aift, pi. id. s.m. a har- 
vest. Matt. ix. 37. Rev. xiv. 
15— Gen. xxx. U. Matthew 
ix. 38. 

Tó5rbA|iAC,-Ai5e, adj. autumnal, 
belonging to the harvest. 

To5ti)^ftAc,-Ai5,-Aj5e, s.m. a Fo- 
morian (in Irish history) a 
pirate, fr. the obs. subs, ^íoja, 
«n attack, &, n^ivpA, g. of n)V]fi, 
the sea. 

yó-s^ó\-,-ó]x, s.m. obedience, hom- 
age, respect. 

'Fó5r)A6,-5AT)rA, pi. id. s.m. a ser- 
vice, servitude, assistance. 

Tó5t)Ai5,-nv5A6, v.a. see, Tó5Air>, 

Tó,^0An7,-Aim, pi. id. s.m. a service, 
Ex. i. 1.3. John xvi. 2. — 
1 Chron. xxviii. 14. see, ^05- 


Tó5rtA, inf. of ^ójAifi, q.v. &, 

-5I^'*^15^^j 2 Chron. xiii. 12. 

more properly, i^yajiiao. 
To^fiA, g. id. s. m. Acts X. 22. 

Tit. iii. 10.— Col. i. 28. see, 

T55[iA6,-5AitCA, pi. id, s. m. a 

warning, an admonition. Num. 

X. 5—1 Cor. X. 11. Heb. xi. 

7. see, TvA5ttA. 
To5viD,-5t)A6, v.a. see, Tosaiu. 
Tósvftj-vifi, pi. id. s.m favour, g. 

Acts xxv. 3. see, TaOaji. 
To5vr,comp. poi5re, &, -n, adj. 

near, near at hand, Jas. v. 8. — 

Num. ii. 5. &, xxvii. 11. Prov. 

xviii. 24. The comparative is 

also sometimes ^o]y^e. 
Tóic&irt)t)i5,-iv5A6, v.a. succeed. 
Tó)cé]n)T)iv5A&,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. 

a succession, a series, fr. po, &, 

céirT7, a step. 
Tojcre, comp. of To-^ry, q.v. 
lFoi&e, comp. of pA&A, q.v. John 

xvi. 21. 
Toi&e, g. id. s. f. length, Rom. 

ii. 4. 




Tó)&íu, g. id. pi. -ni5, s. m. «, 
/?/ece or parcel of land, Ruth ! 
iv. 3. 2 Kings iii. 25. a little ! 
«Of/, a small estate, dim, of Tófc>, 
q. V. 

Toi5ib,-be, s.f. patience^ suffer- 
ing, Rom. V. 4. 2 Pet. iii. 
15 Rom. ii. 4. Jas. v. 10. 

'Fo|5]OeAC,-&]5e, adj. patient, 
Rom. xii. 12. 2 Pet. iii. 9. 

Toi5fe, comp. of T'o5v|-, q.v. 

To]!, s. f. a u-hile, used in the 
adverbial form, 3o y:ó]\, yet, 
for a while. 

Tó|l, interj. softly, pó]l ! foil! 
softly ! softly ! 

Tó|leAn,-T)tt)vin, v.a. pursue after, 
follow, — inf. 1 Sam. xxvi. 18. 
fr. fo, &, leAU. 

Tó]leAr)M?,-<^lU, pi. id. s. ra. a 
folloiver, a hanger on. 

To]le<\fAD,-i\it), pi. id. s.ra. an 
asp, — pi. Deut. xxxii. 33. 

Toill,-le<\rbviij, v.a. (gov. the dat. 
with &o,) Jit, suit, much used 
in Connaught, where the first 
syllable of this and the follow- 
ing word are pronounced like 
" fell." 

ToilleArbr)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. meet, 
proper, fitting, suitable, expe- 
_ dient, C. P. 

ToillfeAc,-t*i5e, adj. declaratory, 

Toillfi5,-p-5AÓ, V. a. shew, de- 
clare, publish, Ps. XXV. 4. 
John vii. 4. — Deut. i. 5. Mark 
i. 45. t?ia/ce manifest. 

ToiUi'i5ce, ind. p. p. declared, 
shown, published, made mani- 

To|ll|«i5ceói|i,-óftA,-óifiióe, s. m. 
a publisher. 

To]U|-iv5AÓ,-i5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
manifestation, an evidence, a 
revelation, Rom. viii. 19. Heb. 

xi. 1. — 2 Thess. ii. 6. see, 
Rom. xvi. 25. Toyll]*iv5<\6 At? 
CiseAtirjA, the Epiphany. 

TFoilrbe, g. id. s. f. emptiness, — g. 
Is. xxxiv. 11. 

Toii),-^eA6, v.a. temper (as the 
blade of an instrument), knead, 
as barm in dough, S^^c. " Jf 
poitv]* VOIÍJSAÓ A o-Aice t)A 

To]t)]'^te, ind. p. p. tempered, 

Tom, -1^151 "^i V. a. save, help, sup- 
ply. Matt, xxvii. 40. Mark ix. 
22.— Matt, xxvii. 42. 2 Cor. 
viii. 14. also, serve, relieve, de- 
liver, wait on, followed by the 
prep. Aiii. 

ToipceA&Al,-i)Yil, pi. id. s.m. in- 
struction, exhortation, Rom. 
xii. 8. Heb. xii. 5. — 2 Tim. 
iii. 16. a warning, a cau- 

yo]yice<sr),-c]f), s.m. an end, Rom. 
x. 4. see, Ps. cxix. 33. a con- 

yo]\\ce\xr)x)-\-^,--\y^i,'6, v.n. proceed, 
advance, precede. 

To]txcéirnDi5eAÓ,-5)5e, adj. going 
before, preceding. 

Toiitcce, ind. part. adj. learned, 

" bA fAOl pO||lCCe If A1) biv 

óliseAÓ, .1. cv]ll -y cAOOir)," 
he was a learned proficient in 
tJie two laws, civil and canon. 
D. MacF. 

ToifieA^, g. f ojftne, see, Tvinioi)* 

Tofítéi5iot},-5itj, s. m. violence, 
cruelty, Ps. vii. 16. Ps. xxvii. 

12 Ps. xviii. 48. Matt. xi. 

12. fr. potft, &, 6)510 u- To||t- 

^ & 156 At), id. 

To I fié 151 ot)cóiji,-ó[t A, -ó|it|6e, s.ra. 
a violent or cruel person. 

Toj|xéi5in,-iop, v.a. oppress, ha- 
rass, force, constrain. 

Toi]iéi5t)i5,-ir5A6, v.a. oppress. 

TO ) 



Toiixpe, ind. adj. old, stricken in 

years, Gen. xviii. 12. Josh. 

xxiii. 1. & 2. see, 1 Cor. xiv. 

20. also, 'perfect^ complete, 

Toi|i^*eAcí5,-&A, s. f. perfection, 

old age. 

"J-r)irb,&, -t)i5ce,pl. 
Toift5r)eArb,r id. s. m. a build- 


Sing, 1 Kings xvi. 
24. 2 Chron. xiv. 7. 
Toíti5t)i3,-ii5neAÓ, v.a. build, inf. 

Prov. xxiv. 3. 
To|fi5i;i5ce, ind. p.p. built. 
To|Ti5ni5ceoi|t,-ó|iA,-ó||tióe, s.m. 

a builder. 
Tói|ti5it),--5r)e, s. f. a supply, a 

help, a healing, 2 Cor, ix. 12. 

Phil. iv. 16.— Luke v. 15. fr. 

Tó[ii;^T)eAC,-i)i5e, adj. aiding, 
helping, assisting. 

Tóift|5C]i),-coe, s.f. relief, 1 Tim. 
V, 10. see, Tó||ti5)0. 

Tónt|tT)iol,-il, pi. id. s.m. a har- 
der. Josh. XV. 1. a /<e/w, « sel- 
vidge, a circle, a boundary, a 
frontier, fr. pójri, &, \vo\o\ 
TóifnrDeAl, id. 

Tóifi!otT)lAc,-Ai5e, adj outward, 
1 Pet. iii. 3. extrinsic, on the 
borders or frontiers, To] |i|orr)<\- 
lAc,-A]5e, id, 

Tói|ileACAtD<vc,-Ai5e, adj, ample, 
universal, expansive, broad, 

Tó)|tleACAn,-eictje, adj. ivide, 
abundant. Job. xxx. 14. Heb. 
vi. 17. for ^ói|i, &, leACAr), 

Tój|xleACi)ii|3,-ii5<\6, V. a. extend, 
expand, enlarge. 

Tó||tleici}e, g. id. s.f. an enlarge- 
ment, an overspreading, Ezek. 
xli. 7. Tóiitl2cr)u5A6,-e]ci;i5ce, 
pi. id. s.m. id. 

Tó]filíotj,-t)<xC), v.a. multiply. Gen. 

XXXV. ^ó\\\, k,\]ox), com- 
plete, fulfil, fill up. 
Tó||tlíor)Ab,-t)CA, pi. id, s. m. an 

addition, — g. 1 Kings, vii. 30. 

a completion, a supplemtnt, an 

TólI^líor)Cv^, ind. p. p. completed, 

perfected, fu Ifilled. 
Toi|tn7,-n7e,pl. -tT)i,&, -rneAÓA,s.f. 

a form, 2 Cor. xi, 13, & 14. a 

manner, an usage, a ceremony. 

Lat. Form-a. 
Tó||tT5eA[ic,-éiitc, pi. id. s. m. op- 
pression, violence. Ex, iii. 9. 

Rev. xviii. 2 1 . fr. ^ó]\i, &, T)e ajic. 
Tót|lr)e<^T^crbA^1,-A]f^e, adj. violent, 

oppressive, overbearing. 
Toinr,-reA6, \.a.. harrow, see Job 

xxxix. 10. rummage. 
ToiftreAÓ,-]-ce, &, -rigce, pi. id, 

s.m. a harrowing, — g. 1 Chron. 

XX. 3. C\\i.t y:o\\\\zQ, a harrow. 
Toiii]-eóiia,-ó[tA,-ó||tiDe, s. m, a 

harrower, a rummager. 

Toinri5»-1"5^^5 ^' ^- see, Toipr- 
To I fir iS^e, ind. p, p, harrowed, 

vern. always, Tojttrce, 
Toitxnu5AD,-i5ce, pi. jd. — g. 1 

Chron, xx, 3, see, Toipr^AO. 

Tói|xceA5Ar5,-Air5' P^; itl- /^^ 
primary instructiun of anything, 
generally used in the pi. as the 
rudiments or elements. 


Toi|tciU,-le, adj. able, 2 Tim. ii. 
2. strong, brave, hardy. 

To|iirilleAc&,-bA, s. f. courage, 
fortitude, bravery. 

Tó|r&eAi;AC,-i)]5e, adj. sedate, se- 
rious, tranquil, camposed. 

yó\rh]\)e, g. id. s.f. rest, calmness, 
seriousness, taciturnity, fr. the 
obs. s. Toll', leisure, rest. 

yo]xeA\x),-\]ú), s. m. recovery, re- 

Toirse, see, Tosuf. 



r M 

'lFóirci3,-iv5AÓ, v.a. hire, see Lev, 

xix. 13. 
ToUc,-ui5,-iii5e, s.m. a covering, 

a veil, 1 Cor. xi. 4. 2 Cor. iii. 
14. & 15.— Ex. XXX. 6— Ex. 

XXV. 29. concealment, a mask, 

a screen. 
ToUciv.n,-^1^? P^- ^^- s-m. a co- 
vering, a hiding place. 
ToU&óip,-ópA,-óifti8e, s. m. a 

bleeder, one who lets blood. 
T0U15, see, T0IU15. 
ToU\)5e<\c,-5i5e, adj. secret, hid- 
den, Horn. xvi. 25. 1 Pet. iii. 4. 
f oUi5Í;e, ind. p.p. hid, Eph. iii. 

9. Col. 1 . 26. covered, concealed. 
TolAi5cei^c,-ci5e, s,á]. secret, hid- 
den. Acts XX. 20. 2 Cor. iv. 

2. see, TolAi5e<\c. 
ToUi5i:e5iTt,-ó|tA,-óirti6e, s. m. 

07ie icho covers or hides. 
TolaiD, see, Tollív1T^ 
ToUvtji, see, TuUifi. 
"Fol^Nrb, comp. y:o]\n)e, adj. empty, 

Gen. xxxi. 42. & xxxvii. 24. 

void, vacant. 
Tolcj-CAó, v.a. bathe, cleanse by 

TolcAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s.m. a bath, a 

cleansing of the hair by bathing, 

a ley of potash. 
yollivjOj-Tje, adj. healthful, good, 

sound, Ksshole some, — comp. Luke 

V. 39. see, TAmp}. 
TollAti)r)AC,-At5e, adj. edifying, 

ToUArnnu5<\Ó,-ui5ce, pi. id s.m. 

edification, Rom. xiv, 19 

Rom. XV. 2. Eph. iv. 12. a 

government, a ruling. 
T'olUtT)i)ai5,-u5AÓ, v.a. edif^, see 

1 Thess. v. 11. govern, rule. 
TolUn^nuisce, ind. p.p. edified, 

ruled, governed. 

Tolluf, comp. f-o|Uce, adj. mani- 
fest, 1 Cor. xi, 19. 2 Thess. i. 
5. TolU]-, id. Gal. v. 19. 

Tolrtiu^AÓj-Higce, pi. id. s. m. an 
emptying, — g. Nah. ii. 2, a 
pouring out. 

T'olrbtii^,-n5At?, v.a. empty, Gen. 
xxiv. 20. — Lev. xiv. 36. pour 

Tolrfjuisce, ind. p. p. emptied, 
poured out. 

Tolc, g v^l^c, s.m. a fail, the hair 
of the head. Job. xl. 17. 

T'olcAc,-Ai5e, adj. hairi/, having 
long hair. 

ToluArbAiDj-rbr)^, pi. id. s.i.abi/st- 
li7ig, a giddy motion, a skipping. 

Fo1ui5,-1ac, v. a, hide, cover, 
1 Sam. xix. 2. Ps. xvii. 8. — 
Ex. xxvi. 13. I Cor. xi. 7. 

Tolu^geAGA, adj. pi. Deut. xxix.- 

29. see, ToUijeAc 
TorbAOit,-o]|t, pi. id. s.m. an under 

steward, a non-commissioned 
officer, fr. po, &, mAOjt. 

fórTíóf, see, TFó5ri7óf. 

Tón)óy&c,-(<}%é, adj. obedient, re- 
spectful, dutiful, noble. 

Ton&uiite, g. id. pi. -fifoe, s- m. a 
freeholder, D. MacF. 

Toi;,g.piqó,s.m./«;íGf, Lat. Fund- 
us. Gr, <i>é'jiv. 

Tot;, g, pu|r;, pi. id. s.m. a longing, 
a desire, a coveting, Gen. xxxi. 

30. 1 Cor. xiv. 35. & 39. a 
delight, a pleasure, music, a 
tune, a strain. 

pi. id. s.m. a grounding, a foun- 
dation, Eph. iii. 17 pi. Rev. 

xxi. 19. 

ed, fundamental, Col. i. 23. 

Tor)bATir)eiiK,-ce,-ci, s.f, a foun- 
dation, Eph. ii. 20. 2 Tim. ii. 

19. see Acts xvi. 25. Rom. xv. 

20. & 1 Cor. iii. 10. 



r on 

Toi3rbA]t,-Ai|ie, aái.pleasÍ7iff, will- 
ing, Rom. XV. 26. — 1 Cor. xiv. 1 
5. tuneful, melodious, cheerful, 
inclined to, desirous. 

Toi)ri)A]iAco,-t5A, s.f. inclination, 
propensity, melody. 

Tónoiboi&,-A]be, s. f. mockery, 
Matt, ii. 16. derision, a sneer. 

Tói)ornAifci,-m<N&, V. a. mock, — inf. 
Matt, xxvii. 41. Acts ii. 13. 
jeer, deride, it is followed by 
the prep, po, and used prin- 
cipally in the participle as " ^5 
^5noii)<Nb pvtt7," mocking me. 

yoy)x^-> D- ^^- pl. -<^i6e, s. m. see, 
Til Or A. 

Toi)r<^r'<^j g- id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
chisel, 4 Mast. 

To^fóllij-óttAj-óipiée, s. m. a 

To|t, prep, before, upon, beyond, 
as a prefix in compound words 
it is spelled ^o]]\, when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either e, or 1. 

Tó|iAbui6,-óe, adj. early ripe, ripe 
before the time. 

ToiiA|1,-^Ia, pi. id. s f , an offering, 
an excess or superfluity , an offer, 
a command., (T^e/-, — inf.Heb. 
viii. .3. command. 

Tonív7leA8,-l|ó,-l)óe, s.m. a requi- 
sition, a command, C.P. 

TópAift,-fie, v.a. watch, — inf. Jer- 
XX. 10. wait, see, TopvAift. 

Tó(iAi|ie, g. id. s.f. a waiting, Ex. 
xxi. 13. Deut. xix. 11. a icatck, 
a guard, a vidcttc, an am- 

TótiA]Cfii|-, inf. id. v.a. foretell, 

Tó|iaI,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. the groove 
in the head of a spindle wherein 
the p|xeAi)5, or band plays, 
which puis /he spindle in mo- 

yo\iÍK\),-'A]X), s.m. anger, wrath. 
To[tivocA, ind. adj. a7igry, lurath- 

ful, presumptuous, resolute. 
TófiAOi|-,-t-e, pi. -|-), or, -T-e,ACA, 

s.f. a forest, 1 Sam. xxii. 5. — 

1 Kings vii. 2. & X. 17. see 

2 Chron. xxvii. 4. 
ToftAf,-Aif*. s. m. knowledge, un- 
derstanding, also, a ford, ease, 
quiet, To]TA]* |:oca1, an etijmo- 
logical dictionary. 

To|ibivilceAC,-ri5e, adj. accept- 
able, see Luke iv. 19. properly, 

Tofib^ivjlce, g. id, pi. -Cf5e, & 
-CBAOA, s.f. joy, Luke xv, 7. 
small Edn. 1830, a sincere wel- 

Toii5pailceÁciif,-u]f, pi. id. s.m. 
joy, Luke xv. 7. large Edn. 

ToftcoiméAb, inf. id. v.n. lurk, — 
inf. Ps. xvii. 12. v.a. protect, 
watch, defend, 

To|i8o|iH]",-ui|-, pi. id. s.m. a porch. 

To|t6|iot),-fioi)A» pi. id. s. m. the 
loin, see Gen. xxxv. 11. & 
xlvi. 26. also, the womb. 

Toitf:Aift,-|te, V. n. lie in wait, inf. 
Ps, Ixxi. 10. see Ps. liv. 5. it 
is followed by the prep. Ai|t, 
v.a. watch, wait. 

TopfrATiie, g, id. s.m. or f. a watch 
or guard, foresight. Dunl. 

TofifrA]|teAC,-|ti5e, adj. vigilant, 

To|ifrocAl,-Ail, pi. id. &, -cIa, s.m. 
a byeword, Deut. xxviii. 37. 

TotipiiT)eó5,-ói5e,-ó5A,s,f. a win- 
dow shutter, a lattice before a 

Toii5abAil,-ivlA, pi. id. s.f. forcible 
possession, usurpation. 

Toft5|tuAim5-n7e, s. f. austerity, 

Toit5|iuAnjA, ind. adj. austere, 
Luke xix. 21. see, 5|uiArtjA. 

T on 


r OS 

TopUrT;ui5,-''5*^.i ^- a. usurp, pos- 
sess forcibly^ ÓftlAiT)ui5, id, 

To|tlArT)u|-,-ui|-, pi. id. s.m. usur- 
pation^ possession, D. MacF. 
OnlArbu]-, id. K. 

yó\dov,-^]V, pi- id. s.m. pain, pi. 
Ps. cxvi. 3. deadly hatred, 

ToftmA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
form, a seat, TuAjtrnAb, id. 

'Fojtrt)Ai5)-<^1b, a grudge, 

TToftnjA&ACj-A^je, adj. envious, 

Tonrt)ixil,-alA, pi. id. s. f. hire, 

T'oritT)i^lAc,-Ai5,-Af5e, s.m. a hire- 

TojUDivnr^in, a type, a 

TóftoibeAi-j-bir, pl- id. s. m. tra- 
dition, a rudiment, elementary 

TóitóftÓA, ind. adj. renowned, fa- 

TopóiabujAÓj-uTJée, s.m. predesti- 
nation, a previous order. 

T'oftó|i&u)5,-u5A6, V. a. predesti- 
nate, order before hand. 

IToiiiAÓAíic-Anic, providence, 
C.P. foresight, fr. i^ó\y, before, 
&, jtAÓAitc, sight. 

yo\\i'^x),-\]\), pi. id. s.m. molesta- 
tion, oppression, defeat. 

ToijtatJACj-AiSe, adj. molesting, 

Totitbftir,-re, pi. id. &, -ri, s.m. 
sweet-briar, jessamine, Rosa 

Tofit6u5,-bA, an eyelid, 
— pi, Ps. xi. 4. Prov. iv. 25. a 
ro^l^eibe, g. id. s.m. a dropsy. 

ToniutT),-mA, pi. id. s. m see, 

•0[trrr)UA^t),-i)eAb, v. a, pi 
iate, fore think. 


Toni'n)u<M)cY5A&,-ui5ce, pi, id. 
premeditation, forethought. 

'lFoft]"ui5eói|i,-ó|iA,-óiTii6e, s.m. a 
president, CeAi3i*ui5eói|i, id. 

ToftcAcb, C.P. see, TmicAcb. 

Toitcvn,-Y|u, s.m. foi tune, li, S. 

ToncYDAC,-Ai5e, dia']. fortunate. 

Toituf, see, TofiAy. 

Tor, adv. yet, Matt, v, 39. & 40, 
still, also, moreover. 

Tofj-i-Ab, \. a. pitch, stay, rest, 

TorA6,-|-v;5, pi. id. s.m, an atone- 
ment, — g. Num. V, 8. a rest, 
respite, delay, prop, buttress, 
cessation of arms. 

To|-a6,-ai6, pi, id, s, m. an en- 
campinent, Ex. xiv, 2, Num. 
X. 31. fr, the obs, ^of, a ditch, 
or trench. Lat. Fos-sa. 

TofCYiIj-clAb, &, -cYjlc, V. a. 
open, 2 Kings xix. l6. — Is. 
xlv. 1. 

To|-bA6,-Ai5ce, s. m. a laying 
hands on, a catching, a stop- 
ping, Matt, xviii. 28. vein. 

To|-5AÓ,-Ai6, pi. id. s.m. a sha- 
dow, a shelter, " OAob At) 
fro f 5^1 6 bo' I) b-rort) ;" " The 
shelter side of the hush." 
M'N. see, Tatsa^. 

Tors^ilj-TjlAO, & -^Ailc, V. a. 
open, Ps, Ixxxi. 10 — Col. iv, 
3, Rev. V, 2. 

TorjAilce, ind. p.p. opened, Toy- 
cAilce, &, por5Y|lce, id, see, 
Num. xix. 15. 

Tor5AlcAC,-Ai5e, adj. open- 

Torsl^o, see, O^cIao. 

ToyWv'5po]iz,-r\\ic, pi. id, s.m. a 
camp. Numb. x. 34. Deut. xx. 
12. — Numb. i. 52. Nah. iii. 

14 Numb. x. 5. also, a 

harbour, fr. the obs. s. pof, 

r n ^ 



a pitching or enclosing ; lon3, 
a ient^ or any other covering 
niade of timber, or other mat- 
ter ; & poftc, the surface or 
area iipon which the tent, or 
house^ is formed. 

3Poi*lvn5pottc<\c,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. 
a defender of a camp. 

lP'o|-co]5,-co3, v.a. liire, 2 Chron. 
XXV. 6. — 1 Chron. xix. 6. see, 

TArcvjs, & roirci3- 

T6c<vó,-Ai5,-<V|5e, s. m. the glan- 
ders., a disease in horses. 

s.f. a subwh, see. Lev. xxv. 

TociaA5A6,-Ai6,-Ai6e, s.m. a hath, 

Is. xxxiv. 5, purification, a 

TFócttiii55-Ttv5A6, v.a. bathe, — inf. 

Lev. xvii. 16. see, Lev. xvii. 15. 
Tócftvn^j-viii), pi. id. s.m. a noise, 

Mic. ii. 12. o great clamour. 
TocftYtD,-vin), s.m. great figwort, 

Scrophularia nodosa. 
TftAioCj-ce, s.f. France. 
y\ió.-\x)c\x,-X^i s. f. the French 

TfiAn^A, g. id. pi. -A]6e, s.m. a 

'F|tAt)CAc,-Ai5,-A]5e, s. m. a 

'FpAr)clvf,-lo|*A, pi. id. s.m. tan- 

«e?/,Tanacetum vulgare, l-rx x)o> 

TftAince, id. 
^11^00,-010, s. x!x. fierceness y fury, 

2 Chron. xxx. 8. Job xx. 23. 

T|t<\oc,-oic, pi. id. s.m. heath, Jer. 

xvii. 6. &, xlviii. 6. Erica vul- 
TiiA0ÓAc,-Ai5e, adj. heathy. 

"\ furious, 
Tft<xoc&<%, ind. adj. I fierce, 
TnA0CTt7<xn,-Aine, adj. C anqry, 
) O'G. 
fftAocó5,.ó]5e,-Ó3A, s.f. a uhor- 

tleberry, a bilberry, a b lea- 
berry. Vaeciniura myrtillus. 

TitA|*,-A]]-, pi. id. s.m. a shower, 
hail, small shot, seed, any 
small round grain. 

TriArAc,-Ai5e, adj. showery, 

TlteAct)A6,-Aib, pi. id. s. ra. la- 
hour, R. S. exercise. 

TfieAcr)vi3,-r)Arb, v. a. labour, 
work, exercise, R. S. TjieAS- 

^116^3^111, -3|a<\, &, -3Aiitr, v. a. 

ansicer, Ps. xxvii. 7. 1 Pet. 

iii. 21. reply. 
'FpeA5Aiai:AC,-Ai3e, adj. answer- 
able, suitable, responsible. 
TfteA3A]irói|i,-ópA,-ó||t]6e, s. m. 

a respondent, a defendant. 
TneA3|iA,-3AitcA, pi. id. s.m. an 

answer. Gen. xli. 16. Rom. 

xi. 4. 1 Cor. ix. 3. — Prov. 

XV. 28. — see, Job xxi. 34. 
TfiéATíís-mAÓ, V.a. take root, — inf. 

Ps. Ixxx. 9. 
TpéArbj-éwe, pi. -&Art7A, &, -éA»t)- 

ACA, s. f. a roof. Is. xxvii. 6. 

Rom. xi. 16.— Job v. 3. Matt. 

iii. 10 — Job viii. 17, &, xviii. 

16. also, a stock, lineage, ori- 
gin, y\iervn, id. 

"^ adj. original, 
T|i&ArT)AC,-Ai5e, I having roots, 
T|téAri7Arbv|l,-rblA, C fibrous, 
J rooted. 
Tfi6AtT)frocAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. a 

root, i.e. a radical or root 

TfiéAii)v3<\b,-Y|3ce, pi. id. .>■•. m. 

a takinq root, Eph. iii. 17. 

Col. ii. v. 
T'|te<Np,-pA8, v. a. bounce, skip, 

kick, run. 
TfieAroAilj-Ailce, &, -aU, pi. id. 

s. f. a service, — g. Ex. xxxv. 

19. Ex. xxxix. 1. see, T|te<vf- 


rn ) 



T[ieAT-bAil,-o>l, &, -<\Ia6, v. a. 
viiuister^ — inf. 1 Kings viii. 
11. attend^ wait ow, serve, 
prepare, TneAi-t»Al«\i5,-U6, id. 

Tfxe<v|'i)Al,~ATl, pi. id. s.m. service, 
ministry. Numb. iv. 31. large 
Edn. 1827— .g. Ex. xxxix. 1. 
Heb. i. 14. attendance, charge, 

TiieArbAUc,-<\i5e, adj. provi- 
dent, Joresighted, attentive. 

Tpe<\]-foAlAcb,-tiA, s. f. a service, 
— g. Numb. iv. 47. 

Tfte^fbAUrt», g. id, &, -bAjlce, 
s.m. a service, 2 Chron. xxxv. 
10.— 1 Chron. ix. 19. 1 Chron. 
xxviii. 14. see, TiieAr&<vl 

TiieArcA]lce, g. sing, of FpeAf- 
bAil, q.v. 

Tliloci?Ari)Ac-,-<M5e, adj. diligent, 
Deut. xiii. 14. 1 Kings xx. 33. 
carefidi sharp, keen, piercing, 
bristly, rough, fr. the obs. adj. 
'^V-\oc, TiMocnATOiiil,-mU, id. 

TpiocaI,-ui1, pi. id. s.m. an inter- 
pretation, — g. Job. xxxiii. 23. 
a word; TeA|x i^itiocuil, an in- 
terpreter. Job. xxxiii. 23. 

Tfiioco)5eAÍ3,-5iú, pi. id. -500, 
-S'^lS^' &' -SneAÓA, s.m, «/>•?/- 
ing pan, Lev. vii. 9, see, Lev. 
ii. 7. see, 0|5ev\fj. 

TfifocoUiT), g. -0|ltr)e, -oilce, &, 
-olti)A, pi. id. s.m. ministration, 
service, attendance, business. 

Num. i. 50. & xviii. 2 Gen. 

xxxix. 11. John ii. 5. 

Tft'locó]l,-ólAih, v.a. serve, minis- 
ter,— iwi. Ex. xxix. 30. Deut, 
xxi. 5, Acts vi. 2. fr. the obs. 
V\i]t,-te, s.f. suite, service, at- 

TixicbeA|tc,-6i|tc, s.m. an opposi- 
tion, a contradiction. C.P. 

Tr*íceóil,-5U\6, serve, Luke xvii. 
8.— 1 Cor. ix. 13. see, Titio- 

T|tl!:nt,-cne, adj. peevish, cross, 

earnest, fretful, sore. 
Tpoor^, g. id. pi. -A]6e, s. m. a 

kind of play, a mock zvedding. 
TuACAib,-be,-t5Í, s.f. a jilt. 

TuACAir,-re, pl.-ri,&,-n5»"5 s.f. a 

hole, — pi. Matt. viii. 20. a den, 

a cave, the earth af a fox. 
TuAc<xr,-<\irj pi. id. s.m. an outcry, 

fr. the obs. s. pudc, a word. 
TuAcb, g. id. &, -bA, s. m. cold, 

2 Cor. xi. 27.— Ps. exlvii. 17. 

Acts xxviii. 2. the colloquial 

gen. is the regular puAicb. 
TiiAOAC,-bui5,-bui5e, s.m. extor- 
tion, — g, Luke xviii. 11,1 Cor. 

V. 11. an elopement, a driving 

away by force, a plunder, 
y uAt) <Kc, -tiM^, s.m. a running atvay 

with, Lucb ^uAbui5, a press- 

ruAbAcb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. robbery, 

abduction, depredation. 
TubAi5,-Ac, V. a, spoil, take by 
force, — inf. Matt, xii, 29, Acts 

xxiii. 10. put to flight, drive 

TuAbttAf?,-|tA]ce, pi. id. s.m. a ru- 
mour, also, a hindering. 
TuAbui5, see, TuAbAig. 
T'uAbuj5eAc,-5]óe, adj. ravenous, 

ravening. Gen. xlix. 27. Tua- 

bu]5ceAÓ, id. Is. xxxv, 9. 
TuAbui^ce, ind. p. p. snatched 

away, banished, forced away. 
T'ua5AiI,-aIa, pi. id. s.f. a sewing, 

a seam, a stitching. 
TiiA5Aiii,-3tiA, &, -SAtTxr,^ V. a. 

send, bid, proclaim, Ex. ix. 

19. Num. XV, 38. — inf. Is, ixi. 

2. see, Tó5ATtt. 
TuAjAitCA, ind. p.p. proclaimed, 

published, warned, commanded. 
')ruA5A]icóiii,-5ftA,-ó]|t^6e, s. m. a 

proclaimer, a crier. 

pi. id. sm. a command, a pro- 



r u u 

clamatiofi, Gen. xlv. 19. Ex. 
xxxii. 5. Acts XV. 30. Tua- 
5TtA6, id. a tvariti/tf/, an admo- 
nition, see, T0511A. 

TuAi3,-xN5<\l,v.a. seiv, Job. xvi. 1.':). 

TiiAijeAl, a sewing, a seam, Eccl. 
iii, 7. John xix. 23. see, Tikx- 

TuAilf:eA&^t),-i\TU, pi. id. s.m. the 

TuAin7,-Airne,-ArnA, s.f. a blast, a 
sound, Josh, vi. 5. 1 Cor. xiv, 
8.— 1 Cor. xiii. 1. Heb. xii. 19. 
a noise, <in echo. I 

TuAin)t)eAc,-T)i5e, adj. noisy, 

sounding, echoing. 
TttAiiT)r)eAri;u]l,-it}U\, adj. noisy, 

TvAitr)Di3, inf. id. v. n. sound, 

Ex. xix. 19 2 Chron. xiii. 12. 

resound, echo. 
TvAiTi, found, 3 sing. perf. 
tense, of p<v3, q. v. Gal. ii. 21. 
TvAiite, g. id. s.f, coldness. 
TvAiftlico, g. id. pi. -cjóe, s.m. 
a plaster, literally a mixture 
of oatmeal and cold icater 
applied to a burn. 
yyi.}\\y^er\,~^]\, pi, -evlA, &, 
-evlcA, s.m. a silly or foolish 
TvAiitc]óeAC&,-&A, s. f. coldness, 

TvaI,-aiI, s,m. urine. 
TvaUccaiij-ahi, s.f, long-leared 
hroohlime, Veronica anagalUs. 
1FyaIacca|i,-a^1i, s. m. creeping 
water parsnip, Sium nodi- 
yy<\\'^x),-'A-\x), pi. id. s.m. a cham- 
ber pot. 
TYAl5)io|-c<\c,-Ai5e, adj, diuretic, 

as a subs, g, -a 15, a diuretic. 
TvAllo|-5<\6,-oi|-5ce, s.m. heat in 

urine, difficulty of nrine. 
TvAn)ín),-íxii), pi. id. s. m. a re- 
bound, also, a shadow. 

yy<\\\,-^\\ve, adj. cold, Matt. x. 

42, Rev. iii. 15. chilly. 
TvAft AÓ,-Aió, &, -Ai5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a refreshing, an easing. Job. 
xvi. 6. Matt.'xi. 28. — Acts iii. 
19. _« breeze, a blast, a cool- 
ing,- the winduard, the wea- 
therside, " \Sx]\ le pvAtxAÓ, 
id. Dunl. 
TYA|iAi5,-riAt), V. a. cool, — inf. 
Luke xvi. 24. v.n. wax cool, 
Tva|i,-|xa6, id. 
l^vAitAisce, ind. p.p. cooled. 
TvAjiA]5ceóni,-ó|iA,-ói|ai6e, s.m. 

one who fans or cools. 
TvAp<xlAc,-Ai5e, adj. cold, chilly. 
TvA]iC\lACh,-&A, s. f. chilliness, 


TrA|xivr),-^Ii), pi. id. s.m. a spring, 

Prov. XXV. 26. a well, a poal 

ivhere cattle stand to cool 

themselves, any cooling place. 

TvA|ibolAÓ,-A]t), pi. id. s. m. an 

unpleasant scent, a culd damp 

smell, fr. f:YA|i, &, boUó. 

TYAjtopivbAOj-Yio, pi. id. s. m. 

hypocrisy. Matt, xxiii. 28. 

Luke xii. 1. — Is. xxxii. 6. 

Matt. vi. 2. fr. ^YA]t, &, 


TYAitcftaibi:eAC,-ri3e, adj. hypo- 
critical, see Is. X. 6. Tya^i- 
c]t<vbAc,-AT3e, adj. id. 

TYAiacpi\^lJreAC,-ri3, pi. id. s.m. 
a hypocrite. Job. xiii. I6. — 
Job viii. 13. & XX. 5.— Job 
xxxvi. 13. Is. xxxiii. 14. 

Tv-AiiOACbj-bA, s.f. coldness, cold, 

TvAfttT)AtibcAC&,-&A, s. f. numb- 

Tyai-caiI, see TP'ya|-3U|1. 

fYAfCA^lce, p. p. redeemed, 
TYAf-CAilci3e, used subs. nom. 
pi. Is. lxii."l2. 

Tua|*caIcó|)i,-ó|ia, s.m. a Ite- 




deemer, Job xix. 25. TPvA.f- 
5<\lcóiit, id. 
TuAfcl^'^^j-cuilce, s.m. a release, 
redemption^ a ransom, Deut, 
XV, 2.— Lev. XXV. 51, & 52. 
Deut. XV. 2. 

TvAfSAil, see, T'v<\|*5vil. 

f vAy5<\lc<\c,-Ai5e, adj. aperient, 
giving freedom. 

'FvAr5Uó,-5lT]5ce, s.m, a rí//^- 
*ow, redemption. Job. xxxiii. 
24. Luke xxi. 28,— Eph. iv, 30. 
see, TvAfclAÓ. 

Tr vArslvi^j-jUó, redeem, deliver, 
— inf. Lev. XXV. 25. Gal. iv. 5. 
see, 'V'vA]'5u]L 

TvA|*5vil,-Yilc, v.a. deliver, re- 
deem, Ruth iv. 4, Ps. vi. 4 

Acts vii, 34. 

TvA]-5V]lce, ind. p.p. redeemed, 

TvAf5V]lreAcb,-&A, s.f. redemp- 
tion, enlargement, looseness, 
freedom, openness, ease, acti- 

T'vAf5vilce5i|t,-ó[XA, s.m. a Re- 
deemer, Dunl. 

TvA^nAOj-Aio, s.m. anger, asto- 
nishment, tumult. 

TvA|'r)v|6ceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. tumul- 
tuous. Is. xxii. 2. astonishing. 

Tu<vc,-c<\, s. m. hatred, envy, 
Numb. XXXV. 20. Job v. 2.— 
Ezek. XXXV. 11, see Hos. 
ix. 7. aversion^ spite, abhor- 

TvACAi5,-cv5<\6, v.a. hate, 2 Sam. 
xiii, 22. John xvii. 14. — Ps. 
cv. 25. John vii, 7. detest, 

TuAc a' njAbAp, s.m.?^-o//"'s bane, 

TuActt)AifteACb,-&A, s.f. abomina- 
tion, hatefulness. 

TuActt)A|t,-A] |ie, adj. hated, odious, 
Deut. xxi. 15.— Prov. xxx. 23. 

TuActDuice, s.m. harebells, Hya- 
cinthus nonscriptus. 
2 A 

1FuAcu]5ce, ind- p.p. hated, abhor- 
red, detested. 

'lruAcuf5ceó|]t,-óftA,-ó]ft]óe, s. m. 
a hater, an envier. 

Tu5Ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a thrum, a 
loose thread at the end of the 
cloth in weaving. 
Tri5eAll,-5ill, & -5le, s.m. 
a residue, a remainder, leav- 
ings, Ex. X. 5. 2 Kmgs iv. 43. 
&'44. Col. i. 24-.— Lev. xxvii. 
18. a word t Tui5ioll, id. 

TiiI5leAC,-li5, pi. id. s.m. a rem- 
nant, Rom. ix. 27. refuse, 

Tuil, g, poU, s. f. no pi. blood. 
Matt. xx\a. 28. 1 John v. 8. 
Matt, xxvii. 4. 

Tuilc|of)CAc,-A]5e, adj. guilty of 

Tmlinj, 2 Sam. xxi. 10. see^ 

TuilTn5eAc,-5t5e, adj. patient, 

Tu|lceAc,-ci5e, adj. bloody, Ex. 
iv. 25. & 26.-2 Sam. xxi. 1. 
yii]\^oi,-y-^e, adj. id. K. 

Tu]lceAc.b,-fcA, s. f. bloodiness, 
cruelty, bloodshed. 

Tufr),-t)eAÓ, v.a. knead, 2 Sam. 
xiii. 8. bake, boil, dress. 

THir)í5|rí7et)c, see, Toó&Ainje^tjc. 

TFu]r)eA6,-T)ió, &, -t)ce, s. m. a 
kneading, — g. Ex. viii. 3. Ex. 
xii. 34. 

Tii|neA&5i|t,-ónA,-óni|6e, s.m. a 
baker. Gen. xi. 1. — see Gen. 
xl. 20. & Jer. xxxvii. 21. 

Tu|neAt3ót|teAcb,-bA, s. f. tlie bu- 
siness of a baker. 

y\i\Óióx„-ó\-^Q ,-óx,i^,si. a window, 
2 Kings xiii, 17,— pi. Is. 
xxiv. 18. 

Tiqi)IorbAc,-Ai5c, adj. strong, sub- 
stantial, firm of purpose, R. S. 

Tiili)|*eAc,-|*]5, s. m. common en- 
chanler^s nightshade, Circoea 

T U L 



Tuiúreó5,-ó|5e,-65<\, s.f. the com- 
mon ash. treCi Is. xliv. 14. 
fiilufe, & |íu]oreAT), id. 

'fii]r)t*eó5 co]lle, s. f. the herb 
called Virga pastoris, also, 
niomitain ash. 

Tuioce, iiid. p.p, kneaded, baked. 

Tu|')ce5if«,-ófiA,-5ip^6e, s.m. a 

TniDceófiAC&j-bA, s.f. tlie business 
of baking. 

TuiIteACAiii,-cfte, adj. circum- 
spect, Ex. xxiii. 13. deliberate. 

TuTiteAcb,-&A, s.f.rt delay, a tcait- 
ing, a staying. 

y\x\\\yis^]t,-t]ovo, v.a. uait, espy, 
Jer. xlviii. 19. — Num. viii. 24. 

Tujttioo, g. t:oiiiT)e, s.f. i/te ?72/i«- 
bitants of a country, a croivd, 
the crexv of a boat or ship, a 
swarm. K. 

Tii\\ii:o.]t^on),-t]w, s.m. oversight, 
2 Kings xxii. 9. an overseeing. 

TiilIi15,-|teAc, V. n. ziait, Gen. 
XXX. 27.— Job. XV. 22. Acts x. 
24. & xviii. 20. stop, delay, lin- 
ger, abide, deliberate. 

'FuiIttT)i5,-lu5AÓ, \.3i. form, 

Tunit)eir,-Te,pl.-ri, &, -rgcA, s.f. 
a furnace, O'G. 

Tuif 605, -0156, -ósA, s-^- ^* ^*^''^'* 

^ -lAr)5, V. a. suffer, 1 
j Chron. xvi. 21. Job. 

TiilAit)5, [ xxxvi. 2. Matt. vii. 4. 

TuIaijs, [Acts xxi. 39.— Matt. 
xvi. 21. Acts xxi. 13. 
J endure, perm it. 

1Pul^||i, s.f. an excuse, liberty, 
permission, only used in such 
phrases as the following, " W\ 
|:ula]|t le]}' be]c 't)A b|ie|ceArT)," 
literally, " Not excuse with him 
to be in his state of judge,^^ i.e. 
He will needs be a judge. Gen. 
xix. 9. M] i:uli\|it ÓAit), Not li- 
berty, or excuse to me, i.e. / 

must. If* inili^T|t ÓArb, It is ex- 
cuse or liberty to me, i.e. / am 
free, I may do so and so. 

TulA05,-Air)5, &, -An5CA, pi. id. 
s.m. a stay, a suffering, a stud. 
Is. iii. 1. 1 Cor. iv. 12. Heb. 
ii. 9. — pi. 1. Kings X. 19. pa- 
tience, forbearance, a p)^'op, see 
Cant. i. 11. 

yulAt)5AC,-Ai5e, 'Aá]. patient, able 
to endure, forbearing, Jiardy, 

1FulAn5AÓ,-Ai5,-At5e, s. m. a suf- 
ferer, a patient, one that en- 
dures. M'N. 

TulAt)5uióe, g. id. pi. id. s, m. a 

TuOfA, g. id. pi. id. &, -Ape, 
a fillet, — pi. Ex. xxxvi. S8. a 
hoop, a band. 

'Fu|iAÓu|*,-ui]% pi. id. s.m. cvpccfa- 
tion, a watching. Pro v. x. 28. 
Is. xxi. 5. vigilance. 

Tuitailj-ivlA, pi. id. s. f. an offer- 
ing, a command, an excitement, 

TuiiAT, comp. t^ufA, adj. easy, 
— comp. Mark x. 25. able. 

TupAi-bA, ind, adj. easy to acconi' 
plish, practicable. 

Tuftpo5]tA6,-5A|tcA, pi. id. s.m. an 
alarm, Num. x. 6. a ivarning. 

Tuttrbófi,-óiii, s.m. a great many, 
the chief part. Dunl. 

TiiItcAc&, g. id. &, -bA,pl. -bA, s.f. 
a helping, a refreshing, com- 
fort. Acts xviii. "27. 1 Cor. xvi. 
^18.— 2 Cor. i. 3. Heb. iv. 16. 

TiipcAi5,-c<vcb, v.a. help, comfort, 
— inf. 1 Thess. ii 1 1. 

TuitcA|r),-r)e, s.f. sufficiency, bail, 

Tuitcuisceontj-ofiAj-oiitpe, s. m. 
a comforter, a helper. 

TufAibe, a second form of the 
comp. of Tii|iA|*, q.v. O'G. 

5?l b 


5 ^D 

5, f'5o\ic, ivy,) the fteventh letter 
o/ the modern Irish Alphabet. 

5a, s. m. see, '5ac. 

^Abj-bívjl, v.a. take, Num. xxi. 1. 
Ps. XXXV. 2. Matt. ii. 20.— 
Job xxix. 13. Matt. i. 20. re- 
ceive, accept, lay hold of, seize, 
make prisoner, take possession 
of, hold, engage, this verb en- 
ters into a great number of 
idiomatic phrases. 

5Ab<x,g. id. &, 5Ab<\i), pi. 5<\ibi)e, 
s.m. a smith, 1 Sam. xiii. 19. — 
pi. 2 Kings xxiv. 14. The older 
and purer speakers always 
called a smith, 'iM>hc\\ 5AbAT3. 

5AbAt),-bcA, pi. id. s.m. danger, 
jeopardy, Luke viii. 23. Acts 
xix. 40. want. 

0<\bívil,-ívlA, pi. id. s.f. a draught, 
a take, — g. Luke v. 4. & 9. 
see Judg. xix. 17, Rom. xi. 
9. a seizing, a catching, a re- 
ceiving, a conquest, a capture, 
3<\b^]l ciue, the ancient Irish 
law of Gavel kind. Leo.hA\t i)<v 
3<xb4vlA, the Book of conquests. 

"SAbixi^-be, g. id. pi. -bf, s.m. cab- 
bage, colewort. Barb. Ca- 
b<\irbe, id. 

3ivb<\l, g. 5a]ble, pi. 3ivblA, &, 
^'ó>\h\e^cí^,s.í.afork,a beam, an 
undersetter, — pi. I Kings vii. 
34. Cant. i. 17. aprop,aprong, 
a gable, the groin, a descend- 
ant, a branch, " ^Ab^l 5eit)eA- 
lu]5," a genealogical branch, 
"Sobikl, id. 

5AbAlcA|*,-Aif, pi. id. s.m. aeon- 
quest, an Í7ivasion, a farm or 
subdivision of land, rented 
from another. 

^AbAT), g. id. &, -Alii, s.m. a jail, 
a pound for cattle, 'SaijiÓa 
5AbAT), is vernacularly, a pound 
for cattle. 

3AbA|i,-Aiii, pi, id. s. m. a goat. 
Gen. XXX. 35. Lev. iii. 12. — 
Ex. XXXV. 6. Lev. vii. 23. — 
Gen. xxxi. 38, ^AbAfi ^-(AOicin, 
a wild goat, Deut. xiv. 5. com. 
Lat. Caper. 

5AblAC,-Ai5e, adj. forked, divi- 
ded, peaked. 

^Ablarjj-Ajr), pi. id. s.m. a branch, 
the fork of a tree, pi. Ps. ixxx.l 1. 

^AblívrjACj-Ajje, adj. pronged^ 

3Abló5,-ói3e,-Ó5A, s. f. a forked 
piece of timber. 

5Ablv]5,-Y5AÓ, v.n. brancli off, 

_ D. MacF. 

5AboAc,-Ai5e,-AÓA, s.f. a stripper, 
(said of a cow). 

^AbcA, ind. p.p. taken, captured, 
seized, engaged, OAbre, id. 

^Abvit), see, 'ho.ú}r\\}. 

Sac, ind. adj. pron. each, every, 
3aca, is sometimes found in 
the genitive ; 3ac n-Aor), every 

ÓA&, g. 5AI&, pi. id. s.m. a withe, 
— pi. Judg. xvi. 9. a twisted 
twig or osier. 

3a6,-6a, s.m. want, peril, aUo, 
C^Ab^, s. id. 

5-^ j 


3 ?V ) 

'5AÓAiíieAtÍ7vil,-n)lA, adj. doggish^ 

"SaóaiIj-aIii, pi. id. s. m. a dog, 

see Matt, xv, 26. a mastiff, a 

hunting dog. 
5a&vi5, &, -rise, pi. -vi5ce, 

s.m. a thief, Ex. xxii. 2. — Job 

XXX. 5. Zech. v. 4.— Matt. 

vi. 20. & xxvii. 44. also, 

'5Aí)vióe, g. id. 
5A&ui5eAC,-5i5e, adj. robbing, 

tit ie visit. 
'SA&viseACbj-bA, pi. id. s.f. theft. 

Matt. XV. 19.— Ex. xxii. 3. 

OA):,-pA, pi. id. s.m. a hook, any 

crooked instrnment. 
3a|:aí),-ai5j s.m. henbane, Hyo- 

5ív3,-ívi5, pi. id. s.m. a cleft, a 

chink, a fissure, a crack. 
Síi5,-5AÓ, v.a. «Si n. split into fis- 
sures, grow into chinks or flaws. 
5iv5AC,-Ai5e, adj. leaky, full of 

chinks or cracks. 
5A]br)eACb,-bA, s.f. the business of 

a smith. 
'5ivibceAC,-ci5e, adj. needy, con- 
stantly complaining, querulous, 

Dv^tje 5<\ibceAC5 a querulous 

3A]bii), pi. -Dióe, s.m. a little 

uithe or twisted twig. 
^Aióitít), g. id. pi. -i)f8e, s. m. a 

small dog, a lapdog. 
^A]5e, g. id. pi. -5i&e, s-m. a fop, 

a coxcomb. Barb. 
OAil,-leAb,v.a.6'/(?a;w, boil, seethe, 

'5Ail,-le, s. f. a steam, a smoke, a 

vapour, com. Lat. Cal-eo,/rt>;i 

5A]le, g. id. pi. -l/, s.m, a sto- 
mach, Lev. i. 16. 1 Tim. v. 

23. properly, ^o^le, q.v. 
5AilleÓ3,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a cuff, a 

blou: on the cheek. 

^AiUiTÍjj-lme, s.f. the county or 

city of Galway. 
5Ailli"eAC,-i'i5e,-feACA, s, f. an 

earwig, also, a kind of black 

3Ain)bii), g. id. s.m. usury, in- 
terest, M'N. Lat. Cambio, / 

'54S]r)e^tv,-r)]nj, pi. id. s. m. sand. 

Gen. xxii. 17. Ps. cxxxix. 18. 

Matt. vii. 26. — Jer. xv. 8. 

3A]i)eArt) beó, a quicksand, 

Acts xxvii. 17. 
3Ait)eArt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. sandy. 
'5^-\x)n)é]n,-r)e, s. f. gravel, see 

Lam. iii. 16. lit. a sandy beach, 

a grain of sand. 
'5^]\)e, g. id. s.{. scarceness, Deut. 

viii. 9. hunger, want, fewness, 
famine, poverty. 
3iit]i,-|te,-iicA, s. f. an outcry, a 

shout, Acts xxiii. 9. — 1 Sam. 

iv. 6. com. Lat. Garr-io, Gr. 

5ivi|t, inf. 5ik|iCA, v.n. cry, Is. xii. 

6. — 2 Sam. xiii. 19. shout, call, 

'Soi]!, id. q.v. 
'3!x^\t,-]i]6e, v. n. laugh, 2 Kings 

xix. 21. — Job. xxix. 24. 
3A]pbeAcb,-bA, s. f. coarsetiess, 

roughness, harshness. 
3Ai]\béAbAc,-Ai5,-A]5e, s. m. 

coarse cloth, a coarse garment. 
5AittbéAl,-é|l, s.m. gravel, free- 
stone, pronounced, SpAbeAÍ. 
3Ai|tbéAlAc,-A]5e, adj. gravelly, 

^AipbéAÍcA, ind. p.ip. gravelled. 
3Ainb|r)-cne5Ac,-Ai5, s.m. bruise- 

icort, a plant groiving on the 

rocks by the sea shore, good 

for healing bruises. Saponaria, 

or Lichen sylvestris. 
OAittbf ÍAt},-Ait), s. m. a tempest, 

rough weather, — g. Heb. xii. 18. 

a rough blast, ^A^iibfiot), 

-fVh itl. 


3 UL 

3ívi ftcACA, g. id. s. f . a battle shout, 

a war-cry. 
5ai|tbeAÓ,-&i5e,adj.yo2í^í, Esth. 

V. 9. festive. 
^ivit^beACYf-j-Y]!", s.ui.j'oj/, glory ^ 

Luke ii. 10. Rom. v. 2. & 3. 

—Rom. xii. 12. 2 Cor. v. 12. 

gladness, rejoicing, pleasure. 
5íV]ití>i5,-i v5A6,v.n. rejoice, Deut. 

xxviii. 63. & xxxiii. 18. — Ps. 

xix. 8. he glad. 
"5ív]|tbír), g. id. pi. -T)]óe, s. m. a 

3i^1fte, g. id. s.m. laughter, Gen. 

xxi. 6. Jas. iv. 9, — Eccl. ii. 2. 

SAIIteAlAC- C0llA7tD,-A|5 collAjn), 
s. m. stinking hedge mustard, 
Erysimum allearia. 

5Ai|ti&5-&e, adj. near, short, mo- 
mentary, see ^ATi. 

5Ai|tle63,-5i5e,-Ó3A, s.f. garlick. 
Num. xi. 5. — pi. heads of gar- 
lick. Allium sativum. 

3Aiitleó5-rbY]|xe, s.f. a-ow garlick, 
Allium vineale. 

3A-(prr7, Gen. iv. 26. inf. of 3oiii, 
q. V. 

5AtTtm, g. 3A|trt7A, pi. id. &, 5A|t- 
ti7AÍ)A, s. f. a title, a calling, a 
decree. Job xxxii. 21. 1 Pet, 
i. 10.— Esth. iv. 8. Eph. i. 18. 
& iv. 4. — pi. see also Job. 
xxxii. 22. an office, 5<\iitrT) 
he ^t^, a profession, ^A^ftti) coi- 
ll3, cock-crowing, JMark xiii. 
35. 5AiftiT) póf Ai6, apublisJiing 
the banns of marriage. C.P. 

5A]|trn ]-co|Ue, g. id. s.f. an as- 
sembly of bards, a meeting of 
learned men. 

'5^}]xx)éiA,-\)^]\, pi. id. s.m. a gar- 
ner, a granary, a barn, a meal 
magazine, see Joel i. 17. 

3Ai|t]-eAc,-]-i5e,-]-eACA, s. f. a 
young groicn up girl. 

'5<\i|ireAtT)v|l,-n)U\, adj. obscene, 

Eph. V. 4. obscenity, wanton 

5Ai|tc&Al,-&il, pi. id. s.m. a garter. 

^*ir>-re5 pi- -\h &j -reACA, s.f. a 

torrent, a stream. 

5Air&e, g. id. pi. -bf, s.f. a trap, a 
gin, Amos iii. 5. a snare, a 

OAiysejg. id. s.f. bravery, heroism, 
feats of arms, valour, Lvcb 
5A]|-5e, brave men. 

5Aif5eAn)lAcb,-bA, s.f. a valiant 
act, a brave deed. 

5AirseAmv|l,-ri)U, adj. valorous, 
Ps. Ixviii. 7. see 2 Chron. xvii. 
13. heroic, warlike. 

5Ai|*3i6eAÓ,-6|6, pl. id. s. m. a 
champion,a mighty man,\ Sam. 
xvii. 4. — pl. Josh. X. 7. a hero, 
a warrior, ^AifseAc, id. fr. 
5Af, a warrior, a young merce- 
nary soldier, &, ]*ciac ; more 
properly, ^Aifc^ACAÓ. 

^AirsiíJeAcbj-bA, s.f. heroism, va- 

^^ircft), g. id., pl. .r>i6e, s. m. a 
low cunning fellow, also, an in- 
genious thrifty fellow . 

■SAircit) pAoi cloc, s.m. a tomtit. 

3aI,-aiI, pl. id. s.m. see Oa|1, 
3aI 3A0|ce, a gale of wind, a 
sudden burst of passion, com. 
Lat. Cal-eo. 

OAlA|i,-lAt|i, &, -InA, pl. id. s.m. 
a disease, a distemper, sick- 
ness, OaIaji hY]Se, the jaundice ; 
^AUjt pvAil, the gravel; SaUji 
3A|-bA, the flux ; 'oaIap milis- 
ieAc,the green sickness ; OaIaji 
tr)ó\i,t/ie plague ; "OaIaii plocAC, 
tke quinsy ; 5tfilA|i plvice, a 
swelling of the jaws ; OAÍAfi 
l*cix>-CAC, the itch. 

5aII, g. 3A1U, pl. id. s.m. a stran- 
ger, a foreigner, an English- 




cAip, s.m. coWsfoot, Tussilago 

5AlUt)-n)óti,-Áin-rbóiíi, s. m. 6wi- 
terhurr, Tussilago petasites. 

5<\,IUt)c<\, ind. adj. decent^ gen- 
teel, gallant. Barb. 

5aIUi)c<sc&,-'3a, s.f. decency, gen- 
tility of manner and deportment. 

SAllAoileAC,-li5e, s.f. soap. 

^aUcoo, s.m. a wallnut^ for de- 
clension, see Cr)o, Nux avel- 

"SaUda, ind. adj. belonging to an 
Englishman, strange, foreign, 

3AUbAcb,-0A, s. f. English or fo- 
reign connexion. 

'5AUó5lAc,-Ai3,-Ai3e, s.m. a /ieat??/ 
armed Irish soldier. 

5AUftAc,-Ai5e, adj. infectious. 

3AllYi)AC,-Ai5e, s. f. soap. 

'5Allv[tAr),-Aio, s.m. wild angelica, 
Angelica sylvestris. 

SAlftA,|ivi5ce, s- m. sick- 
ness, — pi. Matt. viii. 17- a 

'5Al|ivj5,-|tA6, v.a. sicken, punish. 

'SAlftvisce, ind. p. p. sickened, 

^AlcjiompA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m, 
a trumpet. Matt. vi. 2. 

'Sah^aIj-aiI, pi. id. s. m. a fool, a 
stupid person, also, a camel, 
see, CArb<\ll. 

5AtÍ7i)Ac,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a stripper 
cow, ^AbijAc, id. q.v. 

5arbv|r),-n)t}A, pi. id. &, -rbn^^ltJe, 
s.m. a calf. Job xxi. 10. Is. xi. 
6.— Ezek. i. 7.— 1 Sam. vi. 7. 
5ivri)V]t) |ivAÓ, a yearling deer. 

3 At), prep, xmthout, Matt. ii. 12. 
& passim. 

5At)bAl,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a gander. 

'5AT)5Aib,-&e,-&i, s.f. deceit, false- 
hood, Ps. cxix. 118. — Ps. cix. 
2. a loxv mean trick. 

5Ar)5A]t)eAc,-bi5e, adj. false, de- 
ceitful, mean, knavish. 

3Ai)5AibeACb,-bA, s.f. falsehood, 
craft, knavery. 

5aí), comp. 5Ai^e, adj. scarce, 
scanty, small, rare, few, short. 

SAt)cAr),-Ait}, s.m. scarcity, want, 

5A^cAnvr,-v]f, s.m. scarcity. ^l\x\. 

5ao6aI, K. see 3^oi6eAl. 

SaoicIo cycy|5, g, id. s. m. wake 
robin, cuckoo-pint, Arum ma- 

3A0i6eAl,-t)|l, pi. id. &, -6eAU, 
s. m. a hero, an Irishman, a 
Highland Scot, Cor. Glossary. 
"U beimb r)A i-a^caOa 5v|t aB 
r]ti)e jo^jtceAfi SaoÓaI be, ó'd 
ccorbfrocAlfo .i. SAO^c A5Uf' bil 
.1. 5itA6vf5ceoiit i)A b-eA5i)A, 
ó]]\ ir iot)Ai3 5A01C, A5ur eA5- 
uv|óe, A;^ur 1]- ioi)AÚ &ll Ajiii* 
5liAt)Ac." Antiquaries however 
assert that the name of Gaodhal 
is from the compound word 
formed ofgaoitW ^ ' dil,"" which 
means a lover of learning, for 
^ gauitli is the same as wisdom or 
learning, and ' dil' is the same as 
loving or fond. See derivation of 
the proper name 3ao6aI, in 
Haliday's Vol. of Keating, page 

3Aoi6eil5e, g. id. s.f. the Celtic 
language of the Irish and the 
Highland Scotch. 

3aoI,-o)1, pi. id. s.m. family, kin, 
kindred, — g. Lev. xxi. 2. Acts 
vii. 14. 3aoI 75et)elA]5, a de- 
scent. D. MacF. 

5AolrbAi|teAcb,-bA, s. f. friend- 
liness, kindred, alliance. 

5AolfT)Afi,-Aifie, adj. allied, re- 
lated, friendly. 

3A0ftt)Ajt,-Aiite, adj. jjrudenf, 
skilfnl, fr. 3<xof, icisdom. 

'5(<ot, a dart, see, 3ac. 



o ^^n 

O Aoé,-0]ie ,- OCA , s.f. a stream left 

at low water. 
3AOc,-oice,-oéA, s.f. a wind, Ex. 

X. 13. Mark vi. 48.— Luke 

viii. 23.— Matt. vii. 25. UtjpAÓ 

5A0jce, s.m. « tempest. 
3aoc a t)-&eAf, ^/ie south wind, 

Acts XX vii. 13. 
5aoc a t)-lAfi, i/ze it'esi wind, Ex. 

X. 19. 
5aoc a t)-otT»j '^«^^ ^«-s^ tvind, Ex. 

X. 13 Hos. xii. 1. 

Oaoc CVA15, #/(fe north wind, see 

Cant. iv. 16. 
3A0CAC,-Ai5e, adj. windy. 
OAocAijte, g. id. -]ti, s.f. a vent. 

Job xxxii, 19. i/<e mouthpiece 

of a Highland bagpipe ; s.m. 

a long-winded talker. 
Oaoc 5VAift&eii|t), s.f. a whirl- 

nirid, 2 Kings ii. 1. Jer. xxx. 

23. — g. Amos i. 14. —pi. Is. 

xxi. 1. 
5AocrT)A|t,-Ai|te, adj. windy, blus- 
tering, boisterous, painful, 

OAocrbA|tACí5,-bA, S.f. windiness, 

flatulence, pain, anguish. 
Oaoc-jivao, g. 5AOice-|avA]6e, pi. 

5ocA-|ivA&A, s. f. a blasting, 

1 Kings viii. 37. 
3a ft, eomp. 50]|te, adj. near, 

close, — comp. Rom. xiii. 11. 

A t)-5A|t, adv. near, see Matt. i. 

18. Do ÓfXY1& At) A]mT*||l A 

T)-3A|i, the time drew nigh, 
Córb-3A|t, equally nigh. 

OA|tAbí\tj,-ívii),pl. id. s.m. a shell- 
ing, a taking off the husks of 
corn, bran, ^'c. 

3A|tAbó3,-ói3e,-ó5A, s. f. wild 
mustard, Synapis arvensis. 

3ArtAbó||i,-óítA,-óiftpe, s. m, see, 

^ ^AtitSAbóiít. 

OA|tArr)vil,-ri)lA, adj. near, neigh- 
bouring, useful, obliging, 

ÓAJlACAntj-ACAIt, pi. -A1C|te, &, 

-AicfteACA, S.m. a great grand- 

5Attb, comp. 5Aiiibe, adj. rowi?/?, 
Gen.xlii. 7. Deut. xxi. 4. i-ug- 
ged, fierce, terrible, coarse, 
boisterous. Lat. Grav-is. 
3A|ib-éoi), a boisterous wave, 
3Aiíib-fíor), a tempest, com. 
Garumna, i.e. OA|tb An)r]r), 
the boisterous river. 

OAftbAcb, g. id. &, -&A, s.m. or f. 
roughness, asperity, rough 

OAnbAi5,-bv5A8, v.a. roughen, 
OAtibj-bAD, id. 

OAjxblvi-j-lvir, &,-lorA, pi. -lofA, 
s. m. cleavers, goosegrass, Ga- 
lium aperine. 

'Óo>y!QTiox),-tx\x)Q:,-to\)o., s. f. a ra- 
ging 7vave,—^\. Jude ver. 13. 

SivjtbA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
guard, — g. Gen. xxxvii. 36. 

OAJtÓAÓ, g. id. &, JAjlÓAlD, pi. 

jAfiDAÓA, s. m. a garden. Cant, 
iv. 12. & V. 1.— Gen. ii. 9. & 
iii. 8. Cant. iv. 16. — Eccl. ii. 
5. see Amos iv. 9. the root 
is, OAn&, a fenced place, 
hence Karthada, (Oahca]c, the 
fortified place ),\ke. Punic name 
of Carthage. 
OATt3,-A]|X3e, adj. fierce, rough, 
cruel, wrathful, terrible, an- 
gry. Gr. yooy.hi. 

3A|t5Aco,-&A, s. f. fierceness, 
cruelty, harshness, rough- 

5A]llAC,-At3, pL -Al5e, &, -ACA, 

s.m. a young child. 

^Aitm^j-AT^j-A^AjS.f. a beam, — g. 
Judges xvi. 14. a weaver'' s 
beam, a rudder. 

3Att'Í7<vc,-rbfc, pi. id. s.m. a grand- 

3A1am<^&ót|^,-óftA,-óff^]8e, s. m. a 
cryer, a proclaimer. 



5 e u 

0»\ftlt)ACA]ft,-ACA|t, pi. -v\iCjie, &, 

-<\]C[ieAc<v,s.f. a great grand- 
3Ay]tAlAC,-Ai5e, B.ú'].hasty^ vehe- 
ment. M'N. 

temper, vehemence. 

5AntM;,-ivii), pi- id. s.m. a grove, 
Deut. yvi. 21.2 Kings xiii. 6. 
— pi. Deut. vii. 5. & xii. .3. 

5A\|t5vAic,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a cla- 
mour, a noise. 

3AnibvAiceAC,-ci5e, adj. clamor- 
ous, noisy, Prov. ix. 13. 

5a|]i6aj John xviii. 1. see, ^Aft- 


OAni5Aí)5i|i,-ó|iA,-ói]ti6e, s, m. a 
gardener, John xx. 15. 

3<\^tjAbó]|ieAc&,-&A, s. f. gar- 1 

3^|]acA, g. id. s.m. a clamour, a\ 
roaring, Eph. iv. 31. — Ps. xxii. I 
1. 'Saiica, id. ! 

'5AttrAir)vil,-ri)lA, adj. filthy, ob- 
scene, lewd. C. P. 

5Aft|-vr),-v|n, pi. id. s.m. a young 
boy, a lad, a servant, properly, 
^AfYft, i.e. OAf y\i, the tender 
stem, see, 3a|-, Fr. Gar9on. 

^Aftcóiftj-óttAj-óiftiÓe, s. m. a 
cryer, a baivler. 

^ATr^irj pl- id. &, SAi'pA, a stem, 
a youth, a military servant, 
and the pl. 5AffiA, signifies a 
band of domestic troops or 
attendants on a great man, & 
more anciently, all mercenary 
soldiers, with this latter mean- 
ing of 5Af, &, 5A]-|iA, Com. the 
Gessi and GessatcE of the 

^Ar&A, ind. adj. cunning, skilful, 
1 Sara. xvi. 16. clever, gallant., 
neat, ingenious. 

^Af&^-^cbj-bA, s.f. quickness, cun- 
ning, cleverness, ingenuity. 

OAfiiA, pl. of 3Af, q.v. 

5ac, g. id. pl. 5ivece, s. m. a ja- 
velin, a spear. Num. xxv. 7. — 
1 Sam. xvii. 7. — 1 Sam. xiii. 
19. other forms of the gen. sing. 
are, j^e, 5ÍVI, &, 5A01 ; and in 
the nom. pl. 3A1, 5AO1, jacca, 

6, 5Aoice, are also in use ; 3ac 
5ft&|t)e, a sunbeam ; 5aca, & 
5ACAÍ3A, are also vern. plurals; 
also, a stitch, a j)o,in, a dart. 

3Accoft,-cv]|t, s.m, a roll of lint 

put into a wound. 
Oac n}Y|i)e, g. id. s. m. the 

mane of a horse, fr. 5AC, &, 

3éA6, g. 5éo]6, pl. 5í^a6aí)a, s.m. 
a goose, 5^, g. 5616, pl. 5éAr)A, 
s. ra. id. 

3eA&ívn,-ívir), pl. id, s.m. a but- 
tock or haunch. M'jN. 

^eA5, g. 5^156, pl. 3éA5A, s. f. a 
branch, Johnx\d. 2. — pl. Matt, 
xxi. 8. Rom. xi. 16. more pro- 
perly 5ev5, q.v. 

5éA5í\t),-ívir), a branchy 
Ez. xxxi. 3. a small branch. 

5éA5ar)AC,-Ai5e, adj. branchy, 
11. S. '5éA5AÓ,-Ai5e, id. 

OeAÍ, comp. 5ile, adj. ichite. Gen. 
xlix. 12. Ex. xvi. 31 Ps. h. 

7. fair^ bright, clear, com. 
Gr. xaX-os. 

OeAl,-lA6,v.a.yí;7i<7é'/?,— inf.Mark 
ix. 3. bleach, 5eAlYi5,-Y5AD, id. 

5eAlAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. tJie moon, 
Matt. xxiv. 29. Rev. vi. 12. 

— Jer. viii. 2 Is. i .13. & 14. 

fr. SeAl. — TeA|v 5eAlAi5e, a 

3eAlACAÓ,-lAi5ce, s.m. a bleach- 
ing, a whitening, SoaIaO, g. 
jeAÍCA, s. m. id. TeAji 5eAlcA 
eYbAi5, a fuller. 

'3eA\iiC4XX),-ii]\), pl. id. s.m. white- 
ness ; 3eAlAd;\i) Y|be, the 
white of an egg. 



oe u 

SeAlAi5!:c, ind. p. p. bleached, 

SeAlívUj-ívjn, pi- id. s. ra. white- 
ness; SeAlat) DA XY\\e, the white 
of the eye. 

'5eAU\r),-iviP, s.m. Uifhining; Sa^- 
5eAb jeAl^iD, a flash of light- 
ning. D. Mac.F. 

3eAlboo,-bvii),pl. id. s.m. « 5/7ar- 
rozr, Ps. Ixxxiv. .3. & cii. 7. — 
pi. Luke xii. 6. also SeAÍbAtj, 

3eAl&|iY 13,-56 , s. f. round-leaved 
sundew. Drosera rotundifolia. 

ScaU, g. 5ill, pi. id. 6. m. a 
pledge, a prize, Deut. xxiv. 
1 1 . 1 Cor. ix. 24. — Deut. xxiv. 
10. a promise, a vow, a 
wager, a mortgage, a favour, 
love ; " 2Ca|i jjcaU o\<.y\x)Q^, for 
our salie'' Diinl. 

SeAll,-leArbY|n, v. a. promise, 

Deut. X. 9 2 Peter ii. 19. 

pledge, voiv, mortgage, 

5eAUAÓ,-lcA, pi. id. s.m. a pro- 
mise. Acts ii. 39. Rom. iv. 
13. a het, a pledge, a vow. 

SeAUArr)vin,-rbnA,-rbr)AÓA, s.f. a 
promise, Luke xxiv. 49. — Acts 
ii. 33. & vii. 17.— pi. Rom. ix. 
4. a pledge, a vow. " Le jcaI- 
lArT)Yjn Anrr)A óo, by promising 
him his life."^ 

5eAlló3>-ói3e,-ó3A, s. f. salmon 
fry, a ivhite trout. 

SeAÍlcA, ind.p.p.j-jrom/seí/, vow- 
ed, pledged, betted. 

5eAllcAT)Af,-A]i*, s.m the act of 

5eAlcA, ind. p. p. whitened, 

'5e^\zAc, -c^^i^e, ad], jealous, fear- 
ful, astonished. 

'5eAlY]5ceóiít,-ó|tA,-ófp]6e, s. m. 
a bleacher. 

5eAti7ivDAC,-A]3,-A]3e, s. m, a 

2 B 

OeArbA|t,-Ain) pi- id. s.m. a blade 
of corn. Matt. xiii. 26. Mark 
iv. 28. also, corn in the 
blade, fr. the obs, s. "SeAib, « 
branch, a slijt. 

OeAtt)CAOc,-CAo|ce, adj. pur- 

OeArT)fv]leAc,-l]5e, adj. blear- 

OeAt),-r)A, s.m. approval, accep'. 
tance, grace, Rom. xiv. 18. & 
XV. 16. Col. iii. 16. fondness, 
love, favour. 

OeAi)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. greedy, Ps. 
xvii. 12. covetous, also, cheer- 
ful, pleasant, fond. 

'SeADAnjAilj-njlA, adj. acceptable, 
Rom. xii. 1. 1 Tim. ii. 3. mo- 
dest, comely, pleasant. 

3eAtiAiÍ7lAÓ&,-hA, s. f. modesty, 
comeliness, gracefulness. 

5eAnmr)vi6,-6e, adj. chaste, Tit. 
ii. 5. 1 Pet. iii. 2. pure. 

5eAr)ttjr)vtóeACí5,-hA, s. f. chas- 

^ tity, 2 Cor. vi. 6. purity. 

5eA^A]ite, g. id. pi. -itíóe, s.m. a 
hammer, Judges iv. 21. a 

SeA'oAiiteAc&j-bA, s.f. a hammer- 
ing, a mallet in g. 

3éAp, 1 Sam. xiv. 4. see 5er|i. 

OéA|tA]3,-|iv3A&, &, -ítvi5eAcb, 
V. a. sharpen, rail at, — inf. 
1 Sam. xiii. 20. & xxv. 14. 
IV ftet, solicit, cut ice,a\so, leaven 
or 7nake sour, see Gal. v. 9. 

3eA|tivr», inf. id. v. n. complain, 
Ps. Ixxvii, 3. — Job xxi. 4. 

5eAitívr),-ívTt), pi. id. s.m. a com- 
plaint, a quarrel, an accusa- 
tion, a cry. Job ix. 27. Col. 
iii. 13.— Esth. ix.31. Luke, vi. 
7. Jude, ver. 16. 

3eA^i^t)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. complain- 
ing, ailing, sad, also, accu- 

oe ?i 


3 é) 

SeAfib,-&iiibe,-eApbA, s.f. a scab, | 
Lev. xiii. 2. mtinge, itch. 

3eApbAc,-A]5e,adj.AC«Z»^ei/, Lev. 
xxi. 20. mangy, itchy. 

S&<xjtblin*b<\, see 3eu|tbliv|*b<v. 

s. f. subtility, — g. Prov. i. 4. 

SéAitcrffeACj-rijejadj. cunning, 
Ex. xxxi. 4. & XXXV, 35. subtle, 
shrewd, crafty, bitter, 3evp- 
cúj]-eAc, id. q.v. 

Se^iji, comp. 5ioni<N, adj. short. 
Job XX. 5. — Num. xi. 23. Is. 
xxviii. 20. transient, defi. 

3eA||i,-itA6, v.a. cut, divide, Judg. 
vi. 25. Matt. v. 30.— Deut. 
xix. 5, 2 Tim. ii. 15. shear, 
mow, slice. 

3eív^AÓ,-|tcA, pi- id. s.m. a cut- 
ting, a tax, a tribute. Coim- 
SeaniAÓ, concision, Phil. iii. 2. 
a share, a reckoning. 

3e^f|i<\bóijt,-óft^,-óf[tibe, s. m, a 
cutter, a carver, an engraver, 
a hewer. 

3eí^ffiAbó|fieAcb,-b<x, s. f. a cut- 
ting, a carving, a hewing. 

Oe*||i<\50|ic,-3V]]ic, pi. id. s. m, 
a quail, — pi. Num. xi. 31. & 
32. Ps. cv. 40. 

3eA||tíkT),-ívin, pi. id. s.m. a ivork 
horse, a hack ; 3eA||iiM) ix|xb, a 

3eAnicAC,-cvi5e, pi. id. s. f. a 
chicken, — pi. Matt, xxiii. 37. 
properly 'OeA^itceAfiCjfr. 5eA||i 
&, ceAiic, q.v. 

3eAi|ióorAC,-Ai5e, adj. short- 

5eiiT|tcvrr)AineAc,-^]5,-r)i5e, s.m. 
a backslider, Prov. xiv. 14. 

3eív]iiÓYrDAif)eAG,-^15e, adj. back- 

'3eiv^cun)Ar),-<xir), s.m. a back- 
sliding, Vvoy.\i\. 14, Edn. 1681. 

5eA|ii|:|A&, Lev. xi. G. see oe\\]\,- 

3eAntfA05lAC,-Ai5e, adj. short- 
lived. Job xiv. 1. 

OeA]7tfY]le<xc,-li5e, adj. short- 

3e<xnttA, ind. p. p. cut, shorn, 
mown, sliced. 

3eantcói|i,-ó|t<\5-6||tibe, s. m. a 
hewer, Deut. xxix. 11. — pi. 
Josh. ix. 27. 2 Chron. ii. 10. 
a cutter, a carver. 

5éA|irrDAcb,-Aicb, s. m. wrath, 
Nah. i. 2. severity, a sore 

5éA|-Ab^r),-ívir), pi. id. s. ra. a 
shrub, a 2)lant. 

3eAfAbói|t,-ó|tA,-ó||tibe, s. m. a 
diviner, Deut. xviii. 10. a 
conjurer, a sorcerer, a wizard. 

3eAfAbónxeí.cb,-í5A,s.f. enchant- 
ment. Lev. xix. 26. sorcery, 

3eA|-pÓ5Ac,-A|5e, adj. supersti- 

3eA|-|iÓ5<.\&,--A]6, pi. id. s.m, su- 
perstition, see Acts xxv. 19. 
OeA]'ii65Acb,-bA, s.f. id. 

5eACA,g. id. -Yi6e, &,-a6a, 
s. m. a gate. Gen, xxviii. 17. 
Rev. xxi, 21. — Ex. xxvii. 16. 
— Ps. cvii. 16. Matt. xvi. 
18. Rev. xxi. 13. 

OeACAitie, g, id. pi. -jipe, s.m. a 
small cake. 

Oéi5eAÚ,-bii), pi. id. &, -beAÍ}A, 
bonds, Eph. vi. 20. see Phil, 
i. 1. fetters, a prison, capti- 
vity, great distress, '5^\h\o\), 
&, 3é]bior)Af,-Aif, id, 

5éibior),-bir), id. id. &, -b|or;A, 
s.m. a fetter, a prison, great 

5éibli5,-iv5A6, y. 2.. fetter, chain, 
mortgage, pledge. 

3 e ] 


3 e 

Oé|5eArnvil,-rbU>, adj. hranchy, 

Oé]U,-leAÓ, sithmiti yield, obey, 

do homage, give uay. Dunl. 
Oéjlle<N6,-llce, s.m. submission, 

obedience, homage, a yielding. 
5éjlleArbvil,-rÍ7lA, adj. obsequious, 

submissive, yielding. 
5eilc,-ce,-ceAÓA, s.f. a distracted 

person, a wild person living in 

the woods, as an adj. mad, icild. 
5é^rt),-n)ni5, &, -mneAC, v.n. low 

(as an ox), — inf. 1 Sam. vi. 

12. belloic. 
'5éirn,-n}e,-rt)e<NÚ*V} s. f. a lowing 

(of oxen), a roar. 

s. f. a chain, a bond, — pi- Mark 

V. 4. Acts XX. 23. & xxvi. 29. 

a restraint, bondage, captivity, 

fetters, 3&|ti)leAcb,-&<\, s.f. id. 
5éTti)oeAC,-r)T35-r)i5e, s.m. a low- 
ing (of oxen), 1 Sam. xv. 14, 

fr. s^\n). ■5é]n7i)15,-r)15e,-t)2ÓA, 
^ s.f. id. 
'Oe\xx)\\e^'6,-y\.}'6,-yi]'he, s.m. winter. 

Gen. viii. 22. — Acts xxvii. 12. 

fr. the obs. s. 5*0), winter, &, 

jiivcA, a quarter. 
5e|rn[ivi5,-v5<xó, v.n. tvinter, see 

Is. xviii. 6. 
Oe|i),-t)e<\n}Yin, v. a. beget, Matt. 

i. 2. & 3. — John iii. 4. com. 

Lat. Gign-o, Gen-us. Gr. yiv- 

0H,ai, jim-áu, & ysv-o^. 
3e]neA6, g. ■^e}X)ze, pi. id. s.m. a 

bringing forth, a springing j 
forth, a generation. 
3eir)eAlAC,-lv)5, pi. id. s.m. a ge- \ 

neration, Ex. xvii. I6. Matt.; 

i. 17.— Matt. i. 1.— Gen. ii. 4. 
_ Matt. i. 17. 

3e]neAtbtMc,-Ai5e, adj. genera- 
tive, genitive. 
5eir)eArbviT),-it>nA, birth, 

a begetting. Matt. i. 18. — Gen. 

V. 22. a spring, 2 Kings ii. 21. 

3eiT),-i)e,-úeACA, s.f.a ivedge,\.ait. 

Oe]tKe, ind. p.p. begotten. 

s.m. a Gentile, — pi. Is. xi. 10. 

_ & Ix. 3. 

Oe]r)ceófíi,-óftA,-ó|ttióe, s. m. a 
sorver, a planter, a begetter. 

5etr)clí6e,ind. adj. enchanted. K. 

5ei]i,-ne, s.f. fat, Ex. xxix. 22. 
Lev. iii. 14. — Lev. viii. 26. tal- 
low, grease, suet. 

3éine, g. id. s.f. sharpness, sub- 
tlety, sourness, keeness. 

0'e]\K-^\x),-r)e, s.i.sea samphire, 
Crithraum maritimum. 

Ot]\\\\-)z\e^ch^c ,- A\^& ,?iú.]. subtle, 
in gen ious, in ventive. 

Oéiftii;cleAcb,-&(N, s.f. ingenuity, 
invention, contrivance, craft, 

'ó^\\i\e/sx),-x)rr)y]Y), v. di. persecute. 

3éipleAr)Aí)ói|t,-ó|t<\,-óip|De, s.m. 
a persecutor. 

5éiiileAi)'T^vii),-n)t)A,-mAt)A, s. f. 
persecution. Acts viii. 1. — pi. 
2 Tim. iii. 11. 

3?i|ftif;ii)Iu5v\b,-i5ro, pi. id. s.m. 
a .short gloss or comme)it. 

Seittnevlj-^dj pi- id. s. m. a gar- 
ner, a granary, a heap or store 
of provisions. 

SeiiTipiAÓ, g. id pi. -éACA, s. m. 
a hare, Deut. xiv. 7. fr. 5éAt]t, 

^ &, -piAb. 

OentreAC,-fi5e,-reACA, s. f. a 
young girl, a damsel, Cent- 
re 05, id. 

3eir,g.3eir^,ph5eArA,s.f. r/c?^s- 
tom, an indispensable injunc- 
tion, an adjuration, an incan- 
tation, a restriction, a vow, a 
charm, a religious engagement, 
a guess, sorcery. 

OeóCAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a para- 
site, a stroller, a glutton, a ra- 
grant,a vagabond, aeócAine,id. 



o ]0 

5e5cAit)v|l,-ti}lxN, adj. (jliiltonous, 

strolling, parasitical. 
5eócvi5,-r5(NÓ, v.n. stroll, act the 

5e6|t;,-T)e, s. f. a confused noise, 

particularly, the howl or yelp 

of dogs. 
Seolri7<xc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. thejozcl, 

5eolrb<\c bfXAb^iu, the joivl of a 

5eórA&ívr),-i\1U> s.m. a small 

stalk, a shaft or arrow. 
'5én, diligent, Matt. ii. 7. see, 

3é]tleAi),-i)ri)v|t), — inf. Acts ix. 4. 

1 Cor. XY. 9. see 3éiialeAt). 
3énleAT)At)ói|t, 1 Tim. i. 13. see, 

Oéitl6<M)it)vio,-n;o<\,-rbAOA, s. f. 
2Tim.iii. 11. & 12.— pi. 2 Tim. 
iii. 11. see '5c]]ileMjniY]r). 

^ev5, g. 5é|5e, pi. sevsA, s. f. a 
branch, — pi. Gen. xlix. 22. 
Mark xi. 8. a limb or member, 
see OéA5. 5ev5, is the better 

^evjACj-Aige, adj. branchy, 

Seiip, comp. 5éitte, sharp, per- 
fect, Ex. iv. 25. — Acts xxiii. 
20. Heb. iv. 12. sharp-pointed, 
sour, keen, severe, strict, saga- 
cious, shrill, bitter, tart. 

5ev|tAir)eACí5,-&<\, s.f. icit, sar- 

5ev|tbU^bA, ind. adj. sour, tart, 
acid, fr. 5ev|t, &, bUf&A. 

'3ev|icA0ii),-i)eAó, v.a. wail, be- 
moan. O'G. 

5evitcoirbev&,-&(0, pi. id. s.m. a 
mark, aivatch. Rom. xvi. 17. 

3ev|tcinfeAC, Gen. xlviii. 14. see, 

5ev|if;Aob|tAÓ,-A]5(í, adj, sJiarp- 

3evfipocAl,-Ail, pi. id. &, -]:ocU, 
s m." a sharp word, a harsh 

speech, a repartee, a sarcasm, 

a gibe, a witticism. 
5evttrT)A5A6,-Aió, pi. id. s. m. a 

sarcasm, a bitter jest. 
5ev|trc|tvbAÓ,-Ai5ce, s.m. 

an investigation. 
5evitV5A6,-A]5ce, s.m. a souring, 

a sharpening, an enticing, a 

5ev|iv|5,-v5A6, v.a. see, SéAjtAi5. 
3evpYi5eAC&,-bA, s.f. sharpness, 

bitterness, railing, satirising. 
5ia11, g. 5éill, pi. id. s.m. a cheek, 

a jaw, Matt. v. 39. — Judges 

XV. 15. 16. & 17. 
5|D, conj. tho\ altho\ yet, used 

in the cpd. indef. pron. '5]'6 b'é, 

he that, whoever, John x. 1. 
^ibeAÓ, conj. yet, Mark vii. 28. 

tho^ , aWid , nevertheless. 
5l5|ll,-lr, V. a. tickle. 
3]5iUeAc,-li5e, 3iáj. ticklish, easily 

5l5l]-,-t*e,-feACA, s.f. a mask, a 

masquerade, a disguise. 
3|5ifeAitAc&,-bA, s.f. amas- 
^ querading. 
^I5^ir-re, s. f. a tickling, '^X^^S^, 

-ce, s.f. id. 
Ojle, g. id. s.f. whiteness, bright- 
ness, fr. 56 áI. 
3|llft), g. id. pi. -oióe, s.m. an 


^iDeAthviOj-rbDA, pi- id. a spring, 

2 Kings ii. 21. also, a bud, a 

sprout, a birth, see '5e]V^n)u]\j. 
OiueAtiAÍCA, adj. general, Heb. 

xii. 23. 
5lob,-bA,pl. id. s.m. a tail, a rug, 

anything rough, a rag. 
3lobAC,-Ai5e, adj. hairy, rough, 

5lobAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. a rag, a 

clont, cast clothes, swaddling- 
clothes, see Luke ii. 12. 

5 ) 



Oiobó5,-ó)5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a ra(/, a 
fringe, a Gipsey. 

'5iob65<\c,-Ai5e, adj. ragged, 

'5lobvil ce<\r)5Ail, swaddling 
clothe.t, Luke ii. 7. see 'SjobAl. 

3lo6, conj. allhoitgh. 

'5lo&A|t,-<xiii, s.m. dung, ordure- 

5lo6c|tACc, conj. nevertheless, 
hoicever, C\otzy\^cz, id. 

3|opAif\e, g. id. pi. -ttíóe, s. m. a 
client, fr. the obs. adj. 5iop<\ó, 
dutiful, officious. 

5lolcAC,-cvi5, pi, id. &, -cvi5e, 
s.m.areed, Is. xix. 6. Rev. xi. 1. 
—Matt, xxvii. 29.— Is. xix. 7. | 
also, a place ivhere reeds grow, \ 
lor another meaning see the g. I 
Ps. Ixviii. 30. & for explana- i 
tion see be<scAc. 

5tolcArbv]l,-ii)U, adj. made of \ 
reeds or broom. \ 

^ioUa, g. id. pi. -lY|5e,-Ui6e, &, j 
-Ia6a, s. m. a minister, a 
bearer, Luke iv. 20. — pl. 
1 Kings X. 5. 2 Chron. ix. 4. 
a man servant, a lad, a page, 
a young man, an attendant. 

5lolUri)vil,-tt)U,adj. servant-like. \ 

man, a servant, a sports- 

5lor)bA]ii, g. id. s.ra. January. 

5iofiAC,-Aio, pl. id. s.m. a noise, 
a tumult. Ex, xxxii. 17. 2 Sam. 
xviii. 29. — Is. xxxiii, 3. 

5ioitACAc,-Ai5e, adj, noisy, tumul- 

OíoítACívi:),-Aii), pl. id, s.m. a bab- 

_ bier. 

O|0|t<vri}Ac,-Ai5e, adj. hungry, 

5]ontA, comp. of Seixift, q.v. 

5iOTtiv5<\6,-v]5ce, pl. id, s. m. an 
abridgement, a shortening. 

^iom^15>-^o*^j V. a. abridge, 

Oío|]tv|jée, ind, p.p. shortened, 

^ abridged. 

5/oiicA, g. id. pl. -A^Óe, &, -a6a, 
s.m. a girth, a band, the waist 
or haunch. 

5ioftcAil,-AU, pl. id. s.f. a patch- 

^ ing, a mending. 

Ofofic^jl, inf. id. v.a. patch, mend. 

^I°r3r3<^j s.m. barm, yeast, ver- 
nac. ojAfj. 

5[0|-5a]tj,-<vr), V. n. gnash, — inf. 
Ps. XXXV. 16. see Lam. ii. 16. 

3íof5ívr),-Ait), pl, id. s.m. a gnash- 
ing. Job xvi. 9. Matt. xiii. 42. 
& 50. also, the grating noise 
made by a rusty wheel or hinge, 
a creaking. Ojofci^i), &, O}o|*- 
c<xt), id. 

Sior5^i)AC,-Ai5e, adj. gnashing, 
grating, creaking. 

Siof5A|vi)Ac,-A^5e, s.f. a gnash- 
ing, Mark ix. 18. see, 'SíofsíVT;. 

3io|-c,-cA, s.m. yeast, barm. 

^lOfCAiite, g. id. pl, "tilée, s. m. 
an active old man. 

'Sicca, g. id. pl. -Aice, s.m. an ap- 
pendage, a part. 

^IvbAi*, see OivrhAf. 

0]vibAr,-Airj a fir tree. 

a pine tree. 

2 Sam. vi. 5, 

Is, xli. 19. & Ix, 13. 

'Sivj-CA; g. id. pl. -Ajoe, s.m. a can, 
a tankard, also, a name applied 
to a lazy strolling felloio. 

3lAbAi|te, see ClAbAit^e. 

olAbó5,-ói3e,-ó5A, s.f. a catch, a 

^ handful, a theft. M'N. 

31ac, g. 5lAice, pl. 5IACA, s.f. the 
■palm of the hand, Lai) jÍAice, 
a handful, Ex. ix. 8. Num. 
v. 26. a grasp, a hold. 

51ac,-ca8, v.a. take, catch, re- 
ceive, Ex. iv. 4. Rev. x. 9. — 
Matt. ii. 18, Acts i. 25. 

5lACA6,-cvi5ce, or, -cca, pl- id. 
s.m. an acceptance, a receiving, 
a catching, a grasp. Dunl. 

5 L ^ 



5Uc<!ib^.n,-^n>j P^' id. s.m. a re- 
5UcAb6i|i,-óitA,-ónti6e,s.m. are- 

ceiver^ Is. xxxiii. 18. a catcher. 
5lACAi|ieAÓ&,-bA,s.f. rt handling, 

a iouchiny, an impressimj, a 

51acca, ind. p.p. caught, seized, 

taken.) received, 5Ucvi5ce, id. 
5UbAi|te, g. id. pi. -it(6e, s.m. a 

3U]iA]Tte, see oU^A^pe. 
3l<xpAitt)Ac,-<xi5, s. m. a prating, 

a chattering, a noise, gibherish- 
3U5Aiite, g. id. pi. -tti8e, s. m. « 

babbler, a foolish prater. 
SlA5Ai|teAc&,-bA, s.f, foolish or 

impertinent talk, garrulity. 
5lA5i!ir),-^1"' P^' id- ^'''^ clapper of 

a mill ; 3lA5ikt> feoitvn*, //ie 

knocker of a door. 
3livib,-be, s.f. mzid, dirt, puddle. 
^Uicjtj, g. id. pi. -r)i6e, s. m. a 

small handful, a little bundle, 


SUibin, g. id. pi. -t)|6e, s. m. a 

3lA]bineAC,-r}l5e, adj. gluttonous. 

5lA]bii)eAcb,-bA, s.f. gluttony. 

^1^13Íf^? g- id- pl. -Dliie, s. m. « 
silly talkative fellow. 

3Utn?,-rT)e, pl. -n)eACA,&,-m§5<v, 
s.f. censure, a great noise, a 
clamour, a common report, a 
pitifid complaint, a yelling, a 
howling. Lat. Clam-or. 

5livim,-rbe,-rbeAt)A, s.f. censure, 
R. S. "Jf olc AT) jli^iih A civ 
AnjY^j A] ft, there is a bad re- 
port of him spread abroad," 
see 5lAitT). 

3lAtt)e, s.f. cleanness, purity, 
brightness, clearness. 

5lAit)eAÓb,-bA, s. f. cleanness, 

^lAffe, g. id. s.f. greenness, ver- 
dure, an azure hue, a green 

colour, also, an eclipse. 31 A] p 
CACbj-bA, s.f. id. 
5lAirlevn,-éit), s.m. peppergrass, 

5Un),-rt7A6, v.a. devour, gobble, 

seize eagerly, cry out. 
5Urt)Ai|ie, g. id. pl. -\i\6e, s.m. 
a noisy snappish fellow, a 
5l^n)AiiieAcb,-bA, s. f. constant 

babbling, gluttony. 
3lArbfivn,-^in, pl. id. s.m. a mur- 
mur, a noise. 
olAri)fíxt)Ac,-i;Aí5,-r)A|5e, s.m. a 

5lAn, comp. 5Uine,&5lo|i)e,adj. 
clean, clear. Gen. xxxv. 2. Lev. 
vii. 19. — Job. xi. 17. sincere, 
pure, uncorrupted, innocent. 
3lAT),-t}AÓ, V. a. cleanse, make 
clean, purify, purge. Numb, 
viii. 6. Ps. li. 2. — Numb. viii. 
7. Matt. viii. 2. Acts xv. 9. 
Heb. ix. 14, wipe, clear, wash, 
weed. " C]OY)u.y 5l<M)fiAn) fji) 
^eft)" ? how shall we clear our. 
selves ? 
3lAt)A6,-t)cA, pl. id. s.m. a purifi- 
cation. Numb. xix. 9.— John 
iii. 25. Acts xxi. 26, a clean- 
3lAUAbó|ii,-óttA,-ónti6e, s. m. a 
fuller, Mark ix. 3. a cleanser, 
a purifier. 
5lAnftA6AttCAC,-Ai5e, adj. clear- 
sighted. Dunl. 
51a OCA, ind. p. p. cleansed, imri- 

3lAl)CÓlfl,-ÓltA, pl. -ó]]\\-^, k, 
-óijiióe, s. m. a purifier, a 
cleanser, Mai. m.Z.aweedcr. — 
pl. snuffers. 1 Kings vii. 50. 
2 Chron. iv. 22. 

3lAncó|fteAcb,-bA, s.f. a cleansing, 
a purifying, a weeding. 

51aod, inf. id. jUobAC, k, 
5IAOÓH155 v. n. crj/, — inf. Zech. 

o te 



iv. 7. call, bawl, roar, shout. 
Gr. -/./.a-'jj, to bewail. 

SIaoÓj-ojó, s.m. a roar, a shout, 
a cry, a call. 

olfto6AC,-óii|5, s.m. a roaring, a 
shouting, a bawling. 

5Utt,-Ai]i, s.m. a puddle, a collec- 
tion of mud. M'N. 

5Uf, g. sU^r^ pl' i^. s.m. a lock, 
Judg. iii. 23.— Cant. v. 5. — 
Neh. iii. 3. 

SU]*,-Aire, adj. green. Rev. viii. 
7. /Ja/e, wan. Lat. Glaucus. 
Gr. y'/.a-jzog. 

'5\c^X'^\),-\'\x), pi. id. s. m. a salad, 
anything of the herb kind eaten 
green, as watercr esses, ^'c 

5Urbí)n),-bíikir)e, adj. pale, Rev. 
vi. 8. 

5Uf&A, ind. p.p. locked. 

5l<xf-peiiii,-é||i, s.m. green grass. 

5Uf50|tc,-5ui]ic, pi. id. s. m. a 
green plot. 

oU]-liAc,-Aire, adj. greyish. 

3UrÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a water- 

5UffiA, g. id. s. m. verdure, — pi. 
5lAfftui5e, greens. 

5U|-iiAir)e, ind. adj. green. 

51&, an intens. prefix, signifying 

5lé,comp. 5l&6e, adj. pure, The 
p. 1 89 . plain, good,pe)fect, clean, 
" 5lé l|omrA beAc<v <\']- 5eic <v 
rn-AOtMp." a poor life, and 
solitude is my great good. 

5le«xcuióe, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 

oleACui6eAc&,-&A, s.f. strife, va- 
riance, fr. Ole^c, q.v. 

3leA5Ur),-5Uir)e, adj. bright, 1 
Kings, vii. 45- clear, pure. 

oIca^j-tIa, &, 5!]^, pi. 5leAT)c<\, 
s. m. a valley, Jer. xix. 6. — 
Deut. iii. 16. Josh, xv. 8. — 
Jobxxxix. 10. a glen, see, oliu- 

5le<\0Ac,-0<,\|5e, ad^.full of val- 
leys or glens. 
oleAÍ)cí\f),-4\in, pi. id. (dim. of 

5leA^,) s.m. a little valley or 

o\ei.x)ziK]X)]X), g. id. s.m. (dim. of 

5leAÍ)cívr),) a very little glen, 

a defile. 
5léA]-, Rom. xi. 9. 1 Thess. i. 5. 

see, Oleuf. 
5leic, inf. id. v.n. ivrestle, — inf. 

Gen. xxxii. 24. contend, 5leAC, 

5leic,-ce, s. f. a wrestling, a 

contending, a contest. 
3lftlcceóni,-óftA,-ói|aióe, s. m. a 

5lé 156^1, adj. no comp. white. 

Rev. xix. 14. exceeding fair. 
Oleó, g. 5I7A6, pi. id. s.m. noise., 

uproar, tumult. 
oleóÓAc,-AT5e, adj. noi^y, upro- 

rious, tumultuous. 
oleoóri7ívr),-ívin, pi. id. s. m. a 

drowsy stupid fellow. 
oleo6ri)<XT)Ac?5,-bA, s.f. drowsiness, 

stupidity, sluggishness. 
oleoi&,-&e,-&eAÍ3A, s.f. a slattern, 

a slut, applied to a man as a 

term of great contempt. 
3leo|&eArT}uil,-TT)lA, adj. like a 

slattern, slovenly. 
oleó|ce, ind. adj. handsome, 

neat, pure, tight, curious. 
oleóftAÍ),-AiD, s.m. wild angelica, 

Algeliea sylvestris. 
5leor5'\c,-Ai5e, adj. silly, vain, 

talkative, fr. the obs. s. sleofs, 

a talkative silly woman. 
5leof5A]|ae, g. id. pi. -ixpe, s.m. 

a vain silly talkative fellow. 
3leof3Ai|teAc&,-bA, s.f. vain silly 

stupid talk. 
5leur, inf. id. prepare. Num. 

xxiii. 1, Prov. xxiv. 21 . put in 

order.^ trim, put in tune, ar- 
range, adjust. 

ol j 



5leu]*,-é)|*, pi. id. s.m. means, a 
trapy a manner. John iv. 11. 
Rom, si. 9. 1 Thess. i. 5. order., 
trim, condition, preparation, 
any machine or imtrument, fur- 
niture, fine clothes. '^]\\ ?;leii]* 
e]le, hy other means; 'Sleuf 
tDApbcA, a murderous instru- 
ment. SjieAi-, id. 
3leufc<\, ind. p. p. prepared, 
arranged, ready, tuned, bracp.d, 
neat, trim, tidy, expert. O'tj 
bo5A 5leu]-cA, from the pre- 
pared or bent bow. 
'3\.e\ixzó\]\,-ó\ic^,-ó\\í]'he , s. m. a 
person ivho prepares, or re- 
pairs., &c. 
ollAb<v|t,-A]it, s.m. pertness, lo- 
SllAbii<\c,-Ai5e, adj. loquacious, 
talkative, M^N.ivantoti, spi'ight- 
ly, glittering. 
5llb,-be,-beAi)<^) s. f. a lock of 

5liCj-ce, adj. wise. Luke xvi. 8. 
Rom. xii. 10. — Luke xvi. 8. 
prudent, sagacious, cimning, 
5l|i), &, 51106, g. forms of ^leAÓ, 
see Jos. XV. 8. & xviii. 16. see 
'5liobAc,-Ai5e, adj. hairy, having 

long locks. 
5liocAr,-Aif, s.m. wisdom, Matt, 
xi. 19. Rom. viii. 6, &7. — Luke 
i. 17. 1 Cor. ii. 4. prude7ice, 
cunning, wit, sagacity, craf- 
tiness. '5i]oc^x 5*'^ ce\\.-^, pru- 
3lloc-c|toí6eAc,-ó|5e, wise- heart- 
ed, Ex. xxxvi. 1. 
5l|05ATi,-Aiit, pi. id. s. m. a 
tinkling ringing noise, fr. 51105, 
'5i]OT^]Xs6,-6^]-^e, adj. making a 

tinkling or ringing noise. 
oli05|tAi5,-pu5A6, V. n. tinkle, 

tingle, ring, 'Ó^\\or^^\\\,-r^\\t^.^b, 
ol|OiiMc,-<N15,-Ai3e, s.m. a lob- 
ster. 5lloir>ó5,-ó)5e,-Ó5A, s. f. 
5locAitr)<NC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. diffi- 
cult breathing, the failing breath 
of a dying person. 
o\o]r)e, g. id. s. f. cleanness, 
Amos. iv. 6. — Ps. xviii. 20 & 24, 
see olA^ue. 
3lo]oe, g. id. pi. -i)f, s.f. glass. 
Rev. xxi. 18,— Rev. iv. 6. & 
XV. 2. a pane of glass, a drink- 
ing glass, a glassful. 
3lo|ue<\bói]i,-6|i<\,-ó!ii|6e, s.m. a 

5loii)]6e, ind. adj. transparent 
(as glass.) K. 

ol6iit,-fte, S.Í. glory. Matt. vi. 13. 
—Matt. XXV. 31. Acts vii. 2. 
Lat. Glor-ia. 

Slóiitójort)<\op,-ue, s.f. ram glori/, 
Gal. v. 26. 

5lói|t|i&]rt7, -n7e,-iDeAT5A, s. m. 
pomp, triumph, pageantry. 

3lóittiéirr)eAc,-rT)]5e, adj.powjao?/*, 

5lof;, g. sluli), &, 5I0Í3A, pi. id. 
s.m. a loathing, a qualm. 

3lo^rbA|i,.Aiite, adj. loathsome. 

3lo^ttAc,-A(5e, adj. glittering, re- 

3IÓ11, g. 5IÓ111, s.m. a saying. 
Matt. XV. 12. speech, a voice, 
utterance, noise, idle talk. Com, 
Lat, Glor-ia, 

3ló^AC,-Ai5e, a.á].noisy, talkative, 

51ó|i6a, ind. adj. glorious. 

3ló|t6Acb,-bA, s.f. glorification. 

5ló|trbAti,-Ai|te, a.á]. glorious, Ex. 
XV. 6 & 11 Esth. i. 4. 

51óriui5,-u5<x6, v.a. glorify. Is. 
Ix. 9,— Ps. Ixxxvi. 9. 

3lu<N]]",-<\l'Acb, v,n. & a. depart, 
take a journey, walk, ?-aisc, 

5 n li 


5 M ?V 

Ex, xxxiii. 1, Deut. X. 11. — 
Job xxxi. 26. Acts xxiv. 12, 
move, go, march. 

3luA]}-ce, ind.p.p, moved, stirred, 

OluAirceAc,-ci5e, adj. creeping, 
Lev. xi. 23. moving, stirring. 

olu<N|-Ac&,-b<x, s. f. a motion, 
movement, Eph. iv. lA. provoca- 
tion, gesture. 

gurgling noise, the noise of a 
liquid escaping through a 
narrow aperture. 
3lu5AC,-Ai5e, adj. making a 

gurgling noise, stammering. 
Slu5<\1fie, g. id. pi. -itjoe, s.m. a 

3lu5<\l,-Ail, s.m. the clucking 

of a hen. 
^Iu5iv0,-<vir', pi. id, s.m, a clink. 
5lúir)eAc,-ni5e, s.f. the herb milk- 
wort. Polygona. 
SUi]r)eAC beA5, s.i. comtnon knot- 
grass. Polygonum. 
olúioeAc 66*115, s.f. spotted knot- 
grass. Polygonum persicaria. 
5lvi!}eAc &ub, s.f. climbing k7iot- 
grass. Polygonum convolvulus. 
'bXyyxyti.c tet, s. f. water knot- 
grass, water pepper. Polygonum 
SlrinpeACj-^eACAÓ, v.a. 6e;2á the 

Slvo, g. ^\<r]x)e, pi. id. &, slvfDf, 
s.f. a generation, a knee, Deut. 
xxiii. 2. Is. xlv. 23.— pi. 1 
Kings xix. 18. Matt. i. 11. a 
step, a degree, '^ny <\t) cfteAf 
5lún, to the third generation. 
5lucAi|te, g. id. pi. -itjóe, s.m. a 

5lucAiiteAÓb,-í)A, s.f. gluttony. 
3t)Abluf,-liti]-, &, -lofA, s. m. 
cut weed. Pilago germanica. 
5r)Aplii]-, id. 
5ijAbív!),-íxit), a murmur. 
2 c 

Ot)^icbeur,-fA, pi. id, s.m. a waw- 
ncr, 1 Sam. xxvii. 1 1 . 

5r)&,1cóío|*,-|*A,-]*<NÚA, s.m. a cus- 
tom or tribute, Ezra. iv. 1.3. 
& vii. 24. 

3r)ív|c-cle<xc&<\ó,-c&<\, s.m. 
usual practice, Dunl. 

Or)AO(, g. id. pi. 5T)A0ÍA, s. f. Me 
countenance, a grin. 

Ot)<\0)6eArbu|l,-rT)lA, adj. modest, 
courteous, pleasant. 

^TjAOf^joi-AC&j-ixx, s. f. physiog- 

OT)AOi^lo|*<\|6e, g. id. pi. id. s-m. 
a physiognomist. 

'Bx)'4^X,-'^-\y, pi. id. s.m. use, custom, 

1 Cor. ix. 12, & xi. 16. prac- 
tice, habit. 

^oívCj-CA, pi. id. &, -CA]6e, s.m. 
custom, manner. Gen xxxi. 35. 
— Lev. ix. 16. Ezr. iii. 4. — pL 
Jer. X. 3. usage, fashion. 
Go 5r)ixc. always, 1 Cor. i. 4. 

2 Cor. vi. 10. usualli/. 
5nArAC,-Ai5e, adj. continual, 

Ezra, iii. 5. usual, customary, 

habitual, constant. 
3t)a,cAi3,-cu5A6, V. a. assemble, 

observe, — inf. Acts, xi. 26. &, 

xxi, 25. practice, exercise, 

Oi)ivcA]-,-Aii-, pi. id. s. m. see 

OD^cbeuftU, g. id. s.m. the ver- 
r nacular language. 
Oi)<xccuitT)r)e, g. id. s.f. continual 

remembrance, C.P. tradition. 
Or)i^cpocAl,-CAil, pi. id. &, -cU, 
s. m. a proverb, a bycword, 
I OoívcrÍ7A|ceAf,-i:eAj-A, s.f. accus- 
! tomed goodness, C.P. 
5t)í\ctt5<\ó,-ui5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
tradition, manner, custom. 
Mark vii. 9. — Numb, xxix, 6. 
Luke i, 9. John ii. 6. 
Ot)ívcui5ceói|i,-ófiA,-ó]fiióe, s. m. 
a frequenter, a practitioner. 

D n n 


3 J 

'oi)&, g. id, pi. -ce, s.f. a kind, a I 
maimer, John xii. 33. Acts x. | 
1 2. countenance, forin, appear- 

5n&rtiiU,-leA6, v.a. deform, dis- 

'ODírn, I do; 5DÍ, I did, see DeAn. 

■SDiorb,-!!)*, pi. id. -rbp^k, &, 
-nxxiicA, s.ra. aw aci^, a doing. 
Is. xxviii. 21.— 2 Cor. v. 10.— 
Judg. V. 11. Ps. ix. 11. Luke 
xi. 48. an exploit, also, the 
twelfth part of a ploughland. 

3r)(OrÍ7AC,-<\i5e, adj. active, busy, 
laborious. Lat. Gnav-us. 

'5i)iort}*pc<\c,-Ai5e, adj. active, 

^r)íOfi)cóip,-ó|tA,-ó|it|6e, s.m. an 
actor, an agent. 

'b\)ó, g. id. pi. -OCA, &, -ocAjbe, 
s.m, business, affair, concern. 

onó6ui5,-óu5A8, v.a. gain, lay 
hold of obtain. Matt, xviii. 15. 
— 1 Cor. ix. 20, — 1 Tim, vi. 
19. ileb. iv. 16. '5t)ócui5, 
-U5A8, id. 

5t)óDu|5, g. id. -50, &, -jce, 
s.m.. an office, a business, an 
obtaining, a profit, — g. Gen. 
xli. 13. Luke ii, 49. 2 Thess. 
ii. 14, 5i)ócui5, id. The vern. 
pronunciation is 3i)ACtt]5. ^oi) 
5nocui5 |i|AccAi)Ac, Dunl. 474. 
see also Dunl. 464. 

5nócui5eAc,-5i6e, adj. busy. 1 
Kings, XX. 40. active. 

3i;úir,-r*^ pi. id. &, -ri, s. f. 

a countenance, a face. Gen. 

xxxi, 5. 2 Cor. iv. 6, — Jas. i. 

23. — Dan. i. 15. an aspect, an 

appearance, a notch. 
^ijú^frijeAllj-lAÓ, v.a. counterfeit, 

deceive, dissemble. 
3t;ú.|rri)eoilcói|i,-ó|tA,-Ój|ti6e, s.m. 

a dissembler, a deceiver. C.P. 
3tjurAc&,-&A, S.f. the under lowing 

or moaning of a cow. M'N. 

5i;urACbui5, inf. id. v. a. grudge, 

— inf. Jas. V. 9. 
3o, prep, to, Matt. ii. 1. laito, 

till, until, luith. 
So, adv. still, yet. 
5o, conj. that. Matt. i. 22. &, ii. 

'bo, before an adj. changes it to an 

adverb ; as, 'bo &iccioUac, 
^ diligently. Matt, ii, 8. &, 16. 
5ó, g. id. s.m. a lie, a deceit, a 

fraud, a blemish, 
boh, g. 5uib, pi, id. &, 3obA, 

s.ra. a mouth. Gen. viii. 11. 

a bill or beak of a bird, a 

5obA, s.m. see SaBa. 
5obAc,-Ai5e, adj. beaked, having 

a long bill, also, talkative. 
boh<x\),-'A\x), s.vix.acalf's muzzle, 

a muffle, any impediment. 
Oobó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a little bill 

or mouth. 
3obii)5ce, ind. p.p. beaked. 
^05, g. 51115, pi. id. &, 505A, s.m. 

a 7iod, a wagging of the head. 
3o5AC,-Ai5e, adj. nodding, wag- 
ging as the head, ivuvering, 

O05A]be, g. id. pi. -bf, s.f, a 

coquette, a giddy foolish girl. 
5o5AibeAc,-Di5e, adj. coquettish, 

giddy, foolish. 
Oo5AibeAC&,-bA, s. f. coquetry, 

female finesse. 
Oo5AiUe, g, id. pi -If, s.m. a silly 

persan, a dotard. 
SojAilleAcbj-tiA, s.f. dotage. 
5o50kllAÓ,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. the 

cackling of a hen, goose, duck, 

3oic,-ce,-ceAÍ)A, s. f. a tossing 
up of the head in disdain, a 
scofi] a taunt. 

5o|ceArbuil,-it)lA, adj. inclined to 
toss up the head, scoffing, taunt- 



o on 

Cop, inf. id. v.a. steals 2 Sam, 
XV. 6. — John X. 10. pilje)', 
creep sloivly. Heb. Gúd. to 
come on. 

3oi&,-fee, s. f. a stealing, Ex. 
XX. 15. Mark, x. 19. a theft. ' 

^oiSÍOj g- i(i- pl- -t)lt»e, s. m. a 
silly perso?i, a coxcomb. 

Sojle, g. id. pi. -If, s.f. a throat, 
a stomach, an appetite. Fr. 
Gueule. Lat. Gul-a. 

'5oiU,-le Art) lilt), V. a. displease, 
grudge, Gen. xlviii. 17. fol- 
lowed by Ai)i. 

'5oiUeArT}uir),-fT)r}<\, pi. id, &, 
-rrjijACA, s.f. í7/*2e/j sorrow. 

3oiir),-ri7e, s.f, a ^ore, anguish, 2 
Chron. vi. 28. Job. xv, 24,— 
Is. XXX. 6. /ja?/;, vexation, hurt, 
damage, malice, spite. 

'3o]n)eArvii]\,-n}\A, adj. painjul, 
sore, vexatious, spiteful. 

'5o-\x),-x)e, s.f, a stroke, a wound. 
Matt. iv. 24. 

5oin, inf. 50t), &, 5or)A&, v, a. 
wound, pierce, hurt. 

3otnce, ind p. p. pierced, wound- 

5oi|t, inf. 5AHtti7, V, a. ca//, crow 
(as a cock,) Job v. 1. Ps. 1. 15. 
Mark xiv. 72.— Matt. ix. 13. 
Mark xiii. 35. Syr. Karo, to 
name. Gr. yr,o-v'M, 8c, ya^-vM, J 
prate, or, chirp as a bird. 

5oifi, inf, 311^, V. a. hatch, see 
Is. xxxiv, 15. 

'úo\]\-^e^ct:),-b4^,s.L closeness, near- 

3oiftmin, g. id. s.m. wood. 

Ooi]tre<xó,-n6,-n6e, s.m, « target. 

Ooipc,-ce, adj. saltish. 

3o]itcii), g, id, pi. -Dióe, s. m. « 

^ small field of corn. 

Ool5Ani,.5Airie,-5A|irA, s. f. « 
weeping, a lamentation, Jer. 
ix, 10. Ezek. xix, I. a loud 

'5ox)A^,g. 5or)CA,s.m.a wcundiiig 
or piercing. 

5or)Afcióitt,-óitA,-ó|iiióp, s. m. ^< 
wounder, a piercer. 3oi) v\| |ie, id. 

5oncA, ind. p.p. wounded, hurt, 

'5o\\,~};yo.^, v.a. icarm, heat, — inf. 
Is. xlvii. 14. Mark iv. 17. 

OopAc,-A!5e, adj. foolish, fickle. 

"SojiAOj-jicA, s.m. a warming or 

5ofiAiceAiiniil,-rblA,adj. croaking, 
screech ing, discon ten ted. 

Ooftrp, comp. Tjuifxme, adj. blue, 
Num, XV, 38. azure. 

Oofin), g. ?^uitirD, s.m. blue, the 
colour blue, Ex. xxv. 4. an 
azure colour. 

3oitrT)iv n,-ivin, pi. id s.m. blue- 
bottle, Centaurea cyan us. 

5oftrt)ivn-reA\TiAi5, -ait7-yeAt]iAt3, 
pi. id. s.m. heart's ease, pansy, 
Viola tricolor. 

3o|trn5U|*,-Ai|*e, adj. of an azure 
or blue colour. 

5otimui5,-u5A6, V. a. make blue, 
dye a blue colour. 

'Oo\\n)\x]j,te , ind. p.p. 7nadc blue, 
dyed blue. 

3oftr, g. 5011CA, pi. id. s.f. a gar- 
den, — g. Gen. iii. 3- more fre- 

3ofic, g. 3111 pc, pi. id.s m. afield, 
— pi, Jas, V, 4. « garden, a 
cornfield ; also, iry, the na)Jie 
of the seventh letter of the 
modern Irish Alphabet. Lat. 
Hort-us, Gr. yj^r-o;. 

3o|tCvA, g. id pi. id. S.Í. /k'/tiue, 
dearth, Gen. xii. lo. Luke iv. 
25, Acts xi. 28— Gen. xli. 27. 
30. & 31.— Mark 13. 8. Luke 
xxi. 11. 

'5o[tcAC,-Ai5e, adj. greedy, hun- 
gry, starving, causing famine, 
miserly, stingy. 

5o|icAÓ,-cui5ce, p!. id. s.m. a hurt. 



5n ?i 

Is. xi. 9. also, starving y oppres- 
sion, wrong. 

'5o\iz''\x),-''\\^i pi. id. s. m. a hun- 
gry fellon'. 

'Ooitc5lAt)AD,-i)CA, pi. id. a 
weeding of a garden or corn. 

5o|tc5Unc6i»t,-óp<N,-6i|ti8e, s.rn. 
a weeder. 

3oftcu5o.&,-ul5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
hurt, icrong, oppression. 

5ojtcui5,-u5A6, V. a. starve, hurt, 
oppress, wrong. 

'5óf&A, g. id. pi. -Ai6ft, s.m. a spi- 
rit, a ghost, Matt. xiv. 26. 

3|iAb&il, inf. id. s, in. engrave, 

3jtAbAi]te, g. id. pi. -itjóe, s.m. a 
jester, an impertinent pratler. 

3iiAbAi]teAcb,-bA, s.f. impertinent 

^ '«^^■• 

3[tAbi^lAiDe, g. id. pi. id. s.m. an 

5]iAbUcA, ind. p. p. graven, en- 
graven, carved. 
3]tiv6, g. id. &, 5ftii6A, s.m. love, 

affect ion, charity, Rom.xiii. 10. 

2 Tim. iii. 3. 1 John iv. 8— 

Gen, xxix. 20. John xv. 17. 

Rom. xiv. 15. Lat. Grat-ia. 
5|tiv6Ac,-Ai5c, adj. beloved, lovely, 

loving, Deut. xxi. 15. 2 Sam. 

i. 23. Prov, xxii. 1. 
5ftíxóti)AHteAc?>,-bA, S.Í. fondness, 

Sft<\óit?A|t,-Aine,adj. loving, fond, 

'5fií)i6u5AÓ,-u]5fe, pi. id. s.m. aii 

embracing, Eccl. iii. 5. — Eccl. 

iii. 5. act of loving or ad- 
5|tiv6ui5,-u5A8, love. Matt. xix. 

19 Mark xii. .33. I Thess. 

iv. 9. esteem. 
5|iíx6ui5ceÓTít,-ótiA,-ói|ii6e, s. m. 

a lover. '5jií\i6ceóiii, id. C. P. 
5ltAp,-]:A&, V. a. write, scrape, 

carve, Gr. Tpáf-oi. 

3iiApívi),-ívio, pi. id. s.m. a grub- 
bing axe. 

'5\i&\:<\r) t)A 5-cloc, s.m. stone-crop, 
wall-pepper, Sedum acre. 

5riA^i\i) bivn, s. m. white hore- 
hoiind, Marrubium vulgare, or 
Ballota alba. 

3pApivn bub, s. m. black hore- 
hoiind, Ballota nigra. 

5|tApciii|t,-óuít, V. a. engraft, 

^i^^5r^l3} pl- id. s.m. the croak- 
^'^7 of a crow. 

5iiA5AT|te, g. id. pi. -\i]t)e, s. m. a 
glutton, a riotous eater, see 
Prov. xxiii. 20. 

3pii5A0ill,-le, s.f. the chicking of 
a hen, the cawing of a croic or 

3itAiiír)eó||i,-5itA,-5iitiÓe, s. m. a 
writer, a scrivener. 

3]iAipi)eói|ieAc&,-&A, s.f. tcriting, 

3fiAin)éA|t,-éi|i, pi. id. s. m. a 

Sftivip, g. 5|tivTJAc, s.f. a7i abhor- 
rence, a despising, Rom. xii. 9. 
Gal. iv. 14. a loathing, a dis- 

3|tA-ir)c,-ce,-ceACA, s.f. a frown, 
disdain, a loathing. 

3|iAinci5,--|ii5A6, v. a. detest, dis- 

3ftii]t)eArblAcb,-b<N, pi. id. s, f. 
an abomination, unseemliness. 
Rev. iii. 18.— Dan. ix. 27. 

^ Rom. i. 27. 

'^\\.'<K\x)Q:sví)w<^,-vrí\.i>, adj. abomi- 
nable, shameful. Lev. xi. 43, 
Eph. v. 12. 

5|ia]oe55,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a hedge- 

3|tívit)^eileói5,-ói5e,-Ó3A, s. f. 
lentiles, 2 Sam. xvii. 28. 

^r'^1'5l55-1"5<'^'^j V. a. detest, hate, 
abhor, deform. 

SftíviOe, g. id. pi. -jjcACA, s. m. a 



5n e 

grain of corn, Amos ix. 9. — 
Luke xvii. 6. John xii. 24. 

3ti^|Úe<\c,-i)i5e, a,áj.gra?iulous. 

3itív]i)ít), g. id. pi. -i)i6e, s. m. a 
Utile grain, a pinch. 

^jTívi 1-5,-50, s.f. Ihe moh, the com- 
mon people, the rabble. 

'5|tíi]|*5eATt)lAC&,-í5A, s. f. vulga- 

5|tivi|'5eArbuil,-rblA, adj. vulgar, 
mean, low. 

3|tAtDAi 1*5,-56, s.f. the rabble, ihe 
mob, a meeting of ihe mob. 

5fiíit),-ívit), s.m. corn, graiu,hev. 
xxiii. 14. 2 Sam. xvii. 28. 
1 Cor. XV. 37. a grain of shot 
or hail. 

5iiiit)Uc,-Ai5, s.m. corn. 

^itívi) lACAt), ^.va.. lesser duckweed, 
Lemna minor. 

3jtAi)A, ind. adj. shameful, ill-fa- 
voured, 1 Cor. xi. 6. ugly, 
nasty, abominable. '3itAt)&A, id. 

^ Gen. xli. 3. 

3liA0i*&A, ind. ad], filthy, obscene, 
ribald, lewd. Dunl. 

5ltA0i*bAcb,-&A, s. f, obscenity, 
lewdness, ribaldry. 

^ltívpA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
three-pronged fork for agricul- 
tural use, a dung fork. 

3iiAp,-pAt), v.a. climb. 

^ltívi*, g. id. &, -r^, pi. "I'A, s. m. 
grace, favour, Rom. v. 20. — 
John i. 16. Acts xiv. 3. — Acts 
iv, 33. Lat. Gratia. Gr. %ag/5. 

5|ti)tf A, ind. s.m. John i. 16 Ps. 

cii. 13. see Spivi*, see Dunl. 474 
& 710. 

SltitfArbuilj-rblA, adj. gracious. 
Gen. xliii. 29. Col. iv. 6. mer- 
ciful. 3ití\iTÍ)A|t,-<viite, id. 

^ltívcA, g. id. pi. -Aibe, s. m. a 

grate, Ex. xxvii. 4. Ex. 

xxxviii. 5. 

'SpeAbj-bAo, v.a. strike, whip, 
burn) scorch. 

5fteAb65,-6|5e,-ó5A, a. i. a grid- 
dle, also, a slap of the hand. 

5peAbcA, ind. p.p. struck, whip- 
ped severely, scorched. 

3péA5,-éi5e, s.f. Greece, Zech. 
ix. 13.— Dan. viii. 21. & x. 
20. more properly, 5peY5, 
-él5e, id. 

5[téA5Ac,-Ai5, pi. -v|5, &, -vi5e, 
a Greek, a Gentile, Acts x\'\. 1. 
— John vii. 35. Acts xviii. 4. 

SpeAllAC,-A]5e,-AÓA, s. f. clay, 
loam, dirt, as an adj. dirty. 

3peAit)V5AÓ,-Yi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
laying hold of — g. Heb. vi. 18. 
a fastening, a holding, a biting, 
a griping. 

5peAiT)vi5,-Y5At), v.a. catch, join 
to, — inf. Luke xi. 54. Acts v. 
13. seize, hold, gripe. 

SpeAiDYi5ce, ind. p.p. laid hold 
of, fastened, clenched, bitten. 

SpeAr),-r)Ab, v. a. grave, carve, 

Ex. xxviii. 36 Ex. xxxi. 5. 

engrave, emboss. 

3peAT)A6,-r)CA, pi. id. s. m. an en- 
graving, — pi. Ex. xxviii. 36. 

5peAi)Abóip,-óitA,-óipibe, s.m. a» 
engraver, Ex. xxxviii. 23. 

3peAÍ), g. 5pii), s.m. love, friend- 
ship, jest, merriment. 

'SpeAijtTjApj-Aipe, s. m. witty, fa- 
cetious, pleasant, comical, 
amiable, affable. 

5peAprbAitAcb,-bA, s.f. affability, 
facetiousness . 

5peAÓY5A6,-vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
defiance, exhortation. 

3peA^Yi5,.Y5A6, v.a. defy, 1 Sam. 
xvii. 45. 

3peAticA, ind. p. p, graven, Ex. 
XX. 4. Deut. xxvii. 15. carved, 
engraved, embossed, as an adj. 
neat, handy. 

'SpéAf, see "^Xeny. ^péAi* coy 
mipce, protection, preserva- 
tion, 0bAip-5p&ii*, any needle- 

3 Pv J 


on 1 

tvork or embroideri/, Ó]\x--^]\^]Y, 
gold embroidery. 

5li&A|-<\i6e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
shoemaker, also, any icorkcr in 
furniture or embroidery. 

3|xeA|-vj<xt),-rAi5ce, pi. id. s, rn. 
preparation, excitement, haste. 

3jteA]*vi5,-v5<x6, v.a. prepare, ex- 
cite, make haste. 

3tte|fc»eAl,-bil, pi id. s.m. a grid- 
dle, a gridiron, '0\\e}h\\,-h]\e., 
pi. -b)l|,&, -!5|leACA,s.f. id. 

5pei3ir5-r^j s. f. Greek, Luke 
xxiii. 38. 

3fle]rT),-eAr^)A,-e<^rt)Af)v^, s. ra. a 
morsel, a sop, a piece, 1 Sam. 
xxviii, 22. — John xiii. 27. — 
Gen. xliv. 28. Luke xx. 18. 
a grasp, ahold, a stitch, a pain, 
a gripe, a portion, a bit. 

3fteime<xlcAC,-Ai5e, adj. Jixed, 
firm, holding fast, 

5peirD^|ie, g. id. pi. -]tióe, s.m. a 
pincers, a grappling instru- 

^n^irSrS^' s.f. grease. 

3fié(}*5,-5eAÓ, v.a. grease. 

^tielfSljce, ind. p.p. greased. 

3[i&|f5iceAc&,-b<\, s. f. greasi- 

3péic,-ce,-cfie,s.f. ajeivel, a pre- 
cious stone. 

^ní^^'Jj g- Sneti^e, pi. SftfAHA, s. f. 
the sun, Matt. xxiv. 29. Acts 
ii. 20.— Mark xvi. 2. Acts 
xiii. 11. perhaps fr. the obs. s. 
5it&, essence or nature, ^,ze]X)e, 
fire. Com. the Lat. Gryn-eus, 
and Gr. Y^w-awg, epithets of 
Apollo, their Sun-god. 

'b\\]6.x)i\x)y-'^-\\), pi. id. s.m. a royal 
seat, a sum?nerhouse. 

5jiÍAT)-cft|ot*,-ciiexNf*A, s. m. the 
Zodiac, fr. 3|tÍAt), &, cpiof. 

3itjAi)5opAi;^,-|iA6, V. n. bask in 
the sun, K. 


3ftÍAI)AC, 5I1ÍAI)&A, &, SlijAr)- 
AtJCA, id. 

5ltíAr)jiv|5,-v5A6, v.a. sun, dry in 

__ the sun. 

-^fifAtjvAtiteAbóiii, -ÓI1A,- óiitióe, 

^ s.m. a sun-dial. 

3|tib,-be, s.f. dirt, mire, slough. 

'5\^.]\),-x)e^ a.á]. perfect, i as. i. 25. 
serious, attentive, fine, beauti- 
ful, elegant, neat, u-orkmanlike, 


3ft|6bfteAt;r)v5A6,-vi5ce, pi. id. 

_ refiection, meditation. Dunl. 


^ meditate. Dunl. 

0|i|^eAf*,-i)||-, s.m. s/ciV/, clever- 
ness, neatness, elegance. 

3r^li)IoU,-iU, pi. id. s.m. a channel, 
2 Sam. xxii. 16. Is. xxvii. 12. 
the deep bottom or bed of a 
river. In the vern. this is used 
often in the fem. gender. 

'B\\}o\o\-^]\'), g. id. s. m. sea sam- 
phire, Crithmum maritimum. 

'0(atollfAi|ieACb,-&A, s.f. the act 
of slapping, tvhipping, or fight- 
ing. M'N. 

5|ttor)5Al,-Ail, s. m. care, assi- 
duity, industry. 

5ltlor)3AlAC,-Ai5e, adj. diligent, 
Ps. cxix. 4. anxious, assi- 

^ftíonnoinín, g. id. pi. -ojoe, s.m. 
the turnsole or sunfioiver, more 
properly, '5itíAr)i)oinír), 

3|tíof,-|*A6, v.a. encourage, pro- 
voke, rake up afire. 

3iaiorAC,-A|8, &, -Ai5e, pi. -aoa, 
s.f. fire, coals of fire, John xxi. 
9. Rom. xii. 20.— 2 Kings xxv. 
15. burning embers, fr. the obs. 
^Itiofj-^-A, s.f. heat, fire. 

'd\i\oy^6,-YZA, pi. id. s.m. encou- 
ragement, e.vcitement, also, 
5fiiorv5AD,-v,5re, pi. id. 

'5\i]oy^z<\rj,-'<\]r), pi. id. s.m. afry- 



o U U 

'5\i\0]'ó]]i,-ó\iA,-ó]\i]be, s. m. a 

5|víof CA, ind. p. p. stirred vp, 

provohed, excited. 
'5fiíofvi5,-Y5A6, V. n. & a. nax 

hot, Ex. xxxii. 19. excite^ stir 

up, provoJie, kindle, exhort, 

— inf. Dunl. 
'b\i]o\Y]p:e, ind. p. p. kindled, 

excited, stirred up. 
'5\\\\,-\'e,-xe.^\)o^i s. f. a pimple, 

an infianimation of the skin, 
^I^ír^íf>j g- id- pi- -ni&e, s. m. 

boiled meat. 
'5fió&, comp.5itV]be, adj. quick, 

actire, smart. 
'5\iox),^.x,]io\)í^,^\.\á. s.m.aspot, 

a stain, a blemish. 
3ftor)A, g. id. -Aloe, s.ra. a snarl- 
ing (as a dog.) 
'b]\ov)\y\',-\\x]X, s.m. groundsell, 

'5fiói)CAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. corpulent, 

3tiop<N6,-<NT6, pi. id. s.m. a sewer, 
^ « gully. 

'b\ioy>-\X,-ye, s. f. mallows, Malva. 
5ltorrAC,-AT5e, adj. having a 

large snout. 
Spoff Aco,-&<\, pi. id. s.f. a grunt- 
ing (like a pig.) 
5|tof|-Ai|ie, g. id. pi. -|i]óe, s.m. 

a grunter. 
5ft0f*fA]faeAC&,-b<\, pi. id. s. f. a 

3fiú<\3,-Ai5e, pi. 5iiu<\5A, s.i.the 

hair of the head. Gen. xlii. 

38. Matt. X. 30.— Mumb. vi. 

5ftÚA5Ac,-AT5e, adj. hairy, Ps. 

Ixviii. 21. 
3fivA5AC,-<vi5,-Ai5e, s.m. a spec- 
tre giant) an enchanter, a 

5jaiU3Ai|ae, g. id. pl. -\<\be, s.m. 

a hair-dresser. 

OHVA5 n;Yi|ie, s.f. the herb called 
^ OiivAi6,-6e, pl. id. s.f. a cheei, 
j Lam. iii. 30. — pl. Cant. i. 10. 
I a brow, an edge of a ridge or 
I furrow. 

I 3puAitD,-n)8, s.f. sorrow, Jer. xlix. 
23. gloom, surliness, ill-humour. 
! OitUv\irT;ir), g. id. s. m. a surly 
fellow, also, a frown or sulk. 
5fm<Nn7A, ind. adj. sullen, sulky, 
gloomy, cloudy, sour, 7norose. 
OriuAn}AC,-Ai5e, id. 
i afiuv\n)Ac&,-bA, s.f. gloominess, 
I — g. Joel ii, 2. surliness, mo- 
j roseness. 

i 0]iúbAifte, g. id. pl. -|i]6e, s.m. 
I a brewer, a distiller. 
Oiiú&Ai]teAC&,-b<x, s.f. a brewing, 
a distilling. 
! 3fiulUn,-ixin, pl. id. s. m. a 

5fiuc, g. 5ftocA,pl. id. s.m. curds. 
5ftucAC,-Ai5e, adj. curdled, co- 
^ agulated, curd-producing. 
OiiA5,-Ai5, ph id. s. m. see 
3uAi5in. 'OUA301, g. id. pl. 
-A|6e, id. 
OUA15Í0, g. id. pl. -uibe, s. m. 
a silly vain light-headed fel- 
3u<\ifi&eívr),-ív]r), pl. id. s. m. a 
tvhirhvind, a vertigo, see, 
Oaoc suAiftbeivjrj. 
5uAifxe, g. id. pl. "Ttjoe, s. m. 

rough hair, a bristle. 
5iiAitieAc,-|ti5e, adj. roughs 

5uAir,-re, pl. -ri, &, -reA^<N, 

s. f. danger. Acts xix. 27 

5uAir^eA|tcAC5-A]5e, adj. 7?e/v- 

lous, enterprising. 
SuAirí'í) g- id. pl. -t)i6e, s.m. a 

3uaI,-a]1, pl. id. s.m. coal, coals, 

Ps. xviii. 12. Is. liv. 16. 

3 U ] 



5uaIa, g. 5uaU0, pi. 5UAiloe, &, 
5u<v|lleACA, s. f. a shoulder. 
Gen, xlix. 15. — Is. ix. 4, 

'5ttAl<\&ó|fi,-ó[t<N,-5i|tjóe, s. m. a 

SuAr<xc&,-&A, s.f. peril, danger. 
Matt, xxviii. 14. 

3vAfAc&<xc,-A]5e, adj. dreadful, 
dangerous, Hab. i. 7. Acts 
xxvii. 9. 

3ub,-bA6, V. a. mourn, lament, 
see Is, lix, 11. 

5vbA, g. id, pi. -a6a, s.m. wm7- 
ing, Jer. ix, 10. mourning, 
lamentation, a battle, a con- 

"Sv&A, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s.m. a 

3ú5A, g. id. pi. -ADA, s. m. a 
solan goose, a fat silly fel- 

5v5aiI,-aIIai5, v,n. cluck (as a 

5Y5Aille, g. id. pi. -li&e, s.m. a 
*/Z/// talkative person. 

3v5Aiii)AC,-Ai5, s.m, the cackling 
of a hen. 

3ú|ó,-6e, V. a. pray, beseech. 
Matt, vi, 6.— 1 Sam. xii. 23. 
implore, intreat. 

3ú]óe, g. id. pi. id. s,f. interces- 
sion, prayer. Is. liii. 12. — pi. 
1 Tim. ii. 1. intreat y. 

3r|Dceóiti,-óftA,-ói(t]óe, s. m. a 
petitioner, one who prays. 

Sv]!, inf. 5vl, v,n, tveep, 2 Sam, 
xii. 21. Luke vii. 13. — Acts 

xxi. 13. Phil. iii. 18. wail, cry, 

5v|lltDr)e, g. id. s.f. calumny, re- 

3v|lin7r)eAC,-t)i5e, adj. calum- 
nious, reproachful. 

5vilin7r)Í5,-lv5A6, v. a. calum- 
niate, reproach. 

^^IT^i'^j &• id- P^' 'Ol^^, « spot. 
Lev. xiii. 24. a pimple, a 
Main, a tvheal. 

5vi|iiT)e, g. id. s, f, blueness, 
Prov. XX. 30. 5Yittrr)eAC&,-bA, 
s.f. id. 

3vi|irt)e, comp. of Ooitm, q.v. 

5vl, g. 5Y|l, &, 5oIa, pi. id. s.m. 

a weeping. Matt. ii. 18 Ex. 

xii. 30. Deut, xxxiv, 8, Is. 
Ixv. 19. 

SúDA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. ra. a 

3v5a, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
gun. SviJA rrjófi, a cannon. 

SYÓAbó|it,-ó[iA,-ó)iiióe, s. m. a 

3Y^Ai|teAC&,-&A, s.f. gunnery. 

3y5ca, ind. p. p. wounded, slain. 

^Yft, g. 5Yifi,&,50fiA,s.m.« hatch- 
ing, incubation. 

OYfi, conj. that. Matt. ii. 9. 

3yi*, prep, unto, to. Matt. iv. 1. 

'OYrcÓ5,-5|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a great 
clumsy girl. 

3yc, g. 5ocA, &, 5ocAÍ)A,s.m, 
a voice. Matt. iii. 3. Kev.i. 10. — 
1 Cor. xiv, 11. Rev. i. 12. — 
Luke xxiii. 23. Rev. iv. 5. 

J urj 



3> (I05A, í/'í' 2/<?'<^ ireej i/ze eighth 

letter of the modern Irish 

j, pers. pron. f. she, her, Matt. 
, i. 18. 
1, g. id. an island. ] Óo\y\n) 

j<x&, pers. pron. pi. i/iey, them, 

Matt. ii. 10. 
JAt),-ÓAÓ, v.a. join, hedge, shut. 

Numb. XXV. 3. Ezra ix. 14. 

surround, enclose. 
)<x6a6, g. "lAÓcA, pi. id. s. m. a 

shutting, 1 Sam. xxiii. 7. a 

)a6ca, ind. p. p. shut, hedged, 

closed^ joined, surrounded. 
)ai6, inf. ia6a6, v.a. Job iii. 23. 

Dan. xii. 4. see )aÓ. 
JaU, g. ejlle, pi. iaIU, s. f. 

a leathern thong, a latchct, a 

leash, a string, a lace. 
)<xUAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s.f. a latchet, 

John i. 27. see )aU. 
]AU65,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. rt «/ioe- 

maher^s thread, a small lea- 
thern thong. 
)aIcó5 - leACAi^t, - cói5e - leACAiji, 

-55A-leACAi|i, s.f. a bat. Lev. 

xi. 19. Deut. xiv. 18. 
3 Aft, adv. after, afterwards. 

i^Jtrii?) «[/"ii'y ^/if/^ as a prep. 

it is used for ^i|i, «i, upon. 
Ja|i, ind. s. i/<!e wesi. see S]A|t. 
1<^ítA5,-|tA1^, &, -jiv]^, pi. id. 
s. m. iron. Numb. xxi. 32. — 

Acts xii. 10. Rev. xii. 5. 
2 D 

jAttSeAfj-éii", s. m. the south 

JAjtÓltAOf, g. id, pi. -t)|lAOlÓe, 

s.m. a remainder, a residue, 
2 Sam. xiv. 7. Zeph. ii. 9. 
a remnant, posterity. 

Ja^^Uic,-aca, pi. id. a feudatory 
Lord depending on one of 
greater power, fr. ^a\\, &, ^Ia^c. 

Ja|15aU,-aiU, pi. id. s.m. a skir- 
mish, a battle. 

)A)t5Aoc,-5AO]ce,-5AOCA, s.f. the 
ivest wind. 

)Ajt5cúl,-cúil, &, -cúIa, pi. id. 
s.m. or f. a remote district. 

JA|t5cúlcA, ind. adj. churlish, 
1 Sam. XXV. 3. inhospitable, 

Jaji^oo, g. id. s.f. grief, anguish. 

JAfiÍA, g. id. pi. -lApe, s.m. an 

3A|tlACi),-t)A, S.f. an earldom. 

jA|ttbA|t,-Aiti, pi. id. s.m. a rem- 
nant, a remainder, posterity. 

)AitrT7oi|ie<xcb,-bA, pi. id. s.f. an 
enquiry, Prov. xx. 25. pur- 

J<xttr)A, g. id. pi. -r)A|Óe, s.m. 
a hank of yarn, a chain of 

)Ajtnói|t,-ó|tA,-ó|iii6e, s. m. an 

)A^|t,-ttvi6, v.a. ash, search, Ps. 
ii. 8. Mark vi. 22.— Numb. x. 

] us 


] m 

33. Matt, xviii. 12, demand, 
inquire, seek, look for, pray, 
entreat, invite, com. Lat. Or-o. 
Gr. Es-oiráw. 

J<\í|tAió,-ACA, pi. id. s.f. an ashing, 
a petition, a searching, a re- 
quest, an invitation, an at- 
tempt, a trial. 

JA^tiACA, ind. p, p. asked, re- 
quested, demanded. J<\|iica, 

jA||i<\c<\G,-<\i5e, adj. soliciting, 
frequently requesting. 

)Ai|i<\cvf,-Yi}-, pi. id. s.m. a re- 
quest, a demand, a wish, 2 
Sam. xiv. 15. Dan. iv. 17. — 
Job xxxiii. 6. — Phil. iv. 6. 1 
John V. 15. 

J<Nílivi5ce5|ii,-ó|iA,-ónii6e, s. m. 
a beggar, a petitioner, a seeker, 
an inquirer. 

jAitj-ttjA, g. id. S.m. a remnant. 
Am. ix. 12. Zeph. ii. 9. a 

JAftcATt,-Aiii, s. m. the west 
country. )A|tcA]i Gi|te<\i), the 
west of Ireland. 

JAiicA|iAc,-Ai5e, adj. western, 

Jajicvato, ind. s. the north west. 

^AfACt), g. id, s.m. a loan, Deut. 
xxviii. 44. — 1 Sam. ii. 20, use. 

JA|*A&,-A]b, id. 

]Ar3, g. éir.5, pl- id. s.m. a fsh, 
Numb. xi. 5. Jonah i. 17. — 
Deut. iv. 18. Jonah i. 17. 
Matt. xiii. 47.— Job xii. 8. 
Ja]-c, g. 'e\xc, pl. éifc, id. )Af5 
A5 yce\t,Jish at spau;ning. 

3Ar5*lSi-5<^1I^e<^cb, V. a. fish, — 
inf. John xxi. 3, ]Afc,-CAÓ, id. 

Ur5^]\ie, g. id. pl. -|tiÓe, &, 
-jteAOA, s.m. a fisher, a fisher- 
man,— p\. Ezek.xlvii. 10, Matt, 
iv. 18. Luke v. 2. 

)At5Ai|ieAcb,-bA, s.f. a fishing, 
angling, — g, Amos. iv. 2. 

jAf^Aifte c?viit»)eAc,|i]óe- 
cí^lTirjeAC, s.m. an osprey, an 
ostrich. Lev. xi. 13. Deut. xiv. 
12. Job xxxix. 13. 

JAfjai:),-^]!}, pl. id. s.m. a small 

Mf-jloCj-locA, pl. id, s.m. a fish 

)ac, g. -|ACA, pl. lACApe, s. f. a 

land, a region, a country, D. 

Jb, pers. pron. pl. ye or you, 

)b, inf. ]he, v.a. drink, Prov. v. 

15. Luke xii. 19 — Rom. xiv. 

jbe, g. id. s.f. a drinking, — g. 1 

Cor. x. 7. 
]beAc, comp. ibi5e, adj. soaking, 

taking in wet. 
jbeAji, g. lb] ft, pl. id. s.m. free- 
stone, a whetstone. 
]c, inf. ^ceAÓ, v.a. heal, cure ; 

also, pay, see joe. 
Jce, g. id. s.f. an enbalming, 

balm. Gen. 1. 3. Ezek. xxvii. 

17. — Gen. xxxvii. 25. a cure, 

a medicine, a remedy. )c, g. 

1ce, id. 
jo, g. foe, s. f. fate, destiny, 

]D||t, prep, betwixt, between, Ex. 

xi. 7. 
j&jfiheAlAD, Ex. xi. 7. seee-|bT|t- 


J&IIieArs^Dr^l"» P^- i^- s- ^- " 
putting asunder, a peace- 

j^eApt), g. ipeittn, Acts ii. 27. — 
Matt. V. 22. see ]^\\.\o\). 

)v]r),-\)e,-\)\, s. f. a gooseberry 
bush. The diphthongs and 
triphthongs of the Irish lan- 
guage that begin with j are 
called " Ma CU15 iKl"i-'' 

jpftloú,-in, s.m. hell. Job xi. 8. 
Rev. vi. 8. — 2 Sam. xxii. 6. 

1 2t)0 


J 2t) M 

Rev. i. 18. Lat. Infern-us, 
see Armstrong. j 

jpIitooAc,-Ai5e, adj. hellish. \ 
JpftioD&A, ind. adj. id. 

jl, an intens. prefix, meaning,' 
mvchi great, mamj^ various. ; 
Written ]ol, when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either of the broad vowels^ 
A, o, or V. ! 

Jlbeu|-AC,-Ai5?, adj. versatile, 
arch, sly, fr. il, &, beu|-. 

jlceiifibui5e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 
a jack of all trades. *' Mf é 
jAc ilce<\]t&ui5e ]|- riMfAiiilA 


ll5i)éiceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. dicers, 
different, see Mark i. 34. 
manifold, complicated, fr. ^l, 
&, 5t)é. 

Jlpí^lpj-'^sr^í» s.f. a serpent, a, 
snake, an adder, see Peifb. 

jlpjo, g. id. pi. -niée, s.ra. a/j 
eaglet, dim. of joUfi, q. v. 

Jrt), g. frr^e, no pi. s.m. butter, 
Deut. xxxii. 14. Judg. v. 25. — j 
Job XX. 17. ' 

Jm, an intens. prefix, signifying, ; 
much, many. It becomes jom, 
w hen the first vowel of the i 
following syllable is either of 
the broad vowels a, o, or v. 

)rr>ceAÍjiii5,-^AÓ, v.a. make mer- 
chandize of. 

)n7ceAÍ3ui5eAC&,-bA, s, f. a ma- 
king merchandize of, 2 Pet. 
ii. 3. 

JnjciAPj-céitje, adj. far, utter, 
Is. X. 3. see Ps. ii. 8. long, 

}n)óeA]ib,-bA6, v.a. prove. 

Iit)6eA|t5,-5AÓ, v. a. rebuke, 
convince, reproach, Ps. Ixviii. 
30. Luke xvii. 3. Rom. xv. 3. \ 
— Luke iv. 41. Jude ver. 15. 
reprove. I 

JrTjóeAii5Aó,-5c.\, pi. id. s.m. a 

reproach, a punishment, a 

reviling, Rom. xv. 3. 2 Cor. 

ii. 6. — 1 Cor. vi. 10. 
JiDOeurjArbj-DCA, s.m. a fashion. 

Gen. vi. 15. 
jr77éA&Ac,-Ai5e, adj. jealous. 
jméAbAiite, g. id. pi. -jiióe, s. ra. 

a zealot. 
jrTjeAslA, g. id. a. Í. fear, dread, 

]rT7eA5lAC,-Ai5e, adj. affrighted, 

Jer. Ii. 32. fearful, terrible. 
jrDeA3lut5,-v5<vó, \. a. fear. Gen. 

XV. \. affriglit, terrify. 
JrrieA5liM5ce, ind. p.p. ajf righted, 

terrified, feared. 
Jn^eAl, Ex. xiii. 20. & xxv. 25. 

see jiT)|ol. 
Jn7eATaciir,-uif, pi. id. a playing, 

trickery, roguery. 
jrt)il,-lc, v.a. lick, anoint. 
)n)\o\, g. ir^il, pi. id. s. m. a 

border. Gen. xlix. 13. — Ex. 

xxv. 27. & xxxvii. U. an 

)rT7iollAC,-Ai5e, adj. on the bor- 
ders, remote. 
]ww, inf. in^iitc, y.Si. play, game, 

jrDiftc,-ce,-cs s f . a going, de- 
parture, a removal. 
jn)i|tc, inf. id. v. n. emigrate, 

remove, change abode. 
]rT)ir^c,-CA, pi. id. s.f. a game, a 

play, dalliance. 
Jrr7iriceAc,-ci5e, adj. playful, 

given to play or gambling. 
jfT7leACív.n,-ív)i), pi. id. s.m. a 

navel, Ezek. xvi. i. JrDl]0c^i7, 

j rt)li3ce, ind. p.p. licked, anointed. 
J!rDli^,-Óe, pi. -úi, s.f. a navel. 

Job xl. 16. Prov. iii. 8. 
JmniSe, g. id. pi. id. s.f. care, 

diligence, anxiety. 
3tT)t)í6eAC,-6i5e, adj. careful, 

anxious, solicitous. 



) n 5 

Jrtjpióe, g. id. pi. id. s. f. a be- 
seeching^ a jtrayer^ 2 Cor. v. 
20. — 2 Cor. viii. 6. a request, 
a 'petition, 

Jtt)p^t)eAC,.ói5e, adj. interceding, 

)n)pi6eAC,-6i5,-ó]5e, s.m. an in- 
tercessor. Is. lix. 16. a peti- 

Impilte, g. id. pi. -|ti6e, s. m. an 

Jti)pitieAcb,-&A, s, f. an empire, a 
reign, Luke iii. 1. — Esth. 
i. 20. 

jn7pi|teArnuil,-tr)U, adj. imperial. 

)tT)pui5,-5e, v.a. beseech, entreat, 
pray, request. 

Jrt^fieAfj-tiii*, pi. id. s.m. conten- 
tion. Job xl. 2. controversy, 
strife. " )f peiint ittjjteAf 't)A 
ÚAi5t)eAf. Strife is better 
than rvant of society.'''' 

)n)\\ec.T['^\i,-y'^}r), pi. id. &, -rivtjxx, 
s.m. strife, a dispute, a con- 
troversy, Prov. xxii. 10. Acts 
xxiii. 7. — Deut. xvii. 8. — 
Prov. XV. 18. 1 Cor. i. 11. 
Gal. V. 20. 

)rí7iieAT-ívnAc,-Ai5e, adj. unrea- 
sonable, controversial. 

ltt)rT)iorT),-n)<'^j pl- id. s.m. care, 
diligence, sadness, dismay. 

Jmrniori)Ac,-AT5e, adj. dismayed, 
Jos. X. 25. sad^ careful, soli- 

JnjceAcb,-b<\, s. f, a departure, 
Ezek. xxvi. 18.— 2 Tim. iv. 6. 
a going, a progress, scope, 

JitjceAcb, inf. of Jrrjqj, q.v. 

}xx)t\T,, inf. imceACb, v.n. go, wan- 
der, depart. Gen. xii. 19. 
Matt. ii. 20.— Gen. xx. 13. 
Matt. xiv. 16. 

]i), an intens. prefix, meaning 
suitable, fit, proper, it is 
spelled Jot;, when followed by 

either of the broad vowels, a, 
o, or u. It sometimes has a 
negative signification. 

)r)ceAijui5ce, ind. p.p. saleable, 
ft to be bought. 

jt)ci^,-^e, s.f. the brain, brains. 

)r)C|xeACA6,-ccA, pi. id. s. m. a 
prey, Nah. iii. 1. 

Jt)c|teibce, ind. p.p. credible, to 
be believed. 

JnbéAncA, ind. p.p. good, ft to 
be done, Rom. xiv. 21. 2 Cor. 
xi. 4. 1 Thess. iii. \. feasible, 

ÍDbeA]ib,-bA6, v.a. try, Ps. xxvi. 
2. prove. 

JnbiolcA, ind. adj. saleable, pay- 

Jt)eAc, g. t0i5, s.m. hospitalitj/, 

JrjpeAÓtDA, ind. adj. serviceable, 
effective. K. 

)r)piit,-Tie, adj. marriageable, fr. 
ID, &, peATt. 

)0fneA5AftcA, part. adj. answera- 
ble, responsible. 

jr)5eAt), g. losiue, pi inseA^A, 
s.f. a daughter, Ex. ii. 5. — 
Matt. X. 35.— Acts ii. 17. fr. 
10, &, 3eit). 

]x)±,-\\, iwi. injjlc, \. a., feed, — inf. 
Gen. xxxvii. 2. Mark v. 11. 
graze, pasture. Jojejlj-lc, id. 
see Gen. xxix. 7. 

Jt)5ilc,-ce, s.f. a feeding. Cant, 
ii. 16. a grazing, a pasture. 

J05peAmAc,-mui5, pi. id. s.m. a 
persecutor, — pi. Lam. iv. 19. a 

jt)5|teAn)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. clutching, 
ravenous, persecuting, avari- 

)t)5iteArDCAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
pursuer. Lam. i. 6. a perse- 

)t)5fteAtT)u3A8,-rT)u)5ce, pi. id. s.m. 

)n ] 


] n s 

jr)5fie|n7,-eArnA,-eArne*f)»>, s. f. 
persecution, Deut. xxx. 7. — 
Jer. XV. 15. & XX. 11. a clutch- 
ing grasp. 

l\)^\\e]n),'mi. id. v.a. & n. pursue, 
raven, persecute, — inf. I Sam. 
XXV. 29. Job xix. 28. Ps. xxii. 

)t)l<xn^CA, ind. part. adj. required, 
requested. Danl. 

]oi&»-&e, s.f. Shrove tide. 

)t)lltce, g. la. s.i.iueakness, feeble- 
ness, com. Lat. Iners, g. inert-is. 

)t)ir, g- Tire, pi. id. &, iDreACA, 
s.f. aw island. 

jt;if I5A b-|:ío6b<\ó, í/ie island of 
woods, an ancient name of Ire- 
land. K. 

Jt)]]- eAl3A, the noble Island, an 
ancient name of Ireland. K. 

)t)|ce, ind. adj. edible, fit to be 

]nlei5ce, part. adj. legible, 

)ori)e, g. id. s.f. an estate or patri- 
mony, also, /awi/. 

Jt)rt7éA6or)Ac,-<\i5e, indifferent, in- 
ivard, middle. C.P. 

Jt)tT)eAi)ui5ce, part. adj. multi- 

Jofbe^lcA, part. adj. fallible, de- 

jt)ri7eAr&A, part. adj. probable, 
presumable, commendable. R.S. 

)r}ri?uince, ind. part. adj. teacha- 
ble. Dunl. 

)t), pers. pron. pi. we, us. Passim. 

)óbeA|t,-bitt, pi. id. s.m. pasture, 
Job xxxix. 8 John x. 9. — Ps. 
Ixxix. 13.--Ps.lxv. 13. J^biofijid. 

)5beA|i,-b]fi, pi. id. s.m. ati estu- 
ary, the mouth of a river, a 
confluence of rivers. 

)5e, emph. form of )5, we our- 
selves, Rom. XV. 7. 

1- "^ s.f. pi. bowels. Acts, i 

\T,L W8. Col. iii. 12. Philem. 

b, ixum. XV. /. 
") S.f. pi. bowels, 
>18. Col. iii. 12. 
) ver. 7. entrails. 

JoeAc,g. 1015, pi. lose, &,i5eACA, 
s. m. a woof, Lev. xiii. 52. 
& 58. 

JóeACA6,-Ai6, pi. id. s. m. evil, 
1 Kings xxi. 29. want. 

JOcaI, inf. id. v.a. direct. C. P. 

]9eóio,-ne,-t)e<\ÓA, s.f. an anvil. 
Is. xli. 7. 

Joil, g- ^x)\.e, pi. id. s. f. a gin, a 
snare, — pi. Ps. cxl. 5. 

]r)]\z,-ze,-z\, s. f. a handmaid, a 
bondwoman, a maid, Gen. xvi. 
1. Gal. iv. 30.— Gen. xvi. 2. 
Ps. Ixxxvi. 16. 

JUioll, inf. id. v.a. arrange, fit, 

)nfr, inf. luiriT), IPre, &» }^x\p, 
v.a. <eZ/, shew, declare, Ex. ix. 
1. Mark xiii. 4.— Luke i. 19. 
Acts XV. 3. & xvii. 21. 

Joint^j-fce, s.f. a telling, Judges 
vii. 15. a relating. 

J^Ifce, ind. p.p. told, related. 

3i)ll5ceóiit,-5ftA,-ói|ti6e, s. m. an 
aimer, a forager, iv. the obs. 
V, ]5li5, devise, forage. 

)0ri7e,g. id. s.f. danger, Luke v. 7. 

jijce, cpd. pers. pron. in her, in 
it, Matt. i. 20. 

)i)cii),-TJe,-^eACA, s. f. mind,G&n. 
xxiii. 8. Rom. xiv. 5. — Acts 
XX. 19. & xxviii. 6. intention, 
understanding, in telligence, 
ingenuity, Lat. Ingen-iura. 

)r)z]v)eo.6,-\)\-^e, adj. mental, in- 
telligent, wise, merry. 

JOcleAc&j-bA, s. f. a device. Acts 
xvii. 29. ingenuity, invention, 
contrivance. Lat. Intellect-us. 

]ócleAc&AC,-Ai5e, adj. ingenious, 
sagacious, witty. 

Jnite^ccA, ind. part. adj. sale- 

)r)ftei5ce, ind. p. p, pleasant, 
agreeable, affable. 

jorcoe, g. id. s.f. gender, [se.r, 
lurce, id. 

J oo 



JocfeolcA, ind- part. adj. navi- 

joe, g. ^ocA, pi. JOCAÓA, s.m. or f . 
a payment, a requital, rent ; 
also, a remedy, a healing. ]oc 
e]ftic, a ransom. 

5oc, inf. id. v.a. pay, — inf. Matt, 
xviii. 25. requite, restore. 

jocA, g. id. s.m. an embalming. 
Gen. 1. 2. see jce. 

locAióe, g. id. pi. id. s.m. apayer, 
a tenant, a farmer. 

3oc&,-b<N, pi. id. s. m. confidence, 

jocbAti)r|l,-rblA, adj. clement, 
mild, merciful. 

5oc&<\ii,-Aift, pi. id. S.m. bottom, 
Ex. XV. 5. Job xxxvi. 30. joc- 
&<%|t-CAt)vf, the bass in music. 

íocb<\]tAc,-Ai5e,adj. nether, low, 
Jos. xvi. 3. see Is. xxii. 9. 

3ocbAitívTí,-íiin, pi. id. s.m. an in- 
ferior, an underling, a subject. 

5ocbA|tivi)CA, adj. subjected, de- 

3ocbAiaiM)CAcb,-bA, s. f. infe- 
riority, subjection. 

joclvf,-lvir, &, -lorA, s m. a heal- 
ing by herbs, with the accent 
on Iy|-, it means, a healing 

JocfUince, g. id. s.f. a cure, a 
healing draught, a cordial, a 
halm, nectar, fr. Joe, and 

)ocfUit)ceAC,-ci5e, adj. remedial, 

sanative, cordial, balsamic. 

D. MacF. 
1o6Ail,-le, s.f. an idol, 1 Cor. 

viii. 4. — 1 Cor. viii. 7. more 

properly, )o8aI, q. v. 
3o6aI,-aiI, pi. id. s.m. an idol, 

1 Kings XV. 13. Jer. xxii. 28. 

— pi. Lev. xxvi. 1. Deut. xxix. 

17. Or. E/Sw/.-ov, Lat. Idol-um. 
joó<\lA6Ani,-AÓpA6, u-orship idols, 

commit idolatry. 

]oÓAlAb<\ficA, ind. adj. idola- 
trous, 2 Kings xxxiii. 5. 

)oÓAlA6ftA6,-|tYi6, pi. id. s.m. ido- 
latry, idol icorship, 1 Cor. x, 
14. Gal. V. 20.— 1 Cor. v. 10. 
Eph. V. 5. 

)o6AlA6íiAi5ceói|i, - ótiA, - ói|iibe, 
s.m. an idolater. Mul. 

Jo6bvi|t, inf. fobbvijtc, v. a. offer 
(as a sacrifice). Lev. ix. 2. 
Mark i. 44.— Lev. ix. 4. 

)o6bv|ric,-bAttCA, pi. id. s.f. an 
offering, a sacrifice. Lev. vi. 
20. Heb. x. 8— Matt. xii. 4. 
Phil. ii. 17.— Mark xii. 33. 
Heb. V. 1. 

)oóbvi|iceAC,-ci5e, adj. sacrifi- 

3oóbv]ficeóiji,-óftA,-óiit]be, s.m. a 

I05A, g. id. pi. -AÓA, s.m. the yew 
tree, the eighth letter of the 
modern Irish Alphabet. 

)o5Aile, g. id. s.m. the lowest ori- 
fice of the stomach. 

)or^'AV,-'^)r), pi. id. s. m. a bird's 

)ol, a compositive prefix, signi- 
fying, variety, many, from the 
obs. verb lot, change, chequer, 
see )l. 

]olAn,-A]fv, pi. id. s. m. an eagle, 
Deut. xxxii. 11. — Rev. xii. 14. 
— Prov. XXX. 17. Luke xvii. 
37. ^o\o.^y^^\í^(sr^t.z,agier eagle. 
Lev. xi. 18. joUii c]ornciol- 
\i>.c, id. Deut, xiv. 17. 

jolbeufiU, g. id. pi. -Iaió, s. m. a 
different language, see beuitU. 

jolbvAÓAÓj-Aise, adj. victorious, 

lolÓArAc,-Ai5e, adj. many co- 
loured, of divers colours. Gen. 
xxxvii. 23. Judges v. 30. see 

)ol5AitbAr,-'<^ir' pi. id. s.m. agreat 
rejoicing, festivity. R. S. 



)0 2t) 

)ol5rtAioeAc,-ni3e, adj. very ugly. 
Jol5vcAC,-Ai5e, adj. of various 

tongues, polyglott, having va- 
rious mimic voices. 
JolrbAiceAf,-ceA|*<\, s. f. a great 

benefit^ mtich good, C. P. 3, 
]olrbAOit),-r)e, s.f. much goods or 

chattels, various riches. 
)olri)<voiT)eAc,-r)i5e, adj. opulent, 

)oxx), an intens. prefix, signifying 

many, see Jorn<v. 
jortxv, ind. adj. much, many, dif- 
ferent ; when used as a prefix 

it is often shortened to Jonj. 
)omA&,-A|b, pi. id. s. m. a tmtlti- 

tude. Ex, xxiii. 2. much, 

plenty, a glut. 
)on7A&Ac,-bAi5e, adj. numerous, 

JonjA&AiTiUcb, g. id, &, -bA, s, f, 

a multitude, an abundance ; 

Deut. X. 22. Ecc. v. 12,— 

Deut. xxviii, 47. a plurality. 
joti7A&AtT)v|l,-tT)lA, adj. multitudi- 
nous, exceeding ; Gen, xxx, 30. 

& xlvii, 27. numerous. 
)on?A&vi5,-v5AÓ, V. a. multiply, 

see Ex. vii, 3. 
5orbiv]5,-5e, pi, id. s. f. an image, 

Ex. XX. 4. Lev. xxvi. 1. 1 Cor. 

xi, 7. — Col. iii. 10. — Gen. xxxi. 

19. Ex. xxiii. 24. a statue, 

Lat. Imag-o, 
JoiDiviD, inf. id. V. a. toss, throw, 

hurl. 'iZ\ovri'\\v), id. 
JortjAiite, g. id. pi. -\\\%Q, s. m. a 

ridge, — pi. Ps. Ixv. 10. & cxxix, 

3. a furrow, a wrinkle, Heb. 

JonjATcbeAjt, see )ornAicbio|t, 
Jon}Aicb]op,-bt|i, pl. id, &, -beAjiA, 

s. m. a rebuke, Prov, xiii. 8, 

— Hos, V. 9. — Ps, Ixxvi. 6. 
)oii)AicbiottAC,-Ai5e, adj. that 

checketh or rebuketh. 
)orJ)Aicbi|x,-beAit, v. a, rebuke, see 

Lev. xix. 17. fr. Joitia, &, 
Aicbioji, q.v, see also, Uicb^jt. 

)ornA|tbA]6,-óe, pl. id.s. f. a con- 
troversy^ a strife, a debate, a 
comparison, contention. 

)orT}A|icAc,-Ai5e, adj. superfluous, 
exceeding abundant ; 2 Cor. 
ix. 1. Eph. iii. 20. numerous, 
redundant, oppressive. 

)orT)A|icYi6,-6e, s. f. overmuch., 
2 Cor, ii, 7, & viii, 15. super- 

lort7<v]tr3ívil,-ívlA, pl. id. s. f, a 
wrestling, a struggling. 

)orDA|tcv]-,-v)f, s.m. industry, e.v- 
perience, activity. 

)ort)b<\cA6,-biv]ce, s.m. an over- 
whelming, Ps. Ixxvii. 3. a 

)ort7CAT]i, inf. iorT)cA|t, v. a. bear, 
endure. Matt. viii. 17. — Matt, 
iii. 11. Rom. XV. 1. Heb. xii. 
20. carry, behave. Jon^óviji, 
-cv|t, id. 

JomcAfij-Aift, pl, id. s.m. a suffer- 
ing, 2 Cor. vi. 6. deportment, 
carriage, hearing, behaviour. 

)on7CA|tAC,-Ai5e, adj. graceful iii 
deportmen t, well-behaved. 

)orDCAriÓ5,-ó)5e,-ó5A, s.f, afemale 
porter, fr, iorr)CAin. 

jomcArAOp, inf. id. Y.xi.coinplain, 
Num. xi, 1. see Judg, xxi, 22, 

)oii)cloiórbeói|t,-óftA,-ói|ii6e, s,m. 
a sivordsmau, a fencing master. 

Jon9corAit),-cofiMtb, &, -corAinc, 
v.a. defend, protect, govern, see 


Joti7co|*t)Arb,-co|-Ar)CA, s.m. a de- 
fence, a keeping, sovereignty. 

K. )0lt7C0rA1r)C,-]-AT)CA, s.f, id. 

)ort)cvbAi6,-De, adj. meet, conve- 
nient, Ex. viii. 26. 1 Cor. 
xvi. 12, 

jorr)CYbAióeAc&,-bA, s. f. fitness, 
propriety, convenience. R.S. 

JonjÓA, g. id. s.m. anger. 

J 20 


] on 

jotDÓA, ind. adj. manij^ Matt. vii. 
22. 1 Cor. i. 26. much, 

)ort)b|iv|S,-&fiub, &, -&ftu]b|or), 
V. a. enclose^ surround, besiege. 

)on)&|tvibeóiji,-óftA,-ói|tióe, s. m. 
a besieger, an encloser. 

jomóv]5,-5e,-5e<\c<x, s.f. a couch, 
Ps. vi. 6. 

joii)j<xbí^ll,-ívl<\, s.f. a/^ erring or 
straying, a shunning. 

)orr)5Aoc,-5AOice,-5AOc<\, s. f. a 

)ort)5lvArAc&,-bA, s.f. a departure, 
an excitement. 

jon)livit)e, g. id. s.f. integrity, ful- 
ness, ioh.'n. 9. Eph. iii. 19. 

)orx)\''\]\)&i>.6h,-ho., s.f. accomplish- 
ment, a ful filling, plenitude. 

'\oxx^'\x),-\\\\)Q, adj. perfect, full ; 
Eph. iv. 13.— Eph.'iv. 13. 

)otDUt),-liiin», s. m. /Ae whole, the 
entire ; Acts xi. 4. 

jortílvAJíxilj-ítlA, s. f. a wander- 
ing, Prov. xxvi. 2. a straying, 
a straggling. 

)orDlvAr,-lvAjr, s. m. fickleness, 

JotTjlvACj-lvAice, adj. fickle, 
changeable, inconstant. 

]oxriW\tyx,-^]X, s.m. inconstancy, 

Jon)lvfr,-lvc, v. a. chang", ex- 

Jon)lvc,-lr(c, s.m. a change, an 
exchange, — g. Matt. xxv. 27. 

Joii70fibAi5,-AÓ, v.a. reproach, ex- 

)on)o\i]io, conj. also. Rev. xiv. 17. 
but. as an adv. moreover, like- 

inf. iort)pÓ5, v.a. ittrn, 
Ex. xxxii. 12. Matt. 
■V. 39. Luke i. 39.— 
xiii. 8. Jas. iii. 3. 
change, convert. 

jort)poi5ce, ind. p. p. turned, 
changed.^ converted. 


)ott)ftAÓ,-Ai6, &, -A|c(^, pi. -Aice, 
s.m. a report. Is. xxxiii. 5. Col. 
i. a. fame. 

'}on)\i'<\]6,-]\'o,6, V. a. publish, di- 
vulge, report. 

]ort)|tAi6ceAc,-c]5e, adj. famous. 
Num. xxvi. Q. celebrated, much 
spoken of, renowned. 

fort)ftAi5, inf. ]Orn|tAtT), v. a. row, 
)orT)A||i, &, JomitAti), id. see 
Jonah i. 13 inf. Mark vi. 48. 

joiD|tAtb, g. ion)AttCA, s.m. a row- 
ing, 3 o\\n vi. 19. 

JomftArbívióe, g. id. pi. id. a rotver. 

j on) ftvA^Aój-AjcA, pi. id. s. m. a 
prancing, see Judges v. 22. 
Nah. iii. 2. a persecution, a 
rout, a defeat, an invasion. 

jotDitvA3A]|te, "itióe, s.m. 
a rover, an invader. 

]ornftYAi3,-A5AD, V. a. persecute, 
rout, defeat, v.n. prance (as a 

jort)fCAitA6,-|tCA^ pi. id. s.m. sepa- 
ration, Num. vi. 8. & 12. 

)ott)r5A.oil,-leAÓ, V. a. disperse, 
scatter in various directions, 

)ort)|-5A0ileAÓ,-lce, pi. id. s. ra. a 
scattering in sunder, a routing. 

Jon^rS^NOilce, ind. p.p. scattered 
in various directions, routed. 

jom]*3AOilce5]|t,-ófiA,-ói|ii&e, s.m. 
a dispenser, a squanderer. 

JoiDfftvcj-fitocA, pi. id. s. m. a 
countertide, see S|iyc. 

Acts xvii. 5. covelousness, zeal. 

Jort)cnucó|íi,-ó[iA,-ó]ítiDe, s. m. a 
zealous lover. 

jort)rt)vcv]5,-v5A6, v. a. desire, — 
inf. Jas. iv. 2. covet, envy. 

)oxx)iy\, prep, as to, concerning. 

Jor), see )t}. 

)ot)A&-rpAirce6|tt^cbA,g. lODAjb- 
l^pAH'ceoifteAcbA, pi. id. s.m. a 
gallery, — pi. Ezek. xli. 16. a 

] ON 



portico, see )o\)ts^. ?i|c ^pAifce- 
ó|]ieAÓOA, id. see Ezek. xlii. 
3. & 4. 

)or)a6fiv|5ce, ind. p.p. adorable. 

Joi)<N||in7,-ATfirj)e, adj. Jit to bear 
arms. K. 

jor)ArT)vil,-iÍ7U, adj. comely, Jit, 

]ot)ACA|t,-Aiti, pi. id. s.m. the in- 
wards. Lev. iv. 8. — pi. Lev. iii. 
9. entrails, the bowels. 

jotjbvAiDce, ind. p.p.j'iV to he dug 
or reaped. 

Jotjbvjó, g. id, s. f. the time of a 
woman s bearing or delivery. 
Job. iii. 16. — Luke ii. 6. also, 
any space of time. D. Mac F. 

joiKolt)V5A8,-vi5ce, s. m. incar- 
nation. C, P. 

)oi)óolr)vi5ce, part. adj. incarnate. 

]or)cotr)<x]tcA, part. adj. notable. 

)o\)coú)x)y]x^te, part. adj. habit- 
able, Jit for habitation. 

)ot)co|tvi5ce, part. adj. moveable. 

jor)cofAt)co>, part. adj. defensible. 

Jot^vpcA, part. adj. practicable, 
Jit to be grafted, JiL to be sown. 

Jorj&AiDsnice, part. adj. fortiji- 

jopbAOjtcA, part. adj. condemn- 

)or)&evocA, part. adj. practicable, 

3ot)&ói5ce, part. adj. combustible, 
Jit to be burned. 

'\ox)t)r\\eo.rx)ry\,-vi)\A, adj. to be de- 
sired, desirable. Gen. iii. 6. 

Joi)5A, g. 1005^0, pi. ir)50e, &, 
}o\)-^\yc., s.f, a hoof, a nail, Ex. 
X. 26. Lev. xi. '3.— pi. Deut. 
xxi. 12, a claiu, a talon. Lat. 

jot)5<xb,-5<vb^ll, V. a. attack.) sub- 
ject, manage, regulate. 

3ot)5Abívil,-5AbívlA, s. f. circum- 
spection, prudence, manage- 
ment, conduct. 
2 E 

JonjAbAU, part, adj. worthy of 
acceptation, 1 Tim. iv. 9. 

JodsaBca, part. adj. acceptable. 
C. P. 

Joo5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. having nailsj 
clawed, hoofed. 

Joo5<M)CAc,-At5e, adj. marvellous, 
tvonderful, Hab. i. 5, — 1 Pet. 
ii. 9. strange, droll, odd. 

Joo3AOcv]5, inf. |O05t)A6, &, ]0\)- 
3Ar)cv|«, v.n. wonder at, Hab. 
i. 5. — Acts iii, 11. 

lor)5Ancuf,-iin', pi. id. s. m. a 
marvel, a ivonder. Matt, xxvii. 
14. — Luke XX. 26, see Acts 
iii. 11. 

JoI)5lA^,-5l^^1t)e, adj. unclean; fr. 
y\), neg. &, 5IA0. 

lot)5DAÓ,-5t)(il6, &, -5Ai)cA, pi. 
-jADCA, s.m. a wonder, aston- 
ishment, a marvel, Deut. xiii. 
2. Matt, xiii, 54, 2 Cor. xi. 
14.-2 Chron. xxxii. 31.— Ex. 
xi. 10, & xxxiv. 10. 

Jon^DAp, inf. iot)5r)A6, v.n. won- 
der at. 

]oi)5ttAi6,-6e, adj. worthy to be 
loved, dearly-loved. 

)oT)lArOA, part adj, inflammable. 

JotjrDAicce, ind, part. adj. par- 
donable, fr. ]or», &, rtjAic. 

)oi)ti)A|^, see joi)timr- 

JoijrbolcA, ind. p.p. good, laudable, 
1 Cor. V. 6. fr, ]on, &, rrjolcA. 

JonriluccA, ind, p,p. quenchable. 
fr. ]0i), &, muccA. 

jonmnir), comp, lonrbuirje, &, 
A^]*A, adj. beloved, dear, loved, 
Deut. xxi. 15. Rom. xvi. 5. — 
Deut. xxi. 16. Luke vii. 42. 
kind, courteous. ?^ uAfA^l 
\ox)vo\v\\), i)o fio ^or)rbuit), dear 
or very dear iSir. 

)ot)rbuineAc,-r)]3e, adj. lovely, de- 
sirable, amiable. 

JoijAb, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. ax), &, 



1 OS 

)oóAt),g.Toi3ui&, s.m. a place, 

a seat, Deut. xii. 11. — Matt. ii. 

9. — Luke XX. 46. fr. -|or), &, 

Ajc. Te^it T0f)iiT&, a deputy, 

a lieutenant. 
)ooA&Act),-bA, s. f. a residetice, 

" JotjA&Act) <xc<\ió, a residence 

for some time,''' D. MacF. 
jot; Alb, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. at), &, 

}h,) in you. Matt. x. 20. 
jo5Alcói|t,-6ftA,-ói|t]6e, s. m. a 

jofjAi), adj. no comp. equal, same, 

lo^A|ib,-bA6, v.a. destroy, banish, 

— inf. Heb. ii. 14. fr. ]ox), &, 


)oí)Ia6, g. ]0ó<\lcA., & \ox)\\x]p:e, 

pi. id. s.m. a washing. 
]oOUi5ée, ind. p.p. washed. 
)o5lAi5teóiii,-6|tA,-óiiti8e, s. m. 

« icasher. 
)oT)\^o^o.X-^}X-, pl« id- s.m. m- 

creasef of cattle,) Deut. vii.l3. 
)oi)ti)ur,-iii|*, pi. id. &, -[oryrouyc^, 

s.m. a treasure. Matt. vi. 21. 

2 Cor. iv. 7 Ex. ill. Ezra 

vii. 20. — Deut. xxxiii. 19. 

Prov. viii. 21. fr. ^or), &, 

jouitAcui-,-ui|-, s.m. righteousness, 

integritij. Job. xxvii. 6. — 1 

Kings viii. 32. 2 Chron. vi. 23. 

chastity, continence. 
)oi)|iaii6ce, ind. part. adj. proper 

or ft to be said. 
)oupuic,-ce, adj. righteous, faith- 
ful. Job xxii. 3. Matt. xxv. 23. 

Rev. xvii. 14. honest, just, 

Jouftiiic, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a just 

man, a righteous man. Job 

xxvii. 17. — Prov. xsiii. 24. 
]or)XMX)\x'\\,-Yt)\is, adj. such, like, 

1 Cor. V. 5. comparable. 
)or;|Tt)uAit)ci5ce, ind. part. adj. 


)o5fui5, inf. id. V. a, approach, 
visit, attack, assault. 

ioOr"13. g- id. pi. -56, s.m. a 
siege, — g. Ezek. v. 2. an inva- 
sion, an attack, an assault, an 
approach. D']or)|'ui5e, a cpd. 
prep, unto. Acts xxv. \l. 

jotjcA, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. At), &, 
lAb,) 171 them, Matt. iv. 24. 

Joi)cAoib,-cAoibe, s.f. trust, Job 
XV. 15. co7ifidence. 

Joúcoi5,-có5, v.a. return, Numb. 
X. 36. 

JoúcfAoiiuijce, ind part. adj. ft 
to be ivorked, arable. 

]oi)u<xcA||i,-cjtA, adj. marriage- 

Joi)uil, inf. ioóIaó, &, ^ooIac, v.a. 
jvash, 2 Sara. xii. 20. John 
ix. 7.— Matt XV. 20. John 
xiii. 5. 

joilu]-, conj. so that. Passim. 

]or)pópA, ind. part. adj. mar- 

Joi)|t<VTÓ,-ft^ó, v.a. celebrate, say 
properly. D. MacF. 

]o\)\\ix\6ze, ind. p.p. proper to be 
said, ft to be celebrated. 

)ot)rn)AC&ui5ce, ind. part. adj. 

Joi)f*oilri5ce, part. adj. revealable, 

JoujTiuiirnenc,-ce, s.f. an instru- 
ment, C.P. Barb. 

Jot)riii5]-e, ind. adj. very clear, 
self-evident, O'G". 

loi)cui5ce, ind. p.p. comprehen- 
sible, that may be understood. 

]ofibull, Lev. viii. 25. see G'v\|ibAll. 

)o|t5uil,-lc,-lf, s.f. strife, a fray, 
a tumult, a broil, a contentiim. 

jon5iiileAC,-li5e, adj. quarrel- 
some, contentious. 

jofapAi]-,-]-e, s. f. the dropsy, 
jo|iópun*, id. Luke xiv. 2. 

lOS^, s.m. JESUS, Matt, 
i. 21 Matt. i. 1. 

) S ] 



)o)bc^IIi,-b^lIic, v.a. abuse, M'N. 

)opcA]0,-Ai&e,-AbA, s.f. a ham, a 

hough, — pi. Jos. xi. 6 & 9. 

Gr. iG'/j-cg. 

jorOAÓ, g. io|-bA, pi. id. s. m. an 
apartment, a place, a habitation^ 
Heb. ix. 2. Rev. xvi, 7. also, 
jof&A, g. id. literally, a dining- 
room, ÍT. the root jof, eai, 
dine. , 

JofOA]-,-A^|-) pl- id. s.m. an enter- 
tainment, a lodging. 

1ofóip,-pe, s.f. hyssop, Lev. xiv, 
4. — Ex. xii. 22. see John xix. 

JócA, g. id. s.m. a ^^i, Matt. v. 

; 18. 

JocA, g. focAO, s. f. thirst, — g. 

1 Cor. iv. 11. see dat. casein 

2 Cor. xi. 27. 
ioctb<vn,-A|pe, adj. thirsty, 2 Sam. 

xvii. 29. fr. focA, &, rpótt. 

IjtlAl, g. ifii^ile, pi. id. s.f. an an- j 
sz^er, a reply, " Niofi cv|ii fé 
lltlAÍ o^m, //e rf/(/ not even re- \ 
ply to me.''' j 

j[in*e<^c,-n5e, adj. pious. D. 

ím^ g- ime, pi. inii, s. f. « aAzW, 

1 8am. XV. 27. & xxiv. 4. aw 

end, a conclusion. 
) f , a defect, assertive verb, it is, 

Matt. i. 18. perf. l):\, or, l)vó ; 

fut. ^ry; subj. pres. ^b; subj. 

perf, rn-b<\&. 
JfeAl, 2 Cor. X. 1. see )x]o\. 
JféAn, g. int), pi. id. s.m. a young 

goose, a chicken, vern. 5uif jn. 
Jriol, comp. ifle, adj. low, Ps. 

xhx. 2. — Heb. ii, 7. humble, \ 

secret. "Of ^ttt» A5ur of ifjol, 

publicly and privately^' see 

John vii. 10. 
íf10fDpl<xi|t,-ív|tA,-íxií\e, s.f. a sign, 

an example ; Num. xxvi. 10. 

Matt. i. 19. see eAfYmpUip» 

&, GifiompU]!*. 

)fleivn,-4\ir), pi. id. s.m. a valley. 
jfllj, inf. frliv5A6, V. a. cast 
down, abuse ; Ps. Ivi. 7. — 

1 Cor. ix. 18. humble, abase, 

)fll5ce, ind. p.p. humbled, low- 
ered, abased. 

)fl]V5<x8,-t5ce, s. m. humiliation, 

Jc, inf. ice, v.a. eat. Gen. iii. 6. 
Luke xii. 19 — Gen. xxxi. 54. 
Matt. xii. 4. gnau; devour., 
consume. Gr. "eJ-s/v, to eat. 

jce, g- id, s.f. an eating, Amos 
vii. 2. — 1 Cor. X. 7. 

jceAUcbj-bA, s.f. a flying, jciol- 
Acb, id. 

jceÓ5,-ói5e,-ó3A, s.f. a feather, a 
wing, jce, id, 

jciorT7pí\6,-ívió, pi. id. s.m. a mur- 
muring, a backbiting, a speak- 
ing against; Num. xiv. 27. 

2 Cor, xii. 20,— Rom. i. 30. 
1 Pet, ii, 12, fr, ic, &, la^ió. 

H)orr)\ii^]^,-]^!x6, v.a.. grutíge,— iní. 

Ps, lix. 15. backbite, munnur, 

speak against. 
Jc]orT7tt^i&ceAC,-ci5.', adj. back- 
biting, blaspheming ; Pro v. 

XXV. 23. 2 Tim. iii. 2. 
jcijt,-pe, s.f. arable ground, soil, 

ground producing corn, fr. 

the obs, s. ]t, corn, k, cf^t. 
Jcce, ind. p.p. eaten, consumed. 
)vbA|t,-Aut, pi. id. s.m. a yew tree, 

JvjAfi, &, IvcAfi, id. 
Jvbile, g. id. s.m. a jubilee. Num. 

xxxvi. 4, — Lev. xxv. 40. 
JVC AT ii,-]te, s.f. spawn, the roe of 

]vcAifteó5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s.f. the pea 

offish, also, a spaivner. 
jvbA]De, g. id. pi. id, s.m. & f. « 

Jczí;, a Jewess^ Acts xviii. 2. 

—pi. John v. 18. jvbv,3,-5e, 

id. see Esth. ii. 5. & iii. 4. 
Jvl, g. Iv]!, s. m, July. 

L ^l) 


I ?V D 

^vl, g. ]y]\, pi. id. s.m. a mariners 1 ]Y\wA\\,-A]\ie, adj. wise, endoteed 
compass, knoivledge, guidance, ivith knowledge, 1 Cor. iii. 10. 
amark, direction, course. Jas. iii. 13. judicious, learned. 

lYlcAittc,-ce,&,-ceAc,pl.-ceACA,|lvlrt)A|tAc,-Ai5e, adj. wise, learn- 
s.f. a mariner^ s chart. \ ed. 

1, (Ly||*, the quicken tree,) the 
ninth letter of the modern Irish 
Liv, g. \(so], &, Ue, pi. Uece, 
UecA, &, Uice, s. m. a day, 
Rom. xiv. 6 — Matt. xi. 34. 
Col. ii. 16.— Matt. xxiv. 22. 
Doliv, adv. by day. Do liv A5Vf 
b' oi8ce, by day and by night. 
" Liv cir) a' biv liv t»ev5, ;f/ie 
^^^^5Z^15^' ^^j' fibounding in 

^mire, dirty, fr. Livjb, q.v. 
LabAi]t, inf. UbAiftc, v. a. speak, 
Ex. xi. 2 — Gen. xviii. 27. 
1 Thess. i. 8. perhaps fr. the 
obs. \o.h, a lip, Lat. Lab-ium. 
LixbAiitc, g. lixbAjtc*, pi. id. s. f. 
a speaking, a saying. Is. Iviii. 
9. — Is. xxxii. 4. Acts xxiv. 10. 
— Ps. Ixxviii. 2. 
LíxbívT),-ív]i), s.m. mire, dirt, Ps. 
Ixix. 2. Is. Ivii. 20.— Ezek. 
xlvii. 11. 
Livb^r)AC,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s. m. a la- 
bourer, a plebeian. 
Livbai)AC&,-GA, s.f. low dirty work 
a draggling, vulgarity. 

L$\bivi;cA, ind. part. adj. dirty, 
draggling, vulgar. 

LinbAjicA, ind. p.p. spoken, said. 

LivbAi;cAc,-Ai5e, adj. talkative, 

LAbfiA]-,-Ai]-, pi. id. s.m. a laurel 
or bay tree, Lat. Laurus. 

LACA,g. Iacai), pi. Iaóa^Oj s. f. a 

LACb,-bA, s.m. milk, Lat. Lac. 

LAÓbrpA|t,-Ai|ie,adj. comely, icide. 

Laccoa, g. id. s. m. a coarse grey 
dress or habit. 

LACcr)A, ind. adj. grey, dun. 

Líxbícil,-íxlA, pi. id. s.f. a lading, 
— g. Acts xvii. 10. 

Lívó A] 115,-56,-51, s.f. a thigh. Gen. 
xxii. 31. Judg. iii. 21. & XV, 
8. — Gen. xxxii. 32. see Gen. 
xxxii. 25. 

LA6A|i,-Ai|t, pi. id. s.m. the space 
between the toes or fingers, a 
toe, a fork, or prong. 

LAbA|\i)A]-,-Air5 s.m. boldness, im- 
pudence. i-AbAfinAObj-bA, s.f. 

LAÓAn55,-ói5e,-65A, s. f. a pitch- 

L U5 


I U ) 

LAC>|tAc,-<xite, adj. having large, 

toe>i,forkcdi frovgcd. 
í.<NbYT,-"í'irj s. m. a hoasiing,\ 

might, potcer. | 

LAbvrAC,-Ai5e, adj. bragging, 

'poicerful, mighty. 
LAereArbvil,-n)U,adj. c?ai7;í/,Matt. 

vi. 11. 2 Cor. xi. 28.— Jas. 

ii. 15. 
I.A5, inf. U5a6, v.a. ordain, 'par- 
don, remit. C. P. fr. the obs. 

L^jj-jA, law, order. 
Í.A5, comp. I<xi5e, adj. weak, 

1 Cor. viii. 9. — 2 Sam. iii. 1. 

1 Pet. iii. 7. languid, faint, 

LA5AC,-Ai5e, adj. neat, decent, 

tidy, orderly. Lao, id. 
LA5Ap55,-ó|5e,-Ó5<V5 s.f. see L<\- 


^^S-tiniSe^^Cj-jiOe, adj. irea/c, 
discouraged, Dunl. fr. I-A5, &, 

LA5-c|toi&eAC,-6i5e, adj. faint- 
hearted, Deut. XX. 8. 
í-A5ciioí6eAC,-&)5,-ó]5e, s. m. a 

feeble-minded person, 1 Thess. 

V. 14. 
i-A50V5AÓ,-v^5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 

diminishing, Rom, xi. 12. a 

LA5bv|5,-v5AÓ, V. a. decrease, — 

inf. John iii. 30. diminish, 

lessen, assuage. 
LA5bY]5re, ind. p. p. diminished, 

LA5-livri:>Ac,-Ai5e, adj. ueak or 

feeble-handed, helpless, 2 Sam. 

xvii. 2. 
LA5-|iA6AiicAc,-Ai5e, adj. dim, 

dim-siglited. Lam. v. 17. 
^^'^Sr'^l')^? g- id. s. m. abatement, 

relaxation, vernac. LAf5V|ne. 
L<N5CAc,-At5e, adj. generous, no- 
ble, civil, obliging, fr. obs. 
s. Í-A5A, praise, fame. 
LA5ci\]|-be, g. id. s! m. an abate- 

ment fin a bargain, J fr. the 
verb I.A5, q.v. 
LA5ciiTfbe, s.m, an abatement, ir. 

the adj. La5, q.v. 
í-AjvjSj-vÓAÓ, V. a. & n. iveaken. 

Is. xiv. 12. fatigue, grow 

^^]h,-he, s.f. mire, clay, Zeeh. 

ix. S. John ix. 11. puddle. 
h'A]he]]i,-]\e,-]\}, s.f. a laver, Ex. 

XXX. 18. & xxxi. 9. 
l-Aibin, g. id. 8. m. leaven, Ex. xii. 

8. 1 Cor. V. 7.— Ex. xiii. 3. 

1 Cor. V. 6. dough. 
i-Aib|o5,-bui, &, -bije, 8. f. Latin, 

— g. Luke xxiii. 38. see John 

xix. 20. 
LiV]bi|i, comp. lixibijte, &, l^ibyie, 

adj. strong, mighty, 1 Cor. iv. 

10. —Gen. XXV. 23. Matt. iii. 

11. Cfteif-e, is frequently used 

as an irregular comp. of Livibtji, 

Livibi|aeACb,-&A, s. f. strength, 

í-ív]bne6iji,-ó]tA,-ói|ii6e, s. m. a 

Liv,|b|ti5,-iv5A6, V. a. strengthen^ 

l.Af5bttí5eAÓ,-5i3e, adj. dismayed, 

Is. xli. 10. weak. 
LAi5e, g. id. s.f. weakness, infir- 
mity ; 2 Sam. iii. 1. Prov. 

xviii. 14. — Lev. xii. 2. 
Livi5e, g. id. pi. id. &, -eAt;A, s.f. 

a mattock, Is. vii. 25. a spade, 

a loy. 
LAi.^eAb, g. id. &, U|3ib, s. m. 

fewness, see Lev. xxv. 16. 
LAi5eAT),-5it), s.m. the province 

of Leinster. 
i,A]5eAp,-5ii), pi. id. s.m. a spear, 

a javelin. 
X-'^yivi le (or fte), used as a prep. 

near, beside, at hand. Gen. 

xxvii. 22. *' °^\y}. bo Uirb 30 b'*'- 

]iA]-, while you easily can.'''' 

I ^ J 


L nw 

Dunl. " ^]\i Uirt)," engaged 

in. Dunl. 
L!\]n}he]]\z,-ze, s. f. a miifft a 

Lí^lrijóevocA, ind. p.p. made with 

hands. Col. ii. II. 
Li)ilri)lei5,-lei5e<st;, v.a .manmnit, 

set free. 
Líviri}íéi5e<\c&,-bA, s.f. surgery. 
Lairt)lét5e<xr,-5irj s.m. surgery. 
LiiirbliA5,-leA5<x, pi. id. s. m, a 

LAitDptte, g. id. pi. -it]6e, s. f. a 

LairT7r3Í*c,-r5éice,-r3ÍACA, s.f. a 

shield, a target, see 1 Kings x. 

17. 7_ívirÍ7rcíAC, id. 
l.ivirbnSj-l'^j^^j v.a. handle. Col. 

ii. 21. take in hand. 
Li^]rbri5ce, ind. p. p. handled, 

taken in hand. 
Lixiri7riv5<\6,-|-i5ce, pi. id. s. m. 

a handling. 
Laiit)beó,-beób<\, adj. of good cou- 
rage, see Jos. X. 25. 
'L^}X)^'e^yi,-^\\\,-^\\\\t>e, s. m. a 

lantern. Barb. 
L^]r)beA|ibcA, ind. ^.^. fully per- 
suaded, Rom. xiv. 5. 
i-^v^ijbeAirbcAcbj-bA, s. f. much 

assurance, 1 Thess. i. 5. 
2-ainbeAfxbu5AÓ,-bc<x, pi. id. s.m. 

full assurance, — g. Heb. vi. 

l.iviT)beirbfr),-rbr)e, s. f. full per- 
suasion, Rom. iv. 21. 
l.aiP|téitTj,-rne,-rt7eA0<\j s. f. full 

scope, full power, full author- 
ity, Dunl. 
'Lix^H, g. liv|t<xc, pi. li^|t<\cA, s.f. a 

mare, a brood mare. 
L^iriJe? g- id. pi. -bf, s.m. a 

LivT]*5, inf. líifjAÓ, V. a. smite, 

strike, overwhelm. 
LAirce, g. id. pi. -cióe, s. m. a 

heavy stupid fellotv. 

LAicrieAÓ,-fii5e,-|xeACA, s.f. the 

1-uÍJis of a building. 
<L^rb, g. laiTT)e, pi. l^rbA, s. f. a 
hand. Gen. xlviii. 14. Matt. v. 
30.— Deut. viii. 17. Matt. xii. 
49. — Numb. viii. 10. Luke xx. 
19. an a7-m,n handle, com. the 
old Gr. verb XaS-w, / take. 
LixrT),-rbA&, v.a. dare. Acts v. 13. 
presume, C.P. take in hand, 
handle, feel. L<\rbAi5,-A5Ab, 
l.ívrbAd,-Ai:^e, adj. ready handed, 

off handed, active. 
Lstn)<\c,-<x 15, s.m. a shooting, 2 
Sam. xi. 24. the report or 
firing of guns, a casting, 
a slinging. 
LiirbAcui*,-u|f, s.m. a creeping on 

all fours. 
í-ívrbAb, g. livmiiijce, pi. id. s.m. 
a handling, a seizing, a grasp- 
Lík,rr)A5ívD,-íxiu, pi. id. s. m. a 

groping, Deut. xxviii. 29. 
LívrT)A]0,-oe,-Oí, s. f. a glove, 

i-ixrijA]^ ]Aiiitiij, a gauntlet. 
Li^ibA^i) CAc leACAiD, s.f. common 
navel-wort. Umbilicus Veneris. 
Lí^rÍ7AJ)ó|it,-ó(iA5-óiit]6e, s. m. a 

LAtT)lAibt|t,-iie, S.Í. force, a strong 

Lart?p<v, g. id. pi. -pvjóe, s. m. a 

lamp, — pi. Matt. xxv. 1 & 3. 
LAmpftó5,-ó]5e,-ó5A, s.f. a glow- 
LixrT)ii]5,-rbAc, v.a. shoot, — inf. Ps. 
1 xxviii. 9. toss, project, throw, 
seize, handle. i-Ari^j-ttjAC, id. 
í.ívti)u]5ce, ind. p. p. seized, 

handled, also, shot. 
Livt), comp. 1^1 ne, adj. full. Gen. 

XXV. 8. complete, satisfied. 
Livo, g. livin, pi. id. &, laijcA, s.m. 
the full, fulness. Lev. ii. 2. 
John i. 16. abundance ; also, 

L ^ii 



the tide, Liv^CA rx)ó\\<\, fall 
tides. M'N. 

Li!lOArT)V|t),-ri)nA, &5-rbnACA, 

s.f. rt married coitple. C, P. 

LicT)bA|iArr)vil,-}t)lA, s. f. a full 
likelihuod. Dunl. 

LivncAlrtjA, ind. adj. valiant, coii- 
rageons. K. 

l.ívDcofArnlAC&,-bA, s.f. a full ap- 
pearance. Dunl. 

L^Oc|tóÓA, ind. adj. o/ good cou- 
rage^ Jos. i, 6. 

Latj5a, g. id. pi. -A|6e, s. m. or f. 
a ling, fa sort of fish . ) 

2-^t;lYAc,-Ai5,-ACA, s. m. a full 
reward, 2 John ver. d>. full va- 
lue or price. 

1-.'A\)roi^]{,-0.-\};Ke, 2iÁ].full, complete, 

í-ívoroAfiA, g. id. s.m. a full tide. 

L^t)inri|teAC&,-&A, s. f. fulness, 

La^, g. lAiije, pi. U^)<^, s. f. the 
blade of a sicord, the scale of a 

fish, — g. Judg. iii. 22 pi. Lev. 

xi. 10. com. Lat, Lan-io, to 
cut, & Lan-ius. 

LA^Ac,-A)5,-A]5e, s. m. tJie fish 
called mullet. M'N. 

i-A^co||i,-|ie,-fte<\CA, s.f. a parti- 
tion, 1 Kings vi. 21. « closet, 
a pantry. 

í-ADfA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
lancet, see 1 Kings, xviii. 28, 
a lance. 

Lívi)fú|leAÓ,-li5e, adj. full-eyed. 

L-AOC, g. UoiC, pi. id. &, ÍAOCjtA, 

s.m. rt Aero, a. champion, a sol- 

chivalrous, LAoctDAii,-Aipe, id. 

ÍAOc|iAió, s.m. pi. a band of war- 
riors or heroes. 

?-Ao6, Rev. iv. 7. see Laoj. 

^o-'^'S^ g- ^A0i5, pi. id. s.m. a calf, 
Gen. xviii. 7. Ex. xxxii. 8. — 
Jer.xxxiv. 19. — 2 Chron.xiii.8. 

Z,A05veO|l,-olA, s.f. veal. 
LA05-li5eAC,-5]6e,-5eACA, s.f. a 

cow that has lately calved, so 

called from licking its calf. 

1)5 bleAcr, a milch cow. 
LA0]ó,-6e,-óeApA, s.f. a lay, a 

LA0it)eívr),-6]íVTr), pi. id. s.m. pith, 

pulp, marrow, the part of a 

potato remaining after the sets 

are cut off. 
LAoi&ei)iT)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. pithy, 

Laji, g. Ia^p, s.m. the midst, Ezek. 

xxii. 22. the ground, a centre, 

presence, a ground floor. 
'L^X,~yc>.'6, v.a. & n. light, kindle, 

Ex. xl. 25. 2 Sam. xii. 5. 

shine, blaze. 
L<vr, g. Iaii*, pi. UireAÓA, s.m. a 

flame, a blaze, a light. 
L4v|"A, pi. -Aibe, &,-a6a, s.m. 

a lace, Ex. xxxix. 21 & 31. 
Z-AfAOj-fCA, pi. id. S.m. a kind- 
ling, zeal, a burning, Prov. 

xxvi. 21. Acts xxii. 3. 

?.A|*A1|1, g. ÍAritAC, pi. lA^ltACA, 

s. f. a flame, Judg. xx. 
38 — Joel ii. 5.— Ps. xxix. 7. 

Lai-aiH' ^lúcíse, a flash of 

lA]*Ari)u]l,-rhlA, adj. flaming, Ps. 

civ. 4. — Is. iv. 5. inflammable. 
Li^X'^x),-'A.\x), pi. id. s. m. anger, 

passion, a flame, a flash. 
La]-4vt)ca, ind. adj. passionate, 

fiery, flaming. 
Í.A|*ívt)CAC&,-&A, s. f. a habit of 

LAfAftÓA, ind. adj. flaming, Ps. 

cv. 32. 2 Thess. i. 8. 
LAfb,-<3A, pi. id. s.m. a lading, 

Acts xxi. 3. a ballast. 
LatC), inf. Ia]-&a6, v. a. lade, 

load, ballast. 
La|*5,-5a6, v.a. whip, lash. 
L^y^\x]x)e, see LA5f*iili?e. 

L e n 



^<'^r<'3r^I5^5"Ó5-^j s. f. a small 

Jlame or blaze, a short Jit of 

La|-ca, ind. p.p. hurned, lighted. 

Lev. xiii. 28. 
LiicAc, g. livcAi^e, s.f. dirt, slime, 

mire, Ps. xviii. 42. — Ex. ii. 2. 

puddle, mud. 
LacAift, s.f. presence, I Cor. vii. 

26. 1 Tim. iv. 8. a company. 

Generally used adverbially, as, 

?i l<\CAl|t, Do UcAJft. 

2-AC<\fi,-Aifi, s. m. strength, vi- 
gour, an assembly, a place of 

Le, prep. wzYA, by. Matt. ii. 16. 
He, id. 

l.é<\b, g. l&ib, pi. id. s.m. apiece, 
a fragment. 

Le^bA, g. le^bcA, pi. leApcACA, 
&, le<^p<^c^^, s.f. a bed, Lev. 
XV. 4 — Am. iii. 12. Mark 
ii. 12.— 2 Sam. xvii. 28. 
LcApA, id. 

LeAbAri,-ATri, pi. id. s.m. a book, 
2 Kings xxii. 8. — 2 Kings 
xxii. 11. Heb. X. 7. — Acts 
xix. 19. a couch, com. Lat. 
Liber. Fr. Livre. 

LeAbA]ií\r),-íii]n, pi. id. s. m. a 
little book, Rev. x. 2. & 8. 

Le<3kbAft uitnA|5e, s.m. a prajjer 
book, C.P. 

LeAbó3,-ói3ft,-ój5<x, s.f. a piece, a 
fragment, a tatter. 

LeAbuió,-óe, pi. id. s.f, a bed, 2 
Kings iv. 10. Heb. xiii. 4. 
Lec^pujó, id. I 

X-e^c, g. lejce, pi. Icaca, s.f. a j 
tile, a stone, Ezek. iv. 1. — 
Matt, xxvii. 60. a flag or flat 
stone, a tombstone. I 

Le<xc<x, g. leACAD, pi. le]cne, &, 
leACA]neACA, s. f. a cheek, 
see 1 Kings xxii. 24. 
LeACAC,-Ai5e, adj. flaggy, full of 
flat stones. 

LeAc&v\, g. id. pi. -bulge, s.m. a 
heap of stones, a sepulchre, 
Jos. vii. 26. — pi. Matt, xxiii. 
29. í.eAc&,-t)A, pi. id. s.m. id. 

LeAc-oi6ite, s.f. ice, a flake of 
ice, Ps. cxlvii. 17. see Lcac. 

LcAccA, ind. p.p. flat, flattened, 
Lev. xxi. 18. flagged. 

?-eAbA||i,-)ac, v.a. tear, rend, man- 
gle. Oss. 

LeAbivD IfofbA, -iiit) IfoybA, s.m. 
burdock, Arctium lappa. 

l-eAbAjtAÓ, g. id. &, -bAficA, s.m. 
destruction, Ezek. ix. 1. 

LeAbA|irA, ind. p.p. torn, man- 
gled, hacked. 

LeAb|iAÓ,-t>AitCA, s.m. a cutting, 
a mangling, a hackling. 

LeAbui5,-u5AÓ, v.a. beetle^ dis- 

LeA3,-5AÓ, v.a. lay, destroy, pull 
doivn, 2 Kings iv. 29. large 
Edn. 1827— Jer. xviii. 7. Matt, 
xxvi. 61. 2 Cor. x. 4. throw 

LeA5,-5A&, v.a. melt, Ps. xlvi. 
6.— Ezek. xxii. 20. 2 Pet. iii. 
10. dissolve, fuse, smelt. 

LeA5AD,-5CA, pi. id. s.m. a fall, 
a casting down, 1 Cor. x. 12 — 
2 Chron. xxv. 8, Ezek. xxvi. 

LeA5Ab,-5CA, s.m. a melting, a 
solution, a liquefaction, a 

i.eA5Abó|fi,-órtA,-ó|jt|6e, s, m. a 
inciter, a refiner, a smelter, a 

LéA5ívib,-be,-oí, s.f. an oblation, 
an offering. 

LeAjcA, ind. p.p. fallen, thrown 

LeA5CA, ind. p.p. molten, Ex. 
xxxiv. 17. Deut. ix. 12. melted, 
dissolved, smelted. 

LeA5ciitjAC,-Ai5,-A|5e, s. m. a 
pining or decliyiing child. 

L e ^ 



LeA3róipeAC&, 1 Tim. iv. 13. see. 
Lei5ceónieAC&. i 

í.eArT7, Matt. XV. 32. see L]om. j 
LeAtb, comp. leiri^e, adj. foolish, \ 
Prov. ix. 13. tasteless, silly, 
insipid, importunate, " Si mens 
non Icev-di. fuisset," Virg. 
LeArbAó,-A]6,s.m,7««/"cA mallows, 

LeArbA&Arj-Áir^ s.ra. folly, want 

of taste, importunity. 
i.é<vrb<Nr),-<\if;, pi. id. s.m. an elm 
tree, the wood of the elm, see 
L^i.n)Ar),-A]r), pi. id. s. m. a moth, 
Ps. xxxix. 11. Is. 1. 9.— pi. 
Job xiii. 28. a night moth. 
Le<\rn6<vt)Ac&,-t5A, s. f. fool-har- 
Le<Mt)i:aAtt,-piiAirte, adj. tepid. 
í-eAn}5A||te, g. id. s. m. a deceit- 
ful or mocking smile. 
LeAnjUcb, -&0., s.m. milk hot from 

the cow. 
LeArbr)ACD,-bA, s.m. siceet milk. 
This word seems to be a 
softened pronunciation of 
LeArbUxcfc», q.v. 
iLeAri)T)íxifte, g. id. a foolish or 
culpable shame, coyness, bash- 
l-e6iWr)'A}\\eAC,-\t]-^e, adj. coi/, 

LeAt), inf. leAr)ii)u^T), v. a. pursue, 
follow, observe, Ps. xxxiv. 14. 
Matt. viii. 22.— Mark v. 37. 
Acts xvi. 21. 
LéAtiA, g. id. pi. -rjA|6e, & -i)CA, 
s.m. a meadow or swampy 
ground. Gen. xli. 18. — see 
Zeph. ii. 14. 
LeAr)b, g. leipb, pi. id. lejiiib, &, 
leApb*, s.m. a child. Gen. xxi. 
8.— Gen. xlii. 22. Matt. ii. 
20.— Mark x. 13. Rom. ix. 11. 
Jer. xli. 16. 
2 F 

LeAt)bat),-:\|y, pi, id. &, -ívha, 
s.m. a little child. Matt, xviii. 
4. — pi. Matt, xviii. 3. a fa- 
vourite or spoiled child. 

LeAr)bui6e, ind. adj. childish, 
1 Cor. xiii. 11. innocent. 

LeAnbii]5eAc&,-&A, s.f. childhood^ 
Eccl. xi. 10. 

LeAt;ri)A|r),-rbAtM, s.f. a follow- 
ing., — g. 1 Cor. xi. ]. Eph. 
V. 1. 

í-eAnrbur)CAc,-cui5,-ciii5e, s.m. a 
follower. C.P. 

Le<\i),-r)A,-t;rA, s. m. see L^oo- 

LeAT;;xn,-iv|i), pi. id. s. m. & f. a 
concubine, Judg, xix. 2 — 
pi. 2 Sam. XX. 3. 

LeAilivpAcbj-bA, s. f. whoredom. 

LeA^;\n rÍ5e,-C\ii) i-íjCjpl. id. s.m, 
or f. a faniiliar spirit, 1 Sara, 
xxviii. 7. — pi. Lev. XX. 6. 
1 Sam. xxviii. 9. 

l.eA^ói|i,-ójtA,-ói|i|t>e, s. m. a 
brewer, iv. leAf;. 

LcAp, g. lilt» s.ra. the sea, the 
surface of the sea, also, need, 
necessity, want, see Judg. 
xix. 17. 

LeA]!, comp. lé|pe, adj. clear, 
ecident, plain, conspicuous. 

LéAji, ind. adj. used only adver- 
bially, much, a great deal, 
" Uo 1-A05AI 30 l^Ajt, tJie 
whole world^'' see Lé]fi. 

LéAitf Aic,-pAic|-in, v.a. discern, 
— inf. 1 Kings iii. 1 1 . 

LeAft5, g. Ie||i5, s.m. a plain, 
also, a beaten road or path- 

LéAtiloíf3,-loi-5AÓ, v a. consume, 
Job i. 16. 

LéAnv3ail,-^l<x, pi. id. s. f. a 

Le<\r, g- leAfA, s. m. a good, 
a profit, a benefit,— g. 1 Cor. 
xi. 17. 

LO ^ 



Z-eAf, g. le||-e, pi. IcAf*, s.f. 
the thigh. "Ub<\l im leipe, 
the knuckle of the thigh bone 
or hip^'' see i-e]f. 

l-eA]-, see i-eu}*. 

Z-éArAC,-Ai3e, s.f. blains, a col- 
lection of blains, Ex. ix. 10. 

í-eAf Aiurr),-<M)rr)A,-A0ti7Ai)<N, s.m. a 

Z-eA|*ACA1It,-ACA|t, pi. -Ajcrte, &, 

-AiciteAGA, s.m. a stepfather. 

LeA|*GlA^, s.f. step children, see 

LeArbeA|tb|iivcA])i, s.m. « ííe/?- 
brothcr, for declension, see 

i-eArbeiftbpujt, s.f. a stepsister, 
for declension, see Deiiibfiuit. 

LeAfiDSCAt), s.f, a step daughter, 
see ) 056 AT). 

LeAyii)Ac,-ri7ic, pi. id. &, -íí^aca, 
a step son. 

í-eA]-rt)ívrAip, s.f. a stepmother, 
for declension, see 20?*cai|i. 

LeArn<vc,-|iAi3, pi. -11 <X 156, -11 A, 
&, -fteACA, s.m. the loins, 
1 Kings xviii. 46. — Matt. iii. 
4. — see Is. xxxii. 11. 

LeAfu5<\6,-ruT5te, pi. id. s. m. 
amends, repayment, a repair^ 
ing, a dressing. Lev. v. 16. 

Job xli. 11 Is. iviii. 12. 

Acts ix. 43. improvement, a 
tanning, manure. 

í-eAi'u|5,-uJA6, v.a. repair, per- 
fect, Neh. iii. 12. & 13 

1 Thess. iii. 10. improve, cor- 
rect, rectify, manure, dress. 

2.eAfui5ce, ind. p. p. improved, 
corrected, repaired, manured, 

í-eA}'ui5ceó||t,-ó|tA,-óf|tiÓe, s.m. a 
repairer, an improver, a cor- 
recter, a mender, a dresser. 

i-eAc, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. le, 
&, cii,) with thee, Gen. xiii. 9. 
& passim. 

i.eAc, g. leice, pi, leAceAtJA, s.f. 
a half, 1 Kings iii- 15. ISich. 
iii. 9. a moiety, a part, a 
side. LeAc a|-ci5, inside; U 
leic, to the charge of, Deut. 
xxi. 8. '^iit leic, apart ; Ta 
lejc, severally; LeAC |xe, 
beside. In compound words, 
LeAC, sometimes answers to 
the English termination, ward, 
as, LcAc viAii, westward, 
Deut. iii. 27. LeAC ceAf, 
southward , Ex. xxvi. 18. LeAC 
cuA]ó, northward, Ex. xl. 
22. LeAC fo|fi, eastward, 
2 Kings xiii. 17. It sometimes 
signifies, one, as, "^^i leAc- 
51111), on the one knee, Dunl. 
LeAc-fiiil, one-eye, Dunl. 

LeACAc-bHióe,-Ai5e-buióe, s. f. 
common lady''s mantle, Alche- 
milla vulgaris, also, the weed, 
commonly called, sea ribband. 

LeoiCAbAc,-Ai5e, adj. large, wide, 
extended, C.P. 

LeACAH, comp. leict)e, adj. broad, 
Neh. iii. 8. Job xi. 9. 

LeACAr)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a page 
of a book. Dunl. 

— g. 2 Kings i. 8. Acts ix. 43. 
TeAii leAfAisce leACAifi, a 
tanner. Acts x. 6. 

LeAcbliAbAin,-6r)A, s. f. a half- 

LeAcbitu]cce, ind. p. p. par- 

LeAC-cjiui^e, g. id. a hemi- 

LeAclA.rb,-livirne, s.f. other hand, 
one hand, Neh. iv. 17. — Neh. 
iv. 17. 

LeAcrbAiib, adj. no comp. half 
dead, Luke x. 30. 

LeAc-liM5e, g. id. s.f. a leaning, 
a reclining, a half stretching, 

I é^ 


le ] 

LeAcrbívfT^rA, pi. id. s.m. a but- 
tock. ?-eAcrT}<^]•A, g. id. pi. 
-Al8e, s.m. id. 

?-eAct}u5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 

spreading, Job xxxvi. 29 Is. 

i. 15. 

LeAci7ui5,-u3<^^j v.a. spread, con- 
tin ve. Gen. xxxiii. 19. — Ps. 
Ixxii. 17. Is. Iviii. 5. widen, 

LeAcoujTjce, ind, p. p. spread, 
widened, extended, flattened. 

?.eAcó3,-ói;5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a Jisli, 
called, plaice ,- LeAÍ;Ó5 b<vn, </ 
io/e; LeAcó5 &eA|i5, a floun- 
der; l.eAC05 pfofi uir5e, afluhe; 
LeAcÓ5 tr)ui|te, a large species 
of turhot, called, talbot. 

LeAcpi5ín,-t)e,-neACA, s.f. a half- 

l.eAcput}c,-CA, s.m. half a pound, 
eight ounces. 

LeACfXAC,-At5e, adj. leathern, 
made of leather. 

l.eArtiAÍ)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. partial, 
Mai. ii. 9. 

LeAC|ió]0,-&e, pi. -&f, &, -beACA, 
s f. a ball. Is. 22. 18. LfAC- 
|iói&, id. 

LeAcfúileAc, adj. no comp. one- 

Lé|5, inf. lei5eAÓ, &, leu5cói- 

[ iieAcb, \. a,, read. Is. xxix. 11. 

I & 12.— Luke iv. 16. Col. iv. 

\.Q. Rev. V. 4. Lat. Leg-o. 

Lé)5,-5ioi), v.a let, suffer, put 

j away. Gen. xxiv. 14-. Matt. iii. 

I 15. — Gen. xxiv. 11. leave, de- 

j sist, allow, permit. 

\ Lcise, pi. -5Í, s.f. a league, 

\ three miles. Barb. 

i Léi5eAC,-5i5e, adj. medical. 
í-&i5eAC0,-&v\, s. f. iJie practice 

of medicine. 
Léi5eA6,-5ce, pi. id. s.m. a read- 
ing, — g. Acts xiii. 15. a pe- 

L&i5eAii,-5Tn, pi. id. s, m. a let- 
ling, a setting, a permitting. 

?-éi5eA0CA, a.á]. proflcient, learn- 

í-éi5eA|-,-5ir, pi- id. s.m. a cure, 
a healing, Jer. xxxiii. 6. Luke 
xiii. 32. — Luke vi. 17. Acts 
iv. 30. a salve or medicine, 
L&i3ior, id. 

LeAC-CAob,-cAOibe,-cAobA, s. f. 
oyie side, also, a flitch. ^ 
\e^izo.o]\i, aside, askance, side- 
ways, 2 Kings iv. 4. 

LeAC-conjAlcA, ind. p. p. half- 

LeAccjiornj-cftuim, pi. id. s. m. 
affliction, oppression. Gen. 
xxxi. 42. 1 Thess. iv. 6. — Ps. 
Ixxiv. 21. pregnancy, a bur- 
den, a grievance. 

LcAccjiornAOj-ATJe, adj. oppres^ 
sive, grievous, burdensome, 
pregnant, poor. Dunl. 

LeAcuAiTi,-uATpe, s.f. (t half hour, 
— g. Rev. viii. 1. 

j Lé]5eA|*AC,-Ai5e, adj. healing, 
I sanative, medicinal. 
:Léi5eAr lAr5CA,-3irlAr3CA, 
j s.m. a clyster, see l-éflA|"5CA. 
1 Léi5eArcA, ind. p. p. cured, 
i healed. 

Lei5eói|i,-óftA,-óitti6e, s. m. a 

founder, a refiner. 
\ ^é 1510^,-510, pi. id. s.m. a lesson, 
! instruction, erudition. TeAft 
léi5iój fi lecturer ; 2Dac l^l3in, 
I a student. 

1 Léi5iO|*, s. m. Jer. xxxiii. 6. see 
' L&i5eAr. 

I.éi5ce, ind. p.p. read, perused. 

Lél51]-, inf. léi5eAr, v.a. Jieal, 
I cure, Ps. vi. 2. & Ix. 2. Luke 
' iv. 2.3.— Luke ix. 1. 

Léi5ceóT^,-5fiA,-óiiti6e, s. m. a 
I reader. 

í.éi5ceóifieAC&,-&A, s.f. a reading, 
2 Cor iii. 14. 1 Tim. iv. 13. 

í-e J 


Le J 

Léirn, inf. id. &, léin)t)i5, v. n. 
leap, Acts xiv. 10. — Gen. xxxi. 
10. 2 Sam. \'i. 16. Acts iii. 8. 
L&|n7T)eAc, is also a vernac, inf. 
of this verb. 

i_éirn,-rt}e,-n)eA0ík5 s.f. a leap, a 
jump, a spring, a start. 

i-e^rbe, g. id. s.f. folly. Gen. 
xxxiv. 7. 2 Sam. xiii. 12. 
simpUcity, fr. leArb, foolish. 

Lé]rneA&óifi,-6(tA,-ó)|ti6e, s. m. a 
leaper,one tcho leaps. Léitr)eó|ft, 
&, L&]rt9T|ie, id. 

L&iroi5ce, ind. p.p. leaped. 

Lé^rooeACj-p^je, adj. leapiny, de- 

hhyrte, g. id. pi. léioceACA, s.f. a 
shirt, any linen garment. 

í-éii)ce65,-5i5e,-Ó5<\, s. f. a Utile 
shirt or shift. 

l.é]\i]ieAc'A\),-ss.]V, pi. id. s. m. a 
pigmy, a sprite. 

i-éiit, an obs. adj. used adver- 
bially, as, 50 \'e]\i, altoge- 

Léi|trbeA|*, inf. id, v.a. estimate, 
balance, weigh, fr. leift, per- 
ception, sight, &, njeA]*. see 

'L'e]-\íyc\x]ox, inf. id. v.a. destroy, 
(utterly J Deut. xiii. 15. 1 
Sam. XV. 3, — 1 Kings xx. 42. 
for the obs. adj. léfp, &, 

í.éirtrcriíor,-Ttir> &, -niorcA, pi. 

id. s.m. desolation, — g. Mark 
xiii. 14. fitter destruction. 

^émrsi^ior, id. 

í.éiiifctxío|-cA, ind. p.p. utterly 
destroyed, ravaged, despoiled. 

Leif, ind. adj. uncovered, ex- 
posed. Gen. i. 9. Is. xlvii. 3. 
This adjective always qualifies 
a verb (generally Í-éi5, ^^ ^" 
the examples quoted above or 
Civ), and therefore has no 
change of termination. Civ &o 

oftoice^t) lejf, thy sliin is ex- 
Leir, adv. also. Matt. xv. 3. Mark 

i. 38. 
Leij-, prep, by, with, to, Matt. 

ii. 15. 
'Le\x,-ye,-xQ-^^)^, s.f. a hip, Judg. 

XV. 8. 
Léirs» g' l^irS^j s.f. slot] fulness, 
Phil. iii. 1. — Eccl. X. 18. 
laziness. Gr. asc?;/»;, «//e talk. 
Léir5eAri)Vil,-ri7l<N, adj. slothful, 
Rom. xii. 11. Heb. vi. 12. 
languid, lazy, sluggish, inac- 
tive. 'Léii-jeAC, id. 
Lei]'5eóni,-5|t<v,-óitt|óe, s.m. rtw 

Le]r3evl,-éil, s. m. — g. Rom, ii. 

15. see Leicr5éAl. 
Leic, the dat. case of Le<xc, q.v. 
t^ifi 5 AC leic, on every sidej 
OAb A le^c, draiv near ; 
yoyx) A le^c, y>-om that time to 
Léice, comp. of L^ac, q. v. 
Lh\te, g. id. s.f. greyness,mouldi- 
ness ; also, the rot, a disease in 
LeiceAi?,-cib,pl. id. s.m. breadth, 

Eph. iii. 18. Rev. xxi. 16. 
LeiceA&Ac,-&Ai5e, adj. broad, 

jjroud, arrogant. O'G. 

Leic]&,-&e, s. f. the like, equal, 

such, Rev, xvi. 18. rt compeer. 

LeiC)tr)iol,-rnil, pi. id. s. m. the 

utmost part, Num. xxii. 41. 

see Acts i. 8. a border, a coast. 

LeiC]n7eAl, id. 

Leicin)iolAC,-Ai5e, adj. outward, 

2 Cor. iv. 16. bordering. 
Leicitt,-c|te, s. f. 1 Cor. v. 9 — 

Rom. vii. 6. see 'L-\z\\\. 
Leic||t 6eAlYi5ce, s. f. a bill of 
divorcement, Mark x. 4. see 
Liciit, &, Sc|iibii) 8eAlv|5ce. 
Leici)e, g. id. s, f. breadth, Zech. 
ii, 2.-2 Chron. iii, 4. 




l.eic|ie<Ncv|',-vi|-, s.m. separation, 
— g. Lev. XV. 25. pariiality^ 
tinjiist dealitnj. 
LeiC|te<\DeAC,-6i5e, adj. partial, 

one-sided, fdcliovs. 
Leicr5&Al,-éil, pi. id. -evU, &, 

-evlcA, s.m. an excuse, a cloke, 

Rom. i. 20. 1 Thess. ii. 5. — 

Rom. ii. 15. 
Leic|'3éAUc,-Ai5e, adj. excusing, 

prone to excuse, excusatory. 
Leo, cpd, pers. pron. p].(fr. le, &, 

T<\ó,) with them, Matt. v. 10. 
Leoi|t5niorT},-rbA, pi. id. &, -njAtt- | 

cA, s. ra. retribution, satisfac- \ 

LeorbAt),-Air), pi. id. s. m. a lion. 

Gen. xlix. 9. Rev. v. 5, — Gen. 

xlix. 9. Rev. xiii. 2. — 1 Kings 

vii. 29. Gr. Aswy, Lat. Leo, 

Leon, id. Gen. xlix. 9. see 

large Edn. 1827. 
LeorhATjCA, ind. adj. lion-like, 

2 Sam. xxiii. 20. J Chron. xi. 

22. LeopcA, id. see 2 Sam. 

xxiii. 20. large Edn. 1827. 
Leót), inf. leóoAÓ, v. a. sprain, 

xvound, affiict. 
LeóoAÓ, g. leóDCA, pi. id. s. m. a 

spraining, a wound. 
LeóDcA, ind, p. p. sprained, 

wounded, afflicted. 
Leóft, see Loft. 
LeflArs^A, g. id. s. m. a. clyster, 

fr. obs. s. léii*, a bladder, &, 

lAf5CA, laden. 
Lei, g. lejce, s. f. a half, see 

LevbAibe, g. id. pi. -bi5e, s.m. a 

silly worthless person. M'N. 
LeYbAi&eAÓ,-í))5e, adj. silly, 

Levt), g. left), pi. id. s, m. woe, 

LeY|i5vr,-vir, s.m. sight. 
LevfH'5itv&,-&A6, v. a. examine 

closely, investigate- 

Lev]", g. léir, &, leoif, pi. id. s.m. 

a bright spot, Lev. xiii. 2. 
Lev]-, g. \é)y, &, leoij-, s.m. a ray 
of light, a glimjjse of light, 
com, Gr. Asjtr-ffw. 
Lev|*AC,-Ai5e, adj. emitting rays 
of light, flashing ; also, blis- 
tered, spotted, marked. 

L]A, ind. adj. in the comp. degree, 
more, Dent, xx, 1. Matt, xxi.36. 

LjAC, g. IfACA, pi. id, s.f. a spoon, 
Num. vii. 14, & 20.— pi Ex. 
XXV. 29, Num, vii, 86. a ladle. 

LiAcb|ti3T&e, s, f, broad-leaved 
pound-weed, Potamogaton na- 

L^AC lo5Aft,-Ai|i, s,m. yellow wa- 
ter-lily, Nymphoea lutea. 

LíA6bó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f, a floun- 

L1A5, a stone, see LeAC. 

LiA5^r),-^in, pi. id. s. m, a small 
stone, a hand stone. 

L1A13, g. leA3A, pi. id. s.m. a phy- 
sician, Jer. viii. 22. Col, iv. 
14.— Luke V. 31,— Gen, 1. 2, 

L^AC, comp. l&]ce, adj. grey, 
mouldy, hoary. Gen. xliv. 29. 
Jos. ix. 5. Job. xxxviii, 29. — 
Deut. xxxii. 25. 

L^Ac, inf. 1]aca6, v. a, & n, make 
grey, groiv grey. 

LjACAÓ, g. IfAicce, s.m. a growing 
grey or moiddy, a making grey 
or mouldy, a grey tinge. 

LiAcaT),-^!!)} pl. id. s.m. common 
marigold. Chrysanthemum se- 

LiAcbívt},-bív]t)e, adj, pale. 

LiAcbvibe, ind, adj. tawny. 

Li<\C5otin7,-5vntiDe, adj. azure, 
cerulean, pale blue. 

LiArlvr,-lvfr, &, lofA, s.m. mng- 
wort, Artemisia vulgaris. 

LiAcÓ3,-ó]3e,-ó3A, s. f, a gilse, a 
greyling, a trout of the salmon 

L) N 



L]b, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. le, &, 

lb,) tviih or hy you. Matt. 

xxvii. 21. 
LlbibeACj-bije, adj. dirty, slo- 

venly, awkward, foolisJt. 
Lfjjg, lí5e, pi. Ij5ce, s.f. a colour, 

a complexion or air of the face. 

" D']0rDpAi5eAbA]x A Usee 

^x), the colours of his counte- 
nance tvere changed^ 
L]5, inf. Ii5e, v. a. lick, 1 Kings 

xviii. 38. lap, Judg. vii. 6. 
i-lje, g, id. s.f. a licking, a lap- 
L]5e, g. id. s. f. a tomb, a monu- 
ment, a grave. D. MacF. 
Li5ce,ind. p.p. licked, lambent. 
\-]^ze, g. id. s.m. gruel, stirabout. 
L)5ceAcíVT75-ívii), pi. id. s. ra, a 

stirabout stick. 
L|le, g. id. pi. Ijlióe. s. f. a lily. 

Cant. ii. 1. — 1 Kings vii. 19. 

— Luke xii. 27. Lat. Lili-um. 
'Lin, g. id. s. m. Jlax, linen, Ex. 

ix. 31. — Lev. vi. 10. Jos. ii. 

6. Lat. Lin-um. Gr. A/Vov. see 

i-fne, g. id. pi. Ifocise, s.f. a line. 

Is. xxviii. 10. 
Í-Ínevt)<\c,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. linen 

clothes, linen cloth, Ex. xxv. 

4. Matt, xxvii. 59. Luke xxiv, 

12. — Mark xiv, 52. John 

XX. 7. 
L]i)5, inf. lIn5e<^fe, v. a. & n. Jiy, 

press, leap, 1 Sam. xv. 19. 

Luke v. L — Ps. xxix, Q.Jiing, 

í-inseAÓ, g. \]X)S\te, s.m. a flying 

off, a leaping, a skipping, a 

bounding, a flinging. 
1-11)15,-56^6, v. a. delineate, draw, 

Lít)i5ceói|i,-ó|i<N,-ói|t|óe, s. m. a 

delineator, a designer. 
X.\X), cpd. pers. pron. (fr. le, &, lO,) 

with or to us. Matt. xii. 38. j 

tyx), g.liue, pl.lipcf, &, liOceACA, 
s. f. a pool, a pond, a lake, a 
strait, the entrance to a gulph. 

LjO, g. Iple, pi. Ij^ct, s. f. a time, 
Luke i. 5. an age, a period, 
a generation, a race, an off- 

í-lf)ceAc,-ci5, s.m. ponds, a col- 
lectio7i of ponds. Is. xix. 10. 

LinftAÓA|tc,-|iAÓAiftc, s. m. co7n' 
man eyehright, Euphrasia offi- 

L]ob,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a lip. Lat. 

?-fobA5Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. afloat- 
ing weed. 

LlobA|t,-<x|fi, pi. id. s.m. a hang- 
ing lip, also, a slovenly person. 

í-lobAitt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. slovenly, 

L^obAfbA, ind. adj. slovenly, un- 
tidy, awkward. 

í-]obAfbAcb,-!DA, s.f. slovenliness, 
untidiness, awkwardness. 

í-jobói&e<\c,-0|5e, adj. slow, lin- 

2-1ob]aAc,-A]5e, adj. thick lipped, 

l.1ocó|iAi)-,-fe, s. f. liquorice. 

L^obivT), see L]occaio- 

i-io&At) At) vcAifte, s. m. teazel, 
Dipsacus fullonum. 

L]o-^'^x),-ix\x), pi. id. s.m. a trowel, 
also, a file. L|oit><\r), id. 

Liom, cpd. pers. pron. (fr. le, &, 
me,) with me. 

i.]oiT), inf. IjorbAO, V. a. furbish, 
— inf. Ezek. xxi. 11. smooth, 
polish, sharpen, whet, file. 

L^omAOj-riicA, pi. id, s.m. a fur- 
bishing, Ezek. xxi. 9. & 10. a 
smoothing, a polishing, a ivhet- 
ting, a sharpening, a filing. 

Lpit)Abóitt,-óit<\,-óif\i6e, s- m. a 
furbisher, a polisher. 

Liomoi&,-be,-Df, s. f. a lemon, an 



I 1 U 

Z-Iorbcoi, ind. p.p. furbished, po- 

lishedJeT. xlvi. 4. Dan. x. 6. 

burnished, sharpened, whetted. 
Ljoo, g-. Iít7, pi. id. s.m. a portion, 

a number, rate, Ex. xvi. 4. 

Mark v. 16. 
i-iot), g. IfT), s.m. Ex. ix. 31. large 

Edn. 1827. Prov. xxxi. 13. 

see Lft). 
I- jot), g. \]\), pi. IfoTjcA, s.m. a ^^/n, 

a 72ei, Is. viii. 14. — Matt. iv. 18. 

— Eccl. vii. 26. Is. xix. 8. 
2-iot), inf. IfonAé, v. a. Jill, Gen. 

xliv. 1. — Gen. xlii. 25. satiate. 

com. Gr. A/ai', much. 
i.joo^6, g. Ifonc^N, pi. id. s. m. a 

filling, a fulness, a replenishing, 
Lior)rn<xp,-rbAine, adj. abundant, 

Rom. XV. 29.-2 Cor. vii. 15. 

& xi. 23. plentiful, numerous. 
1.]or)xx)Y]]xe, g. id. s. f. a plenty, 

Gen. xli. 31. an abundance. 
I.íor)rnv|iteAC&,-&A, s. f. fulness, 

plenteousness, Kom. xi. 12. — 

Prov, xxi. 5. Matt, xxvii, 13. 

Ljor) t)<\ m-bAO TI565 f(íi>"y-fl(^^í 

purging-fiax, Linum cathar- 

Lio5, g. leAt3<x, pi. lio^cd, s.m. ale, 

strong beer. LeAÚ, id. also, a 

humour in the body, any liquor. 

i-1oijc<v ^n cv^fip, the humours 

of the bcdy. 
'L]ox)h''XX},-''>.]\^, s.m. a tract of un- 
cultivated land ; also, the name 

of a. village in the County 

í-loi3&vb,-bvib, pi. id. s.m. melan- 
choly, gloomy fits, hypochon- 
dria. LeAp&vb, id. 
i-1oi3tivAÓ,-|ivAi6, s. m- choler. 
í-íoi)obc>.ift,-oibfie,-oibfieACA, s. f. 

wreathen work, 2 Kings xxv. 

17. network. 
?,ior)oibft]5e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 

wreath-maker, or net maker. 

LioDft<\6,-Ai&, pi. id. s.m. a net, 
network, a web, i Kings vii. 
17. Is. lix. 5. 

?-iot>cA, ind. ^.^. filled, sated, sa- 

i-1opA|ab,-ATtifc), pi. id. s. m. a leo- 
pard, Is. xi. 6. — pi. Hab. i. 8. 

?-lor, g. le<Nr<^j pi- id. s. f. a fort, 
a house, a habitation. 

?-ior&A, adj. slow, lingering, te- 

í-ío]'bAcfe,-bA, s. f. importunity, 
— g. Luke xi. 8. tediousncss. 

L]0|-cíviI,-ívIa, s. f. an enlisting. 

Í-Íoc,-ca6, v. n. be dismayed, see 
2 Chron. xx. 17. — Jer. viii. 9. 

i-1occAit),-Air)e, s. f. the Litany, 
L|obixt),-^in, s.m. id. 

Lfoc|ióib,-be, pi. -bf, &, -beACA, 
s. f. ÍÍ rolling thing, a ball. Is. 
xvii. 13. see LeAC|tó|b. 

i-irne, g. id. pi. -nibe, s.m. or f. 
a handful of fiax, vern. Sl|foe. 

i-TciornA]|te, g. id. pi. -jtiSe, s. m. 
or f. a dissembler, a cajoler. 

i-^ciopOA, ind. adj. literal, also, 

Lldfi, g. lirfte, &, lic^texxc, pi. 
llc|ie<xcA, s.f. a letter, 2 Cor. 
vii. 8.— Ezra iv. 7. & 11.— 
2 Chron. xxx. 1. Lat. Liter-a. 

Lic|xeAc,-pti5e, adj. epistolary. 

L-irb<x]t>, g. id. pi. -b^ióe, s.m. a 
sluggard, vern. Lxh, g. lrjt>, 
s.m. id. 

^K5» g- ^^I3e> pl. id. s. m. a cry, 
a shout, i-ivri), id. 

Livj, inf. id. v. n. cry out, shout. 

'L\y-^^-\\ie , g. id. pl. -|xióe, s.m. or 
f. a cajoler, iv. obs. s. i-^vj, a 
sneaking look or gait, & ^e<^|t. 

?.TV5<\i|te<\cb,-bA, s.f. cajolery. 

Liy5vi15-5yI, v. a. lament, bewail, 
see John xi. 35. 

LiY|t,-]iA6, V. di.flog, beat. 



í- J 

l-lv|teAC,-rii5e, adj. puckered, 

Lob, inf. lobAÓ, v.a. & n. rot, Joel, 
i. 17. — Num. V. 21. Lobe, 
-bcAÓjid. become putrid, putrify. 
Lob^b, g. lobc<N, s. m. rottenness, 
Prov. xii. 4. a festering, putre- 
Lob^&vr,-v]]', s.rn. rottenness, pU' 


LóbAfx, g- lóbATíi, pi. id. s.ra. a 

leper, Matt. viii. 2. — Lev. 

xiv. 2. Matt. xxvi. 6.— Matt. 

xi. 5. fr. lob, &, peAji. 

LóbjtAÓ, Matt. viii. 3. see Lúb|tA. 

LóbcA, ind. p.p, corrupted, Jas. 

V. 2. rotten, putrid. 
"Loc, g- locA, pi. id. s.m. a ^aAe, a 
pool, Luke V. 1. John v. 2. 
Lat. Lac-US. 
Loc, inf. loc<x6, v.a. hinder, re- 
fuse, balk, stop. 
LocaI i-nocv\i]t,-<vil rnocAift, s.m. 
brook liniCt Veronica becca- 
'Lóc'^X), g- \ói'(s.\x), s.m. chaff, Ps. i. 
4. Is. xvii. 13. also, seii-^;-rtS6'. 
LocinT), g. locivin, pi. id. s.m. a 
pool, 1 Kings xxii. 38. 2 Sam. 
iv. 12. — Ps. Ixxxiv. 6. rt little 
pool, a puddle, dim. of Loc. 
LocAjt,-A|ti, pi. id. s.m. a plane, 

dat- pi. loc|i<v]b. Is. xliv. 13. 
LocAíin7^t),-ívin, pi. id. s.m. a 

pigmy, a dwarf. 
LocC), g. loces^, pi. id. s. f. a 
fault, an accusation, Ex. v. 
16.— 1 Pet. iii. 16— Gen. xli. 
9. a crime, a flaw, a blemish. 
Loc&cvc,-Ai5e, adj. faulty^ crimi- 
nal, having flaws. 
Loc&<\i5,-bu5A6, V. a. reprove, 
condemn,— inf. Eph. v. 11. 
Titus ii. 8. censure, blame, 
LocbAi5ce, ind. p. p. censured, 
blamed, reproved, injured- 

Locí5o>i5ceóiii,-óítA,-óipjóe, s. m. 

a blamer, a censurer. 
Locbv5AÓ,-ui5ce, s.m. a blaming, 

a censuring. 
Locloi)AG,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 

Dane, perhaps fr. lod, a sea, &, 

loi), powerful. 
LocjiAib, dat. pi. of Locaji, q.v. 
Loc^AÍ),-Aii), pi. id. &, -ATÍ<\, a 

light, a candle, a lamp. Gen. i. 

16. — Rev. xxii. 5. — Ex. xxxix. 

37. Luke xii. 35. a torch. 
Loc|i<\i)Ac,-A|5e, SiayfiU of lamps 

or torches, lucid. 
LoccA, g. id. pi. -<xióe, s.m. a 

loft, see LocA. 
LocuTj-ce, g. id. pi. -c|5, &, -ci, 

s.m. a locust. Lev. xi. 22. — pi. 

Ex. X. 13. Matt. iii. 4. 
LociMi-ce ceAtjAÍj, the bald locust, 

Ex. xi. 22. see Lócui]-ce. 
"Lotj, g. lo]», pi. id. s.ra. a load, 

a freight, a bulk. 
Lóoívil,-í^U, pi. id. s.f. a loading, 

a cargo. 
Ló&íi|l, inf. id. v.a. load. 
Lo&ívn,-ívit), pi. id. s.m. a thin 

puddle, a little pool. 
L05, g. liH5, " hollow, a pit, a 

pool, Gen. xxxii. 25. Jer. xli. 

9.— Is. xxii. 9. & li. 1. a dyke 

of water. 
\.or^'i)^\),-'ik-\X), pi. id. s.m. a side or 

part of a country, also, a 

small pit or hole, the hollow of 

the hand. 
L056A, g. id. pi. Io5bokióe, s. m. 

an allowance or e.vempiion, 

an indulgence. Lo5<vC),-a|6, 

pi. id. s.m. id. Dunl. 
Ló5tTjA|i,-Anie, adj. excellent, 

famous, bright, valuable, fr. the 

obs. s. IÓ5, renown. 
Ló5mA|iAÓb,-&A, s. f. staielines'^; 

excellence, graiuleur. 
Loil5eAC,-5ibe,-5PACA, s. f. a 

milch cow, — pi. milk kinc. 

L 0] 


L at) 

see 1 Sam. vi. 7. see LA05- 

Lo]rt)6|05bík]I,-ívlA, s.f. bare po- 
verty, want. 
Loime, g. id. s.f. see LuftT^e. 
Loin)i*5fiiof,-fc<x, pi. id. s. m. 

ruin, destruction. 
Lo|n?i*5|tior5 inf. id. v.a. eradi- 
cate, ruin, ransack. 
l.O]U.7;eAf,-5ir, s. m. a navy, 

1 Kings ix. 27. 'L\x-\x)T^\ox,-]x,\A. 
Loii)5e<\|'AC,-Ai5e, Sia]. abounding 

in ships. 
Loin3reAÓ,-n5,-ri5e, s. m. a 

mariner. K. 
Loinsreoitij-ofiA, pi. -ói|t]3, &, 

oiftioe, s. m, a ship man, a 

pilot, — pi. 1 Kings ix. 27. 

Ezek. xxvii. 8. 
'i-oit>5r!3)-1ii5<^^> V. n. sail, set 

Loit))&,-be,-&i, s.f. a churn dash. 
Lo|T)eAtt)ii|l,-tT)U, adj. elegant, 

pleasant, neat, cheerful. 
LojoeAytOA, ind, adj. glistering, 

glorious, bright, 1 Chron. xxix. 

2. Ps. Ixxvi'. 4. 
Lo]óeA|tó<\c&,-í5A, s.f. see Lof5- 

Lo)5ttt,-ijfteAC,-^fteAc<v, s. f. a 

shining, Hab. iii. 11. bright- 
2-oioiteAc,-tti5e, adj. Job xxxix. 

23. Ezek. xxvii. 19. see 

Lo|0fteAÓ,-Tiu^5ce, pl. id. s.m. a 

shining, Is. iv. 5. a brightness. 

'Lor)\\{s, g. id. s.m. id. 
í-5iít5r)íorb,-tt)A, pl. id. &, -rbA|ic<x, 

s. m. a;^ atonement^ Numb. 

XV, 28.— Numb. xv. 28. a 

satisfaction, amends. 
Loii*ct)eAc,-r)f5e, adj. burning. 

Lev. xiii. 23. 
Loirs» inf. lofSAÓ, V. a. burn, 

Ezek. V. 4. — Ex. xxx. 20. 

Luke i. 9. 

2 G 

Loirje, ind. p. p. Gen. xxii. 6. 

Ex. x. 25. see 2.oif5ce. 
Loif5eAc,-5i5e, adj. burning. Is. 

Ixv. 5. C]o6 loifS^^^c-j having 

the breast seared, hence an 

Amazon. K. 
^o]xs\or),-\r),-'\or)^, s. m. a frog, 

— pl. Ex. viii. 4 & 6. 
Loirsiteívrjj-ívir), s.m. corw burnt 

off the ear instead of being 

threshed, ^pivp \o]x-^\\e''X-\xj, 

bread made of oatmeal, the 

oats of which had been 

Loirs^e, ind. p. p. burnt, Jer. 

li. 25. scorched, parched. 
Lójfcít), g. id. pl. -z\x)e, s.m. a 

lodging, a tabernacle, a tent. 

Gen. xxiv. 23. — Gen. xxiv. 

25. Numb. iii. 7 Deut. xi. 6. 

LóifbíD, id. 
LoifcioeAc, -1)15,-0156, s. m. a 

loic, inf. loc, V. a. wound, 2 

Sam. xxii. 39. — 1 Cor. viii. 12. 

Loic, g. loice, pl. locA &, lo|c- 

CAtjA, s. f. ii plague, Lev. 

xiii. 3. — Lev. xiv. 04.. a wound, 

an ulcer. 
Loici5ce, ind. p. p. wounded, 

LotT?, comp. lu.]n)e, adj. shaven, 

bare, 1 Cor. xi. 6. & xv. 37. 
Lorr?, inf. lonjAó, v. a. shear, — 

inf. Gen. xxxi. 19. lag bare, 

Lon^Ab, g. lonjcA, s.m. baldness, 

Deut. xiv. 1. nakedness, a 

shearing, a stripping, a deso- 
lation. l~otr)^6 CAO]i\c, sheep 

LotT7Abónt,-óttA,-ói|t|óe, s. m. a 

shearer, a plunderer. 
l.orr)Aiit, inf. lomAf|;c, v.a. shear, 

fleece, strip. 
Lon)A||tC5-cA, s.f. a shearing, — g. 




2 Kings X. 14. Acts viii. 52. a 
peeliitg, a shaving. 
Lon)Aificeóip,-6ttA,-6ittit)e, s. m. 

a shearer, a barber. 
Lornivt)AC5-Ai5,-Ai5e, s.m. a bald 

man, fr. lom, &, rn^Dc^c, q.v. 
LotDAftj-Aift, pL id. &, -*pA, s.m. 

« jieece. 
LortjATtcA, ind. p.p. shorn, shaven, 

bald, bare, Jieeced. 
LotDcorAÓj-Aise, adj. barefoot, Is. 

XX. 2. & 4. fr. lom, &, cor. 
Lon7r)oc&, ind. adj. naked, see Is. 

XX. 4. Gen. ii, 25. Acts xix. 

16. bare. 
i_omt)occ>,-&<\, s. f. nakedness. 
LotT)r)oc&AÓ,-&vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. 

nakedjiess, Gen. ix. 23. — Rev. 

iii. 18. 
Lornnoc&vije, ind. part. adj. 

naked, Jas. ii. 15. Rev. xvi. 

15. stripped. 
Lott)t)ocbv|5e,g. id. s.f. naledness, 

Ex. XX. 26. Rom. viii. 35.— 

Rev. iii. 18. 
Lort)ot, g. id. pi. loiDojée, s. m. a 

shorn sheep, fr. lorn, & the obs. 

s. A0Ó, or, Of, a sheep. 
Lott}pAfAc,-<M5e, adj. niggardly, 

sparing ; fr. the s. Xonj-p^yy, 

-ye, niggardliness. 
Lorr)|iAÓ,-]iAi6, pi. id. s.m. a jieece, 

Judg. vi. 37. — Deut. xviii. 4. 

a fleecing. 
LotD|ivi5,-ttA6, v.a. see Lon^Atii. 
LorncA, ind. p. p. stripped, peeled, 

bared, shorn. 
LóD, g. lójr), s. m. provision, vic- 
tuals, food. Gen. xlii. 25. Jos. 

ix. 11. — Gen. xliv. 25. Ca- 

pv^ll loin, baggage horses. 
Lot), inf. lótjAb, V. a. supply with 

provisions, particularly for a 

journey. M'N. 
Lot), g. loit), pi. id. s. m. a black- 
bird, an ouzle. Lot)bvb, id, 
Lor)3, inf. lot)5AÓ, v.a. destroy, de- 
vour, eat. 

Lon^, g. Ivmse, pi. lon^^A, s. f. a 
ship, Jonah i. 3. — Prov. xxx. 

19. Acts xxvii. 10 Numb. 

xxiv. 24. — Jas. iii. 4. 

l-on5A, g. id. pi. -Ajoe, s.f. a ling. 
Lota molva. 

LónjAÓj-AiD, pi. id. s.m. a meal, 
fr. lor), & 5Ab. 

Lor)5poftc,-pYi|tr, pi. id. s. m. a 
palace, a fort, a garrison, a 
camp, a tent, a harbour ; fr. 
lor)5, ^5 pope. 

Lóó, see Lot). 

Loi)ttAC,-Ai5e, adj. glittering, 
bright, goodly, Deut. xxxii. 
41. Job xxxvii. 21. James ii. 
2. shÍ7iÍ7ig, burnished. 

Loi)|iA8, g. id. &, -A^o, pi. lot)riAi6, 
s. m. a light, Rev. xxi. 11. a 
gleaming, a sparkling, a shin- 

'Lox)]iY]-^,-Y-^i.h, V. n. shine, Ex. 
xxxiv. 30. 2 Kings iii. 22. — Job. 
xxxvii. 15. Ps. xxxi. 16. gleam, 
grow bright. 

Lop, adj. no comp. sufficient, 
eiiaiigh, 2 Cor. xii. 9. 5o lop, 
adv. sufficiently. 

LópbACt),-&A, s. f. a sufficiency, 
C. P. 

Lop3, g. Iv]p3, pi. id. s.m. a step, 
a way, 1 Pet. ii. 21.— 2 Pet, 
ii. 15. a track, a footstep, a 
trace, example ; also, a pro- 
geny or offspring, " U^p lop5 
i)A xeAr), In imitation of the 
ancients,^'' " Sevn Ajvf lop5 
ope," May you be blessed witJi 
prosperity and offspring." 

Lop5, inf. id. &, -5Ab, v. a. seek 
out, enquire, trace, search, see 
Deut. xiii. 14. 

^op5A, g.lopsAi), pi. lojpsne, s.f. 
a stalk, see Jos. ii. 6. see 

Lop5Aip, inf. lop5AfpeAcb, v. a. 
search^ pursue, John vii. 52. — 

L 11 ^ 


1 Sam, xxiv. 14. Luke ii. 48. 

fr. Ions, q-7- 

i_op5Ai|te, g. id. pi. -pioe, s. m. a 

pursuer, — pi. Josh. ii. 22. a 

Loft5AineAct),-&A, s.f. an enquiry, 

Deut. xii. 30. 1 Pet. i. 10. a 

search, a pursuit. 

sluggard. Pro v. x. 26, 
í.ópcftvAi5e, g. id. s.f. compassion, 

— g. Heb. V. 2. 
^ofAfe, g. loi^&e, pi. lo|f&(, s.f. a 

trough, see Ex. xii. 34. Lo^Ai) 

^Y^nce, a kneading trough. 
í-orcAÓ, g. loi]-cce, pi. id. s.m, a 

burning, Ex. xxi. 25. — Ex. xxi 

25. Is. iv. 4 — see Is. xxxiii. 

14. '* Lvcb loifcce, incendia- 
ries.'" Dunl. 
Í-0]-ca6 5<N0ice, s. m. a blasting, 

Amos iv. 9. see LorcAO. 
Lo|*ca6 fVAjl, s.m. the gravel, the 

strangury , see Lotcad. 
Loc, g. lojc, pi. id. &, locA.s.m. a 

wound, a hurt^ a bruise, see 

2-ocA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a loft, 

1 Kings xvii. 19. Acts xx. 9. 

LVAC, g. lvA15, ^' IVACA, pi. 

IvACA, s. m. a price. Acts iv. 
34. & xix. 19.— Job xxviii. 13 
& 15. value, worth, wages, 
"LvAC ]-AOCA]fi," a reward. 
5-vACAi|t,-c|iA, S.f. a rM5^, rushes. 
Job viii. 11. Is. ix. 14. — see 

Is. XXXV. 7. "SlfAb IvACtlA." 

í.vACfT)Ait,-Aipe, adj. valuable, ex- 

?-vACftAc,-Ai5e, adj. abounding in 

.vAovij,-cv5At», V, a. rew 


hire, 2 Sam. 

21.— Neh. 

LvAbATCio, g. id. pk -I) joe, s. m. 
the little Jinger . 

LvAb|iA6,-Aió,-Aice, s. m. a re- 
port, fame, renown. 

LvA&iiAi6,-faAÓ, V. a. report, eX' 
pose by talk. 

LYA5A]|a,-|ie, s. f. gladness. Is. 
xvi. 10. see LvAC5<vifte. 

i-YAjO, inf. Iya6, v. a. mention, 
tell, enumerate. 

LYAióeAco,-bA, pi. id. s. m. or f. 
a reward, a recompense, a 
prize. Matt, v. 46. 1 Cor. ix. 
18.— Phil.iii. 14.— Rev.xi. 18. 

LYAibfxeAiJYjoe, g. id. pi. id, s. m. 
a vagabond, 

i-YAi5«, §• ^^' ^•'^ lead, a plummet. 
Num. xxxi. 22. — Is. xxviii. 
17. Acts xxvii. 28, Z-YAioe, id. 

i-YAijce, 1 Cor, vi. 7. comp. of 
Lyac, q. V. 

l.YAimAifteAcb,-OA, s. f. volu- 
bility, particularly of speech. 

LYAimneA<',-ni5e, adj. ii:avingy 
ranging. Lev. vii. 34. Prov. 
xxviii. 15. flying, volatile, rest- 
less, fickle, frisking, skipping, 
panting. Cpoibe IvAimneAC, 
a panting heart, Ps. xxxviii. 10. 
" ?Cn c-eYt) lYAinjrjeAc, the 
flying bird." 
i-YAimneAcbj-bA, s. f. volubility, 
restlessriess, fickleness, a habit 
of frisking or skipjnng. 
^YA]n)t)]-^,-\)]YT^<>.6, Si, -ne^Acb, 
V. a. wave, Lev. viii. 27. 
ty^]n)V]-^ie, ind. p. p. loaved^ 

I moved. Lev. viii. 27. 

I i-YAineACj-mje, adj. volatile, 

j fickle, unsteady, changeable, 

I flitting, always in motion, (as 

I water.) 

I Lyaic, g. Iyac.v, s. f. ashes, Num. 

i xix. 9, — Ex. xxvii. 3. Lev. 

\ i. 16. 
LYAiéb?AftcAC,-Ai5e, adj. hasly. 

, Dunl. 



I U b 

go tOy Gen. xxxviii. 16. see 

LvAiC|teAÓ,-íii6, s. m. dust, ashes, 
Ex. ix. 9. Heb. ix. 13— Job 
X. 9. Luke X. 11. Lv<vicfteA- 
iT)ívr),-ívit), s.m. id. 

í.vAicfteAmvil,-rnlA, adj. dust?/, 
covered tvith ashes. 

LvArnAiite, g. id. pi. -]t]ée, s.m. a 
navigator, a pilot, an astro- 

í.vAmAineAcb,-bA, s. f. activity, 
volubility of tongue, 

LvAt), g. IvAin, s. m. the moon, 
Lat. Luna. DfA Ivaiu, Monday. 
see OjA. 

LvAf, g. IvAir» s. m. swiftness, 
" Le IvAf A cof, &?/ /i?'s swift- 
ness of foot,"" " Oa IvAj', 05 
swiftly as possible." 

l.VA|-CAÓ,-CAl6, &, -CCA, pi. id. 

s. m. a rocking, a moving, a 

LYAf^,-5AD, V. a. rock, sxmng, 

iLvAr5AC,-A]5e, adj. moving, rock- 

LYA|-5at),-ivir), pi. id. s.m. a swing, 
a cradle. 

LvAr5ivr)AC,-A]5e, adj. ujisteady, 
rocking, swinging. 

LvAr5i^nAcC),-bA, s. f. unsteadi- 
ness, the act of continued rock- 
ing or swinging. 

LvArs^ pi. id. s.m. one 
who swings or rocks, a r nicer. 

LvAfsrA, ind. p.p. tossed, rocked. 

LvAc, comp. IvAice, adj. quick, 
speedy, swift, Deut. ix. 16. 
Ezravi. 13. Job xxiv. 18. — John 
XX. 4. Eph. iv. 28. active, nim- 
ble. CAOfjA, sooner, is used as 
an irregular comp. of L vac, see 
Matt. i. 18. 

LvACAj-j-Aii*, S.m. speed, swiftness. 

LvAccAit)ceAc,-ci5e, adj. talka- 
tive, quick-spoken. \ 

LvAC5ante, g. id. s. f. gladness, 
joy, Luke xxiii. 8. a shout oj 
triumph. Is. ix. 3. fr. I vac, &, 

LvAC5ivifteAc,-tti3e, adj. glad, 
joyful, Ps. V. 11. 

LvAclarbAC,-A|5e, adj. dexterous, 
nimble-fngcred, covetous. 

LvAclamAcb,-bA, s. f. dexterity, 
jugglery, legerdtmain. 

LvAcmAifieAc&,-&A, s. f. activity, 

LvAcitA|i,-Ai[fte, adj. active, nim- 
ble, swift. 

LvAc|tArbíxo,-íviT), s.m. dust, ashes. 

LvACV5A6,-v]5ce, s. m. a hasten- 
ing, an accelerating. 

Lvacvi5,-v5a6, v.n. haste, 1 Sam. 
XX. 38. hurry, — v. a. accelerate. 

Lvb, g. lv|be, pi. IvbA, s.f. a loop, 
— pi. Ex. xxvi. 4. & 5. a plait, 
a fold, a staple, also, craft, 

Lvb, inf. IvbAé, V. a. bend, Ps. 
vii. 12. stoop, incline, turn, 
twist, warp. 

LvbAC,-A]5e, adj. folding, bend- 
ing, crafty, deceitful, subtle. 

LíibAÓ, g. lúbAi5ce, s. m. a bend- 
ing, a ivinding, submission. 

LúbAiite, g. id. pi. -ni6e, s. m. a 
crafty fellow, a cringer. 

LúbíM), g. lubi^io, pi. id. s. m. a 
lamb, Ex. xxix. 39. Num. vii. 
27. — Is. xi. 6. — ISum. xxviii. 
27. LvAJivt), id. The modern 
vernac. meaning of Lúbí^jj, is, 
a fatted lamb or kid. 

l.úbívn,-ain, pi. id. s. m. abow, a 
little bend or loop, dim. of Lub. 

LvbA|i,-ATTij s. m. — g. Lev. xiii. 
44. see LobAft. 

Lvb50ftc,-50)|ic, pi. id. s.m. a gar- 
den, a yard, — g. Esther, i. 5. 
— pi. 1 Sam. viii. 14. 

LúbftA, g. id. s. m. or f. leprosy, 

L U 5 



Lev. xiii. 8. & xiv. 44. Lev. 

xiii. 2. & xiv. 3. & 32. 
LúbíiAC,-Ai5e, adj. leprous^ Ex. 

iv. 6. i 

LubcA, ind. p. p. bent, made 

crooked. I 

Lvc, g. Ivice, pi. IvoA, s. f. a 

mouse, Lev. xi. 29. — Is. Ixvi. 

17. — 1 Sam. vi. 18. vern. pi. 

LvcAji). *' Ci^rnvib i-c^iiorcA ^3 | 

tjA IvcAio, zi^-e ar^ ruined by the 

LvcAiite, g. id. pi. -jtioe, s. m. or f. 

a mouser. 
Lvci), g. id. &, IvcbA, a coll. s. ra. 

a people, folk. Acts xvi. 15. 

2 Tim. iii.' 3. 
Lvcb, g. IvcoA, pi. id. s.m. a bur- 
den, a load, a freight, a cargo. 
Lvc&rbA|i,-v\Tit^j sdj. full, loaded. 
Lvcfev5A6,-&vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 

loading, a freighting. 
LYCbvi5,-bv5<vó,Y.a. load, freight, 

LYc&v|5ce, ind. p. p. loaded, 

freighted, burdened, laden. 
Lvc ^|i<M)CAC,s.f. arai. Lvc -petit, 

a shrew, a field mouse, see 

Lvcó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a young 

IvbAift, inf. IvbAiiic, V. a. & n. 

wallow in the mire, grovel, be- 
smear with mire. 
LúbAtt,-Ai|t, pi. id. s. m. a fawn- 
ing, flattery. 
LvbAp,-<xf)i, pi. id. s.m. a slovenly 

LY0AriAc,-Ai5e, adj. slovenly, 

sluggish, grovelling. 
i-vb<vfiAc&,-t«x, s. f. slovenliness, 

?-ú5<\, less. Matt. v. 19. comp. of 

beATj, q, V. 
LY5Abó5,-ói5e,-63A, s. f. the little 

finger. Lú,&ítj, g. id. pi. -t>]6e, Í 

id. Í 

?.v3<xbv5A6,-Y|5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
diminishing, a lessening. 

LY5AbYi7;,-r5A6, v. a. diminish, 

l-Y5A&Yi3re, ind. p.p. lessened, di- 

LY5A&Yi5ceóitt,-óftA,-6itii6e, s.m. 
an abater, a diminisher. 

LvjAibe, less, a second form of 
the comp. of beA5, 2. Cor. 
xii. 15. 

LY3t)Ar,-rA, August. Lív, \y±,x)í>.xa, 
Lammas day, the first of Au- 

LY|b,-be,-beAi3A, s.f. a corner, an 
angular turning, a creek, a little 

LYjb, g. lYibe, pi. id. &, lYibeAiJA, 
s. f. an herb, grass. Gen. i. II. 
& 12.— Jas. i. 10. — Prov. xxvii. 
25. Rom. xiv. 2. 

LYtbeAc,-bi3e, adj. grassy, full 
of herbs. 

LYibeoUibj g, id. pi. id. s. m. a 

Í.YibjueACb,-bA, s. f. crafliness, 

?-Y|br)eAc,-t)]3,-i)t3e, s. m. a heap 
of weeds. 

LY^bne, g. id. pi. -fti3e, s. m. a 
coat of mail, harness. 

LY|bfti3,-iY3A6, V. a. put on ar- 
mour, harness, dress, accoutre. 

i-Y|b,-be, s.f. a rag, also, a trull 
or slut. 

Iyí6, inf. lYjoe, v. n. lie, lean, 
2 Kings iv. 34. Job. xxix. 19. 
— Cant. viii. 5. see ^y)^. 

LYjoe, g. id. s.m, the act of lying 
or reclining, a position, a set- 
ting, fas of the sun.) i-Yi3e, id. 

í-YibeAc,-b]3e, adj. ragged, slo- 

LYíDeAcívr),-<vit), pi. id. s.m. Judg. 
xs'i. 9. see LYí5eACícn. 

Lví6eAcívt),-ívii), pi. id. s. m. a 
Her ifi wait, — pi. Judg. xx- 38. 




í-'í^íj, inf. Iuí5e,v.n. lie, fall on, 

Gen. xxxix. 7 2 Sam. xi. 11. 

Acts XX. 37. "Luise Arce^c 
Aifi, encroach on," as a subst. 
an encroachment. Dunl. 

?-uí5eACíin,-ívin» pi. id. s.m. a 
/v//«<7 z« wait, an ambush. 
Acts xxiii. 21. — Acts XX. 3.— 
Jer li. 12. a snare. 

Iuí5eí^n,-ívii), pi. id. s.m. a nave, 
a centre. 

Lufjce, ind. p^p. laid. 

Luinje, g. id. s.f. bareness, bald- 
ness, poverty, fr. lorn, q.v. 

l.uimneAd,-ni5, the County or 
CeVy o/" Limerick. 

l.u|r)56iiireAD,-rce, pi. id. s.m. 
a shipwreck, 2 Gor. xi. 25. 

LuiJ551o|-, see Loii)5eA|*. 

Liiii)5|-eópoict),-&A, s.f. a sailing, 
a course. Acts xxvii. 9. — Acts 
xxi. 7. 

i_u]n|-Al|;e, g. id. pi. -itl6e, s.m. 
a ijcatcJiman, also, a foolish 
silly idler, who goes prating 
from Jiouse to house. 

LuifieAC,-iai5, &,-li15e,pl.-tteAéA, 
s.m. or f. a coat of mail, a 
habergeon, harness, a breast- 
plate, 1 Sam. xvii. 5. — Ex. 
xxxix. 23. 2 Chron. xviii. 33. — 
Rev. ix. 9. & 17. Lat. Loric-a. 

I.u||t5i)e, John xix. 31. nom. pi. 
of LiiitjA, q.v. 

Lui|t75r)eAÓ,-r)i5e, adj. long leg- 

Lui]-,-j-e,-reAÍJA, s.f. the qnicken 
tree, the ninth letter of the 
modern Irish Alphabet. 

Lu)f5]o5, Ps. Ixxviii. 45. see 

iú|i-&e, g. id. pi. -&|óe, s.m. a 
sluggard, a clown. 

Luirin, g. id. pl. -npe, s.m. a 
little herb, dim of Lny. 

Lui]"r)e, g, id. pl. -x)e&c^, s.f. a 
flame ^ a blaze, a blush. 

Luftj, Rom. iv. 12. see l-o\i-^. 
LupTjA, g. lufijAT), pl. Iii)|t5n?, 

s.f. a leg, — pl. John xix. 31. 

& 32. a shin, a stalky a 

shauk. ^iHt5<x céACCAj a 

plough tail. 
Lu|t5íin,-íviij, pl. id. s.m. a spade 

tree, the handle of a pitchfork. 

Lay, g. luir, &, lorA, pl. lor*, 

s. m. an herb, a leek, — 

pl. Num. xi. 5. small Edn. 

1830. a plant, a weed, a 

flower. Com. Lat. F-los. 
Luc '^'^'^ b<\lU, s.m. pellitory of 

the ivall, Parietaria officinalis. 
Luf AO ColtÍ7A]i), s.m. Columbine^ 

iuf buióe be^lceioe, s.m. marsh 

marigold, Caltha palustris. 
Luf AH c-pAoi, s. m. fennel, 

Anethum fceniculum. 
Luf 5An ACAi|t 5An rbACAip, duck 

meat, Lemna minor, 
i-iii" ADÓoifie, coriander, Corian- 

drum sativum. 
Lii|* Co\n\n) C|lle, s.m, 5/. John^s 

wort, Hypericum. 
LufcuAC,-Aice,-ACA, s.f. a cater- 
pillar. l.ut-cY|oeÓ3,-ói5e,-Ó5A, 

s.f. id. 
Lu|* 5A|ib, s. m. goose grass, 

cleavers, Galium aparine. 
Lu|- leAC An c-rArbnAió, s.m. gilly 

flower, Cheiranthus. 
Lur IjAC, s.m. common lavender, 

Lavendula angustifolia. 
Lu|-rnu|rte, s.m. marigold, Caltha 

Luf mjc becAi5, s. m. belong, 

Luf vo\c C\\\xx)\K), s.m. cummin, 

Luf rbjc rÍAonAil, s.m. chase the 

Devil, Fuga dcemonum. 
Luf n)\c jii;^ bpeACCuin, s.m. irild 

thyme, Thymus lespyllum. 

L U S 



7 . ^ s. m. mouse ear. 

Cur mitje, f . ATI 

J ' , ' > scorpion grass, my- 
Lur m,oU, j ^^^4 scorpioides. 

Luf moft, s.ra, great white mul- j 

/e/?, Verbascum thapsus. 1 

Luf mofi bi^imoi), s.m. purple fox 

glove, lady^s glove, see 2De*\ji- 

ACiVO T)A rn-bAt) riS^' 
Luy r)A m-b|ieile55, s. m. bear 

u-hortle berries, Uva ursi. 
Luf T)A ccnArb, s.m. samphire, 

Crithmum maritimum. 
"Lux T)A ccoArb b|tirce, s.ra. cow- 

7720« comfrey, Symphylum offi- , 

cinalis. I 

"Lwy tjA ccnApivn, s.m. great Jig- j 

?£-o?i, Scrophularia nodosa. 
Lu]* t)A T)-eicfieÓ3, s. m. cloud 
berryshrub, Rubus ehamoemoris. 
Lur HA ^eA|ir)Ai5e, s. m. sundew, 

Lur t)<v b-pecÓ5, s.m. black tansy, 

Tanacetum nigrum, O'H. 
Lu]* T)A poU, s. m. shepherd's 

purse, Thiapsi bursa pastori. I 
Lur n* T:pftAr)CAC, s.m. common 

tansy, Tanacetum vulgare. i 
Luf T)A 50itm óeAft^, s.m. black- 
berry plant, Myrtillus vaccinium. 
Luf i)A \)-o\b6e, s. m. night 

shade, Solanum, or Atropa 

Luj* r)A Iaoj, s. m. orpine, or 

golden saxifrage, Crasula, or 

Luf t)A Iaoc, s.m. rosewort, Ros 

Lur DA. Uac, s. m. eyebright, 

Lui* i)A n)-bAD nse, s. m. yb:r 

glove, Digitalis purpurea et , 

alba. I 

Lur 0* meAU, s.m. honey suckle, 

Luf HA miol xr)ó\\, common mal- 
low, Malva sylvestris. 

Lur T}A pinSine, s. m. marsh 
pennywort, Asplenium. 

Lur ^'^ X^^V-i s. m. clown^s all 
heal, Strachys palustre, or 
Panax coloni. 

Lur HA rioccAOA, s.m. loose strife, 

Lur fA Spline, pellitory of 
Spain, Pyretrum. 

Lur ^^ rc<>'ló5, s.m. berry-bear- 
ing heath. 

Lur r)A. b-cfii tD-bAlUr), valerian, 

Lur y>o\\)c, s.m. piony, Poeonia. 

LurriA, g. id. pi. -Aibe, s m. an 
herb, see Lur- 

LurriA T)A seifte bojftnise, s.m. 
bear whortle berries, Uva 

LurriA i?A rco|i, s.m. see Luf oa 


Lú cAifte, g. id. pi. -|t)óe, s.m. 

a flatterer. 
LvrcAp,-Aiit, pi. id. s.m. flattery, 

a fawning. 
LurcjtAi5,-|tu5A6, V. a. flatter, 

fawn. LurcAHi,-A|t, v. a. id. 
Luc, see Luac. 
Luc, g. lucA, s. m. strength, 

power, activity. 
Luc5iviti, s.f. Deut. xii. 8. see 

Luc5^1fteAc,-|i]5e, adj. Ex. iv. 

14. see LuAcja^jteAC. 
LuctT7Ap,-Ai|ie, adj. see Luac- 


LuCrbAftACbj-bA, S. f. LuACtT)Al|t- 


213 '^ C 



2^, (tt)u]i), the vine,) the tenth 

letter of the modern Irish 

2J3' (for tt)o,) my, used before 

words beginning with a vowel 

or an aspirated consonant, as 

rt)'<Nt)<Mt}, my sonl ; tt)'fre*|t, my 

2Civ, conj. if Gen. xxxi, 8. 

John XV, 18. 
2t)<vbó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s.f. a pet^ a 

term of endearment. 
2t3AC, g. xr)]C, &, meic, pi. id. 

&, rDACA, s.m. rt sow, Gen, iv. 

25. Matt, i, 21,— Lev, xii. 6. 

Matt. X. 35,— Gen, vi. 2. 

Heb, xii, 8. 2t)AC le<\bA]fi, a 

copy of a book. 
2D<xc, see 2J)ív3. 
2©ACAitte, g. id. pi, -|ii8e, s.m. 

a field,— g. Gen. iii. 14. Matt, 

vi. 28.— pi, Jos. xxi. 12. 1 

Sam. xxii. 7. a plain, a field 

of battle, the pi. is also spelled 

njACAfiiio, &, rDACAfpij, 
2Dac-<vIU, g. id. s.m. an echo. 
2DacaII-piaóaid, -A]ll-|:iAÓA]n, 

s, m, common avens, bennet, 

Geum urbanum. 
2C<\c<kll-Ht]'5e, -^111-1111*56, s. m. 

water avens, Geum rivale. 
2Cacívi7,-íxti}, pi. id. s.m. a boy, 

a youthful hero. 

2Í)acívdca, ind. adj. meeh, hon- 
ourable, Numb, xii, 3. Acts 
xiii. 50. gentle, modest, de- 
cent. In Munster this word 
signifies honest, literally c/iiW- 

2t)AciincAcb,-&A, s. f. meekness, 
Zeph. ii. 3. modesty. In 
Munster it signifies honesty. 

2t3Acívnc<xr,-<xirí s. m. kindness, 
meekness, 2 Cor. vi, 6. & x. 1. 

2J3Acivoii7,-oirT), pi. id. &, -ort)A, 
s.m. a child, Luke ii. 40. a 
young man. 2^Acivorp njija, a 
young lady. 

2J3<\c léi3it), g. m|c léi5in, pi. id, 
s.m. a scholar, a student. 

2^AcpAf,-Aij-, pi. id. s.m. sport, 
lasciviousness, Is. Ivii. 4. Gal. 
v. 19. 

2l3AcnAf<kd,-Ai5e, adj, wanton, 
effeminate, 1 Tim. v. 11. see 
I Cor. vi, 9, sportive. 

2i)<\ctiAf,-A]f, s.m, play, sport, 
festivity. O.G. 

2J3ACfiArAc,-Ai5e, adj. sportive, 

2CACj*Arbuil,-rhU, pi, id. s.m. an 
equal, see Gal. i. 14. an equi- 
valent, a fellow, a match, fr. 

TtJAC, &, |*ArT)U]l. 

2©Acc,-c<xó, V. a. slaughter, 
butcher. Lat, Mact-o. 

2^ ?i 5 



2í^\c cí]xe, g. id, s.m. a wolf, Is. 
xi. 6. John X. 12. The pi. in 
the sacred \o\. is cofo Allc<^, 
Hab, i. 8. &, mA&pui;^ aHca, 
Acts XX. 29. see Cú aIIca, &, 
2CAb|i<\ó aUca. 

2CAcct)<\i3,-nAtb, v.n.& a. Z/Í rtsio- 
nished, — inf. Is. Hi. 14. delibe- 
rate, chide, consider of. 

2D<NÓ, conj. see 213a. *í3a&, is a 
contraction of &ic m-bAO, «/"«Y 
we/'e, 3 sing. perf. subj. of 
the assertive verb jy. 

2Ca&a6,-aid, pi. id. s.m. a dog. 
This is the vernac. form of 
2t3A&|x<v6, q.v. 2C<\&a6 |aíu\ó, a 

2C<x6<\r)CA, ind. adj. coy, also, 
valiant, dexterous in the use 
of arms. 

21)v\&Att,-Ai|t, s. m. the plant 
called madder, Rubea tinc- 

2t)<xóii7, see 2í)AiórT}. 

20A6rt)AÍ<i, nom. pi. of Z^aioh?, 

^tJixotni-eictje, g. id. s.f. a rup- 
ture, see SDAjDn?. 

213AÓmui3,-u5AÓ, V. a. chase, 
Jos. xi. 8. overthrow. 

S^A&ftAÓ, -TtATÓ, pi. -nui3, &, 
-ttuiSe, s.m. a dog, Ex. xi. 7. 
2 Pet. ii. 22 — Deut. xxiii. 18. 
Ps. xxii. 20.— Luke xvi. 21. 
Rev. xxii, 15. a mastiff. 

2t3<xbftAt) aUca, s. m. a wolf, 
—pi. Acts XX. 29. see Matt, 
vii. 15. for declension, see 


S^AbfiAÓ |tÚAt), s.m. a fox, see 


2DAt)ftAÓ HT|*5e, s.m. an otter. 
2ÍA0|iArblAc&,-&A, s. f, doggish- 

2t3A&|tArbiiil,-tr)U, adj, doggish, 

2C^3> o- "7^0^, &, n)'A5A, pi. 
2 H 

n)ii5A, s.m. a field., Gen, xxiii. 
11. — Gen. xxvii. 27. Ps. Ixxx, 
13. Dan. iv. 15. a jilain, a 
field of battle. 

2^a5,-5a6, v. a. mock, — inf. Gen, 
xxi. 9. & XXX ix. 14. scoff, de- 
ride. The imperative in use 
is DéAt} TDA5AÓ. 

2Ca5aó,-aiÓ, &, -u;6, pi. id. s. m. 
a mocking. Numb, xxii. 29. 
Judg, xvi, 10, — Gen. xix. 14. 
Job xvii, 6. a .scoffing, a 

2t3o.3Ai6e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a 
scorner, Prov, xxi, 24<. a 
scoffer, a mocker. 

2l5A5Att,-A]p, pi. id, s.m, a fish 
fry, a bait to fish with, 

^^AScuAnir, an adverbial expres- 
sion, round about. 

iC^lcne, g. id, pi. -nf, s. f. 
children, a clan, a tribe, rela- 

20^1^)6, g. id. pi. -&i6e, &, -beAÓA, 
s.m, wood, a staff, a stick, 
Lev, xiv, 49 & 5L — Deut. 
X. 1.— Ex, XXV, 13, & 15. 
Ezek. xxxvii. 20. 

2CA1&0 bftii'be, s.m. a bent or 
broken stick used for a tongs, 
see Cirr^cipe ceA5lA]5, see 

StjAi&e Cfioire, s.m, a crutch. 

2t)Aibe x\)]\\x, sm. liquorice. 

2CAibe ri>|u|^Ai6, s.m. the tiller 
or stick that moves the rudder, 
more properly, S^Aibe 5A]ttr)Ar;. 
see 3AftmA. 

2t3Aibe roioiÍ7A, s.m. a distaff, 

2CAibit),-br)e,-bni, s, f. the 
morning, John xviii. 28. — 
Matt, xxvii. 1. Jas. v. 7. Lat. 
Mane, Fr, Matin. 

2^Ai6rt7, g. n}A6rT7A, pi. r^AOn^A^A, 
S.m. or f. a defeat, a breach. 

ÍV) U 1 



a sally ^ a flight ; lrT}eAcc i)<v 
n)A6rt)<v, a retreat from battle; 
2^<vióit) T*léibe, a sudden erup- 
tion of waters out of a 

2t)<\i5,-5e,-5eAcA, s.f. an affected 
attitude of the head, with a 
proud gait. 

2C<M5&e<xt),-bii)e,-&eAi)A, s. f. a 
dawiseU a virgin, a maiden. 
Gen. xxiv. 14. Matt. i. 23. 
— Joel i. 8 — 1 Sam. ix. 
11. Ps. xlv. 14. 2^Ai5&ior), 

2C<xi5&eAi) rbAjtA, s.f. a mermaid, 
for decl, see 2l)<\]5&eAr). 

2©Ai5be<\r)ur,-iMrj s. m. virgin- 
ity, — g. Ezek. xxiii, 3. & 8. 
Luke ii. 36. 213Ai5b]Oi3uf,-ui|*, 
s.m. id. 

2l3Ai3eArbuil,-tt)lA, adj. jeering, 
scoffing, derisive, affectedly 

a master, Acts xxvii. 11. — 
Gen. xxiv. 10. Is. i. 3.— Col. 
iii. 22. Lat. M agister. 

2^A]5ir&iieAco,-&<\, s.f. mastery, 
assumption of authority. 

2^<v|5if&t^eATr)uil,-rt)lA, adj. magis- 
terial, authoritative, domin- 

2^AI51]"b]ieAf,-btieAfA, pi. id. s.f. 
a mistress, 2 Kings v. 3. — Ps. 
cxxiii. 2. 

2©Ai5ir^lM5)-n^^cb, v.a. master, 
domineer. O.G. 

2Cíilléib,-be,-bí, s.f. a bag, a 
wallet, a knapsack, a mallet. 

2í3<xilít}, g. id. pi. -ni&e, s. m. 
a little bag, dim. of S^ívIa. 
q. V. 

2^^llíf,-í*e, s.f. malice, wicked- 
ness, naughtiness, Rom. i. 
29.— Matt. xxii. 18. Jas. i. 

2t3<xilí|*eAÓ,-|-i5e, adj. malicious. 

20Aillb[iiActiAC5-Ai5e, adj. slow 

of speech. 
2t3<NiUe, prep, with, along with, 

passim. 2í3A]lle ]ie. id. 
2Dix]lli5,-le<\6, v.a. wave, Lev. 

ix. 21. 
2l)AillcTi1Al^lAC,-Ai5e, adj. travel- 
ling slowly, tedious. 
2i)AinciUe, g. id. pi. -lióe, s.m. 

a sleeve, a glove, a gauntlet, 

fr. the obs. s. n^ivio» « hand, 

&, CAil, guard. Corm. 
2^AiT)euít,-é|it, pi. id. s. m. a 

manor, Dunl. 
2CAii)iTbiti,-bite, &, -bfieAC, pi. 

-b|ieACA, s.f. a monastery. 

D. MacF. 
2l)Aii)eAcbT)A, g. id. pi. -Ape, 

s.m. oversight. Gen. xliii. 12. 

a delay, negligence, procras- 
tination, fr. obs. s. mA]!), &, 

tt)Aii)e, id. com. Lat. Maneo. 

Gr. Ms'w. 
2DAif)eACbt)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. slack, 

negligent, Deut. vii. 10. 2 

Chron. xxix. 11. 
2CAii3eAtt)u|l,-rblA, adj. early, fr. 

roAibir), &, Atbu^l. 
2^aiOi5,-iu5a8, v.n. fail. Cant. 

V. 6. Lat. Man-co. 
2l)Aif)iieAc,-it)5e,-|ieACA, s. f. a 

stable, a fold, a booth, a 

cote, Ezek. xxv. 5 — Micah 

ii. 12 Gen. xxxiii. 17. 2 

Chron. xxxii. 28. 
^CAinr^wnj-eltt, pi. id. s.m. a 

manger, a crib, Prov. xiv. 4. 

Is. i. 3. Luke ii. 7. 
2t3Ai|i, inf. iDA|iciiii3, &, ttíAirteAC- 

h\x\\}, v.n. live, Prov. iv. 4. 

Ezek. xvi. 6. — Ex. xxii. 18. 

exist, endure. 
2^Ai|i5,-5e, s.f. woe. Rev. viii. 

13. & xii. 12. pity. 2^Ai|t5oe, 

2^Aift5i)eAc,-T)i5e, adj. woeful, 

Jer. xvii. 16. sorrowful. 

2C ?t J 


2t)U J 


2CAi|xoeuUc,-Ui5, pi- id. &, 
-Ui5e, s. m, a shipman, a 
sailor, a pilot, — pi. Acts 
xxvii. 27. Rev. xviii. 17. The 
pi. is spelled also -lui5- see 
Jonah i. 5. probably fr. n^um, 
the sea, &, x)e\x\, a star. 

20Atr^r)euUc&,-bA, s.f. a sailing, 

2^AlIice<\c&uio, g. id. s.f. eji'ist- 
ence, continuance, living. 

2ÍA1[tcpeóil,-óU, s. f. beef, fr. 
rT)A|tc, an ox, &, ^eó|l. 

2C.^1llclr)eAc,-D15,-t)15e, s. m. a 
cripple, Acts xiv. 8. 

2C<vir»ciouAÓ,-A|5e, adj. longlived, 
las ling. 

9,t^A]]ic]\x, g. id. pi. ']\]6e, s.m. a 
martyr, — g. Acts xxii. 20. Gr. 
Maims, u witness. 

2J)AiticjiieAC,-ixi3,-|ti5e, s. m. a 
martyr, see g. pi. Rev. 
xvii. 6. 

2CAntcifieAC&,-t)A, s. f. martyr- 

2CA]|ic|ti55-tu5A6, V. a. murder, 
maim, make a martyr of. 

2C<vire} g- id si. grace, an adorn- 
ing, Jas. i. II. 1 Pet. iii. 3. 
& 4. elegance, beauty, comeli- 

2CAireAC,-rt5e, adj. delicate, 
goodly^ Deut. xxviii. 56. see 
Rev. xviii. 14. elegant, hand- 
some, beautiful, graceful. 

2t3Aire<NÓ&,-'5Aj s. f. elegance, 
bea u ty, com eliness. 

2l3AireAÓ, conj. (contr. fr. njiv 
ir r^O therefore, if so it be. 

2^<\ireArt)lAcb,-&A, s. f. see 2Ca]- 

2CAifeAti)uil,-rT)lA. adj. see ^Da]- 


213Ain3, inf. tDAiriuSAÓ, V. a. 
adorn, deck, beautify. 

2C<^irqf), g. id. pi. .|5,8e, s. m. 
or f. a mastiff, also applied to 
I a bold boy or girl. 
2t3Aircitt,-cfte, s. f. urine. 

^^^ircniSri^niiiS*^, v.a. churn, 
2CAirqri,-crieA6, id. 

2DAirctttu5A6,-ctti5ce, pi. id. s.m. 
a churning, Prov. xxx. 33. 

S^Aic, mf. rvA]te<xn), v.a.. forgive, 
Gen. 1. 17. Matt, vi, 12._Ex. 
xxxiv. 7. Mark ii, 7. pardon, 

2Caic, comp, o|or ^eívnt, adj. 
good, 1 Tim. iii. 1. & v. 4. — 
1 Sam. XV. 22. Prov. xv. 17. 
kind, agreeable, wholesome, 

25aic, g. rnAice, « ^ooí/, s.f. Jer. 
xxix. 32. Rom. xii. 21. good- 
ness, profit, a benefit. 2Cai- 
ceA]-A, and not xx)e<]ie, is the g. 
used throughout the Bible, see 

2Í)aic, g. id. pi. TtiAfce, s. m. a 
chief, a leader, a nobleman. 

^^AjeeArb, g. rrjAicce, s. m. an 
abatement, a forgiveness, a 

2t)AiceAmr)u|-,-iqf, s.m. forgive- 
ness, remission, 2 Cor. ii, 10. 
—Matt. xxvi. 28. Eph. iv. 
32. pardon. 

2CAiceA|«,-|-A, pi. id. s.f. a good 
deed, a good, goodness, — g. 
Acts iv. 9. & X. 38. Rom. ii. 4. 
a kindness, bounty. 

2CATceAfAc,-Ai5e, adj. good, for- 
giving, benevolent, kind. 

2CAJ^peAC<^l•,-Alf, s.m. forgive- 
ness, — g. Acts xxvi. 18. ^A]t- 

i^AjcrbeAcufj-u]!-, s.m. a release, 
remission, forgiveness, — g. 
Deut. XV. 9. Mark i. 4. Acts 
V. 31. 

2CAiéceAc,-ci5e, adj. forgiving, 



u n 

2^ívU, g. id. pi. n)ivlAi6e, &, 
mívUÓA, s.m. a bog, Prov. vii. 

20 Prov. xvi. 11. — see 2 

Kings xii. 10. a mail, a 

SIJaU, g. id, pi. -lujoe, s. f. a 
broiv, is. xlviii. 4. an eyebrow, 
the brow of a hill. 

2CAU\i|tc, g. mAl<\i|tce, &, idaI- 
^pcA, pi. nMlA^ftceACA, s. f. an 
exchange, a recomjiense, a 
changing. Matt. xvi. 26. 
ilom. xi. 9. — Ruth iv. 7. John 
ii. 14. 

SCaUihc, inf. id- v.a. exchange^ 
change, barter, see Ezek. xlviii. 
14. & C.P. 

2DAUijtceAÓ,-ci5e, adj. pertain- 
ing to exchange or barter, 
variable, mutual, reciprocal. 
2i)AU|tcAC,-Ai5e, id. Dunl, 

2l3AUi|ici5,-|u5Ab, v.a. see 2CaI- 

2^v\Iaiic<s, ind. p. p. exchanged, 
changed, bartered, 2I3aUii- 
cui5ce, id. 

2^Al<x|tcóip,-6ftA,-ói|iit)e, s. m. an 
exchanger. 2t3v\U|tcó]it Aiitj^b, 
a nwney-clianger, a hanker. 

2^<xl1, comp. mAiUp, &, mojUe, 
adj. slow, Ex. iv. 10. Jas. i. 
19. dilatory, lazy, late, com. 
Lat. Moll-'is, French Mol. 

2CaU, g. n)oiU, s.m. a putting off, 
a delay, Gen. xxxiv. 19. 

2t)AllAC0,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a cur^e, 
j)erdition, Judg. ix. 57. — John 
xvii. 12. — Deut. xxviii. 15. 

2t)i\ll-lAbAiirAC,-Ai5e, adj. slow 

2t3<>llrT)uifi,-ri7A|tA, pi. id.s.f. a low 
or neap tide, fr. idaU, &, rr)uni. 

213AUu5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
cursing, Lev. xxiv. 14. Jas. 
iii. 10 — Num. V. 21. a swear- 

2Í)aUui5,-u5aó, v. a. curse, Num. 

xxii. 6. Job. ii. 9. — Deut. 

xxiii. 4. Jas. iii. 9. swear. 
213Allvi5eAco,'í5A, s. f. a cursing, 

a sicearing. K. 
2CAllui5ce, ind. p. p. accursed, 

Gal. i. 8. & iii. 10. cursed. 
2t3Allui5ceó]|i,-ó[iA,-óiitióe, s. ra. 

a curser, a maligner. 
2t3Alóifc,-&e,-beACA, s. f. a whip, 

Prov. xxvi. 3. a scourge, a 
2C<vlcA, ind. adj. mild, gentle, 

modest, see 2Cixt)rA. 
213An7, g. tiíATtT), s. f. a mother. 
2i)^rn, g. maime, pi. Tniv]rT)eACA, 

s.f. a hand, a handful. 
2t)Ar)<NC, g. n)At)Ai5, pi. rtjAnAlse, 

s. m. a monk, a friar. Lat. 

Monach-us. The old meaning 

was, a man, or inhahitant. 
2t)Ar)ACA, ind. adj. single. C.P. 
2DAT)ACAtbuil,-rblA, adj. monastic, 

2t3At)Anan,-^in5 ph id. a necro- 
mancer. StjAHAitivr) n7AC l||i. 
2CAr)&t^ivc,-;\|c, pi. id. &, -aca, 

s. m. a mandrake, — pi. Gen. 

XXX. 15. Cant. vii. 13. 
2^Ar)&^acAc,-cYi3, pi. id. s.m. a 

mandrake, — pi. Gen. xxx. 14. 
2t)A05Aitie, g. id. pi. -pióe, s. m. 

a pedlar, a dealer, a jobber, a 

a retailer, as, meal-monger, 

cheese-monger, &ic. Lat. Mango. 
213 Ai) A, g. id. s- m. manna, Ex. 

xvi. 15. Heb. ix. 4. 
2CAi3cAC,-Ai5e, adj. toothless, stam- 
mering thro want of teeth. 
2i)A0cAcAt),-Xv]r), pi. id. s. ra. a 

stammerer, a lisping person. 

2CA^CAi|ie, g. id. pi. -|ti6e, 

s. m, id. 
2^Ar)n<^<^,-Ai5e,-AÓA, s. f. — pi. 

Num. xxxii. 16. & 24. see 

2CAt3tt<M),-ait), pi. id. s. m. a me- 

lodious sound, melody, a love 




50/?^, the humming of a song I 
or Uine, a murmur, a continual 

2CAt)ftat)<xc,-AT5e, adj. melodious, 
omtsica/, noisy, vernacularly 
these words are pronounced, 
bAOfiivt), &, l)<\r)|ianAC, & are 
used in the sense of continual 
talk and talkative. 

2t)ivoc<\, md. adj. bashful, modest. 

2^iM)cAC&,-bA, s. f. modesty, bash- 

2^A0ió, inf. tt)Aoi6eAri), v. n. & a. 
boast, brag, envy, grudge, up- 
braid, cast against one a favour 
bestoiced on him, Prov. xxvii. 
1. see Ps. X. 3. & Prov. xx. 

20AOióeAtT), g. mAoi&ce, pi. id. 
s. ra. an upbraiding, joy, boast- 
ing, Judg. viii. 15. Rom. v. 11. 
a grudging. 

2t)<Noil,4e,-leACA, s.f. a heap. 

2^A0ile, g. id. s. f. baldness, Lev. 
xxi. 5. Is. iii. 24. bareness. 

2J)A0ile, corap of 2t)Aol, q.v. 

2CA0ilceA^,-ó]ij, pi. id. s. m. a 
bald head, see Lev. xiii. 43. 
see Ce<\ó. 

2CA0iléAÓAT),-Ait), pi. id. s. m. a 
bald forehead. Lev. xiii. 42. 

2CAO]léA!5Ar)<\c,-Ai5e, adj. fore- 
head bald. Lev. xiii, 41. 

SCAO^leAi"},-!!!"), pi. id. s. m. the 
summit or ridge of a hill. 

S^AOjT), g. Tt)Aoine, s. f. goods, a 
good, substance. Gen. xiv. 21. 
1 John iii. 17.— Job xx. 18. 
Luke xii. 19. wealth, property 
(as goods or cattle.) 

2CAOiT)cioc|teAc,-Ai5e, adj. cove- 
tous, avaricious. 

2^A0i 06^6,-0156, adj. rich, 

2^A0iii]-eAc&,-bA, s.f. stewardship, 
the office of a bailiff, see 

2CA0)reÓ5,-Ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a little 
pack or bag, also, a place made 
of hurdles, S)C., ivhere country 
people store their provisions in 
a corner of their house, fr. 
n)Aoi]*,-Te,-|-eACA, s.f. a bag or 

20AOice, g. id. s. f. compassion, 

2t)AOiceAnói]i,-5fiA,-óitiióe, s. m. 
an upbraider, a boaster. 

2í3AOir^eACA]-,-Ai|-, s. m. glory, 
1 Cor. i. 31.— Rom. iv. 2. 
1 Cor. ix. 16. a boasting, an 
npbraiding, a grudging. S^aojo- 
|íeAcv|-,-vi|', s.m. id. 

2DAO]crbeAC,-ri7|5e, adj. vaunting, 
1 Cor. xiii. 4. vainglorious, up- 
braiding, grudging. 2í3<xo]6- 
peAc, id. 

2CaoI, comp. tt^Aoile, adj. ia/(/, 
blunt. Lev. xiii. 40. Eccl. x. 
10. bare, without horns, point- 

2J3AoUT),-ivir), pi. id. s. m. a bea- 
con. Is. XXX. 17. a bleak emi- 
nence, also, a bald-pated man. 

2CaoIvi5,-v5a6, v. a. & n. make 
bald or blunt, assuage, pacify, 
become bald or blunt, become 

2t3<^on, g. mAOiii, pi. id. k, roAoi- 
nis, s. m. an officer. Gen. 
xxxvii. 36 — pi. Ex. V. 10. 
John vii. 32. Num. xxxi. 48. 
Deut. xvi. 18. a steicard, a 
bailiff, a herd, formerly it sig- 
nified, a baron. 

2t)AortAc,-Ai5e, s. f. atiy kind of 

2Í3aoc, comp. rrjAOice, adj. tender. 
Gen. xxxiii. 13. Prov. iv. 3. 
compassionate, soft, gentle, 
smooth, delicate. 

2^A0cíxr),-ív]r), pi. id. s.m. the tip 
or soft part of any thing fa.s, of 
the ear,) a bud, Ex. xxix. 20. 

2© ?vn 


20 UU 

■ — pi. Num. xvii, 8. the loicer 
or soft part of the stomach, an 
ozier twig, a tendril, a carti- 
lage or gristle. 

2CAocc|to)óeAc,-ói5e, adj. tender- 

2J)AocfúileAÓ,-li5e, adj. soft-eyed, 

2I3aocvi5,-v5<\6, v.a. make supple, 
Ezek. xvi, 4. soften, moisten, 
alleviate, mitigate, — v. n. be- 
come soft or mild. 

20<\jt, conj. as, even as. Matt. 
i. 18. 

2l)<\|i, prep, as, like to. Matt, 
xvii. 2. 

SCiiftAC, g. id. &, -]tY|5, s. m. to- 
morrow, 1 Cor. XV. 32. — Num. 
xi. 18. Jos. vii. 13. Matt. vi. 
34. U TD^ftAC, adv. id. Judg. 
XX. 28. 

S^AftAfCAlj-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a he- 
rald, a marshal, a regulator, 
an overseer. 

2CAttA|*5Uco,-t5<v, s. f. a superin- 
tendance, regulation, the office 
or rank of a marshal. 

SCAfib, comp. tT)Ai]abe, adj. dead, 
Ex. xxi. 35. & 36. benumbed, 
torpid, spiritless, vapid, dull. 

2i)A|ib, g. wc^]]\b, pi. id. s. m. a 
dead person, 1 Kings iii. 22. 
& 23.— pi. Matt. xi. 5. 

S^Ajib, inf. mAitbAÓ, v. a. slay, 
kill. Gen. xliii. 16. Num. xi. 

15. Matt. ii. 16 Ex. ii. 14. 

& 15. 

2i)A|tbA6,-bcA, s.m. a killing, mur- 
der, slaughter ; Num. xxxv. 
15. — Luke xxiii. 25. Acts 
ix. 1. 

^6i]ih'Ar),-ix)r), pi. id. s. m. a dead 
body, a corpse. 

SijAjib^ncA, ind. adj. lifeless, in- 
animate, dull, torpid. 

2CA|xbivt)CAC&,-&A, s. f. inactivity, 
dullness, torpidity. 

2:CAtibórxvi5eAcb,-t)A, s f. necro- 
mancj/, the art of consulting 
the manes of the dead. 

2CAitbi)«\, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s.m. an 

^o,\\hto.c,-i,\^e,didi]. deadly, Mark 
xvi. 18. 

20A|tbrAÓ,-cvi5,-cvi5e, s. ra. a 
slayer. Num. xxxv. 24. Ueut. 
iv. 42.— Ezek. xxii. 11. 

2Í3Aítbcó)|t,-ó|tA,-ói|ti6e, s. m. a 
slayer, a murderer. Num. 
xxxv. 1 1 . 

2t3A|tcAc,-cvi5,-cvi5e, s. ra. a 
horseman, a rider, Gen. xlix. 
17. Ex. XV. 1. fr. the obs. s. 
ttiATic, a horse. 

2CAftcflvA3,-Ai3,-Ai3ce, a coll. 
s.m. horsemen, 2 Kings ii. 12, 
Acts xxiii. 32.— Rev. ix. 16. 
cavalry, riders. 

20A|icvi5eACb,-&<N, s. f. a riding, 
Judg. X. 4. Ps. Ixviii. 4. horse- 

20Att5A6,-7;vió,-3V|óe, s. m. a 
market, Ezek. xxvii, 17. — Luke 
vii. 3-2.— see Matt. xi. 16. a 
bargain, a buying or selling. 

2CA|i3AÓAri7V|l,-ri7lA, adj. market- 
able, saleable. 

20A|i3<xil,-alA, pi. id. s.f. a buying, 
a bargaining. O' G . 

2t)A]i3AlviD, &, -Ivióe, 
s.m. a chapman, — pi. 2 Chron. 
ix. 14. a merchant, a bargain- 

2Div|tlA, g. id. s. m. marl, a kind 
of lick clay. 

2t3<\ftn)vii,-vi|i, pi. id. s.m. marble, 
— g. 1 Chron. xxix. 2. Cant. 
V. 15. Lat. Marmor. 

20A|^cAf)Ac, see 2í)AftcAÍ)Ac. 

9X^A\\X'A]\,-'Á<)., pi. id. &, -ivUcA, 
s. f. a marching of troops, a 

iZ^Afifo, adv. thus, in this manner, 
Jer. xiv. 15. Matt. i. 18. 

2D U S 


•^tje ?i 

S^Apc, g. rtjAijtc, pi. id. s. m. a 
cow, Is. xi. 7. a beef. 

2l)afic,-cA, s. m. tlie month of 
March, Lat. Mart-ius. 

2DA|tc-freóil,-óU, s.f. iee/, more 
properly, 2J3<\-ntcfeó|l, q.v. 

2D<xftcA0Ac,-Ai5e, adj. unfading, 
everlasting, eternal, 1 Pet. v. 
4. — John vi. 68. Acts xiii. 48. 
living, lasting. 

2t)A|tcA^AC&,-bA, s. f. dui'aiion, 

S^AitcftA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. 
murder, D. MacF. 

2t)A|tcitv|5, v.a. see ^\^x^z-^\t^. 

2D<\]tcviú,-cAi)A, s. f. life, 2 Tim. 
ii. 11.— 1 Pet. iv. 6. 

S^Apr.vii), inf. of 2t3A][t, q.v. 

2U4v|-, g. roiii r, pi. id. & xK)\yis., s.m. 
« buttock, see 2 Sam. x. 4. & 
1 Chron. xix. 4. a /«/jo, a íA/^//, 
a breech, vern. SDaj-a, g. id. 
pi, -<V]6e, s. m. id. 

^c'x, (contr. of rt^A ^í*, if it be,) 
?/ 50, passim. " 2i)<v']- <v r)-blvc 
t)o A t)-ii3eAc bfAf, if it be in 
the warp or the woof" 

2Div|'Ac,-Ai3e, adj. having large 
hips or thighs, belonging to the 
hips, thighs or buttocks. 

2t)AfU, g. id. s.m. despite, shame, 
Heb. x. 29. — Acts xix. 27. an 
affront, injurg, reproach, scan- 
dal, disgrace. 2Dai*Iad,-a]6, 

2DA|-lv5A6,-vi5ce, pi. \á. shameful 
treatment, — g. 1 Thess. ii. 2. 
see 2t3A|4A. 

2Ca]-Ivi5,-v5<n6, v. a. tise despite 
fully, blaspheme, — inf. Actsxiv 
5. Rev. xiii. 6. reproach, scan- 
dalize, injure. 
21Ja|-Ivi jeAC,-5ióe, adj. railing. 
2 Pet. ii. 11. Jude ver. 9. re- 
proachful, slanderous. 
^'^i^-^\%^o>c,h,-'^(s, s. f. abusive- 
ness, slander. 

2CAflvi5ceói|t,-6ttA,-ófttibe, s.m. 

an abuser, a slanderer. 
S^ACA, g. id. pi. -A^be, s. m. a 

mat, a matrass. 
2í)áicAi|t, g. n;ivcA]i, &, iDitCAjtA, 
pi. tDivicpeACA, &, it)ii|ciie, s.f. 
a mother, a producer, Zeph. ii. 
9. Matt. i. 18.— Matt. x. 35. 
Luke xii. 53. — Mark x. 30. 
Lat. Mater, Gr. M?jr>;g. 
2DA.cAi|i-cleArT)A]i), s.f. a mother- 
in-law, ;Ruth i. 14. 2l3ivcAi|i 
cejle, id. 
2D^cA]|teAri)lAcb,-bA, s.f. mother- 

liness, kindness. 
2l3^cAnteArbYil,-ri)lA, adj. mo- 
therly, tender, kind. 
2l)<\cAjtbA, ind. adj. of or belong- 
ing to a mother, motherly. 
2l3AC5Ari7V]n, g. id. &, -rbtjA, pi. 
-rboA, &,-mr)Ai6e, s. m. a bear, 
1 Sam. xvii. 34. — Rev. xiii. 2. 
— pi. Is. lix. 11. fr. 117ÍV5, a 
plain, &, 5Ari)Yio, q. v. 
2DAc55,-ó|5e,-ó3A, s.f. « mattock, 

see 2 Chron. xxxiv. 6. 
2DAcfl65,-ói5,-ói5ce, s.m. a mul- 
titude, a congregation of peo- 
ple, perhaps fr. xx)(st, in the 
sense of strong, powerful, full, 
&, rló5, an older form of 
2Dé, pi. x]r), pers. pron. /, Matt, 
ii. 15. &c., &c., com. Gr. 
accusat. /xs. 
2DeAbAil,-blA, pi. id. s.f. subtlety, 
guile, Acts xiii. 10. 1 Peter ii. 
22 — Ps. cv. 1b.fraud,flattery. 
2DeAblAC,-Ai3e, adj. deceitful, 
treacherous, Ps. v. 6. see Jer. 
ix. 2. 
2DeAblAc,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a de- 
ceitful man. 
2l3eAblvi5,-v5A6, v. a. deceive, 

beguile, flatter. 
2DeAbpAc,-Ai5e, adj. merry, 
pleasant, cheerful. 

2De u 


e ?i 

2©eACAr),-Ain, pi. id. s, m. any 
tap-rooted plant, as, carrot, 
parsnip, &c. 
X^eACAD biiióe, s m. a carrot, 

Pastinaca tenuifolia sativa. 
SCeACAi) bu|6e at? c-flejbe, s.m. 
mountain, or hnot-rooted 
spurge, Tithymalus Hibernicus 
2^eACA0 b05A, s.m. great com- 
mon burdock. Lappa major. 
2JJeACAi) bub, s. m. comphrey, 

Symphitum officinale. 
2^eACAt) bub |:iAÓA]r), s.m. bugle, 

2t3eACAn eAi'A beAOjoe, s. m. 

female piony. 
2t)eACAt) eAfA pijiitje, s.m. male 

S^eACAi) jiAjutr», s.m. Aorie ra- 

disli, Rhaphanus sylvestris. 
SCeACAt) |tA5«m ujrce, s. m. 
water radish, Rhaphanus aqua- 
21)eACAr) iiAibij, s.m. a radish, 

Rhaphanus hortensis. 
StJeACAn itiS, s.m. common pars- 
nip, Pastinaca sativa. 
2t3eACAt) P15 pia6aii), s.m. wild 

parsnip, Pastinaca sylvestris. 
S^eACAt) rle^be, s.m. great bas- 
tard black hellebore, Helli- 
borus niger fcetidus. 

"] s. m. great 
common bur- 
StJeACAn cobAc, dock, burr, 
2í3eACAi) cuAt), > cluthburr, 

S^eACAO cuacatI, Bardana ma- 
jor, Arctium 
SJJeACAH uilleAi), s.m. elicampane, 

2J)éAb, g. n)'e\ti, pi. id. s. m. 
qreatnessy size, Col. ii. 1. see 

2^eA8, g. n)ei6e, pi. njeAÓA, s.f. 
a balance, a measure, Prov. 

XX. 23. Rev. vi. 5. — pi. Gen. 
xviii. 6. Ezek. v. 1. a scale for 
2J3éA6Ani,-ótie,-6iteACA, sf. joy, 
mirth, jollity, the joyous mu- 
sic of the hounds when hunt- 
ing in full cry. 
2í3eA&A]t, g. n7e]&pe, pi. tDeAbjiA, 
s.f. an Irish drinking cup of 
one piece, quadrangular, and 
hollowed with a chisel, also, 
a churn. 
2t)eA65, g. rT)ep5, &, roeioje, 
s.m. & f. whey, the thin serous 
part of milk separated from 
the curds. 
2DeAÓ5Ati)iiil,-rblA, adj. whey- 
like, serous. 
2t3eAÓop,-OTt}, s. m. the midst. 
Gen. i. 6. the middle or 
213eAóot)AC,-Ai5e, 1 Kings vi. 8. 

see 2t)8o6At)Ac. 
2l)eA6otj Iao], s. m. mid-day, 
1 Kings xviii. 29. Acts xxvi. 
13. see SDeAÓot), &, Lív. 
2t)eA6or) ojóce, s.m. mid-night, 
Ex. xi. 4. Judg. xvi. -3. see 
2S3eA6oi), &, Ojoce. 
^ÍJeAÓiiACj-Aije, adj. joyous. Is. 
xxiii. 7. glad, festive, pleasant, 
lively, fr. meAÓAnt, 
213éAí)ui5, inf. tT)éAOu5A6j Judg. 

xix. 5. see Stjeu&uij. 
2DeAt>ii)5,-u5<x&, V a. weigh. Gen. 
xxiii. 16. balance, the ver- 
nacular, inf. is njeAÓACAij. 
Dunl. 280. 
2t)eA6u5AÓ,-ui5ce, pi. id. s.m. a 
balancing. Job xxxvii. 16. a 
2^eA8ui5ceói|i,-ó|tA,-ói|t]óe, s.m. 

a craner, a weigher. 
2í3eAlA, g. of 2Dil, q.v. 
1 2DeAlbiicívn,-ívin, pi. id. s.m. a 
I melon,— ^\. Numb. xi. 5. Melo, 
Cucurais melo. 

2D eu 


2t)e u 

20eAU, g. rt)ill, pi. id. s. m. a 

lump, a substance, a knop, a 

pomel, 2 Kings xx. 7. Ps, 

cxxxix. 16. — pi. I Kings vii. 

24. 2 Chron. iv. 12. a heap, a 

2^6^11,-1*6, v.a. entice, deceive, 

Judg. xvi. 5. — 2 Tim. iii. 13. 

2 Pet. ii. 14. beguile, cheat, 

2CeAllA6,-lcA, pi. id. s. m. an 

alluring, a deception, Sfc. 
SJJeAÍlcA, ind. p.p. deceived, Gal. 

vi. 3. cheated, allured. 
2DeAllcAC,-A]5ej adj. deceitful, 

2íeAllcó]ft,-ófiA, pi. -ó|iii6e, &, 

-6] ft 15, s.m. a deceiver. Matt. 

xxvii, 63. 2 John ver. 7. — pi. 

2 Cor. vi. 8. 2 Tim. iii. 13. 
2l)eAUcóifie<\cb, g. id. &, -b<x, 

s. m. & f. deceit, Col. ii. 8. 

1 Thess. ii, 3. — Eph. iv. 14. 
SCeAlcAfrie, g. id. pi. -jti6e, s. m. 

a mocker, Prov. xx. 1. 
2l3é<\ri)<\i|i,-rbftAÓ,-rT)ft<\ÓA, s. f. 

memory, remembrance. 2l3éA- 

bAi|t, id. "Do rrjéAbATfi, Z^y 

heart" Dunl. Lat. Memor-ia. 
2CéAtt)itaiMC,-Ai5,-0ii5e, s. m, a 

memorandum, a note booh. 

2t3éArT7ft<\cí^r)}-^1T)5 s.m. id. 
2D^Arbttui5,-u5A6, V. a. ponder, 

remember, muse, commit to 

^e^xx)\ii\n),-\x]n), pi. id. s. m. 

parchment, — pi. 2 Tim. iv. 13. 

Lat. Membran-um. 
2t)eAT)AÓ,-Ai6, pi. -<\i6e, s.m. an 

awl, Deut. xv. 17. 
2D&Anp<\c,-ACA, pi. id. s. f. a 

2C&Aní:<\5AÓ,-Ai5ce, pi. id, s.m. a 

2t3eAt)5, g. rt)eir)5e, pi- rt7eAT)3<N, 

s. f. a device, craft, guile, 

2 I 

2DeAt)5Ac,-Af5e, adj, crafty, de~ 
ceitful, cunning. 

2í3eAD5ívr),-ív|t7, pi. id. s. m, see 

2l5eAt)l17A, g. rDe<\t)tt7<\t), pi. 
rneATjrnA, s.f. comfort, conso- 
lation, joy, 2 Cor. vii. 4. Heb. 
vi. 18. I Pet. iv. 13. courage, 
mind, affection, magnanimity, 
properly 2DeAt}rT)t) A, for pi. see 
Dunl. 444. 

2De<\r»rT)r)AC,-Ai5e, adj. glad, joy- 
ful, Judg. xviii, 20. Ps. Ixxxi. 
1. courageous, magnanimous^ 
high-spirited, mental. 

2l)eAi)rnniii5,-T)u5A6, v. a. re- 
fresh, cheer, gladden, encou- 
rage, see 2 Cor. vii. 13. 

^e&x)\\),-'jx-\x), pi. id. s.m. a hid. 
Gen. xxxviii. 17. — Luke xv. 
29 — Numb. vii. 87. 

^DeAUAO-Aeóent, s. m, a jack 
snipe. SAbfifo yieocA, id. 

2C&A^[iAr,-<\CA, s. m. happiness^ 
joy. O.G. 

2l3eAr)colAC,-Ai5e, adj. wicked, 
Ps. lix, 5. deceitful, perfi- 
dious, iv. the obs, s. rrjeADcivil, 
-íiIa, deceit, 8fc. 

2CeAncuf 3Ai|i&it), ■n]X sAitibfO, 
s.m.spearmint, Mentha sativa. 

2C&A|i, see 2Ceufi. 

SDeAjt, comp. n)]\ie, adj. merry, 
glad, cheerful, joyous, spright- 
ly, valiant. 

2DéAítAC<\n,-air), pi, id. s. m, a 
thimble, fr. rt)eu|t, q. v. 

2l3éA|tACívr) TjA rt)-b<\T) riS®, s.m, 
purple foxglove, lady's glove. 
Digitalis purpurea. This is 
the " Luj- n)ó\i bAiiJion." 

2DéA|i<\c&5-bA, s. f, a fingering, 
a touching of a musical 

I instrument with the fingers, 

I fr. rt)eutt. 
2l3éAttAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s. m, afflic- 

1 tion. Heb. Mara, to afflict. 



215 e ^ 

20eA|i<\icoe, g. id. s.f. a slight 

acquaintance or knowledge. 
2l3áA|ib<\l,-<v]l, pi. id. s. m. a 

mi.stalie, error, random ; 

" Unciip rt5e<\ftbuil, a random 

S^eAfióívr)*, ind. adj. foolhardy, 

fr. n^cAfi, &, bí^rjA' 
2©e-A|i6í\t)<\cfc),-&A, s.f. Joolhardi- 

9/ ess. 
2i)eA|i5|ia&, g. id. s.m. fondness, 

excessive love. 
2Ce<x|]t7;i\t)CA, ind, adj. gallant, 

heady, Is. xxxiii. 21. 2 Tim. 

iii. 4. sportive, wanton, brisk, 

2i)e<\[iii5v\6,-iii5ce, pi. id. s. m. 

astonishment, — g. Ps. Ix. 3. 

want of judgment, error, de- 

•solation. 2l)e<xfiu;^A6 rt^AiiA, 

stress of weather. K. 
2^eAtuii5,-u5v\&, V. a. & n. tnis- 

takf, baffle, err, go astray. 
2t)eA|iu)5ce, ind. p. p. desolate, 

reprobate, Ps. cxliii. 4. 2 Tim. 

iii. 8. astonished, baffled, 

2^eA|iiii,-^ce5|ji,-ófiA,-ói|t|6e, s.m. 

a bnfjier, a confounder. 
2CeAr, inf. id. v. a. count, con- 
sider, tax, Gen. xv. 6. Ps. 

ix. 1.3. — Luke ii. 1. think, 

judge, estimate, value, esteem, 

weigh, calculate. 
ÍÍJeAi*, g. ii)e<v|*CA, s.m. opinion, 

knowledge, thought, estima- 
tion, Acts V. 13. Rom. xiii. 11. 

2 Cor. xi. 16.— Lev. xxvii. 27. 

respect, conceit, reputation, a 

2l3eAr, g. rnPAfA, s. m. fruit, 

particularly, acorns. 
2DeArA,comp. of Olc, q.v. Job 

XXX. 8. 
2^eA|*A&ói]i,-ópA,-óiitiÓe5 s.m. an 

appraiser, a valuator. 
2t3eAj-A&ói|teAcb,-bA, s. f. the 

business of a valuator, valua- 

2t)eAi*Arbiiil,-">^<^> adj- respecta- 
ble, reputable, esteemed. 

2^eA|-A)jiÓA, ind. adj. sober, tem- 
perate, 1 Thess. V. 6. Titus 
ii. 2. moderate, modest, fru- 
gal, continent. 

2DeA|-AiTaÓACb, g. id. &, -bA, s.m. 
or f. temperance, temperature, 
discretion, sobriety, Gal. v. 

23 Prov. i. 4. Rom. xii. 3. 


2t5eArccA, ind. p.p. grisled. Gen. 
xxxi. 10. mixed, mingled. 

2i)eAf*5, prep, governing the g. 
case, among, as, a rt)e«\^5, 
Matt. iv. 23. such words 
though called preps, are in 
reality substantives. 

2^eAr5,-5A6, V. a. mix, mingle, 
stir. Lat. Misc-eo, & Gr. 
M/'cy-w, / mix. 

2J3eAr5Ab,-Ai5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
a mixing, a stirring, a ming- 

2^eAró5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s.f. an acorn, 
a bud. 

2l)eA|*cui]ic aUca, s. m. tutsan, 
park leaves, Hypericum andro- 

2DéAc, comp. méice, adj. rajik, 
fat, dainty. Gen. xli. 5. see 
Rev. xviii, 14. ejfeminate, soft- 

2t)eAc, inf. id. &, -caó, v.n. & a. 
fail, Is. XV. 6. wither, affect, 
soften with pity, droop, grow 

2ieACA, ind, adj. fearful. Rev. 
xxi. 8. cowardly, feeble. 

2^eArAC,-Ai.^e, adj. perishable, 
decaying, soft, cowardly. 

2í3éACAcai;,-air), pi. id. s.m. a 

2CeArAcb,-bA, s.f. cowardice, soft- 
hear tedness. Q.G. 



2í3e J 

2J)eACA0Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
declining child, a faint-hearted 

2DeACAT)ur5-uir, s, m. consump- 

20éArA|-,-tuir, s. m. fat, Ex. 
xxix. 13. — Ezek. xliv. 15. effe- 

SOeACJAiite, g. id. pi. -ni6e, 
s.m. a smile. 21)joi}5<\i^e, id. 
q. V. 

2^eAcUó,-Ai6, pi. id. s. m, a 
spending, a consuming, pro- 
nounced vernac. ÍDeAclój. 

2t)eAclui5,-u5A6, v. n. become 
faint or feeble, sink under cold 
or disease. 

2Célb,-&e, s.f. quantity, 7iumber, 
Ex. xxxviii. 24. bigness, mag- 
nitude, ^ó rb&i&, inasmuch. 

2^éi6leAc,-li5e,-leAÓA, s. f. a 
bleating, 1 Sam. xv. 14. StJej- 
le<\c, id. see Judg. v. 16. com. 
Gr. [j/ri7.-ov^ a sheep. 

2Céi6l|5,-le<xc, v.n. bleat (as a 
sheep,) 2t3éi&l, &, 9X^éy\,-\eU, 

2Céi3io!5,-it», pi. id. s.m. a goafs 
chin and beard. 

2^é|5|oll,-Uc, V. n. bleat (as a 
goat.) 2C&i5iobAi5,-b<xcr, id. 

2t3e)5iollAÓ,-<\i5,-<vi5e, s. m. the 
bleating of a goat. 

^'e\\, inf. xx)'Q]\z, V. a. grind. 
Is. xlvii. 2. — Judg. xvi. 21. 
pound, bruise. Lat. Mol-o, Gr. 

2^^llr, g. iD&jlce, s. f. a grind- 
ing, — g. Eccl. xii. 4. Lam. 
V. 13. 

SDejlce, ind. p.p. ground, 2 Sam. 
xvii. 19. 

2^&llceó]ít,-ó|i<v, pi. -óifti3, &, 
-óijtióe, s. m. a grinder, a 
miller,— 1^1. Eccl. xii. 3. 

9X^é]r), g, n)é|r)e, s.f. m/ni/, desire, 
inclination, disposition. Lat. 

Mens. Gr, m?ív-úw, / mrf/- 

2Cé]neAtt)uil,-rblA, adj. clement, 
kind, amiable, affable. 

2t)ei|tb, comp. njeifibe, adj. treaA, 
2 Cor. X. 10. 5i7^?/, spiritless, 

2Ceiftbe, g. id. s- f. weakness, 
— g. Heb. vii. 18. folly, want 
of spirit. 

SiJeifibeAj-j-bir, s. m, weakness, 
1 Cor. i. 25. 

2^e][ií5|ieAc,-bfii5e,-bneACA, s. f. 
a harlot, an adultress, a whore, 
Jos, vi. 25. Rom. vii. 3. — Rev. 
xvii. 1. 

2t)etit&iteAcuf,-ui|*, s. m. whore- 
dom, Ezek. xvi. 15. 

2CeHt5,-5e, s. f. rust. Matt. xvi. 
19.— Jas. v. 3. 

2^611156, g. id. pi. -51, s. f. an en- 
sign, a standard. 

2^e|]i3eAc,-5it)e, adj. rusty, full 
of rust. 

2^eijtilliur),-ujr), pi. id. s. m. a 
goss-hawk, a merlin. 

2t)&ifiit) r)A rt)A5, g, id. s. m. agri- 
mony. Agrimonia Eupatria. 

2CeiTtleAc,-li5, pi. id. & -l|5e, s.m. 
a thief, — pi. Luke xxiii. 33. a 
rebel, fr. the obs, s. nje^tle, 

20e|rtleACiii-,-ii|f, s. m. theft, re- 
bellion, treason. 

2t)eiftci5e<xc,-r)i5e, Siá]. feeble, Ps 
cv. 37. weak, fatigued. 

2l)e]|ict)e<vcu]',-ui]', s, m. feeble 
7iess, w'eakness, discouragement. 

2l3eiitcDi5,-r)iu5AÓ, v. a. & u. faint, 
discourage, — inf. Ps. Ixxxiv. 2. 
see Num. xxxii. 9: 

2Céife, g. of 2t3iAr, q. V. 

2i3eif&e, a second comp. form of 
Olc, Luke X. 40. spelled also, 

^Ceifse, g. id. s. f. drunkenness, 
Rom. xiii. 13.— 1 Cor. v. U. 

2^ ) 


2D j ^ 

2Ceir5e5i|i,-ónA,-óiTtTÓe, s. ra. a 
drunkard ; TeAji xx)Q]X'^e, id. 

2CéiríT}, g. id. pi. -ni6e, s.f. a lit- 
tle dis//, dim. of 21) Í A]-, q.v. 

2J3eirt)eAC,-t)i5,-t)i5e, s. m. & f . 
courage, cheer, cofi^dence,'Deut. 
xxxi. 6. Acts, xxiii. 11 — Acts 
xxvii. 36. 

2^eirneAriniil,-rr)U, adj. co7njort- 
able, courageous, 2 Chron. 
xxxii. 6. 

^eipióri5iu3A6, V. a. comfort,— 
inf. Gen. xxx\tí. 35. cherish, 

2DeifDi5t:eói|t,-6|tA,-5i|ii6e, s. m. 
a?i encourager, an abettor. 

2Déic,-ce, adj. Num. xiii. 20. see 

2Ceiciol, g. n7eicle,pi. id. &, tDejc- 
lexNCA, s.f. a croicd of reapers, 
reapers, — g. Ruth ii. 5. 6. & 
7. a concourse, a croicd em- 
jjloyed at any work. 

2DeoDAr),-A]t), pi. id. s. ra. see 

2DeoóAr)Ac,-r)ui5e, adj. middle, 
see 2t)eA6ot)AC. 

2DeubiiA6,-|iu]5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
meditation, Ps. cxix. 23. 

2í3eu&Al,-Aile,-ÁUcA, s.f. a maw, 
Deut. xviii. .3. a paunch, a 
tripe, tie stomach. 2l)oiobAl, id. 

2Deut>AlAC,-Ai5e, adj. Itaving a 
large stomach or paunch, big- 

2l)eii&ui5,-!Du5A6, v. a. encrease, 
Luke xvii. 5. — Ezra x. 10. 
multiply, enlarge, abound, Heb. 
Methech, he enlarged. 

2Deu|i, g. ti7&iii, pi. id. &, itjeujtA, 
s. m. a finger. Lev. iv. 6. — Is. 
Iviii. 9. — Ps. cxliv. 1. a toe. 

2Deuító5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a finger 

2C', a negative prefix, indicating 
the opposite of the quality ex- 
pressed by the word to which 

it is prefixed : as, ciaU, reason, 
sejise, ^]-c]iA\, folly, it is spell- 
ed, ^■\o, when the first vowel 
of the following syllable is 
either of the broad vowels, a, 
o, or V, it sometimes corres- 
ponds with the English prefix 

mis, as 2t)i-5PiotT), 



-^ g. mi, &, mjorA, pi. tvi, 
■ mfofA, & tDiofAt)*, S.f. a 
month, 1 Kings iv. 7. 
Hos. v. 7. Rev. xxii. 2. 
— Gen. xxix. 14. Num. 
i'xi. 20.— 1 Sam. vi. 1. 
Job. 3P. 2. com. the old 
Lat. Mes-is. ^Eol. /xi/;, 
the Dor. /xj^?, & Fr. Mois, 
J a month. 
2DtAbixi),-baTi), s, m. a megrim, 

vern. 2l3]í.|iau5-í^ir)i id. 
2t)]AC, g. n)iAi5, pi. id. s. m. a 

2D|Ari7A0il,-le, s. f. a mewing (as 

a cat.) 
213]<\T), g. n7iAT)A, pi. id. s. m. 
mind, desire, lusts. Matt. i. 19. 
Rom. xvi. 19 — pi. John viii. 
44. ivish, inclination, pleasure, 
2^1 At)AC,-Ai5e, aá]. desirous, wish- 
ful, longing, covetous, greedy. 
2l5iAn<xc.-nAi5,-OAi5e, s. m, the 
inwards, a vein (f a mine, Ex. 
xxix. 13. Lev. viii. 21. Job. 
xxviii. 1. a mine, a mineral 
2ClAT)b|tY]o,-&e, s. f. brutal pas- 
sion, lust. 
^lAi)5V|*,-v|f, pi. id. &, -vfA, s.m. 
lust, conctipiscence. Gal. v. \^. 
& 17. — Kom. vii. 8. a longing, 
a desire, pleasure. 
2t3fAr)5VfAC,-At3e, adj. pleasant, 
Jer. xxiii. 10. desirous, covet- 
ous, lustful. 
2DiAT)rbAn,-Aifte, adj. covetom, 
greedy, lustful. 

2^) C 


2DJ L 

s^fAf, g, rn&ir^, pi- mfArA, s. f. a 
dish, a mess, 2 Kings xxi, 13, 
— pi. Gen. xliii. 34. Ex. xxv. 
29. a plate, a platter. S^fAf 
clvicfAC, a porringer. 

2t)íbev|-,-|*í^, pi. id.s.m. hadbreed- 
ing or manners. 

2IJ|bevr<\c,-A]5e, aaj. ill-bred, un- 
genieel, immodest. 

2^ícé<\&]:A, g. id. pi. id. s.m. indig- 
nation, displeasure, Jer. x. 10. 
spelled, 2Djcé<\&pAt>, 1 Sam. 
xxix. 7. &, 2í)jcéA&]:v]6, Matt, 
xxvi, 8. 

2l3ícéAopAc,-Ai5e, adj. displeased, 
indign ant, discon ten ted. 

StJjceATifA, ind. adj. impudent, 

'2X^]ch]\\\6,-6e, foolish, 1 Cor. xv. 
36. unwise, mad. 

S^jc-iaU, g. njícéjUe, s. f. mad- 
ness, 2 Pet. ii. 16. folly, im- 

2Djc]AUYi5e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
simple person, Pro v. xiv. 15. 

2Cfó]r)eArbv]n,-rbDA, pi. id. s. f. 
misfortune, mischance, mis- 

^íc]t)eAn)y]x)eAC,-A]-^e, adj. tm- 

S^fciDce, ind. adj. uncertain^ 

2í)íctt)ceAcb,-bA, s.f. uncertainly, 

^■]C]r-\x)ec.x,-x)\x, s. m. disquiet, 

2Cicliv, g. id. s. m. dishonour, in- 
famy, disrepute. 

2^ict)eArcA, ind. adj. dishonest, 

2CicneAfCAc&,-bv\, s.f. immodesty, 

2í3íc|ie|&eArT>,-&]rt), s. m. unbelief, 
Rom. xi. 20.— Matt. xiii. 58. 

2t3}cfteibti)eAc,-Ai5e, adj. faith- 
less, see Luke ix. 41. unbe- 

2^íóeAlbAc,-A]5e, adj. unseemly, 

2t)íóeArbv|t),-rbt)A, pi. id. s.f. me- 
ditation. Dunl. 

2Cib]on5mAlcA, ind. adj. insujffi- 
cient, insecure. 

2Dí6]ot;5rt}AlcAcb,-bA, s.f. unwor- 
ihiness, insecurity. C. P. 

2Djólf5eArbv]l,-rblA, adj. unlaio- 

SDjolffciooACj-Aise, adj. illegiti- 

S^ÍOíteAÓj-CA, pi. id. s. m. defor- 
mity, an unseemly appearance. 

213i6iteACArbvil,-ri)lA, adj. deform- 
ed, disfigured. 

2t)ifreA|tAtT)lAcb,-&A, s.f. unmanli- 
ness, effeminacy. 

2i)j^-eA|tArbvil,-rr)lA, adj. unmanly, 

2t)ip|V5AncAc,-Ai5e, adj. inhos- 
pitable, unworthy, illiberal. 

2^ipiv5Ar)CAr,-Aif, s. m. inhospi- 
tality, illiberality. 

2Cf5eA^,-^A, s. m. a dislike^ dis- 
gust, displeasure, discontent, a 

^Í5lic,-5ltce, adj. unwise, sillyy 

2l)|5liocY|*,-vi]*, s.m. imprudence, 
silliness, folly. 

2l3í5r)|orr),-ir)A, pi. id. &, -rbA|tCA, 
s.m. « misdeed, mischief 

2^í5t)Iott)Ac,-Ai5e, Siá]. flagitious y 

2t3í5|ie An,-itir), pi. id. s.m. a loath- 
ing, a disgust, disdain. 

2^jl, g. rncAU, s. f. honey, Mark 
i. 6. — Gen. xliii. 11. Luke 
xxiv. 42. Lat. Mel, Gr. imIx-i. 
C|atACA|i tdcaIa, a honey- 

2^llceo, g. id. &, -CI AC, s. m. mil- 
dew. Am. iv. 9. 

2Cile, g. id. pi. iDjlce, s.m. a thou- 
sand. Num. xxxi. 5. — 1 Sam. 



2Í J H 

xvii. 18,— Deut. xxxiii. 17. PsJ 

cxix. 72. Lat. Mille. 
2i)|le, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a mile, 

— g. Matt. V. 41. 
2^lleA6, g. mill^, pi. miljóe, s.m. 

« /zero, « cJiamjnon, a sol- 
dier, a Milesian, Lat. Miles, 

a soldier. 
2J3ilir, comp. iDjUre, &, n7illri, 

Siá]. sweet, Jas. iii. II.— Judg. 

xiv. 18. Ps. xix. 10. savoury, 

2C|ll, inf. 11)1 lie a8, ^- ^•. destroy, 

overthrow, Deut. ix. 26. 

2 Sam. xi. 25 Deut. x. 10. 

Matt. X. 28. spoil, ruin, in- 
2C)lleAÓ, g. millce, pi. id. s. m. 

destruction, Ps. xxxv. 8. Is. 

xi. 9. — Matt. ii. 13. a spoiling, 

damage, injury. 
20|lle4vt), g. tDillei^it), pi. id. s.m. 

an upbraiding, blame. Matt. 

xi. 20. 
2t)|llivt),-livir), pi. id. &, -IvDA, 

s. m, a million, see Gen. xxiv. 

20 [life, g. id. s. f. graciousness, 

sweetness, 1 Pet. ii. 3. Jiat- 



2CiUfeAÓ&,-bA, s. f. sweetness, en- 
ticement, Judg. xiv. 14. 1 Cor. 
ii. 4. 

2Cillce, ind. p. p, destroyed, ru- 
ined, spoiled. 

20lllceAC,-ci5e, adj. deceitful, 
Ps. Iii. 4. destructive, inju- 

20illce<\cvf,-v|f, s. m. destruc- 
tion, Prov. xxiv. 2. ruin. 

20lllceAr)V|",-vi|-, pl. id. s. m. an 
injury, a blimder. 

2ClUceó||t,-ófXA,-óitii5e, s. m. a 
destroyer, a spoiler, an op- 
pressor, Ex. xii. 23. Is. xvi. 

\ Job iii. 18. Is. Ii. 13. — Is. 

xlix. 17. 

2t3|llce5i|te<\c&,-b<ii, s. f. destruc- 
tion, injury, oppression. 

213illri7eAÓ<vr),-aii), pl. id. s. m. 
mallows, — pl. Job. xxx. 4. 
Malva sylvestris. The vernac. 
is, S^jllrbeAciiit). 

2t3|lfe, g. id. s. f. sweetness, see 

2t)ilfft^0,-|'eivir), pl. id. s. m. any- 
tliiiig sweet, a sweetmeat, a 

^Dilj-eívt) iDAftA, s. m. a sort of 

2^llfeivD tt)OD<v, s. m. bog honey- 

^I'^nS^ri^S'^^j ^- a- sweeten, 
mull, make savoury. 

^íjlce, Ps. cxix. 72. nom. pl. of 
2t)ile, q. v. 

2Dirbe<vr,-i*CA, pl. id. s. m. disre- 
spect, disrepute, debasement. 

2l3(ri)e<\}*, inf. id. v. a. undervalue, 

2DirtieAfAri7vil,-tt)U, adj. disre- 

2t)irr)eAfCA, ind. p. p. of ^^jtijeAf, 
despised, vile, 1 Sam. xv. 9. 

2t)|rT)e|roeAC,-r)J5e, s. f. discou- 
ragement, Deut. i. 21. 

2i)|tT)e])'r)eArt)Yil,-ri7lA, adj. dispi- 
rited, dastardly, desponding. 

2Cjri?eii'r)15,-t>lY5A6, v. a. &n. dis- 
courage, be dismayed, Jer. xxx. 
10. see Num. xxxii. 7. 

'^]n)eób'j\]\),-A^e, s. f. June, lite- 
rally, middle month. 

2í)írbíui5,-r)lv5A6, v. a, misinter- 
pret, see 2^1015. 

2i)|i), g. iDine, s. f. meal, 2 Kings 
iv. 41. Is. xlvii. 2. — 1 Kings 
xvii. 14. Luke xiii. 21. 

2t)ir), comp. vr>\\)e, adj. small, fine, 
smooth, Ex. XXX. 36. — Prov. 
v. 3. soft, mild, gentle, tender, 
pulverized. Tevji. vcyyc), tender 

2C ) n 



grass. 3o xt)]\), gently, softly, 

com. Gr, luv'-jog, Welsh, 

Mau, & Lat. Min-us. 
2CíDbrti|-,-feA6, V, a. bi'eak into 

powder, crumble, pulverize. 
20it)e, g. id. s-f. a polish, Lam. 

iv. 7. smoothness, gentleness, 

fineness. 2^ft)e<xcb,-bA, s. f. id. 
S^loeACj-Tiije, adj. mealy. 
2^it)eAllAC5-lvi5, pi. id. s.m. small 

20it3eA^A6,-Ai6.-Ai6e, s. ra. mer- 
cery, small uare. 
2Ciueire,g. id. s.i.down, literally, 

a smooth or small feather. 
'^]x)y:eo.\\tr]x),-t6,r)s\, pi. id. s. f. 

small rain, Deut. xxxii. 2. 
2CfT)pevft,-&-nt, pi. id. s. m. grass, 

Gen. i, 12. tender grass. 
2^it)5A&v]5eAc&,.bA, pi. id. s. f, 

j^etit larceny, pilfering. 
2t)ir)5eAl,-5ile, adj. soft b^fair. 
2^jn5eAni,-itAÓ, v.a. mince, hash, 

cut into small pieces. 
213|Q|c, comp. njiorjCA, adj. fre- 
quent, often, Rom. xv. 22. 

1 Tim. V. 23.-2 Cor. xi. 23. 
2C(r)]5, ^"^' rni01v5A6, v.a. declare, 

open. Matt. xiii. 36. — Acts 

xvii. 3. make smooth, explain, 

expound, fr. rDfr). 
2Cíi)15ceóift,-óiiA,-ói]tióe, s.m. an j 

expounder, a commentator. \ 
2l3ioiofbjiíVTl,-ívUcb, V. a- minis- ' 

ie;-,— inf. Acts xiii. 2. Heb. 

X. 11. 
2^ir)iO|-biaivUc&,-bA, pi. id. s.f. an 

office, a ministration, ministry, 

1 Tim. iii. 10 Luke i. 23. 

Eph. iv. 12. 
2CíDircift, g. id. pi. -c|ii, s. m. a 

minister, Rom. xv. 8. Col. i. 

7.— pi. 1 Cor. iii. 5. 
2^ji7iv5<\8,-i5V|5ce, pi. id. s. m. j 

interpretation, 1 Cor. xii. 10. | 

explanation. \ 

StJjijleAC, -1)5,-1)58, s. m. green' 

pasture, — g. Ps. xxiii, 2. very 
fine grass. 

2CiT)ri7eAtt, see 2l3v|t)rbeAft. 

2iineobot)AC,-A)5e, adj. inward. 
y^. Í . 

2C|oreAc,-ri5e,-reACA, s. f. a she 

^1íreÓ5,-ó(5e,-ó5A, s. f. a young 
she goat. 

2^10, see 2Cf. 

2í)ío-AÓ, g. id. s.m. misfortune, fr. 
iDj, &, a6. 

2t)ío-A8rbAía,-v\)rie, adj. unfortu- 
nate, inauspicious. 

2D]ocAntcAi)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. uncha- 
ritable. Dunl. 

2J3ÍOCO, g. id. pi. mfocbA, s. m. a 
mitre, Ex. xxviii. 4. & xxix. 
6. — Ex. xxviii, 37. 


,ociv, g, 


m. a reproach, a 

ebuke. Gen. xxx. 23. Deut. 
xxviii. 20. — 2 Kings xix. 3. 

2t)ioclf)cftAC,-C)5e, adj. infamous, 
Ezek. 22. 5. reproachful. 

2Ciocoit)5)oll,-5)ll, pi. id. &, 
-510IU, a false act, a breach of 
trust, a backsliding, Ps. xliv. 
17 — pi. Jer. xiv. 7. 

2t3iocoir)51ollAc,-Ai5e, adj. per- 
verse, unfaithful, backsliding, 
Deut. xxxii. 5. Ps. Ixxviii. 57. 
Jer. iii. 6. 

2^iocott7Aiple, g. id. pi -leACA, 
s.f. bad advice, see Cort)A)|ale. 

2Ciocori)5Att,-Aiii, pi. id. disap- 
pointment, inconvenience. O'G. 
& Dunl. 

2t)iocott)5AftAc,-Ai5e, adj. incon- 

2^iocorbc]iorr>,-cttv)me, adj. un- 
equal, 2 Cor. vi. 14. unjust. 

2DíocpaibceAÓ,-q5, pi. id. &, 
-c)5e, s. m. an ungodly person, 
—pi. Ps. i. 5. 

2t3joóvfT)A6,~rr)CA, pi. id. s. m. a 
deforming, a deformity. 

2t)iocvrDA|*,-Aif, s. m. inability. 




2^jocYn)CA, ind. p. p. unJinisheíU 
imperfect .t Ps. cxxxix. 16. 

2l5iobAlAC,-Ui5e, adj. Jlaltering, 

2l3iobAUcb,-&A, s. f. flattery, 
fawning, a fair speech. 2t3|o&Al, 
-All, pi. id. s.m. id. 

2^1ob55,-ói5e,-Ó5<x. s. f. a long 
knife, the dagger if the ancient 

2D)oóvil,-leAÓ, V. a. loathe dislike, 
see Prov. xxvii. 7. 2Dí8vili5, 
-liv50>6, id. 

2D|o&v|tacb,-&<x, s. f. negligence. 

2l3iof:o]5ib,-&e, s.f. impatience. 

20iopoi5i&eAC,-&t3e, adj. impa- 

2^iofrolUtr),-ne, adj. unwhole- 
some, unhealthy. 

2t)iopoll^ioeAcb,-&A, s.f. unsound- 
ness, bad health. 

2Ciofrort)o]*,-n)V]]*, s. m. disres- 

2^iopoTtCYr),-YH7, pi. id. s.m. mis- 

2Diofro|icvt)AC,-Ai5e, adj. unfor- 

2Í3Í03, g. rtjio^A, pi. id. s. m. a 
smirk, a smile, a sly look. 

2Ci05AC,-Ai5e, adj. smirking, 
smiling, sly-looking. 

2^io5bYi6e, g. id. s. m. woody 
nightshade, Solanura dulca- 

2^io5nAOT, g. id. s. f. displeasure, 

2Cío5itíi]-A, g. id. s. m. infamy, 

2^io5fta.fAC,-Ai5e, adj. graceless, 

2^(05|iiv|*<vtT)lAcb,-bA, s. f. grace- 

20iol, g. TDjl, pi- mioU, s. ra. a 
whale, a louse, — pi. Gen. i. 21. 
Ex. viii. 7. This is a general 
name for any animal. 

2^iol bv^Óe, g. roil bvpe, pi. 

mfolA bvjóe, s. m. a leveret, a 

2^iol citfoi), g.xr)\\c\i\r),^\. xx)]o\\ 

c|tioi)A, s.m. a moth, Matt. vi. 

20. see Jas. v. 2. 
2©jol rí7Óft, g. 117)1 rbó||i, pi. rrjiolA 

iDÓftA, s.m. a whale, Joh vii. 12. 

—Matt. xii. 40.— Gen. i. 21. 

2t3iol 50]le, a belly worm. 
2CiolabA|tcA, ind. p.p. ill-spoken, 

ill said, 
2l3íolíibA}\cAc,-Ai5e, 2iá].fro-i!oard, 

2DíolAC,-Ai5e, adj. lousy, brutish. 
^tJfolcAiite, g. id. pi. -ftibe, s. m.a 

wheedler, a cajoler, fr. the obs. 

V. rt)iolc,-CA6, flatter, &, peA|i. 
2C(olcAffaeACb,-&A, s.f. wheedling, 

cajolery, fattery. 
2t3iolcv, s. m. & f. a greyhound, 

K. for declension see Cv. 
2J3íolrÓ5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a gnat. 

Matt, xxiii. 24. «^j/. 
2^íolcÓ5 leACAjfi, see JaIcós ^^^" 


2l3ioii)AcanrA, ind. adj. impudent, 

2Cíori)Acívr)CACb,-bA, s. f. disho- 

2^iori7Acar)cuf,-u]f, s. m. disho- 
nesty, — g. 2 Cor. iv. 2. í/wp^- 

2t)iorbAi|*e, g. id. s.f. ugliness, de- 
formity, Dan. X. 8. 

2t3joir)o&,-rboÓA, pi. id. s. m. in- 
civility, disrespect, imperti- 
nence, an improper habit, in- 

2^iorT70&Ariniil,-rblA, adj. ill-bred, 
unmannerly, incivil. 

2l3)ort}ol,-n)ólA6, v. a. dispraise, 

2t)íorinili)í5irj,-5r)e, s. f. distrust, 

2l3|ot), comp, nj]\)e, adj. small, fine, 
exact, distinct, see 2t)ii). 

2t)foT)Ac, s. m. see 2t3fAi?AC. 

m j 


2« j 

2t3fo!n\&riiir<.\, iucl. adj. unnatural, 

1 Cor. vi. 9. 1 Tim. i. 10. | 
2Cíoi)(\&úricAC&,-&A, s. f. hard-\ 

lieartcdness, wnrtt of feeling. 

SCfonixin^, g- id- s. f. lascivious- 
iiess, 2 Cor. xii. 21. immo- 
desty, imjmdence, assurance. 

2^!on^i|ieAC,-|ii5e, 2,á\. shameless, 

2 Sam. vi. 20. immodest. | 
2t)ion-<NO]|-,-]-e, s. f, a minority, 

(with respect to age.) i 

2D|oi)A]-b|ti\lAcb,-&A, s.f. Mark i. ' 

13. see 2^|t)ior&[iaUc&. j 

5y)]or)biiAbAc,-Ai5e, adj. given or \ 

addicted to petty larceny. j 

2Cloi)bttA&vi5e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. i 

a petty thief. ! 

2í))ot)b|xvgit)at),-ívii), s. m. minced 

meat. : 

2í)ioi)b|avf;^,-Y5AÓ, v.a. stamp, (as 

under foot,) 2 Chron. xv. 16. 

mince, crumble. j 

S^loijcA, comp. of 2l)it)ic, q. v. j 
2t)|or)CAci),-bA, s. f. often, 1 Cor. 

xi. 25. oft times, ' 

2CloncvA|icv3AÓ,-cvi5ce, pi. id. j 

s. m. strict search or examina- j 

Hon. K. S. 
213ioijcvv\|icvi3,-Y^A&, v.a. search] 

strictly, examine diligently. 

2l)lon5Abvi;^e, g. id. pi. -bvisce, 

s. m. a petty thief a petty lar- 
ceny robber. 
2Cjor)3A&vi5eAcfc),-bA, pi. id. s. f. 

petit larceny. 
2^IOD5Anie, g. id. pi. -|ti6e, s. m. 

a smile. 
2Cl0DlYAiqteA6,-]t|6, s. m. poiu- 

der. Matt. xxi. 44. fr. xx)]0[), &, 

lvA]C|ieA6, q. V. 
2Í3joí3a, g. id. pi. id. s.m. «?i oath, 

n swearing. Gen. xxvi. 3. Matt. 

V. 34._'2 Sam. xxi. 7.— Ezek. 

xxi. 23. 2l3|oi),-^A, pi. id. s. m. 

id. Oftoic-ri)io^<x, perjury, 

2l3]o5.\ eicig, id. 

2í5ioOMj,-:\in, pi. id. s. m. a kid, 
— pi. Gen. xxxi. 38. see 
2t3iofjvi5,-Y5A6, v.a, swear, Deut. 
ix. 5. & X. II.— Gen. xxiv. 3. 
Matt. xxvi. 74. 
2l)ioócAr,-A]r, s. in. mint, — g. 

Matt, xxiii. 23. Mentha. 
2i)ior)CAf ÓAir|l, s. m. ivall pelli- 

tory ; Parietaria. 
2Díouó]-,-óir, pi. id. &, -ó|-A, s.m. 

distraction, unusual conduct. 
2t5jouórAC,-Ai3e, adj. insolent, 

unusual, morose. 
2í3|onTtoit),-oiTle,-of)A, pi. id. s.m. 

a subdivision. K. 
20iot)rcTtvbvi5,-Y5<\6, V. a. inves- 
tigate, examine closely. Dunl. 
2t3jonr3oir,-ce, pi. id. s. f. a deli- 
cate flower. 
2t)Tonci^o,-ain, pi. id, s.m. a small 

bird, a titmouse. 
2Diop:\1fir,-ce, s.f. ingratitude. 
2l);o|tAC5-|tAéA, s.m. misfortune. 
2í3jofiACArbYil,-ri9l(\, adj. unfortu- 
2QiottbYil,-le, &,-li5e, s.m. 
or f. a miracle, a wondmus 
iiw/i, John xii. 18.— pi. Judg. 
yi. 13. Ps. Ixxv. 1. 2Í) o|ibY|le, 
id. John X. 41. a wonder, a 
2l5joitbv]leAc,-lT3e, adj. marvel- 
lous, miraculous. 
2l3io|XYt),-Y|o, pi. id, s. m. ill-will, 
! malice, a private grudge- 
1 2t5]ont, g. rx)]w\, s. m. myrrh. Gen. 
I xliii. 11 — Gen. xxvii. 25. 
2t3ionvnAc,-Ai3e, adj. malicious, 

^\ox, s. f. see 2^]. 
2í/o|'AÓ,-Ai3, s. m. fairy-flax, 
purging flax ; Linum cathar- 
2t3iorAtt5Yil,-tt)lA, adj. monthly. 
2ííofa]-A&,-fív|-cA, pi. id. s.m. dis- 

2^ ) 


2t)) S 

2Díofí^l*<\15,-fí!^|*<NÓ, v.a. displease^ 

S^fofivycA, ind. p. p. displeased, 

2Cioj-cY]i-,-T-e, s. f. envy, Is. xi. 
13. spite, enmity, a grudge. 

2ijorcYireAc,-ri5e, adj. spiteful, 

2C(or5at),-a]n, pi- id. s.m. a small 
wooden vessel for holding 

2^fO|-5Vf,-Yir, s.m. see 2t)iofcvif. 

20iorcaib,-be, s. f. defamation, 

2ííofYAiri)t)eAc,-t)i5e, adj. í/'om- 
hlesome, uncomfortable. 

2l)jofvAirbi)eAr5-Dirj pl* id- s. m. 
trouble, noise, affliction. Acts 
XV. 19. Gal. V. 12.— Matt. ix. 
23. see Acts xx. 23. 

2CiofvAiiic,-ce, adj. churlish, un- 
generous, disagreeable. 

2PiofvAiiiceA|-,-cif, s.m. churlish- 
ness, a disagreeable disposition. 

2CfofriiieAC&,-&<x, s. f. measure- 
ment, mensuration. 

2í3]oi-úp,-áiTi, pi. id. s. m. a mea- 
sure, Luke vi. 38. — 2 Cor. x. 
13.— 1 Sam. XXV. 18. 

2l)iorúiiieAC&,-b<\, s. f. a measure. 
Lev. xix. 35. 

2í5|OCAicii),-cAict)eAtÍ7, V. a. dis- 
please, 2 Sam. xi. 27. 

2DiocAici)eAri9,-c<\icnit>, or, -t^-\c- 
v^\\\), s. m. displeasure, Ps. vi. 
1.— Deut. ix. 19. 

2CíocAict)e<MÍ)AC,-Ai5e, adj. disa- 
greeable, wipleasant. 

2t)iocAl,-A|l, pi. id. s. m. metal. 
R. S. Lat. Metal-lum. 

2i)iocAlAc,-Ai5e, adj. metallic, 

2í)íocApA6, g. id. &, -v]&, s. m. 
mishap, mischance, misfortune. 

2Díoc<xpv|ó,-t)e, adj. inapt, inac- 
tive, unready. 

2DiocA|ibAc,-Ai5e, adj. unprofit- 
able, Job. XV. 3. 

2^iocA|ibAc&,-bA, s. f. unprofita- 

2D(ocUc&, g. id. s. m. contempt, 
disrespect, displeasure. 

2í3íocUc&tt)An5-Airte, adj. con- 
temptuous, unpleasant, unhand- 

2t3iocÓ5,-ó)5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a mitten. 

2^)ocó3-bYióe, s. f. woody night» 
shade ; Solanum dulcamara. 

2t)iocoil,-colA, s.i.ill-ivill, unwil- 

2í3(ocoileAc,-li5e, adj. umvilling. 

2^iocvi5reAC,-n5e, adj. foolish, 
Rom. X. 19. sefiseless, stupid. 

2Ciocvi5fit),-not)A, s.f. misunder- 

2D]fa, g, njijte, pi. njiOftA, s.f. a 
part, a share, a portion. K. 

2^(|te, g. id. s. f. madness, — g. 
1 Sam, xxi. 15. levity, sport, 
mirth, fiolicJc. 

S!X)\]\ery(xx),-ii]X), s. m. iinreason- 
ableness, absurdity. 

2t)j|ievfúocA, adj. unreasonable, 

2CirtiA:^Ail,-5U, pi. id. &, -5IACA, 
s.f. rebellion,, transgression, Job 
xxxiv. 37. Prov. xix. 11. irre- 
gularity, misrule, see n^AJA^l. 

2^,jt|A5AlcA, ind. adj. iinruly, dis- 
orderly, 1 Thess. V. 14. 2 Thess. 
iii. 6. 2^iftiA5<xilceAc,-ci5e, 

2Ci|t1A5AlcAcb,-&A, s. f. irregula- 
rity, informality, disorderli- 
2^1^11, g. id. s. m. Cant, v, 1. 

Matt. ii. 11. see 2Dioni. 
2t3ir, s. f. see 2^]. 
2t3n-be, Mark iv. 38. see 2^611-66. 
213í]'eol,-Uó, v. a. misdirect, mis- 
lead, misguide, fr. Seol, q. v. 
2l3(fevr)5-fé]n, s. m. mishap, ill- 

2Djy5e, g. id. s. f. 1 Thess. v. 7. 
see 2^611*56. 

2Í) O 


2C J 

2l)(|-3e<MÍ)V|l,-mU, adj. drunken 

Deut. xxi. 20. 

s. m. a false or calumnious re 

2^11-1, an emph. pers. pron. / 

2t)||-iiT)ir), g. id. s. m, spearmint; 

^\X]xr)]\) feeAns, s. m. bogmint ; 

Mentha aquatica. 
2l)i|-jn)itic,-iopcA, s. i.foul-play. 
2Pij'(obAlcA, hid. adj. uncivil, 

2í3t|-ce, ind. adj. worse, com^. of 

Olc, q. V. 
2^jceA]-bv|-,-v^|-, pi. ft re- 

prcach, calumny. 
2^icib, s. t'. (found only in this 

form) a proper or due time, 

Luke i. 57. Kom. xiii. 11. 
2^|cit),-i)e,-ni5e, s. f. mittens, 

gloves without fingers. 
2t3íc|ieói]i,-ó[iA, s. f. faintness, 

want, weakness. 
2Cícneótt<xc,-|i<\|5e, adj. faint, 

weak, feeble. 
213t)ivriiAlACti,-&o, s. f. effeminacy, 

bash fulness. 
2^r)^tT)Yil,-ri)U, adj. womanish, 

2^0, ind. poss. adj. pron. my, 

Matt. ii. 6. & passim, 
2í!ó, more. Matt. vi. 25. comp. 

of 2^011, q.v. 
2i)od, comp. moice, adj. early, 

Prov. viii. 17. Luke xxiv. 1. 

used mostly in the adverbial 

form, 5o njoc. 
2Co6, g. njoóA, pi. id. s. m. a man- 
ner, a measure, John ix. 10, 

— Num. ix, 4, respect, honour, 

Lat, Mod-us. 
2t3o6Ai5eAcb,-bA, s,f. exercise, la- 
bour, husbandry. R, S. Perhaps ! 

fr. the obs. xno, or, 11706, a j 

man, a slave, also, ivork or la-\ 

bour, com. Lat. Wo-mo, &, 

2í)oÓAiT)Ucb,-bA, s. f. gentleness, 

modesty, good breeding. 
2í5o6AtT)vil,-rr)U, adj. gentle, cour- 
teous, mild, modest, well-bred. 
215ob<\|ic<v, ind. adj. muddy, rough, 

2i)o6iT7Ati,-Aitie, adj. fashionable, 

modest, stately. 
2l3ot>|'Aii)e, g. id. s. f. slavery, 

bondage, fealtij, homage. 
21305, g, it)05A, s. m. Gal, i. 13. 

— Ex, xxi. 9. see 21)ob. 
21)03^1, g. rt705<Nil, pi. id. s.m, the 

apple (of the eye,) Zech. ii. 8. 

a husk, Num. vi. 4. a globe, 

the mesh of a net, a cluster of 

nuts, the shell of any fruit. 

2Do5yII,-viII, pi, id, s, m. id. 

Num. vi. 4. 
2Co5AllAc,-A^5e, 2iá].full of husks, 

2t3oic-e|ii3e,' s.f. early rising. 
2Cóib, g. n)ó]be, pi. id. sS.avoiv, 

Gen. xxxi, 13. Acts xxiii. 14. 

— Lev. xxvii. 8, — Num. xxx, 4, 

Job xxii. 27. 
213óib, inf. rooibeATT), v. a. vow, 

swear, devote, ascertain. 

2l)óibi5,-iv5A6, id. 
2l3óibe, more, John xv. 2- a se- 
cond comp. of 2I3Ó11, q. V, 
^o\'6eó.ro,-tiZQ, s. m. 1 Kings xx. 

11. see 2S5<\oibe<\ri7. 
2l36|b5eAlUó,-5eAllcA, s, m. a 

vow. Acts xviii. 18, 
2l3óibi5re, ind. p.p. accursed, Jos. 

vi, 17. & 18. vowed, sworn, de- 
2t3oi5lióe, ind. adj. soft, plump, 

well-looking. M'N. 
2l)o|ll, g. mo|lle, s. f. delay, Acts 

xx. 16. hindrance. 
20oille, comp. of 21)^11, q. v. 
2t)o|lcit), g. id. pi. -i)ibe, s.m. a 

small wether, dim. of 2t)olr, q.v. 

21)0 ) 


21) on 

2Dóitt)éii)c,-ce,-cí, s- f. « moment, \ 
I Cor. XV. 52. 2 Cor. iv. 17. 

2DÓ11), g. ttjóoA, pi. roó)t)ce, s. f. 
turf, peat, a bog, a mountain, | 
an extensive common. \ 

2Cóine63,-ó|5ej-ó5A, s, f. see 
21351)55. . 

2l)5it)^evii,-f.-éiTt, pi. id. s. m. a 
meadow. Gen. xli. 2.— pi. see 
Judg. XX. 33. literally, moun- 
tain grass. 

at)oip.Nl,-AiI, pi. id. s. m. a mop. 

2t)óin, written for the prefix, 
2t)óft, when the first vowel of 
the following syllable is either 
of the slender vowels e, or i. 

2DóittceAf;Ar,-^ir, s. m. high aii- 
thority, headship. 

2i)oiriceAr)ArAC,-Ai5e, adj. having 
high authority. 

2l)ó|pceA|ic,-céipc, s.m. clemency, 
Acts xxiv. 4. strict justice. 

2i)5iticion,-cio, s. m. great love 
or esteem. 

2t)óiii^-e<xpcAiO,-cAÓA, s. f. great 
rain,—g' Prov. xxvii. 15. 

2D5niibe<\r,-r^A> s. m. great repu- 
tation, or esteem. 

2íónirbeiri)eAC,-i)i5, &, -iJiTje, 
s.m. & f. magyianimity, high 

2^ó|iimioi)AÓ,-Ai3tí, adj. greatly 
addicted to cursing or swear- 
ing. O'G. 

2l)ónxoeAttc,-i)&i|ic, pi. id. s. m. 
mighty power,— g. Eph. i. 19. 

2l)5ntfeireAii,-rn>j s. m. seww, 
Jos. vi. 4. 2 Sam. xxi. 6. Rev. 
xvii. 11. seven persons^ iv. njop, 
&, reireAit. 

2ioiiacevl,-&il, s. m. mortar. Lev. 
xiv. 42. Nah. iii. 14. 

a mortice, Ex. xxxvi. 24. 
2t)oiceAC,-c)5e, adj.5e»s?6/e. C.P. 
fr. rtjocvj.^, see 2í)ocv|5ceAC. 

213o|ceAif)lACb,-bA, s. f. niceness, 
pettishness, sulkiness, fr. obs. 
n^oic, id. 
2io|ceAibv|l,-iT;lA, ady sulky, nice, 

2l)ol, g. n9V|l, &, molA, pi. id. s.m. 

a beam, a shaft, a heap ; 2^ol 

n)v|lli!), a mill shaft. 
2^ol, inf. n^olAÓ, v. a. praise, 

commend, glorify ; Ps. cxlvii. 

12. Luke xvi. 8. — Rom. xv. 

2^olAC&r),-ivji), pi. id. s. m. a sort 

of soft Irish cheese, also, a 

slough or bog. 2DvlAciit), id. 
2Í)oIa8, g. n)olcA, pi. id. s. m. 

praise, thanksgiving, Deut. x. 

2l._Ps. cxvi. 17. Ejjh. i. 12. 

— 2 Sam. xxii. 50. see 2J3ol. 
2^oUM),-Air), pi. id. s. ra. a small 

heap or hill, a brow- 
25olc, g. n)y\\z, pi. id. s. m. a 

9Xío\zí^c,-A\-^e , &áj. praiseworthy . 
^o\có]\i,-d]i{<,-ó]]x]be, s. m. a 

praiser, a panegyrist. 
2J3oi)AbAti,-A]it, pi. id. s.m. a mur- 
muring, tS'um. xvii. 10. John 

vii. 12. 2t)otjbAn, id. Ex. xvi. 2. 
2l3or)5Ac,-AJ5,-A|5e, s. m. a fish 

called tehiting ; Merlangus 

2í)oo5A]|t,-5ív||ie, pi. id. s. f. a 

roaring, a noise, Ps. xcviii. 7. 

2t)on5A]i,-Aiji, s. m. id — g. Ps. 

xciii. 4. see 1 Sam. iv. 6, 
2D5i;55,-5i5e,-ó5A, s. f. a bog- 
berry, a moss-berry. 
2t)or;riAitjinterj. a-lack-a-day, woe 

is the day, alas. 
2l)5ti, comp. mo, k, it^óibe, adj. 

great, 2 Kings xviii. 19. — 

Matt. vi. 25. John xv. 2. 

mighty, big, renowned, large, 

extensive, see 2t)5, &, 2C5]be. 
2t)óiiívlcA, ind. adj. moral. 
j 2l)ó|i;\lcACb,-&A, s.f. morality. 




2Cótiívi),-ívii), s. m. many, much, 
Num. xxvi. 56. 2 Cor. viii. 15. 
a muliitude. 

21)óixbív]ceAC,-ci5e, adj. over- 
whelming, destructive. R.S. 

2l3ó|tcofO<\]*<\c,-A]5e, adj. highly 
expensive, very costly. 

2^óiicttoí6eAc,-ói5e, adj. magna' 

2^óftcjtoí6eAcOj-í)<\, s. f. magna- 

2t3oncÚA]pc,-cÚA|tcA, pi. id, &, 
-cÚA|tc<\,TjA, s. f. a grand tour, 
the visit of a King to his sub- 

2Cójt5ft^6, g. id. &, -5tiC\óA, s. m. 

great love, Eph. ii. 4. 
213ó|t5ttív6rT)A|i,-A|fte, adj. very 

lovely, ardently loving. 
2Có|i5|iív]t),-t)e, s. f. abomination, 

Gen. xliii. 32. detestation. 

VAÓ,-lvAI5, &, -IvACA,, 

s. m. a great recompence, Heb. 

X. 35. a great ^jr/ce, great 


óplvA|3,-5e, adj. precious, 

costly, Jas. v. 7. 1 Pet. ii. 6. 

— Is. xiii. 12. valuable. 2Dó|i- 

lvA|ó,-C)e, id. 

jects, or of a Bishop to the j 2í3óiilvA)5e<Ncb,-í5A, s.f. great 
Clergy of his diocese 


2Có|tcú|r,-cúii-e, s. i.pomp, state, ; 21)oprr)ói)CA, g. id. s.ra. wormwood, 

pride. ! Deut. xxix. 18. Artemisia 

2í3óficúl|-eAÓ,-j-i5e, adj. pompous, 

stately, haughty. 
2Cóftcúri)AC&A, g. id. s. m. (/rcrt/ 

poiver, Acts viii. 10. 2t36|i- 

cúrbAcb, g. id. &, -bA, s. m. 

or f. id. 
2l5óti6<x, ind. adj. proud, noble, 

m agn ijicen t, m ajestic. 
2^ó|t6Acb,-&A, s.f. greatness, ma- 

rit, great value. 

Deut. xxix. 

2Cópri76p, (50) used adverbially ; 

much more, especially, 1 Cor. 

xii. 22. Gal. vi. 10. chiefly, 

2Dópin\i),-^in, pi. id. s. m. a small 
^ wooden, dish or drinking vessel. 
2il5ftoibpeAc,-oibpi5e, adj. having 

much or hard work. 


ty, Ps. cxlv. 6. 2 Pet. i. 16. i 2^5itflvA5,-Ai5,-Ai5ce, s. m. a 

•Heb. i. 3. & viii. 1. pride 
pomp. 2t)ó|i5Acb, id. 

2Cóiió;\iI,-ív1a, s.f. boasting, Rom. 
iii. 27. — 2 Cor. x. 15. triumph, 
glory, pride, also, an assembly, 
a convention. 

2l)óftbí\lAc,-Ai5e, adj. boasting, 
magnificent, proud. Dunl. 

2Cóit5A6, g. ti7Ó|t5vi5ce, s.m. cor- 
ruption. Lev. xxii. 25. Job 
xvii. 14. 

2Có|i5íxiiibeAC,-bi5e, adj. raptu- 
rous, delightful. 

2Cótt5ívi|tbeAÓvr,-vn-, s. m. rap- 
ture, delight. 

2Dó|a5Ai|-5Éí, g. id. s. f. heroism, 

2t)óp5lóiiAc,-Ai5e, adj. boasting^ 

great host, a multitude, an 

2t5ófifoi5t)e, g. id. s. f. great com- 
fort, pleasure, delight. C. P. 

2^óttf ojllre, g. id. pi. id. &, -f-e aca, 
s. f. great splendour, great 

2^órtfoillreAc,-|*i5e, adj. resplen- 

2í3oitc, g. iDO||tc, s. m. 7nurder, 
death ; Lat. Mors, g. mort-is, 
Fr. Mort. 

2t3ópco]l,-colA, s.f. great delight, 
good pleasure, Matt. iii. 17. 

2í)ópcoppcAc,-Ai5e, adj. of great 
plenty, fruitful, see (5en. xli. 
29. ' ^ 

2í3ópcttóiCAipeAc,-|i|3e, adj. ha- 
ving great mercy, Num.xiv. 18. 

2J3U C 


at IJ j 

{tOoticvfj-Yj]-, pi. id. s, m. gasco- 

tmde, a hoasting, insolence. 
SCófvvAifle, the high 

2Cóftv5bAtt,-t><'^in5 pl- id. s. m. a 

great author, a first cause. 

R. S. 
213óftvi5, inf. n)ó[tv5<\ó, v.a. w?rt^- 

?it/y, — inf. Job xxxvi. 21. extol, 

2^ócA, g. id. pi. mocAjoe, s. m. rt 

mount, Ezek. xxvi. 8. a viote. 
ilUocit<Nc,-<N15,-A]5e, s. m. a woo?-, 

a tvoody swamp. 
2Cócv5AÓ,-vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 

feeling, Eph. iv. 19. a touch, 
' perception. 
2^ócy]^,-v;5a6, v. a. perceive, 

touch, Luke viii. 46. — Heb. 

iv. 15. feel. 
2l)ócY|3ceAC,-ci5e, adj. feeling, 

sensible, perceptive. 
2IJúAlAc,-<Ni3,-Ai5e, s. m. suds, a 

sink, coicdung, excrement. 

2i)AO]leAc,-li5e,-leACA, s.f. id. 
2i)vc, g. Ti)Y]ce, pi. rt)YCA, s. f. a 

sow, a pig, — pi. swine, — g. 

Prov. xi. 22— pi. Lev. xi. 7. 

Luke XV. 16. 
2l3úc, inf. xv)í\cís,x>, V. a. quench, 

Heb. xi. 34. — Cant. viii. 7. 

Matt. iii. 12. extinguish, smo- 
^^úcAÓ, g. tDíiccA, s. in. a smo- 
thering, an extinguishing, suf- 
2l3YCAi6e, g. 'iá 

2t)YCAifte, g. id. pi. -niDe, s, ra. a 

swine herd. 
^)YCArT)lAC&,-&A, s. f. sti'inish- 

ness, moroseness. 
S^YCAri^Y^lj-tijU, adj. sivinish, 

20Yc-5Aii)e, g. id. s. f. a sand 

bank, a quicksand, fr. the obs. 

s. ii?vc, a heap. 

. S^Yc-rijAHA, s.f. a porpoise, a sea 
I Jiog- 
a^Yc-i-oeAcbA, s. f. a drifted heap 

of snow. 
2t3úccA, ind. p. p. extinguished, 

2l)újA, g. id. s. m. ri straying, a 

perishing, Prov. vii. 25. 1 Cor. 

viii. 11. It seems only used in 

the phrase, ^ 117115^, after verbs 

of motion. 
2í3a5AnU\r),-íV]n, pi. id. s. m. an 

ancle, see Ezek. xlvii. 3. the 

round top or head of anything, 

as of a pin, Sfc. 
*^v-^^liij,-i;A,-t)Ai3, s. f. an ancle 

hone, — pi. Acts iii. 7. 
^)\-^ox\i\\^,-^x), pi. id. s. m. tcild 

carrot ; Daucus carota. 
*í)Yicf:eóil,-ólA, s.f- pork, bacon, 

fr. mrc, &,|.vóil. 
2^Yicfr), g. id. pi. -t)i6e, s. f. a 

little pig, dim. of 213yc. 
'ítÍY]6, V. a. & n. see 2l3ftO]6. 
2í3Y]pl&A&,-éi&, pi. id. s. m. a 

muffler, — pi. Is. iii. 19. 
2^iil5, E' "^"15^? s. f. gloom, dark- 
ness, a surly countenance, a 

mist, a melancholy. 2l)úi5 \\)\y, 

an ancient name of Ireland. 

2ív(5ít), g. id. pi. -u|óe, s. m. a 

little mug. 
2CYilceAÍj,-ció, s. m. fellwort, 

penny grass ; Gentiana ama- 

2CY|leAi), g. xY>r\\]\), pi. xx)r\\z], 

s. m. a mill, Matt. xxiv. 41. — 

Ex. xi. 5. Matt, xviii. 6.— pi. 

see Num. xi. 8. Lat. Mola, 

Gr. MÓA^, &, /xúXwi/, Fr. Moulin. 

2DyiI|ot3, id. 
2Cú|lo65,-ói5e,-Ó3A, s.f. a mould, 

a condition. O'G. 
2í3y|11, s. f. 1 Tim. iii. 15. see 

i^iilUe, g. id. pi. -Ijóe, s. m. a 

<mn ] 


2t)U j 

711 ule, 2 Sam. xviii. 9 — Zech. 

xiv. 15. — Gen. xxxvi. 24. Lat. 

2l)v|lleói]i,-ó|i<v,-óii\|óe, s. m. a 

2^viUe5||xeAC&,-bA, s. f. the busi- 
ness of a miller, grinding. 
2l3v|rT)e, g- id. s.f. see bvjnje. 
213viu, g. TT)vit)e, pi. n)Y|ni6e, s. f. 

í/íe 5«cA:, the neck and shoid- 

2l)úio, inf. n)iir)A6, v. a. ieachy 

lead, Deut. iv. 9- Luke xi. 1. 

—Ex. xiii. 21. Mark vi. 34. 
2t3vit),-t}e, s.f. the vine tree ; now 

obsolete except as the name of 

213, the tenth letter of the mo- 
dern Irish Alphabet. 
S^vjOce, g. id. pi. id. &, -C]6e, s. f. 

a collar, a necklace. K. 
213viueAC, g. n)Y]i)i5, pi. tT)vit)|5e, 

s.m. a thicket ofthorns, thorns, 

Matt. xiii. 7.— Matt. xiii. 22. 
'^Y^\}eA,-é\\, pi. id. s. m. a neck, 

Ps. ixxv. 5. — Gen. xxvii. 16. 

Prov. vi. 21. — 2 Sam. xxii. 41. 

com. Lat. Monil-e. a necklace. 
>lt3YinevlAC,-li5e, adj. belonging 

to the neck. 
2t3v^ 1^3,-565-56 A^ A, s. f. the mane 

of a horse. 
2CviD5eAc,-5ióe, adj. having a 
flowing mane, belonging to a 

2J)vit5icille, g. id. pi. -Ijse, s. m. 

a sleeve. 2Cv]i)cille, id. 
^y\^\^5^r),-■^r)e,'^x)e^ci., s. f. con- 
Jidence, cheer, hope, Matt. ix. 

2. Eph. i. 18.— Acts xxviii. 20. 

Heb. iii. 6. 
2Dvii)i5ii)eAc,-5]i)i5e, adj. confi- 
dential, Phil. iii. 4. Philem. 

ver. 21. stout, confident. 
2pviorbeA|t,-|tA, s, m. hemlock, 

Hos. X. 4. Am. vi. 12. 
2^vi5ceAit6A, ind. adj. familiar, 
friendly, Lev. xix. 31. ' 

2CviOreA|aÓYr,-vi|', s. m. favour , 

kindness, Num.xi, 15. 1 Kings 

ii. 7. 
2Cv]f)ceAiieAC,-jti5e, adj. kind, 

^y\x)C]\\,-\\e, a coll. s. f. a family, 

men, people. Gen. xxviii. 14. 

—Gen. xliv. \. Matt. v. 44. 

folk, inhabitants, a tribe, a 

2t)újr)ceóiii,-ó|tA,-ói|t|óe, s. m. a 

SCvift, g. njAjiA, pi. id. s. f. the 

sea, Heb. xi. 29. — Ex. xiii. 

18. Matt, xxiii. 15. Lat. Mar-e, 

Arab. Mara. 
2t3vT|t-bttíic&,-í)A,pl. id. s.f. a high- 

2^Vlfl TivAlb, g. 2J)<N|1A RvoiTÓf, 

s. f. the Red Sea, Jos. xxiv. G. 
— Num. xxi. 4. 

2t3vi|ipr)i5,-r)iY5AD, V. a. load, 
burthen, 1 Kings xii. 11. 
2í5v|tt9i5, id. 

2l)Yi|ti5iu,-5oe,-5t?eACA, s. f. a 
burden, a charge, 2 Cor. xii. 
16. 1 Tim. V. 16. a family. 
2CYijii6in, id. 

^vittl5]neAC,-i)i5e, adj. iceighty, 
burdensome, Prov. xxvii. 3. 
having a large or heavy fa- 

2^Y]fir)e, g. id. s.f. fondness, ten- 
derness, natural affection. 

2i)Yi|ai;eAc,-r)i5e, adj. delicate, 
Prov. xxix. 21. tender, fond, 
affectionate, dear. 

2l)vi|ir)eó5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s.f. an af- 
fectionate young girl. 

2l)Ynit)i5, inf. it)YitiniY5A6, V. a. 
dandle, caress, fondle, treat 

2CYi|tt)iu, g. id. pi. -i)|5e, s. m. a 
darling, Ps. xxxv. 17. a dear- 
ly-beloved 2^Grson. 

2Dvjpt)iueAC&,-bA, s.f. a dandling, 
Is. Ixvi. 12. a fondling. 

2t) U M 


21) U C 

2Cvitt-|iotÍ7A]icA, g. id. pi. id. &, 
-CAiÓe, s. m. a sprinff tide, a 
jio\cing sea. 

2Cv]ncev&,-&A, pi. id. s. m. a 
cable, fr. n)y\\i, &, cevb, q.v. 

2Cv)|*IAU,-ril-^ pi. id. s.ra. a curb, 
a ojiuzzle. 

2Cvl, g. tT)V]l, pi. id. &, mvU, 
aji axleiree, 1 Kings vii. 32. 
— pi. 1 Kings vii. 33. a coni- 
cal heap, a mound. 

2l)vUr),-ivir), pi. id. s. m. a little 
/fill, a knoll, a heap, stack of 
corn, a rick o/hai/,áim. of 2t3vl 

2^vlcíii),-íiin, pi. id. s.m. an owl 
see UlcAbci^t). 

2DvlUc,-<\i5,-Ai5e, s. m. a top 
the chief of any thing. Ex 
xxxiv. 2 — Ps. cxxxvii. 6.— 
Lev. xix. 27. a summit. 

2t)ám<x,-Ar), s. f. the Province of 
Munste). K. 

9X^ii\), g. xx)i\\x), s.m. urine, 2 Kings 
xviii. 27.' Is. xxxvi. 12. 

9X)ix\), inf. id. V. n. make nrine, 
see 1 Sam. xxv. 22. & 1 Kings 
xiv. 10. 

2^vuA, conj. iinless, Matt. v. 20. 
& passim. 

2C1VOAÓ, g. rt)ú|iKe, pi. id. s. m. 
instruction^ Prov. xxxiii. 23. 
213úr)loc,-locA, pi. id. s. m. a pud- 
dle, dirty water. 
2t3vi)rbvn,-Yi|i, pi. id. s.m. 1 Cor. 
X. 10. see 2^ot)AbA|i. 

2D<:ip, g. n)ú||i, pi, tT)ú(icA, s. m. n 

wall, a fortification. Lat. 

2t3vft^\ó,-Ái3,-Ai5e,s.m. themure.v 

or purple fishf also, any kind 

of shell-Jish. 
2^v|tAtr}e<\ó,-iJite, s.f. bent qrass. 

2l5vfin}ói)CA, g. id. Prov. v. 4. see 


2l3vnivir5rvir5e, s. f. (Hi^rs DA 
n)A|i<\,) rt sea shore, a sea 
marsli, also, « district in the 
u-est of Mayo. 

2t3vitrAr)AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 

2^v|ifAncA, ind. adj. slavish, ser- 
vile, stibject. 

2Cvjtt*AT)CACb,-í5A, ?. f. subjection, 
Rom. viii, 20. slavery. 

2UúfbAii&,-Ai|t&, s. m. mustard, 
— g. Matt. xiii. 31. 

2^iij-5AlcAC,-A]5e, adj. %catchful, 

2l3ú]-5AlcACb,-bA, s. f. watchful- 
ness, icakefidness. 

2J3ú]-51aó, g. njú|-5vilce, s. m. an 
awakening, a rousing. Dunl, 

2t3út*5V]l, inf. rx)iixT).c^b,\.\'\.aifake, 
Ps. Ivii. 8. Eph. V. l4._Cant. 
ii. 7. Rom. xiii. 11. 213ú|*cv|l, 
-cU6, id. Judg. V. 12. 

2t3vcAi6e, g. id. s. f. mouldiness. 

2t)vcÓ5,-ó|5e,-65A, s. f. a hand or 
glove without fingers^ also, the 
stump of a tree. 

n T^i 


M nsX) 


M, (Mvit), the ash tree,) the ele- 
venth letter of the modern Irish 

Wa, conj. than. Gen. xlviii. 19. 

Niv, conj. net titer, nor. 

i^A, a neg. particle used with imp. 
mood, not, let not ; Matt. i. 
20. Lat. Ne, Gr. n?j. 

M;x, g. f. sing. & the plur. form of 
the article ?\i), the. Matt. iii. 
5. & 7. Acts i. 8. & 9. 

'Na, (contr. fr. hja,) m ///.?, in 
her,in their, Ex. xvi. 29. Matt. 
iii. 9. 

Mac, adv. not, it is used nega- 
tively & interrogatively, 2 
Sam. xiv. 14. Wac, i/?r/i not, 
2 Sam. xiv. 13. t)eA5i?<xc, 

MACAjt, contr. to Í3\\fi, adv. q.v. 
Nixbv]fi,-vttA, s. f. nature, Uom. 

xi. 24. — Rom. xi. 24. dispo- 

Mivbvti,-u]tt, pi. id. s. m. 1 Cor. 

xi. 14. see Ní\búiii. 
WívbúftcA, ind. adj. natural, 1 Cor. 

ii. 14. 2 Tim. iii. 3. 
W<x&, adv. see ?ii)é. 
MAebó5,-ót5e,-55<\, s. f. a boat, 

dim. of the obs. s. tjAefJ, « 

ship. Lat. Nav-is, Gr. Naug. 
N<x|&, conj. i/mn í/íí, Lam. iv. 19. 
M.^lb, g. t)Mbe, pi. DAibf, or ija]- 

be<xOA, s. f. a lampreij. 
M<,\16td, g. r)*én)A, pi. i3A6rt)<\i)A, 
2 L 

s. m. « /iV;?, a bargain, a co" 

Tenant. " N<xión) x)«. boftmbA, 

rt/i obligation of paying Jines.'' 
NAi6n9ce<\r)5<\il,-Al, v. a. cove- 

nant, confederate. 
NAlDrt)ceAT)5<vl,-ceAT)5A]l, pi. id. 

s.m. a covenant, a confederacy, 
N^ciri^be, nom. pi. of M^ti)<N)b, 

q. V. 
Nairi)beAn»rri^fr? ^- ™* enmity, 

— g. Eph. ii. 15. 
NaIpcío, g. id. pi. -í)ióe, s. m. a 

napkin, John xx. 7- 
M<N]pcii) poc<x, s. m. a pocket 

Wivi|ie, g. id. s. f. shame, confu- 
sion, 1 Chron. xix. 5. Rom, 

vi. 21.— 1 Sam. xx. 30. 1 Cor. 

xi. 22. Matfi,-]ie, id. 1 Cor, 

xiv. 35. bashfilness, 
W<vilteAc,-|ii5e, adj. sJiamefuly 

bashful, sheepish. 
Miii|it5,-|tiii5<\6, v. a. shame, — inf. 

1 Cor. iv. 14. confuse, make 

Wai||il5eAcb,-bA, s. f. bashfulness^ 

Míviriúr),-íil'?) pi. id. s.m. a na^ 

W<vifiú5)CA, ind. adj. national. 
l<l3irnA5AC,-<'^15©5 '^^]- violent. Pa. 

vii. 16. hostile, inimical. 
M^m<xbAr,-*ir, pl- id. s.m. enmity ^ 

hatred, hostility; Gen. iii. 15» 

Gal. V. 20. 

Tl A 


M iin 

W^rbA]b, g, t)i\ri)A&, pi. t)i\irb&e, 
&, i;ívri7u)&, s.m, & f, an enemy, 
an adversary, IMatt. xiii. 25. 

1 Cor. XV. 2G.— Ex. xxiii. 4. 

2 Thess. iii. 15. — Deut. xxxii, 
27. Luke xix. 27. 

Wao), ind. num. adj. ?i//?e, 2 Sam. 

xxiv. X. 
MA0i6e, g. id. s.m. a young child., 

a babe, an infa)tt. Matt. ii. 8. 

Heb. V. 13. 
'MAO]De<Ncb,-bA, s. f. infancy. 

MA0]6eAcó<\, g. id. s. m. the gold- 
en number. 

"MAOiÓeAcÓA, an obs. adj. nine- 

il<\oi6e<Mi, g. DAOjoin, pi. id. s. m. 
a younc] child, an in /ant, Ex. 
ii. 6. i Cor, xiii. 11.— 1 Cor. 
xiii. 11. fr. a dim. form of the 
obs. s. x)^e, or r)A], a man or 

■N<xoióe<\t)at),-íviD, pi. id. s. m. a 
young child, an infant. Matt, 
ii. 9. — pi. Luke xviii. 15. 

íUoióeADCA, ind. adj. infantine, 

"NAOjóeAncACbj-bA, s. f. child- 
hood, 1 Sam. xii. 2. infancy. 

MA0i-beu5, ind. num. adj. nine- 

M<\oirbcifb>-t>e, s. i.a sacristy. 

id. s.m. a holy habit or practice. 

Mv\oir),-n)A6, V. a. — inf. Deut. v, 

12. see MAori7U]5. 
MAori)AÓ, g. nAotr)ui5ce, pi. id. 

s. m. sanctificalion, 1 Cor. i. 

2. & vii. 14. 
M^orbAo, ind. num. adj. ninth, 

Matt. XX. 5. 
N<\orbAÓ-beH5, ind. num. adj. 

W<xorbAirn-,-re,-]*e<\c<\, s, f. blas- 
phemy. O'G. 
M<\orbA)C]|-eAÓ,-]-i5e, adj. blas- 

W<\ott7<xic|]*e6iji,.óftA,-ó)]tit)e, s.m. 

a blaspheyner. 
MAorbóoif)teA5AÓ,-|ieAccA, pi. id. 

s. m. consecration. 


AOiri7íor,-n)ío|-A, s. f. November, 

literally, the ninth month. 

'V\c^o\xx)]oxt><^'6, g. id. s. m. a sanc- 
tuary, Heb. ix. 1. fr. t:)Aoir>, &, 
TOybAO, q. v. 

MAOiri^iieACbj-bA, pi. id. s.m. Di- 
vine law. 

W^oirs» g- V^o]r^e, pi. v^ox^A, 
s. f. a snipe. Vern. 

NAori), g. t)AOtri), pi. id. s. m. a 
saint, Dan. viii. 13. — pi. Zech. 
xiv. 5. 

Aorr)03,-oi3e,-05A, s. 

f. a small 

boat, a cot. K. see MAebój. 
MAorbcA, ind. adj. Italy, sanctified, 

Ex. xxvi. 33. 1 Cor. vii. 14. 
MAorbcAcb,-bA, s.f. sanctification, 

holiness, I Cor. i. 30 — Ps. 

xxix. 2. Rom. i. 4. 
MAoii)CAir35-5e, s. f. a vestry, fr. 

ijAorb, &, CAif5, ^ store. 
M<N0tT)ui5,-u5<.\6, V. a. sanctify, Is. 

viii. 13. John xvii. 17. 
H<\or)bA|i,-bA]yi, s.m. nine persons, 

Luke xvii. 17. C[ti tjAoybAUt, 

twenty-seven persons- 
MAot*5A, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 

snipe- MAO|*5Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e,s.m. 

MAOfSACj-Aige, adj. abounding in 

MAor5A||te, g. id. pi. -]ii6e, s. m. 

a7i inconstant person, also, a 

shooter of snipe. 
MAOfSAiiteAcbj-bA, s. f. incon- 
stancy, also, snipe-shooting. 
Wii|t, Luke ix. 26. see Mic]fte. 
Miv]i, adv. not, let not, may not, 

fr. n^, &, |to, a prefix of the 

perfect tense, interr. 
Miiltb, g. nivifib, s. m. spikenard^ 

— g. John xii. 3. 

n ei< 



NAfc, g. U^lfc, pi, id. a col- 
lar, a chain, a tt/e, a hand, 
an obligation. fUj-c-oiii, a 
gold chain. S^a&jia t){.-\yc, a 
chained dog. 

"NAfj, inf. tiAf5<\t), v.a. biyid, tie, 
chain, make fast, secure. 

MA]*54\i|te, g. id. pi, -|ii6e, s.m, a 
surety, one that becomes bound 
for another. 

M<\|'5A]t,-Ant, pi, id. s. m. a de- 
fence or fortification . 

WivcA^ft, g, id. &, uivicjteAc, pi, 
r)ii|cne<\c<N, s. f. a serpent, an 
udder, a vizier, an asp, Gen. 
xlix, Í7. Num. xxi. 8, & 9,— 
Job. XX, 16, Ps. Iviii, 4, Is. 
xiv. 29. Rev. xii. 14, M<xirT]t, 
id. see Acts, xxviii. 3, Wei. 

WivcAi]t uiii)e, g. id. &5 DivicpeAc 
Tj]ti9e, pi. t)ícTC|teAÓA u|ri)e, s, f. 
a serpent i a viper, an adder, 
Gen. iii. 13. Acts xxviii. 3. — 
— Is. xiv. 29.— Ex, vii. 12, 

Me AC, ind. indef. pron. one, any 
one, some one. Matt, xiii. 12. 

MeAÓbA]i<xc,-Ai5e, adj. neutral. 

WeACt)AjtAcb,-&<\, s, f. neutra- 

Me<\c&A|t, ind. pron, neither. 

MeAb, g, \)e]t>, pi, id. s.m. a nest, 
Deut. xxxii, 11. Job. xxix, 
18.— pi. Matt. viii. 20, Lat, 

NeAb, g. i)l&e, s.f. a nest. Vern. 

Me At) 111 5, -113^0, V. n. nestle, lie 
at ease like a bird in its nest, 
— V, a, inake a nest, see Ezek, 
xxi. 6. MeAbj-bAO, id. 

MéAl, s. m. see Meul. 

MeAii?, a negative prefix, 
spelled Meiri), when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either of the slender vowels 
e,or |. 

WeAii;, g. i^e^it^e, pi. ocAtijo^v, s.m. 

1 Heaven, Gen, i. 1. Matt. v. 
34-.— Matt. iii. 2.— Gen, ii, I. 

I & 4. Gr, N.ip--/^, a cloud. 

MeArtjAbuiój-óe, adj. immature, 
unripe. MeAir)<\pui6e, id. 

MeAn7Ac,-Ai5e, adj. heavenly^ di- 

MeArbAi5eAt)CAc,-Ai5e, adj. dispi- 
rited. O'G. 

MeAtTjATOj g. T)6AtT)i)A} s. f. tor- 
nientil, stepffoil ; Tormentilla. 
An herb used, particularly in 
Connaught, as very effectual 
in tanning leather. M'N. It is 
employed also in the cure of 
dysentery on account of its as- 
tringent qualities, 

MeArt;Aii)rt)i;Hi5ce, ind. part. adj. 
anonymous, nameless. 

MeAi-b^tftbj-be, s. f. remissness, 

MeArbA]|te, g. id, s, f. inadver- 
tence, carelessness. 

MeAmAT|ieAc,-iii5e, adj. careless, 
heedless. C. P. 

MeAii)AiiieACuf,-un*, s.m, absence 
of sorrow or thought. 

MeArb<s|iiió,-óe, adj. worthless, 
unworthy of notice. 

MeArbAiceAtjcA, ind, adj. un- 

tsleAii)A]C|ieÁc,-iti5e, adj, imjjeni- 
tent. Dunl. 

MeATT)A]éiti5e, g. id, s, f. impeni- 

MeArbAOibtOr'^yej 3^dj, joyless, 

MeAii)AOi)cui5,-cu5A6, v, a. disal- 
low, see Num. xxx. 8. 

MeArbBAOJAlj-Ail, s. m. security, 
1 Thess. V. 3. safety from 

MeArt)bA03<\lAc,-Ai3e, adj. secure, 
safe from danger. 

M(jArbbUrbA,ind. part. adj. unsa- 
voury. Job. vi. 6. insipid, 



M e ^ 

MeArTjb|iíxc<^líxeATT)uil,-rT}U, adj. 

nnbr other ly, 
í4eAtT)bu<M), see MeArbrnbuAn. 

■MeArT)biii6eAC,-6i5e, adj. un- 

■NeAtbbui)íviceAc,-ci5e, adj. un- 
founded, groundless. 

MeArbc<\bATtcAc,-Ai5e, adj. help- 
less, vnhelping. 

■WeAtT)CAióeAc,-ói5e, adj. unble- 
mished, immaculate. 

WeArbÓAitcADACj-Aíse, adj. un- 
charitahle, unfriendly. 

MeArbc.AjtcAr)AC&,-bA, s.f. tmcha- 
ritableness, unfriendliness. 

WeArt7clA0T),-c.lAoit)e, adj. unpre- 
judiced, impartial. 

"NeAttjcoASAOj-Aige, adj. without 

MeArbcoi3!lc,-ce, s. f. a neglect- 
ing, Col. ii. 23. unthrift. 

'NeAtbcoi3ilreAc,-ci5e, adj. pro- 
fuse, lavish, open-minded. 

MeAtT)co|n}eA&AC,-Ai5e, adj. un- 
mindful, unguarded, Judg. 
viii. 11. 

'NeArbcoimriS'^e» i"d. part. adj. 

NeAn)coin)ci5eAC,-5i5e, adj. hos- 
pitable, generous. K. 

NeArbcoit)5ioUAc,-Ai5e, adj. ad- 
dicted to breaking covenants, 
Rom. i. 31. perfidious, see 

WeArbcói]t,-cóitA, adj. unjust, 
wrong, 1 Cor. xiii. 4. 

'V\et\ú)co\x\\.&^i^'^tc^, ind. p. p. un- 
sanctified, unconsecrated. 

MeAn)CorDAfAc,-A|5e, adj. impo- 
tent, potve''less. 

NeAriKotr)Cfaon;,-cfmitr)e, adj. un- 
just, uneven, disproportion- 

MeAit)cotT)c|tort),-cpuin),pl. id.s. m. 
disproportion, unjust weight. 

■NeArbcorT)uf,-un*, s. m. impo- 
tence, inability. 

MeArbcoj|iAc,-A]5e, adj. immove- 
able, 1 Cor. XV. 58. immuta- 
ble, Heb. vi. 17. 

NeArT7coTtiui5ce, ind. p. p. un- 

NeArT7coT'muil,-rÍ7lA, adj. dissimi- 
lar, unlike. 

MeAmcoi-rT)uileAcí5,-&A, s.f. dissi- 
m ilarity, improbability. 

MeAtt7C|iAibreAC,-ci5e, adj. impi- 
ous, irreligious. 

NeAn7cpoí6eAriíuil,-n}lA, a,dj. joy- 
less, heartless, cheerless. 

NeATT7cubAc,-At5e, adj. unbeco' 
ming, improper. MeArbóubA|6, 
-6e, adj. id. 

MeAmcui&eAC,-bi5e, adj. yoor, 

MeAri)cu|beAcbArbuil,-rblA, adj. 

MeAmcúiri^ije, g. id. s. f. forget- 

MeAri7ciiiro|-eAC,-n5e, adj. infi- 
nite, incomprehensible, Neh. 
iii. 9— C. P. 

t<leAri7cuif,-]-e, s. f. nonsense. 

WeAri7can}ACOAÓ,-A|5e, adj. pow- 
erless. R. S. 

MeAmcúitArr;AC,-Ai5e, adj. care- 
less, Zeph. ii. 15. 

MeAmÓA,ind. adj. celestial, 1 Cor. 
XV. 40. heavenly. 

NeAtr)-bll3reAC.-ci5e, adj. un- 

MeAri)6iiil,-le, s. f. reluctance, 

MeArbbúile<MT)uil,-rbl<N, adj. not 
desired, not desirable, Zeph. 
ii. 1. 

MeAií)í3uit)eATblAC&,-&A, s. f. in- 

MeAtr)&ui'5eArbnil,-rnlA, adj. in- 

\^ei,xr)h\xi]y<\ch,-ty^, s. f. negli- 
gence, insincerity. 

NeAtt)6ur|iAcbAC,-A^5e, adj. neg- 

>i e^^ 



MeAtT)f:<^bAfiAC,-Ai3e, adj. unfa- 
vou ruble. 

MeAtT)pAiUi5e Acf5,-&A, s. f. care, 

tleArb^vvirxe, g. id. s.f. careless- 
ness, inattention. 

tle<\ri7^AllrA, ind, adj. unfeigned, 
2 Cor. vi. 6, 1 Tim. i. 5. 

l'JeAri7po5Ai)CAc,-Ai3e, Sia]. unser- 
viceable. R. S. 

h3pAm^05Utr>cA, ind. part. adj. 
tntlearned, 2 Tim. ii. 23. 
2 Pet. iii. 16. 

í]eArhpo|tArí3<N5 ind. adj. light, 
C.P. impracticable. 

MeArbSApAmuilj-rblA, adj. incom- 
modious, Acts xxvii. 12. iVi- 

MeArn^U^rje, g. id. s, f. unclean- 
ness, — g. Rom. i. 24. MeArb- 
5loioe, id. Gal. v. 19. 

tleAri)5lAn,-5lAiT)e, &, -■^o\x)e, 
adj. unclean, Acts x. 14. Rom. 
xiv. 14. 

^Je<^rT75^ív^AC,-A15e, adj. unusual. 

MeArT)5r)orAC,-Ai5e, adj. 2(//5. 

MeArbsiiivj-rnApj-Airie, adj. ungra- 
cious, unmerciful. 

T^1eAm^\\or)iKÓ,-i^]i^e,adj. spotless, 
unblemished. Dunl. 

1'1eAtT)locí5AC,-<\i5e, adj. blame-\ 
less, 1 Tim. iii. 2. & 10. 

tleArr)locbiii5e, g. id. s.f. un- 
b/ameableness, 1 Thess, ii. 
10. i 

MeArbluc&ui5,-u5AÓ, v.a. unload,'^ 

WeArT)-rTiAiceAc,-ci5e, diá].unpar- 
donable. C. P. 

^3e<MT7-rT)A|abcAC,-Al5e, adj. im- 

MeArT)-rbA]ibcAch,-&A, s. f. im- 
mortality, 1 Cor. XV. 53. 

lleArT)-n)biu\t),-Air)e, adj. tempo- 
ral, uncertain^ 2 Cor. iv. 18, i 
see 1 Tim. vi. 17. 

MeArh-tT)ocu5A65-ui5re, s.m. stu- 
pidity, insensibility. 

MeArii-rbocui5eAc,-5i5e, adj. in- 
t sensible, stupid. R. S. 
, HeArhTjAiój-óe, s.f. see lleAtbAin. 
I MeArboAoriicA, ind. adj. unholy, 
\ Lev. X. 10. 1 Tim. i. 9. 
i MeAtt)oitteArbDAC,-Ai5e, adj. in- 
convenient, inadequate, unbe- 

MeArT;ot}óitt,-ófiA, s. f. dishonour, 
— g. Rom. ix. 21. infamy, 

l'jeAn}or)ó|aAC,-Ai5e, adj. disho- 
nourable, 1 Cor. xii. 23. in- 
glorious, ignoble. 

MeArii-po]ceAttv]l,-rf)lA, adj. so- 

MeArÍ7f"AlACj-Ai5e, adj. undefilcd, 
Heb. xiii. 4. 

MeArbf A5cAc,-Ai5e, adj. not co- 
vetous, not greedy of lucre, 
1 Tim. iii. 3. 

HeArhfeAfri^Ac, Heb. xii. 27. see 

íjeAtT)|'5ACAc,-A|5e, adj. un- 

íleArbf-ólafAÓj-Aije, adj. uncom- 
fortable. Joyless. 

MeArbfooA, ind. adj. unhappy ^ 
inauspicious. O'G. 

íleArbrpn<viceAmlAÓfci,-&A, s. f. 
inactivity, weakness. 

MeArbrpiiiMceArimilj-n^lA, adj. in- 
active, weak. 

MeArr)fc]iAiceAri7uil,-ri)lA, adj. 

WeAmfubAilceAc,-ci5e, adj. un- 
pleasant, joyless, vicious. 

MeArbf-úilii)Ari,-A]pe, adj. morose^ 
peevish, gloomy. 

MeAmfuirDj-n^e, s. f. disrepute, 
despicableness, Phil. ii. 7. 
1 Thess. iv. 8. indifference, 
inattention, negligence. 

HeArbfuirDeArbu}l,-ri)lA, adj. neg- 
ligent, inattentive. O'G. 

M e ^ 


n e) 

MeArbcAbACbj-iJA, s, f. fufiltti/, 
Rom. iii. 31. imyyiateriality. 

MeAri>CAbAc&AC,-Ai3e, adj. inef- 
feciuul, Rom. iv. 14. futile, 

We<vtf)-CAb<\.ttrAC5-CAi5e, adj. stin- 
gy, chnrlisli. 

í1eAri)CA5«NíicA, ind. adj. uncon- 

We<\rbcAir)ceArT)«il,-rT)U, adj. un- 
thauTiful, Kngrateful. 

NeArbc<xicneArbAC,-Ai5e, adj. dis- 
agreeable, ttnjAeasant. R. S. 

í]eArÍ7CA]xbAC,-Ai5e, adj. unpro- 
fitable. Matt. XXV. 30. Philem. 
ver. 1 1 . 

MeAiT)cAiibAc&,-bA, s. f. unprofit- 

We<\ti)CAtibiiiÓe, g. id. s. f. unpro- 
fitableness, Heb. vii. 18. 

WeAtr)CAC<\oiiteAc,-|ti5e, adj. tiot 
given to slander, 1 Tim. iii. 11. 

MeArbcoil,-colA, s. f. reluctance, 

íJeAri)coileAC,-li5e, adj. unwill- 
ing, reluctant. 

lleAri)coilui3,-u5A6^ v. a. dissa- 

MeArbco|iArblAc&,-bA, s. f. steri- 
lity, infertility. 

Meo»tT)cofxcAc,-Ai5e, adj. unfruit- 
ful, 1 Cor. xiv. 14. 

íleAri)c(iacAnnill,-rblA, adj. un- 

HeAii)citócAiiteAÓ,-fti5e, adj. un- 
merciful, Rom. i. 31. 

11eArbc|tuAiUeA6,-li5ce, s. m. in- 
corruption, 1 Cor. xv. 53. 

íleAri)cftuAilli5e, s. m. incorrup- 
tible, 1 Cor. ix. 25. undfiled. 

MeArbciiisnoOACr^lSt*, adj. with- 
out understanding, Rom. i. 21. 

WéArbcutítfeAc,-fi5e, adj. inde- 
fatigable, unwearied. 

less, Heb. viii, 7. wanting no- 

WeArbullArbj-lAime, adj. unpre- 

pared, 2 Cor. ix. 4. 
MeArbiirbAlj-uAjiijle, adj. proud, 

MeAri^iii),-!!]^, pi. id. s.m, a pearl, 

— g. Matt. xiii. 46. a diamond, 

mother of pearl. 
Me<Mt)uitcóib,-be, s. f. simplicity, 

singleness, Rom. xii. 8. Col. 

iii. 22. innocence, harmless- 

MeArbuficó|beAc,-bt5e, adj. sim- 
ple, Rom. xvi. 18. harmless, 

lJeAtbunv<^n7A'^5-Ai5e, adj. contu- 
macious, disobedient. 
lJe<xri)ur^i&eAc,-bi5ej adj. use- 
less. R. S. 
íleAncó5,-ó|5e,-53A, s.f. a nettle, 

Prov. xxiv. 31. — pi. Hos. ix. 

6. Urtica. 
MeA|tc, g. i;éittc, s. m. strength, 

power, ability, Judg. xvi. 6. 

1 Cor. XV. 24.— 1 Cor. x. 13. 
MeA]icinAit,-Aiiie, adj. strong, 

mighty. Rev. v. 2. — Luke iii. 

16. 1 Cor. i. 25. jioiverful. 
MeAiicu3A6,-iii5ce, s. m. a 

strengihning. Col. i. 11. — 

Rom. i. 11.« confirming . 
MeAficui5,-n5A6, v. a. strengthen, 
fortify, Ps. cxix. 28. Luke 

xxii. 32. — Is. xxii. 10. Acts 

xviii. 23. confirm. 
MeAitcin5ceó||i,-ófiA,-ói|t|óe, s.m. 

a strengthener, a comforter. 
MeAfA, nearer, & Af neAj-A, 

nearest, irr. comj). & superl. of 


MeAj*có]b,-be,-beACA, s. f. aboil, 

a sore. Lev. xiii. 18. Rev, xvi. 

2. — Lev. xiii. 19. MeAicóib 

^oIa, piles. 
KeA]-cóibeAÓ,-bi5e, adj. ulcerous, 

full of boils. 
Neirb,-rbe, s. f. — g. 1 Cor. x. 9. 

see Mpi?. 

n e ] 


Me ) 

ileirb, neg. prefix, see MeAtu. 
i]e]tt)b|i!^5-5e, s. f. nought^ de- 
cay, 1 Cor. i. 28. Heb. viii. 
13. insignijicance^ tveak/iess. 
He]n)btii5e<NC,-5i6e, adj. weak, 

MeTrbbftio5ri)uiiteAi:<D,-bA, s. f. 
deadness, unproductiveness, 
Rom. iv. 19. 
T1eiri7ce<xl5Ac,-5<>i3e, adj. sin- 
T1eiri}ceAi?Ai|tceAc,-ci5e, adj. not 
given to brawling, 1 Tim. 
iii. 3. 
Ue\n)c&6.r)Xi^, adj. immodest, in^ 

íJeirrjceA^fAC&j-bA, s. f. inconti- 
nence, innnodesttj. 
Meirt)c&illeAC,-li5e, adj. rash, 

foolish, unadvised. 
Meiit)cé]lli6e, ind. adj. reprobate, 

Rom. i. 28. foolish, rash. 
Meirbcji^ce, ind. part. adj. uncer- 
tain, I Cor. xiv. 8. unde- \ 
cided. I 

ileTrbci^ceAcbj-bA, s. f. uncer- 
tainty. I 
Me]tT)cior),-ce<\T)<x. s. m. nought, \ 

reproach, Acts iv. 11 Luke' 

i. 25. ! 

Me]n)cior)c<\c,-Ai5e, adj. blame- 
less, 1 Cor. i. 8. Phil. iii. 6. i 
Me|tt)cioDc<xc,-cut5,-cui5e, s. m. 
an innocent person. Job. xxii. 
Me]ri)c]ot)CAr,-i^ir3 s. m. inno- 

cency. Gen. xx. 5. 
Meiri7cleAci)A, ind. adj. unac- 
MeimcitforcAise, g. id. pi. id. s.m. 

a Heathen. C. P. 
MeirbóeA|-,-óeire, adj. uncomely, 
— comp. I Cor. xii, 23. un- 
MeirbÓiAÓA, ind. adj. ungodly, 
1 Tim. i, 9. impious. 

Meirbó|Á6Ací5,-t)A, s.f. unholiness, 
iniquity, ungodliness, Rom. i. 
18 — 2 Thess. ii. 7. 2 Tim. 
ii. 16. 

ile)ri)6ilir,-^re, adj. unfaithful. 

Meiti7b|orbAileAc,-li5e, adj. fru- 
gal, sparing. 

Meirt)6ion)AO|r),-i;e, adj. «oi vain, 
710 1 idle. 

Meirn6lifbfOT3Ac,-nAi5e, adj. un- 
lawful^ see 2 Pet. ii. 8. 

He]rbeAc,-it)i5e, adj. heavenly, 
glittering, shining. 

MeirT)eA5lAc,-Ai5e, adj. fearless, 

MeirÍ5&IpeAC&,-bA, s. f. ineffi- 

Meirb&fpeAcbAOj-Aije, adj. inef- 
fec t u a I, in efficien t. 

MeirÍ7eoUc,-<x)5e, adj. uyiac- 
quainted, unknowing, igno- 
ran t. 

Heiri)eolu|-,-u|f, s. m. ignorant. 

Meimvi|teuncA, ind. adj. unjust, 
2 Pet. ii. 9. unrighteous. 

HeirÍ7ií]|teur)CAcb,-bA, s. f. tin- 
righteousness, Rom. i. 18. 

HeirbseArjmouiÓe, ind. adj. in- 
continent, unchaste 

MeirT)5eAntT)t)uibeAcb,-b<x, s.f. in- 
continency, 1 Cor. vii. 5. 

Ileirb5lic,-5lice, adj. unwise, 
Rom. i. 14. 

Me]ri)ii)cleAcbAc,-Ai5e, adj. un- 
artful, not ingenious. 

Meiri)^ocb,-bA, pi. id. s.m. suspi- 
cion, distrust. K, 

Meirr)iorr)cubAp,-be, adj. unwor- 
thy, 1 Cor. xi. 27. improper, 

Nein)iot)n)uit),-ne, adj. hated, 
Deut. xxi. 15. — see Deut. xxi. 
16. unpleasant, morose, see 

MeiTÍ7TulroA|t,-Aiíte, adj. unskil- 
ful, Heb. V. 13. 

Me]Tb-riieA|*,-|'bA, s. m. contempt. 

íi e Vi 


}] ) 5 

^lelri)-ri7e<^]•<^tt6A, ind. adj. incon- 
tinent, 1 Tim. iii. 3. immode- 
rate. C. P. 

íle|ri)-rT)eA|*A|ióAc&,-&A, s. f. ex- 
cess, incontinence. 

Neiri)-rbeACA, ind. adj. stout, 
strong, confident. 

Mein)-n)eittb,-be, adj. not weak, 
Kom. iv. 19. strong. 

Meiri)t}eAC,-t)i5e, adj. venomous, 
sore. Gen. xxxiv, 25. pain- \ 

MeirbueAttcrTjc^tij-Aifie, adj. weak, 
see 1 Cor. i. Tl. feeble, 

Heiri^nió, g. id. &, -neice, s. m. 
nought, Prov. xx. 14. nothing, 
a nonentity. R. S. 

Neitr>ni5,-l"5<^^j "^' ^- ^^'"^^^h an- 

We|rt)p&ArúncA, ind. adj. unrea- 
sonable, Acts XXV. 27. 

í1eitT)|tiAcbAt)<NC,-<xi5e, adj. unne- 
cessary, wnncumhent. R. 8. 

1-lein)fti<\5Ail,-5U,pl. id.&,-5UcA, 
s.f. disorder, misgovernment. 

Me|ri)|iiA5AlcAc,-Ai5e, adj. hete- 
roclite, irregular. 

íleiTbfeAftscA, part. adj. unde- 
cayed, un faded. 

Me|rT)f'eArn)AC,-Ai5e, adj. iinsla- 
ble, Jas. i. 8. 2 Pet. iii. 16. 

í1ein)-f-eA]'ri)AC&,-bA, s. f. incon- 
stancy, instabilily. 

Y\e\n)x}^é\x,-x^, s.f. a loathing, 

Meirn|-fjleAÓAC,-Ai50, adj. inde- 

íleAri)-ceic,-ceóÓA, adj. cold, 
cool, tepid. 

llein)ciiT7CioU5eAi|tA8,-[icA, s. m. 
iincircumcision, Rom. iii. 30. 
—Gal. ii. 7. 

Mein)cimcioll5eA]|tcA, ind. p. p. 
uncircumcised, 1 Cor. vii. 18. 

ileul, g. r)Q\\, &, t)eoil,pl. ijeiilcA, 
s. m. a su-oon, a fit, a trance. 

a wink of sleep, also, a glimpse 

of light, a wink. " M^ b-fH]! 

T^eul fiAÓAinc A]p5e, he does not 

see a wink,'' " Meul bujle, a 
fit of madness. ^^ 
Meull, g. néill, &, ijco^ll, pi. id. 

T)eulcA, &, tjeullcAj s. m. a 

cloud, Ex. xix. 16. — Deut. v. 

22.-2 Sam. xxii. 12. Job xxii. 

14. & Ps. Ixxvii. 17. Lat. 

Nebul-a. " lleullcA bubA t)A 

b-0(óce, the dark clouds of the 

night r 
11eiiUAC,-Ai5e, adj. cloudy, Ex. 

xxxiii. 9. 
MeuUA&óip,-ófiA.-ó||ti6e, s. m. 

an astrologer, — pi. Is. xlvii. 13. 
íleiillAí)ó|fieAc&,-bA, s, f. astro- 
logy, star-gazing. 

s. ra. a slumbering, see Job 

xxxiii. 15. rt snoring. 
lleullrbA|i,-Ai|iej adj. cloudy. 
M51acaI,-aiI, pi. id. s. m. tlie dou- 
ble letter, ng, also, a reed. 
Mf, a neg. adv. not. Matt. ii. 

6. Lat. Ne, & Ni, Gr. NJ, &, N»;. 
Mj, ind. s. f. rt daughter. 
MiaU, g. \)'e]\\, pi. id. s. m. a 

champion, a soldier. 
lllAri7,-n)A&, v.a. guild, colour, 

brighten, fr. the obs. adj. \)\3.\\), 

bright, pleasant, beautiful. 
l]]Ar)|-5oc,-0CA, s. m. knapweed ; 

'MlAfi, (contr. fr. Urj iaji,) the 

west, see SjAp. 
TljÓ, g. id. &, nejce, pi. id. s. m. a 

thing, Rom. vii. 13. — John iv. 

38. Matt. XX. 20._Matt. vi. 

8. a matter, an affair. 
Ml5, inf. 0150, V. a. wash, Ruth 

iii. 3. — John xiii. 10. cleanse. 
Ml5e, g. id. s.m. a washing, Cant. 

V. 12. a bathing. 
M]5eAcAt),-i\in, pi. id, s. m. a 

^cashing of clothes. 



H U V^ 

Ml5ce, ind. p. p. washed^ John 
xiii. 10. 

^IS^Í'Jj g- id' rt wixliire used 
hy country people for washing. 

Mjl, is not, contr. fr. M| b-pu|l. 

W^rb, g. oime, s. f. poison^ Ps. 

Iviii. 4 Ps, Iviii. 4. Acts 

xxviii. 3. venonii bitterness. 

MtrT)eAiT)U|l,-n)lA, adj. poisonous, 
envenomed, baneful. 

W|rbT)e<\c,-n]5íí, adj. fierce, sore. 
Gen. xlix. 7. Rev. xvi. 2. ve- 
nomous, passionate, peevisli, 

1"Jlopó5,-ó]3e,-53<\, s. f, a pinch, 
a nip, 

Wfojt, adv. (contr. fr. x)\, not, &, 
\\o, a prefix of the perfect 
tense,) not, Matt. i. 25. It is 
only used before the perfect 

H|or, (contr. of n^ó, a tiling, a, 
that, &, If, /.v,) used as a prefix 
to adjectives in the comparative 

Mo, conj. or, otherwise. Lev. i. 14. 
2 Sam. xviii, 13. Mo 50, w/?fí7. 

Moc, ind. rel. pron. wlio, which, 
Matt. i. 23. & iv. 14. 

HÓC0.0, ind. adj. ninety, Gen. v. 
9. NócA, id. 

MócAbAÓ, ind. ord. adj. nine- 

Uocb, an obs. s. night, now only 
used in the adv. ?\. t)ocb, to- 
night. Lat. Noct-u. 

Moc&A6,-<\i5ce, pi. id. s.m. a ma- 
nifestation, Rom. xvi. 26. a 
stripping, a discovering, a re- 

Mocbin5,-5e, adj. naked. Is. xx. 
2. 3. & 4. uncovered, bare. 

Moc&ui5,-u5AÓ, v. a. uncover. 
Lev. x. 6. reveal, disclose, 
shew, discover, strip, make ma- 
nifest. iloc&,-b<v6, id. Ruth 
iii. 7. 

2 M 

Mocbu3<\6,-u|7;ce, pi. id. s. m, a 

revealing, Luke x. 22. see 

Mocbujjce, ind. p. p. uncovered, 

1 Cor. xi. 5. see Nocbii|5. 
NobcAfi, s.m. see Mikvcai». 
Moblo5, g. id. s. .f Christmas ; 

Fr. Noel. 
MóibíreAc,-ri3, pi. -ri.^,'^, ,&, 

-fCACA, s. m. a novice, 1 Tim. 

iii. 6. 
^^oiSÍHj g- id. pi. -r)\6e, s. m. a 

naggin. In Connauiiht the 

Moi5ít} is made of wood and 

holds nearly a quart. 
Nón), g. nóoA, s. f. evening. Gen. 

i. 5. 19. & 23. 7200/i ; Cp^c 

tjórjA, noon-time. 

^o\\)\X), g. id. pi. -t)t6f», 8. m. 
the small or common daisy ; 
Bellis perennis. 

MóiDín rDÓft, s. m. great oxeye 
daisy ; Chrysanthemum leu- 

Monp, g. r)u)pp, s. m. common 
houseleek ; Sempervivum tec- 
torum ; see Coifipfr). 

Móf, g. r)6ir, pi. uórA, s.m. wírt/?- 
ner, — g. 1 Cor. xv. 32. a rite, 
a fashion, a custom, a habit, 
ceremony. Nof ^3111* be<xcb<\, 
carriage and behaviour. 

MórAC,-Ai5e, adj. habitual, usual^ 
adhering to customs. 

MófAri?lAcb,-bA, s. f. formality, 
1 adherence to custom. 

Mój-Arbu|l,-rbU, adj. fashion- 
able, formal, ceremonious. 

M5|*it)<xti,-<^1fie, adj. customaryy 

Mófui5,-u5AÓ, v. a. enact, form^ 
fashion, make customary. 

MócA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
note, a noting or marking, 
MócAibe ceojl, notes of music. 

MuACA|i,-Ai|i, s. m. a companion, 
a husband or wife, " Sem; A5ih' 



ronuACAfi \ejsZ)prosperitij and 
a happy companion with yon^^ 
i. e. / wish you happiness and 
a happy husband or wife- 

Mv.\6,-Aióp, adj. netVj Ex. i. 8. 
— see Ezek. xlvi. I. & Matt, 
xxvi. 2S. fresh, recent, modern, 
not habit iialed ; Lat. Nov-us. 

Mv-Abpoj-bA, ind. part. adj. neivly 
married ; TeA]t i)v<.\ópófrt<N, a 
brid (jroom, John ii. 9. V)oa!) 
nvAbpopbA, a bride, Rev. 
xxii. 17. 

M f<\ibbeAttc<N, ind. part. adj. new- 
Ijorn, 1 Pet. ii. 2. 

Wr«x|6bpeic,-beijice, s. f. anew 
birth. C. P. 

Mv<M8eAc&,-i>A, s. f. newness, 
Kom. vi. 4. news, \tidings, no- 

WuAiórseuUióe, g. id, pi. id. s. m. 
a newsmo7iger. 

Wij<Mll,-le,-leAc<\, s. f. a roaring. 
Job. iv. 10. a howl. 

Mu<xII,-Ia6, v.n.howlj Jer. xlix. 

3. roar- 
Nu<xllfintcAc,-cui5,-cu]3e, s. m. a 

howling. Am, viii. 3. — Zecb. 

xi. 3, a roaring. 
Na<\ll5ii^A, g. id. pi. id. s. m. la- 
mentation, a roaring, .ier, ix. 

20.— pi. Job. iii. 24. 
WuaU5uc,-5oca, pi. id, s, m. a 

]i()irlinq voice, a roar ; see 

MuAll5iiCAC,-Ai5e, adj. having a 

howling or roaring voice. 
WuAft, an obs. s. woe, sorrow, 

only used as an interjection, as, 

213o DUAji, my sorrow ! alas ! 
Mui5e, adv. always preceded by 

50, as, 5o r)w\^e, until. Matt. 

xviii. 21. 
Muit),-t)e, s. f. an ash tree, the 

name of N, the eleventh letter 

of the modern Irish Alphabet. 
'Nuii<x]6, (contr. fr. ^ ij-vpAjo,) 

adv. last year. 

0, (Ojtt, the broom or furze,) the 
twelfth letter of the modern 

^ Irish Alphabet. 

0, conj. since, ^seeing that, in as 
much as ; '^ K> cox)'S]\\c n)'e bo 
■^\)y\X^ since I have ^ seen your 
counteuance^ " cívirt}, see- 
ing that 1 am'' 

6, prep, /)om; Gen. xxxii. 11. 
Matt, i, 21. 

^j 8' '^h P^- id- « descendant, see 

Ob, inf. obAÓ, V. a. refuse, deny, 

reject, shun. 
0bv\6,-A^ó, pi. id. s. m. a refusal, 

a denial, rejection. 
Ob<xi^e, g. id, s. f. suddenness, 

hastiness, swiftness. Oibi;e, id. 
ObAiti, g. ojbfie, pi, oibtteACA, s.f. 

a work, a task, a building, Ex. 

c n 


5 L 

V. 4. — Ex. xii. 16. — Mark OcfiA 0,-^^56, adj. Jnitujn/, 1 Sam. 

xiii. 2. labour, workmanship, ii. 5. greedy. 0cckpAc,-«\i3e, 

Lat. Opus, g. oper-is. id. Phil. iv. 12. 

Ob^ift-livirhe, s. f. handywork, Oc\iAC,'^]^,-^^-^e, s.m. a Luiiyif, 

manufactory. person, Job v. 5. 

Ob<Mit-lin, net-uork, 1 Kings vii. j OciiAioe, s. pi. a pair of boots : 

20. j com. Lat. Ocreae. 

OhA]]t-f r)ix]ipe , needle-work, Ex. Ocfavf,-vif, s. m. see OcAiivf-. 

xxviii. 39. embroidery. . Oc\iY]-iM),-<\]r}, pi. id. s. m. a 

Ob^i), comp. oiboe, &, ob^t^e, I glutton. 

adj. sudden, 1 Thess. v. 3. soon, j Occ, eight, see Oco, Lat. Oct-o. 

quick, nimble, unexpected. 
ObA^tfkCb,-&A, s. f. hastiness, sud- 
den tiess. 

^ Gr. Oxr-w, 
0&, (contr. fr. 6, &, bo,) a cpd. 
poss. pron. from thy. 

Obo ! interj. O, strange ! have a 1 OÓAjtAc it)vlUc,-Ai5 rbvlUiTj, s.m 

Obvioe, g. id. s. f. suddenness, 

Oc ! interj. oh ! alas ! see Uc. 
6c^1b,-&e,-í)e<NÓA, s. f. occasion, 

1 Sam. X. 7. business. 

• OcAft, g. OC<Vllt, pi. id. &, 0C|1A, 

s. m. a loan, interest, usury. 

OjApóin,-óttA,-óipiDe, s. m. a 
usurer, a lender. 

Oc<\itv|-,-vir, s. m. hunger, Acts 
X. 10. 1 Cor. iv. 11." 

Ocb, g. oc£)A, pi. id. s. m. — g. 
Deut. xiii. 6. see Uco. 

Oci), ind. card. adj. eight, Gen. 
xvii. 12. 1 Pet. iii. 20. 

OcbATij-Ain? s.m. eight persons, 
Micah V. 5. 

Oc&-bev3, ind. card. adj. e/V//i/et^//, 
Luke xiii. 16. 

OcbrbAÓ, ind. ord- adj. eighth, 
2 Pet. ii. 5. 

Ocbri)AiS-bev-, ind. ord. adj. eigh- 
teenth, 1 Kings XV. 1. 

Oc&-n)i, g. id. s. f. October, li- 
terally, eighth month, see 2I3|. 

OcorboóAb, ind. card. adj. eighty. 
Gen. V. 25. 

OcbrnobAbc.6, ind. ord. adj. eight- 

OcbuATpe, ind. adj. eightfold. 

Oc Ó1) ! interj. ah I alas ! 

the plant called the deviPsbii ; 
Scabiosa succisa. 
06A|iat),-a]n, pi. id. s. m. con-> 
parsnip ; Heracleura sphondy- 
ODtt}or,-ri)vi|-, s. m. respect, ho 

0órborAc,-Ai3e, adj. respectful, 

0f:rta|beAC,-bi5,-bi3e, s. m. a 
Druidical priest ; literally, an 
Opiiivil,-aU, pi. id. s. f. an offer- 
ing, Rom. XV. 16. — Heb. V. 1. 
n7i oblation. 
Opiii^jl, inf. id. V. a. offer, — inf. 
^ Heb. X. 11. 

O5, comp ó|5e, adj. //o;/////, Matt. 
^ ii. 20.-Gen.ix.24.'Lukc nv. i2. 
05Acb,-b<x, s. f. virginity, Ju<ig. 

xi. 37. — Deut. xxii. 1."). 
05Arn,-AitT), s. m. an occult maii^ 
ncr of writing used by the an- 
cient Irish. 
65^0^0,-^15, pi. id. s. m. a lady 
a you)ig man. Acts xx. 12. — 
^ Gen. xxi. 12. — Mark xiv. 51. 
Osi^O'Acb, g. id. &, -bA, s. m. or 
^ f. youth, — g. Gen. xliii. 33. 
05Arcóiri,-ófiA,-ó|ftT8e, s. m. a 
host, a keeper of a house nf en- 

j o 


j S 

O^UCj-AOIC, pj. id. ÓÍ, -ACA, s. m. 

o i/iun, a servant ; Gen. xxiv. 

26. — Matt. viii. 27 Deut. 

xii. 12. Joel i. 9. a young man ; 
fr. Ó5, &, l<voc. 

05l5vc<\r,-Aff, s. m. slavery, ser- 
vitnde ; also, heroism, likewise, 
a servile kind of Irish verse, 
which is not confined to the 
strict rules of pure Irish verse, 
either with regard to true cor- 
respondence or true union. 

05lv)DeAc&,-OA, s. f. bashfulness, 
youthful awe. 

Oiblio5<\|&,-he, pi. -bj, &, -beACA, 
s. Í". an obligation. 

0|bue, comp. of ObAÍj, q. v. 

Oibftij, g. id, pi. -56, s. m. a ivorh- 
man, a labourer, Ex. xxxviii. 
23. Luke X. 7. 

0ibfii5,-|v5<v8, V. a. tvork. Gal. 
ii. 8. — 1 Kings vii. 14. 2 Cor. 
iv. 12. 

0ibri|5re, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
ivorker, 1 Kings vii. 14. see 

0|brii5reói[i,-óitA,-ói^l6e, s. m. a 
workman, a labourer. 

0)b(iivj<\ó,-i^re, pi. id. s. m. a 
working, Eph. iv. 16. an ope- 

OibfeAÓj-fije, adj. terrible, won- 
derfal, strange., vain, silly. 

0f8ci>, g. id. pi. ofóceAÓA, s. f. 
night., 1 Cor. xi. 23. — Luke v. 
5. — Job. vii. 3. 

Oi'iie, g. id. pi. oíóibe, s.m. a tra- 
veller, a wayfaring man, an 
alien ,- Lev. xxv. 47. 2 Sam. 
xii. 4. Job. xix. 15. 

Oit»e, g- id. pi. oibióe, s. m. a tu- 
tor, nn instructor. Ofbe aI- 
C|torr»A, a foster-father. 

0|be-b<\irciD, s. m. a godfather. 

0j6eAcb,-bA, s. f. a travelling., a 
wayfaring, an entertainment, a 
night's lodging. 

I Ojbe n)r\\)zo, s. ra. a teacher, a 

I OibeACAfj-Afr, s. m. instruction. 
I OibeAr,-bi]-, s. ra. instricction, 
I counsel, tuition, nurture. C.F. 
, OibeAf bé|l, s.m. oral instruction. 

tradition l3evloi&eAj*,-bi]", s.m. 

1 OfSiti, g. oíójte, s. f. ice, — g. Job 

vi. 16. Ps. cxlvii. 17. also, 

Ojbiie, g. id. j)l. -ni3e, s.m. Mark 

xii. 7.— pi. Uom. viii. 17. see 

0;6[teACb,-bA, s. f. Rom. iv. If». 

— Acts xxvi. 18. see 0-5- 

0j6iieAit)vd,-mlA, adj./;*05íy. 
^IFl5^-5e,-5^ s. f. an office, a mi- 
nistry , 1 Tim. iii. 1. Ileb. 

viii. 6. — Luke i. 8. a post, em- 
ployment, situation: Lat. Offic- 

Oi^M7;p<\c,-Tji5, pi. id, s. m. ow 

officer, — pi. John vii. 46. & 

xviii. 3. Ojpi^eAC Aifim, a mi- 
litary officer. 
OipijeAii^vilj-rijlA, adj. official. 
^lS> g- óiSe, pi. Ó5A, s f. a virgin, 

2 Cor. xi. 2,— Luke i. 27.— 

Rev. xiv. 4. a maid. 
O15 beAt), g. Ó15 n)t)A,pl. id. s f . a 

damsel. Gen. xxiv. 16. a young 

Oi^e, g. id. s. f. youth, 1 Tim. iv. 

12.— 2 Tim. ii. 22. 
0i5e-cón)AlcA, g. id. pi. id. s. f. 

a file, 1 8ani. xiii. 21. Oige, 
^IS^^O, g. id. &, -5ii), pi. -506, 

'5''15<*j &> -51)6 ADA, S.m. a pan, 

a pot, a potsherd, 2 Sam. xiii. 

9. 2 Kings iv. 38. — Mic. iii. 

3. — Ex. xxvii. .3. & xxxviii. 

3. Is, xlv. 9. a cauldron. 
OiseAf) bfivi5ce, s, m, a frying 

pan, Lev. ii, 7. 



J n 

0j5e<v|t,-5i|t, s. m. swom-'/Loac 
ofSin, ice. 

Oí5f'AfiArTivil,-mL\, icij^ frosty. 

Oi5peAjt,-pifi, pi. id. s.m. a youths 
a young man. O'G. 

OiSrte, ^•. id. pi. -rilje, s. ra. an 
heir. Matt. xxi. 38.— pi. Gal. 
iii. 29. Lat. Hoere-s ; Old. Fr. 
Hoire. 0'5pe rr^ivrjU, an 

0-5neAcb,-t)A, pi. id. s. f. ati in- 
herilanci\ Matt. v. 5. Gal. iii. 
18.— Ex. XV. 17. Eph. i. 18. 
birthright, patrimony. 

0;5neAcbAri)V]l,-Tt)l<\, adj. heredi- 

OiJfteACA, ind. part. ku']. frozen. 

0í5íti5,-iY5<x6, v.a. iiiherit. 

dl, int. oile^krbvfD, v. a. nurse, 
bring up, Ex. ii. 9. — 1 Tim. v. 
10. educate, rear. 

0|lbéirT),-tT)e,-meAÍ)A, s. m. or f. 
an offoice, a stumbling, Matt. 
xviii. 7 — ]\Iatt xviii. 8. [lom. 
ix. 32. — pi. see Matt, xviii. 7. 
a reproacli, scandal ; fr. obs.s, 
Ojl, reproach, &, béim, a bloiv. 
more properly in the fern, gen- 

0|leAii)T)Ac,-t)Ai5e, adj. requisite, 

0|leArT)r)Ac,-<Ni5,-Ai5e, s. m. a stu- 

0|leAmviT),-rbi)A, pi. id. s. f. nou- 
rishing, Jas. V. h. food, nurture 

OileAo^vir), inf of 0]!, q.v. 

Oileikn,-?'ir), pi. id. s.m. an island, 
Zeph. ii. II. Acts xiii. 6. — 
Acts xxviii. 7. — Is. xlii. 15. 

OileanAC,-Ai5e, adj. insular. 

Oilicpe, g. id. ])1. -eAC<\, s. f. a 
pilgrimage, a sojourning, ~ g. 
Gen. xlvii. 9- 1 Pet. i. 17. Oil|c- 
TieAC&,-bA, s. f. id. 

0]iicneo'C,-M5j pl- i<^- &j -eACA, 
s, m. a pilgrim, see Heb. xi. 
13. & 1 Pet. ii. 11. 

0| lc,~ce, s.f. nauseousjiess, horrur, 
(iff I ight, disgust. 

OilceAitjUc&j-bA, s.f, horror, dis- 

OilceATOvjlj-mlA, nauseous, shock- 
j Í7ig, horrible, disgusting. 
I 0|lc|[teAC, s. m. see 0|licneAc. 
j 0ineAC,-i)i5, s. m. mercy, Ps. ciii. 
11. & cix. 12. liberulily, ge- 

Oii)eACAmYil,-ri)lA, adj. mercijul, 

generous, liberal ; fr. the obs. 

, s. f. o\\),-x)&, a loan, profit, gain. 

óii;ti)it), g. id. pi. -be, s. m. or f, 
a simpleton, a fool, — g. Ps- 
xix. 7. Ezek. xlv. 20.— pi. 

^ Matt. XXV. 8. 

OinmibeACj-b^je, adj. foolish, 
Prov. xvii. 25. Matt. xxv. 2. 

^ silly, simple. 

Oir)!Í)i&eAC&,-t)A, s.f, folly, sim- 

^ plicity. 
j Oii)reAC,-]-i5e,--}-eACA, s. f. afool- 

^ ish giddy woman. 

Oin? conj. for, Matt. ix. 13, be- 

Oinrne, s. f. the broom or fiirze, 
the spindle tree ; the name of 
0, the twelfth letter of the mo- 
dern Irish Alphabet. 

dp, inf. oi[teAtt)vjt), V. a. & n. 
serve, btfit, become. 

Oi|ibe;\pc,-b&iiic, pi, id.&, -beCAft- 
CA, s. ra. a good action or deed, 
an exploit; fr, 5ft, g<jll, ik, 
beajic, a deed. 

OiribeivncAc,-Ai5e, adj. d ing no- 
ble deeds, gracious, precious. 

0|nbi&in,-M)e, s. f, honour, vene- 
ration. O'G. Oiiirbibjt), id. 

Oi|tbi&ioeAc,-i9i5e. adj. venerable. 

Oi|tceAbAl,-Ail, s. m. instruction, 
doctrine, discipline, also, To'p- 
ceAbAl, q. v, 

Oirt ceAiibvjóe, g. id. pi. id s.m, a 
goldsmith. Oyp ce^fibj-cé||ibe, 
&, -ceíi|tbA, pi. id. s-m. id. 



0) n 

Oiiióo«xr<^^,-Ai5fí, adj. requisite, 
C l\ needy, necessary, mer- 
0|ttceAi-Acb,-bA, s. f. a mess, a 
portion ; Gen. xliii. 34. Esth. 
ix. 19. & 22. need, necessity, 
0|ftciAbAC,-Ai5e, adj. golden- 

Ofttcfll,-le, s. f. lying in wait, a 
laying up. Num. xxxv. 22. 
1 8am. xxii. 8. Col. i. 5. a 
provision reserved for the a')- 
sent, concealment, nmbush. "Do 
h&]t Am oi]ic]U, to lie in wait 
forme." " ^t) ot[icill ai) caca, 
against the fights 

OificiU, inf. id. v.n. lie in wait. 
— inf. 1 Sam. xxii. 13. bear, 
^ carry. 

ó,ricir&e, g. id. pi. -eAf)A, s. m. 
a Ireasurij, a coffer, a precious 
stone. Ó ij. fr. op, &, C](-&e, 

^ q. V. 

Oiitcifbeóiftj-óttAj-óiiiiGo, s.m. a 
treasurer, Ezra i. 8. 

OiiiC|reACfc»,-bA, s.f. Estb. ix. 19. 
& 22. see Oi|iceArv\cb. 

OiiicneineArb,-b|th, s.m. supersii- 

^ Hon. C. P. 

Oin6eAiic,-CA, adj. worthy, excel- 
lent. - comp. Heb. iii. 3. & viii. 
<). chief, noble, illustrious, /lie- 
nor able. 

Óni6PAnc,-cGAD, V. a. & n. mag- 
nify, — inf. Jos. iii 7. exalt, en 
noble, dignify, flourish, be ft- 

Oiii&eA|tcv|*,-v||-, s. m. excellency. 
Gen. xlix. 3.-2. Cor. iv. 7. 
lustre, nobility, splendour. 

0|n&liocb,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a sledg- 
ing, a hamnuring. 

OitieAcb,-bA, s. f. a faction, a 
pnrtii, a clan. 

iit^Acbvfj-vir, pb id. s. m. an 
assembly, Lev. viii. 4. Jer. ix. 

2.— Lev. iv. 13. Prov. v. 14. 
a synod, a council. 
0|(ieAb,-^ib, s.m as much. Gen. 
xliv. 1. an equal quantity, an 
equal number. Oiitjob, id. 
0]i»eATn,-rT)At).-mATn, s. m. a 

ploughman, Am ix. 13. 
0|peArr)Ap),-mnA, pi. id. s.f. an in- 

fuence, — pb Job. xxxviii. 31. 
0||ieAn)r)Ac,-nvi3e, adj. meet, 2 
Tim. ii. 21. proper, ft, expe- 
dient, accommodated ; fr. the v. 
o|Ti, q. V. 
OittOArf}r)ACb,-bA, s. f. meelness, 

fitness, expediency. 
Qi]]\-^]he.i,c,-ry]-^,-'n\^e, s. m. a mu- 

Oin3itevf,-?'ir, s. m. embroidery, 
ornament, tapeslry, needle or 
tambour work. 
Ó]|t1j,-1v3Ab, V. a. overlay with 
gold, enchase with gold, form 
devices in gold. 
'^\\\m\\x),'\)i., pi. id. s.m. covetous- 

ness, avarice. 
Oi|xiT7iAr)AC,-Ai5e, adj. covetous, 

OittrT)ibii;,-bt)e, s. f. see Oifibibin. 
0||tri)ibnev\c,-ni5e, adj. venerable, 

honourable, respectable. 
Ontn--t)eAb, V. a. ordain, put in 

authority, order. 
OirvneAb,-t)ió,-i)ióe, s. m. an or- 
dering, an ordination,—^. C.P. 
OiitijerlcA, ind. part. adj. orna- 

me7ital, neat, elegant. 
0|nn&ir'-r^>-rb s.f. a tool, a tack- 
ling, an instrument. Acts xxvii. 
19. — 1 Kings vi. 7. — Ps. vii. 
13. furniture. 
0iitnireói|i,-5fiA,-ónx|6e, s. m « 

Oittciott,-cirt, s. m. the East, after 
to morrow, the day folloxmng, 
Luke xiii, 33. — Num. xxiii. 7. 
Liv A \)-o\\\tií<í^\^,theday after to- 
morrow, a future day ; literally, 

L C 



a day in the East ; fr. om, an 
obs. s. a border, or East. 

Oi|iceAitAC,-|tAi5e, adj. Eastern. 

Onicifi,-cipe,-ciopc<\, s. f. a coast, 
a border, a shore, frontier an 
Eastern c untry, the Eastern 
world ; fr. 0]]\, border, or East, 
&, citt. 

0(pcv<xic,-ce, s. f. the Nurth-east. 

Oircéin)ni3,-1"*"5*^í ^'^- exdlt, dig- 
nify, raise to eminence. 

Oifr^e, g. id. pi. -rt|6e, s. m. an 

Oiceó5,-ói5e,-ó5<\, s. f. a gentle 
blast, a puff of wind, a light 
squall, a gust of wind. 

Oicí|i,-cfieAÓ,-ctieAC^, s. i.a bank 
or ridge in the sea, a shoal or 
shallow, a low promontory jut- 
ting into the sea, an oyster bank, 

^ " Oicitt 5Aineirb, a sand bank." 

01, inf. id. V. a. drink, — inf. Ex. 

^ xxxii. 6. Matt. XX. 22. 

01, g. oil, s. m. a drinJcing, Esth. 
i. 8. 

01, a def. V. say or said ; 01 r^» 
says he, or said he ; 01 ff, says 
she, or said she ; 01 fi<\&, say 
they, or «aid the_i/. 

OU, .g. id. s. f. oil, oititment ,- 
Gen. xxviii. 18. Matt. xxvi. 
9— Deut. xii. 17. Matt. xxvi. 
12. Lat. Ole-ura. Cp^i) oU, 
an olive, an olive tree. Job xv. 

^ 23. 

OUcivDj-ivit), pi. id. s. m. a ca- 

OUóA, ind. adj. oiled, Ex. xxix. 

OU-lei^i]*, g. id. s. f. a sa/ye. 

OUri)vil,-ri)U, adj. oily. 

OUp, g. olU, s. f. wool, Prov. 
xxxi. 13. Ezek. xliv. 17. — 
Lev. xiii. 47. Judg. vi. 37. 
see Rev. i. 14. Lat. Lan-a. 

Olc, eomp. ^)eAf•<^, adj. bad, vile, 
Lev. xxvii. 33. — Job. xxx. 8. 

Matt. ix. H;. ukkcl, see 

Olc, g. v^lc, pi. id. s.m. ey?7, Rom, 

vii. 19 — Matt. V. 39. mischief 


OlcAr,-Air, s. m, badness, Gen. 

I xli. 19. naughtiness, mischief. 

Oll*\m,-v\irbe, adj. Ps. xlvi. i. see 

OllAir),-A]rT), &, -AtiiAn, pi. -»|tÍ7, &, 
-AmAft), s. f. a doctor, a chief 
professor of any science. OlUti) 
b1<\DAcbA, a Doctijr of divinity. 
OllArb U5A, a Doctor of laws, 
OlUrT)Ain,-rbuA, pi. id s. f. in- 
OlUmAiKA, ind. part. adj. h arned. 
OllATT)t)v\c&,-bA, s.f. projessorship, 
I superiority, 

: 011516(1, -6] p, s. m. bombast, fus- 
; i/aw; fr. obs. adj. ol, great, &,' 
j 5lÓ|t. 

Ollrb<xiceA|*,-r<^, s.f. great iiches. 
OrT7Att,-<M|t, pi. id. s. m. a press, a 
font, Joel iii. 13. Omjaji Cxxir^'lS, 
a baptismal font. C. P. see 
; OrT}bpoi, g. id. S.m. see OrpjiA. 
Ort)óioeAc,-&i5e, adj. see tl 0761- 
I ^ beAc. 

j OiT}ór,-óir, s. m. obedience, humi- 
^ lity, respect. 
0rt)ój-Ac,-Ai3e, adj. respectful, 

obedient, humble. 
OrDfiA, g. id. s. m. amber, — g. 
. Ezek. i. 4. 

O't), cpd. prep, ( ó,from, 
&, At), Mejy» /row the. Matt. 
^ i. 18. 
Oi)i:vficv]5, V. a. Jer. vi. 26. see 

0n-s,-5A6, V. a. Luke vii. 46. see 

05óii,-cvít)5 or, -cvn, pi. -cvin, 
or, -OOHA, s. m. a leopard, see 




Ol)Ó|H,-óHA, pi. id. &, -ÓIIACA, S,f. 

honour. Matt. ii. 8. — Rom. ix. 

21. Lat. Honor. 
0uóii<\c,-Ai5e, adj. honourable, 

Heb. xiii. 4 Gen. xxxiv. 19. 

Luke xiv. 8. 
0t)óttv|3,-riv5A6, v.a. honour, wor- 
ship. Matt. XV. 4. — Matt. ii. 2. 

respect,revere, reverence. Onóifi, 

-Iia8, v. a. id. 
Oí;6iiv5c^t3,-v]5ce, pi. id. s. m. an 
^ honouring, a reverencing. 
Ofi, g. ÓI11, s.m. gold. Matt, xxiii. 

17.— Ex. xi. 2. Rev. xviii. 12. 

Lat. Aur-um. Fr. Or. 
OfiACvil, g. id. pi. id. s. m. an 

oracle, 1 Kings vi. 19. — 1 Kings 
^ vi. 31. Lat. Oracul-um. 
0|t<N8, g. ófXAp, &, ópcA, S.m. ex- 
cellency, an enticing, 1 Cor. ii. 

1. Col. ii. A. a gilding. 
0|iA5ívi),-íxin, s.m. wild marjoram ; 
^ Oraganuni vulgare. 
0(tiv|b,-be,-beACA, s. f. a prayer, 

an oration, a collect, Acts xii. 

21. & C. P. On^l» Ai) Ci5- 

eA|ai)A, the LorcCs Prayer. 
Oitiiibe<\c,-bi5e, adj. declamatory, 
^ abounding in harangues. 
OttAi5, inf. óftAÓ, v. a. bedeck, 
^ gild, entice. 
0\i'^\\he, g. id. pi. -bf, s. f. an 

0|iAn), a cpd. pron. (contr. fr. ^\y[., 
^ &, rtje,) on me, Luke xviii. 39. 
0pbv|6e, ind. adj. gold-coloured, 

yellow like gold. O'G. 
Oitc, g. v|iic, pi. id. s. m. a small 

hound, a beagle, a lapdog, also, 

a pig- 
Oftc|iAb,-Aice, pi. id. s. m. grief, 

OjtcttAbAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. afflicted, 

Opb, g. vfiib, pi. id. s. m. a 

hammer, 1 Kings vi. 7. a 


Opb, g. v||tb, pi. id. s. m. order, a 

^ series. 

OpoA, ind. adj. golden, Heb. ix. 4. 
4. Rev. xxi. 15. see Rev. i. 12. 

OpbArnv]l,-rblA, adj. orderly, be- 
coming, regidar. O'G. 

0fib-beAr)V|5ce,g. v(|ib-beAÚV5c'í', 
pi. id. s. m. holy orders ; 0]ib- 
coi]-iieA5CA, s. m. id. 

0nblAc,-Ai3,-A|5e, s. m. an inch ; 
OtiUc, id. 

0pblv)5, inf. ontblv|5eACb, v. a. 
sledge, hammer. 

Onblv-13, g. id. pi. -56, s. m. a 

0pblvi5eAcb,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a 
sledging, a hammering. 

0pbó5,-5|5e,-55A, s. f. a thumb, 
a great toe, — pi. Judg. i. 6. & 
7. see Ex. xxix. 20. 

Oitbor)<xr,-<'^ir5 s. m. artillery, ord- 
nance. Barb. 

a decree, an order, a custom, 
ordinance, tradition, JMicah vii. 

11. Acts xviii. 23 2 Chron. 

viii. 14. Ezra iii. 10. Mark 
vii. 3. — Acts vi. 14. an ap- 
pointment, 2 Sam. XV. 3. 

0pbvi5,-v5<\6, V. a. ordain, ivish, 
appoint, Mark iii. 14. — Job 
xxxi. 30. Is. Ixi. 3. order, ar- 
range, command, prescribe. 

0itbv]5ceó|p,-óitA,-ói|ti6e, s. m. 

^ an orderer, a commander. 

OpJA, ind. adj. Rev. xvii. 4. see 

OpsAin, ") -t)e, s. f. slaughter, see 

0p5An,-<xir), pi- id. s.m. an organ^ 
Job. XXX. 31. — Job. xxi. 12 — 

^ Gen. iv. 21. 

0p5pvA3Ac,-Ai5e, adj. golden- 
haired, yellow- haired. 

0)tlAc, see OtiblAc. 
I OpUr^A, ind. adj. gleaming, or 
shining like burnished gold. 

c su 



0\i\o]r)eAC,-r)]-^e, adj. glittering, 
highly elegant^ well-Jinished. 


7,-Ait), pi. id. s. m. a vo- 

mit. M'N 
Oiinj, a cpd, pron. see OjiArn. 
6rim<x,&it),-bt)e, s. f. the break of 
^ day, literally, the golden ynorn. 
OitrjA, g. id. s. f. see Gofir)^. i 

0|tr)Al6e<\c&,-i>A, s.f. raiment, Fs 

xlv. 14. adornment. 
Oftnvi5,-v5AÓ, V. a. adorn, deck, 

Ofxp, g. VI [ip, s. m. houselcek ; 

Sempervivum tectorura, see 

Oftfi<x]r,-re, s. f. squeamishness. 
0ntAireAC,-n5e, adj. squeamish. 
On^cA, a cpd. pron. (contr. fr. 

Aift, &, |o.b,) on them. Matt. 
^ xii. 16. 
Ofific*, g. id. pi. -cAjÓe, s.f. rt coZ- 

/( ct. C. P. <i prayer, a charm. 
Ofic, cpd. pron. (contr. fr. 

Aifi, &, cv,) of thee, on thee, 

Prov. XXX. 6. Matt. i. 20. 
Oftcv]5eA|t,-3i|i, s. m. the day 

after to-morrow; see Oit^^^ioft. 
Oriv|b, cpd. pron. (contr. fr. aiti, 

&, ]b,) on you. Matt. v. 12. 

of you. 
Oftvp;, cpd. pron. (contr. fr. Ai|t, 

&, ii),) upon us, Matt, xxvii. 
^25. o/ us. 
Oj-jan adverbial prefix, which, set 

before some adjectives and sub- 
stantives, converts them into 
^ adverbs. 

Of, prep, over, above, upon. 
Of A c]oT) X]x), a cpd. adv. ynore- 

over, over and above. 
0rA6,-Aió, pi. id. a confederacy, 

a league. Is. viii. 12. see Jos. 

ix. 16. concord, a cessation, a 
^ truce. 
Of ivin'^j ^dv. openly. Matt. vi. 4. 

publicly, aloud ; fr. íi|tí), high. 
2 N 

OfATt,-A(|i, pi. id. s. m. a litter, a 
^ spreading out of straw or chaff'. 
Op hA\]i, adv. over and above, 

moreover, besides. 
OfCA}t,-Aiit, s. m. a mail's name, 

the celebrated son of Oisin, 

also, a champion, a hero. 
Of 0^0^, adv. over. Matt. ii. 9. 

overhead, over and above. 
0|-c]iabAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s. m. su- 

perstition. C. P. 
0rcU6,-cv]lce, pi. id. s. ra. an 

opening. Job. xii. 14. Matt. ii. 

11.— Is. Ixi. 1. 
Orcv^l, V. a. Dan. ix. 18. see 

OfbA, g. id. pl. ófbAióe, s. m. a 
lodging, an inn, Acts xxi. 16. 

^ —Ex. iv. 24. Luke ii. 7. 

Of&óitt,-óriA,-ó]fi|óe, s. m. a 
host, Rom. xvi. 23. an inn- 

Of5V]l, inf. of5U&, &, o]*5V|lc, 
v.a. open, Prov. xx. 13. — Matt. 

^ XX. 33. Acts xxvi. 18. 

Of ífeAÍl, adv. privately. Matt. 
i. 19. secretly, softly ; fr. ffgU, 

Of Do^Oj g- id. pl. -ÓA, s.m. a groan- 
ing, a sighing, a sigh. Job xxiii. 
2. Ps. Ixxix. 11. — Mark viii. 
12. — Lam. i. 22. a sob. 

0fnA6Ac,-Ai5e, adj. mournful, 
sighing, groaning, sobbing. 

0fr)A6..\ó, s. m. Ps. Ixxix. 11. see 


0rt)Ai5eil,-le, s. f. a groaning, a 
sobbing, a sighing. 

groan. Is. xxxviii. 14. Ezek. 

xxi. 6. — John xi, 38. Rom. 

viii. 22. sob. Of OAióe, &, of oaó, 

are other forms of the infinitive. 
Of f A|t,-AiTt, pl. id. s. m. a burden 

on the back. 
0ffAíióiii,-ó|iA,-óitti6e, s. m. a 

porter, a carrier. 




0cAir3,-3e,-5í, s. f. a ewe of a 

year old. 
Oc<\ti,-Ai|t, pi. id. s. m. wages, 

reward, labour^ also, an abscess 

or ulcer, see 2 Kings v. 11. 
OcAfi,-AiTie, adj. sick, weak, 

wounded. K. 314 & 378. 
OcpACj-Aic, s. m. dung, Ex. xxix. 

14. — Ezek. iv. 15. dirt, or- 
dure, particularly, horsedung, 
as í)vAlc|tAC, is peculiar to 
that of oxen. 

OcTtACArt9vil,-tT)U, adj. filthy^ 
dirty, fcetid. 

OcrtAfr'^ir» pl- id- s. m. sickness^ 
weakness ; iv. ocaji, sick. 

P, (Peic, dwarf elder,) the thir- 
teenth letter of the modern Irish 

P'iih-Ay\,-'^\cK, pi. id. s. f. a pave- 
ment, Ezek. xl, 17. & 18.— 
Ezek. xlii. 3. 

Pac,-c<xó, v. a. pack, load, heap 
up; P<\c<\i5,-cv5At), id. 

Paca, g. id. pi. -A]be, s. m. a 

PACAifie, g. id. pi. -Tti6e, s. m. a 
jjackman, a pedlar. 

P<.\cAifieAC&,-bA, s. f. the business 
of a pedlar, hawking. 

pACA|t<vt),-ix]r), pi. id. s. m. com- 
mon bogbean, marsh trefoil ,- 
Menyanthes trifoliata. Vernac 

Pa6aI,-aiI, pi. id. s. m. a pail, a 

Pa3aijAc,-Ai5^-Ai5e, s m. a pa- 
gan, — g. Matt, xviii. 17. a 

Píx5ívnAcb,-bA, s. f. jmganisjn, 

Pív5ívncA, ind. Sia]. paganish, hea- 

pAióe, g. id. pi. -6i, s. f. a pay- 
ment, requital, remuneration ; 

PAibeó5,-ói5e,-55A, s. f. a light 
made of a soft string of tow 
dipped in tallow. 

PAibiia,-&|ie,-&fieACA, s. f. a 
prayer, particularly, the Lord's 
Prayer, from Pater, the first 
word of it in the Latin version. 

pAibififo, g. id. pi. -Dibe, s. f. a 
string of beads, a rosary, used 
by Romanists to count the re- 
petitions of their prayers, for 
prohibition of which practice 
see Matt. vi. 7. a necklace. 

Pitll,-le,-leACA, s.f. a pavement. 

P<\ll-cloc,-oice,-ocA, s.f. a paving 
sto7ie, a stone pavement. 

p ^] 



tincle, a tent, Ex. xxvi. 1. 
Num. X. 21.— Ex. xxvi. 17.— 
Acts, xviii. 3, a pavilion. 

PAilrr),-me,-rDf, s. La palm, — g. 
John xii. 13. Lat. Palin-es. 

PA]\myc\i^t,-yce]te, s. f. a gourd, 
Jonah iv. 6. literally, a palm 

pAiDevlj-e)!, pi. id. s. m.apaii- 
nel, a piece of ivood. 

pAii)cev|i,-éi|t, &, -évpA, pi. id. 
s. m. a gin, a trap, a snare, 
Job xviii. 9. Ps. Ixix. 22. & 
cxl. 5. — Ps. cxli. 9. — Job. xxii. 
10. see Jos. xxiii. 1.3. fr. the 
obs. pAitjce, s. f. a lace, a cord. 
The g. in Ps. cxli. 9. is spelled 
wrong, pAiDcéAft, & the nom. 
in Job xviii. 9. is, PA]ncért. 

PAti)cevft<Nc,-<xi5e5 adj. wily, in- 

PAipevft,-&i|t5 pl« id. s. m. paper, 
2 John ver. 12. — Is. xix. 7. 
Lat. Papyr-us, Gr. nácro^-os. 

PAipft}, g. id pi. -t)|6e, s. m. a 
poppy ; Papaver. 

PAlfic,-ce,-ceAO<v, s. f. a field, a 
park. O'G. 

pA\\i\\]X,-Xei, S.Í. palsy, — g. Matt. 
iv. 24. Matt. ix. 6. Or- 

Polite, -ce,-ceAÓA, s. f. a part, 
Rev. xviii. 4. a share, a por- 

Piv,inceAC,-ci5e, adj. partaking, 
Phil. i. 7. 1 Tim. v. 22. Rev. 
xviii. 4. sharing, dividing, ge- 

PAtftceAcvfj-vif, pi la. 3. m. par- 
ticipation , partnership. 

Pívtjicióe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
partner, an associate, a sharer. 

Píiir*ci5,-iY5AÓ, v. a. share, di- 
vide, partake, communicate, 

Pair,-re, s. f. a suffering, afflic- 

tion, passioji 
2 Tim. iii. 11, 

2 Cor. i. 5. 
Acts i. 13. 
PAjf&e, g. id. pi. -&i5e,s. m. & f. 

a child; Gr. Uoug, Dor. accusat. 

Pívir&ír), g. id. pi. -n|6e, s. m. an 

infant, a little child. 
P^iriSrl>"5*^j V. a. crucify, tor- 
ment, cause to suffer. 
PA]z,-ce,-veAr)A, s. i. a hump, a 

lump, a hunch. 
PAiceÓ5,-ói5e,-55A, s. f. a small 

lump of butter. 
Pairfiir5,-S^r3Í5 s.f. a partridge, 

1 Sam. xxvi. 20. Jer. xvii. U. 
PAlAr,-i^!]*5 pi- iti- s. m. a palace, 

1 Chron. xxix. 1.— Phil. i. 13. 
— Lam. ii. 5. 

pAUcó5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s. f. a blow, a 

PdlrnAiTie, g. id. pi. -ti|6e, s. m. a 
rudder, an oar. 

pAr)cÓ5,-ói5e,-55A, s. f. a pan- 

P,x};>o., g. id. pi. A^be, s.m, a Pope, 
Lat. Papa. 

PApA]|te, g. id. pi. "Tiióe, s. m. a 
Papist, a follower of the Pope. 

PApAineAC&,-bA, s, f. Popery. 

PApATjcA, adj. papistical. 

pArtAilir,-r^i— g- Matt. iv. 24. 
see PAiftilir- 

pAii?5vn,-úir), pi. id. s. m. a par- 
don, forgiveness. C. P. 

PAiilvrj-vi]-, pi. id. a parlour. 

PA^jiAir&e, g. id. pi. -&i5e, s. m. 
a parish. 

PAi7iAir&eAc,-i)i5,-bi5e, s. m. a 

PAf]icAf,-Air) s. m. Paradise, 

2 Cor. xii. 4. — Rev. ii. 7. 
pAftc<\c,-Ai5e, adj. partaking, 

2 John ver. 11. see PAiitceAC. 

PApcA^be, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a par- 
taker, 1 Pet. V. 1. « partner. 

Pa|icA05-ívii), pi. id. s. m. a crab- 
fish, see Po|ic<VT). 

p eu 


p e J 

Pa:a, g- id. pi. -Ape, s.m. a hare. 
PAcí^t),-ívin,pl. id. s. m. a leveret. 
Pv\cAHte, g. id. pi. -T^ibe, s. m. a 

soft young creature of any kind, 

P^cAifte le|i)b, a soft young 

PActvYDj-vin, pi. id, s.m. a patron, 

also, a festival in honour of a 

patron Saint, vulgarly called, 

a Pattern. 
Pé<vcAc,-Ai5e, adj. beautiful, 

neat, showy, gaudy, long-tailed, 

fr, obs. s. peic, any long sharp 

point, a long tail. 
Pe<vcAc, adj. see Pe<\cc<\c. 
PeAC0ic,-Ai5, pi. id. s.m, a sinner, 

Eecl. vii. 26. — Prov. xiii. 22. 

— Ps. i. 5. 
PeAC<\b,-cvi6, pi. id. &, -cri&e, 

s. m. sin, Gen. iv. 7. Rom. 5. 

20.— Heb. xii. 4,— Luke v. 20, 

& vii. 48. transgression. Lat. 

Peccat-um. Pe<\CAÓ ad z-y]^)- 

fift, original sin, the sin of our 

first father. 
PeACAri7l<\c&,-&<\, s. f. sinfulness. 

C. P. 
PeACAri7Yil,-ri)lA, adj. sinful, 

PéACój, -0156,-65 A, s. f. a pea- 
cock or pea-hen, see 2 Chron. 

ix. 21. — pi. see Job xxxix. 13. 
PeAcrAc,-A]5e, adj. sinful, Luke 

V. 8. 
P6AccAC,-A]5,-A|5e, s. m. see 


PeACVf5,-v5A6, V. a. sin, John 
viii. 11. — 1 Kings XV. 34. 
1 Cor. viii, 12. Lat. Pee-co. 

PeA^, g. i>i5, pi. id. &, peAÚA, 
s, m. a pen, Judg. v. 14. 3 John 
ver, 13.— Jer. xxxvi. 23. 

PeAÍ)A5ívíj,-ívii), pi. id. s.m. a pen- 

PeAf)ix]h,-be,-b}, s. f. affliction, 
torment, — g. 2 Chron, xviii. 26. 
Rev. xiv. 11. 

PeAf)ai?3eAC,-ft|5e, adj. painful, 

tormenting. Mul. 
Pe<\nfYfi,-vin, pi. id. s, m. a pair 

of pincers. 
PeA|i|-A,-o>D,-<M;a, s. f. a person, a 

soul, 1 Cor. X. 8.— Heb. i. 3. 

—1 Pet. iii. 20. 
PeA|ir^ll,-le, s.f, parsley; Apium 

PeA|t]"Aoc<N, ind. adj. personal, 

personable, handsome. 
PeAr-5<^&ví5e, g. id pi. -5ce, s,m. 

a pickpocket ; fr. obs. s. peAf-, 

a purse, 8c, 5<\&v}5e. 
PeACA, g. id. pi. -Ajoe, s. m, a 

pet ; Barb. 
PéACA[i,-AiTi, s. m. peu-ter. 
Peic,-ce, pi. id. &, -c(, s.f. tr. peck, 

a measure, see Matt. xiii. 33. 
PéiciolÍACj-Aije, adj. having a 

long tail, see PeAo^c, beautiful. 
Pe]\eY\i-é]\\, pi. id. s. m.a pillar, 

also, a bullet, a ball, an iron 

Peil]Yfi,-rnt,pl. id. s.m. a pillow. 
Pei^eAp,-^&]|i, pi. id. s.m. a pen- 
Péifte, g. id, pi. -ftf, s. f. a pair, 

a couple, a brace. 
pe]|teAbYic,-ce,-Cf, s.f. a peruke, 

a wig. 
Pei|iiAclAC,-Ai5e, adj. dangerous. 
Pej|iiACYl,-V|l, pi, id. s. m. peril, 

— pi. Roni. viii. 35. danger ; 

Lat. Peri( ul-um. 
Pé||i|-e, g. id. pi. -^í, s. f. a row, 

Ezek. xlvi. 23.— pi. 1 Kings 

vii. 2. Ezra. vi. 4. a rank, a 

perch in length. 
Pef|i|«|l rbóii,-le xx)o\\\e, s.f. smal- 

lage ; Apium palustre. 
Péirc,-ce, pi. id. s. f. a worm, a 

beast ; Ex. xvi. 24. Acts 

xxviii. 4 — Deut. xxviii. 39. 

Lat. Best ia. 
PéifceArr)Y|l,-rt)lA, adj. beastly, 

brutish, uormlike. 

P j 5 


P ] 

Pétrceívt)Ac,-Ai5,-A13í*, s- m. a 
low creepiftff worinlike fellow. 

Péirceó5AC,-«i5e, adj. wormy, 

Pe|C,-re, s. f. dwarf elder, the 
name o/P, the thirteenth letter 
of the modern Irish Alphabet. 

Peic-bo3,-bvi5e, s.f. dwarf eldei . 

Péicreó5,-ói5e,-65A, s-f. a peach. 

Pel)ocixn,-:\ir), pi. id. s. m. a peli- 
can, Deut. xiv. 17. Pelicivr), id. 
Lev. xi. 18. 

PeDrivt),-vin, pi id. s. m. a pen- 
sioti. Barb. 

PevbA|t,-A]|t, s. m. pepper, 

PeY|tU, g. id. pi. -Uióe, s. m. a 
pearl. Rev. xxi. 21. 

PaYfilAC,-Ai5e, adj. like pearls, 
valuable, beautiful. 

P]At), g. péiDe, pi. piAi)CA, s. f. a 
pain, a torweut, a pang ; Ps. 

xlviii. 6, 1 John iv. 18 Luke 

xvi. 28. — Is. xiii, 8. Lat. Poen-a, 

Gr. Uorj-r,, 
P|An,-nAÓ, V. a. torment, — inf. 

Mark v. 7. Luke viii. 28. 

distress, pain, annoy, punish ; 

Pl<^r)vi3,-v5AÓ, id. I 

PlAt)A6,-tjCA, pi. id. s. m. a pain- \ 

ing, a tormenting, an afflicting. \ 
Pl<\T)A&óiii,-5fiA,-ói|ti6e, s. m. a\ 

punisher, a tormentor. R. S. ! 
P|AÍ3vib,-oe, pi. id. s. f. a tor- 
ment, — g. Rev. xviii. 10. an 

P]cyz,-ze, pi. id. s. f. Joel i. 4. 

see Pé]j-c. j 

Pic,-ce, s. f. pilch, slime. Gen. { 

vi. 14. — Gen. xiv. 10, Lat. i 

Pix. I 

P)ce, g. id. pi, -cf, s. f. a pike, a \ 

long spear, a pitchfork. \ 

P]có\t>, s. f. — g. 1 Sam. xiii. 20. í 

see Piocóib. 
PlSÍ'íj g- id. pi. -T)|6e, s.m. a nog- \ 

gin, a small vessel, a pitcher. ' 

Pl51tj,-ne,-neACA, s. f. a penny, 

Mark xii. 15. 
Pllbfij, s.f. see Tilbfr). 
P\\\]vi,-\r)e,-x)'\, s. f. a pillion, a 

pannell, a pack-saddle. 
P\\\]r]\^-\x]\i, pi. id. s. m. a pil- 

P]\yer\\-'e\\i, pi. id. s. m. a fish 

called a pilchard. 
Pincft), g. id. pi. -Di^e, s. m. a 

gillyflower ; also, a very small 

fresh -ivater fish . 
Pio^in, s, f. see Pisin- 
Piob,-bA, pi. id. s. ra. a pipe,\s. v. 

12. 1 Cor. xiv. 7. — pi. Zech. 

iv. 2. 
PíobA&óin)-óftA,-ónt]6e, s. m. a 

PjobAiite, g. id. pi. -niée, s. m. a 

piper, see Rev. xviii. -22. 
PíobA]jteACí),-&A, pi. id. s. f. a 

piping, a playing on the pipes, 

pipe mtisic, 1 Kings i. 40. 

Luke vii. 32. Lat. Pipo, cluck 

(as a hen,) Gr. tI/t-t/^w, 
Piob:\n,-ain, s m. the throat, 

Jer. ii. 25. a small pipe, the 

P;ob ih<\U, s. m. a bagpipe, see 

PíobcAor5A6,-Aió, pi. id. s. m. a 

P!obvi6,-bv\6, V. a. peep. Is. x. 

14. see Is. viii. \9.pipe, squeak. 
Piob-vt|-5e, s. m. a conduit pipe, 

a water pipe, see P^ob, & 

P|oc,-CAÓ, V. a. pick, nip, nibble. 

PlocAC,-Ai5f, adj. picking, 
thrifty, careful. 

P]OCAÓ,-Aió, pi. id. s. m. a pick- 
ing. C. P. a nipping, a nib- 

P\oc<x'oó\\i,-ó]iA,-ó]]i\6e, s. ni. a 
picker, a nibbler. Pjocoifi, 

P ) s 



P|ocAiiieACO,-í>A, s. f. a pinching^ j 

a picking i a nibbling. 
P]ocó|t),-&e,-&í, s. 1. a tnattock, , 

— g. 1 Sam. xiii. 20. a pick- 


garg, a bison, Deut. xiv. 5. 
PlolLMtte, g. id. pi. -pióe, s. m. a 

P|olóiri,-ó|tAj á« ^' « pillorg ; 

Ploló|b,-&e, s. f. id. 
P|oloc<x, g. id. pi. -Ape, s. m. a 

pilot. M'N. 
PjoofA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. ar- 

tifice, guile, skill, cunning. 
P]o5ró|lteAÓ&,-í)A, s.f. skilfulness, 

wiliness, fencing. 
V'\ox)\ix,-ú}Vi pl. id. s. m. punish-\^ 

tnent, death, Lev. xxvi. 41, 

2 Thess. i. 9 Acts iv. 21. & 

xii. 19. 

^1°^' IseePjob. 


Pío|t<vi&,-&e,-bí, s.f. a pirate. 

PioiiaibeAc,-&i5e, adj. piratical. 

Pfoitixi&eAC&j-bA, pl. id. s. f. pi- 

P\o\\ó]b,-t)e,-'o\, s-f. a parrot. 

PfontA, g. id. pl. -Ape, s. m. a 

PjorA, g. id. pl. -Ape, s. m. a 
j)iece, iVLatt. xvii. 27. — pl- Lev. 
vi. 21. a bit, a fragn^en^, a 
a morsel, a patch. 

Ppi'^r'^<'^c,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
whisper. Is. xxix. 4. 

P^orAfit)Acb,-&A, s. f. a whisper- 

P]orcAl,-Ail, pl. id. s.m. a pistol; 

Pl|-,-|-e,-reA^A, s. f. a pea; Pyy 
bvb, or P\x CApviU, horse pea, 
vetch, tare ; Vicia saliva. P\x 
bv|óe, common yellow vetch ; 
Lathyrus pratensis. 

P^feA,UAÓ,-Ai5, s.m. pulse, 2 Sam. 
xvii. 28. lentils. 

Plf-eóT;,-ói5»*,-ó7;A, s. f. witch- 
craft,— \)\. Gal. iii. 1. & V. 20. 

P|reÓ5AC,-Ai3e, adj. like a wifch 
or wizard, Ex. xxii. 18. be- 
longing to witchcraft. 

Pir-nAÓí\in,-oe, s.í.Jitch, Ezek. 
iv. 9. vetch, wild pea. 

PlceivncA, ind. adj. effeminate, 

Plceivr)CAC&,-bA, s. f. effeminacy, 

Piceó5,-Ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. an effe- 
minate person. 

PlAp,-ce,-ceAi)A, s. f. a mouth- 
ful. M'N. 

^l^lSi-St^^pí- -JeAiJA, &, pU^A, 
s. f. a plague, a jjestilence, 
— g. Rev. xi. 6.— pl. Matt. 
xxiv. 7. Luke xxi. II. Lat. 
Plag-a. Gr. nxrjy-v- 

Pliil5eArbv]l,-rblA, adj. contagi- 
ous, pestilential. 

Plivi5eAnAC,-Ai7;,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
m ischievotis fellow. M'N. 

PlAiPép,-épe,-éA&A, s. f. a pla- 
net, see 2 Kings xxiii. 5. Lat. 

PlAicir),-t)e5-r)eAÍ)A, s. f. a skull, 
" PUjcp AD c]r), the crown of 
the head.'^ 

PlaicíD, g. id. pl. -t)]óe, s. m. a 
small plate. 

PUda, g. id. pl. -Ape, s.m. a car- 
penter\t plane, also, Locao, 
q. V. 

PIahCj-caó, v. a. strike severely, 

PÍAObA, g, id. pl. -Aloe, s. m. 
a plant. Matt. xv. 13. Lat. 

PlAt)bYi5,-vj<NÓ, v. a. plant, — inf. 
Luke xvii. 28. 

PlAipvi5ce, ind. p. ^.planted ; 
C. P. 

PlAipvi5ceóift,-óftA,-ói|ipe, s. ra. 
a planter. 

P L U 



Plii]-t5nv|5,-v5A6, V, a. plaster, 
davb; PUv|-bpC\il, inf. id. v. a. 
id. Barb. 

PUcik, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
plate, Ex. xxviii. 36. 

Plé<\feív|l,-íklA, pi. id s. f. ad- 
vocacy, pleading. Mul. & O'G. 

PleAb^iljinf. id. plead, advocate; 

PlcAtiixcA, g. id. pi. -Ai8e, s, m. 
uproar, confusion. R. S. 

PléAf5,-3<\6, V. a. crack, burst, 
break, strike. O'G. 

s. f. a crack, a noise, a loud 
Plé<\|*5Ac,-<xi5e, adj. cracking, 
noisy, thumping. 

PléAr5-6,-Ai6, 1 \^' 

Plétriini,-úl]t, pi. id. s. m. 

pleasure. Barb. 
PljornAiiae, g. id. pi. -píóe, s. m. 

a fresh well-looking man. 

Plob, g. plvib, pi. id. s. m. a pool 

of standing water ,- Plobivij, 

-i^in, pi. id. s. m, id. 
Plob2n)ACb,-bA, s. f. paddling or 

roning in water. 
Ploib, g. plvjbe, pi. plvibeAÍJA, 

s. f. a blanket. 
PlvbAjftfíp,-'?^'} s. f. common 

marsh marigold ; Caltha pa- 

Plvc,-v]ce,-vcA, s. f. the cheek. 
PlvcAC,-Ai5e, adj. having large 

cheeks, blubber cheeked, lumpy, 

Plúc,-cAb, V. a. press, squeeze, 

PlúcAÓ,-ccA, pi. id. s. m. a press- 
ing, a squeezing, a smother- 
ing, Luke viii. 45. 
PlvcAine, g. id. pi, -|tióe, s. m. a 
fellow with large cheeks. 

PlvcAmeAcb,-bA, s. f. imperti- 
PlvcbA, ind. p. p. smothered, 

pressed, squeezed. 
P\y\xx)h\x,-ye,-Xh s. f. a plumb ; 

pronounced Plvtt}ti7jr. 
Plviitft) feAt)5AT),-Air), s.m. sheep''s 

sorrel, mountain clover ; Ku- 

mex acetosella, Trifolium al- 

PlvnjbA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 

/>/w/«/wé'í, pronounced Plvrrjrt^A. 

Lat. Plumb-um. 
Plúji, g. plúift, s. m. flour, 

meal ; 1 Sara, xxviii. 24-. — 

Gen. xviii. 6. Judg. vi, 19. 

Plú|t t)A b-peAn, the choice of 

PlúrtAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. mealy, full of 

PobAl,-A)l, &, -V|l, pi, pviblcACA, 

s. m. people, Ex. xv. 16. — Ex. 

xxiii. 11. Luke vii. 1 — Gen. 

xxvii. 29. Rev. xvii. 15. a con- 
gregation, a tribe. Lat. Po- 

Poc, g. pvjc, pi. id. &, pocA, s.m. 

a he goat, Dan. viii. 8. — pi. 

Gen. xxx. 35. 
PócA, g. id, pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 

pocket, a pouch, a bag. 
Poc'<^^),-'^\x), pi. id, a little he 

goat ; dim. of Poc, q. v, 
Poc fioi), g. pvic y]x), pi. pvjc, 

&, pocA y:\ov)A, a roebuck, 

Deut. XV. 22. — pi. see 1 Kings 

iv. 23. 
Poc 5AbAi|i, s.m.a he goat, Prov. 

XXX. 31. 

Poc 11VAÓ, g. ii>y\c. ltVA|Ó, pi. 

pvjc, &, pocA jivAbA, s. m. a 

roebuck, Deut. xiv. 5. 
PÓ5, inf. PÓ5AÓ, v. a, kiss, Gen. 

xxvii. 26 Gen. xxxi. 28. 

Luke vii. 45. 
Í^ó3, g. poise, pi. PÓ5A, s, f. a 

kiss, Ex. xviii. 7.-2 Sam. 

p on 



XX. 9. Luke xxii. 47.— Prov. 

xxvii. 6. 
PÓ5A6, g. PÓ5CA, s. m. t?ie act of 

Po56ijt,-ótt<N,-6ipi6e, s.m.« *mer. 
Póinfn, g. id. pi. -t)|6e, s. ra. a 

small seed potatoe, a seedling. 
Pó]|-5eAl,-UtT)vin, V. a. betroth, 

promise in marriage. 
Póift}*e, g. id. pi. -PADA, s. m. a 

porch, an entry, a gate, 

2 Chron. xxix. 17.— 1 Chron. 

ix. 19. Acts. xii. 13. see Ezek. 

xli. 15. 
Pofftrj, g. id. s. m. Judg. iii. 23. 

see Pó]ftfe. 
Póir,-ce,-ceAÍ)A, s. f. a great 

drinking bovt, a tippling to 

Póice<vc,-ci5e, adj. given to 

Póiceir,-fe, s. f. drunkenness. 
Pó}zeó]\x,-ó]XA,-ó\\i]^e, s, m. see 

Poicjn, g. id. pi. -t)i&e, s. m. a 

small pot ; dim. of Poca, more 

properly, Coficivn, q. v. 
PoUirte, g. id. pi. -pi&e, s. m. a 

hole and corner fellow. 
Poll, g. pvjll, pi. id. s. m. a pit, 

a hole. Gen. xxxvii. 24. Is. 

li. 1. — Rev. ix. 1. & XX. 1. 
Poll,-U&, V. a. pierce, bore, per- 
PolUnie, g. id. pi. -Hi, s. f. a nos- 
tril, see Job, xxvii. 3. also, a 

PoU-rpoHA, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 

nostril, see Gen. ii. 7. 
PollcA, ind. p. p. perforated, 

bored, pierced, mortised. 
PoDAfi, g.-^^IUj^-'^pA, s.m. beans, 

2 Sam. xvii. 28. Ezek. iv. 9. 

Vernac. PónAi|te, g. id. s. f. 

Pó\)A\\\e TitADCAC, French 

PoDc, s. m. see Pvoc. 

PóDvxttie cApA^l, s.f. common bog- 
bean, marsh trefoil I Menyan- 
thes trifoliata, see PACAtiivo. 

Pop, g. pó)p, pi. id. s. m. seed, a 
race, a clan. 

Pó\\c'í>.\i,-'^\\), pi. id, s. m. a small 
pig, a porker ; iv. the obs. s. 
pope, s. m.a pig, Lat. Porc-us. 

Pope, g. pv|pc, pi. id. s. m. a 
mount, a shore, a fort, Ezek. 
IV. 2. Matt. xvi. 5. — pi. 2 
Kings XXV. 1. a port, a har- 
bour, a bank, a ferry, a pas- 
sage, Lat. Port-US, a har- 

Pope, g. pvipc, pi. id. s. m. a 
tune, either sung or j)layed on 
a mvsical instrument. 

Po\izkK\),-'^\x), pi. id. s. m. a crab- 

Poy, inf. pój-AÓ, v.a. marry. Gen. 
xxxviii. 8. — 1 Tim. v. 14. 

PórA&,-r&A, pi. id. s.m. marriage, 
1 Tim. iv. 3. Heb. xiii. 4 — 
Ex. xxi. 10. Matt. XXV. 10. 
CleArnnvir, & not Poj-bA, is 
generally used in the pi. see 
Gen. xxxiv. 9. 

PofbA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. « 
pillar, a post, 1 Tim. iii. 15. 
Rev. iii. 12. 

PófCA, ind. p. p. married, Ps, 
xix. 5. 

PocA, g. id. pi. -A]6e, s. m. a pot, 
Heb. ix. 4. 

PocA&óip,-5pA,-6]PT6e, s. m. a 
potter; the g. sing, is, pocA- 
bóip, in Matt, xxvii. 7. 

PócAipe,g. id. pi. -p]6e, s. m. a 
drunkard, Prov. xxiii. 21. 

PócAipeAcb,-hA, s. f. drunken- 
ness, tippling. 

Pocecivpi, g. id. pi. -\hQ, an apo- 
thecary, — g. Ex. XXX. 25. & 

PpAb, comp. ppejbe, adj. active, 
quick, clever ,- see PpeAb. 



p n J 

PfiAl6ii),-T)e, s.i. earnest haste or \P[ieAh,-e\he,-ei.hi<, s.i. a /jounce, 

business, a furry. } a kick, a start. 

PfiAl6i^eAc,-^i5e, adj. earnest, i P|teAbAifie, g. id. pi. -Tii6e, s. m. 

1 Sam. XX. 28. | a stout hearty brave fellow. 
Ppixifcfo, g. id. pi. -T)]óe, s.m. an ' Pite^bAnie*cb,-&A, s. f. acting 

apron, a bib. I bravely or gallantly. 

Pft<vireAC,-fi5e, s. f. pottage, \P}}e:e>h'^\),-'A\r), ^\. 'iá. s.m. a par- 

2 Kings iv. 38. — 2 Kings iv. j eel, apiece ; \ Chron. xi. 13. 
39. broth. | Matt. ix. 16 1 Chron. xi. 14. 

Prt*ireAc,-p5e,s.f.a^iV/rf^/^rt/é'. | a patch. 

Pp^tre^c bfiACAijt, s. f. English ,P}}&&.\)'c.x)i\]6e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 
mercury, wild spinage ; Cheno- ' a patcJter. 
podium, i P|téAcíio,-í>.in, pi. id. 6. m. a ra- 

PfiA1|-eAC bvi6e, s. f. nild cab-\ re«,— pi. Luke xii. 24. a crow. 
bage, nape, wild naven ; Bras- . PfiéACívn ce^iJAi), -'^\x) ce<x^ii|i5, 
sica napus. | pi. -^lo ceA^Atj», s.m. un ossi- 

P]i6^]]-e'>^c í:]a6,s.{. bastardcress'^ f rage or osprey. Lev. xi. 13. 
or mustard, penny cress ; PftéAcíxt) ceipceAC,-íxiT) ce.y^zy-^, 
Thlapsi arvense. I pi. id. s. m. a kite, Deut. xiv. 

Pft<xire<xc piAÓAin, s. f. common^ 13. 

nild goosefoot, orache, white P]i^AC'A.r) seAf^, s.m. a glede, a 
goosefoot ; Chenopodium al- ; buzzard, TíqvX. xiv. 13. 


PftAireAÓ j^t>^\^, s. f. wild mus- 
tard, charlock -, Sinapis ar- 

PliAife*ó ^Iai*, s. f. jig-leaved 

goosefoot ; Chenopodium fici- 

PpAifCAc mfn, s. f. wild orache ; 

Artiplex hastata. 
PfiAiyeAC n* m-bAllA, s. f. wall 

goosefoot ; Chenopodium mu- 

PftAtf-eAc T7A 5-CAOHAC, s. f. see 

P|t<\i]-eAÓ ^|a6. 
PpAT]-eo>c HA rDAftA, s. f. annual 

sea side goosefoot ; Chenopo- 
dium maritiraum. 
PftAireAc cftA^A, s. f. seahale ; 

Crambe maritima. 
Pp'Airi&e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 

P\\'i.X,-MTi s. m. brass, Deut. 

xxviii. 23.— Mark vii. 4. 
P[ieAb,-bA6, V. a. stamp, Ezek. 

vi. 11. kick, spurn. 
2 o 

pi. id. s. m. a vulture, Deut. 
xiv. 13. 

Pp&ACAT) DA 5-CeA|tC, -\]0 DA 

S-ceAfic, pi. id. s. m. a kite, 
Lev. xi. 14. 

P|iibUi&,-be,-t)f, s. f. a privilege. 

P\i]n),-n)e,a.áj.jftrst, prime, chief, 
great ; It is placed at the be- 
ginning of compounds and is 
spelled P|ttotT), when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either of the broad vowels 
A, o, or V. 

Prilri)óeA^A|-,-Air, s. m. primacy. 

P|tirbcléiTieAc,-it|3,.jn5e, s. m. 
a chief clerk, a head book- 

Pfilri7eA|iCAil,-le,-lj, s. f. a main 
beam which reaches from side- 
wall to side-uall. 

P[iirnfeAÓn7Ar)AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. 
a chief butler, see Gen. xl. 2. 
where the g. sing, is spelled, 

p n 1 


P s n 

PtMtDihjl, ind. s.i.ajirsf/htf/, Ex. 

xxxiv. 19. Lev. xxvii. 26. — pi. 

Deut. xii. 6. & 17. 
Pfiirt)piollai),-ivin, pi. id. s. m. a 

P|i|mfeol,-0'l,-olcA, amain- 

Sfiil, Acts xxvii. 40. 
Pri|rT)ceAC,ci5e,-ci5ce, s. m. a 

chief house, — g. Num. xxv. 

Ptiíob^l&,-bo,-bí, s. f. privacy^ 

PltiobAi&eAc,-&i3e, adj. private, 

secret. C. P. 
Piiioc,-ca8, v. a. *prod, sting, 

PpiocA, g. id pi. -Ajóe, s. m. a 

ffoar/, a sting. 
P\i\oxr),-xx)ii, s. m. a principal. 

Lev. vi. 5. 
PttiornA6b<\ft,-Aifi,pl. id. s.m.Jirsf 

cause. R. S. 
Plil'ori7<xroii|i,-ACA|t, pi. -Aicfte, &, 

-A]Cfie<NC<\, s. m. a patriarchy u 

chief father, Heb. vii, 4. 

PfliOrT7CC\CA1tt,-CItAC,-CllACA, S. f. rt 

chief city. Acts xvi. 12. 
P]i]otr)c\<x\i,-ix]}\, pi. id. s. m. an 

autograph, an original. 
Pttiorr)cloc,-oice,-ocA, s.f. a chief 

stone, 1 Pet. ii. 6. 
Pfxíoti7ó<\U, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s.m. 

ancient history. 
Pttiort)pvp)eAb5iii, - opA, - di|ti6e, 

s. m. a chief baker, see Gen. 

xl. 2. where the g. sing, is 

spelled Pfiíori7pvit)eA&óiii. 
PjaíorT)lor)5poíic,-pvTftc, pi. id. 

s. m. a cliief palace, a royal 

seat. K. 

chief norh. Job. xl. 19. 
PltjomfloiOe, g. id. pi. -flo]^ce, 

s. f. a principal family. K. 
P|tíort)coireAÓ,-|-l.^,-ri5e, s. m. a 

chief captain. Gen. xxi. 22 


pi. id. s. m. the\ 

first, Num. xxiv. 20. first 
chief, first fonndation. 

PfliOlt)VAC&Atl^0,-2\lt), pi. id. &, 

-<xnA, s. m. a chief gorfrnor, 
Jer. XX. 1. 
Pt^iorT7VACfcAii^nACb,-&<\, s.f. chief 

gorernrnent or sway. 
Piijorbv5t)A|t,-Aift, pi. id. s. m, a 
chief author. Mul. 
I P^]ov)]A, g. id. pi. -o.]be, s. m. a 
I prince. Rev. i. 5. — Epb. ii. 2. 
j — Gen. xii. 15. 
I PpTonrArhlACOj-bA, s. i. princeli- 
\ vess. 

Pjtioór<NtT)vil,-tr)lA, adj. princely. 
j P|tjorún,-Í>10,pl- id. s.m. a prison, 
— g. Luke xxii. 33. Acts v. 19. 
Pliío]-úr)Ac,-Ai5,-<\i5e, s.m. a pri- 
soner, Acts xxiii. 18. — pi. Acts 
xvi. 25. see bfiixij&touAc. 
Pníofúi)<xcb,-b<\, s. f. imprison- 
Ptió<xt)cívr),-ívin, s. m. provender, 

— g. Gen. xlii. 27. 
Ppóc<N&óift,-óftA,-óipi&e, s. m, a 
chamberlain, Rom. xvi. 23, a 
P]\o\r),-x)e, pi. -PI, or, -t)A, s. f. a 
dinner, a neat ; PpA]f), id. 
Lat. Prand-ium. 
Priof),-T)<\6, v. a. see bpoo- 
PpopA, g. id. pi. -A|6e, s. m. a 

Pftop<\ó,-<\ió, pi. id. s. m. a prop- 

PiiYcUir,-r^, pl' -re^'")*, & 

-re<\c<\, s. f. a den, Jer. vii. 11. 
Nah. ii. 12. 

P|ivirce<xl,-cé|l, pi. id. s. m a 
batch of potatoes for roast- 
ing. M'N. 

Pi-AltD, g. prAilrti, pi. id. s. m. a 
psalm, Ps. ixxxi. 2. 1 Cor. 
xiv. 26. — pi. see 1 Chron. xvi. 
9 Jas. V. 13. The word gene- 
rally used is PrAjln^j-rne, pi. 
p|-Alrr)A, s. f. id. Gr. %!/«/.,</,•«. 

P U ] 



PfAlcAI|1,-C|tAÓ,-C|l*CA, S. f. ft 

psalter, a chronicle or book 
of records, a book that con- 
tains many poems or verses, 
also, a musical instrument 
called a Psaltery^ see Ps. 
xxxiii. 2. 

Pvb<\l,-<xil, pi. id. s.m. see Pob^l. 

Pvbvil, g. pv]ble, pi. pviblj, s. f. 
a tent^ Gen. xxvi. 17. & xxxi. 
34. & 35. Gen. xviii. 1.— pi, 
see Gen. iv. 20. & ix. 27. 

Py-c/y.^ g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
sprite or hobgoblin. 

Pvcan,-ain, pi. id. s.m. a small 
he yoat, see Pociit). 

Pvcivi),-<x)t), pi. id. s. ra. a pouch 
or small hag ; Pvcivi) oUvv, a 
small pack of wool. 

Púcó5,-ó|5e5-Ó5A, s. f. a covering 
for the eyes. 

PvccAipe, g. id. pi. -pioe, s. m. a 
strolling beggar. M'N. 

Pú&4N|t,-Aip, pi. id. s. vci. powder. 

Pú&<\]iAC,-A15e, adj. powdery, 

Pvjblióe, ind. adj. common, pub- 
lic, Eph. ii. 12. Lat. Public- 

Pv]bli6eAcb,-i)A, s. f. the public. 

Pv]blj5,-]V5AÓ, V. a., publish, pro- 
claim. C. P. 

Py]h\]Oc'«^x),~'^]Y!, pi. id. s, m. a 
publican, Luke v. 27. — Matt, 
xviii. 17. — Malt. xxi. 31. | 

Pviblioci^t)<^c,-<N|5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
publican, Luke xviii. 10. &j 
11. I 

Pvicfi), g. id. pi. -r)|6e, s. m. a 
veil or covering for the eyes. 

Pvilpi&j.&e, s.f. (t pulpit. Barb. I 

PvfDce, g. id. pi. -z], s f. a point, 
an article, a jot, a tittle. 

PvioccaIca, ind. adj. precise, 

Pvmcjt), g. id. pi. -njoe, s. m. a 
small port or harbour, diii). of 
Poftc, q. V. 

Pvii-fn, g. id. pi. -1)13, &, -"1^''' 
s. m. a lip, Lev. xiii. 45. — pi. 
1 Sam. i. 13. Prov. iv. 24. 
see Eccl. x. 12. dim. of Pvf, 
q. v. also, a kitten. 

■\X)C, g. pV)! 

pi. id. 

point, a tittle, a whit. O'G. 
Pvr)CArT7l4kC&,-C>A, s. f. distinct- 
ness, exactness, punctuality. 
Pvi)CArT)vil,-rbU, adj. distinct, 
articulate, punctual. 

Pvn5lAf,-Aif, s.m. purple melic 

grass ; Melica coerulea. 
Pvf)<\r),-v\i6e,-o.n<>, s.f. a sheaf\ 
Lev. xxiii. 11. Job xxiv. 10. 
— pi. Gen. xxxvii. 7. u bundle 
of straw or hay. 

PvDCA, g. id. pi. -<\|8e, s. m. a 
pound, John xii. 3. Pvr)c, g. 
pvii;r, pi. id. s.m. id. the former 
is more in common use. 

Pv|i5<\&óni,-ónA, s. m. Purga- 
tory ; a fabled place of punish- 
ment, the existence of which is 
fully believed by Romanists, 
but is plainly repugnant to the 
word of God, see i John i. 7. 
&c., &c. 

Pv|t5A&ó||teAc&,-bA, s. f. a puri- 
fication, a purifying. 

Pv|i5óio,-&e, pi. -bj, or -beACA, 
s. f. a purge, a dose of apenent 

Pvft5ó|í)e<xc,-bi5e, adj. purgative, 
cathartic, laxative. 

Pvtipvii^, g. id. pi. id. purple, Ex. 
XXV. 4. Luke. xvi. 19. — Mark 
XV. 17. John xix. 2. 

Pvp, g. pv(]-, pi. id. &, pvfA, s.m. 
a Up, Ps. xii. 3. — pi. Ps. xii. 
4. & xxxi. 18. 

Pv]-AC,-Ai5e, adj. hlubber-lippcd, 
thick- ipped. 

Pv|-Ac;\r),-^1U, pi. id. s.m. a whin- 
ing boy. 

Pvi*óife,-be,-bf, s. f. a. /lossct. 

PvcÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5<v, s. f. a pud- 

n ^c 


u ^ o 


n, (Hvir, the elder tree,) the four- 
teenth letter of the modern 
Irish Alphabet. 

Pokb, was, 3 sing. perf. tense of 
the verb b/, q. v. 

\Ia\>, inf. Tt^bAO, V, a. admonish, 
warn, threaten. 

11ívbAC,-Ai5e, adj. bullying, liti- 

Hi^bACj-Aise, adj. fruitful, plen- 
tiful, hospitable. 

TÍ«>bAÓ,-Ajó, pi. id. a warning, 
2 Kings vi. 10. Luke iii. 7. — 
Ezek. iii. 18. a caution, notice, 
a hint. 

Xló>h^t)d]\i,'ó}}4^,-ó]\\]Se, s. m. a 
Warner, a cautioner. 

TíívbAiTie, g. id. pi. -fii6e, s. m. a 
litigious bullying fellow. 

nAbivOj-^l'J) pl- i^' 8. m. a warn- 
ing, a long repetition, an adver- 

'\lchi,T),-ix\r)^,-i.x)c, s. f. a spade ; 
see \l'<xx). 

TiAbfiA, s. m. sport, wanton- 

PívCj-CAÓ, V. a, rake. 

n&CA, g. id. pi. -Ape, s.m. a rack, 
a rake. 

Hívca&aIj-aiI, pi. id. s. m. horse 
radish ,- Cochlearia armoracia. 

^<xcAbó|ft,-ó|l<^,-óIItlDe, s. m. a 
scold, a mischief-maker. 

TiikCAiite, g. id. pi. -pioe, s. m. a 

raker, a romancer, a prattler, 
a poet's rehearser, a lying talk- 
ative person. 

]íivcA]fteACb,-6A, s, f. a raking, a 
repeating, a romancing- 

RACivt?,-^lD, pi. id. s. m. mischief, 
noise, riot, 

nAcbj-óvio, V. n. arrive at, come 

pACb, g. |lAlCb, &, yiAC&A, pi. id. 

s. m. a Jit ; TÍAÓb 50IA, a Jit of 
crying ; HAcb 5^11 pe, a Jit of 

HACbAitte, g. id. pi. "Tnoe, s. m. 
a dairyman, a customer, a vi- 

HivO, g. id. &5 11^16, pi. ftivi6, &, 
|iivi6ce, s. m. a saying, 1 Tim. 
i. 15. — Rom xiii. 9. a icord, 
an award, a, speech ; " Tiv5bArn 
é crxT) jti^b 605*]!), let us leave 
it to the decision of Owen." 
Gr. Psw, 1 say. 

TÍAb, inf. nAbAb, v. a. furnish, 
1 Kings ix. 11. deliver, give 7tp. 

HívÓAipcír), g. id. s. ra, common 
eyebright > Euphrasia offici- 
nalis. Still much used in the 
country for diseases of the eye. 

UAbAifte, g. id, pi. -tM^^e, s. m. a 
wanderer, a stroller. 

UabAftCj-Aiftc, pi. id. S.m. asigiif, 

1 Cor, xiii. 12. — Luke iv. 18. 

2 Cor. V. 7. a view, a prospect. 

U ^ J 


n u fi 

1ÍÁÓAftCAC,-Ai5c, adj. seeini/, ha- 
nng the faculty of sighU ob- 

nA&rt)r|U,-viUe, pi. id. s f . a wan- 
dering in sleep y a dreaming, a 

Bac, g, id. pi. fleece, s. m. the 

moon, Ps. viii. 3 Matt. iv. 

•24. see Ué. 

RcvpcA, g. id. pi. id. &, -cAiÓe, 
s. m. a gallery, see Cant. vii. 5. 

UajaOj-a^O, pi. id. s. m. a naw. 

n<vib,-be, s. f. rape ; Sjol piv^be, 
rape seed. 

I^Aib, was, S sing. perf. of the verb 
bf, only used in asking or de- 
nying, compounded of fto, sign 
of the perfect tense, & bf. 

1 pers. ]tAb<\f, i. e. jto bibcAf, 

2 pers. ttAbAir, i- e. ]io \>\t>\x, 

3 pers. jiAib, or pAjbe, i. e. ^o 
bf, &c., &c. 

n<vi6, inf. pivD, V, a, say. Gen. xiii. 
14. & xlii. 9.— Matt. i. 22. Acts 
i. 6. Gr. piw, / say. 

lÍAifc>eAri)lAc&,-&A, s. f. sly)iess, 

lvAi&eArbvil,-rt)lA, adj. cunning, 

í^^1^5r5e>-5^<^i3A, s. L a fit of 
sickness or mad)iess. 

\l6^\h\x)'e\x,-x^i-X'\i s. f. a romance, 
a gasconade, a low composi- 

nAi6riiéi]*eAC,-fi3e, adj. roman- 
tic, gasconading. 

RAioceACAf, -All*, pi. id. s. m. a 
saying, a report, a decision. 

TvAimne, g. id. s. W fatness, fat. 

nAi6eir,-r^,pi. -rí» &, -n^'e, s. f. 

a range, — pi. Lev. xi. 35. a 

lvA|péA|a,-é|p, pi. id. s. m. a ra- 

\l!\}X)\c, he reached, contr. fr. |to, 

&, C^jOIC. 
Xl:X]te, g. id. pi. id. &, -ceApAj s.f. 
a quarter of a year. 

UaiceArbvil,-rblA, adj. quarterly. 

nAicji), g. id. pi. -ij|6e, s. m. rat- 
teen, a sort of Irish coarse 

nAiCi)eAC,-ni5e, s. f. common 
female fern ; Aspidium filix 
fcemina. UAirtjeAO n7A&nA, or 
TÍAicoeAC rr)vjfte, common male 
fern ; Aspidium filix mas. 

TlA)cneACArT)vil,-riilA, adj. ferny, 
abounding in fern. 

HAmA, g. id. pi. id. s. m. an oar, 
see is. xxxiii. 21. Ezek. xxvii. 
6. & 29. Lat. Kem-us, an oar, 
& Ram-us, a branch. 

nivrbAC,-At5e, oared, furnished 
with oars. 

nivtnACb,-&A, s. f. the act of roiv- 

HAtbAo, s.m. the old form of Tíóo, 
q. V. 

narbAi j,-rT7A6, V. a. row ; TÍAri), 
inf. id. &, -rÍMÓ, V. a. id. 

nAriiAille,g. id. pi. -If, s. f. a ra- 
ving in sickness, a doating. 

ÍÍAmAji, comp. iieirr?e,&, Tie^rnne, 
adj. fd^ thick. Gen. xli. 2. & 
xhx. 20. — see small and large 
Edd. 1 Kings xii. 10. & Dan. 
i. 15. plump, fiesJiy. 

pArDivrj-air, pi. id. s. m. a ro- 
mance, a fable, foolish talk. 

UAmArAC,-Ai5e, adj. romantic, 

Xl'^xx)r]^e, g. id. pi. -5ce, s. m. a 
rower, — pi. Ezek. xxvii. 26. 

^^^^SrS^j pl- id. s.m. a rank, se- 
ries, order, also, a wrinkle. 

fÍAnSACj-Aise, adj. wrinkled. 

UAn5an,-Aii), pi. id. s. m. a step 
of a ladder. 

n^5, g. pi^ide, pi. tiívOa, s. f. a 
spade ; TÍAbAfj, id. 

llAÍ),-f)Aó, V. a. Deut. xxxii. 8. 
see Hoji), see also Rev. xvi. 

nAÍ),-5A, pi. id. s. m. a part, — g. 
1 Cor. ix. 13. see Xloxx). 



lí e u 

VIaí), g. it<N|ó, pi. id, s. m, a verw, 
a sonff, (I poem, a stanza. 

nAÍ)Ac,-<\i5e, adj. distributive. 

lí*i)A&óiit,-ó|tA,-óifiióe, s. m. a 
divider, Luke xii. 14. \Iax)ó]\k, 
s. in. id. 

n<vi3A|óe, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a song- 
ster, a story-teller. 

Tí<x§pív]ftr,-ce,-ceA^A, s. f, a par- 
ticipation, a division. 

nA5p3iIftceAC,-ci5e, adj. parta- 
king, participating. 

nAÍ3píii|tceAri7lACb,-&A, s. f. par- 

nAÍ)pívi(aceAii}Y|l,-tt)U, adj. par- 
taking, Eph, iii. 6. 

n<Mlpaittci5,-iv5AÓ, V. a. partici- 
pate, divide, partake. • 

Xl<.r)y>-^]\\z\%e, g, id. pi. -ci5ce, 
s.m, rt partaker, a participator. 

nA^paiitciv5A6,-ci5ce,pl. id. s.m 
rt partaking, a participation. 

Paóca, ind. p. p. divided, see 

n<i^cAC&,-bA, s, f, versijication, 

n^M^i-vJAÓj-vijce, pi. id. s, m. a 
searching, a rummaging, a ran- 

n<xr)j*vi5,-v5A6, v. a. search, rum- 
mage, ransack. 

nAt)rvi5ceóiii,-óftA,-ói|ti8e, s, m. 
a searcher, a rummager, an in- 

TÍAon, g. iiAOit), pi. id. s. m. a 
range, Job, xxxix. 8. a plain, 
an upland field, a down ; also, 
a way, a road. 

nA0t)Ai5,-nAÓ, V. a. turn, change, 
defeat, rule, govern. 

Vl!x]>Cil,-iS]\, pi. id. s. m. noise, 

niH*Ac,-Ai5e,-ACA, s, f. a rambling 
woman, a jilt, a gipsey. Tíív- 
l*Ai8e, g. id. pi. id. s. f. id. 

nAj-anr^l^jpl' id, s, m. a shrub- 
bery, brushwood, underwood- 

nAf<vi5AC,-Ai5e, adj. of or belong- 
ing to a shrubbery, abounding 
in brushwood. 
TÍArcAC,-Ai5e, adj. talkative, da- 

TÍArcpAijj-citAiO, &, -cftoii), pi. id. 
&., -cftA^A, s. m, a shrub tree ; 
fr. the obs. s. |iAf, a shrub, &, 
c\\Arj, a tree. 

Xl<.\YY\\,-Y\\\, pi. id. s, m, a ra- 

Uixc,-CA, pi. id. &, -CAHA, s. m. a 
fortress, a garrison, an artifi- 
cial mound, a barrow; found 
often as a prefix to the names 
of places, 

TÍArj-CA, s. m. prosperity, Gen. 
xxxix. 23, Eph. vi. 3. increase, 
profit, advantage, good luck, 

nAtAi5,-cv5AÓ, V, a. send good 
speed. Gen, xxiv. 12. increase, 

l'ÍACAri)T)<=^rj"<^ir> s, ra. prosperity, 
h app in ess, s u ccess . 

nACArt)V|l,-mlA, adj. prosperous, 
successful ; T? * c m a fi - a i pe , id . 

Tie, prep, to, by, wtth, from ; 
Matt. viii. 15. the more mo- 
dern form is Le, q. v. 

He, g, id. &, pee, pi, pee, &, péce, 
s. f, time, the moon ; Col. i. 
26 — Ezek. xlvi. 1. a space of 
time, a season, a duration. 

néAb,-bAÓ, V, a. Gal. iv. 27. — 
Acts xiv. 14. see Pevb. 

l^eAbAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. ra. one who 
plays tricks, a mountebank, the 

neAbó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a species 
of lark ; also, a linnet. 

neAbÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s, f. a line. 
Josh, ii. 18. 

He AC, inf, neic, v. a. sell. Gen. 

XXV. 31. Matt, xix, 21 Ex. 

xxi. 8. Matt, xviii. 25. 

ReACA&óift,-óiiA,-óipiÓe, s. m. a 

ne ^ 


n e) 

seller; Acts xvi. 14. an niic- 

TJe^cAipe, g. id. pi. -[iioe, s. m. a 
seller, Y.z^k. vii. 12. & 13. 

neACAifieAc&,-b<x, s. f. a sale , an 

T^eAc&,-&A, pi. id. s. m. a law, a 
statute, 1 Cor. xiv. 34. Luke 
ii. 22. Heb. x. 8. — Lev. xviii. 
26. an ordinance, com. Lat. 

ne<\cOAi5,-&<\6, va. decree, — inf. 
C. P. ordain, appoint. 

PeACbATpe, g. id. pi. -pioe, s.m. 
a lau-yiier, ajudije. 

TicACbAtfie, s. m. a dairyman, 
see n<\c&A||te. 

PeACt)<xti)V)l,-tT)U, legal, lawful, 

TíeAc&ti)<v|t,-Aiíte, adj. legislative, 
giving laws. Teiólirt) ne^cbrrjAp, 
Feilim the laiv-niaker. 

TíéACvireACj-fise, adj. easy tem- 

Xl'eoXz, g. péilce, pi. fieAlcA, &, 
HéAlcAn*, s. f. Matt. ii. 2. — 
Matt. ii. 10. Mark xiii. 25. 
see Pevlc. 

PeAti), a prefix in compound 
words which signifies, before, 
it is spelled, \le\\v, when the 
first vowel of the following syl- 
lable is either of the slender 
vowels, e, or \. 

neArbAii)rni))5,-]Y5AÓ, v. a. fore- 

PéAn7Ai|ie, g. id. pi. -jtioe, s. m. 
a traveller, a wayfaring man. 

Xleo^roc]j:.\x),-tx)e, &, -ctjivjaÓ, v. a. 
see IvevrbAiciT). 

PeArnAicne, g. id. s. f. foreknow- 
ledge, previous acquaintance. 

PeAn7A)C|tii-,-re, s. f. prediction, 
divination, augury. 

neArbA]C|iireói|i, - op*, - ó||ii6e, 
s. m. a diviner, an augur. j 

neAfi}ArÍ7Apc,-AT|ic, s.m. foresight. 

neAri)An,comp |ieirT)|tt»,&, |te|rT)e, 
adj. see TÍArbAfi. 

UeAii)blAt*,-rA6, v. a., foretaste. 

neAri7Cfioicio5,-cii), pi. id. &, 
-cóe, s. m. a foreskin^ Hab. ii. 
16. — Gen. xvii. 11. 1 Sam. 
xviii. 27. 

neAtT}pA]i-&i(}e, g. id. s. f. a pro- 

TlGo,n)o\\t)Y^<^b,-Y]-^ie, s. m. pre- 

neAn)op&Yi5,-Y3AÓ, v. a. pre-or- 
dain, predestinate. 

HeArbftACbj-bA, s. i. fatness, gross- 

TieAmftivDj-Aio, &, -Aióce,pl. id. 
s.m. a foi-mer citation, a pre- 
amble, a foretelling. 

Xleo.\ri\\'A\i>,-\\'6.b, v. a. foretell, 
2 Cor. xiii. 2. preface, fore- 

lveAri9|aai6ce, ind. p. p. foretold, 
aforesaid, forecited. 

neAm|iY5AÓ,-Y|5ce, s. m. a wax- 
ing gross, a fattening. Acts 
xxviii. 27. a coagulation. 

\ PeAn)itYi5,-Y5AD, v. a. fatten, 

j make fat, — v. n. become fat. 

PeAmrrDYAiOj-oeAO, v. n. fore- 
tJiink, pre-conceive. 

PeACACAfj-Aifj s. m. a rutting, a 
\ tupping. 

rJéA6lAÍ3,-Aió, pi, id. s. m. a star, 

a luminary. 
I néA8lAÍ)Ac&,-í)A, s. f. astronomy , 
I astrology. 

\le\c, g. jaeACCA, pi. id. s.m. or f. 
a sale, — g. Lev. xxv. 27. John 
ii. 14. an auction, a trade ; 
TieioAifieAC&,-bA, s. f. id. 

n&iD,-6e, adj. ready, Ex. xix. 
15. plain, level, open, prepared, 

néióeAbóin,-6fiA,-5iiii&e, s. m. a 

Tíétóig, inf. itéjceAc, &, ]ie|óeA6, 
V. a. agree. Matt. v. 24. & 

n é) 


n ei 

XX. 13.— Luke xii. 58. & C.P.j 
prepare, make ready, provide. \ 

né|6i5e, g. id. s. f. ayreement, 
— g. Matt. XX. 2. 

nél6ceAC,-ci5,-c]5e, s. m. a plain, 
— g. Gen. xiii. 12. & xix. 28. 

néi6ceAC,-ci5,-ci3e, s. m. recon- 
ciliation, propitiation, John ii. 
2. Rom. xi. 15. harmony, 

nei5,-5e, adj. Ex xix. 11. see 

■^ -156,-15), s. f. a church, 
XXe]\\c, I a church-yard, a 
^^'ihs» V í/fdv^' O'G. see 

J no,li5. 
né|rt7,-rne,-rt)e<\ÓA, s.f. a manner, 

a race, 2 Tim. iii. 10.— C. P. 

power, sway, authority, course ; 

also, a catalogue, a list ; T^ein? 

ftio5rivi6e, the Begal Roll, or 

catalogue of Kings. K. 
\l'e\xx), a prefix in compound 

words signifying, before, see 

Xlé\rx)c-\r),-c-\X)ec^r()y\x), v. a. /);e- 

destinate, Kph. i. 5. resolve, 

appoint, assign. j 

néirbcineAÓ,-pi6, s. m. predesti-\ 

nation, purpose, Eph. i. 11. 1 

— Eph. iii. 11. Tieiit)ci^ciY5A6, 

-C15, &, -ci5ce, s.m. id. C. P. 1 
Tleirnbitti5,-iv5i.6, v. a. prevent, 

go before, anticipate. C. P. j 
Tieiti)e, g. id. s. f. fatness, pride, \ 

neitne, | comp. of rJArbAn, q.v. 

n&irT)eAbpAÓ,-OA|arA, pi. id. s. m. 
the forenoon. ^ 

néirneArDUc&,-&A, s. f. consis- 
tency, sway, authority. 

néirneArbvil,-ri)U, adj. bearing 
sway or authority, constant, 
jiersevering, ramp int. 

\1'e\n)e«>Y,-n)xe, pi. id. s.f. a time, 
a pieriod ; PéjrbeAj* 1^15, a 
King\s reign. 

PéirT)feACYin,-'FAlcc]opA, s. f. 
foreknoicledge ; Acts ii. 23. 
Tléitt)eólYr,-vi^, s. m. id. 
n&lri7pevc,-cAir), v. a. foresee^ 

Jorecast, review ; see Tevc. 
\l^\n)-i^]6.-b\)x\xe, g. id. s.f. afore- 
witnessing, 1 Pet. i. 11. 
T?éitt)pior,-freA|-A, s. m.foreknoic- 
ledge, see 1 Pet. i. 2. fore- 
sight, pre-consideration. 
T?éirbpio|-AC,-Ai5e, adj. having a 

Ti&irT)5eAll,-l<\6, &, -Urbvit), v. a. 
pre-engage, pledge beforehand, 
vow previously. 
Xl'e]ú)-^e iWi.'b ,-\z6., pi. id, s. m. a 
previous engagement, a promise^ 
a pledge or vow previously 
né|rb5eAlUmrin,-ri)nA, pi. id. &, 
-riiuACA, s. f. a previous engage- 
ment, a promise. 
nein)i)i5,-iv5Ab, v. n. proceed, go 

Heimr^jg. id. pi. -feACA, s. f. a 

club, a staff. 
néimceAC&Aiiie, g. id. pi. -pióe, 
&, -fteAÓA, s. m. a forerunner. 
K. / 

Xl'e})}, dat. sing, of Pi Aft, q. v. ge- 
nerally used in the cpd. pre- 
positions, ?\. néirt, &O0 \\éy\\, 
after, according to ; Gen. xviii. 
11. Matt. ii. 16. 
Heife, g, id. pi. -f Í, s. f. a span, 
Ex. xxviii, 16. 1 Sam. xvii. 4. 
— Lam. ii. 20. 
Peice, g. id. pi, id. -ceAÓA, &, 
-t]i>e, s. m. a ram, Gen. xxii. 
13.— Ex, xxix. 19. & 32,— 
Gen. xxxi. 10. 12. & 38. Num. 
vii. 88. 
TJéiceAC,-ci5,-ci5e, s. m. a plain, 
— g. Deut. ii. 8. see Xlé]6- 
n^lceACj-ciSj-cjse, s. m. a recoti- 
ciliation, — g. 2 Cc 
19. see PépceAc. 



n ] -^ 

líé]ce-pevbc<.\, s. m. a battering- 

ram. Peice 

.jo, id. see 

ríéice, & HevbAÓ 

n^1ci5,-ceAc„ V. a. agree, recon- 
cile,— mi. Luke xii. 58. rec- 
tify, arrange, settle, conciliate, 

\l^\i]\^ei<ct>,-'oc~, s. f. a rutting. 

ríeoiój-oóAÓ, V. n. freeze, — v. a. 
cause to freeze. 

neoÓAÓ,-6ce, s. m. frost, ice, the 
act of freezing. Xleo-^At), id. 
com. Gr. Yiyooj, & Lat. Rigor. 

Ivevb,-b»x6, V. a. rend, tear ; 
2 Sam. xiii. 19. — Jer. xv. 3. 
pull asunder, mangle, lace- 

nevbAc,-Ai5e, adj. rending, tear- 
ing, lacerating. 

rJevbAó,-brA, pi. id. s. m. a rent. 
Is. iii. 24. a fissure, a tearing, 
a lacerating. 

Hevlc, g. ttéjlce, pi. ttevlcA, &, 
tievlcAíJA, s. f. a star ; Rev. 
viii. 10.— Matt. ii. 10. & C. P. 
— Matt. xxiv. 29. Mark xiii. 
25. Hevl, g. jt^jl, s. m. id. 

nevlcivc,-Ai;^e, adj. starry, astral, 
sidereal. navlcA0Ac,-i\i5e, id. 

nevlc-eólAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. versed in 
astronomij or astrology. 

ríevlc-eólvf,-v|f, s. m. the science 
of astronmiy or astrology. I 

l'íevlcó||t,-ó|tA,-óiiiióe, s. m. an \ 
astronomer, an astrologer, a \ 

UevlcÓ5,-ói3e,-Ó5A, s. f. 


star, an asterisk. 

Revrt),-n)A, s. m. phlegm, rheum, 
catarrh, mucous saliva. 

Tier rx)C'.c:,-^\i^e,'S,.m.phlegmy, rheu- 
matic, afflicted with catarrh. 

nevrhAicii),-ci)e, & -co|v_:^aó, v.a. 
foreknow, Rom. viii. 29. 

nevrÍ7C|ioiceAr),-cii), s. m. Gen. 
xvii. 11. & 14. see \1^\n^c]\o\- 


2 p 

nevri)oiibvi3,-v5A6, V. a. Rom. 

viii. 2,9. see neArbojxbvij. 
nevriirxívió,-|i;\ó, v. a. proclaiiny 

2 Kings xxiii. 16. see HeAri)- 

nev|-vo,-Yit), pi. id. s. m. a rea- 
son, — pi. 1 Pet. iii. 15. 

TievrvncA, ind. adj. reasonable^ 
rational. Mul. 

Uevj-Yncivc.&,-&A, s. f. reason, ra- 
tiocination, argument. 

UfA, cpd. pron. (fr. pe, withy 
&, j, her,) to her, with her; 
Luke i. 30. 

HlAbACj-Aije, adj. grey, brindled, 
roan, swarthy, grizzled. 

TiiAbAc,-A|5, s. m. pasture louse- 
wort, or dwarf red rattle ; Pe- 
dicularis sylvatica. 

niAbÓ5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s. f. a lark; 
\l]c^hcr^ rnoDA, s. f. a titlark ,- 
nfAbó5 ooflle, (I woodlark, 

l'ÍÍACí5Ar)AC,-Aí5e, adj. necessary, 
needy, 2 Cor. ix. 5. necessitous^ 
n eedful, incum ben t ; TÍ f a ó c <v- 

t)AC, id. 

níAC&AT)Ac,-t)v]5,.t)r(5e, s- m. a 
needy person ; Ps. Ixxxii. 4. — 
Prov. xxxi. 9. 

níAc<DAnArAC,-Ai5e, adj. needful, 
necessary. O'G. & Dunl. 

lvÍAC&Ar)vf,-vi]-, pi. id. s. m. ne- 
cessity, need, Acts xx. 34. — 
Acts ii. 45. want, indispensable 
duty, exigence. 

1v|a5,-5a6, v. a. gibbet, hang, cru- 

PfA5Ail,-5lA, pi. id. &, -5IACA, s.f. 
religion, a line, a ride, Jas. i. 
26. & 27. 2 Cor. x. 16.— 2 
Cor, X. 13, a regulation, a 
law, a government, a direction ; 
com. Lat, Regul-a. 

n|A5Ailbevf,-fA, pi. id. s. m. dis- 
cipline, order. M'N. 

a square. 

T^ ) U 


n ] 5 

niA5A|lceAC,-ci5e, adj. regular, 

according to rule, orderly 

peaceful, sober. 
niA5<\ilceAC?5,-&A, s. f. regularity, 

orderliness, sobriety. 
n^ASAiite, g. id. pi. -m^e, s. m. a 

Jiangman ; fr. hia5,&, pe^ft, 
IvIa^aIca, ind. part. adj. devout, 

religious, Acts xiii. 50. Jas. 

i. 26. regular, orderly, ruled, 

TÍ|ajaIcac&,-&<\, s. f. regularity, 

religiousness, orderliness. 

Ex. xxii. 28. see niA5lviceóifi. 

ni^5l<\c,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. f. abrawl- 
ing cmtentious woman. 

Tíl<\5lóift,-5ji<x, pi. -óijiiée, or, 
-ó||i|5, s. m — pi. Ps. ii. 2. see 

n|A5lY5Ab,-Yi5ce, })1. id. s. m. a 
ruling, Gen. xli. 40, a govern- 
ment, a direction, a manage- 
ment. \1-\<>.t^£kX3, s. m, id. Is. 
ix. 6. 

l'i|A5lv]5,-v5<\6, V. a. 7-ule, reign ; 
Prov. xxii. 7. — Col. iii. 15, 
1 Tim. iii. 12. govern, direct, 
regulate; PiajaiU-sUo, v. a. 
id. — inf. Gen. i. 16, 

l^IO'S^^lS^^óinrólt^j-óiniée, s. m. 
a ruler ; Hab. i. 14. 1 Kings 
i. 35. a governor, a director, a 
manager, a regulator. 

\l\6.n), adv. ever ; Deut. iv. 33. 
always, at any time. 

Xl]^]\, g. V-'e\\\e, pi. niApA, s. f. 
will, pleasure ; see Vlé]\x. 

Vl\A]i, inf. id. &, jtiAitAto, v.a. serve, 
satisfy, entertain, distribute, 
jdease, divide. Dunl. niAiiv]5, 
-V5AÓ, id. 

RíAfiA, g. id. s. ra. pleasure, 
amusement, distribution. 

niA|tAi|-ce, g. id. s. m. or f. ar- 

njATtrA, ind. p.p. regulated, dis- 

tributed, served, shared, satis- 
fied, content. TeAjt it^AitrA, a 
dispenser of eating or drinking, 
a regulator. 

UiAtiv5A6,-iicA, pi. id. a distri- 
bution, a regulating, a serving, 
a satisfying. TÍiaiiac&,-&a5 
s. f. id. 

niA|tYi5ceói|i,-óitA,-ÓT]iióe, s. m. 
a steward, a distributor of food, 
a regulator (f affairs, a sharer. 

Tvfb, a cpd. pron. (fr. Ive, &, 
lb,) to you, with you ; Matt, 
xxvi. 29. 

Uibe, g. id. pi, -eACA, s. f, see 

n]bei&,-be,-beACA, s. f. a musical 
reed, a j'ipe, a melody, merri- 

lvibei&eAC,-&i5e, adj. furnished 
with reeds (as a wind instru- 
ment,) musical, melodious, 

Tl)beÓ5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s, f- a rag, a 
clout, a. tatter, a tassel, a 

nibeó5Ac,-<\i5e, adj. ragged, 
clouted, tattered, tasselled, 

nibleAC,-li5, pi, -li5e, &, -leACA, 
s. m. a long string or line, any 
thing much entangled, knotti- 

Ivibipe, g. id, pi. -ni6e, &, -peAÓA, 
j s. m. a knight. O'H, 

nioiHeAÓb,-bA, s, f. knighthood. 
1 1vi&||ieAmvil,-rT)lA, adj. k?iightly. 

nj.:^, .g, id. pi. itisce, s, m. a king, 

Matt, ii. 1.— Matt. V, 35 

Matt, xvii, 25, Hind. Raj-a, 
Lat Rex, Fr, Roi. 

Hijj-^e, pl,-5ceACA,&, iifojcACA, 
s, f. an arm, Ps. x. 15. — Is. 
ix. 20. — Job. xxii. 9. see Ezek. 
XXX. 24. «&. 25. the arm from 
the elbow to the lorist, a cubit, 
a felloe ; see 1 Kings vii. 33. 

n J n 



n)5, inf. ]ti<NC&Ain, &, |toc&A]t), 
V. a. & n. contain, reach, at- 
tain, — inf. 2 Chron. ii. 6. 2 Cor, 
X. 14. Phil. iii. 11. arrive, 
come, also, consent, approve. 

Xl]-^ be At), g. ^15 mn<\, pi. id. s. f. 
a queenlike or superior woman. 

fíí3cipe, g. id. pi. -of, s. f. a 
Royal treasury ; see C-\xtye. 

ní5e, g. id. s. m. a reign, 2 Kings 
xxiv. 12. a sovereignty, a king- 
dom. K. 

Pl5in, comp. 1x151)?, adj. tough, 
tenacious, adhesive, stiff ; also, 
drowsy, sluggish, dilatory. 

Xl]-^rn\or),-\)i., pi. id. s. f. a dia- 

RlSneAfj-i^eAi-A, &, -t)ir> s. m. 
delay ; Matt. xxiv. 48. stiff- 
ness, tenacity. T^ 150101*, id. 
R 15156 AT UbAfxcA, an impedi- 
ment of speech. 

R|5r)i5,-t)eA6, V. a. stiffen ; 2 
Chron. xxxvi. 13. make adhe- 
sive or clammy, delay, procras- 
tinate, — V. n. become adhesive 
or clammy. 

Uí5-liC\ii:,-CA,pl. id. &, -cATiAjS.m. 
a Royal fortress or palace. K, 

^^15-f"^ir5'"5^5 ^- f- greater burr- 
reed ; Sparganium erectimi. 

Rí5ceAc, s. m. an arm ; see ]'íí5. 

\l]\\.,-\e i.6,\ .a.. sift,riddle,icinnow. 

lv]lleAÓ,-li6, &, -li5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
a sifting, a riddling, a icin- 

Xl]\\e''SX),-'c.\r), pi. id. s. m. a riddle 
or coarse sieve, a fan. 

I'?irbei5e, g. id. s. f. delicateness, 
pride ; Deut. xxviii. 56. Job 
xli. \h. finery, gorgeousness. 

n)tr)|AÓ,-rbióe, s.f. delicacy, finery, 
Jer. xlviii. 29. 

U]t)5c,-ce, V. n. dance, inf. 

1 Sam. xviii. 6. \l]x)c,-ce, id. 

\1]X)T^ce, g. id. pi. id. s.m. a dance, 
Ex. xxxii, 19. 2 Sam. vi. 14. 

—Judg. xxi. 21 — Ex. XV. 20. 
see Jer. xxxi. 4. Pp^ce, id. 

nin5cceó]ri,-ófiA,-ó|fi|óe, s.m. a 
dancer. Ivitjcceóin, id. 

\l\r),-r)Q, a cpd. pron. (fr. i^e, & 
1^,) with us ; Matt. i. 23. 

nif;,-f;e, s. f. a point ; Jer. xvii. 
1. the top of anything, a pro- 
montory ov foreland. 

n)UeAc,-r)i5e, adj. sharp, Prov. 
XXV. 18. pointed, barbed. 

Vl']ohó\h,-t>e, s. f. a spendthrift. 

Ríobói&eAC&,-&A, s. Í. prodigality. 

Rloc&,-bA, pi. id. s. m. form, 
Phil. ii. 7. Heb. xi, 12. shape, 
likeness, state, condition, place. 

Rfoc&ADAC, s. m. see TÍ(Ací)AT)AC. 

í'í|Ob<\p,-:\in, pi. id. s. m. a wood- 
icorm, a woodlouse. 

R [05*10, -5*6, &, ití5e, v. n. 
reigji, 2 Sam. x. 1 — 2 Chron. 
i. 8. Luke xix. 14. — v. a. go- 
vern, rule. 

ni05Ac&,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a king- 
dom, dominion. Matt. xiii. 24. 

Rom. vi. 12.— Matt. iv. 23 

Is. xiv. 16. Matt. iv. 8. 

Rio5AmlAc&,-bA, s. f. majesty ; 
1 Chron. xxix. 11. royalty. 

l'íío5Ari)\'^l,-rnlA, adj. royal, Esth. 
i. 7. princely, kingly, regal. 

XK\o%s>.\),--^x)i,, pi. id. s. f. a queen, 
fr. ]ií5, &, be At), com. Lat. 

nío5ÓA, ind. adj. royal, kingly ; 
Gen. xlix. 20. 2 Kings xi. 1. 
see Tvio5Amvil. 

nio5DCv|l,-.^lA,, s.f. a royal convo- 

lv(05ÓAtt)nA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. 
a king elect, the presumptive 
successor of a kii^g. 

^í05^^'5éeóiji,-ófxA, pi. -óiitióe, 
&, -ÓI1115, s. m. a ruler, — pi. 2 
Kings xi. 4. 

nio5 poixCj-pvinr, pi. id. s. m. a 
royal palace. K. 



PvO O 

nio5fiv)6e,ind. adj. regal, kingly; 

Pio5fl<NC,-Aice,-ACA, s. f. a scep- 
tre. Tijo^colb, id. see ColbA. 
niort)Ai|teACb,-&A, s. f. arithmetic, 

more properly, ?^i|irb|Ai[ieAc&, 

Uioi3Ac,-Ai5,-A]5e, s. in. a mac- 

\X\oz, cpd. pron. (fr. |ie, &, 

cv,) to thee, with thee ; Matt. 

ii. 13. 
Tl|Oc, inf. id. V. n. run ; 1 Sam. 

XX. 36. — 1 Kings i. 5. Acts 

xii. 14. race. 
Ujoc, g. ]ieACA, pi. id. s. m. a 

running ; 1 Cor. ix. 24. — Lev. 

xiv. 5. 51. & 52. a race, a 

pursuit, a rush. Xl\t, g. 

jteACA, id. 
UffieAt), an obs. s. used at present 

only adverbially, in "Da pf-j 

seriously, verily. j 

Tl||*j a cpd. pron. (fr. |ie, &! 
X'e,) to him, with him ; to it, \ 
icith it ; Matt. iii. 15. j 

Xl]t, inf. id. &, tiice» v. n. run ,- i 
Gen. xxiv. 28.— Mark ix. 15. j 
see \l\ot. 

Hic-polA, g. iieACA-polA, pi. id. 
s. m. a hoemorhage, an issue of 

'\l]t\e'^x),-^]\^, pi. id. s. 

n|v, cpd. pron. (fr. 
1A&,) unto them, with 
Matt. iii. 7. 

Vt\yn), cpd. pron. (fr. 

rx)é,) with me ; Mark ix. 39. 

Via, a sign of the past tense. 

TÍÓ, an intens. prefix, in com- 
pound words it signifies very, 
much, exceeding ,- when pre- 
fixed to an adj. it places it in 
the superlative absolute. When 
the first vowel of the following: 

tie, & 
them : 



syllable is e, or |, it is spelled 
\ló], as Tíórfjop, very great, 
Matt. ii. 18. nóiri^ilii*, very 

Tíó-ívri&, most high, superlative ab- 
solute ; \Xo-'<x]\\hQ, most highest, 
a compound superlative, ap- 
plied only to the Deity, see 
Deut. xxxii. 8. 

UóbA, g. id. pi. -Ape, s. ra. a 
robe,"Ex. xxxix. 23. & 24. 

Tiobsiil, inf. id. V. a. rob. O'G. 

nobail,-MA, pi. id. s. f. robbery, 
plunder. Barb. 

nó-bA05lAC, adj. no comp. very 
fearful, Heb. x. 31. 

Pó-blA|-&A, ind. adj. no comp. 
very sweet. 

Ró-bvióeAÓ, adj. no comp. very 

nó-c^]fibeATT)vtl, adj. no comp. 
exceedingly courteous and 
j friendly. 

I Uó-ceAiJArbvil, adj. no comp. very 
I loving, 2 Tim, iii. 2. 
j TiocbAiT), s. f. a journeying, Acts 
I xxii. 6. a reaching, an arriving 

at, an ascent. Vloc6r]\), id. 
jPo-clirbe, ind. adj. no comp. ver?/ 
i expert. 

ríó-cv|tArD,-AirT), s.m. carefulness, 
1 Cor. vii. 32. eager anxiety. 

nó-cv|tArT)Ac, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly careful, very anxious, 
very vigilant. 

nó-cu|tACA, ind. adj. no comp. 
vei-y courageous, Jos. i, 7. 

Hob, g. ]\ó\o, pi. id. s. m. a road, 
a nay, a track, a passage. 

P6-bo|i}eAr)CA, ind. comp. 
very stormy, exceedingly tem- 

Pó-6óccvf,-virj s. m. great confi- 
dence, — g. 2 Cor. viii. 22. 

nó-6ócóvf AC, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceedingly confident . 

n ) 


n j 

Tíó-Gúcfi^NcbAÓ, adj. no comp. e.t- , T^o|ri)biii<\cAiii,-bfi]<\cArt, &,-brie|- 
ceedingly diligent, very ear- c|ie, pi. -bitjAcpA, s. f a prepo- 
nest. \ sitiori, an adverb. 

nó-eóUó, adj. no comp. rery skil- Poiine, prep, before, afore time, 

ful, exceedingly hnoiving. Rom. xv. 4. Poirb, id. 

Xló-y.o\),.i^x-\V), pi. id. s. ear- noiti)eólY|-,-Yi]-, s. m. foreknow- 
nest longing, a keen desire. ledge, precognition, anticipa- 

Pó-pof;rnx>|t, adj. no comp. very tion. 

desirous, very icilling. Xló\n^er'o,~^\o, s. ra. exd 

lvó-|:vU\ii)5ceAC, adj. no comp. greatness, Eph. 1. 19. 

exceedingly patient. no|ri)freYCAin,-f AicfloiM, s. f. 

no5,-5AÓ, V. a. choose, select, foresight, forecast. 

wish. ; T?o|rbre<\c,-|-i5e,-|-eAÓA, s. f. a 

\lo-^í^,--^ó.\), pi. -3nA, &, 1101506, jilt, a harlot. 

s. Í. a choice; 2 Sam. x. 9. í^óine, s. f. /íw?>, particularly, o/^^ 
1 Cor, vii. 21. see Phil. i. 22. a horse's tail or mane. 
a selection, an option. , Xló\\)ei,c,-\^-^e, adj. hairy, crini- 

n65Air),-r)e, s, f. Vernac. see i gerous. 

\lo^6.. l'íóit)eYbAc,-bYi5,-bvi5e, s, m. 

Tíó-JAjt, adv. very nigh ; Deut. haircloth. 

XXX. 14, \\lo]x), inf. id. V. a. divide, Ezek. 

n65rbA|i,-Aiit, pi. id. s. m. a dig- \ v. 1. — Luke xii. 13. 1 Cor. xii. 

ging ; Luke xvi. 3. fr. the' W. impart, distribute, share. 

obs. s. \ió]xr), earth, &, Aft. { \lo]\), g. itoi^e, &, |tof)A,pl. itoi3A, 

nó-5i)<M5ceAÓ, adj. no. comp. very \ s. f. a part, a portion, Deut. 

customary, much used. x. 9. — Gen. xlviii. 22, Job. 

no5tjai5reóiii,-ónA,-óini6e, s. m. ' xxiv, 18. — Ezek. xlvii. 13. a 

a chooser, an elector; fr. 1105. share, a division, a class. 
nó-5|tA6, g. id. &, -6a, s. m. ^rea/ nó|i3eAc,-i)i3, s. m. hair, — g. 
love, Dan. x. 19. 1 Kings xxi, 27, horse hair ; 

nó5Y||te, g. id. pi. -|t|6e, s, m. a' see IvYAi&neAC. 

rogue, a villain, a knave ; i Xloyryze, ind. p. p, divided. Matt. 
O'G. j xii, 25. distributed, shared. 

nó5Y|fteAc&,-&A, s. f. roguery, \Xlo\x\x),-x)e, S.Í. rosin. 

villainy, knavery. I TíóifceAÓ,-ci3, pi. id. s. m. a 

n5ibeA5, adj. no comp, very ' roach, a kind of fish. 

small, exceedingly minute. \ló\^;t\x), g. id. pi, -ope, s. f. a 

nojoeAOr^^j ^^^- adj. no comp, gridiron. O'G. 

very civil, exceedingly modest. \ Xlo]t,-ze, pi. |ioca, &, TtorAÓA, s.f. 
nóióeAj*, adj. no comp. exceeding a wheel, Ecc. xii. 6. Ezek. i. 
handsome. ; I6. — Ezek. i. 16. — Ezek. i. 20. 

TloiOileAf, adj. no comp. very Lat. Rot-a. 

dear, extremely faithful. 1 noici5,-ceAC&, v„ n. agree with, 

^°1^15?*5^j s. f. a church yard, a stretch, — inf. C. P. Vlo]tc]-^, 

church. id. see Ex. xxvi. 28, 

Xló]\]OX)n)SK\\,?iá].noQ,om\). exceed- TiojcleASivo,-^!"» P^- id, s, m, a 
ing fulf Eph. ii. 7. circle, a wheel, a tn:irl. 

no N 



Uo]iie!xr),-é]\)y &, -eíxir). pi, id. i 
s. m. awheel; Ezek. x. 9. — ' 
1 Kings vii. 32. — Ex. xiv. 25. ' 
Ezek. i. 21. also, a riddle, a 
pulli/, a roller, the knee pan. 
Lat. Rotula. 

no)cleixi)Ac,-i)i5e, adj. having 

\1o\t\e.ó\\\,-ó\iA,-ó\\}]^e, s. m. a 
wheebvriyht. ' 

noll,-U6, V. a. roll, make into \ 
rolls (as hay, SfcJ 

ndU, g. id. pi. -A]6e, s. m. a 
roll, Ezra vi. 2.— Jer. xxxvi. 
27. a swathe, a volume, a 

nollóiit,-óft<\,-óitiióe, s. m. a 
roller, a swathe, a cylinder. 

narijAb, a cpd. pron. (fr. 
|ioirT),& cv,) before ^//ee, Matt, 
iv. 10. UbAiit iiórT)<\&, speak on, 
Luke vii. 40. jmci5 ]}ón)<s.h,go 
on, go awaij, John iv. 50 

nóri)^]!), cpd. pron. (fr. \\o\xri, & 
■\x),) before us. Acts xxi. 2. 

nórbAi|t,-rr)<\n, V. a. dig : see 
Luke xiii. 8. \ló-^ví}e<V-> id. 

n6ri)AtD, a cpd. pron. (fr. \io\n), 
& nj^,) before me, Oo cv<\i6 
m'e |tórr)<Nn7, I went on. 

nórT)0|tau,-^1f7, s.m. a great deal, 
very much , Gen. xli. 49. 

nó-rnófiÓAUc, adj. no comp. ex- 
ceeding magnifical, magnifi- 
cent ; 1 Chron. xxii. 5. 

nó-rT)óii&AUcb,-&<\, s.f. exceeding 

nóriívib, cpd. pron. (fr. \\o\xx), & 
f|b,) before you, Matt. v. 

nori)Yiiic,-rbA|tcA, pi. id. s. f. a 
high or spring tide, a full sea; 
fr. ]io, & njYiyt. 

nói), g. n'^i'^j p^- nóiDce, & ti6nc<v, 

s. m. a seal, a sea calf, 
not), g. tióiD, pi. iióiDce, s. m. 
kair,—g. Malt. xi. 21. Rev. 
xi. 3. see nópje. 

nor)c,-CAÓ, V. n. snore. 

noojA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
rung, a joining spar, the 
timbers or ribs of a boat. 

noÓ3Ab,-bail, V. a. participate. 

nóp<v, g. id. pi, -Aioe, a rope, a 
fastening ivitJi ropes. 

nópAbóip,-ó|tA,-5]|iitie, s. m. a 

nópA&ói]ie<\c&,-b<\, s. f. rope- 
making, cordwaining. 

nop<xi|ie, g. id. pi. -]iit)e, s. m. a 
treacherous violent person. 

nor, g- n^ir, pi- id. s. m. a pro- 
montory ; generally found as 
a prefix in the proper names of 

nófA, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a rose. 
Cant. ii. 1. Vldy, g. póif, pi. id. 
s. m. id. 

nor^r)j-^|i),pl. id. s.m. a shrub. 

'\1óYb,-bAÓ, V. a. roast, grill, 
toast, parch. O'G. 

n6|-bAD,-bA, &, -bvi5ce, pi. id. 
s. m. a roasting, a toasting, a 

nórbvi5ce, ind. p. p. roasted ,- 
Luke xxiv. 42. grilled, 

nofs, g. r^^-irs» pi- id- s. m. the 
eye, eyesight, a poetic compo- 
sition ; used only in poetry. 

nor5-CACA, s. m. an incitement 
to battle, an address to an 
army ; fr. jivirj, & cac. 

nor5ÓAUAb,-lvi5ce, s.m. a blind- 
folding, an error, a mistake. 

nórUc^n, g- T1ÓI fUcivr), s. m. 
lesser duck meat , Lemna 

nófrbv|iie, g. id. s, m. the flower 

\ nórcj-cAD, V. a. roast ; norj-f^^, 

i id. see Prov. xii. 27. Edn. of 
nor,-CA, pi. id. &, |xocAbA, s. m. 
a wheel, the rim of a wheel ; 
see noic. 

nu ?x 


!^ U D 

Tíó-cAicneAthAc, adj. no comp. 
very pleasan t. 

no-cló5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f, a roll, a 

UócoiIj-coIa, s. f, exceeding plea- 
sure, Kom. XV. 27. 

HúACAt),-A|n, pi. id. s. m. a coc- 

nv<\6,-A|6e, adj. red ; Rev. vi. 
4 — Ex. xiii. 18. reddish, red- 
haired ; Lat. Ruf-us, Fr. 
RoLi-ge, Gr. "'Eo-jé-shg. 

UvAóboc,-bv]c, pi. id. s. m. a 
stag, a roebuck. 

UvAÓbvi&e, ind. adj. orange-co- 
loured, of a reddish yellow 

nvA6cAilc,-ce, s A. ochre. 

nvAócA]lce<NC,-ci5e, s. f. ochre- 
ous, asphaltic. 

\lyo.^\cs\t\x)ei^X,-x)\X, s. m. choler, 
cholera morbus. 

TívAÓó5,-5i5e,-ó5<\, s. f. a young 
hind or goat ; also, a flaxen 
cord rvaxed over, which coun- 
trymen use in mending their 

RvA5AÓ,-5CA, pi. id. s. m. a cha- 
sing, a banishing, a pursuing, 
a persecuting, a putting to 

RvAs^nie, g. id. pi. -|tióe, &, 
-neAÓA, s. m. a n'anderer,-m—^\. 
Jer. xlviii. 12. a hunter, a 
pursuer, a chaser, any instru- 
ment to drive a thing from its 
place, a bolt ,- also, a small 
bullet, a slug, a swan-drop. j 

nvA5<NifteAc&,-&A, s. f. a pursu- \ 
ing, a hunting, a chasing. \ 

TívAióe, g. id. s. f. a disease 
called by the country people j 
" the Rose,''' erysipelas ; also, I 

nvAi6r)eAC,-i)i5, s. m. hair 
Matt. iii. 4. particularly, the 
hair of a horse\s or camel's \ 

mane or tail; see I Kings 
xxi. 27. 

nvA]3,-A5A6, V. a. chase ; Judg. 
ix. 40. hunt, pursue, put to 
flight, disperse, banish. 

nvAi5,-5e, s. Í. a flight, a pur- 
suit, a precipitate retreat, a 
dispersion, a banishment. 

UvAijoeTjie, g. id. s. f. a wlieeling 
about from the rere ; " Oo 
tijoeAbAji |tvAi5Óei|ie, they 
wheeled about from the rerCi"' 

nvA)Ue, g. id. pi. -If, s. f. a slat- 
tern, a sluttish miserable wo- 

nvAitr),-íT)e,-n)eACA, s. f. aflshing 
line ; also, the alder tree ; 
Betula alnus. 

nvAirpj-iTje, s. f. a flush of anger 
on the face. 

nvA|rn,-rne, pi. id. s. f. a name 
given to different kinds of 
plants used, in dying red. 

nvAjriile, g. id. pi. -l], s. f. a dirty 
pool, standing uaters impreg- 
nated with clay, muddy wa- 

TÍYAirt)leAc,-li5e, adj. muddy (as 
disturbed water.) 

nvAitT}li5,-liv5A6, V. a. agitate, 
make muddy (as \cater.) 

\ly<\\v,,-x)Q, s. Í. a kind of weld 
that gives a reddish tinge or 

XlYo.]\)e, g. id. pi. -eACA, s. f. a 
hair, a single hair ; Luke xxi. 
18. Acts xxvii. 34. 

nvACA|i,-Aiit, pi. id. s. m. an in- 
vasion, a pillage, an incursion, 
a skirmish, an onset, a rush. 

RvAC|aA, g. id. s. m. a skirmishing, 
a fl gilt ing, an invading ; also, 
a higgling. 

HvbA, g. id. pi. -Ajee, s. m. a 
wound, a hurt. 

TiAc^r),-ain, pi. id s m. a. tumidt, 
a noisy war. 

n u ) 


iMi r 

XlYh, g. tto&A, pi. id. s. m. a thing, 
a matter, an affair, a circum- 

nv5, 3 sing. perf. tense of bent, 
it signifies to take, to overtake 
or catch ; and also, to bear 
children; '5o n^o rí ^ cevi? 
nji.c, Matt. i. 25. " Do t^^3 
|-e o^tA, /ie overtook them ;" 
" Do |iv5A&Att leo, i/<e^ took 
aimy ;" see be^ft. 

jtv5<\, s. m. or f. a wrinkle, a. 

TlY5<\c,-Ai5e, adj. wrinkled, 

nY|b,-be, s. f. brimstone, rue-. 
Luke xvii. 29. Rev. ix. 17.— 
Luke xi. 42. 

Uv]be, g. id. pi. -eACA, s. m. hair ; 
Matt. V. 36 Judg. xx. 16. 

Hvibii), g. id. pi. -oióe, s. m. a 
riband, a silken tape. 

Vly\ti'e\x,-xe,-xe:c^c>i^, s. f. a spor- 
tive mood, a frisking, a leap- 
ing, a gamboling. 

nvibéire<xc,-ri5e, adj. sportive, 
frisky, playful. 

nvi5eeAc, arms ; Ezek. xxx. 24. 
& 2.5. see \l]i^. 

Xl\x]\)ceoA-^,-ce}\T^e, s. f. a deceit- 
ful intention. 

nú|nceAl5<NC,-Ai5e, adj. of or be- 
longing to a deceitful inten- 

núioclénteAC,-iii3, pi. -ft|3e, &, 
-fieAOA, s. m. a private secre- 

\lii\V)'o\^n)3.\]\,-\\)\xo^, pi. id. s. f. a 
mystery. Col. i. 26. Rev. xvii. 
7. — Eph. iii. 9. — 1 Cor. xiv. 
2. a secret purpose ; literally, 
a dark secret ; fr. iiiii), &, 

nviD&IAmitAGj-Aije, adj. ynyste- 
rious, mystical, see 2 Cor, 
xii. 4. 

nvfoixvife, s.m. male pimpernel ; 
Anagalis arvensis. 

Uvifte, g. id. pi. -\f\Se, s. m. a 
knight. ]1]b]]ie, id. q.v. 

Uv]|-,-ye, s. f. the elder tree, the 
name of Xl, the fourteenth let- 
ter of the modern Irish Al- 

nvifeArbUct),-!5A, s. Í. disorderli- 
ness, rashness. 

Xtr]\eo.r()r][,-n}\i,, adj. disorderly, 

nvjfe<\T)CA, ind. adj. speedy, quick^ 

TiiMf*3,-5e,-5e<\0A, s, f. a skir- 
mish, noise, report. 

Tíú||*5, inf. iii'i-p^AÓ, v. a. strike, 
smite, tear, rend, pelt. 

\1y]y\r), g. id. pi. -\)\^e, s. m. a 

Xl\.\\c\vi, g. id. pi. - x)\6q, s. m. the 
ankle bone, a fetlock, a dirty 
child that loves to play in the 

Xli\\), g. tiú|íi, pi. id. s. m. a secret, 
a purpose, 1 Cor. iv. 5. 2 Tim. 
iii. 10.. a mystery., a regard, 
love, a beloved person, a design, 
intention, inclination. 

T?iir)AC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a sweet- 

niii)AC,-Ai5e, adj. dark, mysteri- 
ous, confidoit, trusty. 

ríúnAi5,-5t^,adj. dark, mysterious ; 
UvoÓA, ind. adj. id. 

núi)6Ain5ion,-3ii), pi. id. s. m. a 
firm resolufio/i. 

Xlíi\)^\iA]bceó]\i,-ó\iA,-ó]]i]6e, s.m. 
a secretary. 

Vl{iv)r:'A]\,-'AU, pi. id. s. f. a divi- 

nrn>AC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. f. a young 
slut, a slattern. 

Uy|-5aó,-a|6, pi. id. s. m. a strik- 
ing, a smiting, a rending. 

UvcA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m, the 
fish called thornback. 




S, (Sy|1, the tciltoiv free,) the 

Jifteenth letter of the modern 

Irish Alphabet. 
Si^b, g. x''^\^i pl* id. s.m. a saw. 
Sívb,-bAÓ, V, a. saw J cut with a 

SívbAbó]tt,-óttA,-ó|fiióe, s. m. a 

sawyer. Sívióbénte, g. id. pi. 

-|ilóe, s. m. id. 
Sc\b<\í3ÓifteACb,-&A, s.f. a sawing ; 

SívióbéifteAC&,-bA, s. f. id. 
S<\ba]l, inf. id. V. a, save^ Matt. 

viii. 25 Matt, xviii. 11. Heb. 

xi. 7. rescue, protect, defend, 

SaÍííxiIj-í^Ia, pi. id. s. f. a saving, 

a sparing, a protecting, a 

safety, frtigality. 
SAba^lce, ind. p. p. see S^bivlcA. 
ScvbAlj-A^l, pi. id. s.m. a barn, a 

SAbaUc,-Ai5e, adj. saving, spa- 
ring, careful, preserving. 
SaHívIca, ind, p.p. safe; Phil. 

iii. I. saved, preserved. 
SAbiki),-ait}, pi. id. s. m. a cub, a 

whelp ; SAbivi) njv]ce, a 

young pig. 
SAbó]í),-&e,-&i3e, s.f. a Sabbath, 

Ex. xvi. 25 Ex. xvi. 23. 

Matt. xii. 5.— Lev. xix. 30. 
SAbr^, g. id. pi. -Ajóe, s. m. sauce 

of any kind, condiment, yrary. 

Sac, g. r^K» pl- i<^- s- m. a sack ; 

Gen. xliv. 11 Gen. xlii. 27. 

— Gen. xliv. 1. a bag; Heb. 
Sak. Gr., Lat. Sac-cus. 
This word is to be found with 
very little variation in almost all 
languages, and in the same sig- 

Sac,-caÓ, v. a. press into a bag 
or sack ; also, sack or de- 

Saca^j-ap, s. m. a pressing or 
filing info a sack or bag ; also, 
a sacking or destroying ; Sa- 
civil,-^U, s. f. id. 

SACíin,-í^1»)5 pl- id. s. m. a little 
sack or bag, dim. of Sac ; also, 
a tricing or unmannerly fel- 
low, a short cor pident fellow. 

SAC}}'i^\xt)e\x)z,-ze,-z\6e, s. f. a sa- 
crament. C. P. 

SAcpipirj-r^j-ri} s. f. a sacrifice. 

SACfAiOs-AO, s. f. England. 

SACfAtjAC,-Ai5e, adj. English. 

SAC]*ADAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. an 
Englishman, a Saxon. 

SAcr-bev|alA, g. id. s. m. the Eng- 
lish language, the Anglo-Saxon. 

SAC]-bevplAtT)vil,-rblA, adj. of or 
belonging to the English 

S ^i) 


S 'li ) 

SA3Afic,-Airic, pi. id. 8. ra. a 

priest ; Gen. xiv, 18 Luke 

i. 8. — pi. Heb. viii. 4. Rev. 
i. 6. Lat. Sacerd-os. 

S<\5<v|icAC&,-bA, s. m. or f. a 
priesthood ; Heb. vii. 5. — 
Num. xvi. 10. Num. xxv. 13. 
Heb. vii. 11. 

SA5A|icAmvil,-ti)U, adj. priestly, 

Saicp v£»Ac,-&vi5, s. m. sackcloth ; 
2 Sam. iii. 31. Is. xx. 2. — 
2 Kings xix. 2. 

SAió,-6e, s. f. satiety, sufficiency, 
riches, treasure, store of mo- 

SAit)5(it,-bfie, adj. rich ; Ruth 
iii. 10. Rev, xiii. 16. — Ps. xlv. 

SAiób[teAr,-!Mrj P^- i^* s. m. 
riches ; Rom. ix. 23. Eph. i. 
18.— Matt. xiii. 2-2.— Eccl. v. 
13. wealth, opulence, affluence ; 
SAióbjíTor, id. Rev. v. 12. 

S^i5bivineAcb,-b<\, s. f. soldiery, 
bravery, the profession of a 

SiM5b|uii,-ui|t,-uiti15, s. m. a sol- 
dier, an archer, 2 Tim. ii. 3. 
— Acts xxviii, 16. — Matt. viii. 
9. com. Lat. Sagittar-ius. 

Sív]5biuítcA, ind. adj. soldierly, 
brave, soldierlike. 

S<xi5eAb,-5be, pi. id. s. f. an ar- 
row ; 1 Sam. XX, 36. — 1 8am. 
XX. 37. — Deut. xxii. 23, a 
dart ; Lat. Sagit-ta. 

SAi5neíit),-ívio, pi- id. s. m. light- 
ning, a hurricane, a blast of 

Sa^I, g. ^aIac, pi. f aIcaca, s. f. a 
beam; Matt, vii, 3.— pi. 2 
Chron. iii, 7. a joist. 

SAjlciocbj-bA, s.f. dirtiness, foul- 
ness, defilement ; fr. the obs, 
s. r^l, dirt. 

SA)lcUAC.-A1Ce,-AC A, S, f. rt VÍolct, 

a pansy ; Viola canina ; fr. f a^I, 

& ClIAC. 

Sixile, g. id. s. m. or f. the sea, 
— g. Jas, iii. 12.iert water, salt 
water, pickle, saltness ; com. 
Gr. "AX;, Lat. Sal. 

SAiléAb,-éib, pi. id. s.m. a salad, 
an eschalott. 

SAileÓ5,-ai5e,-65A, s. f. the com- 
mon ithite willow, a little wil- 
low ; Salix alba. 

Sa)15ioUa, g. id. pi, -Ajóe, s. m. a 
footman, a page. 

Síi]lír>, g. id. pi, -ni^e, s, f. a 
little heel ; dim. of Sivl, q. v. 

S<x|ll,-leAb, v. a. salt, pickle, 
cure, season. 

S^ill,-le, s. i. fat, fatness, grease^ 
pickle, brine, a dainty, dainti- 

SivilleA6,-lce, pi. id, a pickle, a 
a pickling, a salting. 

SajUce, ind. p. p. salt, salted; 
Gen. xiv. 3. Jos. iii, 16. 5^«- 
soned, pickled ; Siijlce, id. Jos. 
XV. 2. 

SAilmceolAC,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
psalmist, a singer ; 2 Sam. 

XXiii. \. SAlln)CéAblAÓ,-A15, 

-Ai5e, s. m. id. 
SA]ln)eAbóip,-ótiA,-óiTti6e, s. m, 

a psalmist. 
S<xiit)e, g. id. s.f. pleasure ; 2 Cor, 

xii. 10. 2 Tim, iii. 4. peace, 

quietness, stillness, delight, 

luxury, ease. 
Sainc,-ce, s, f. covetousnesft ; 

Rom. xiii. 9. Col. iii. 5. — Ps. 

cxix. 36. avarice, inclination, 

Siv]fi, see Sivp. 

S<xi^beufAc,-Ai5e, adj. of supe- 
rior tnanners. 
Sii]\xh\x),-r)e,aái.?nost harmonious. 
S<vi|a8eAiibcACb, g. id. &, -bA, 

s. m. or f. full assurance, — g. 

Col. ii. 2. 




Si!kTjt8e]tT)neAC,-ni5e, adj. fuUij 
assured; Heb. x. 22. 

Saip^10f,-^*eAfA, s. f. perfect 
knowledge ; 1 Thess. v. 2. 
2 Tim. i. 18. 

S3iift50iort},-iT)A, pi. id. &,-rT)Apc<x, 
s. m. a noble action.. 

Sftiftfe, g. id. pi. -CACA, s. f. rt 
sieve, a searse. 

Sivij-be, g. id. s. f. common garden 
sage; Salvia officinalis. Sivir^e 
be<x5, small garden sage : Sal- 
via minor. Siviybe ct)V]c, 
mountain sage ; Salvia silves- 
tris. Sivifbe coille, wood sage : 
Salvia agrestis. 

Siiic,-ce, s. f. enough, satiety, 
sufficiency ; Matt. xxv. 9. 
2 Cor. ix. 8. riches, treasure, 
store of money. Lat. Sat-is. 

Sivic, inf. y'^tis^, V. a. thrust, 
push ; 1 Sam. xxxi. 4. Rev. 
xiv. 15. — Ex. xxi. 36. Acts 
xxvii. 39. 

SAic,-ce, s. f. a hitch. 

SA]t,-ie, adj. bad; Lev. xxvii. 
12. & 14. 

S^ice, g. id. pi. id. &, -eA6<N, s. f. 
a swarm ; Ex. viii. 24. Judg. 
xiv. 8.— pi. Ex. viii. 21. & 29. 
a crowd, a multitude. 

Si\iceAC,-t]5e, adj. filled, full ; 
Deut. xi. 15. Kom. xv. 24. 

S<\iceAt?,-<\]r), pi. id. s. m. a foil, 
also, a fastener used in thatch- 

Sívici3,-iv5a6, v. a. fill,— mi. 
Mark vii. 27. satiate. 

Sajciii, g. id. s. m. a satyr ; Is. 
xxxiv. 14. 

S^l, g. |-íK]le, pi. x'cAa, s. f. a 
heel; Ps. xli. 9.— pi. Gen. 
xlix. 17- see Hos. xii. 3. 

SaI, g. ^A|l. s. m. defilement, 
filth, dirt, dross. C. P. 

SAlAC,-Ai5e, &, r^ilce, adj. un- 
clean, filthy ; Tit. i. 15.— Job 

xv. IG. dirty, foul, nasty, sor- 
did, vile, despicable, polluted, 

SaIacaji, see SaIcap» 

SaI<\i5,-Iv5a6, v. a. defile, pro- 
fane, dishonour, pollute, conta- 
minate, bestncar with dirt, 

SAlivi|i,-U\|t, V. a. see Soli^cAiit. 

SaIao,-^viO, s. m. mlt ; Matt. v. 
13._Gen. xix. 20. Lat. Sal. 
Gr. "A/.;. 

SAU^ivT),-2vit), pi. id. s. m. a salt- 

SaIa^5a, ind. adj. saline, briny. 

SAlaftCAC,-Ai5e, adj. industrious, 

SAl^CA]it,-li\|icA, s. m. provision, 

SívlbftvjAój-vi^ce, s. m. a bruis- 
ing on the heel. 

Sixlbiivi5,-v5A6, V. a. bruise the 

SAlcA6,-CYi5ce, s. m. a defiling^ 
a pollution, a rendering un- 

SAlcAft,-A]|t, s. m. filth, filthi- ; 1 Cor. iv. 13. 2 Cor. 
vii. 1. — 1 Pet. iii. 21. impu' 
rity, nasliness. 

SAl-clvA]re,g. fA]l-clvA)|*e,s. m. 
ear wax. 

SaIcvi3,-ca6, v. a. — inf. Acts 
xxiv. G. Rom. i. 24. see 

SaIid, g. fAilm, pi. id. s. m. 
1 Chron. xvi. 7. Matt. xxvi. 
30. — pi. 1 Chron. xvi. 9. see 

SAlrT)Aijie, g. id. pi. -jijóe, s. m. a 

SAlrT}A|iteACb,-bA, s. f. a singing 
of psalms. 

SAÍcAiit,-citAc,-c|iv\CA, s.{. a psal- 
tery, — pi. 2 Chron. ix. 1 1, also, 
a psalter or chronicle, as 
SAlcA^t CeArijjtAc, SaIcaih 

S 5i2D 


S %0 

Cai|-|1, SaIcahi r)v\ t^aF), see 

S.\lcA]tl,-pc, &, fAlcAjtC, V. a. 

tread, Job xl. 12.— Is i. 12. 

Matt. V. 13. trample. 

SAlcAipc,-Aiitce, &, -A]icA,pl, id. 
s f. a treadinff, — g. Is. xvi. 10. 
& xxii. 5. a frawpliiig. \ 

SAlcóitt,-óttA,-ó|fii6f», s. m. a\ 
sa/ier, a salhuovcjer. \ 

SAtii, comp. x^\n)o, adj. easy,, 
pleaaant, siveet, mild, yen tie, i 
quiet, still, happy. j 

Sait), g. r^M"), &, r^*^'^<^5 f- m. sor- \ 
veil ; Riimex acetosa. 1 

SAibAC,-ATce, adj. pleasant, still, \ 
calm, travqitil, libidinous, 
17} ild, peaceable, fr. fArb, q.v. 

SAri}Ail,-iT)U, adj. like, such ; 
1 Cor. XV. 35. Lat. Simil-is. ■ 
see SAmv|l, | 

SAtt)A!n,-n)i)<N, s. f. Jll-hallow- 
tide, the Jirst of November ; 
OjDce S<MT}t)A, All-hallow ere. j 

SArbai),-;\it), s. m. a sarin bush ; ' 
Juniperus Sabina. 

SAriiivD, ivin, pi, id. s. m. a little ^ 
pi(j ; S^n)\\) rt)Yjce, id. j 

SAtT)A|',-v\ir, s. m. delight, plea-] 
sure, rapture ; fr. f-Arb, q. v. j 

SArijA|-AC,-Ai5e, adj. pleasant, 
agreeable, delightful. 

Síiti7lAcvf,-v||', pi. id. s. m. a 
sample, a pattern. 

SarT)UcArt)vil,-rbl<x, adj. typical. 

S;vri)lAt>, see Sarblv^Aó. 

S<\ij)lv5v\b,-v]5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
similitude, a parable ; Deut. 
iv. 12. Job. xxix. 1. an image, 
an emblem, a comparison. 

S^it)Iv)5,-v5a6, v. a. liken, com- 
pare, see Matt. vii. 24. 

S<MÍ)iu\ó,-AiD, ])1. id. s. m. sum- j 
incr, Geii. viii. 22. Luke xxi. i 
30—2 8am. xvi. 1. Ps. xxxii. i 
d. fr. the obs. s. ]\\nj, sun, or 
stinimcr, & 1«<^1i^Pj " quarter. 

Sait)hvi5,-v5aíS, v. n. summer^ 

pass the summer. Is. xviii. 6. 
SArbfo, g- id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. 

SArbcAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. f. a helve, 
n handle, see Deut. xix. 5. 
SAtbrAC pivibe, tJie handle of 
a spade. 
SAri)cvi5,-v5A6, V. a. put a han- 
dle to. 

, SAri)vil, g. j'AtbU, s. f. manner, 

I Judg. viii. 18. a likeness, 

I image, a comparing, a copy. 

I com. Lat. 8imil-is, like. 

j Sai), an emphatic atíix,02£7í, self, 

\ as jAbfAi), they there, ihey 

^ themselves. 

\ 'Sad, (contr. fr. Abi* ao,) in the. 

J SAt)A|',-Aif, s.m, knowledge ; also, 

■ a secret, a greeting, a fare- 

\ well. 

' S«.x)Ay'Ar),-!x]X), pi. id. s. ra. etymo- 
logy ; also, a glossary. 

j SAt)A|-Ai)V]6i>, g. id. pi. id. s. m, 

' an eiymologist. 

j SAiKcó|p5-ó|tA,pl. id, s. f, a sanc- 

I tuary, Ex. xxv. 8. — 2 Chron. 

j XXX. 19. — Lev. xxvi. 31. a 

I place of refuge. 
Sí\r)CAÓ,-A)5e, adj. covetous, 
1 Cor. V. 11. greedy, penu- 
rious, ambitious, desirous. 
SM)cac,-c v|5,-cYi;5e, s.m. a churl, 
— g. Is. xxxii. 7. a greedy or 
covetous man ; fr. r<^]Oc. 
Siii;cAC&,-&A, s. f. covetousness, 
greediness, cupidity, inclina- 
tion, desire. Si>.\)z, g. r^I'^^^j 
s. ra. id. 

Sivncv3A6,-v|5ce, s. m. the act of 
desiring or coveting. Acts xix. 

Sai)cv|5,-v5A6, V. a. covet, Jos. 
vii. 21. — 1 Tim. vi. 10. desire, 
lust after. 

SAob, comp. f-AOibe, ad'], foolish, 
see Acts xx. 30. silly, crronc- 



s ^!lO 

ouSi apt to he led astray, wrong, 

SAob,-bAD, V. a. infatuate, mis- 
lead, lead astray, delude. 

SAob-ceilU, g. i*AO)b-c&ille, s.m. 
a being beside one-self, a doat- 
ing, 2 Cor. v. 13. 1 Tim. vi. 
4. nonsense, folly, stupidity, 
the occult sense of a thing. 

Sao^aIj-a]!, pi. id. s.m. the world, 
John i. 10.— Matt. xiii. 22. 
1 Cor. V. 10. life, lifetime, 
"d^i generation, subsistence, 
living. Lat. Soecul-um. 

SA05<\Uc,-Ai5e, adj. long-lived, 
worldly. SA05lAC,-Aije, id. 

Sao5aIca, ind. adj. uorldly, Heb. 
ix. 1. secular, devoted to the 

S<xo5AlcAC&,-bA, s- f. norldliness, 
a love of uorldly things. 

Saoi, g. id. pi. fAOjce, s. m. a 
nobleman, a worthy generous 
man, a scholar, a man of let- 

Sao|1, inf. j-Aoilt-tn, V. n. think, 
suppose. Gen. xx. 11. — Phil. 
i. Id. imagine. 

SAOjfie, g. id. s. f. a festival, a 
Sabbath, Matt, x'ú.l. & 5. — 
Lev, xxiii, 15. fr. y^o]\, free ; 
Lix |-AOipe, a holiday. 

SAOi]tfe, g. id. s. f. freedom, li- 
berty, Acts xxii. 28. Gal. v. ]. 
— Jas. i. 25. deliverance, a re- 
lease ; SAoinri, g- id. s. f. id. 
Acts xxii. 28. — Luke iv. 18. 
also, cheapness. 

SAOi|tfeAc&,-t)A, s. f. cheapness, 
im m un iiy, exemption . 

SAOi|i|"eAc&,-OA, s. f. the trade of 

a carpenter, joiner, or mason, 
Saoip]-|3,-iv5a6, v. a. cheapen. ^ 
SAoinriOeACO, see second Saohi- 


SAO|ceAtblAc&,-bA, s. f. genero- 
sity, hospitality, good breeding. 

\ SAO|ceAn)V|l,-iT)lA, adj. skilfuU 
! genero^ts, hospitable, noble^ 

well-bred, learned, gentle- 
j manly. 

\ SA0ic|aeAC,-iti5e, adj. Acts xviii. 
1 28. see Saocjiac. 
Saop, comp. r^oilie, adj. free^ 

Gen. xxiv. 8. Gal. iii. 28. 

voluntary, cheap, ransomed, 

delivered, exempt, permitted, 

allowed, vnrestrained. 
SAOii,-|tAÓ, V. a. deliver, save. Is. 

xliv. 17. Matt. vi. 13.— Matt. 

xxvii. 49. set free, acquit, save^ 

redeem, rescue, disentangle. 
i Saop, g. fAOi|t, pi. id. s. m. a 
j carpenter, a builder, Mark vi. 

3.— Matt. xiii. 55.— Mark xii. 
j 10. a joiner, a mason. 
^ SA0HA6,-ncA, s. m. justification, 
I salvation, \ Cor. vi. 11. — Rom. 

v. 16. Jas. iv. 4. a redeeming, 
j a ransoming, a setting at li- 
I berty, cheapness, acquittal, a 
I rescue. 
\ SAop-cloice, s. m. a mason, 

2 Sam. V. 11. see Ezra. iii. 7. 
I see Saoji. 

I SAOft-cfiAii), s. m. a carpenter, 
\ —pi. 2 Sam. V. 11. 
SAopcvt)fiA6,-r)A|tcA, pi. id. s. m. 
; a voluntary agreement, a cheap 
I bargain ; fr. f^on» & cvi)ftA6. 
i SAoii6a]l,-ivlA, s. f. a privilege, 
; freedom. 

SA0|iCAC,-Ai5e, adj. servile, labo- 
'•• rioiis, toilsome, diligent. 
SaojicoiIj-coIa, s. f. free will. 
SAOftró|ft,-ó|iA,-ói|iióe, s. m. a 
\ deliverer, Judg. iii. 15. 2 8am. 

xxii. 2. 
SAoticvjoe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 

labourer, a tiller. 
SAopcvf^j-v^AO, V. a. labour, 

work, exert, toil. 
Saocaiij-aip, pi. id. s. m. labour, 
toil ; Rom. xvi. 6. — Mark vi. 

s ^n 


s b n 

48. — see 2 Cor. xl. 23. work, 
drudgery, pain, agony ; fr. the 
obs. s. f <xoc, labour, trihidation. 

SA0ciiAC,-Ai5e, adj. servile, labo- 
rious ; Lev. xxiii. 8. Num. 
XXV iii. 25. & 26. toilso7ne, di- 

SAortiv5A6,-v|5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
work, 1 Thess. iv. 11, labour, 
earning, toil, tillage. 

SAOCftv|5,-v5A6, V. a. till, labour, 
— inf. Gen. iii. 23. Prov. xxi. 
25. toil, plod, take pains, dress 
(as soil.) 

S>o.oi\ir\%te, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
labourer,— g. Ecc. v. 12. a 
tiller, a husbandman. 

a labourer, a tiller. 

Sivft, an intens. prefix, signifying, 
exceeding, excessive, great, 
spelled S^ifi, when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either of the slender vowels 
e, or ]. It is also a sign of the 
superl. absolute, and is also 
prefixed to substantives. 

Siiji, g. r<^ni» pl- itl- s. m. a sheep 
louse, or pig louse. 

S^pri^Aic, adj. no comp. exceed- 
ing good, iS'um. xiv. 7. excel- 

Siv|tv5A6,-Yi5ce, pi. id. s.m. trans- 
gression, a trespass ; Jos. xxii. 
22. 1 John iii. 4. — Lev. vi. 17. 
Ps. lix. 3. see Jas. ii. 9. a 
conquering, oppression, a plun- 
dering, a subjugation, a res- 
SíiitY|3,-v5AÓ, V. a. press, trans- 
gress, surpass; Gen. xix. 3. — 
Neh, xiii. 27. see Phil. iv. 7. 
oppress, distress, wrong, har- 
rass, rescue violenlUj, conquer, 
subjugate, injure, oppress. 
S<vpvi5ce<NC,-Ci5e, adj. oppressive, 
injurious ; S<\jiYi5e^c, id. 

S^pv|5ceói|t,-óitA,-ó(fi]óe, s. ra, a 

conqueror, a victor, a subduer. 
Sa|*<\c&,-&<n, s. f. a sufficiency. 
S^]-<\Ó,-fAib, &, -rcA, s. m. an 
account, ioh. xxxiii. 13. satis- 
faction, comfort, content, suffi- 
Sivf Ai5,-rAÓ, V. a. satisfy, suffice ; 

Ps. xc. 14. Num. xi. 22. 

Mark. viii. 4. satiate, jilease, 
compensate, expiate, glut, Jill ; 
fr. rAic, q. V. 
SAfArbvil,-rnU, adj. capable of 

satisfying, satisfactory. O'G. 
S<xr&A,ind,p.p. cow/e«/ff/, 1 Tim. 
vi. 6. satisfied, comforted, ha- 
ving peace of mind. 
SAf&AcOj-bA, s. f. ease, comfort, 

contentment, indolence. 
Sík.rv5Aó,-v)5ce, s. m. see Sív|*a6. 
S'<\t, g. id. s. m. see S^jc. com. 

Lat. Sat-is. 
SiicAC,-Ai5e, adj. satisfied. Lev. 

xxvi. 26. see SíviéeAc. 
Saca6, g. T^ice, pi. id. s. m. a 
thrust. Num. xxxv. 20. Ps. 
ixxxix. 10. a push, a slabbing, 
a shoving, a piercing. 
Sacai-),-*!»}, s. m. Satan, 2 Cor. 

ii. 11. — Acts. xxvi. 18. 
Sbixiiii), inf. id. V. n. wrestle, 
strive ; Gen. xxx. 8. — Gen. 
xxxii. 25. Col. i. 29 struggle, 
Sbaiiii), g. fbivjiOA, pi. id. s. f. a 
contest, a wrestling, a. labour- 
ing, 1 Cor. ix. 25. & 26. Eph. 
vi. 12. — ^Col. iv. 12, distress, 
a struggle, a rivalry. 
Sbivirii)e<\ri)V|l,-rbU, adj. given to 
wrestling, contentious, quar- 
Sb(xntSkn,-&it}, ph id. s.m. a purse, 

Luke X. 4. see SpA|iii\i;. 
SbiiojA^lle, g. id. pi. -lióe, s. f. 
a cab, 2 Kings vi. 25. the dew- 
lap of a beast, the gills of a 

S C?i 


s c u 

cock, the red piece of Jiesh \ 
which hangs over the 7iose of a i 
turkeycock, a double chin, the \ 
crop of a bird. Sb[to5Aill,-le, 
s. f. id. 

Sbrio5AilleAc,-li5e, adj. having a 
large denlap, SfC., 8^-c. 

ScAbj-A^b, s. m. sawdust. Lat. j 
Scobs. i 

ScAbAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. harness, 
i. e. armour, — g. 1 Kings xxii. 
34. a helmet, a hood, a guard 
for the shoulder, a scapular, 
" Oftb <M) ScxbAjl, the Order 
of the Scapular in the 
Romish Church."' com. Lat. 

ScA^AIJte, g. -pioe, s. m. a 
spruce fellow, a bold hearty 

Scapa11?-*i1, pl- ifl- s. m. a scaf- 
fold, 2 Ciiron. vi. 13. also, a 
booth, a hut. 

ScApancA, ind. adj. spirited, 

Scivile, g. id. pl. -eA^A, s. f. a 
shadoiv, Judg. ix. 36 — Job. 
xxxviii. 17. — Cant. iv. 6. a 
shade, a iuask, a veil, a cur- 

Sciv|leAC,-li3e, adj. shady, sha- 
ding, shadowy, veiled. 

Sciiilp,-pe, pl. -peAÚAj&j-peACA, 
s. f. a den. a cave. 


f. a caul 

(of a beast,) Ex. xxix. 13. 

Lev. iii. 4. a midriff, in the 

pl. it also means, the lights. 
ScAific,-ce,-ceAÓA, s. f. a bush, 

a thick tuft of shrubs, or 

ScAic,-ceAÓ, V. a. lop, prune, cut 

off, disperse. 
ScAicce, ind. p. p. cut, pruned, 

lopped off, dispersed. 
Scív.Ia, g. id. pl. -A|6e, &, -a6a, 

s. m, a cup, a bonl, a balance, 

Gen. xliv. -2. — 1 Kin^s vii. 

26. Ps. xi. 6.— Ex. XXV. 29. 
& 31. Lev. xix. 36. Jer. xxxv. 
5. a scale. 

Sc!s\'Ar),-^]r), pl. id. s. m. a shade, 
a hut, — pl. Num. i. 53. a. 
stage, a scaffold. 

Sc<vllAcíxt),-íx|n, pl. id. s. m. an 
unfledged bird ; ScAlcivn, 
-ixin, s. m. id. 

ScATjlvjAÓj-vijce, pl. id. s. m. a 
scandalizing, a reproaching. 

ScA^A|l,-f)lA,-^lACA, s. f. a re- 
proach, blasphemy ; Ps. xxxi. 
13.— 1 Sam. XXV. 39. Job. xx. 
3. — Ezek. XXXV, 12. an of- 
fence, scandal, slander, a ca- 
lumny, a disgrace, ScAÍjvil, 

id. Ps. xxxi. 13. Or. -ly.a'baK-w, 

Lat. Scandal-um. 

ScA^AUcj-Aije, adj. scandalous, 
calumnious, slandering, dis- 
graceful, shameful. 

ScAO^n,-Ali), pl. id. s. m. a thin 
membrane, a film, the caul 

\ nhich covers the lungs. 
Sca51vi3,-y5aó, V. a. blaspheme, 

\ reproach, — inf. 2 Sam. xii, 14. 

i scan da lize, calumniate ; see 

j Luke xvii. 2. 

' ScA5lvi5ceó|ri,-ófiA,-ói|tiÓe, s.m. 
a blasphemer, — g. Ps. xliv. 16. 
a calumniator, a scandalizer. 
ScADftAOj-ytAp, &, -yiAijce, pl. id. 
s. m. a surprise, a fright, con- 
fusion, a dispersing, a scat- 

I tering. O.G. 

I ScAnrivi3,-v5AÓ, V. a. scatter, 

I Zech. xiii. 7. scare, aff' right, 

' disperse through fear, con- 

, ScAOjlj-leAO, V. a, loose, Jos. v. 

j 15. untie, disperse, spread, 

I scatter, unfold^ nnsew. 

I ScAoileAÓ,-lce, pl. id. s. m. a 

I loosening, an untying^ a 

I spreading, an extending, a di- 

\ vulging, a scattering. 
ScA0|lceAC,-c)5e, adj. dissolvent, 



S C] 

apt to spread or scatter, dif- 
fuse, apt to divulge, spread 

ScAO]lceAÓb,-&A, s. f. a protie- 
ness to spread or scatter, to 
loosen or divulge, diffuseness, 
a looseness, laxity. 

ScAO(C,-re, pi. id. s. f. a swarm, 
a flight of birds, a multitude , 
ScAOCj-ojc, s. m. id. 

Scap,-pa6, v. a. squander, uaste, 
spend, scatter, disperse, spread. 

ScApAc,-Ai5e, adj. apt to squan- 
der spread or disperse. 

ScApA6,-Ai6, &, -Ai5ce, pi. id. 
s. m. a squandering, a separa- 
ting, a dispersing, a routing. 

ScApAipe, g. id. pi. -|ii6e, s. m. 
a squanderer, a scattercr, a 

ScA|i,-pA&, V. a. see 55^11. 

ScAfiA&j-ftCA, pi. id. s. m. a sepa- 
ration, — g. Num. vi. 5. a part- 
ing, see Heb. vii. 26. 

ScAnÍAó&,-ó|be, s. f. scarlet, — g. 
Josh. ii. 18. & 21. Ed. I68I. 

Scivc.-CA, pi. id. s. m. a shade, a 
shadow, Ps. exxi. 5. Jonah iv. 
6. — Heb. ix. 5. a protection, 
a shelter, a veil, a pretence, 
bashfulness,fear. S^ivc, id. 

Scí\CAC,-Aí5c, adj. shady, bash- 
ful, timid, fearful. 

Scívcíxr),-ívit}, pi. id. s. m. a 
looking-glass. Job xxxvii. 18. 
— pi. see Ex. xxxviii. 8. a 

Sc^ctT)Ap,-Aiite, adj. timid, fear- 
ful, bashful, shady. 

ScéAl,-é|l, &, -éo|l, pi. -éAlA, &, 
-éAlcA, 8. m. — pi. Num. xiii. 
26. see Ssevl. 

SceAlli\n,-^1'J> pl- id. s. m. a ker- 
rul. Num. vi. 4. a slice, parti- 
cularly, a slice of a potatoe with 
an eye in it cut off for set- 

SceAlp,-éilpe,-eAlp<x,8. i.a cleft, 
see Is. Ivii. 5. Jer. xlix. 16. a 
splinter, a piece, a fragment, a 

SccAC, g. fceicft, pi. rceACA, &, 
fceArcACA, s. f. a bush, parti- 
cularly, the ivhite-thorn, see 
I Mark xii. 26. a bramble, a 
I briar. 

SceArAC,-Ai5e, adj. bushy, full 
of bushes or brambles. 

SceACfiAC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. m. a 
spueing, a vomiting, Yiah.n. 16. 
see Prov. xxvi. 11. « vomit. 

SceACftvi5,-|iv5AÓ, V. a. spue, 

Sc'e]n),-ú)e, s. f. — g. Prov. vi, 25. 
see Sr^é\ú). 

Scéiri^eArbvilj-rblA, adj. hand- 
some, blooming, comely. Sce]- 
rneAc,-rT)T5e, id. 

Sceif),-i)eAD, V, a. & n. — inf. Cant, 
vi. 1 1, see ScjO. 

Scejc, inf. id. v. a. & n. spue, vo- 
mit ; Lev. xviii. 28. Jonah ii. 
10. — Lev. xviii. 25. Rev. iii. 
16. bud, spawn, put forth^ 
throw up ; see Heb, ix. 4. 

SciAH?, g. i'céirije, s. f, see 

SciArbAC,-At5(», adj. beautiful, 
fair, 1 Sam, xvi. 12. — Nah. 
iii. 4. graceful, blooming. 

SciArbAi5,-it)Ab, v. a. beautify, 
— inf. Ezra vii. 27. adorn, or- 

SciAt), g. fCiDe, &, rceine, pi. 
fceAOA, s. f. a knife, Ezek. v. 
1. — pi. Jos. V, 2. Sc^At) 
beAficA, a razor, Num. vi. 

SciAC, g. rCélCe, pi. fClACA, s. f. 

a buckler, a shield ,• Ps. xviii. 
2. Ezek, xxiii. 24. — 1 Sam. 
xvii. 7. — 2 Sam. viii. 7. Ps. 
xlvii. 9. also, shelter, protec- 
tion. Gr. 2x/a, a shadow. 

S C L 



Sc\Atixr)r'^W^ pl- id.s.ra. a wing, 
1 Kings vi. 24. — pi. Ex. xxv. 
20. Eccl. X. 20. a Jin. i 

SciAciinAc,-Ai5e, adj. winged, 
Ezek. xxxix. 17. 

Scfle, g. id. s. f. affright, conster- 
nation on any approaching 
great danger. 

Scií),-í3paó, v. a. & n. gush, bud, 
spring (as a flower,) 1 Kings 
xviii. 28. — Gen. xl. 10. Job 
xxxviii. 27. spring (as water ^) 
start, burnt forth. 

Sciobólj-óil, pi. id. s. m. a barn, 
Luke xii. 24.-2 Kiiigs vi. 
27.— Joel i. 17. 

SctOí|t,-|tAÓ, V. n. 5/?/;,— inf. Job 
xii. 5. slide, stumble. 

SciotTtAri)v|l,-ri7U, adj. accidental, \ 
calamitous, mischievous. | 

Scio^i-^ocaIj-a]!, pi. id. s. m. a 
random expression,ahasty word. 

SciO||i-vocAlAC,-A-i5e, adj. using 
random expressions, committing \ 
errors of speech. 

Scio^icA, ind. p. p. slipt, fallen. [ 

Scic,-ce, s.f. rest, Ex. xxxi. 17. 

Scivfi,-^A6, V. a. scour, purge. 

ScivttfA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. f. I 
affliction, a rod, a scourge^ a 
whip, Ex. iii. 7. 1 Cor. iv. 21. 
— Nah. iii. 2. — see Josh, 
xxiii. 13. 

Sciutt|*,-TA6, V. a. see Sjiúfij*. 

Sciú|t]-í\,il,-aU, pi. id. s.f. a flog- 
ging, a scourging. 

ScTÚjifeóip,-óftA,-ói|t]óe, s. m. a 
scour ger, a flogger. 

ScUbvpe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 
slave, Jer. ii. 14. 

ScUbvióeAc&,-&A, s. f. slavery^ 
servitude. O'G. 

SclAiriieApeAcfej-bA, s. f. greedi- 
ness, a propensity to snatchy 
abusiveness, scolding. 

SclArb,-")*i>j V. a. seize, snatch 
by force, abuse, scold. 
2 R 

ScUibAc,-A|5r, adj. greedy, 
\ snatching, grasping, abusive, 
i foul-mouthed. 
SclArT>Ac&,-&A, s. f. abusivenes, 

scolding, an inclination to 

snatch or grasp gr, cdtly. 
ScUii)AiTte, g. id. pi. -iijbe, s. m. 

a usurper, <t snatcher, one who 

seizes by force, an abusive foul- 

viiouthed fellow. 
SclivcA, pl.-Aió(»,s.m. nslate. 
Scleo, g. id. s. m. high language, 

pompous words. 
Scleó]&,-&e, s. f. fi silly person. 
Scloi&,-be, s. f. flllh, dirt. 
Scóio,-i3e,-beAtJA, s. f. a neck. 
Scói5,-3e,-5eAnA, s. f. a throat. 
Scojl, s. f. see S501I. 
I Scoilc,-ceA6, V. a. cleave, Judg. 
I XV. 10. split, rend, tear, burst. 
Scoilc,-ce5-ceACA, s. f. a cleft, a 

ScoilceACj-cfje, adj. splitting, 

that splits or cleaves. 
ScoilceAC,-ci;^e,-reACA, s.f. rheu- 
matism ; generally used in the 

ScotlceAÓ,-ce, pi. id. s. m. a cleft, 

Deut. xiv. 6. a cleaving. 
Sco]\ce5xxy,-!x]rj, pi. id. s. m. a 

splinter, a slice, a clef. 
Scoic-bev|tlA,g. id. s. m. the lan- 
guage of the Scots or ancient 

ScoftnAc,-nYi3,-nvi5e, s. m. a 

throat, Ps. v. 9. — Prov. xxiii. 2. 
Sco]it)'Ar),-b,]v, pi. id. s. m. a 

Sco|tpior), g. id. pi. -PA, s. m. a 

scorpion, Luke xi. 12. — pi. 

Deut. viii. 15. Barb. 
Scoc,-oice,-ot:A, s.f. a flower, see 

1 Sam. ii. 33. a young shoot, 

a young lad, the choice or best 

part of anything. 
ScocACj-Aije, adj. producing 

branches or flowers. 




Sc|tai&íi), g. id. pi. -r)|óp, s. m. 
a diminutive little fellow, a 
ScfiAifce, g. id. pi, -ctfee, s. m. a 
sltfjjgani, Prov. xxvi. l6. an 
indolent person. 
Sc|tAirceAc,-ci5f^, adj. slothful, 

lazi/, indolent. 
ScnAifreAC&,-bA, s. f. laziness, 

slothfnlness, indolence 
ScnAH'ceArblAcb,-&A, s. f. lazi- 
ness, sloihfnlness. 
ScnAir^i'<'^fT)V]l,-ri)lA, adj. see 

Sciiecvb,-&AÓ, V. n. cry, see Judg. 
X. 12. sJiont, bawl, see SjiicAb. 
Scrte».\b<Ncivr),-^in, pi. id. s. m. a 
little squaller, a cnfmq in- 
Sc[ieAbAl,-A]l, pi. id. s. m. a 

shrieking, a crying. 
Scpe<vbAlAc,-Ai5e, adj. crying, 

shrieking, bawling . 
Sciie<\bixn,-aii), pi. id. s. m. the 
noise of any thing rend- 
Sc|ieíibó5,-ói5í»,-ó5A, s.f. a sharp 

or sour drink. 
Sc\ieAw,-e]\r)e, s. f. abhorrence. 
Scite<\pAl,-Ail, pi. id. s.m. a scru- 
ple in weight. 
Sc]tíbii),-i3e, s. f. nritinq, Ex. 
xxxix. 30. — Esth. i. 22. fr. 
|-cpíob. Scftib^r) bí»Alvi5ce, a 
bill of divorcement, Deut. 
xxiv. 1. 
Scníbneói|t,-óiiA,-óftii6p, s. m, ti 
scribe, a writer ; 2 Kings xii. 
10.— Ps. xlv. 1. 
Soitíbr)eóii<Nce5,-bA, s. f. the pro- 
fession, of a scribe, writing. 
Scttiob,-bA6, V. a. scrape, — inf. 
Job. ii. 8. rub the surface, 
scratch, draw lines or strokes 
on the surface, lay waste. 
Scttiobj-jbe, &, -fobA, pi. -fobA, 
£- f. a scratch, a scrape, a 

notch, a track, a mark, a line, 
a furrow, — g. K. 344. 
ScpiobAC,-Ai5e, adj. scratching, 

scra2)ing, prone to scratch. 
Sc|tiobA6,-bcA, s. m. the act of 

scratching or scraping. 
ScftíobAbóift,-ónA,-ói|tibe, s.m, a 

scraper, a grater. 
Sc|tiobA]rte, g. -|iióe, s. m. 
a graving tool, a style ; also, 
an engraver, a grater. 

Sc|iíobívn,-ain, pi. id. s. m. apot- 
sherd. Job ii. 8. also, a cur- 
rycomb, a wool-card, a rake. 

Sc]iiob,-bA6, V. a. write. Rev. 
xix. 9. — Deut. xxxi. 24. com. 
Lat. Scrib-o, / write. 

ScfijobAÓj-bcA, pi. id, s. m, a 
writing, a writ. 

ScitíobAbó]]i,-óitA,-óiftibe, s. m. 
a writer, a notary, a clerk, a 
scrirener, a scribe. 

Sc]iíobAbónieAcb,-bA, s. f. the 
pr(fession of writing. 

SctMobcYft,-ri|t, pi. id, &, -virti3> 
s. m. iScripture, Rom. iv. 3. & 
ix. 17. — Jas. ii, 8. — Luke 
xxiv. 45. Mark xii. 24. 

Sc|iiobvi5e, g. s. m. a 
scribe, 1 Cor. i. 20. — pi. Acts 
iv. 5. 

Scjiioprv^n,-re, pi. -Tif, &, -Tt|6e, 
s. f. Scripture, Mark xii. 10, 

Luke iv. 21 pi. Matt. 

xxvi. 54. John v. 39. 

Scit]0]-, inf. id. v. a. destroy, Ps. 
v. 10.— Deut. ii. 15, & iii. 6. 
ruin, annihilate, raze, sweep 
the surface off from any 

Scitior,-|*CA, pi. id. s. m, destruc- 
tion, — g. Job V, 21. & xxxi. 12. 
ruin, devastation, ravage. 

Scit|orAbóifi,-ójiA,-ói|ti6e, s. m. a 
destroi/er, a spoiler ; 1 Cor. 
X. 10.'— pi. Jer. xii. 12. fr. 

s en 


S D j 

Scp|ori\&5nte<\c&,-&A, s. f. a de- 
stroying^ a spoiling, a sweep- 
ing aicay. 

Sc|iiOfc<N, ind. p. p. ruined^ de- 
stroyed, swept away. 

Sctt|orcói|t,-óri<x,-ó]pice, s. m. 
— g. Ps. xvii. 4. see ScfiiofA- 

ScpobA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s, m. a 
screw, a vice ; Scpob-l<x|it)e, 
s. m. a hand screw, a hand vice. 

Scfiobj-bAÓ, V. a. scratch, 

ScfiolU, g. id. pi. -Ajoe, s. m. see 
HolU. j 

ScitvbAifte, g. id. pi. -[tióe, s. m. ! 
a scrub, a churl, a niggard ,- 
fr. obs, V. fCftvb, delay, I 
ia/e, & pe<Nft. : 

ScnvbAineAÓt5,-&A, s. f. niggard- 
liness, churlishness. \ 

Scfiv&,-í5AÓj V. a. search, — inf. i 
Prov. XX, 27. examine, pry, 

ScjtYb<xD,-t)vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
searching, Is. xl. 28, an ex- 

Sc|ivbAi5,-&v5AÓ, V. a. 1 Cor. ii. 
10, see Sc|ivt). 

Scpv&v5A6,-vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
see SciavOAÓ. 

Sciivbvi5ce, ind. p. p. trieil, 
searched, examined, scruti- 

Scfivpvlj-vil, pi id. s. m. a scru- 
ple. C. P.— pi. R. S. 

ScrtupvlcA, ind. adj. scrupulous ; 
R. S. ScpúpvxlcA, id. I 

ScvAbj-bAD, V. a. sweep, see Is, 
xxviii. 17. brush. 

ScvAb,-Aibe,-AbA, s. f. « besom, 
see Is. xiv. 23. a broom. 

ScvdbACj-Ai^e, adj. sweeping, 
Prov. xxviii, 3, brushing. 

ScYAhAC'Ar),-'A.\\), pi. id. s. ni. a 
Utile besom or broom ; dim, ol 

ScvAbAÓj-bc*, pi. id. s. m. a 
sweeping, the act (f sweeping. 

ScvAbcA, ind. p.p. swept, brush- 
ed^ see Matt. xii. 44. 

Scv^fi, inf. rcvft, V. n. cease. Vs. 
xxxvii. 8 — Prov xx. 3, desist. 

Scvicfeoifi^-oiiAj-oipibe, s, m. a 
scutcher (of Jiaj\) a hatch- 

Sc>p,-vi(i, pi. id. s. m. a ceasing, 
I Thes. i. o. a desisting. 

Si)A&, inf. id, V. a. & n. stop, stay, 
cease to go forward, cease, 
stop, hinder, stand, wait for. 

SoAb,-Ait3, s. ra. a stop, a pause, 
an interruption, a delay. 

S&iv,i&,-&e, pi. id. s. f. a furlong, 
— pi. Luke xxiv. 13. see Rev. 
xxi. 16. 

S>t)''\}h,-he, pi. id. s. f. state, estate, 
Jude ver. 6. — 1 Chron. xvii. 

S&ivijfie, g. id. pi. -cAOA, s. m. 
stairs, a terrace, — g. Acts xxi. 
35.— pi. 2 Chron. ix. 11. Ezek. 
xliii. 17. 

S&éi5,-5e,-5eACA, s. f. a beef- 
stake, a slice of meat, a small 

S&iobApb,-Am&, pi. id s. m. a 
steward, Luke xvi. 3. Barb. 

SbjobAiibAC&,-&A, s. f. a steward- 
ship, — g. Luke xvi. 2. & 3. 

£Div]|i,-|ie, & vern. f&iúftAC, pi. 
r<3iv]{teACA, s. f. a helm, a 
rudder, Jas. iii. 4. — Acts 
xxvii. 40. a stern, a guide, a 

SbiviixeAc, -11150, adj. steering, 

S&iviii,-ú|iAÓ, V. a. reign over, — 
inf. Rom. XV. \2. steer, guide, 
direct, manage, rule. 

S&ivii;i5,-i'ipv5Aó, V. a. rule, see 
]Matt. ii. 0. see Sb|V||i. 

Sb|úiiAi5ceó|fi,-ótiA,-óini6e, s. m. 
a steersmanfO pil( t, a guide. 

se ?i 


se u 

SbjujavJAOj-vijce, pi. id. s. m. a I 
iite.eruty, a yuidiny, a di/ec- \ 

S&oc, g. fovfc, pi. id. s. ra. a j 
trumpet, Kev. viii. 7. & 8. — 
Ex. XX. 18. Rev. i. 10.— 
.liidg. vii. 8. & 18. also, a 
.stock, (I root, a trunk of a 
tree, a store ; ihe g, is rb"^ice, 
f. in Heb. xii. li>. & Ex. xx. 
18. Large Edn. 1827. 

S&oO(M!',-A]5e, adj. restive, testy, 
peevish, pettish. 

SoobAii^rflj-mU, adj. restive, pee- 

S&oib,-be, s. f. sulkiness, jjeevish- 
ness, restiveuess. 

Sooiixn7,-rDe,-n)e<xCA, s f. ii tem- 

pf^st. Matt. viii. 24 Heb. xii, 

J 8. a storm. 

S&o||lll)eAlbv|l,-tt)l■^, adj. tempes- 
tuous, stormy. 

Sból, g. fbóil, pi. id. &, r&ólcA. 
s m. (I stool, 2 Kings iv. 10. 
Heb. i. 13. Sból-cof, a foot- 
stooi, Heb. i. 13. S&ól-coire, id. 

SbitiopAC,-<\i5e,-ACA, s.tawhore, 
a harlot, /t foruicator, Prov. 
xxiii. 27. — Deut. xxiii. 18. 
1 Cor. vi. 15.— pL Malt. xxi. 
31. 1 Cor. V. 10. 

Sbrtiop<xcAti)v|l,-ri)U, adj. ivhor- 

SbrtjopAÓArj-'í^irj s- ™' fornica- 
tion, 1 Cor, V. 1. — 1 Cor. vii. 
2. whoredom. 

Sf», pers. pron. he, Matt. i. 21. 

St», apron, emplr, suffix, self; 
as, *2ÍD|fe, / myself. 

'S'e, (fr. yy o,) it is he, it is it. 

Sé, a num. adj.*/>, Ex, xx, 11, 

SoAbAC,-<\ic, pi. id.. s,ni. a hawk, 
Deut. xiv. 15. — Lev. xi. 16., 
<i falcon '; SeAOAC o}6ce, ! 
a niyht hauk, Lev. xi. 16. : 

SeAbACAti)V|l,-ti)ÍA, adj. hawk" I 
like, fierce^ falcon-like. \ 

SeAb<\có|ii,-ó|iA,-6i|tiDe, s. m. a 
fowler,—^. Hos. ix. 8. a fal- 

SeAb<\có]iieAcb,-bA, s. f. a hank- 
ing, a fowling. 

SeAbó|b,-be,-beACA, s. f. error y 
nonsense, folly. 

Se<\bó|beAc,-bi5e, adj. wander- 
ing, foolish, discursive. 

Se<^bó|beAC,-b15,-b^5e, s. m. a 
straying, nandering or fool- 
ish person. 

Se<.\bóibeAcb,-b<x, s. f. a straying, 
a wandering, an aptness to go 

SeAC,-CA6, V, a. & n, wither^ 
cause to wither, fade, decay^ 
freeze, scorch, dry, parch ;■ 
SeACAi5,-cv5<\6, id. 

SeAC, prep, beside, beyond, past, 
farther than. 

SeAC, adv. aside, else, other/vise, 
moreover, forward, onward. 

SeAC<x, adv. aside^ Rom. xv. 

SeACAb, adv. away, aside ; Lev. 
xxvi. 44. '^Oo jiACCAO] fexxcAb 
50 beimin, that you shall 
surely perish,^'' i. e. go aside, 
go astray. 

Se<NCAbA&,-A|6, pi. id. s. m. U 
tradition, a delivering, — pi. 
C. P. 

SeACAib, v. a. Judg. ii. 14. see 

SeokCAi3ce, ind. p. p. withered, 
dried up, parched, shrivelled^ 

SeACA]n, inf. id. yeACAtuc, &, 
fCACUA, V, a. & n.flee, reject, 
avoid, abstain ; 1 Tim, iv. 7. 
1 Tim. vi, 11. Tit. iii. 1 0. Rev. 
xxii. 9.^ — Acts XV. 20. 1 Cor. vii. 
2. 1 Tim, iv. 3. SeAcv]r),id, 

SeACAiiK,-<-"'^'icA, s, f. a separa- 
tion, — g. Num. vi. 4. ail avoid- 
iug, a refusal. 

se ^ 


se ?i 

Se<vcAit;ceAC,-ci5e, adj. shun- 
nuKj, uvoidiny, shunned, 
avoided^ dismal, oniinoua. 
Seixc A OCA, ind. p. p. dried, 

SeACAOCA, ind. p. p. to be shun- 
ned, avoided, unlucky, omi- 
SeACAncAC,-Ai5e, adj. straying, 

SeACAncAÓC),-t)A, s. f. a shun- 
ning, an avoiding. 
SeAcbA6,-bYió,-bv]De, s. f. a 

heifer, — g. Heb- ix. 13. 
Se^c^, ind. num. adj. seven. Gen, 

xli. 2. 
SeAcftpjllce, ind. part. adj. seven- 
SeAcb-bev^, ind. num. adj. se- 
venteen. Gen. xxxvii. 2. 
SeAc&rbAÓ, ind. ord. adj. seventh, 

Ex. XX. 10. 
SeAc&ri)Aó-&ev5, ind. ord. adj. 

seventeenth. Gen, vii. 11. 
SeAC&ii)Ain,-rbv|ne, pi. id. s, f. a 
week. Gen. xxix. 27- — Acts xx, ; 
6. — Deut. xvi. 9. fr. re<xc&, 
& the obs, s, rDAin, morning, \ 
com. Lat. Septiman-a. \ 

SeAcbrijAir; ai; lvA]C|ieArT)i^]n, 
Ember week. C. P. \ 

SeAct)mA|t) r)A \)-Atcr]x)-^Q, Ro- 
gation week. ! 
SeAC&rT)io]-,-|-A, s. f, Septem- 
ber, literally, seventh month. \ 
SeAc&rr)05A&, ind. card. num. adj. Í 

seventy. Gen, iv, 24. 
SeAC&ri)05A&AÓ, ind. ord. num. 

adj. seventieth. 
SeAc&flfofUAc, adj. no comp. 

SeAclAbAi|i,-jxc, V, a. allegorize. 
SeAclAbftAc,-Ai5e, adj. allego-\ 

SeAcn)Aill,-All, \\3i. forget- 
SeAcrf)All,-A]U, fj. m. forgetful- 
ness, digression, partiality. 

SeAcrT)AlUc,.Ai5e, adj. oblivious, 

forgetful, partial. 
SeAcrtpAlcA, ind. p. p, forgot- 
SeAct)AÓ,-cAt)CA, s. m. an avoid- 
ance, a shunning. 
SeACfiivD,-^10, pi. id. s. ra. error, 
delusion, deception. Lev. v. 
18.— Eph. iv. 22, 2 Thess, ii. 
11. a straying. 
SeACfi^0AC,-Ai5e, adj, erring, 
i Ps, xcv, 10, wandering, stray- 
I iffff- 

I SeAC|tivr)AC&,-OA, s. f. a tendency 
j to go astray, error. 
! ScAcn^DCA, ind. p.p. gone astray, 

fallen into error. 
SeACftívnvióe, g. id. pi, id. s. m. a 
nanderer, a rover. 
j SeActt^nYi5,-Y3AÓ, v. n. err,— 
inf, Jer. xxiii. 32. wander, 
j stray; SeACfiíi|r),-í^tj, id. 
SeAcv|b,-v&A6, V. a. deliver, 

hand, 2 Sam. xiv. 7. 
'Scad, (fr. ]x e^^»» or ||- é,) it is, 

yes, yea. 
SéAb, g. reoib, pi. id. &, r^AbA, 
s. m — pi. Cant, vii. 1, see 
SeAbACAnr-Alt), pi. id, s,m. a nest' 
ling, a preparation for a nest ; 
SeAbAl,-Ail, s, m, a short time, a 

SéAbcótijAficA, g, id, pi, -cvi6e, 
&, -ca6a, s, m, a coin. K. an 
SeA|:oib,-be,-bi, s. f. a heifer. 
SeA5Al,-Ail, s, m. rye, Ex. ix. 32. 
Is. xxviii. 25, Fr, Seigle, Lat. 
SeA5Ui),-aii), pi, id. s. m. an old 

Sé<Al,-lAÓ, V. a. seal, — inf. Dan. 

ix, 24. 
SeAÍj-lA, ^)!. id, &, igaIca, s, m. a 
tihile, a course (of time,) 

se ^ 


s é?v 

John xiii. 33. — Acts xiii. 25. 
a space of time. 

S^aU, g. id. pi. id. &,-lv|óe, s.m. 
a seal, a signet ; Ciren. xxxviii. 
18. Rev. XX. 3. — pi. Rev. v. 
1. & 2. 

Se^Ubj-lvib, s.m. a whlle^ Heb. 
ii. 7. a space of time. 

SeAU&AC,-Ai5e, adj. alternate, 

SeAl<Nióe<NCb,-bA, s. f. vicissitude, 
alternate change. 

Se<xl<M),-i^ir), pi. id. s. in. a halter 
or rope used for e.icecution. 

SeAlivi)<\c,-A15,-<vi5e, s.m. ahang- 
man, an executioner. 

SgaUijca, ind. adj. rigid) rigo- 

SeAláincAC&,-&(\, s. f. rigour^ ri- 

Se^lb, g. f-ejlbe, pi. fe<\'lbA-, &, 
fe<\lbADA, s. f. a herd, a ^/loc/i, 
a drove. Matt. viii. 30, — pi. 
Gen. xxix. 8. Num. xi. 22. see 
Gen. xxxii. 16. 

Seoilb, g. ]-éilbe, pi. feAlbd, s. f. 
possession, 1 Cor, vi. 9- — Gen. 
xxxvi. 43. 1 Kings xxi, 16, — 
Gen. xxxiv. 10. inheritance ,- 
The vernacular form is Sejlb, 
q. v. 

Se<\lbAC,-Ai5e, adj. possessive. 

Se^lbAboip, -ó|iA, pi. -óiinSe, &, 
-ótiv)6p, s. m. an oicu! r, a pos- 
sessor, Ex. xxi. 29. — pi. Zech. 
xi. 5. a prnpiietor, an occu- 
pant ; SeAlbcó]ti,-ó|i<\,-óip|óe, 
s. m. id. 

SeAlbívn,-ívin, ]) s. m. a herd, 
see 1 Chron. xxvii. 29. a 
drove, a Jiock of small cattle. 

SeAlbó5,-ó|5e, s.f. sorrel; Se<sl- 
bó^ pioÓA, wood sor) el. 

SeAlbv5A6,-vi5ci', s. m. an own- 
ing, a possessing, a taking pos- 

SoAÍbvijj-vjAÓ, V. a. possess, 

Num. xxi. 24. — Lev. xx. 24. 

inherit, own. 
SeAlbY|5ceóip,-ó[tA,-ó||i|6e, s. m. 

see SeAlbA&óiit. 
SeAl5, g. \q\\t,q, pi. r^^ls*» s. f. 

a hunt, a chase ; A'ern. form, 

Sells, q. v, 
SeAl5AC,-Ai5e, adj. belonging to 

hunting, Joiid of hunting. 
SeAljAipe, g. id. pi. -jieAOA, &, 

-ftlóe, s. m. a hunter. Gen. x. 

9. — pi. Jer. xvi. \Q. a fowler, 

a huntsman ; fr. [h'^^^S» & 

SeAl5Ai|ieACb,-&A, s.f. a hunting, 

a fowling, the business of a 

huntsman or fowler. 
SeAtDAit, g. reimpe, pi. reArt?ftA, 

s. f. trefoil, clover. 
SeArnttÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. id. tre- 
foil^ clover, shiintrock. 
SeAmAft bAt), s. f. white clover ; 

Trifolium repens. 
SeAtt)A]t ÓApv|ll, s. f. purple tre 
fail) broad clover ; Trifolium 

SeAmAjt cfie, s- f. male speedwell ; 

Veronica officinalis. 
SeAHjAji xY)y\\\e, s. f. female pi ni- 

pernel, yellow wood loosestrife ; 

Anagallis fa?mina. 
SeAn)|-ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. wood 

sorrel; Oxalis acetosella. 
SeAt), comp. \\\)e, adj. old, an- 

tient, Jos. xiii. 1. Judg. v. 

21. — Num. xxvi. 5. Lat. 

SéADj-ijAÓ, v. a. deny. Matt. xxvi. 

72. John xviii. 25. see Sevi;. 
SeAUACv|ó, s. m. see SeADCvió. 
SeAUACVf, s. m. see SeAi)cv|-. 
SeAUAjbj-be, s. f. a synod, a se- 

SeAi)Airt)r!l»rT*1!"'5"ri*^I'^5 ^- ^-old 
time, Gen. vi. 4. fr. reAi}, ah;, 

SóAUAitjv|l,-itjlA, adj. prosperous, 

s e IK 



2 Chron. vii. 11. hoppy ; pro- 
perly, SevpArhviU-mU, q. v. 

SeA!)-4vo]]-,-|-e, s. f. old age. 

SeAi)-2vrAifi,-<xcAp, pi. -i\.(Cjie, &, 
-ivicpe<\CA, s. m. a grnndfather, 
an elder., a. senator. 

SeAO-bpAD, g. T^-^n-rnDA, pi. id. 
s. f. an old woman. 

SeAt)-bolAÓ.-Ai6, s. m. a musty or 
stale smell. 

SeAt}-b|ió75,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. an old 
shoe, — pi. Jos. ix. 5. 

SeAn-córT)AfirA, g. id. pi. -cvjoe, 
&, -CA&A, s. m. an old token or 
mark., an old sign or monument. 

SeAi)-coónAÓ,-tÍAfirA, pi. id. s.m. 
an old covenant, Heb. viii. 13. 

SeAtjóvió, g. id. pi. -óe, s. m. a 
recorder, a chronicler ; 2 Sam. 
viii. 16. an antiquarian, a his- 

SeATj-cvirbi)e, g. id. s f. old re- 
membrance, the memory of an- 
tient days. j 

SeAncYj-,-Yir, pi. id. s.m. a re- 
gistry, a genealogy ; Neh. vii. 
64. — pi. Tit. iii. 9. antiquity, 
history, pedigree, antient law. 
Knowledge of any hind, an an- 
tieni tale or story; fr. yeAo, & 


SeATjOA, ind. adj. old, Ps. vi. 7. 
antient, antique, aged. 

SpADbAcbj-ftA, s. f. antiquity, se- 
niority. I 

SeAi}-&on)Ar),- Ajti, s. m. the old 
icorld, 2 Pet. ii. 5. ' 

SeAH-GviDe, g. id. pi. -bAOine, 
s. m. an old man, Eph. iv. 22. 

SeAr)*^A&AC,-bvi5,-bvi5e, s. m. 
an old garment, Jos. ix. 5. old 

SeAT)pocAl,-CA|l, pi. id. &, -cIa, 
s.m. a proverb, 1 Sam. xxiv. 13. 
— 2 Pet. ii. 22. an old saying. 

SeAnvocUc,-Ai5e, adj. prover- 

SeAr}-]:óutne, s. f. pi. the old in- 
habitants, the Aborigines ; see 

SeAn5,-3A, adj. slender, slender- 
waist ed, lean. 

SeAn3ACb,-bA, s. f. slenderness, 

SeAT)5í\n,-íin), pi. id. s. m. an ant, 
— g. Prov. vi. 6. — pi. Prov. 
XXX. 25. also, a worthless weak 

SeAn5V|5.-v5A6, v. a. & n. make 
slender f become slender. 

SéA„mAtite, |j;//7f': 

SéAr)rnA|i,>Aitie, adj. prosperous, 
Gen. xxxix. 3. happy. 

SeATirbivcAiti,-Tb<xCAp, pi. -mivicfie, 
&, -rnivicfieACA, s. f. a grand- 
mother, — g. 1 Kings XV. 10. 

SeAr)rD6i|i,-ótiA, pi. -ói|iiée, &, 
-ófiACA,s.f. a preaching, Jonah 
iii. 2. Rom. X. 15. — Matt. iii. 
Acts XX. 9. a sermon. 

SeADiDo^ft, inf. id. v. a. preach, 
Jonah iii. 2.— Matt. xi. 1. 
Acts xvi. 10- proclaim. 

SeAomói|tí5e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 
a preacher. 

SeAnrnófivi5,-v5A&, v.a proclaim, 
publish, preach ; Rev. v. 2. — 
Mark v. 20. Rom. xv. 20. 

SeAnmÓDcvió, g. id. pi. -be, s. m. 
a preacher, Rom. x. 14 — 
Eccl. i, 1. 

SeAoói|t,-ó|tA, pi. -óiMlse, &, 
-ófiAÓA, s. m. an elder, 1 Tim. 
v. 1. — 1 Tim. V. 19 — -Gen. 
1. 7. Tit. i. 5. fr. re^i), & 

SeAr)óifieAcb,-bA, s. f. old age, 
the fflh stage of human life, 
from ffty four to eighty four 
years of age; SeAnófiÓAÓb,-bA, 
s. f. id. 

SeAt3-|iívó,-itívi6,-|ta]óce, s. m. a 

s eu 


s eu 

/irovcrh, Deut. xxviii. 37. — pi. I 
i*rov. i. 1. an old saying. 

SeAt)r5evUc,-i^l5e, adj. archoeo- \ 

SeAt)f-5evlAC&,-b<>, s. f. archaeo- 
logy. , 

Sec^orsevU^óe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. [ 
an (trchceologist., n relater of\ 
stories of the olden time. 

Se<.\t)CAlArn,-liT7<\n, &5 -Ia]it), ])1. 
-lr<\, s. m. or f. old land, Jailoiu 
land. j 

SéApAi|ie, g. id. pi. -ril^e, s. m. 
a sneaker^ a runaway. 

SevA|ib, comp. T*éi|tbe, adj. bitter. 
Col. iii. U>. — Eccl. vii. 26.1 
disagreeable, grievous, sour, : 
severe. \ 

SeA|tbA&vr,-vir, s. m. bitterness^ i 
sourness, severity. \ 

SeAitbA]5,-bv5A6, V. a. & n. em- \ 
hitter, make hitter^ become 

SeAjtbpó5<M)cvi8e,g. j 
a servant, Luke xii. 43. — Luke 
xii. 40. — Luke xii. 37. fr. 
j-eAjtb, & po5Ain, q. v. 

SeA|ibvf ,-vn*, s. Til. bitterness, . 
Eph. iv. 31._Acts viii. 23.1 
severity^ sourness. \ 

Se^x}\c, g. ye]]xc^ 8z, ye]\\ce, pi. 
feAftCA, s. m. & f. love, affect- 
ion; "SeACft |*e<x]ic<\ n)o C]\o]'6e \ 
cv, the seven loves of my heart 
thou art." 

SeA.|ic<\i5,-cv3A8, V. a. love. \ 

SeAftcArbvilj-riilA, adj. affection- 
ate, loving. 

Se«\|ic-cvmA^,-Alij, s. m. charity, 
universal love. 

SeAjicó5,-6i5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a sweet- 

SeA]iccói|t,-órtA,-5|iii6e, s. m. a 
lover, a gallant. 

SeAp3, comp. femse» adj. dry, 
withered, shrivelled. 

SeAti3,-3*6, V. a. wither, lan- 
guish ; Mark iv. 6. — Is. xxxiii. 

9. dry, shrivel, blast — v. n. be- 
come dry or withered, grow 

SeAfijAhi-^vj^ce, s. m. a wither- 
ing, Mark iii, \. a blasting, a 
shrivdling, a drying up, a 
scorching ; SeA\x^t<\i}, id. 
Luke vi. 0. 

SeAfi3At)Ar,-<\i5e, adj. dried up, 

SeA|t5CA, ind. part. adj. withered, 
dried up, sh/ ivelled, blasted. 

Se A 1150*15,-50, adj. withered, 
dried up, shrivelled, Mark iii, 
3. Luke vi. 8. SeArt5rvi5e, 
ind. adj. id. Matt, xii. ÍO. 

SeAni,-no^t>, V. a. & n. stretch the 
limbs, yawn ,• also, reap, mow, 
shear ; SeA|]ivi5,-v5AD, id. 

SeA||iAÓ,-<xi5,-Ai5e, s. m. a foal, 
a colt. Ex, xiii. 13. — Gen. 
xlix. 11, Mark xi. 5. — Gen. 
xxxii, 15, 

SeA|itACArbv]l,-rblA, aaj.foal-like, 
like a flly. 

SeA|tiA15,-5e, s. f. the herb pile- 
wort ; Ranunculus ficaria. 

SeA|*,-rA, pi. id. s, m. a board for 
stepping into a boat, or for sit- 
ting on in a boat. 

ScAr, inf. i-i^ArArb, v. n, & a. 
stand, establish, Ps, xxxv. 2. 
Acts xiv. 10. — Deut. x. 8. 
Rom. X. 3. endure. 

SeAfAii?, g. rf^J^T^^i s.m.a stand- 
ing, a defence, 1 Cor. x. 12 — 
Pliil. i. 17. a footing, an endu- 
ring, stability. 

SeAfc, adj. Ex. xxiii, 26. see 

SeAfCAb, ind. num. adj. sixty. 
Lev. xxvii, 3, SeAy5At), id. 
Gen. V. 18. & 20. 

SeAfS, comp. r^irS^, adj. dry, 
barren ; bo feAr5, ^ ^^'V ^^w. 

SeA)-5Acb,-bA, s. f. barrenness, 

SeAf5A&A6, ind. ord. adj. sixtieth. 

se ) 


s e ) 

SeA|*5Ai|i,-]te, adj. quiet, com- 
fortable, sheltered, cozy, calm, 
dry cind warm, snug, SeAf- 
3<xirteAc,-f%i5e, adj. id. 

SeAf5Aitie4vc&,-t3A, s. f. comfort, 
ease, warmth, quietude, cozi- 
ness, snuffiiess. 

SéAf5at>,-A]r}, pi. id. s. m, a shock 
or handful of gleaned corn ; 
also, gleaned land. 

SeA]-rnAc,-Ai5e, adj. standing, 
established ; Lev. xxvi. 1. 
Deut. viii. 18. durable, stead- 
fast, fixed, Jinn, constant, re- 
solute, binding^ persevering, 

SeA]-rT)AC&,-bA, s. f. durableness, 
steadfastness, fixedness, firm- 
ness, constancy. 

SeAfv|i,-vi|i,pl. id. s. m. a season, 
— pi. Acts i. 7. 

SeA<:bÓ5,-ó|3e,-ó;^A, s. f. marjo- 
ram ; Origanum vulgare. 

Sé-&ev5, ind. num. adj. sixteen, 
Gen.' xlvi. 18. 

Se]C]\),-cr)e,-ct)'], s. f. the pe- 
ritoneum, the membrane that 
covers the guts ; 2l)A6n) j-e^cpe, 
a rupture. 

Seicr)e,g. id. pi. -r)), vern. used 
for 2^^0117 reicrje, a rupture. 

SeicTt&l'3}-be,-&f, s. f. a mystery, 
1 Tim. iii. 16. — Kom. xvi. 25. 
a secret ; com. Lat. Secret-um. 

Secrt&ibeAC,-&i5e, adj. private, 
secret; see Deut. xxiii. 1. 
Luke xii. 2. mysterious. 

Séi&,-&eAÓ, V. n. & a. blow, 
breathe, sound, Judg. iii. 27. 
John XX. 22. — Lev. xxv. 9. 
Acts ix. 1, pant, puff. 

SéibeA6,-&re, pi. id. s. m. a puff. 
Job. xi. 20. a blowing, a blast, 
a breathing. 

Seibce, ind. p. p. blown, blown 
up, blasted, puffed . 

Seilb,-be, pi. reAlbA, s. f. see 
2 s 

SeAlb. This form is more used 
at present. 

Seile, g. id. pi. -I] 6^, s. f. a spit, 
spittle, John ix. 6. — Mark viii. 
23.— Mark xiv. 65. 

SeileAc,'l]5e, adj. spitting, sali- 
I vous, mucous. 

Seil5,-5e, s. f. see SeAl5. 

Seilibe, g. id. pi. -bi6e, s. ra. a 
snail. Lev. xi. 30. Ps. Iviii. 8. 
Se)lrr)ibe, g. id. pi. -bibe, 
s. m. id. 

Seili3,-leA5, v. n. spit, — inf. 
Mark vii. 33. 

Se]lc,-ce, s. f. a dropping, a dri- 
velling, salivation. 

Seirr),-me, adj. mild, modest, ten- 
der, smooth, quiet, calm, gentle, 
placid; com. Lat. Suav-is. 

s. f. quietness. 

Seime, g. id. 

calmness, mild- 

'ness, gentleness, 

kindness,sm ooth- 

J ness, clemency. 

Se|ri)i3,-|V5A6, v. a. & n. quiet, 

calm, soothe, smooth, become 

quiet or calm, become kind or 


SeitT)Tley|t,-éi|t, pi. id, s. m. a 

chimney, a vent. 
SeirT)Tt)j-ft)f)e,-rT)r)eACA, s. f. a 
black-headed hog rush ; " Schoe- 
nus nigricans." " Se]n)]y) 


Se]t3ce]tir,-ce,-ceACA, s. f. an old 
rag, — pi. Jer. xxxviii. 11. 

Se]neACb,-bA, s. f. old age ; fr. 
^•eAT), q. V. 

SeiT)5iobAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. an 
old clout,— ^]. Jer. xxxviii. U. 

Seir)tt), g. feArjn^A, &, reinime, 
s. f. minstrelsy, — g. 2 Kings 
iii. 15. a singing, a warbling, 
a ringing (as of a bell.) 

Sejijió, g. id. k, -ijéfre, pi. id. 
s. m. an old thing, — pi. 2 Cor. 
V. 17. see Mjó. 

s e ) 


s e ó 

Se]f>\-e4^\\,-X]\if pi. id. s. m. — pi. 

Acts XV. 6. see Sitji'eAft. 
Seir)t^eAci),-t><v, pi. id. s. m. a?i old 

laiv, the Old Testament. O'H. 
SeiDciorprjA, g. id. s. f. the Old 

Testament, — g. 2 Cor. iii. 

SeipeAlj-éjl, pi. id. s. m. a chapel, 

Am. vii. 13. Sepél, id. Barb. 
Séiribe, Eccl. vii. 26. comp. of 

SeA|tb, q. V. 

"^ s. f. bitterness, 

c vl -1 1 sourness, 

Seinoe, g. id. ' « 

a i^ ■ ^ r moroseness, 

SeiTtbeAci,,-bA, r ^^^^^.^y^ 'f^^ 

J re^xjtb, q. V. 

Seipbifj-rej-fi, s. f. a service, a 
ministering, bondage, Rev. xxii. 
3. — Matt. XX. 28. Acts xxvi. 
7. Rom. viii. 15. work, labour, 
advantage, 'profit, use. 

Se]itbi]-eAC,-]-i5e, adj. service- 
able, useful, profitable. 

Seiiib!reAc,-ri5, pi. -\\t^-> &, 
-TeACA, s. m. a servant, see 
Gen. ix. 25. 26. & 27. 

Sei|tc,-ce, s.f. see «SeAjic. 

Sei|t5e, g. id. s. f. a fading aivay, 
1 Pet. i. 4. a withering, a 
shrivelling, a decaying, a con- 
sumption ; fr. reAft5, q. v. 

Sei|i5e, comp. of SeAjtj, q. v. 

Seift5lió,-6e, adj. withered, de- 
cayed, shrivelled. 

Se]Tticeivi),-^ii?5 pl- id. s. m. a 

Seifi^lióe, g. id. s. f. a withering, 
John V. 3. a consumption. 

S(iireA6-bev5, ind. num. adj. six- 
teenth, 1 Chron. xxiv. 14. 

Seir5i"3®' adj. Cant. iv. 2. see 

Self 5,-56, s. f. sedge, bogreed. 

Seir5«*<^,-5i5e, adj. sedgy, 
abounding in bogreeds. 

Seirion» g- reirin> s. m. six per- 
sons, 1 Chron. iii. 4. 

Seifiái;,-úií), pi. id. s. m. a Ses- 
sion or Assizes. 
Se||-pxeAC5-|ii5e,-|teACA, s. f. a 
plougli, a team of six horses ; 
Sef}*[ieAC ^•eAjiAir), a plough 
land; " 2CilleAf) cAi|i5oe cac, 
'S"^!' rtj]lleAÍ) eAc feifpeAC, o??e 
nail spoils a horse, and one 
horse spoils a team of six." 
Seice, g. id. pi. -t], s. f. a skin, a 
hide, Ex. xxix. 14. Lev. 
ix. 11. 
Se|ceAb5ift,-ófiA,-ói|t]6e, s. m. a 

Seic[ieAÓ,-]ti5e,-fteACA, s. f. a 
braying, a neighing, a neesing 
or sneezing. Job. vi. 5. — Jer. 
viii. 16. see Job. xli. 18. — pi. 
Jer. xiii. 27. SicftCAC, id. 
Seicpis, inf. id. &, -peAC, v. n. 
neigh, — inf. Jer. v. 8. bray, 
sneeze ; S1CPÍ5, id. 
Seóo, g. reóib, pi. id. &, feóbA, 
s. m. a jewel, Ezek. xvi. 12. 
— pi. Gen. xxiv. 53. a precious 
stone ; also, substance, pro- 
Seal, g. feó|l, pi. id. &, reólcA, 
s. m. a sail, Ezek. xxvii. 7- — 
Is. xxxiii. 23. — pi. Is. xxxiii. 
23. Acts xxvii. 2. a loom, a 
method of doing a thing ; Seol 
^r)ó]}.,a main sail ; Seol co|*ai5, 
a fore sail. 
Se5l,-lAb, V. a. & n. send, sail ; 
Tit. iii. 13.— Acts XX. 16. & 
xxvii. 2. direct, steer, guide, 
conduct, instruct. 
SeólA&,-lcA, s. m. a sailing, a 
guiding, a directing, a conduct- 
ing, a steering. 
SeólAbó]|i,-óftA,-óifi]be, s. m. a 
pilot, a steersman, a director^ 
a conductor ; Seólcóift, id. 
SeólAbóifieAcbj-bA, s. f. pilotage, 
a steering, the act of directing 
or conducting. 



S 5U 

Se6[c\\AV,-c]io]fi, pi. -cjtAOiv, «Sc, 

-cftAii), s. m. rt ?7Hist. K. 290. 

fr. j-eól, & c|tAu, q. v. see 

CftAÍ) i-eójl. 
Seóii7tt<\, g. id. pi. -Aloe, &, -a6a, 

s. m. rt chamber, a parlour, 

Luke xxii, 12. Acts i. 13. — 

Judg. iii. 32. Mark ii. 19.— 

1 Kings vi. 10. Ps. civ. 3. 

com. Lat. Camera. 
SeórT}|iAb5iri,-óiiA,-óffti8e, s. m. a 

chamberlaw, 2 Kings xxiii. 1 1. 

Acts xii. 20. — pi. Jer. xxix. 2. 
Seórt7pA&ó||teAC&,-bA, s. f. a 

chambering, Rom. xiii. 13. 

also, the office of a chamherlain. 
Sevb, g. i-eY^b, pi. |*evoA, s. m. 

a precioua thing, a jewel, Prov. 

xi. 22. & XX. 15. — g. see Is. 

xxxix. 2. Large Ed. 1827. — pi. 

Mai. iii. 17. see Seób. 
SeYbACAr),-Ain, pi. id. s. m. a re- 

pository or box for jewels ; 

also, a museum. 
Sert>ó\]\,-ó]\(>>,-ó\\[.]i)e, s. ra. a 

jeiteller ; fr. j-evb. 
Sevb6jtteACb,-bA, s. f. the trade 

of a jeweller. 
Sevbvi5,-Y5<x6, v. a. adorn or 

deck tvith jeivels. 
SevU, g. id. pi. id, &, -lvióe, s. m. 

a seal. Rev. vii. 4. — Job. 

xxxviii. 14. see Se^l. 
Sevlv^jj-v^Ab, V. a. seal, sign. 

Is, viii. 16. Dan. vi. 8. Sevl, 

-Ub, V. a. see Dan. ix. 24. 
SevUbj-lcA, pi. id. a sealing, a 

Sevn, g. féir», s. m. prosperity, 

3 John ver. 2. good luck. 
SeYr),-t)A, V. a. deny, — inf. Acts 

IV. 16. refuse, decline, conceal. 
SevT)Ab,-i)CA, pi. id. s. m. a deny- 
ing, a refusing, a concealing. 
SevnAtt)Yil,-tT)lA, adj. lucky, for- 
tunate, propitious. 
S5Abívr),-ív^T), pi. id. s. m. a hev 

ring; SsAbi^t) SAftb, the fish 
called alewife. 
^S^^Si'S-^^j V. a. strain, digest, 
cleanse, filter ; see Matt, xxiii. 
S5A5A6,-5Aib, &,-5CYi5ce, pi. id. 
s. m. a straining, a cleansing^ 
a filtering. 
S5AT5i)e^i7,-^ir), pi. id. s. m. C.P. 

see S5oi5r)eAr). 
S5<xile, g. id. s. f. a shadow. Acts 
V. 15. Col. ii. 17. see Sciv]le. 
S5ívile^r),-ívir), pi. id. s. m. a 

shade, a fan, an nmbrella. 
S5^ll]beAcb,-bA, s. f. a shadow- 

S5^lll5'-iV5AÓ, V. a. shade, veil, 
j mask. 

^S^lMn, g. id. pi. -ni6e, s. f. an 
] umbrella, a veil ; St^'^-\\\\) 

Spefne, a parasol. 
S5AilleÓ5,-ói5e,-ó3A, s. f. a slap 

tvitJi the hand- 
S5Ailceí^n),-ívir), pi. id. s.m. a slice, 
a lath, a potatoe set, a billet of 
cleft wood. 
S5ivit?,-r)eA6, v. a. cleave, split, 

rive, rend asunder. 
I SsAi^e, g. id. pl.-i3í, &, -i3eACA, 
I s. f. « skein or clue of thread ; 

also, a flaw, crack or fissure. 
j S5Ai|tb,-be,-beACA, s. f. shallow 
\ water, a ford. 
S5Ai|ic,-ceA6, V, n. shout, cry 
{ aloud, roar, bawl, shriek. 
1 S3Ai|ic,-ce,-ceACA, s. f, a loud 
shout or cry, a roar, a shriek ; 
I SsO'lT^c ^íviiie, a roar oflaugh- 
1 ter ; for other meanings see 
1 ScA|pc. 
jS5AntceAc,-ci5e, adj. shouting, 

roaring, shrieking, clamorous. 
, S5A]|tcéAcb,-bA, s. f. the act of 
crying or roaring, a continued 
S5Ai|tcéAtÍ7lAcb,-bA, s. f. clamor- 
ousness, alertness, activity. 



s 5 e 

S5Af|tceArbvil,-rbU, adj. clamor- 
ous, active, vigorous. 

S5<\ificeó|ri,-ó[i<\,-óifii6e, s. m. a 
crier, a ba icier. 

S5aU,-aIIa, pi. id. s, f. a scorch- 
ing ; S5AII 5péit)e, a sun 

S5<nII.-U6, v. a. scald, singe, 

Sj^xlUbj-lcA, pi. id. s. m. a hurn- 
ing, a scorching, a singeing, a I 

SjaUca, ind. p. p. singed, burned, 
bare, bald. 

S5AmAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. a scale, 
— pi. Acts ix. 18, phlegm, ex- 

S5Arb5Al<V|t,-Ani, pi. id. s. m, 
phthisis, consumption of the 

S5Art)Ó5,-ói5e,-Ó5o*,s. f. the lungs, 
fr, the obs. f 5<xrb, a lobe of the 

ST;Ai3v[l,-f)l<\,-^lACA, s. f, 1 Tim. 
iii. 7. — pi. Luke xvii. 1. 
S5Af)<vil, id. Matt. xiii. 41. see 


S5AO]l,.leA6, V. a. put off\ loose, 
let go. Acts vii. 33. Rev. ix. 
14. — Acts iii. 13. see Sc<xo|l. 

SjAoileADj-lce, pi. id. s. m. a re- 
leasing, — g. Acts xxiv. 26. see 

S5AollAi]Te, g. id. pi. -]ii6e, s. m. 
a shy or timid creature. 

S5AoUti)Ai|teACb,-bA, s.f. shyness, 

S5Aollrt7A|i,-Aiite, adj. shy, timid. 

S5A]i,-|tA6, &, -|iAtr)vip, V. a. se- 
parate. Gal. ii. 12. part. 

SjAjtAÓ, s, m. Heb. vii. 26. see 


S5AftAri)vit),-rbt)A, pi. id. s. f. a 
separation, a parting ; see 


S5ív|tb,-bA6, V. a. squirt, pour out, 
sprinkle ivith a syringe. 

S5ív|ibAÓ,-bcA, pi. id. s. m. a 

squirting, a pouring out. 
S5Aii&Aine, g. id. pi. -jtibe, s. ra. 

a squirt, a syringe ; also, a 

thoughtless babbler. 
S5ívixlAó&,-6i&e, s. f. scarlet, — g. 

Rev. xvii. 3. & xviii. 12. 
S5Ac,-r.A6, v. a. prune, lop, cut 

S5jvc,-cA, pi. id. s. m. — g. Heb. 

ix. 5. see Sci^c. 
S5ACA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 

drove, a multitude. 
Sr^^t^c'^\),-'^-\x), pi. id. s.m. a tail, 

the long hair growing 07i the 

tail ; Vernac. Sx^otc^ci^x). 
S5ACA6, g. f5Aice, pi. id. s. m. a 

pruning, a lopping, a cutting 

down ; also, a shred, a skir- 
Sj'AcAn,-^!"^ pl- id. s. m. a spec- 
tacle, a glass, a mirror, 1 Cor. 

iv. 9. — Is, iii. 23. see Sciv- 

S5AcbYAil,-bvAU6, V. a. thresh 

lightly or in part, beat lightly ; 

Vernac. S5ócbvAil. 
SjAcbvAlAÓj-Ailce, pi. id. s. m. a 

threshing lightly or in part, a 

beating out lightly. 
S5dCÓ5,-6|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. trefoil in 
flower, the flower of horse 

S5ACÓ5 |*|A6Ait7, s. f. bog down, 

cotton grass ; Eriophorum po- 

lystachion. CeAnAbivij rt)ói)<x, 

id. q. V. 
SjeAc, s. f. see SceAÓ. SjeAc 

cvri^tiA, the sweet briar ; S^e.AC 

rDAbft*, the dog rose ; Rosa 

S5eAGAi)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. bushy, full 

of brambles. 
S5e<kcó5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s. f. a little 

S5eAb,-bA, pi. id. s. f. a speck, a 

white spot, (particularly, on 

S 3é 


S o j 

the forehead of a horse.) an 

SjeA&ACj-Áise, adj. speckled, 
sky-coloured, fond of ornament, 
marked with a white spot; 
Mevl 1-56 AbAC, a cirrocumulns 

S5e<ví5V]5,-v5Ab, V. a. mark tcith 
a white spot, bedeck, adorn, 
heaui ify , ga rn ish . 

S5eAlU5<\c,-Ai5, s. m. wild mus- 

S5eAlp,-pAÓ, V. a.. pinch, splinter, 
smash, break into fragments, 
split, tear, snatch. 

S5eAlpA6,-pCA, pi. id. s. m. a 
p inciting, a splintering, a 
cleaving, a smashing, a break- 
ing into fragments. 

556^1^03,-6136,-05^, s.f. a splin- 
ter, a little fragment, a pinch, 
a small rock. 

S5eAlpcA, ind. p. p. snatched, i 
taken away. 

polypody, wall fern ; Polypo- ' 

dium vulgare. 856^0) tm ' 

5-cloc, id. I 

S5eArb c]KO-\r), s. m. polypody of' 

the oak ; ST^e^rx) at) bA|tY]3, id. ! 

Polj podium quercinum. I 

S5eArT7,-ri)A6, v. 

S5eArbAoil,-le, s. f. a yelp, a 

using of severe or cutting words. 
S-^^AX)i g. ]"5éit}e, s.f. a wild look, 

terror, fright, astonishment. 
S5eACAc,-CT5, a coll. s. m. thortis, 

Heb. vi. 8. literally, a thicket 

S5&)l5eArtcAÓ,-A|5,-A|5e, s. m. a 

S5&)lbeAftcAcb,-bA, s. m. the act 

of talebearing. 
S5éilceAcbAirte, g. id. pi. -]\]^e, 

s. ra. a bearer of news, a tale- 
Sz^e\ú),-n)e , s. f. beauty, 1 Cor. 

vii. 31.— Ps. 1. 2. Is. iii. 24. 

ornament, personal elegance, 

S5eimle,g. id. pi. -eACA, s. f. a 

skirmish, a bickering. 
S5etrt}ll5,-1V5A6, V. a. skirmish, 

S-^&^x),-x)e, s. f. a flight, a bounce, 

a start, a fright ; see Sc]0. 
S3eir)ibeAc,-bi5e, adj. skittish, 

apt to start. 
S5eic, inf. id. \\ a. & n. bud, Heb. 

ix. 4. see Sceic, 
^ó^]^)^, g. id. pi. -\)]6e, s. f. a 

Utile bush. 
Ssevl, g. r3^il, &, rseoil, pi. 

r5evlA, &, T*3evlcA, s. m. a 

word, tidings, — pi. Gen. xxix. 

13. Num. xiii. 26. a tale, a 

story, a legend, news. The 

genitive x'S^^i^i is from the 

nom. S3eol, which is seldom 

j used. 

scold, re- 1 S5evlAc,-A|3e, adj. historical, 

j fond of relating tales or news. 

S5eYlvibe, g. id. pi. -6ce, s. m. a 

reciter of tales or legends, a 

historian, a newsmonger. 
S5eYlvi5eACb,-bA, s. f. tidings, 
— g. 2 Sam. iv. 10. a tale, a 
story, a legend. 

ofthornSi a place where thorns \ S5iAmAC,-Ai3e, adj. beautiful. 

S3eil,-le, s. f. skill, knowledge, 

S5eileATÍ)vil,-rblA, adj. skilful, 

S3éil-beA]tcAc,-Ai5e, adj. tale- 


fair; Gen. xxix. 17. & xxxix. 
6. Gal. vi. 12. handsome, ele- 
gant, lovely. 

S5iAri7Acb,-bA, s. f. beauty, 
2 Sara, xiv, 25. loveliness, 

S5]Art)Ai5,-rbv3At), v.a. beautify ; 

S o ) 


S o 

C. p. — Is. xvi. 13. ador7i, be- 
deck, dress ; see SciAm<\i5. 

S5f<^'7, g. r5i"^' P^- r3e<>>>)A, s. f. 

a knife, a dagger ; Gen. xxii. 
6. Judg. iii. 21. see Sc]ai}. 
SsiAc, g. r3^]te, pi. rSl^^^J s. f. 

Eph. vi. 16. see Sci<xc. 
S5tAcar),-\1t), pi. id. s. m. — pi. 

Rev. iv. 8. see Sc]AÍ^r). 
5515,-56, V. a. ptd to shame, \ 
— inf. Heb. vi. 6. 7nock, deride, I 
scorn, iaunl. i 

85156, g. id. s. f. mockery, a scof- I 
Jiny ; Gal. vi. 7.-2 Pet. iii. 
3, derision, ridicule, a laiint, 
wayyery, hiiffoonery. 
S5i5eArbvil,-rhU, adj. scornful, 

derisive, ridiculous. 
^51511^^, g. id. pi. -]t|6e, s. m. a 
buffoon, a mocker, a derider, a 
scorner, a taunier, a way. 
S5i5]|teAcb,-&<N, s. f. mockery, de- 
rision, the act of tauntiny, 
wayyery, buffoonery. 
S5iléAí5,-éib, pi. id. s. m. a skillet 

or saucepan. 
S5iUin,-ne, pi. -vi, &? -neÁCA, s.f. 

a shilliny. 
S5Trne<xl,-rt7|l, pi. id. s. m. a pent- 
house, the eaves of a house. 
8511), -^eAó, V, n. bounce, rush. 
S5ii)eó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a fliyht, 

a sudden start. 
S5]ob,-b<xó, V. a. snatch, sweep 

quickly aivay. 
S5]ob<xlcA, ind. adj. neat, tidy, 

spruce, trim, active. 
S5ioból,-óTl, pi. id. s. m. a barn, 
a garner ; Luke xii. 24. — 
2 kings vi. 27.— Ps. cxliv. 13. 
Luke xii. 18. a yrajiary. 
S5]obc<N, ind. p. p. snatched 

S5ioll,-U6, V. a. shell yrain, se- 
parate corn from the husk. 
S5ioIIaó,-1ca, s. m. a shelling of 
grain, decidence. 

S510IICA, ind. p. p. shelled, sepa- 
rated from the husk, hulled ; 
also, neat, spruce, trim, ac- 

S5]oricAi6,-Óe, adj. active, neat, 
tidy, tight, spruce, busy. 

S5]0|tcA, g. id. pi. -A^Oe, s, m. a 
skirt, an edge, a border. 

S5ioc,-ocA, pi. id. s. f. a partition 
of wattled rods. 

^SirciTte, g. id. pi. -jtioe, s. m. a 
jester, a droll, a prater. 

S5ic,-ce, s. f. see Scjc. 

S5iv|if,-rAt), V. a, scourge, — inf. 
Acts xxii. 25. whip, lash, per- 
secute, pursue. 

^Sl^nr-^j .g- id. pi. -Ai6e, s. f. 
1 Cor. iv. 21. see ScivjifA. 

S51^nrA15,-r^o<^^> ^. a scourge, 
— inf. Mark xv. 15. see 
S5if ft|-. 

S'5léip,-pe, s. f. ostentation, a 

S5léipeAc,-pi5e, adj. ostenta- 
tious, vaunting. 

S5lé|pei[te, g. -|ti6e, s. in. 
an ostentatious fellow, a silly 
vaunt er. 

S5lé]pei|ieAcb,-bA, s. f. ostenta- 
tiousness, silly vaunting. 

S5leoib,-be, s, f. slovenliness, 
filth ; also, a sloven, a slattern, 
a silly fellow. 


drabbish, sluttish, silly. 
S5liv(iAc,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. f. a slat- 
tern, a slut, a gossip. 

S5l]vtiAcb,-bA, s. f. sluttishness, 

idle gossip, ^c. 
S5óib,-be, s. f, pride, pomp, show, 

pedantry, coquetry. 
SjóibeArbvilj-mlA, adj. shewy, 

pompous, foppish , peda7i tic. 
8501506 AT),-e-|t7, pi. id. s. m. a 

fan, Jer. xv. 7. 
S50]l,-le, pi. -IceACA, &, r5olcA 
s. f. a school. Acts xix. 9. 

S o 



Lat. Schol-a, Gr. 2x;oA-r,, Fr. 

S5oilc,-ceAÓ, V. a. see Scoilc. 

S5ol<vifte, g. id. pi. -jtibe, s, m. a 

SjolAi^eAC&j-bA, s. f. scholar- 

S:^oU|iÓA, ind. adj. scholastic. \ 

S5olb, g. rs^ilb, &, rS^ilbe, pi. | 
f 5Yilb, &, r5olb<x, s. m. or. f. a i 
thorn, 2 Cor. xii. 7. a splinter, í 
a wooden pin or wattle used in 
thatching ; Gr. Sxá/.o-v^. 1 

S5olb<\c,-A|5e, adj. thorny, 
prickly, splintered. 

S5olb2ir)AC',-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
youth, a siripliny. 

St^oVo'^\)z^, ind. adj. thin, slender, 
apt to break into splinters. 

S5ol3ivtfte, g. id. s.m. loud laugh- 
ter, a horse laugh. 

S5olló||t5-5iiA,-óiii.]6e, s. m. a 
scold, a brawler. 

S5olrbA]5ir&m, g- id. pi. -bítióe, 
s. m. a schoolmaster, Gal. iii. 
24. & 25. 

S5oló5,-ó|5e,-ó5A, s. f. a hus- 
baiidman, — pi. Matt. xxi. 35. 
a farmer, a rustic. 

Sjolo^&e, g. id. pi. -&|óe, s. m. a 

SjotjAiiie, g. id. pi. -|iióe, s. m. a 
trijler, a prater, a whiffler, a 
dunce ; also, a tall slender 
young person who has grown to 
a height much above his age. 

Sjoof Aj g. id. pi. -A^oe, s. m. a 
wall, a fence, a fort, a sconce. 

S5Ó[i,-ónt, pi. id. s. m. a mark, a 
notch, a stick on tvliich labour- 
ers mark the number of days 
which they have worked. 

S5ótt,-ft<v6, V. a. lance, scarify, 

S30T^ó5-T^ftACítAc, -ói5e-f ttACjtAc, 
pi. -ó5<\-f|i<\c|iAc, s. f. the 
pin or peg of a straddle. 

S5orxc^t)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 
stripling, a young man. 

^5<ic, g. r5^ic, pi. id. s. m. a 
shot, a reckoning, a joint col- 
lection for a feast or reckon- 

S5nab,-bAÓ, v.a. en grave, scratch, 
scrape, wipe off. 

S5jt^bAC,-<\i5e, adj. rough, rag- 
ged, scarce. 

S5rii\,b<M?Ac,-<x]5e, adj. see ^s^'^- 

SjitivbAHACbj-feA, s. Í. roughness. 

S5fiA3<\ll,-Aill, pi. id. s. m. gold 
foil or thin leaf of gold or sil- 
ver, tin foil, a spangle. 

S5ttA5AlUc,-Ai5e, adj. like gold 
or silver leaf, spangled. 

nutive female, a small morsel. 

S5ft<\]&eÓ5AÓ,-A]5e, adj. ugly, di- 

S5|iAic,-ACAÓ, V. a. jmre off the 
surface, strip off. 

S5|iAié,-<xice,-Ac<\cA, s. f. a green 
sod, the green sward, a scraw. 

S5TiAiceó5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a green 

S5fi^n7,-n7A6, v. a. snatch, snap, 

j SspivrtjAiite, g. id. pi. -tt|6e, s. m. 
j a)i extortioner, a snapper. 

S5|iivniAi|teAC&,-&A, s. i. extor- 
I tio7i, a snapping. 

S5|teAbAl,-x\il, pi. id. s. m. a sum 
of money now generally esti- 
mated at three or four pence, 
an annual tribute of three or 
four pence. 

S5ite<sb55,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f, a 

S5|xéAC,-éice, s. f. a screech, a 
moan, a shriek. 

SjjtéACj-CAÓ, &, -CAfl, V. n. 

screech, shriek, scream, whoop. 
S5|\eAb,-bAÓ, &, -bAfl, v. n. 
shriek, screech, scream. 



S ] u 

SjitcAbj-bA, pi. id. s. m. or f. a S5pu&v^5ce5||t,-5|i<\,-ói|iit)e, s.m. 

screech, a s/iriek, a cry. 
S5iieA&AC,-Ai5e, adj. shrieking, 

screaming, screeching. 
SjfteAbAifte, g. id. pi. -fiibe, s.m. 

a crier, a braider, a. screecher. 
S5fteA5ívi;,-ív|nj pi. id. s. in. rocky 

SjfteAi-t)*, iiom. pL s. m. destriic- 

a searcher., Rom. viii. 27. Rev. 

ii. 23. fr. y-^yixxh. 
S5fiYibleAC,-l|5, s. m. rubbish, 

refuse, a heap of rubbish. 
S511V15Í1}, g. id. pi. -t)i6e, s. ra. a 

neck, the iteck of a bottle, a 

ludicrous name for the neck, a 

short-necked person. 

tion, Rev. xi. 18. properly, S5nvc, g. |-5jtY|c, &, |*5jxoca, pi. 

S5ti(or&A, see Ssmor. 

^3T^ei5,-5e,-5eACA, s. f. rocky 

S5fiei5eAn)V]l,-iT)l<\, adj. rocky. 

S>-^\y]h]X),-\)Q, s. f. a superscrip- 
tion. Matt. xxii. 20.— Col. ii. 
14. see Scpib]!). 

S5fi!ob,-bA6, V. a. John xix. 21. 
Luke i. 3. see Scftiob. 

S5fiiobar)r^ir)5 pl* id- s. m. a cur- 

ia, s. m. a mean contemptible 
person, a niggard ; Sji^vca, 
g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. id. 

S5ftvcAC,-Ai5e, adj. mean, con- 
temptible, niggardly ; ^AUjt 
1*5 live AÓ, the itch. 

SjvAbj-bAÓ, V. a. see ScvAb. 

S5VAbAbó]ft,-ó[tA,-ó]|i|6e, s. m. 
a sueeper, a scavenger, a 
brush er. 

rycomb, a hoe, a wool-card, a\ SjvAbAifie, g. id. pi. -ftlóe, s. m. 
rake, a scraper. 

S5|aiobcA, ind. p. p. written. 

Matt. ii. 5. Acts xxiv. 14. 
S5fifobcri|t,-fte,-|tióe, s. f". 1 Tim, 

V. 18. see Sc|tiobcrifi. 
S5|iíobci'i|i,-úi|t, pi. id. s.m. Rom. 

iv. 3. & ix. 17. — Jas. ii. 8. see 


I a sweeper, a scavenger. 

I SjvAbcA, ind. p. p. Matt. xii. 44. 

see ScvAbcA. 
jS5VAir)e, g. id. pi. -x)\, s. f. a 
, swarm or croicd of any sort of 
t animals, particularly, of men, 
j it is a word of contempt. 
S5V111, inf. rS'^ftj V. a. Gen. xxiv. 

Sjftjobvióe, g. id. pi, id. s. m. — j 15. see Scvip. 

pi. Acts iv. 5. see Scftiobvise, Ssvjt, g. rS^nt, pi. id. 
S5ftjoc, inf. id. Gal. i. 23. — Gen. , 1 Thess. i. 3. see Scvjt. 

VI. 17. l^uke VI. y. see 

S5^10f j-r&A, pi. id. s. m. 1 Thess. 

V. 3.— Job. V. 21. 2 Cor. xiii, 

10. see Scpioi*. 
S5fi]orAC,-Al5e, adj. destructive, 

ruinous, wasteful. 
S5|tioTAbói|t,-óitA,-ó]íti6e, s. m. 

1 Cor, X. 10. see ScftpfA- 

S5fivbAl,-Ail, pi. id. s. m. a 

S^yivbAlAOj-Aije, adj, scrupulous, 

Sjpvbj-bAÓ, V. a. see Scpúb. 

S5íi|t,-|tA6, V. a. scour, cleanse, 

purge, purify. 
S5úfiA6,-ftcA, pi. id. s. m. a scour- 

ing, a cleansing, a purging, a 

Sf, pers. pron. f. she, it. Matt. i. 

21. emph. form, Si-|*e, she her- 

S|A, farther, more remote, more 

distant, an irr. comp. of TAbA, 

q. V. 
S^AbjiA, g. id. pi. -Aitje, s. f. a 

fairy, a sprite. 
SjAb, a pers. pron. they ; emph. 

form S]Ab-]*Ar), they themselves. 

S ] D 


S J H 

SjAi), g, réine, pi. ri*nc<x, s. f. a 

voice, a sQioid. 
S|Ai)<xi6e, g. id. pi. id. s. ra. a 

crier out, n hauler. 
SI<^r)A|óeAC&,-&A, s. f. a yelling, 

a bawling. 
SiAtifA, g. id. s. ra. a shout. Num. 
xxiii, 21. harmony, melody, 

S|AT)}*AC,-Ái5e, adj. harmonious, 
melodious, pleasant. 

SfAt)rADAc,-Ai5e, adj. resound- 

S|A|t, ind. adj. western, Num. 
xxxiv. 6. 

SiAft, adv. tcestuard, Deut. 
xxxiii. 23. 1 Kings vii. 25. 
backwards, behind. 

S|AiicYAc,-<xire, s. f. the north- 

S^, pers. pron. ye or //o?^ ,- eraph. 
form, S lb-re, you yourselves. 

S]bi<\lcA, ind. adj. 67"n7; C. P. 
affable, gracious, obliging, com- 
plaisant, courteous ; S^beAlcA, 

S]biAlcAcb,-!3A, s. f. civility, 
obligingness, affability, cour- 
teous ness. 

S]hte, g. id. pi. -cióe, s. m. a 
shift, a plan, a contrivance, a 

S|bceAtT}Uco,-bAj s. f. foresight, 
frugality, contrivance. 

S]bceArbv]l,-ri7l<.\, adj. provident, 
shifting, contriving, frugal. 

S|bc]3,-iv5A6, V. a. provide, con- 
trive, shift. 

S]cirj, g. id. pi. -!)]6e, s. m. a 

Sjó, g. X]Se, pi. id. k, ríoÓA, s. f. 
a fairy hill or hillock. 

S]Se, g. id. s. f. a blast, a puff. 

S]&eAÓ,-b|ó, s. ra. see Seifte^o. 

S|beAt)-5A0ice, g. rí&é r)-5v\oice, 
pi. id. s. m. a whirlwind, Job 
xxxvii. 9. 

2 T 

Sí5>"5^5 P^' iti» s. f. a fairy, a 

sp right. 
^ '5^05,-6156 ,-Ó5A, s. f. a fairy. 
^lSI'^rS'íe, pi. id. s. f. a sign, a 

token ; C. P. Lat. Sign-um. 

Si5in)13'-'i]'>^5^^> V- ^- s^gny 

Si5t)eví5,-é]&, pi. id. s.ra. a signet, 
— g. Ex. xxviii. 36 — pi. Ex. 
xxxix. 6. 

S|l,-le<\ó, &, flic, V. a. & n. dropy 
melt, Ps. ixviii. 9 — Ps. cxix. 
28. Cant. v. 13. fall in dropSf 
drip, shed, distil. 

SileAD,-liD, &, -Ice, pi. id. s. m. 
a dropping, a shedding, an 
issue, a looking down, a trans- 
ient glance ; S^le^o r)A ffl, 
the twinkling of the eyes. 

S|le<xrc<Nii, s. ra. Job viii. 11. see 

S|lc,-ce, s. f. an issue. Lev. xv. 
4. — Lev, XV. 15. a dropping, 
a spittle. 

SilceAC,-ci5e, adj. running fas 
a sore, J Lev. xxii. 4. drop- 
ping, oozing, issuing fas mat- 
ter from a sore. J 

Sjropljóe, ind. adj. silly, see 
2 Tim. iii. 6. simple, plain, 

S]n)pl|óeACí),-bA, s. f. singleness, 
simplicity.. Acts ii. 46. 2 Cor. 
xi. 3. plainness, unaff'ected- 

S|i5, a demonst. ind. pron. that. 
Matt. ii. 3. those ; '^x) riu, 
there; Ud cad fin, then, at 
that time; 2I3aii ]-]0, so, in 
that manner. 

Sin,-tjeAD, V. a. stretch, cast ; 
Ex. viii. 5. Matt. xii. 13. — 
Is. xxviii. 20. Acts xxvii. 30. 
lengthen, prolong^ extend, lie 
at full length, reach a thing 
to another. 

Sit), -ije, s.f. iveather, see Siotj. 

S jO 


S jO 

Sjoe, g. id. pi. -t)j, s. f. an udder, \ 
a teat, a dug, the nipple of a \ 
womavLS breast ; S^^e, id. I 

S|r)eAc,-t)i5,-t)i:^e, s. m. a wen,^ 
Lev. xxii. 22. Siósac, id. 

SípeAÓj-uce, pi. id. s. m. u 
stretchhig, a lengthening, a 
prolonging, an extending, a 
reclining at full length. 

Sii}5il,-5ile, adj. singular. Lev. 
xxvii. 2. single, ttnmixed. 

SiT^in, g. id. pi. -r>ibe, s. f, a nip- 
pile ; dim. of S|i)e, q. v. 

Sji), a pers. pron. pi. we ; emph. 
form, Sm-tie, we ourselves. 

Sin, iuf. reiDiT), V. a. play, sing ; 
2 Sara, vi. 5 — 1 Sam. xviii. 
6. Eph. V. 19. warble, carol ,- 

singing and dancing. 

Sif)re<\^,-l*tnj pl- id. s. m. an 
elder person, an elder ; Gen. 
XXV. 23. — Gen. xxix. 16. — 
Matt. xxvi. 27. Acts. iv. 5. 
ancestors, a chief or head of 
a family ; S^x)x]o\i, 'iá. " Oi) 
VOUOV- 5^r ^^ \ó\r\o]\, from 
the eldest to the youngest.'''' 

S^t)fioftAf,-Aif, s. m. antiquity, 
long standing in a place. 

S]^l*1|teAC&,-&<x, s. f. antiquity, 
Is. xxiii. 7. eldership, ances- 
try, seniority, sujjeriority, 
descent ; S|f;fiofxÓAC&,-&<\, 
s. f. id. 

Sfóce, ind. p. p. stretched out, 
Ex. vi. 6. lengthened, ex- 

SinceACj-cije, long, Ex. xix. 
13. stretching, stretched, tall, 
groning fast in stature. 

S]ob<\il,-<\l, V. n. Matt. ix. 5. see 

SiobÓ5,.5i3e,-53A, s. f. a puff of 
the mouth, a whiff. 

S|oc, g. fCACA, s.m. frost, Gen. 
xxxi. 40. Job. xxxviii. 29. — 

Jer. xxxvi, 30. Sioc liAC, s. m. 
hoarfrost, Ps. exlvii. 16. 

S 10 c, inf. id. V. a. freeze, dry up, 
com. Lat. Sic-co. 

S]ocAi5ce, ind. ^.\\. frozen, dried 
up, obdurate. 

SiocAi|i,-cft<\c,-c|tAC<\, s. f. a mo- 
tive, a cause, a reason, occa- 
sion, opportunity. 

SiocA(T)vil,-tT)U\, adj. frosty. 

Sioc;\in,-c^r)A, s. f. peace; see 

S]oc'<\.r),-'A]D, pi. id. s. m. ftoar 

frost ; dim. of S|Oc. 
Sfoój-ÓA, s. f. — g. Lev. i. 4. vii. 

13. & xxiii. 28. see S'\ot. 


id. s. m. silk, Prov. 

xxxi. 22.— Gen. xli. 42. Rev. 

xviii. 12. 
S|ob<xrbv]l,-rblA, adj. silky, silk- 

like, silken ; Sfo&5A, ind. 

adj. id. 
Síooct)vrr)53,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a 


^íoó' g- rí5^5 pi- rjos^j s. f. a 

shock (of corn,) a streak ; 

Job. V. 26. — pi. Gen. xxx. 

37. a rick of corn. 
Sío5AÓ,-Ai5e, adj. streaked. Gen. 

xxx. 39. striped; Sio5An)V]l, 

rbU, adj. id. 
Sío555,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a small 

rick of corn; dim. of SÍ03, 

Sfol, g. y]\, pi. fjolcA, s. m. a 

seed, Gen. xlvii. 19. & 23. — 

Matt. xiii. 3. & 4.— pi. see 

Ueut. xxii. 9. corn, issue, a 

tribe, a clauy progeny, de- 
Sfol,-lAÓ, V. a. sotv, propagate ; 

SíoIvi3,-v3a6, v.a. id. 
SfolAÓ,-lcA, pi. id. s. m. a soiling, 

a breeding, a propagating. 
SíolA&óift,-ófiA,-ó||ti6e, s. m. a 

sower. Matt. xiii. 3.— Matt. 

xiii. 18. a seedsman. 

S j 


s ]0 

SíolAbónte<scb,-&A, s. f. the em- 
ployment of sorving, the busi- 
ness of a seedsman. 

S\o\ssr),-'^]\}^ pi. id. s. m. n 
strainer, a colander, a Jil- 

Sjolóvijtj.óvri, V, a. sow, Judg. 
ix. 45. — Is. xxviii. 24. put in 

Sjolcvjtj-cvift, &, -cY|tcA, s. m. a 
sowing, seed-sowing. Job. xxxi. 
8. — Gen. viii. 22. see Lev. 
xi. 37. 

Sjolcvpc^N, ind. p. p. sown, 

SioUa, g. id. pi. -<\jóe, s. m. a 

SiollAÓ,-AiÓ,-<\i6e, s. m. a blast, 
a puff, a quick motion. 

Siolk\i|i,-|teArb, v.a. scan a verse ; 
fr. f|olU, & 'A]\i, reckon. 

SiomfIieAri),-[iitÍ7, s. m. a scan- 
ning of verse. 

SiolrbA]fteAct),-&A, s. f. fruitful- 
ness, productiveness, ferti- 

SiolrbA]i,-Aftte, adj. abounding 
in seed, fertile, ft uitful, pro- 

SfolftA6,-AtÓ, s. m. posterity, off- 
spring, 1 Kings xvi. 3. Job. 
xxvii. 14. 

Siolitvi5,-v5A6, V. a. breed, gene- 
rate, propagate. 

Sfolitvi5ceó|fi,-ó|iA,-óipi6e, s. m. 
a propagator. 

%\Q\z<sy^\-),-''\\\), pi. id. s. m. a 
strainer, a colander. 

SfolcAi5,-cr3AÓ, & vern., -C05, 
V. a,, filter, strain. 

Sfolcivt}, see SfoIcA^an. 

SiolcjieAbj-eibcj-eABA, s. f. a fa- 

SjonjAi&e, g. id. pi. -bi, s. f. a 
mallet, a rammer, a beetle. 

S'omfA, g. id. pi. -A^be, s. m. pas- 
time, pleasu re, merrimen f. 

Siot), g. fioe, s. f, the weather, a 
season, a storm, a blast, rain, 
SiC ^c. 

SionArr)V)l,-rT)L\, adj. stormy, 
raini], tempestuous. 

Sfoi)bv Alice, ind. part. adj. wea- 

S]or)AC,-Ai5, pi. id. s. m. a fox, 
Neh. iv. 3.— pi. Lam, v. 18. 
see Matt. viii. 20. 

S]oi^ACAri)V]l,-ri)lA, adj. fox-like, 

S]o\^'■^, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
censer. Rev. viii. 3. & 5. — pi. 
Num. vi. 6. 

Sfoft, comp. fifte, adj. lasting, 
continual, perpetual. 3o fiop, 
adv. continually, always, for 

Sjofi, is often used as a prefix to 
denote continuance or perpe- 
tuity : it is sometimes also a 
suffix, as, iu Uin^ni^, i- e. An? 
fjofi. It is spelled, Sjji, when 
the first vowel of the following 
syllable is either of the slender 
vowels, e or f. 

S;o|iA]reAi|iv\c, adj. no comp. 
ever fluctuating, ever shifting. 

s. xn. a continual persecutor. 

Sfofibv<\Uxb,-A]lce, s. m. a conti- 
nual si rikitig. a constant thump- 

SjopcAjoCj-ce, s. f. garriility, 
constant prating. 

SioftcAHJceAC, adj. no comp. 
prating. Pro v. x. 8. extremely 
garrulous, continually talking. 

SioiiCAir)ceAc,-ci5,.c)5t^, s. ui. a 
babbler, Eccl. x. 11. a cmstant 

SfoitcA|-,-|-A8, V. a twist continn- 
ally, turn constantly. 

S]OftcoblAb,-bAlcA, s. m. a. lethar- 
gy ; see CobUS. 

SjoitbA^be, see Siontvj&c. 

S )0 



SÍ0H5UCJ-CA65 V. a. grip, handle 

Siofi5r)Acv]5,-Y5A6, v. a. use con- 
tinually, practise frequently. 
Siofi5V|l,.5rl, V. a. cry continu- 
ally. O'G. 

S)op-iA\]i,-H<vi6, V. a. importune^ 
petition constantly. j 

Sio|t-|A^|iCAr5-Ai]*, s. m, inipor^] 
tunity, a constant y?ei<7?o//- 

Sio\i-^omA]]\c,-ce, s. f. transmi- 

SjoploiiSj-lorsAO, v,a. hurnper- 
petually or eternally. 

Sjottri)AiiCAT)<xc, adj. no comp. 
ererlasting, immortal. 

Sfotiólj-óil, s. m. a continual 
drinking, hard drinking. 

Sfoiitvibe, ind. adj. eternal, ever- 
lasting ; Deut. xxxiii. 27. — 
Is. xl. 28. fr. rioft. 

Siofftv|&eAc&,-&A, s. f. everlast- 
ing (ti-nej eternity, Ps. xli. 
13. Is. Ivii. 15.— Ps, cxxxix. 

Sfopfilj-leAÓ, &, -flic, V. w.drop 
continually, shed constantly. 

Sio]i]-n7VAii>,-i)e4v.D, V. n. think 

Sioftcói|i,-ó|aA,-ó||A|6e, s. m. a 

Sjor, adv. d(,ivn. Matt. ii. \\. 
downwards ; generally used 
with a verb of motion. 

SjornjA, g. id. pi. -<\6a, s. m. a 
division, Rom. xvi. 17. — pi- 
1 Cor. xi. 18. a schism, a 
ivhispering, a private confe- 

Sio|n7^in^? g- id. pi. -t^l^e, s. m. 
a schismatic, a seceder, a 

S|orvn,-v]|t, pi. id. s. ra. a scis- 
sors, a pair of shears. 

S[orvpn<sc,-iiV|5e, s. f. see S|vp 


Siorvpnvij, inf. id. v. n. hiss, 
— inf. 1 Kings ix. 8. whisper. 
Sioc,-c<\, s. f. an atonement, 
peace, Lev. ix. 7. — Lev. i. 
4. vii. 13. & xxiii. 28. quiet- 
ness, concord. 

SiocA, g. id. pi. -Ajoe, s. m. an 
ill-bred child, a petted or 
spoiled child. 

SíocAí)óifi,-ópA,-óiiii6e, s. m. a 

SiocArnYil,-rnl<\, adj. peaceable, 
peaceful, quiet. 

S|ocí^T),-íkit), pi. id. s. m. a hil- 

S]ozixn y\e]he, s. m. foxglove ; 

Síocbp55,-ói5e,-55<N, s.f. a fairy. 

SjocbvAioe, g. id. s. f. 2)er seve- 
rance, continuance, 

SjocbvAr),-*!!)©, adj. eternal, Is. 
Ix. 15. perpetual. 

S'occíviDj-ívnA, s. f. peace, John 
XX. 21. & 26.— Matt. v. 9. 
Acts X. 36. fr. y\ot, peace. 

Síoccíxii)ceAC,-c|5e, adj. peace- 
able, quiet. 

Síoccí\r)c<x, ind. adj. peaceable, 
1 Tim. ii. 2. quiet, tran- 

S;occai)CAióe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 
a peacemaker. 

Sfoccolr^é*í)<^l6e, g. id. pi. id. s.m. 
a preserver of the peace, a 

Sffi, see Sfofi. 

Síit,-|ieAÓ, v. a. seek, desire, be- 
seech ; 2 Sara. iv. 8. Ps. 
ixxvii. 2. 1 Cor. xvi. 12. see 
Eph. iv, 1. search, look for, 
ask, beg, request. 

SfjicleAcb,-í5<\6, v. a. practise 
continually, exercise (ften. 

Si(t8evn,-f<^^5 '^'^- make conti- 
nually, — inf. Phil. i. 4. 

Si(if;evc,-CAin, v. a. look stead- 
fastly, — inf. Acts iii. 12. 

s j n 


S lU 

Síp-|otiKAiit,-ÓAn, V. a. carry 

continual I If, bear often. 
Siftii*,-fe,-rj, s. f. a cherry ; Lat. 

Ceras-us. Gr. v^'i^aa-og. Vern. 

Sí|ilíoi),-nAÓ, \\ a. Jill ttp, — inf. 

1 Thess. ii. 16. Jill conti- 
S|]|ifA'i),-'A1f^, pi- id. s. m. an offi- 
cer, see Luke xii. 58. a she. 

riff. Barb. 
Sipf«|l,-lc, &, -lloAÓ, V. 11. drop 

S|]-ceAl,-cil, ])1. id. s. m. a jiax 

hackle, a jiax comb, a wool 

S(fceAUc&,-&A, s. f. the hackling 

or carding of flax or wool. 
S|f*ceAlóiii,-ópA,-6i|ii6e, s. m. a 

Jiax dresser, a wool comber. 
Sic,-ce, pi. fiocA, s. f. Ex. xxix. 

3G. — Lx. XXX. 15. & 16. see 

S|vbAil,-Al, V. n. depart, go, 

travel, walk, vanish. 
SivbAl,-Ail, s. m. a going an-ay, 

Is. Ivii. 13. a departing, a 

travelling, ajiight,a walking, 

a march. 
S|vblAC,-Ai5e, adj. travelling, 

moving, transient, walking, 

departing, strolling. 
S|vblóiTt,-ófiA,-ó|fiit)e, s. m. a 

walker, a traveller, a way- 
farer, a stroller. 
S]vca|i6a, ind. adj. saccharine, 

sweet, of or belonging to 

S]vcpA, g. id. s. m. sugar ; S]v- 

CAfi,-A)fi, s. m. id. Lat. Sac- 

char-um. Gr. -saxxa^. Fr. 

S]vr)|-ói[t,-ópA,-óiftiDe, s. m. a 


^rn> g- n>"rtA, &» feAcpAc, pi. 

ri"*"1fteACA, s. f. a cousin, Luke 
i. 36. a sister ; Lat. Sor-or. 
Fr. Soeur. 

S|viii);\n,-UA6, V. a. rattle, see 
Job. xxxix. 23. rustle, make 
a noise. 

Sivfi&^t),-^in, pi. id. s. m. a rat- 
tling, a rustling noise. 

S]V[ib;\i}Ac,-Ai3<-, adj. rattling, 
noisy, rustling. 

S|vpcAipe, g. id. pi. -\\]%e, s. f. 
a forward bold girl. M'N. 

S|vpcÓ5,-ói5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a bound, 
a bounce, a sudden sally, a 

Siviicó5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. bouncing, 
capering, skipping, frisky. 

Syyx'^\),-'^]X), pi. id. s. m. a hum- 
ming noise, a buzz, a whis- 

SirfApi)Ac,-nvi5e,-T)ACA, s. f. a 

whispering, 2 Cor. xii. 20 

Rom. i. 29. 

SUbAciVDj-civin, s. m. sloake, a 
species of edible sea-weed ga- 
thered from rocks, but differ- 
ent from the kind of sea-weed 
called, DvileArs- 

SUxbtiA, g. id. pl.-[iv|óe, s. ni. í7 
chain. Rev. xx. 1. — pi. Mark 
V. 4. Acts xii. 7. 

SUbitv|5,-pv5A6, V. a. chain, 
tie np. 

SIacaip,-iic, v. a. beat, drub, 
batter, bruise, maul. 

SUcAipe, g. id. pi. -]\]be, s. m. a 
batterer, a bnater,a bruiser. 

SlACAi|teAÓ&,-bA, s. f. battery, a 
beating, a bruising. 

SIa&, g. xU]t3, &, rUbcA, pi. id. 
s. m. robbery, Phil. ii. 6. theft, 

SÍAí?, inf. id. V. a. rob, Prov. xxii. 
22. — 1 Sam. xxiii. L steal, 

SlAbii)ATibcóip,-órtA,-ó|iii8e, s.m. 
a highway robber, a murderer 
and freebooter. 

SlA&rbó]p,-óitA,-óip|6e, s. m. a 
robber. Job v. 5. — pi. Ezek. 
vii. 22. a thief, a plunderer. 

S L ?i 


S L ?V 

SUbrT)ói|teAcO,-&A, 8. f. robbery, 
Prov. xxi. 7. thievery. 

SUt5vi5e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a de- 
stroyer, see Prov. xxviii. 24, 
a robber, a thief. 

SU&vf5eAGb,-&A, s, f. robbery, 
Ps. Ixii. 10. plunder, thievery. 

SU|5beaT),-iv|u, pi. id. s. m. a 
cough or culd. 

Sl^ipce, g. id. s. f. soundness, 
salvation, a healing ; Acts iii. 
16.— Luke i. 69. Acts iv. 22. 
health, a toast ; iv. j-Utj; com. 
Fr. Sante. 

Slivit)ce<\rr)l<Nc!5,-b<\, s. f. health' 
fulness, benignity. 

S\!x]r)zec^n)y]\,-\i)^<s, adj. health- 
ful ; C. P. salutary, whole- 
some, salubrious. 

SUicft), g. id. pi. -be, &, -t)i6e, 
s. f. a sprig, — pi. Is. xviii. 5. 
dim. of Slv\c. 

£lívrn,-ívin)e,-ívn7A, s. f. a loch or 
handful of hair or wool. 

Slicn7,-rr)A6, v. a. teaze, pluch, 
card, comb. 

Slivtr)<xc,-Ai5e, adj. teazing, 
plucking, combing, carding. 

Sl^t), comp. |*Uji)e, adj. whole, 
healed, Luke vii. 7. entire, 
safe, sound, healthy, unin- 
jured ; com. Lat. Saii-us. 

SlM), g. fl^lD, s. m. a defiance, 
Num. xxiii. 7. & 8. more pro- 
perly, DvbfUi), i. e. bvb, & 
|-l^i), a black farewell ; also, 
a protection, a surety or se- 
curity ; Slivt; leAc, fare thee 

SUnlYr,-lviT, &, -loj-A, pi. id. 
8. ra. the herb ribwort, rib- 
grass, plantain ; Plantago 

SlM)vi5,-t)v5A6, V. a. heal, save ; 
Num. xii. 13. — Matt. xix. 25. 
Acts. iv. 12. cure, make whole. 

SUM)v^5eACb,-&Aj s.f. a passport^ 
a saving. 

S>\'4^r)y\y:eó\\i,-ó\\.i.,-ó\\K\h&, s. ra. 
a Saviour, Eph. v. 23. — Tit. 
i. 3. 

Sl2^r)'^5A*5r"^15^e, s. m. salvation, 
a healing ,- Acts. iv. 12. — 
Luke V. 17. Acts xiv. 9. i< 
curing, a saving. 

SUo&,-t)A, s. ra. murder, slaugh- 
ter ; also, a raft or ^oaé. 
2 Chron. ii. 16. 

SlAO&j-bAÓ, V. a. slay, murder, 
also, slide or draw after. 

SlApAC,-Ai5e, adj. slovenly, awk- 
ward, untidy. 

SUpAÓ&,-feA, s. f. slovenlinessy 
awkwardness, untidiness. 

SUpA]|te, g. id. pi. -iii6e, s. ra. 
a sloven, a sluggard, an 
awkward tin tidy fellow, a 

SU\pA|fie<\cb,-bA, s. I. see SIa- 


SlApAfi,-Aiii, pi. id. s. ra. a skirt, 
a trail, a train of a long 

SlApAHAC,-Ai3f, adj. having a 
long skirt or train, (as of a 

SlApÓ5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a slut, 
an untidy woman. 

SlArv\1óeAC&,-bA, s. f. a private 

SIac, g. ]-lAice, pi. j-Iaca, s. f. a 
rod, a reed, Ex. iv. 2. — Matt, 
xxvii. 48 — Gen. xxx. 37. a 
wand, a switch, a yard for 
measuring ; SIac bftojb, a 
goad ; SIac 50|itTJ, woody 
nightshade ; Solanura dulcira- 
ara ; SIac 5vr;A, a ramrod ; 
SIac iAf5Ai6, a fishing rod ; 
SIac rbAfiA, « tangle, sea-rod ; 
SIac it|05A, a sceptre; SIac 
ppiocA, a goad, see 1 Sam. 
xiii. 21.; SIac f*vA|ceAT)CA(|-, 
a mace, a flag-staff ; SUc 
corijAtf, (I wand for measur- 
ing, a yard or ell. 

S L ) 


SL ) 

Sl^s%c&,-bvii), V. a & 11. yvorship, 

kneel, Mark v. 6. — Matt, xvii, 

14. boiv donn, adore. 
Slé<\covio,-&AnA, s. f. norsltip, 

Rev. xxii. 9. — Rev. xxii. 8. 

adoration, a bowing down, a 

SleA5, g. r^e^ge, pi. rieA5A, s. f. 

a spear, a pike, a lance. 
SlsA5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. armed nith 

a spear or dart^ like a spear 

or dart. 
SleixjAr),-^]^, pi. id. s. m. a hind 

of turf spade nith a wing at 

one side. 
Sle<\n)r)í\t),-ív]T), pi. id. s. rn. 

smoothness, sliding, slipperi- 

ness ; Ca||i |-len)r)ixir), a sledge. ' 
SleArbnv5A6,-Yi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 

sliding, Jer. ii. \9. a gliding, 

a slipping. 
SleArbr)vi5,-v5Aó, V. a. & n, sliji, 

Ps. Ixxiii. 2 Jer. viii. 5. j 

slide, stumble, make slippery \ 

or smooth. \ 

SleArbv|r),-ri)r)A, adj. unleavened, 

see 1 Sam. xxviii. 24. slip- \ 

pery, Ps. xxxv. 6. smooth, 

plain. \ 

SleAncAc,-Ai5, s. m. a flake, a 

collection of flakes ; see Job i 

xli. 23. a slice. I 

Sléibce, nom. pi. of SliAb. q. V. ' 
Slé]bceAiT)v|l,-ri7U, adj. hilly, 

mountainous ; Slé]bceAc, ' 

-C]5e, id. fr rlfAb. \ 

SleirbT^eAO&j-bA, s. f. smoothness, 

slipperiness ; Sle]tt)i)e, g. id. 

s. f. id. 
Sli<\b, g. i'léibe, pi. fléibce, s. m. 

a mountain, Ex. xix. 18. — Ex. 

xix. 2. Matt. iv. 8.— Ps. xlvi. 

2. Rev. xvi. 20. 
SljArAb, g. fléi|-be, pi. TlíA]-fciíc. 

s. f. the loins, the ihigh ; 

1 Kings xii. 10. — pi. see Ex. 

xxviii. 42. 

SliArcC\n,-i\)n, pi. id. s. tn. the 
ledge in a loom; SIjavc, g. 
yVeyX'^. pi. id. s. ra. id. 

Sl!5b!t), g. id. pi. -uióe, s. m. a 
sly cheating fello-ó:, a schemer. 

Slise, g. id. pi. -5Í, s. m. a gris- 
set, a shell. 

Slí5e, g. id. pi. -5^6, &, -^ceAÓA, 
s. f. a way. Matt. vii. 13. — 

Ma.ik iv. 4 Ps. ixxxvi. 11. 

Luke iii. 5. a road, a track, a 
path, a passage, a method. 

Slí5eA&óin,-ótxA,-óiitibe, s, m. an 
artful scheming fellow. 

Slí5eA&ói|ieAC&,-t5A, s. f. a wile, 
see Eph. vi, 11. artfulness, 
cunning, fertility in schemes 
and stratagems. 

Sli3neAC,-i)i5, a coll. s.m. a col- 
lection of scales, scales, Lev. 
xi, 9. Large Edii. 1827. 

Sli5iteAC,-iti5, a coll. s. ra. a col- 
lection of fragments, as of 
broken shells, &fc. pieces, Na- 
hum. iii. 10. 

Slí5ceAC,-i:i5e, adj. artful, cun- 
ning, sly, fraudulent- 

Sl]^,-i)e, pi. I'leAOA, & vern. 
fleAi3c]tACA, s. f. a weavefs 
slay or reed ; also, a tile, a 
slate, a flag. 

Sli5e<xo,-^1t),, s.m. a shoul- 
der. Lev. vii. 32. Num. vi. 

SlT^céAC,-ci5e, s. m. a tiling^ 
Luke V. 19. a house tile; fr. 

Sl|obAi|t,-bftAC), v. a. drag along. 

Sl]oó&, g, fleAcbA, s. m. seed^ 
oflspring, posterity, family ,- 
Deut. X. 15. Rev. xxii. 16. — 
Gen. xlv. 7- Mark xii. 19. — 
Num. iii. 20. & 21. rt race, a 
lineage, a tribe, a clan. 

Sl|oc&ii?A]i,-Aiite, adj. having 
many descendants, proliflc, po- 

S L 


S I u 

51(05,-5^6, v.a. rub down, caress^ 
smooth^ foment^ polish, gloss, 

Slio5AC,-Ai5e, adj. smooth, glossy, 
silky, sleek, caressing, fawn- 

Sl)05íii),-íifr), pi. id. s. m. a shell, 
a conch, a scale (of a balance,) 
a bomb, a hull ; S\\ot^\x) 
cite AC vi^, a scollop shell ; 
Sl]05ixt) neAmv^t), mother of 
pearl ; S 1105^1) corbel r, the 
scales of a balance ; dim. of 

Sl|05ivi)AC,-Ai5e, adj. shelly, 
abounding in shells. 

SliorT),-mA6, V. a. fatter, smooth, 
gloss over. 

Slíort)<\b6|ft,-óriA,-ó||ii6e, s. m. a 
flatterer, a thief 

Sl)Orf)A&óiTteAC&,-&<\, s. f. flat- 
tery, 1 Thess. ii. 5. thievery. 

SliottJAifte, g. id. pi. -[iióe, s. m. 
see Slforrxxboift. 

SliorT?AineAC&,-t>v\, s. f. see 

Slifj-i-ej-reAijA, s. f. a beetle, 
a scutching handle, a wash- 

Slireó5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a chip, 
a slice, a lath, a thin board, a 
shaving ; dim. of Slfj-. 

SlirneAC,-t)i5, s. m. Lev. xi. 9. 
see Sl]5t)eAc ; also, a quantity 
of wood shavings or chips. 

Sliv6ACíM),-cívin, pi. id. s. m. a 
horn, properly, the bone on 
which the horn is set. 

SllvÓAC^nAC,-A|5e, adj. uf or be- 
longing to the horn, horned. 

Sloe, g. x\y\c, pi. id. s. m. a pit, 
a hollow, a pitfall, a den ; 
Sloe 5VA1I, a coal pit. 

SlocAC,-Ai5e, adj. fall of pits or 
hollows, cavernous. 

Sloc<vi},-ivit), pi. id. s. m. a socket, '. 
a hollow, a little pit. \ 

Slot», g. |-lY|b, pi. id. s. m. a}ud- 
dle, a little pool of slagnant 

Slob^r),-<xin, pi. id. s. m. a small 
pool of standing water. 

Sló5,-ó|5, pi. id. s. m.— g. Ex. 
xiv. 4. Deut. ii. 14. — Rev. xix. 
14. see Acts xxviii. 16. see 

Slói5ce, ind. p. p. beaten, Ex. 
XXV. 18. also, robbed. 

SloiOj-ijeAD, V. a. surname, Is. 
xlv. 4. 

Sloioe, g. id. pi. -T)ce, s.m. a sur- 
name, a surnaming, a patrony» 

SloitjceArbvil,-rblA, adj. genealo- 
gical, skilled in or fond of ge- 

Slo|r}ceó||i,-ófiA,-óifiiDe, s. m. a 

SloiOceói|ieAÓo,-&A, s. f. the act 
or habit of tracing genealo- 

Sloic inf. ]-lor, V. a. rob, beat. 

Sloic,-ce, s. f. roguery, villainy, 

Slo]ciite, g. id. pi. -|aióe, s. ra. a 
rogue, a villain. 

Slo|cirt(íAc&,-&A, s. f. roguery, 

SlvA5,.Ai5,-Ai5ce, s. m. a multi- 
tude, a host, an army, M att. v. 

1 Num. X. 14. 15. & 16.— 

Matt. xiii. 2. & xxii. 7- SIva^ 
Trnificjo, a marching army. 

SlvA5ti)A|t,-A|iie, adj. populous. 

SlvAi5eAct5,-OA, s. f. an expedi- 

SlrAi"A&,-Aif&e, pi. id. &, -Aifce, 
s. f. a paddle, a shovel, Deut. 

xxiii. 13 pi. Ex. xxvii. 3. 

Num. iv. 14. 

Slv5, g. rl'^15: pl- itl- s- m. a sud- 
den swallow, a gulp. 

SIv5a6, g. rl"^I5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
swallowing, a gulping. 

s 21) ev 



SlvjAiiie, g. id. pi. -tiióe, s. m. a 
glutton, a spendthrift. 

Slv5Ai|ie<xcb,-&A, s. f. gluttony^ 

Slvjcíxijj-íiiij, pi. id. s. m. a whirl- 
pool ; Slv5-poll,g. rlvi5-pviU, 
pi, id. s. m, id. 

Slv|5, inf. flv5<\ó, v.a. eat, swal- 
low, devour, Rev. x. 9. & 10. 
—Jonah i. 17. Gal. v. 15. 
giilp down. 

Slvijfi), g. id. pi. -nibe, s. m. the 
neck of a bottle. Vernac. 

Smoicbjg. id. j-tDAiob, &, ]*rT)AC&jk, 
s. m. chastisement, correction, j 
Deut. xi. 2. 1 Cor. ix. 27. 
discipline, authority, awe, sub- 
jection, controul. 

SrT)Ac&<\ii)v|l,-inlA, adj. authorita- 
tive, commanding, overbearing, 

Srn<\c&v5v\6,-v|5ce, pi. id. s. m. 
a chastening, correction ; Job 
V. 17. Heb. xii. 7. — Prov. vii. 
22. & xxii. 15. severe reproof, 
rule, aice, subjection. 

Sii7Acbvi5,-v5<\ó, V. a. chasten, 
afflict, tame; Ps. vi. 1. Prov. 
xix. 18. — Is. iviii. 5. Mark v. 
4. correct, punish, keep under 
subjection, rebuke. 

SrD<\cbvi5ce, ind. p. p. chastened, 
2 Cor. vi. 9. corrected, pun- 
ished, brought under subjection, 

a corrector, a chastiser, a re- 
prover, a rider. 

Sxr)\\,-\]\, pi. id. s. m. a spot ; 
C. P. a blot, a blemish, a 
cloud, gloom, obscurity, dim- 
ness, a stain, decay, obscurity, 
a snuff of a candle. 

Sm<NUó5,-6|5e,-Ó5<x,s. f. a fillip. 

SrD<\orixAc,-Ai3,-<,\i;;^e, s. m. a 
cartilage, a gristle, 
2 u 

Srt}<x|i<\5Aib,-A|be,-<vb0k, s. f. an 
emerald. Rev. xxi. 19. see 
Rev. iv. 3. Lat. Smaragd-us. 

Sme4vc,-cA, pi. id. s. m. & f. a 
fillip, a kick, a fling, a blow ; 
also, a chin. 

Srr)eAc<Nb,-ccA, pi. id. s. m. 
a palpitation, a panting, a 
smacking with the lips. 

StT)eAC<x]|te, g. id. pi. -|t]6e, s.m. 
a kicker, a filliper. 

Sn;é<\fi,-|icAcb, v. a. grope, — inf. 
Job. xii. 25. paw, feel, fumble, 
finger awkwardly. 

Stt)é<Nn,-fiA6, v.a. grease, smear. 

SrT)éAiió|b,-be, pi. id. &, -bije, s.f. 
a coal, Is. vi. 6. & xlvii. H. 
■ — pi. Ps. cxl. 10. a burning 
coal, a hot ember. 

SnjeAficA, ind. p. p. oiled, Lev. 
viii. 26. greased. 

Sit)eA|icAcivt),-Ain, pi- id. s. m. a 
kitchen brat, a lick-plate. 

Srt}éAftcACb,-bA, s. f. a groping. 
Job v. 14. a fumbling ; also, 
a greasing; Sir)éA|]iACb, id. 
Is. lix. 10. 

Sn^eAjicAOj-cA, s. m. an oiling, a 

SrT)éAiacóib,-be, pi. id. &, -bi5e, 

s. f pi. 2 Sam. xxii. 9. see 


SrT)&Acnó|b, s. f. 2 Sam. xiv. 7» 
see Sn}&A|tó|b. 

Srtiéib,-beA6, v. n. beckon, Luke 
i. 22. — Acts xii. 17. hiss, see 
Is. vii. 18. wink, nod, make a 
private sign. 

Sir)é)beA6,-bce, pi. id. s. m. a 
hissing, Zech. x. 8. a wink, a 
nod, a beckoning, a private 

Sit)&lbeAftr)Ac,-Ai5e, s.f. a wink- 
ing, a nodding ; Matt. xxv. 5. 
Sn)é]be A]\r)&c cob'^lc^, a slum- 
bering, Matt. xxv. 5. a sluin- 

S 20U 


s u-^ 

Srt)evri, g. rw'e]\\e^ pi. id. Íí, 
frt)evfiA, s. f. a brauible berry, \ 
a blackberry, any fruU resem- \ 
bling a blackberry, as, the fruit I 
of the mulberry tree. 

Srt}evii(\c,-Ai5e, adj. aboundmg 
with blackberries mulberries or i 
brambleberries. 1 

SrT7i&,-&e, s, f. a ivord, a syllable. ' 

Sn)i3,-5e, pl- -3'' &,-5e^ÓA, s. f. 
rt c//m, a smile, mirth ; Srn]- 

Smí3eA6j-5i6, pi. id. s.m. a smile, 

Smi5eA&,-5i&, pi. id. s, m. a chin, 

Sn7i5&A&Ac,-&v|5,-&vi5e, s. m. a 

Smiott, g. rmeAftA, s. m. marrow. 
Job. xxi. 24. Is. XXV. 6. — 
Heb. iv. 12. -pith, strength,, 
•pluck, the best part of any 

SiuioiaAri}l(\co,-bA, s. f. activity, 
manliness, briskness, liveliness. 

Srnio|iArnv|l,-tT)lA, adj. manly, ac- 
tive, brisk, lively, marrow-like. 

Srtjiott cAiUeAC, s. m. a poor 
puny fellow, the spinal mar- 

Sn7Óic,-ce, s. f. sulkiness. 

Sn7Ó|cev\c,-ci5e, adj. sulky. 

StT)óÍ, g. r"?óil, pi. id. s. m. the 

snuff of a candle, g. Ex. 

xxxvii. 23. also, a thrush or 
nightingale ; see SrDoUc. 

SníóUc,-Ai5,-<v|3e, s.m. a thrush ; 
SrT)5l,-ó|l, pi. id. s.m. id. 

Sn,óUbó,ii,.ó,xA,|g^^^ a snuf 
-o,ri,De, ^ ^^^^ 

SiT}oU&^t),-ait), J '^ 

SrnólsUncói]!, - óp^, pi. -óifte, &, 
-óifiióe, s. m. a snuffers, — pi. 
Ex. xxxvii. Q3. 

Sti70cívt),-í\it), pi. id. s. m. a stock, 
jer. ii. 27. a block, a log. 

SrnvAir)}-íí^<^'^j "V- a. think, medi- 

tate ; 1 Tim. iv. 15.— Matt, 
i. 20. 2 Cor. iii. 5. consider, 
reflect, ponder, imagine, devise. 
Srr)v<\it)t^AÓ,-nce, pi. id. s. m. 
thought, mind, Prov. xxiv. 9. 
1 Pet, iv. \. a notion, a fancy, 
an imagination. 
SrnYA]i)ceAC,-cj5e, adj. thought- 
ful, pensive, considerative, pru- 
] dent, reflecting ; Sn)VA]i;ceA- 
j rT)V|l,-Tbl<\, adj. id. 
I Sn7v<NH)ci5ceóift, - ófiA, - óifiióe, 

s. m. rt thinker, a cogitator. 
Sit)vAiuciv5A65-ci5ce, pi. id. s. m. 

Deut. XV. 9 pi. Dan. vii. 28. 

Matt. XV. 19. see SrovAjoeAó. 
I StDVAi]-,-fe, s. f. shivers, splin- 
ters ; also, marrow. 
StT7V5,-v|5, &, -V5A, pi. id. s. m. 
spittle, saliva ; Smvj t)a 
5-cY«kC, cuckoo spittle, ivood- 
Srt)V5o>c,-<vi5e, adj. mucous, ha- 
ving a habit of spitting. 
SníV5A&ó]|a,-ó|t<x,-ójft|6e, s. m. a 

SrT)V5<xi|ile, g. id. pi. -Ifse, s. m. 

spittle, saliva. 
Sn7Y|&,-be<\ó, v. n. exhale, fume, 

Srr)v)&,-&e, s. f. smoke, a vapour, 
I a fume, a mist. 
j SiT)vibe<Mt)vil,-rt)U, adj. smoky, 
I vaporous ,- Srt;vi&e<\ó,-&|5e, 
! adj. id. 

SrT)vc,-vir, pi. id.' s. m. a large 
flat nose, a snout, a projecting 
nose ^ mouth, a peaked chin. 
j Sn)vc<\c,-*\i5e, adj. snouty,saddle- 
I nosed. 

\ ~\ s.K\. a tying, 

j SnAÓrt)<\ó,-n;Aió, fa binding, a 

Si)<\i6tT7eAÓ,- ]ó, ^knitting toge- 

Jther; K. 
StjAÓiDCvX, ind. p. p. knit, 1 Chron. 

xii. 17. spliced, knotted. 
Sij<v5,-A|5, pi. id. s, m. a hiccough. 

s ri u 


S }] ) 

SijAjAipe, g. id. pi. -n0^5 s. m. a 

low creepi7ig filtow ; St)A5Ó!fi, 

-ófiA,-ói|tióe, s. ni. id. 
Sn«.\i6rr), g. j-DAOrnAjpl. r^<^^r^'^ÚA, 

s. m. a bond ; C. P. a knot, a 

tie, a difficulty, a puzzle. 
Sr).\iórT7,-meAÓ, v. a. knot, tie, 

fasten, hind, fetter. 
SnAi6meAÍ3AC,-<M5e, adj. knotty, 

So<Nión7eAÍ)<\ó&,-&A, s. f. knotti- 

St7Ai5, inf. |'r)A5cvb, v. n. creep, 

crawl, grovel: 
Si)Ai5eAc,-5i3e, adj. creeping, 

Deut. xiv. 19. crawling. \ 

Sni^ice, g. id. s. m. a thread, a 

line. Gen. xxxviii. 28. Jos. ii. 

21. rt filament. 
Sx)'cn), inf. id. v. n. swim, 2 Kings 

vi. 6 Ezek. xlvii. 5. float ; 

com. Lat. No, /5Í677W. { 

S\^'<\rn,-'^]\r), s. m. a swimming,' 

the art of ncimming and float- : 

Sr)^rb<\c,-Ai5e, adj. floating, 

swimming, prone Ly nature to 

St^ArbAióe, g. id. pi. -óce, sm. a 

swimmer, a good swimmer ; 

St)C\imceó]ii,-ó|i<N,-óipi6e, s.m. 

id. i 

SnivrT)Ai5il,-5le, s. f. a creeping, a 

crawling, a floating, a sailing. • 
Sx)An)\\),-'\}n, pi. id. s. xn. a float, 

a sloiv swimming or sailing, a 

Sr)Aon7ívr>AÓ,-<\]5e, adj. stout, 

hearty, jolly. 
St)AorDivt)4^c,-Ai5e, s. m. a stout 

jolly fellow. 
S\yó.\,-X6., s. ra. regularity, order, 

decency, elegance, neatness, 

gloss, ornament, polish, ati 

analysis ; Sr)i^|-<\c&,-»<\, s.f. id. 
SoivfACj-Aije, adj. neat, trim, 

elegant, regular. 

Soí^]-Abó||i,-6nA,-óitti6e, s. m. a 
refiner, a critic, a trimmer, an 

Si)í^|-A&ói|teAcb,-feA, s. f. ail orna- 
menting, a refining, an ana- 

Si)arAi3,-TV5A6, V. a. bedeck, or- 
nament, trim, lop tastefully (as 
a hedge or tree,) dissect, ana- 
lyze, criticise ; Sr)'<sx,-XAb, 
V. a. id. 

St)ivrrnA|i,-Aiiie, adj. neat, elegant, 
decent, accurate, trimmed, lojj- 
ped, dainty, ornamental. 

SrjaycA, ind. part, adj neat, trim- 
7ned, lopped. 

Snivc, g. id. s,.m.yarn, 1 Kings x. 
28. 2 Chron. i. 16. a line, a 

Sr)ívcAb,-rvi&e,-cY^í)í,s.f. a needle, 
— g. Ex. xxvi. 36. Cpó DO. 
f 03icYibe, the eye of a needle. 
Matt. xix. 24. ObAj|i ft)ivcvi&e, 
needle-icork ; Ps. xlv. 14. 

St)ívrAbCA,r),-ívin, pi. id. s. m. a 
needle case ; also, a sandal. 

Sr}ívc<\fciói|i,-óftA,-óiiti6e, s. m. a 

SneAc&A, g. id. s. m. sno\.i:. Job 

vi. 16. — Job xxxviii. 22. TíeorA 

<^?i"^r yviQA-otiC^, frost and snow ; 

Clo|ó foeAC&A, g. id. pi. id. 

&, clocA fr)eAc&A, s.m. hail, 

Ex. ix. 18. — Job. xxxviii. 

22. — pi. hailstones, Ps. xviii. 


SneAcbAc.-bAne, ") ,. 
c ■^■11 r adi snowy. 
OT)eAC&v\n7vi,-mlA, J ■^ ^ 

SneAt.-^A, pi. id, ~) ^ 

c • • \ -A \- s. I. fi nit. 
br)it>,-be, pi. id. j 

ST)eA5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. fxdl of nits, 

like nits, nitty. 
SyfofT), inf. id. &, -rbAcivp, v. a. 

spin, twist, wind, twine, curl; 

see Ex. xxxv. 25. & Matt. vi. 

28. com. Gr. new. 
Si)iorr),-rt)A, &, -n?rA, pi. id. s. m. 



S c 

a spinniiiff, a twisting, a iivin- , 
ing. I 

Si)iori7Ac,-<\T5e, adj. spinning, i 
twisting, twining, tending to \ 
twist or twine. \ 

Si)iorb<\ó^u,-ív]n, pi. id. s. m. a 
spinning, a twisting, a twining, 

SníorbAbói|t,-ópA,-6iia]óe, s. m. a 
spinner, a tuiiiter. 

Si;'iori7A&óipeAc&,-DA, s. f, the bu- 
siness of a spinner or twister. 

Sjj)otÍ7Ai6e, g. id. pi. -6ce, s. m. a 
spinner, a twister. 

Sr)iorbc<\, ind. p.p. spun, tuisted, 

^')ÍTÍ'?5 g* id. s. m. snvjf, a pinch 
of smijf, powder ; spelled also^ 

^1)015,-56^8, V. a. hew, carve, 
Ex. xxxiv. 1. — Ex. XXXV. 33. 
slice, lop, chip. 

Si;o|5e<\b,-5ce, s. m. a hewing, a 
carving, a slicing, a lopping 
off, a cutting into chips. 

Sr)oi5eA&óiti,-óttA, pi. -5iit]5, &, 
óiitjóe, s. ra. a hewer, — pi. 
1 Chron. xxii. 15. a carver, a 
slicer, a loppcr. 

Si)oi5eA&óineAc&,-&A, s. f. the 
act of heicing, carving or cut- 
ting into chips. 

Sr)oi5ce, ind. p. p. hewn, Ex. xx. 
25. carved, cut into chips, 

Sr)y^b,-A]6, &, -a6a, pi. id. s. m. 
hue, aspect, colour, appear- 
ance, conrplexioit, visage. 

Si)VA6ri7<\|i,-Aiiie, adj. tcell-look- 
ing, personable, comely, ele- 

So, ind. demonst. pron. this or 
these. Matt. i. 18. this here, 
these here. 

So, adv. It ere, here is ; sec here, 
take it ; So, yo, conic, comer- \ 

So, an initial prefix used before ' 
adjectives and substantives, ' 

signifying,/rtc/7/Y^, aptness. Jit' 
ness, as, Devi)CA, done ; Só- 
óevtjcA, easily done. It is 
written So], when the first 
vowel of the following syllable 
is either of the slender vowels 
e, ori. 
Só-<\cl<\c,-<\i5e5 adj. easy; see 


S6-Aici)eAC,-i)]5e, adj. easily 

known or recognised, conspi' 

Só-Ac<xiliv5AÓ,-v|5ce, s. m. alter' 

SobA, g. id. s. m. sorrell ; SobA 

CftAob, raspberries ; SobA taI- 

rnY]\), strawberries ; see S<\rb. 
SóbAlA6,-AiD, pi. id. s. m. a sweet 

seen t, fragran cy. 
SóbUfbA, ind. 'á.á]. savoury, tvell- 

Sóbo5CA ind. p. p. easily moved, 

1 'Ihess. iii. 3. pliable. 
Só5|iof&vi5ce, ind. p. p. easily 

provoked, I Cor. xiii. 5. 
Soc, g. |-vic, pi. id. s. m. a shares 

a ploughshare, — g. 1 Sam. xiii. 

20. a coulter, a sock, a beak, 

a snout, a point ,- com. Lat. 

SocAC,-Ai5e, adj. beaked, snouted, 

pointed; like a coidter, like a 

beak or snout. 
SócAi&ti|ó,-óe, adj. courteous, 

1 Pet. iii. 8. 

SocAHi, comp. |*oc|iA, adj. secure, 
Judg. xviii. 7. easy, tranquil, 
comfortable, safe, smooth; com. 
Lat. Secur-us. 

SócAri)Al,-ii)Y|l, s, m. comfort, 
liberty, rest, ease, Job. x. 20. 
Acts xxiv. 23. — Ex. xxxi. 15. 

2 Cor. viii. 13. 

Soc Art) I AC, -A 15©, adj. easy, tole- 
rable ; Ex. xviii. 22. — Matt. 
X. 15. mild, gentle ; SóCAttívjl, 
-ii)U\, adj. id. 

S c 


& 6t 

Soc<\|i,-Aif», pi. id. a. ni. wealth, 
Acts xix. 25. (/aitf, prq/i/, 
emolument, admntage, prospe- 
rity, comfort, ease, henejit. 

SocApAc,-Ai5e, adj. icealihy, pro- 
Jitable, easy, advantageous, 
obliging, sedate. 

Sócl<\o]óce, ind. p. p. easily con- 
quered, vincible. 

SócUoi)AÓ,-i)CA, s. m. aptness to 
bend, fiexibility, toicardness. 

Sóclo]fce, ind. p. p. easily heard, 

Socm<vi5,-5e, adj. meek; C. P. 
soft, ivell-looking. 

Sócóti)A|ftleAc,-li5e, adj. easily 

Sóconiv|:^ce, ind. p. p. easily agi- 
tated, passionate. 

Sócontvije^c&j-CxN, s. f. agita- 
tion, instability. 

Sócof"rbv|l,-ti)U, adj. conform- 

Socp<x]&,-be,-beACA, s. f. a fune- 
ral, a multitude of people, a 
host, an army. 

Sóc|iotóceAC,-ci5e, adj. free- 
hearted, kind-hearfed,2ChTon. 
xxix. 31. Eph iv. 32. good- 
natured ; fr. the prefix, j-ó, 
q. V. &, ciiojóe. 

Sóc|ioí6ceAc&,-&A, s. f. soberness ; 
C. P. good nature, cordiality, 

SocfiY5<\ó,-vi5ce,pl. id. s. m. a 
foundation, Luke vi. 48. an 
establishing, a quieting, an as- 
suaging, a comforting. 

Socfxv|5,-Y5<\6, V. a. & n. rest, 
— inf. Ezek. xxiv. 13. make 
steady, establish, found, ap- 
point, stand firm, compose, as- 
suage, appease. 

Soc|tvt5ce, ind. p. p. founded, 
Luke vi. 48. established, set- 
tled, júaced on a firm footing, 

SócyI,-v|1, s. m. O'G. see Sd- 

SócvmcA, ind. p. p. easily formed 
or shaped. 

So&Aifij-Aft, V. n. trot. 

Soi)A]|ie, g. id. pi. -jijoe, s. m. a 
stout man, a clumsy awkward 
felloiv ; also, a trotting horse. 

So&Afi,-<\]|t, s. m. a trotting, a 

So&AitT)<vc,-Ai5e, adj. able to trot, 

SobAficói|t,-5[i<x,-ói|i]6e, s. m. a 

SóóeAlbAC,-<\]5e, adj. well- 
formed, handsome, comely ; fr. 
the prefix yd, & beAlb. q. v. 

Sóóevt)c<\, ind. p. p. see Só|- 
! óevijCA. 

I SooeApbcA, ind. part. adj. easily 
proved, evincible, easily de- 

SóóibioocA, ind. part. adj. see 


Sóbfivibce, ind. part. adj. easily 

Só6xr\\,-y]]h s. m. fatness, lus- 

S6órvfiAC,-A]5e, adj. fat, lus- 
Só-eniívibe<\c,-bi5e, adj. easily 

led astray, fallible. 
SópA5<\U, ind. adj. easily got, 

Sófro>ic|-e, ind. adj. see Sof^ic- 

SópAjcreACj-riáe, adj. visible, 

see Col. i. 16. conspicuous ; 

SópAi5reAc,-ri5e, id. 
SópAic|*ior)AC,-i)Ai5e, adj. see 

Sópv\icriT),-r]oi)<\, s. f. visibility, 

— g. Gen. xxxviii. 14. conspi- 

SópoUc,-Ai5e, adj. easily hidden, 

S6frvUin5eAc,-5J5e, adj. easily 

endured, tolerable. 

S ] 


S ) 

S05, g. yois, s 
pleasure, not 

ra. a ^rt/w/y, ; Sóicfiei&eArijv^lj-njU, 
Gen. xlix. 20. i cltdous: 


2 Pet. ii. 13. luxia-i/, hixurioiis[Só]ó]\e]'r>úiec^c^-n)]'^,-W^'^e, s. m. 

ease, joy, sumptuousness, pros- j a credulous person. 

perity. i Sóicneibrin,-rionA, s. f. credi- 

Só5Ab<xU, ind. part. adj. easily' bility. 

taken, capable, capacious. | Sóióevnco., ind. part. adj. possi- 

Só5Ari)lAc&,-0A, s, t'. luxurious- \ hie, Mark ix. 23. practicable, 

ness, sumptuousness ; fr. ^05. ' easily done. 
Só5ArhYil,-mlA, adj. luxurious, \ Só|ói&]oncA, ind. part. adj. easily 

sumptuous, fond of dainties or \ defended, defensible. 

delicacies, pleasant, cV/eer/w/, Sóipillce, ind. part. adj. pliable, 

prosperous ; fr. 1-05. j Jlexiblc, easily folded. 

S05UCCA, ind. part. adj. erts?7y ! Soí5&eói|i, s. m. Jer. li. 3. SA15- 

handled, easily caught or | beoiji, id. see SAi5&iv|t. 

taken. I Soí2>t?iYíi,-vi|i, pi. id. s. m. an 

SóslvAifce, ind. part. adj. move- i archer, a soldier. Gen. xxi. 20. 

able, Prov. v. 6. easí/í/ moved, j Lat. Sagittar-ius. 

<?^s//?/ affected, wavering ; ^ Soij&ivftcA, ind. adj. trained, 

y^^le |-ó5lvAii'ce, « moveable, Geu.x'iw li. disciplined, brave. 

feast. Soí5eAb,-5&e, pi. id. s. f. 2 Kings 

SosmAHj-Aipe, adj. prosperous, ix. 24. — Gen. xxi. 16. — 2 

luxurious, sumptuous. ■ Kings xiii. 15. see S^iseA». 

8050*16,-66, adj. fortunate, So]T^eíK-Gó\\K,-ó\\^,-ó\\K\-^, s. m. — 

Zzic/i-y, handsome, comely. i pi. Job xvi. 13. see Sois&ivp. 

Só50it)ce, ind. part. adj. easily \So]p:eo^c,-i]-^,-i\±^e,s.ra. a vessel, 

wounded, vidnerable. a bushel, a pot, Mark xi. 16. 

So^iiJvtxNC-j-Aise, adj. acceptable, Acts xi. 5. — Mark iv. 21. — 

beat, xxxiii. 24. tenderly be- John ii. 6. & 7. 2 Tim. ii. 20. 

loved, affectionate ; fr. fo, & a pitcher. 

5|i^6. ;Soilbei]-eAc&,-bA, s. i. joy, coin- 

SÓ1, an initial prefix, see So. fort, pleasure. R. S. 

Sóibev|-<\c,-<\i5C, 3ié]. w-ell bred, \So\Vó]'[;\,-hY.e,3.á]. cheerful, "2. Cor. 

mannerly, courtly. 
Sóibfxirce, ind. part. adj. easily 

broken, brittle frail. 
Soibir5evl,-5&il, pi. id. s. m.— g. 

2 Tim. iv. 5. see So^f5éAl. 
Soibfsevlvióe, g. id. pi. id. 

s.m. an Evangelist ; see Eph. 

iv. U. 
Soicé»Ab,-éi&, pi. id. s. m. a 

socket : see Ex. xxxviii. 27. — 

Ex. xxxviii. 27. — pi. Ex. xxvi. 

25. & xxxviii. 27. 
Soicfteibce, ind. part. adj. easily 

believedy credible. 

IX. 7. merry, happy. 
Soilbi|te<\c&,-&A, s. f. cheerful- 
ness, merriment, good h%miour. 
SóileA5CA, ind. part, a^y fusible, 

easily melted. 
SoileAfCAftj-c^viTi, pi. id. s. m. ^7. 

flag. Job. viii. 11. Is. xix. 6. 

— Ex. ii. 5. Sojl|OrCA]t, 

s. m. id. 
' Só|lci5ce, ind. part. adj. easily 
I read, legible. 
So)leó5,-ój5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a willou-, 

— pi. Lev. xxiii. 40. see Sv|l- 


S J 


S I 

So|lior,-ljf, s. m. officioiisnefts^ 
yratUude,Jiattery, pariialily. 

So|liofAc,-s\i5e, adj. ojficioiis, 
grateful, Jlaftering, partial. 

Soille<\tt,-éiii, pi. id. s. m. a cel- 
lar. Barb. 

Soilléift,-í;e, adj. plain, Deut. 
xxvii. 8. manifest, clear, bright , 
lucid, clean, t)ansparent, evi- 
dent, intelligible, conspicuous, 
apparent, explicit, incontest- 
able, j 

So|ll6if^s^c&,-bA, s. f. clearness, • 
brightness, effulgence, perspi- 
cuity. I 

SojUre, g. id. pi. id. Si, -^5«, s. f. | 
a light, a brightness, a lamp. 
Matt. iv. 16. Acts xxvi. 13. | 
— 2 Cor. xi. 14. — Ex. xxv. 
37. Ps. cxxxvi. 7. clearness, 
effulgence, a luminary. 

So(ll|-e r)A ]-vl, s.f. tlie herb eye-\ 
bright; Euphrasia. 

Sojll|*eAC,-]-i5e, adj. bright. Lev. 
xiii. 23. clear, transparent, 
shining, causing light, lumi- 
nous, lightsome, effulgent, ra- 

So']\\\-e<.\cb,-b<\, s.f. see Sojllfc, 

Soílli'eí^r),-íik|t}, pi. id. s. m. a 
torch, a taper. 

Sojllfi5,-iv5<\D, V. a. & n. shew, 
shine, — inf. Acts xviii. 28. 
2 Cor. iv. 6. brighten, en- 
lighten, gleatn, shew forth. 
SoillnY5<\6,-i5ce, s. m. a shining, 
a brightening, an enlightening, 
a gleaming. 
So|i3e<\t),-r)ir)e, s, i.fair weather, 
sunshine, cheerfulness, gaiety ; 
iv. \o\)c., & fi<xD. S]o\^or), 
-x)]V)e, s. f. id. 
SoioioDCA, ind. adj. quiet, plea- 
sant, peaceable, meek, calm ; 
C. P. 
So\\)Q'<».x),-i>,\x), pi. id. s. m. a blast. 
Is. xxxvii. 7. a wind. 

Soifx, ind. adj. Eastern, Gen. 
xxviii. 14. Matt. ii. \. easterly, 

So|iib,-be, adj. affable, easy, 
calm, quiet, prosperous. 

SoifiBe, g. id. s. f. affability, 
ease, calmness, quietness, pros- 

Soi|ibeAC&,-bA, s. f. affability, 
ease ; see So||tbe. 

Soi|ibeA|*,-bi]-, s. ra. see Sofiibe. 

SoiiibeAfAÓ,-A|5e, adj. prosper- 
ous, successful, thriving. 

^«'ií'l^lS^-lvSAÓ, V. a. & n. pros- 
per, Ps. cxviii. 25. — C. P. suc- 
ceed, thrive. 

-óirtn,-ne,-i)í, s. f. a furnace. 
Is. xxxi. 9. — Ex. ix.' 8. see 

SoireAp, K. 290. see SófAji. 

Soir5&Al,-5éil, s. m. a Gospel^ 
Rev. xiv. G. — Rom. i. 15. 

Soir5éAl5-lv5A6, v. a. publish, 
preach, Ps. Ixviii. li. — Acts 
viii. 12. Eph. iii. 8. preach 
the Gospel; fr. ]-ó, & Tserl. 
So|r5evlv|5,-v5<vó, v. a. id. 

Soir5evUG,-Ai5e, adj. Evangeli- 
cal, belonging to the Gos- 

^0]Y-^eyW^A6,-\zi^, s.m. a preacft- 
^"i/iS- i^ev. xiv. 6. good 
n( ics. 

Soirsevlvióe, g. id. pl. id. s. m. 
see Soibrsevlvióe. 

SoireAc,-ci5,-ci5e, s.m.— pl. John 
ii. 6. 2 Tim. ii. 20. see S015- 

S6iéeA5vi|-5,-5e, adj. easy to be 
taught, Jas. iii. I7. tract- 
able, teachable. 

SóUb<Ni]tc,-b;^pi:A, s. f. affabiliiijj 
eloquence ; K. 380. 

SóUbAtiCA, ind. adj. affable, elo- 

SóUbApcAc&,-&<\, s. f. affability^ 

S 2i) 


S c 

Sóla[',-í^||', pi. id. s. m. pleasure, 
comfort, joy. Job xxi, 21. 
Matt. ii. 18.— Heb. xii. 2. 

S>ó\'<^x^c,- (s\-^e,'Siá]. joyous, 1 Sam. 
ii. 1. Heb. xii. 11.— C. P. 

Sólí^]'Ai5,-fV5<N6, V. a. comfort, 
2 Sam. X. 3. console. 

Sol<x|*&A, ind. adj. bright, lumi- 
nous, shining. 

SólívcAiitj-cAii, v.a. provide, — inf. 
2 Cor. viii. 21. prepare. 

Sól^cAfij-Aiii, s. m. a provision, 
1 Tim. V. 8. an earning. 

SólívcfiAc,-Ai5e, ad], provident. 

SolUrDAr)c<\, ind. adj. .50- 
lemn. Lev. xxiii. 36. Deut. 
xvi. 8. 

SollArt)Ar)cAcb,-í5A, s. f. a solem- 
nity, Ezek. xlv. 17. 

SollArt)T)vi5,-v5A6, v. a. solem- 
nize, — inf. C. P. celebrate. 

SollA11)V1t),-tf)t3A,pl. id. &,-rT)l)A6A, 

s. f. a feast, Acts xviii. 21 — 
Ex. xxxii. 5. Luke ii. 42. — 
Lev, xxiii. 4. & 44. a solem- 
nity/, a rejoicing, a hearty tvel- 
come ; SoUArT)v|o t)a Cív|*5a, 
the feast of Easter ; La f ol- 
lAtbijA, a feast day, a festival. 

S6I05CA, ind. adj. venial, par- 
donable ; see L056A. 

Sóloif*5ce, ind. part. adj. easily 
burned, adtistible. 

SólvbcA, ind. part. adj. flexible, 
pliable, exorable. 

Solvi-,-v|f, s. m. light, Gen. 
i. 3. Acts xxii. 6. — Mark iv. 
22. Acts XX vi. 18. know- 

SolYfAc,-i*Ai5e, adj. see SoIa|*&a. 

Son)Acívn,-íviT), pi. id. s. m. a soft 
i)inocent child or person. 

Sóti)AttbcA, ind. part. adj. mortal, 
Kom. vi. 12. 2 Cor. iv. 11. 
easily killed. 

Sóri7c\|ibcAC&,-feA, s. f. mortality. 

SonjplA, g. id. pi. -Ajóe, s. m. a 
form, an example, 2 Tim. i. 
: '13. Heb. viii. 5— 1 Pet. ii. 
21. a pattern. 

Sórbv|t)ce, ind. part. adj. docile, 
i manageable, easily taught. 

Soi), s. ra. sake, cause, account; 
generally used in the com- 
pound prep. ?V|t fot), or ?^ifi 
fop, Gen. iii. 17. Lev. viii. 14. 
Ps. xxiii. 4. because. 

Soda, ind. ad]. prosperous, happy, 
Gen. xxiv, 21. & xxx. 13. 
lucky, fortunate. 

Soi)A|-,-Aif, s. ra. prosperity, 
\ blessedness, 1 Cor. xvi. 3- hap- 
piness, luck, good fortune. 

S0Ó&A, ind. adj. bold, impudent, 
saucy, confident. 

So^&Acb,-bA, s. f. boldness, im- 
pudence, confidence. 

SoofXA6Ac,-Ai5e, adj. specific, 
special, parficidar ; SoófiAC, 
-Ai5e, id. O'G. 

Sop, g. fvjp, pi. id. s. m. a wisp, 
a handftd of hay or straw. 


OpA, g. 



Mai. iii. 

2. properly, ^AllAoileAcS, q.v. 

Son, g. V"^Wi pl- id. s. m. a louse ; 
particularly applied to pigs, as, 
So|t n^v^ce, a pig-louse. 

Sófit), g. fóiitr), pi. id. s.m. a kiln, 
a furnace, 2 Sam. xii. 31. — 
Ezek. xxii. 18. & 22. an oven, 
the cliiinney or flue of a kiln 
or oven. 

Sófic, g. yó\y.z, pi. id. s. m. man- 
ner, Mark xiii. 1. a sort, spe- 
cies, a kind. 

S5rA|t,-Aifi, pi. id. s.m. a younger 
person, a junior. Gen. xxix. 
26. — Gen. xxix. 16. 

SorAl,-Ail, s.m. pride, arrogance, 
Jialtery, cajolery. 

SocAlAC,-Ai5e, adj. proud, arro- 
gant, fawning, Jlaitering. 



S P^V 

Soc<\lvi5,-v5Ai>, V. a. & n.Jlatter: 
see Deut. xxxii. 11. boast, brag. 
Sócvi5]-e,-|*io5A, s. f. comprehen- 
sion . 
Sócv]5fior),-fine, adj. easily un- 
derstood, 1 Cor. xiv. 9. co7n- 
preliensible ; Sócvi5feAC,-f|5e, 
adj. id. R. S. 

Spív&,-ívibe,-íibA, s. f. a spade ; 

SpAbarjcA, ind. adj. dull, sluggish, 
niggardly, lazy. 

SpAt)C\T)CAC&,-&<v, s, f. dulness, \ 
sluggishness, laziness, niggard- \ 
liness ; Sp<\bivt)CAr,-Aif, s. m. 
id. R. S. 

Sp<v&clYAr<vc,-At5e, adj. large- 
eared,Jlat-cared^ dull of hear- 
ing, j 

SpAbcofACj-^xije, adj. Jiat- 
footed. j 

SpA&fftonAÓj-Aise, adj. Jlat- '. 
nosed. \ 

Sp^5,-^15e,-a5<v, s. f. a paw, a\ 
club-foot, a long flat foot, a 
clumsy leg. 

Spa5Ac,-Ai5e, adj. having paws, 
club-footed, broad-footed. 

Spix^Aiiie, g. id. pi. -fiióe, s.m. a , 
clubfooted felloiv, a fellow j 
^cith an awkward gait. I 

Sp$v5AiTxe-cvii), s. m. the hird\ 
called, little grebe. i 

SpCA,5<v]fieAc&,-oA, s. f. a sprawl- \ 
ing, a shambling awkward i 
gait. I 

SpAi&, g. fpAj&e, pi. fpA^^^j &, 
-A] be At) A, s. f. a clod ; also, a 
sluggard, a dull lazy fellow, 
an eunuch ; com. Lat. Spad-o, 
& Gr. 2-a5-&)v, 

SpAi&,-&eAÓ, V. a. & n. benumb, 
become dull or vapid. 

Sp<xibeArt)l<xcb,-&A, s. f. sluggish- 
ness, laziness. 

Spv\ibe<\rbv^l,-ri)U, adj. sluggish, 


SpA]b]:|Ot),-tu,-ncA, S. m. rapid 

or flat icine. 
SpA]bt]r)]oy,-\)]\', s.m.rt lethargy, 

an apoplexy ; fr. ^p<Nib, & 

SpAilleAÓ,-l|8, s. m. a check, 

abuse, sJiaine. 
SpAilpio, g. id. pi. -T)]be, s.m. a 
mean fellow, a common la- 

SpaiT)eAC,-r)]5,-t)i5e, s. m. a 

Spaii)eAC,-r)i5e, adj. Spanish. 

Spill rjifj-fe, s. f. the Spanish 

SpAi9eA|t,-^éi|t, pi. id. s. m. a 

Spii||tt), inf. id. V. n. Gen. xxx. 
8. see Sbivipt). 

Spaiftt), g. rp^n^A, pi. id. s. f. 
see Sb;vi|tr). 

SpA)pc,-ce,-ceACA, s. f. a turf a 
clod ; particularly, the turf of 
last year left on the bog. 

SpAirbeói|ieAÓb,-b*N, s. f. a walk- 
ing. Gen. iii. 8. 2 Sam. xi. 
2. a parading, a prome- 
nading, ^a strolling, a saunter- 
ing ; ?l]c rpAifbeóiixeAcoA, 
a gallery, Ezek. xlii. 4. )oi?Ab 
]"PAir^eói|ieAcbA, id. see Ezek. 
xlii. 5. 

SpaUa, g, id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
wedge, a pinning in a building, 
a fragment of a stone or wall. 

SpaIIa]5,-Iv5a6, v. a. wedge, put 
in fragments oj' stone in a wall 
or building. 

SpAló3,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a pod, the 
cod or husk of any leguminous 

SpAlpAi5,-pY5A6, strike, beat, 

SpAlpATtte, g. id. pi. -|ii6e, s. m, 
a strong well-formed active 
man, a spruce fellow, a beau, 
a fop^ an intruder. 

s\> é 


S P) 

SpAlpADco^, ind. adj. conceited, \Spe}ií]i,-\\e,-]\ei^cA, s. f. a hovgh, 
spruce, snug. j « hum, — pi. 2 Sam. viii. 4. 

Spafiivil, inf. id. V. a. spare, pre- Spéir,-re, s. f. esteem^ respect, 
serve, oeconomize ; O'G. affection, love, attachment, 

S\i''\};\\]\,-'A.\ó., s. f. a sparing, \ endearment. 

oeconomy -, Sp^|talcAc&,-&A, j SpéireAmUch,-!5<N, s. i. fondness, 
s. f. id. I attachment, tidiness, cleanli- 

SpAnain,-i^in, pi- id. s.m. rt cr/áí7»-j ness. 

ingpin,—^\. Is. iii. 22. [ Spé]T-eAiÍ7V|l,-rbU, adj. é'*/É'é'/;2É'í/, 

Sp<xníxn,-<\I"5 pl- ifi- s. m. a bag fond, seemlij, cleanly, tidy, 
(for money,) John xii. 6. — pi. j S>vie\x\<^\zA,m<\. 0.6.]. special, par- 
Luke xii. .33 a purse, a pouch.} ticular, peculiar, 
the scrotum. i Spevclai|i,-]te,-|tf, s. f. a glass. 

Spa|ti)Ai3il,-le, 8. f. a wrestling, 
a contention, a quarrelling. 

Sp^xftovi&e, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a 

Spa|ioYi8e<NÓb,-bA, s. f. a wrest- 
ling. Gen. XXX. 8. contention. 

S];io.y\x,-]\/sb, V. a. fasten, drive 
or push forward, nail, rivet, 
enforce, inculcate. 

Sp.\^A, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 
spar, a nail, a wedge 

— g. 1 Cor. xiii. 12. an eye- 
glass, a spy-glass, — pi. glasses, 
i. e. spectacles. 

Spevp. s. f. Gen. i. 6. & 7. see 

Spia1,-1a6, v. a. dilacerate, 
pluck, pinch, fear away, 
snatch, tug ,- Spiol,-U6, id. 

SpiAlAC,-Ai5e, adj. snatching, 
plucking, tugging. 

SpiAlA&6i|t,-óftA,-ó]|ti6e, s. m. 

SpeAC,-eic, pi. id. s. m. a bar, \ one who plucks or tugs ; also, 
a spoke. I n pair of pincers or nip- 

SpeAl,-eile,pl. -eAU, &, -eAlcA, { pers. 

s. f. a scythe, a mowing hook. 
SpeAlA&ónt,-óftA,-ói|tióe, s. m. a 

SpeAlAb6i|aeACb,-bA, s.m, a mow- 

ing,—g. Am. vii. 1. 
SpeAlí^n,-ívit), pi. id. s. m. a sha- 
ving, a chip. 
Spé|ce, g. id. pi. -CÍ, s. ra. a prop, 

a support, a spike, a long 

nail, a .spar, a bar. 
Speil,-le,-leAÓA, s. f. a flock^ 

Cant. vi. 5. a herd or drove 

of cattle, particularly, of 

Spéiii,-tte,-|ii5, s. f. the heaven, 

firmatnent, sky, Deut. xxviii. 

23.— Gen. i. 7.— Ps. Ixxvii. 

17. a sphere ; com. Gr. ^;pou^-a, 

& Lat. Sphoer-a. 
SpéippAOA, g. id. s. f. a spheroid. 

Sp|AlA&óijieAcb,-fc»A, s. f. a con- 
tinued jjlucking or tugging. 

Spice, g. id. pi. -cf, s. f. a spike, 
a long nail ; see Spéjce. 

Spí&,-be, s. f. spite, malice, 
scorn, contempt. 

SpibeArblAcb,-bA, s. f. spiteful- 
ness, contempt. 

Spibe<\mvil,-rblA, adj. spiteful, 

Sp|bavl,-é|l, pi. id. s. m. an hos- 

Spibí'55,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a robin 
redbreast ; Sp)beÓ5-ri7vnie, 

Spibeó]|t,-óftA,-óifti8e,s.f. a spy, 
a .scout, an informer. 

SpibeóiTteAcb,-bA, s. f, a spying, 
a scouting, a villainous infor- 




Sp|i)e, g. id. pi. id. s. f. a thorn ,- 
see Matt, xxvii. 29. Lat. 
S-!p]oci\\),-ix]r), s. m. a wheezing in 

the throat. 
Sp|ocr)<xpb,-T)A]|tí5, s. m. spike- 
nard. Cant. iv. 14. Mark xiv. 

3. Barb. 
Spior),-nA6, V. a. examine^ 

search ; Ps. xxvi. 2. — 2 Sam. 

X. 3. Job. xxxviii. 16. tease, 

Sp)ooAó,-t)CA, s. m. a searching, 

an examining, Job viii. 8. a 

pulling, a plucking. 
S}^-\ov)'^x),-'A]\}, pi. id. s. m. a 

Sp|oi)j^6,-Ai6, s. m. strength, 

force, prowess, vigour, might. 
Sp|Ofi<\o,-|iA|&,-)iAbA, s.ra. a spi- 
rit, a ghost, 1 Tim. iv. 1. — 

Mark ii'i. 29.— Heb. i. 14. 
Spio|tAfc>Alc<\, ind. adj. spiritual, 

1 Cor. ii. 13. & XV. 44. 

ghostly, incorporeal. 
SpiofiAi&,-be,-C)ióe, s. f. a spirit, 

— g. Lev. ii. 27. — pi. Luke x. 

SpTottA]be<\rbv]l,-rbU, adj. spi- 
rited, magtianimous. 
Sp]offiA, g. id. pi. -<\i6e, s. m. a 

spice, Ex. XXX. 34. — pi. Luke 

xxiii. 56. 
Sp]ocÓ5,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a finger 

stone such as one throws at 

an object. 
SplAnc,-Air)ce,-A]nceACA, s. f. a 

coal of fire, a sparkle, a blaze, 

a fiash of fire. 
SplAi)c,-cA6, v. n. blaze forth, 

sparkle, fash. 
SpleAt3,-6A, pi. id. '&.vsx. fiattery, 

see Ps. Ixxviii. 36. vain-glory, 
fiction, romance, boasting, 
falsehood told with a view to 
Sple(N6AC,-Ai5e, adj. flattering, 

Job. xxxii. 2i. Ezek. xii. 24. 
vainglorious, flctitious, boast- 
SpleA8ACYr,-Yi|-, s. m. Job xvii. 

5. Ps. xxxvi. 2. flattery. 
SpleAbA&ói]i,-óftA,-óifti6e, s. m. 

a flatterer, a boaster. 
SpleA6vi5,-v5At), V. a. flatter ,- 

see Prov. vii. 5. boast, tell 

falsehood with a view to 

Spliot)AC,-Ai5e,-ACA, s. f. bad 

meat, carrion. 
Spl(vc^i7,-iilt), pi. id. s. m. a 

pouch, a bag, a leathern 

SplivcftAC,-A]5, s. m. bad beer, 

Spoó,-cAÓ, V. a. rob, plunder, 

spoil, provoke, affront. 
SpóóU, g. id. pi. -AÓA, s. m. — pi. 

1 Sam. xi. 7. see SpolU. 
Spóilfn, g. id. pi. -t)i6e, s. m. a 

small joint of meat. 
Sp5i|tc,-ce, s. f. sport, pleasure, 

diversion, fun, pastime, moC" 

kery ; Sp5|tc,-ó||tC5 s. m, id. 
Spó|nceArblAcb,-bA, s. f. sport- 
fulness, conceitedness, a habit 

of jeering or deriding. 
SpóiriceArbv]l,-ii)lA, adj. sport- 
ful, sportive, funny, deriding, 

Spól,-ó|l, pi. id. s. m. a shuttle, 

Job vii. 6. 
SpóllA, g. id. pi. -Ivij, s. m. a 

piece of flesh, 2 Sam. vi. 19. 

1 Chron. xvi. .3. — pi. Lev. 

viii. 20. 
Sporjc, g. I'pvioc, pi. id. s. m. a 

sponge, — g. Matt, xxvii. 48. 

a tinder, touchwood ; Lat. 

Spong-ia, Gr. '^■■xoyy-o;. 
Spofi,-]iA6, v. a. spur, goad, stir 

Spop, g. rp'^in? pi' id. s. m. a 

spur, a talon. 

S PV. 



Spo{iAb5||t,-óitA,-óiíi|Óe, s. m. a 

Spoi:,-c<\6, V. a. geldj castrate, 

SpocAÓ, g. Tpoicce, s. m. a geld- 
ing, a spaying, a castrating. 

Spoc<\bói]i,-ójiA,-ó||ii6e, s. m. a 

SpocAb6iiieAc&,-bA, s. f. the bu- 
siness of a gelder, emascula- 

Sp|tACA6,-ccA, s.m. life, strength, 
Rom. iv. 19. Heb. xii. 12. 
vigour, exertion, effort, hold- 
fiess, courage. 

Sp|tAiceAtT}lAC&,-bA, s.f. activity, 
exertion, perseverance. 

SppATceArbv^l^-tijU, adj. strong, 
active, persevering. 

Spfié, g. id. pi. fpiiéAÓADA, s. f. 
cattle of any kind ; also, the 
portion of a wife. 

Sp}té, g. id. pi. -éA&ArjA, s. f. a 
sparh or fash of Jire. 

SpiieA3,-7^<.%ó, V. a. reprove, re- 
buhe. Matt, xviii. 15. 2 Tim 
iv. 2. Tit. i. 13. stir up, pro- 

SpfieA5A6,-5CA, s. m. blame, re- 
proof. Gal. ii. 11. — 2 Tim. 
iii. 16. provocation, admoni- 
tion, a stirring up. 

Sp)iéió,inf. TpitéAÓAÓ, V. a. scat- 
ter, spread ; Ps. Ixviii. 30. & 
cxliv. 6. — Ps. cvi. 27. Prov. 
i. 17. separate, dismiss, dis- 
band, burst suddenly ; ^ptté]5, 
inf. ]*piica5a6, id. Ezek. xi. 

Spn&ft'ce, ind. p. p. scattered, 
2 Kings XXV. 5. separated, 
dismissed, disbanded, dis- 
persed ; Spité^5ce, id. 

Sp|i|orai),-Aii), pi. id. s. m. a 
small tiv'ig, see Acts xxviii. 8. 
a bramble ,- also, a poor dimi 
nutive creature. 

Sp|toc&5-oic&, s. m. sadness, sor- 
row, dejection. 
SpiiocbAttvilj-rblA, adj. sad, sor~ 
ronful, dejected. 

Sp|tY2ii),-iiii), pi. id. s. m. brush- 
wood, firewood. 

Sp]tvÓAri,-Ai|t, s. m, a coll. s. m. 
outcasts. Is. xi. 12. a rem- 

SpfvviUe, g. id. pi. -le^CA, s. m. 
or f. a small scrap, a crumb, 
a fragment ; Sp|tv|lleÓ5, 
-ói5e,.Ó5A, s.f. id. 

Sp|tYi|-eAri)lAcb,-bA, s. f. spruce- 
ncss, tidiness, neatness. 

Sp|tv|feArbv]l,-riHA, adj. spruce, 
neat, tidy, trim. 

SpvAic,-ce,-ceAt)A, s. f. a tvelt, a 
callous tumour, pettishness ; 
also, the pinnacle of a tower. 

SpvA|ceAc,-ci5e, adj. pettish ; 
also, callous (as a tumour,) 

SpYir),-i)eAb, V, a. rob, spoil, 

Spv]i)e<\bój|i,-ó(iA,-ó|)tibe, s. m. 
a robber, a plunderer. 

Spvijife, s. f. spurge, milk- 
wood ; Euphorbia. 

Spri)65,-ó|5e,-Ó5A, s. f. a spoon. 

SfiAc,-CA6, V. a. tear, imll, rob, 
spoil, extort. 

SfiACAÓj-Aib, pi. id. s. m. a tear- 
ing, a snatching, a rending, a 
pulling, a rent, a fissure, a 
thrust, a jerk, a spoiling, an 

SjtACAi|te,g. id. pi. -itjoe, s. m. a 
snatcher, a tearer, a griper, 
an extortioner. 

SjiACAi]teACb,-bA, s. f. a raven- 
ing, an extortion, Luke xi. 
39.— 1 Cor. V. 10. the habit 
of tearing, or snatching. 

Spi^bAioe, g. id. pi. id. s. m, an 
idler, a titrtet-ualkei : fr. 
r(ti\)b, q. v. 



s nu 

Sftii&<xi6eACb,-S)A, s. f. idleness, 

S|tivib,-be, pi. id, &, -eAt)A, s.f. a 
street, Jer. xxxvii. 21. Rev. 
xxi. 21. — Deut. xiii. 16. — 
1 Kings XX. 34. com. Strata 
(viarum.) Virg. 

Sfiíif&eó5,-ói5e5-Ó5Aj s. f. a mat^ 
a coverlet. 

SpA|bir)j-t)e, s. f. shepherd's 
purse ; Capsella, Bursa pas- 
toris, Thlaspi bursa pastoris. 

SpAir,-ce, s. f. a fine, a tax, an 
amercement; also, a quarter- 
ing of soldiers. 

S]ii,]t,-te,-tei^T)A, s. f. a layer, a 
course, a swath of hay or 
corn cut down by a mower or 

S|iAic,-ce,-ceA5<x, s. f. a bottom 
or valley, marshy ground. 

&\i'^xt),-'^\n)e, s. f. matter run- 
ning from the eyes. 

SftívrtíACj-Aige, adj, blear-eyed. 

Sii<\n5,-Air)5e,-*'?5<'^> s. f, a string 
(of a bow,) see Ps. xi. 2. a 
strap, a rope, a cord. 

S\{^x),-js]X)e.,-i,x)i,, s. f. a snore, 
a hum, a noise made by wind 
(as among the cordage of a 
ship,) the impetus of one 
walking fast, the strain of a 

SfiA^AÓj-ocA, pi. id. s. ra. a snor- 
ing, a snorting, a neighing, a 
continued hum or whizzing. 

SftAÍ)íin,-2^Ií)5 pi. id. s. m. a great 
hoarseness, a nhizzing noise, 
a rattling in the throat. 

SfiAoillecii)Ac,-Ai5,-Ai5e, s. m. a 

S|u\o]Ueó5,-6|5e,-Ó5A, s.f. a slut, 
a slovenly woman. 

S|iAoiUev\c &,-»*, s. i.slocenliness. 

SitAOCj-cA, pi. i<l. s. f. a sneezing. 

S\iAtc.]\xe, g. -]\]be, s. m, a 
stroller^ a lounger. 

SltAC<,\)t,-CflAÓ,-CriAC<X, s. f. a 

straddle, a pack-saddle. 

Sii<\ci)vi5,-v5a6, v. a. spread, 
1 Kings vi. 32. extend, mois- 
ten ; SiteAcnvi5,-v5AÓ, id. 

SfiAcjiY]5,-v5AÓ, V. a. straddle. 

S|teAT)5,-5A6, V. a. draw out into 
threads, string, extend. 

SpeAt)5Ac,"Ai5e, adj. stringed, 
see Hab. iii. 19. threaded. 

SjieAD5Aitie, g. id. pi. -iti&e, s.m. 
a sneaking half-starved fel- 

S|teAcvi5,-v5A6, v. a. spread, 
Prov. xxix. 5. draw out, ex- 
tend, plant in rows or ranks. 

Sfi|At),-Ain,-^OCA, s.m. a bridle, 
a bit, 2 Kings xix. 28. Jas. i. 
26. — pi. Jas. iii. 3. a restraint, 
a curb. 

SftiAr),-t)A8, V. a. bridle, curb, 

SfifAt)A6,-t)CA, s. m. a curbing, 
a bridling. 

SfiiAt}c<\, ind. p.p. curbed, bri- 
dled, checked. 

Siiól,-ó|l, pi. id. s. m. satin, silk, 
gauze, crape, a banner, a 

Sit6lAC,-Ai5e, adj. like silk or 
satin, like gauze or crape. 

S|tóo,-i)A, pi. id. s. f. a nose, a 
nostril. Lev. xxi. 18. — Ex. 
XV. 8. Prov. XXX. 33— Ezek. 
xxxix. 1 1 . a promontory. 

Spói)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. nasal, large- 
nosed, sharp-nosed, sharp- 
scented ; Sjiór)Arijv)l,-ri}lA, 
adj. id. 

Sjtócpv|icAc,-CA)^,-cAi5e, 6, m. a 
sneezing, 2 Kings iv. 35. 

SfivAn,-Ait)e,-Ar)A, s. f. a trian- 
gular frame against which 
bread is set to bake before the 

Sjivrb, g. riivirbe, pi. f fivjiije aí)a, 
s f , a snout ,- see Prov. xi. 22. 

s cu 


S C ?l 

S]\Yc, g. x\ioti., pi. id, s. m. a 
stream, ajiood, a river ; Luke 
vi. 48. Rev. xii. 16. & xxii. i. 
— Acts xvi. 13. — Ps. Ixxviii. 
16. & 20. a brook, a fountain ; 
Sfivc f-AobA, agiilph, a whirl- 

S|ivcívT),-ívit}, pi. id. s.m. a stream, 
— pi. Ps. xlvi. 4. a streamlet, 
a rivulet ; dim. of Spvc. 

Sftvciit)Ac,-Ai5e, adj. full of 
streamlets, like a rill, purling, 

S|tvclAi5,-lAÓ, v.a. rinse, cleanse, 
wash, scour. 

Sfivcl55,-ói5e,-ó5<\, s. f. a rivu- 
let, a r'lll, water conducted 
through a pipe, a small 
spout of water falling from a 

ScAbU, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
stable, a stall ; Lat. Stabul- 

Scí^c,-ca6, v. a. pile up, heap, 
make into shocks or stacks ; 
Scíicvi5,-v5a6, v. a. id. 

ScacA,g. id. pi. -c^]'6e ,?,.vs\. a shock 
(of corn,) — pi. Judg. xv. b. a 
pillar or stake driven into the 
ground, a column, a stack, a 

ScivcACj-Aije, Siá]. full of shocks 
or stacks, pillared, full of 

Scíicíto,-ív]T), pl- id. s. m. a little 
stack, a little stake, a post or 

ScACívi),-ívir), pi. id. a thorn, 
a stump. 

Scívcv5AÓ,-Yi5ce, pi. id, s. m. a 
piling, a heaping, a forming 
into slacks or shocks. 

ScA&, inf. id. V. a. & n. stop, stay, 
stand ; com. Lat. Stat-um. 

ScAb,-&A, pi. id. s. m. a. stop, a 
pause, an interruption, a de- 
lay, a period, a hindrance. 

Sc<xfecAC.-Ai5e, adj. apt to stop 
or pause. 

Scíii&,-íipe,-íit)A, s.f. see Sbi^ib. 

Scici&eArT)Uc&,-&A, s. f. stateli- 
ness, self-importance. 

ScAibe<vrbv|l,-rf)l<v, adj. stately, 
portly, pompous, lordly, mag- 

ScA|&5,-5e,-5eACA, s. f. a gullet, 
a windpipe, a gut. 

ScAi5fte, g. id. pi. -e<\6A, s, f. see 

Sca^Ij-aIaCj-aIcaca, s. f. a stal- 
lion, an entire horse. 

ScAilc,-ce,-ceAt)A, s. f. a stop, 
an impediment, stubbornness. 

ScAilceAtT)ril,-ri7ÍA, adj. stubborn, 

ScAit)c,-ce, s. f. incivility, un- 
courteousness ; M' N . 

ScAinceArbv|l,-rblA, adj. incivil, 

Scivi|t,-fie, s.f. a story, a history ; 
see S&Aift. 

ScivitxeAtt)v]l,-rblA, adj. histori- 

ScAjnfilACAil,-cle,-clA, s. f. a 
husk, a gag-tooth. 

ScAlcAifie, g, id. pi. -nitJe, s.m. 
a fowler, — g. Prov. vi. 5. a 
gazer, a starer, a deer- 

ScAlcAi}ieAcb,-&A, s. f. the occu- 
pation of a fowler, deer-stalk- 
ing, a habit of staring or ga- 

ScaUa, g. id. pi. -Ai&e, s. m. a 
stall, — g. Am. vi. 4. 

ScíxIvi5,-v5a6, v. a. make stale 
or old. 

ScívlY5AÓ,-vf5ce, s. m. a making 
stale or old. 

ScAWpA, g. id. pi. -A]8e, s. m. a 
stamp, an impression. 

ScAn)p^ll,-^l<^) pl. id. s. f. a 
stamping, a prancing ; O'G. 

Sc^u, g. r^^I^)? s. ra. tin, Num. 




xxxi. 2-2. Is. i. 25. pewUr ,- 
Lat. Stan-num. j 

Sc^t)Abó\]\,-ó]\c^,-ó]\\\'óe, s. m. a 

ScAn5,-A1t)5e,-*^5A> s. f. a perch. 

ScAUA, g. id. pi. -Ai6e, s. m. a 
vat, a barrel. 

SciiT^^loe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. an 
historian; K. fr. fciv^ii. 

Scív]tcóni,-ópA,-óift]óe, s. m. a« 
historian ; fr. fci^iit. 

ScACYib,-&e,-&i, s. f. a statute^ 
Jos. xxiv. 5. Edn. 1681.— pi. 
Lev. XX. 22. com. Lat. Sta- 

SceA^Ó3,-ói5e,-Ó5<v, s. f. a staff, 
a slick, a club, a crutch. 

Scei5,-5e, pi. id. s. f. see Scv\i85. 

ScíaU,-Uó, v. a. rend, 1 Kings 
xiv. 8. cut into stripes. 

Sz']oX\, g. x^'^\^^-> pl- id. s. m. a 
streak, a strip, a stripe. 

Sci<\lUc,-<\i5e, adj. streaked, 
striped, brindled, tearing in 
shreds or stripes. 

ScíaIIa6,-Ic<\, pi. id. s, m. a rend- 
ing ; Ecc. iii. 7. a tearing in 

ScfAlló5,-ói5e,-ó5<\, s. f. a small 
bit or stripe of anything. 

'Sci5 (i. e. /sx)x At) c]5.) adv. 
within, in, 1 Cor. v. 12. 

ScjocAiiie, g. id. pi. "Hibe, s. m. 
a miser, a niggardly fellow. 

Sc]ocA]fteAc&,-&A, s. f. miserli- 
ness, avarice. 

Scio|tóip,-pe,-pí, s. f. a stirrup. 

Scob,-bAb, V. a. stab, root out, 
grub up, thrust, push. 

Scoc, g. rcvic, &, |-cvice, pi. 
fcvic &, fcocA, s. m. & f . a 
trumpet, Judg. vii. 16. — Ex. 
XX. 18. Heb. xii. 19. — Num. 
X. 8. ; also, a stock, a pillar, 
a bulb ; Scoc IcApcA, a bed- 
stead ; Scoc Ivjose, a gun- 

ScocA, g. id. pi. -Aloe, s. m. a 

ScócAÓ,-Ai3,-Ai5e, s. m. an idle 
fellow who lives on the industry 
of others; also, a young grown- 
up fellow q/" 15 0/' 16 years of 

ScocAijxe, g. id. pi. -jii6e, s. m. a 
trumpeter ; also, a lazy idler. 

ScocAiiteACb,-t)A, s. f. the busi- 
ness of a trumpeter, a trum- 
peting ; also, a lounging lazi- 

Scói|tcir&e, g. id. pi. -h], s. m. a 
hoarded treasure ; O'G. see 

Scól, s. m. 1 Sam. iv, 13, see 

Scop,-pA6, V. a. stop, — inf. Tit. 

i. 11. plug. 
Scó|t, g. rcóitt, pi. id. s. m. a 

store, ammunition, treasure, a 

hoard, a quantity of goods, a 

Scó[aYf,-ri]-, pi. id. s. m. a store, 

— g. Luke xii. 24. see Scófi. 
ScfiAb5ib,-?3e,-&í, s. f. a prosti- 
Sc|iívc,-íiic, pi. id. s. m. a streak, 

a stripe, a st?'ickle. 
Sc}i4vc,-ca6, V. a. tear, pull, rend, 

streak, tatter ; Sc|tACAil,-lc, 

V. a. id. O'G. 
Scfxivic,-ce, s. f. pride, haughti- 
ness, conceit. 
Scti^1ceAC,-ci5e, adj. proud, 

haughty, conceited. 
Scfxiv]co.Arr;vil,-rt)lA, adj. proud, 

ScfiAipleAC,-l]5,-li5e, s. m. a 

lazy able-bodied fellow ; M'N. 
Sc|tAn5Ai|te, g. id. pi. -|t)óe, s. m. 

a lazy contentious felloiv. 
SctiAt)5AifteAc&,-bA, s.f, laziness, 

strife, contention. 
ScfiAOilj-leAÓ, V. a. pull, pluck, 

draw after, tear in pieces. 

s cu 



Sc(tAO|l,-le,-leAÍ)<x, s. f. a slut ; 

Sc|i<voileÓ5,-5]5e,-Ó5<x, s.f. id. 
Sc|i<\pA, g. id. pi. -A]6e, s. m. a 

strap, a latchet. 
Scíie<\cUt),-íV(t}, pi. id. s. m. a 

hand, a gaiter, sivaddling 

Sz\i\\V]r), g. id. pi. -r)|6e, s. f. a 

gaiter, anything that dangles. 
Sc|tíoc,-|ce,-íocA, s. f. see Scftac. 
Sciiioc<\c,-Ai5e, adj. streaked. 
ScttiopAc,-pvi5e,-pACA, s. f— g. 

Deut. xxiii. 18. — pi. Matt. 

xxi. 31. see S&ftíopAÓ. 
Scítfop<\CA|*,-óv]f, s. m. Num. 

XXV. 1. Matt. xix. 9. seel 


Scfto, g. id, s. m. prodigality, ex- 
travagance ; Scitoj, s. m. id. 

SciiÓ5<xnie, g. id. pi. -it|Óe, s. m. 
a spendthrift. 

Sc|i65An)V]l,-ri)l<v, adj. wasteful, 
profuse, prodigal. 

Scitoic,-ce,-ceAÍ)A, s. f. a piece, 
a stripe, a shive. 

Sc[ioic,-ocAÓ, v.a. tear, rend. 

ScvACAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. gruff, light- 
headed, boorish. 

ScvAic,-ce,-ce<M")A, s. f. a little 
hill, a wall, a pinnacle, a small 
projecting promontory. 

ScvAiir),~rt)e, s. f. device, air, 
mien, modesty. 

ScvArt^A, ind. adj. modest, dis- 
creet, demure, temperate. 

SrvAn7Acb,-bA, s. f. modesty, ino- 
deration, prudence, sobriety, 
temperance, discretion. 

ScvcACj-Aije, adj. horned, stiff, 
rigid, hilly, rugged. 

ScvcAjfte, g. id. pi. -tilt>e, s. m. 
a stiff conceited little fellow, 
a miser. 

Scvc^i),-iv|i), pi. id. s.m. a stump, 
a projection, a small conical hill. 

Scvi&evp,-&i|i, pi. id, s. m. a j 
study. j 

Scv|fc»ev|uvc,-Ai5e, adj. studious. 

Scv]jire<\mlACí5,-bA, s. f. pride, 
sulkiness, statelincss, morose- 

ScvniceATÍ)VTl,-rblA, adj. proud, 
stately, morose, sulky. 

ScviDpA, g. id. pi. -Ajóe, s. m. a 
stump, a post. 

SvAirT)t)eAc,-r)i5e, adj. peaceful, 
at rest, quiet, Judg. iii. 30. 
1 Tim. ii. 2. cabn, tranquil^ 
easy, gentle, peaceable, secure. 

SYA\ú)r)e6.y,-r)\X-) &> -t>eArA, s.m. 
rest. Gen. xlix. 15. 2 Cor. vii. 
5.— Ex. XXXV. 2. Matt, xii. 43. 
tranquillity, quietness, peace, 

SvAiTbni5,-iv5A6, v. a. & n. put 
to rest, please, charm ; be at 
rest, take ease. 

SvAittc,-ce, adj, pleasant, agree- 
able, kind, gracious, compla- 
cent, civil. 

Svaic,-aca6, v. a. knead, Gen. 
xviii. 6. — Hos. vii. 4. mix. 

SvA)ce, ind. p. p. miry, Dan. 
ii. 41. kneaded.^ mixed toge- 

SvAiceAcb,-bA, s. f. a tempering, 
a mixing together. 

SvAiceAT)CAÓ,-A]5e, adj. armo- 

SvAiceAtjcAfj-Airj P^' itl- s. m. a 
streamer, a standard, a flag, a 
banner, a scutchion, heraldry. 

SvAr),-Ait), s. m. rest,—g. John 
xi. 13. sleep, deep sleep ; com. 
Lat. Somn-us. 

SYAr)n)Ait,-Ai|ie, adj. sleepy, 

SvAt)iÍ7A|iAcb,-bA, sf. drowsiness, 

SvA]iAÓ,-Ai5e, adj. light, 1 Sam. 
xviii. 23. insigniflcant, con- 
temptible, mean, trifling, ab- 
ject, vile, poor-spirited, frivo- 
lous, servile ; SvA^tKNC, id. 

S U 3 


S U5 

Sv«.\jiAc5Af,-<x|]', s. m. insignifi- 
cance, meanness, contempt, ser- 

Sv<x|icAf,-Air, s. m. wit, drollery, 
mirth; R. S. 

SvAf, adv. up, upwards, above ; 

- Matt. iii. 16. used with a 
verb of motion. 

SvACA6,-Aicce, s. m. a kneading, 
a mixing together. 

SvACAin,-De, adj. lasting, ever- 
lasting, perennial. 

SvbA, g, id. s. m. mirth, pleasure, 
delight, full enjoyment. 

SvbAc,-Ai5e, adj. merry, Gen. 
xliii. 34. Judg. ix. 27. cheer- 
ful, glad, joyful. 

SvbAcv|-,-Yir, s. m. cheerfulness, 
mirth ; Rom. xii. 8. Jas. v. 
13. — Eccl. vii. 4. joy, plea- 
sure, happiness, gladness. 

Svbi^]lce, g. id. pi. -cije, s. f. a 
virtue, a mighty work, praise, 
Mark V. 30. Luke viii. 46.— 

2 Pet i. 3 Matt. xiv. 2. 

1 Pet. ii. 9. moral excellence, 

SybiiTlceAc,-ci5e, adj. virtuous, 
Ruth iii. 11. Prov. xxxi. 10. 
joyful, glad, pleasant. 

SvbrcA]i)c,-ce, s. f. a substance ; 

SYbrcAir)ce<xc,-ci5e, adj. sub- 

SYbrcAir)ceAC,-ci5,-C|5e, s. m. a 
substantial person. 

Sv&, deraonstr. pron. these, those, 
them, that, that there. 

Svb, adv. yon, yonder, that ihere^ 
lo ! 

Sr&Ai]te, g. id. pi. -|ti6e, s. m. a 
flatterer ; also, a tanner. 

Sv&ó5,-ói5e,-ó5A, s. f. a cake ; 
applied also to a lazy woman. 

Sú3,-5A, s. m. juice^ Rom. xi. 
17. sap, liquor, moisture; 
com. Lat. Suc-cus. 

2 Y 

Sú5,-^AÓ, V. a. such, — inf. Deut. 

xxxii. 13. imbil>e, attract. 
SÚ5A, g. id. s. m. soot ; Lao &o 

fú5A, sooty ; M'Curtin. see 

' SujACj-Ajje, adj. merry, Judg. 

xix. 6. cheerful, glad, joyous, 

jocose, froUcksome, playful, 

SújACAfj-Air, s. m. cheerfulness, 

mirth, Prov. xiv. 13. — Eccl. 

xi. 9. glee, fr click, sport, 

Sú3a6,-ai6, s. m. mirth, — g. 

1 Kings iv. 20. see Súsaca]*. 
Siá5Ai8eAC&,-&A, s. f. joyousness, 

sport, play, jocundity. 
Sú5<^151^-5^^' s. f. joyousness, 
I sport ; Sú5Aoil,-le, s. f. id. 
I R. S. 

I SújAiiie, g. id. pi. -itpe, s. m. 

I a droll fellow, a merryandreu\ 

Sv5íxr),-íxip, pi. id. s. m. a sucker, 

a soaker ; also, a young pig. 
S\xT,''\f),-'a.]X), pi. id. s. m. a straw 

or hay rope, a straw collar for 

draught horses. 
Sú5C|tAobj-oibe,-obA, s. f. a rasp- 
' berry. 

Sú5-6A|tAc,-|tY|5, s.m. amisletoe. 
Sú5rt)ATi,-^ll^e, adj. juicy, sappy, 

Sú5-rbA|iA, g. id. s.m. a gulph, a 

whirlpool; Vern. pronounced, 

Sú5iÍ7ATtAC&,-bA, s. f. juiciness, 

sappiness, succtilence. 
Sú5tiAó,-3AjicA, s. m. mirth, play, 

Judg. xvi. 25. Job xl. 20— 

Jer. xvi. 9. 1 Cor. x. 7. di- 

version, sport. 
Sú5ítAi5,-|tA6, V. n. sport, play, 

— inf. Gen. xxvi. 8. Ex. 

xxxii. 6. 
Sú5-cAlrbvit), g. id. s.m. a straw- 

berry ; see SÚ5. 
Sú5ívoAc,-Ai3e, ^á]. fatty. 

SU ) 


S U J 

Sribr5eAlvióe, g. id. pi. id. s. m. 1 
— g. Acts xxi. 8. see Sojb- 
]'5eYlYióe. ' 

Svjóe, g. id. s. m. a seat, — g. Ex. 
XXV. 20. Matt, xxiii. 6. The 
plural used in the Sacred 
Scriptures, is Jo^v^b fvíóe, 
see Mark xii. 39. a setting 
(as of the sun,) a couchy a ses- 
sion or assize ; Svfse, id. 
SvjóeACAÓ, g. id. s. m. a settle, 
i. e. the lid of the ark of the 
covenant, the mercy seat, Ezek. 
xliii. 20. a planting^ a setting. 
Svj6eAcí!in,-ívir>, pi. id. s. in. a 
seat. Job xxix. 7. Ps. i. 1. for 
other meanings, see Sv^oe. 
SYíóeArT)vil,-tt}U, adj. calm, set- 
tled, quiet, sedate. 
Svfójf ce, g. id. pi. -cf, s. f. a seat, 

a matted boss to sit oti. 
SvíDiY5<\6,-6vi5ce, pi. id. s. m. a 
situation, 2 Kings ii. 19. a 
setting, a planting, a placing, 
a seating. 
SYi5,-5e, V. n. sit, Ruth iii. 18. 

Matt. XX. 23. SYíó,-óe,id. 
Syi'sc, g. id. &, rvisce, s. ra — g. 

Luke XX. 46. see SYjbe. 
Syí515,-1Y5aó, v. a. pitch, set, 
Gen. xiii. 12. Ezek. xl. 4. — 
1 Kings X. 9. settle, appoint, 
order, plan, arrange ,- Syí5ió, 
-1YÓAÓ, id. 
SyiI, adv. before, 1 Sam. iii. 3. 

more properly, SyI, q. v. 
SCiilj-le, pi. id. s. f. an eye, Matt, 
v. 29.— Matt. V. 38.— Luke 
xxiv, 16. com. Fr. Oeil, omit- 
ting the sibilant s ; also, hope, 
Sv^lj-le, pi. id. s. f. a willow 
tree, the name of the letter S, 
the fifteenth letter of the mo- 
dern Irish Alphabet. 
S\x]Vbe\xt),-rr)e,-n)Qi>.\)e., s. f. a be- 
witching with the eye. 

SYilb|ft,-bfte, adj. shining, cheer' 
fill. Num. vi. 25. Prov. xv. 
13. merry, pleasant, jolly, 

SYjlbipeAcí5,-bA, s. f. mirth, jol- 
lity, delight, cheerfulness. 

Sú]leAc,-li5e, adj. ocular, like 
an eye, sharp- sighted, having 
many eyes, of or belonging to 
the eye. 

SújleÓ5,-5i5e,-65A, s. f. a little 
eye, an orifice, a bubble in the 

Sy\\\eó-^,-ó\T^e,-ó-^^,s.í.a willow, 
—pi. Job xl. 22. 

Súilfeiitbi|*,-]*e, s. f. eye-service ; 
11. S. 

SYiii),-Ti)e, s. f. a sum, Luke vii. 
43. Acts. xxii. 28. respect, a 
regard, a consideration, an 

SY|ft)eArbUc&,-bA, s. f. impor- 
tance, consideration, attentive- 

SYin)eArbYil,-rbU, adj. regardful^ 
respectful, considerate, atten- 

Sy]r)&yx),-'e\x), pi. id. s.m. 2 Kings 
xix. 7. Eph. iv. 14. see 

SYjpeiit, g. id. pi. id. s. m. a sup- 
per, Luke xiv. 16. 1 Cor. xi. 
20. — Luke xiv. 17. John 
xiii. 2. 

SYiit^be, g. id. s. f. a courting, a 
wooing, a courtship, a suit. 

SYi|X|6eAc,-6i3,-ó]5e, s. m. a 
sweet-heart, a suitor, a lover. 

SY)|tióeAC,-6i5e, adj. courting, 

SYi|tt3,-5e, v.a. tvoo, court, sue. 

Súiríl>j g- id. pi. -Dióe, s. m. a 
little rug or coverlet. 

Sit) fee, g. id. pi. -ct5e, s. m. a 
flail, a threshing instrument. 
Is. xxviii. 27. — pi. 2 Sam. 
xxiv. 22. 


Sáf]"ceAC&,-bA, s. f. threshing. 

Súirceó)|t,-ó|tA,-óitti6e, s. m. a 
thresher tvith ajlail. 

Sútrc|t|5,-iv5A6, V. a. thresh with 
a flail. 

Súicce, g. id. s. m. soot. 

Svl, adv. before ', also, Svil. 

Svlc, g. j-v)lc, s.ta, fatness, Gen. 
iv. 4. & xxvii. 39. also, 
mirthy joy, delight, voluptu- 

Svlcrt)ATt,-Aifie, adj. fat, jolly, 
pleasant, jocose, succulent. 

.SvlcrijA|tAc&,-t)A, s. f. fatness, 
joyousness, pleasantness. 

SumA^lie, g. id. pi. -jiise, s. m. a 
fountain, a spring, — pi. Prov. 
viii. 28. see Job. xxxviii. 16. 

SvrnAit),-&e,-beACA, s. f. a wave, 
a billow, a ridge ; also, trouble, 
vexation; Vern. Svrt)ó|b. 

SYti?AibeAc,-bi5e, adj. billowy, 

stormy, vexatious ; Veru. Sv- 

SvnAir,-re, s. f. the herb lovage ; 
Ligusticura levisticum. 

Svi)5Aoc,-oice,-ocA, s. f. a blast, 
2 Chron. vi. 28. also, a boast, 
a gasconade. 

Svt)ttA6Ac,-Ai5e, adj. special^ 

Si'iftAiUce, ind. adj. sure, certain, 

Súi-A, g. id. pi. -A|óe, s. m. rt rug, 
a coverlet. 

SvcaI,-aiI, s. m. pride, arro- 

SvcAlAc,-Ai5e, adj. proud, arro- 

Sxty\x),-x)e, adj. prosperous, per- 
petual, Jos. i. 8. Ps. ix. 6. 
everlasting ; SvcAtt7,-t;e, s.f. id. 

Svcvit)eAcb,-bA, s. f. eternity, 

C, {r^e\\)e, furze ; Genista spi- 
nosa,) the name of the six- 
teenth letter of the modern 
Irish Alphabet. 

C, euphonic (1st.) is placed be- 
tween the article Urj, & sub- 
stantive nouns sing, of the 
masc. gender, beginning with 
a vowel, in the nominative or 
objective cas